Due to my worsening health, and the demands of my life in general, I have decided to take a real and indefinite step back from the adult service provider industry. However, I am not quite making a full exit; due to my many archives, I will possibly have someone to continue to maintain my Adultwork.com profile, my clips4sale site, and my onlyfans site. But I haven’t decided on this for sure yet.  So if they disappear you know that I have gone for good.

    Any others will be closed and discontinued. I will no longer be seeing slaves for sessions, conducting phone chats or generally communicating with slaves at all. This is a decision that has taken me a long time to reach, however, I believe the time has now come for me to pursue my creative passions, and allow myself quality time with my family since they have come second to Miss Deelight’s slaves for far too long.

    As well as that, I must commit to my mental health recovery (boy oh boy is that going to be a lot of work haha), as it has transpired that depression and low self-esteem was merely a symptom of some more serious issues from the long distant past that have been left undealt with.

    By the way, in the hope that this might actually help someone out there who is wondering what the hell is wrong with them, and I know there will be, I will openly share the physiological symptoms I started experiencing:

    I first started losing my energy, then I developed a brain fog which clouded my memory, blocked my creativity and reduced my vocabulary to a point where I could not remember the simplest of words and worse still I couldn’t remember important information like my friends’ spouses or kids names! At it’s worst I pretty much lost the ability to form a sentence without it taking forever to find the words. Eventually, my energy levels depleted to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed on many days. I was cancelling sessions all the time. Because of the brain fog, there would be days where I couldn’t even figure out how to get dressed. I felt unexplained pain all over my body which made doing simple tasks, like showering and getting dressed, incredibly difficult and on some days, impossible. I lost interest in EVERYTHING and I simply could not find any positives in life at all, even though they were all around me.

    Then it got worse still as I began comparing myself to others in the industry. While I was losing my mind and gaining weight, everyone else seemed to be so effortlessly flaunting themselves with skill, earning all that lovely money that I once earned. (Yep, that part destroyed my self-confidence). I was convinced that I had a brain tumour (LOL), which is what prompted me to visit the doctor and thus begin this long journey of recovery.

    In more recent times it has transpired that there some dominant ladies out there who have been experiencing mental health issues of their own, and their honesty at the time was both admirable and incredibly inspiring and helpful, in my opinion. Especially since I had been on the rather brutal receiving end of judgement from those who simply didn’t understand the suffering I felt. As I begin to flourish once more, I am likely to devote a little time to the crusade against the stigma of mental illness. I guess this post is already forming the start of that process.

    To any other ladies or gents, working in the industry who may be finding themselves beginning to struggle with its demands, or feel they are losing their confidence, their spark or even (like I did) their memory! My advice would be to allow yourself a little breathing time to reassess the situation. Yes, let’s all agree that the money is incredible but having a nice (overinflated) income (and ego) can certainly come at a much larger cost than people realise. Be honest with yourself and please don’t be afraid to be honest with your clients too. Sure there will be the odd person who will advise against doing so, as they believe it shows weakness. But that is, in my opinion, utter bullshit. What your honesty will actually show is that you are human and that you are real. Most of the responses I have received over the past few months has been in favour of realism. Take NO notice of anyone who tries to tell you how to conduct your affairs or live your life. You do what you feel is best for you it’s your life! Believe me when I say that once I started listening to my heart instead of the opinions of others, I began to feel the weight lifting off my shoulders and gathered some much-needed perspective.

    Guess what? It is Okay to not be Okay!

    We are all human at the end of the day, we all have real lives and for people suffering from mental illness, all the smoke, mirrors and ‘ACTING’ mighty and powerful can add a huge amount of extra pressure. If you wake up in the morning and think, “My stomach cannot take watching another man eat his own cum today”, that is a pretty good sign in my opinion that there is much more to life than money. And there is another subject; MONEY!

    The harder you work in this industry, the more you earn, the more you earn, the greater your spending. Nice house, nice car, nice bag, nice shoes, nice bling etc. The perks are amazing too, I could click my fingers and have anything I wanted. Wonderful! Until you fall ill, and by ill, I am not just talking mental illness. There are plenty of physical illnesses that can very quickly reduce our ability to work or ‘perform’. Once illness of any kind strikes, the fear of losing all that lovely material stuff and falling into financial difficulties, is horrendous. I am not going to lie. It is the reason it has taken me so long to admit to myself that my profession is no longer right for me. And that financial crash can happen in a heartbeat, causing intolerable anxiety. But it isn’t the end of the world. Material possessions are just that, so what if you can’t have that new designer handbag for £300 because you can only just about cover the basic living costs. There is help out there. I did go to Citizens advice first but after discovering that whilst they know their stuff, I certainly did not like hearing words like IVA or Bankruptcy or Debt Relief Orders, plus the waiting list to speak to the debt team was 2-3 months, by which time I would have defaulted on payments which something I did not want to do. So, instead, I wrote to my bank and credit card companies directly. I explained my situation and am now in the process of working out a suitable repayment plan, whilst all interest, charges and fees have now been frozen indefinitely or until I am back in a greater financial position. As long as you contact them BEFORE things get out of hand and explain that you do not want to write your debts off, they are really empathic and helpful. I know that paying my dues will give me a greater sense of achievement and boost my self-confidence down the line, there is no shame in struggling because of illness. Just act as soon as you know that your finances are going to go into decline.

    Wow, I really did go into one there didn’t I? What began as a little insight into my personal life has grown into a full-on self-help guide to fucking up while working in the adult industry! LOL.

    If you are still waiting for custom clips from me, please do accept my apologies. You WILL get these, I am not intending on being dishonourable and I will contact you individually regarding this. Once I have tied up any loose ends, I will no longer be responding to emails. Your only way of reaching me will be via my onlyfans.com website.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me during my time as Miss Deelight, and especially those who have done so during my health conditions and life changes. You will have already been contacted by me directly before I have even posted this message.

    A small percentage of my clients, I will now regard as friends. You will know who you are, you have been supportive and kind and generous. Many of the people I have met via the industry over the past 6 years have been interesting people who have really given me some experiences I will never forget.

    I have also dealt with more than my fair share of desperate wankers, time wasters and free-loaders who have almost certainly contributed to my lack of interest and low mood. I’m sure you probably do the same to plenty of other adult service providers who are working so hard to keep you guys happy. And it IS hard work. It’s bullshit that we wake up looking flawless and a million dollars. Staying in shape and maintaining physical appearance to look hot and sexy for you lot, takes up so much time. An hours session is never just an hour. Some of you guys turn up stinking of B.O. with god awful breath and cheesy stinking bell ends, while us ladies have put in hours to look stunning and beautiful and every bit, your fantasy. All of you whom this paragraph relates to, the freeloaders, time wasters and smelly cunts should be ashamed of yourselves. You have always disgusted me. THIS TOTAL HONESTY IS SO LIBERATING!!

    The nice guys, who show respect in every way they can, the ones who show their appreciation and boost the ladies they worship, you are the ones who deserve the time and attention in this two way street. And in my case, you’re part of the reason I tried to keep going. Keep it up, the industry needs you just as much as you need us ladies
    So this is pretty much goodbye. Mistress Deelight is handing over the reins to whoever the real person inside of me, is.

    Love, Respect and A Big Thank you, from me.


  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Priorities

    My Slave proved his worthiness this week by giving up his session booking to do a domestic job for me instead.  What a good boy ;)

    On Sunday I awoke at 5am to complete my blog. This might sound a bit extreme to those of you who look forward to a lie in on a Sunday morning, but it is quite normal for me. I am nearly always in bed by 10pm and so it isn’t as if I am burning the candle at both ends. The thing that makes me do it is the fact that I am a bit obsessive about completing tasks. Particularly those that have anything to do with Mistress! I like to be able to inform Mistress in my Sunday morning text that the blog has been completed and is sitting in her inbox to be read at her leisure. On this particular morning I sent a copy to my vanilla lady friend as well. She had seemed a bit down recently and so I had hoped it might provide some entertainment for her, or at least a distraction. The blog had talked of my extreme discomfort when Mistress had posed as me on my vanilla Facebook page once again. I thought she would enjoy that.

    I was right. After a few minutes my VLF sent me a text that just said ‘Tee hee…. your road ahead is going to be so entertaining’. I don’t know if she has any insight into ‘the road ahead’ but it wound me up nonetheless.

    I exchanged texts with Mistress about the job that I had to do for her on the coming Tuesday. Mistress sent me a video that illustrated the scale of the job required (it was in her garden and involved lots of digging, concreting and fixing). My original plan had been to do the job on the Tuesday morning before attending the HOD for my pre-arranged session in the afternoon. I looked at the video and my heart sank. The job was bigger and more time consuming than I had originally thought. There was only one thing for it; I suggested to Mistress that I should delay my session to the following week. (It was another example of my obsession for completing tasks). I knew that I would feel terrible if I didn’t complete the task for Mistress as soon as was possible. There was some urgency from her perspective and so it seemed like the only option.

    Mistress responded that it was possible from her perspective but concluded with the line: ‘I am also conscious of the fact that you also need a session badly!’ I thought that was very thoughtful and insightful of her. I knew that I needed a session really badly, but it was lovely to hear that she understood my needs as well as I do.

    As I am writing this I am reflecting on Mistresses words. At its simplest level my ‘need’ for a session could mean that I just need an orgasm. That in itself is true enough but my needs are so much more than that. Mistress knows that a session is much more than just an orgasm. It is about my physical and mental submission to Mistress in whatever form that she chooses that to take. What I do know is that I could not survive on distance control alone. I need time with my Mistress. It is fundamental and essential.

    In the end we agreed that my session would be delayed in order to allow me to complete my job for Mistress. She then asked me if I had calmed down now (following the Facebook torment the day before)?

    I let her know that I had exchanged texts with my VLF on the subject, which had wound me up once again.

    On Monday Mistress let me know that she had a busy day ahead of her. I expected little contact therefore. At one point she did text me to tell me that despite the torments she had inflicted on me the previous week she had seen that I had done a Google search on my PC for a ‘Blackmail Mistress’. This sent me into an immediate tail spin. Mistress was of course correct that I had put ‘Blackmail Mistress’ into the Google search box and pressed enter. I was horrified that she had spotted it. I feared that she would think that I was actively looking for someone else to torment me or just wanted more than I had already experienced. The truth of the matter was totally innocent. I had put the search into Google to establish whether or not my PC was currently locked down (you don’t know if you don’t try sometimes). In actual fact it did provide me with a series of potential links, but fortunately I did not click on any of them. I explained all of this to Mistress. She let me sweat for a day before confirming that she had indeed noticed that I hadn’t opened any of the links. Phew!

    My day working for Mistress on Tuesday went very well. It was a totally vanilla day with only one slip up on my part. It came as a result of the fact that Mistress decided that she required a new fence post at the back of an overgrown border. I of course agreed to do what was required and declared: ‘I will need to bury myself in your bush’. Mistress stood and looked at me with an expression of incredulity on her face. It took me a moment to realise what I had said. I think I looked down at my feet feeling very sheepish and heard her say ‘I will let you get away with that, just this once’. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and, as she started to walk away, I start to giggle uncontrollably; like a naughty schoolboy. Hopefully she didn’t hear me.

    On Wednesday we exchanged texts in an attempt to organise my rescheduled session the following week. I felt a little glum as it still seemed such a long way off. But this was offset by the knowledge that I had completed the jobs that Mistress had set me the previous day. And most importantly that Mistress was very pleased with my work. For one reason or another it proved difficult to find a mutually convenient date and time for my session. At one point I feared that my session might need to be delayed again. I went to bed on Thursday night with this thought still playing on my mind. Just before 11pm I checked my phone ‘just one more time’ to find that Mistress had very kindly found a solution and that my session was confirmed for the following Wednesday. I then found that I still couldn’t sleep. But this time for a far more pleasurable reason!

    The rest of the week proved quiet. I was given permission to send Princess a small gift which was nice. Although I had not had a wrestling session with her for some time Mistress does allow me to exchange emails with Princess from time to time. I enjoy that and so wanted to say ‘thank you’ in an appropriate way.

    It was on the Saturday night that I found myself in my workshop collecting tools for some jobs the following day. As I gathered things together I heard a cough. As I was on my own I knew it could only mean one thing. Mistress was watching me through the surveillance camera’s. It is most unnerving never knowing if you are being watched. We exchanged a few words before Mistress told me to get on with what I was doing. I always respond predictably if Mistress bosses me around. ‘Get on with what you were doing’ was just enough to make Mistresses property swell gently in its cage and for my face to blush. Mistress noticed the blush.

    As I complete this blog I am thinking of my session in just a few days time. I am worried that I might be dealt a cruel blow. I have had a minor cough for several days now. Each morning I wake hoping that it might have gone. It is still lurking as I write this. I certainly won’t put Mistresses health at risk by taking germs to the HOD. My fingers are firmly crossed.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – When Things Don’t Go to Plan

    Sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

    I awoke in the darkness of a 6am morning to the sound of wind and rain lashing against the bedroom window. I should have realised then that this was a bad omen for today’s session. The next sound that I heard was Mistress sending me a WhatsApp telling me to purchase her a skinny sugar free vanilla latte on my way to the HOD. I got up quickly washed, dressed and made my way to my car. I had actually been staying away from home that night and made my way to my car that was parked in the accommodation’s compound. I drove up to the electric gates and placed the key fob against the sensor. I heard it click but the gates didn’t move. Shit! I tried again and the same thing happened. I started to panic. It was 7am in the morning. Mistress would soon be on her way. The car-park I was in was miles from nowhere and unattended. I sent Mistress a message and explained my plight, and received no reply. I tried my fob again and still nothing. In the end I got out of my car in the, still pouring, rain and grabbed hold of the gate and pulled. I felt it give a little. I fiddled with the hydraulics and thought that I heard something click into place. I gathered up my feeble frame to attempt an escape, I grabbed hold of the gate and within one huge effort managed to open one side of it. I sprinted back to the car, jumped in and hared through the still open gate fearing that it would close on me the whole time. I was out. Hooray. I sent Mistress a WhatsApp to give her the good news.

    I pulled into Costa Coffee and ordered the required brew, only to be told that they didn’t do sugar free. I bought what they had on offer anyway in case it was all I could get. I just had time to stop in at another coffee chain and this time managed to get the skinny sugar free vanilla latte that Mistress desired.

    Luckily, I just arrived at the HOD in time for my appointment with Mistress. It is never a good idea to keep Mistress waiting for anything! I went in dead on 8am (yes it was that early) to find Mistress looking lovely and smiling sweetly. I was sent upstairs to get un-dressed and as I did so I sighed a breath of relief. I was here, on time, with a skinny sugar free vanilla latte and about to enjoy 5 hours in the company of a gorgeous, dominant woman. What else could possibly go wrong? It didn’t take long to find out the answer…

    ‘Kneel on the mat and recite your mantra’ came Mistresses voice from the lounge. I knelt as instructed and took a breath, and froze! I could not for the life of me remember my Mantra. Yes, it was partly because of the situation I found myself in, but far worse was the truth that it exposed. I had got out of the habit of saying it both morning and night and now I was about to be found out. I started to recite a shortened and incorrect version of it over and over. I tried to do it quite quietly hoping beyond hope that Mistress didn’t notice. Mistress was in the lounge area and I could hear her doing stuff whilst I mumbled away. ‘If I get away with this the first thing I am going to do is learn it again when I get home’ I thought to myself. All of a sudden it went quiet in the lounge, Mistress was listening. I was doomed! And a moment later Mistress said ‘what the hell is that Slave? That isn’t your mantra’. I apologized profusely as she told me to do it again, but correctly this time. I failed yet again. And again, and again, and again. Mistress told me that for every 2 minutes that passed I would receive 50 whacks with her new favorite Grateful Pain paddle (I had told Mistress that I would love to try the Grateful Pain humbler one day but certainly didn’t want to experience the paddle). The effect of this added incentive is entirely predictable. My brain turned to mush and I repeatedly failed this one simple task. In the end Mistress had to tell me the first line in order for me to remember the rest. Oh dear, my day was going from bad to worse!

    Things did improve significantly a few minutes later however when Mistress told me to sit in the chair, that was placed in the middle of the room, in order that she could secure me to it. Mistress used rope to secure my chest to the back of the chair, put the leather mitts on my hands and secured them behind the back of the chair and used wooden manacles to secure my ankles. I was going nowhere, and the dribbling commenced. Next, I was totally blindfolded before being gagged. Once happy with her work I heard Mistresses footsteps as she went into the lounge and shut the door behind her. Over the next hour or two (it is so difficult to keep track of time) Mistress could be heard getting properly ready for her day before doing some custom videos for some lucky chaps. As the time progressed however I could hear Mistress becoming progressively more agitated that things weren’t going right in her day either. From the snippets I heard there were some things that Mistress needed that she couldn’t find, some she could find but that were not working or technical issues with camera’s or scripts, stockings with ladders or such like. But despite all of this Mistress would return to me frequently in order to check that I was ok, and to tease and to tantalise me in the ways that only she knows how. Once, after she had completed her custom videos and was too hot, she came back in and declared that she was now naked! Of course, I had no vision and could not be sure if this was true, that was until she briefly pressed her naked body against mine. Oh bliss! Next Mistress went and got dressed into her new white skirt and corset. She removed my blindfold and allowed me to soak in the wonderful vision in front of me.


    Gorgeous! Mistress decided that I should return to a state of helpless blindness and blindfolded me once again. I heard her rummage in a drawer behind me. I sensed her move in front of me once again and felt her gentle touch as she squeezed a nipple. At the same time I heard the jangle of a small chain, and feared the worst, nipple clamps! Mistress has used them several times before to control and torment me. There have been times where in hindsight that I have been pleased she has done so. But I fear the pain. Today was no different. I tensed waiting for the inevitable jolt of pain as each was applied, but instead I felt Mistress gently apply one and then the other with some sort of screw fastening. These were not the spring loaded crocodile clips that I feared so much but some other far more sensual version. Yes their application hurt a little as they were applied, yes the weight of the chain pulled down and added to my discomfort, but the overall effect of these was to add yet another positive sensation to my already overstimulated brain. The fog of pleasure that Mistress can create in my head becomes quite impenetrable sometimes. Words remain her most formidable weapon. Mistress was walking out of the room at one time and said something (possibly about the teasing to come or the predicament I now found myself in) and her words resulted in a spontaneous spasming of my body. No one else has ever been able to do this to me. It is as if a force, like static electricity, has been building up inside of me and her words touch it acting as a conductor and my body jolts uncontrollably. Mistress heard this sound, as my body arched against my bindings and I jolted the chair, and turned around and demanded to know what had happened. I tried to explain but probably only mumbled through my own confused thoughts.

    It was then that inevitable happened in the midst of an extra long session such as this. I could feel the need to have a pee taking over from the wonderful sensations that Mistress had been treating me to. Luckily Mistress does seem to understand the needs of an old fart like myself and released my bindings for the chair, took off one of the leather mittens and told me to go and sort myself out. This still left the matter of one leather mitten and a pair of leg braces to be coped with whilst making my way upstairs to the bathroom. It was a difficult ascent and decent of said staircase. So difficult in fact that Mistress felt compelled to photograph and video my demise for her online army of fans.

    Once down the stairs again Mistress noticed that I was shivering. I had not noticed just how cold I had become whilst secured naked to the chair in the dungeon. Mistress undid my shackles took me through to the lounge taped my arms to my side, zipped me into a latex sleep sack, blindfolded me and sat me down on the settee. She is such a kind and considerate Mistress! Mistress unzipped the bottom section of the sleep sack to access her property. It was then that the edging began, both with her hands and with the vibrator. Within moments I was close to the edge (and Mistress hadn’t even removed the Bon4 at that point!). And when she did, and Mistresses property felt her tender touch for the first time in 5 weeks, what followed became something of an inevitability. Mistress applied the vibrator one more time. I asked her to stop but was too late, I had gone too far! The orgasm started and I could do nothing about it. I erupted and Mistress did what Mistress must. An orgasm that happens without her permission can end only one way. A ruin. Mistresses property pumped away desperate to be stimulated more to allow it to enjoy the experience, but all stimulation had been removed and all that was left was the pain and discomfort.

    That was it the session was over. In actual fact I think we were both a little disappointed. Me because I always look forward to a full, wonderful, mind blowing orgasm (my visits to the HOD are my ONLY chance for this to happen as I am locked in chastity at all other times) and Mistress because I don’t think that was what she had planned to happen. I know from past experience that there is nothing more fun for her to do to a slave than give him a painful ruin and send him away from the HOD unfulfilled and desperate for her continued attentions. But this was not her intention today. At the HOD there is only one way that things normally happen, that is the Mistress way. I had spoilt this today and am sorry Mistress. I hope you will allow me to try again before too long.


    It is with much consideration and heartfelt regret that I have decided that, apart from a small handful of my most loyal and trusted slaves, I will be ceasing real time sessions from the 1st January. I have mentioned on a few occasions and many of you have had to have sessions rescheduled, because I have had some quite debilitating health problems which, in the grand scheme of things have been worsened by physical activity. I do not wish to hang up my whips and boots forever, so I have decided to go a little more ‘underground’ and work on my own terms when I feel able to. I will most certainly be offering custom clips and maintaining my clip sites, and I am sure that when time allows, you will find me online on either adultwork or via IWANTCLIPS. I’m very grateful to have had the success that I’ve experienced in the past 6 years but I also find myself getting stressed out when I’m unwell and unable to meet the demands of all you horny little fuckers. I will gradually be moving all my website content over to my Onlyfans.com profile, so you an still get your fix of me but alas, no freebies! If you keep following me on twitter, you will be notified when I am available for phone chat, webcam and teamviewer sessions. My aim will be to establish more of a routine. As well as being a Mistress, I also wear many other hats and my time needs to be delegated in a way that keeps us all happy.

    There are no hard feelings, there will be no regrets. This is purely something that I need to do for me, so that I can maintain a good balance with fetish and vanilla life.

    So let’s just say, this isn’t “GoodBye”, it is just more of a “See you around” xxxx

  • Slave Taquin’s Blog (excerpt). 18th Feb.

    *Being given something is even better than having something taken away. But either way, I am still being controlled and dominated.*

    My week started very much as the last one had concluded. Feeling a bit low. Nothing particularly dramatic just a bit nahhhh.

    Sunday was quiet as was much of Monday. Part of the reason for feeling a bit low was the fact that I was having a rest from chastity to allow a small sore to heal. It has become such an important part of the confirmation of my enslavement to Mistress that I sometimes believe that I can’t feel horny without it. (That is unless Mistress has me securely restrained at the HOD when it is removed). On Monday evening Mistress proved me wrong once again. She sent me to bed a dribbling mess without a chastity device to be seen………..

    Continue to my members only profile at OnlyFans.com to read the full story!


    I have decided to put my Casa Padrino Baroque Throne, Giant Majestic Armchair up for sale.  You can view its details and *the for new* price on Amazon here. I am asking for £600 for it but I will consider sensible offers.

    Slaves, Piggies and Devoted Submissives of other Dominatrices, this is a great opportunity for you to impress, so read on!  This will make a beautiful, Smoking Chair, Fetish Worship Chair, Erotic Furniture addition to any Femdom Chambers.

    I had every intention of keeping it and using it in what will be my ‘Black Room’, however, since then my plans for the room have changed and I have my eye on 3 different, slightly smaller items that will all add to the fun and glamour of the darkest room and my dark mind. 

    The throne has been the pinnacle object at the start of many of my real-time sessions over the years. Sitting upon it grandly, while my slaves’ dribble, slither and worship at my feet after having made their entrance and stripped off their clothes in front of me.  It really is a beautiful, robust and eye-catching piece of furniture that will compliment any professional dungeon or kinky playroom.  It has many stories that it keeps secret and will keep all of your secrets too!  

    Now here are few things you MUST consider and take note of if you are interested:

    1. It isn’t called a GIANT throne chair for no reason! The measurements are as follows:
      • Height about 190 cm
      • Width about 95 cm, I would say that it seems much wider than this with the armrests.
      • Depth about 72 cm
      • Seat height about 51 cm
      • Slave Sissy Mouse had to remove the patio doors to get the chair into my old chambers.  (He probably could have taken the chair apart but didn’t want to risk fucking it up).
      • It certainly WON’T fit through a normal sized door. If that is your only option, then you would have to take it apart for sure.
    2. The Throne weighs around 60kg and is made from Solid Wood, with a beautiful gold finish.
    3. It is covered with a fine, soft velvet fabric which has been steam cleaned, along with the rest of the item.
    4. There are slightly faded patches on the armrests and seat at the moment, however, I will be refurbishing those before it leaves me.
    5. If you would like to come and see the item you are welcome to do so, I am just down the road from Bristol in North Somerset. Either way, if you intend to take it away with you I will expect immediate payment and you will most certainly need a van!
    6. If you would like your MISTRESS to view it via face-time, rather than travelling distance to view it, then I am happy to speak to her by that method.
    7. If you are unable to collect the throne in person, it is your responsibility to arrange a courier to do so but bear in mind that I won’t have the packaging needed to protect it.  Couriers will be arranged by you at your own risk.   As a last resort, I do have access to a van and may be able to deliver to, providing full payment has been received in advance and a sensible delivery fee negotiated, but if you live outside of England or Wales, this will not be an option.

    I am also going to be selling me beloved Fetters of Warick, Tall Cage as I’ve had the most amazing idea for turning a small room into a cage in itself!

    If you are interested in either item, please email me MISSDEELIGHT@OUTLOOK.COM and put ‘interested in items’ as your subject line.

    Thank you for reading!

  • Work Update


    As many of you know, I have been in the process of renovating a building partly for personal gain and partly as a play space for my most loyal and trusted of submissives.  I had felt that renovations were far enough along to start seeing my loyal subs in person, but I’ve had to admit that the renovations are taking far longer than was originally planned, and when things are progressed, it results in mountains of clearing up after each stage.  For me, a messy environment is like really loud noise.  I simply can’t abide mess.  I have decided that my best course of action is to complete the renovation before making any solid commitments to those waiting for my attention.

    When I am both available and organised you all certainly know about it with my sexy updates.  So please just bear with me a little longer so I can get everything just perfect.  An organised environment, clear mind and lovely surroundings all amount to one thing: A very happy, sexually dominant Mistress!  (The best version of me!)

    One final note, I am fully aware that I have a growing number of emails waiting for answers, they are almost at the top of my to-do list.  If you have a really urgent, can’t wait for enquiry, you’ll probably already have my phone number in which case an SMS is acceptable.  If you don’t have my number, you can use the SMS system at the bottom of my Adultwork.com profile.  So, in the meantime, keep your cocks under control and your typing fingers, patient! Seeing 20 emails from the same person, just makes me want to hit delete!

  • Amazon Gift Voucher Task – Thank You, Items Arriving!

    Wanting a few new items and essential bits n bobs for my new Studio and Mini Chambers, the other day I posted this tweet:

    It wasn’t long before the vouchers started rolling in:

    And now, thanks to my Loyal Pets who jumped at the chance to serve me, the items are arriving!! The big tall box, is a 5ft artificial blossom tree, I’ll tweet a picture when I’ve placed it. Thank you my lovely slaves, You are very good to Mistress x

  • Custom Clip Photo Stills – A Hooker Knows Best….

    Are you looking for business? You are but you’re scared? Why? Oh, because you are scared of how intense it is going to be? Don’t worry, I have just the cure!

  • New Fetish Clip – Traffic Cop Blackmails Cheating, Speeding Husband

    Traffic Cop Blackmails Cheating, Speeding Husband

    As promised, the clip is now available at clips4sale  and on IwantClips

    Excuse me Sir, would you mind winding your window down. Do you know what speed you were doing? This is the second time I have had to pull you over and at this same location too. I think you have done it on purpose just to get attention from a sexy traffic cop. The only problem is, I know your wife! I go to yoga class with her and she is always talking about you and how she suspects you are up to no good with other women. I also happen to know that the lady sat next to you in the passenger seat isn’t your wife either. I have all this as evidence on my body-cam. Your wife told me that if she ever had solid proof of you cheating that she would take you to the cleaners, she would have everything from you, the house, the car, the kids, you wouldn’t be left with a penny to your name. You’d be destitute and on the streets. I don’t think you really want that to happen do you? So now you have a choice; you either accept the three terms of my of the offer I’m about to give you, or I hand over the evidence to your wife. The three terms are as follows:

    You are going to give me access to your bank accounts and credit accounts by adding me as a cardholder, providing me with cards and pin numbers. I know your wife doesn’t manage or look at your accounts, she’s told me you don’t allow her too.
    You are going to learn to use your mouth. Since you like using it so much with your arrogant and gobby attitude, you are are going to dump your lady friends and come work for me in your spare time, at my exclusive glory hole.
    You are going to give me your asshole. You are an asshole after-all, and asshole’s deserve to be used. I am going to train you to take all of my strapons until you can take this huge black one. Once I know you are trained, your spare time is going to be spent as my rent boy!

    It’s either that, or you lose everything to divorce! You have 48 hours to report to me.


  • What a Silly Traffic Warden……

    Once upon a time, there was a total PIG of a traffic warden.

    Whilst I was struggling to load a desk into my car, in my vanilla state, outside of my own studio, a traffic warden with a chip on his shoulder, (big enough to supply the entire UK MacDonalds food chain, might I add) gave me a parking ticket.  I was there less than 5 minutes, single blips on the curb which mean it is permissible within reason to load and unload if the distance is a problem and to top it all it happened on that horrible day when Mr. Deelight was involved in that RTA on the M5.

    Well, Mr. Up your Arse, Pig Face, Traffic Warden (all the others in the area are lovely), I have a little message for you and you can watch it here….. I do traffic cop Waaaaaaaaaay better than you!


    Thank you OwnedbyMD for the sexy new outfit and the new light for my studio, which happens to be perfect!

    For the rest of you, this Traffic Cop Deelight has been on your case, catching you speeding not once but twice.  WHat’s more, I know the woman in the car with you isn’t your wife, I do yoga with your wife.  Your life is about to become a lot more complicated! New video coming soon! 


  • Sexy Spike Heels….

    I’ve just added 4 pics of some killer heels to my OnlyFans profile. Food for thought; Worship them or feel the pain they can deliver.  The choice is yours!


  • Watch my ass crush these cakes….

    I’ve just uploaded an exclusive photo gallery to my subscriber sites.  Get close up and personal to my ass as I sit down and squish it into two royal icing cakes. Food crushing like you’ve never imagined it.  You’ll wish you were cake! Click the links below the preview picture to view and subscribe.




  • GoodBye, Adios, But Also See you Around ;)

    It is with much consideration and heartfelt regret that I have decided that, apart from a small handful of my most loyal and trusted slaves,(if you don’t know who you are, a) you should or b) you should ask!) I will be ceasing real-time sessions in Newport from the 1st January. I have mentioned on a few occasions and many of you have had to have sessions rescheduled, because I have had some quite debilitating health problems which, in the grand scheme of things have been worsened by physical activity. I do not wish to hang up my whips and boots forever, so I have decided to go a little more ‘underground’ and work on my own terms when I feel able to. I will most certainly be offering custom clips and maintaining my clip sites, and I am sure that when time allows, you will find me online on either Adultwork or via IWANTCLIPS. I’m very grateful to have had the success that I’ve experienced in the past 6 years, and would like to give a heart felt thanks to my good friend Mistress R’eal for all her support, but I also find myself getting stressed out when I’m unwell and unable to meet the demands of all you horny little fuckers. I will gradually be moving all my website content over to my Onlyfans.com profile, so you can still get your fix of me but alas, no freebies!  My public website will eventually be offline once I have completed the transfer over. If you keep following me on twitter, you will be notified when I am available for phone chat, webcam and team viewer sessions. My aim will be to establish more of a routine. As well as being a Mistress, I also wear many other hats and my time needs to be delegated in a way that keeps us all happy.

    There are no hard feelings, there will be no regrets. This is purely something that I need to do for me, so that I can maintain a good balance with fetish and vanilla life.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me missdeelight@outlook.com or tweet me @miss_deelight xxx

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Unexpected High

    It was Sunday and the ruin that had brought my session the previous day to a premature end had left me feeling unfulfilled and desperate to see Mistress again. But Mistress is a very busy lady. If a slave is stupid enough to cum without permission during his session then he just has to wait his turn before being given a chance to redeem himself.

    I had sent in my blog and asked if it was possible to see Mistress again that coming week. My first suggested day was not possible but my second option might just be if Mistress was able to move one of her other appointments. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be possible but I really appreciated the fact that Mistress tried.

    When I had left the HOD the previous day Mistress had instructed me to lock up again once I got home or first thing the following morning. I did try to lock up on that Sunday morning but couldn’t squeeze myself into the small back ring required. I think it was a combination of balls that still contained a considerable quantity of cum and a lack of enthusiasm! I did try again on that Sunday afternoon and succeeded. I clicked the padlock shut, took a picture and sent it to Mistress. I began to feel better.

    On Monday Mistress told me that the harness playsuit that I had paid for had finally arrived. I told her that I hoped that she might share a photo of it with me. Mistress is very generous like that. Mistress then sent me a link to a video that explained how to do an ‘abs reverse curl’ and instructed me to add a column to the ‘MapMySlave’ exercise spreadsheet that she has created to ensure that her flabby slaves (like me) lose weight and tone up. I looked at the video and concluded that a reverse curl looked pretty easy. I went out to my workshop and under the ever-watchful eye of the spy camera gave it a try. It turns out that a reverse curl isn’t easy at all! My balls tightened and Mistresses property dribbled at the realisation that my daily exercises were about to get tougher still.

    It was on Wednesday that I was the lucky recipient of 4 pictures of Mistress in her harness playsuit. I have to say that it is very gorgeous and very sexy (especially in the way that it frames Mistresses naked breasts). If any of you want a good reason why you should subscribe to MissDeelights ‘only fans’ then there are two of them right there!

    And then on Thursday I received an ‘odd’ email into my vanilla email account. I looked at it, the way it was written and the information it contained. To anyone else’s eye it would have looked just like any other spam email. To my eye it looked like the work of my Mistress!

    Before I go any further I should take the opportunity to say that this is a great illustration of the ‘reach’ that Mistress now has into my world and my mind. I am always alert to the possibility of her presence. Each time the house phone rings I think it might be her, each time I turn on Facebook I fear she might have done something, whenever the computer fails to start quite as it should, each time I take my vanilla lady friend to lunch, each time I pick up the post from the post box, each time I receive an email that doesn’t look quite right…..

    And so, I looked at the email I had received and believed it was a ‘shot across my bows’ from Mistress. I actually felt quite guilty once I discovered later on that day, following a text exchange, that it had nothing to do with her. And even more so when Mistress told me to send it to her in order that she could check it for viruses for me. Mistress even took the trouble to phone me later that day and talk me through what she had found. In the end I decided to consign it to spam and hope that it was nothing to worry about. I did feel very grateful to Mistress for her help and so I did what any good slave should do and purchased 3 items for her from her wish list.

    On Friday I asked Mistress if I might be allowed to send a small birthday gift to another young lady who I am allowed to follow on Twitter. The response I received from Mistress read:

    Yes but…. There are two shirts or several bras on my wishlist.

    I read the response from Mistress and for the first time this week found Mistresses property fighting to break free from the device. It had of course enjoyed the lovely pictures of Mistress earlier in the week but the truth is that the thing that stirs it most now is feeling her control in whatever form that takes. I went to Mistresses wish list and looked at the shirts and then the bras. It was such an easy choice to make. I love lingerie and in particular bras. To be allowed, or better still told, to buy something that would cradle Mistresses gorgeous breasts was such a treat. I bought her two and tried to get on with my day. But Mistress had once again proved how easily she can get into my head. The impact was quite dramatic in fact. I had been having a rather vanilla week up until that point. But now I found myself firmly in the submissive groove. I went onto my PC and opened up you tube for the first time in weeks. I put my headphones on and listened to Miss Deelights content. I then inevitably searched for femdom blackmail videos and watched and listened to several of them. I then saw a tweet from Mistress that referred to the fact that she had just given Mousey a lap dance and posted the video onto her ‘onlyfans’ site. That was enough to make me crack and subscribe to only fans for the first time. I then spent the rest of the day devouring its wonderful content. (There is so much on there that is not published anywhere else! You really should take a look).

    And then yesterday (Saturday) my week finished on a huge and unexpected high. An opportunity to spend an hour with Mistress at the HOD came up. And I grabbed it with as much vigour as you would expect! Within 5 minutes of her text I was in my car and heading towards the HOD. 40 minutes later I found myself inside the HOD being looked down upon by a Mistress dressed in black and towering over me due to a pair of incredibly high heeled shoes. I felt a shiver of anticipation run through my body. The session was a simple one. And simply wonderful. I was strapped naked and vulnerable into Mistresses chair in the lounge of the HOD and made to endure/experience/enjoy the most wonderful hour of tie and tease I can ever remember. I had mentioned a couple of weeks earlier that there was one thing in particular that I missed due to my 24/7 life in chastity, and one thing I particularly enjoyed about coming to the HOD. I am referring to a good old fashioned, rock hard, don’t know what to do with yourself, erection. It can of course only happen once Mistress has secured my hands and has removed the chastity device. Today she removed the device early on in our session and went to work on me. Within moments her property was getting harder and harder. Within a few moments more I was whimpering. And after about 20 mins more I felt like I was going to explode (not cum – just explode with the pressure that had built up inside Mistresses property). Mistress showed no mercy and just went on and on. She stopped for a moment and I expect things to subside. They didn’t. Mistress walked to the corner of the room, picked up a ball of string, cut off a couple of meters and returned to me with an evil grin across her face. A few minutes later I looked down to see my bits tied up so tight that they had gone purple. And then Mistress went back to work with gloved hands. Fortunately for me she was kind enough to use lots and lots of lube. Her property has been locked away now for over 3 years. Inside its polished steel cage it receives no rubbing or friction of any kind. The result is that it is incredibly sensitive and quickly becomes sore if not handled with care. Luckily Mistress cares for her property at such times. The end result was me begging Mistress to be allowed to cum. I really didn’t think that I could cope with the pressure that had built up inside her property any longer. And so she took me over the edge into a wonderful deep and powerful orgasm. It has left me sitting here as I type this this morning feeling happy and content. This is the impact that Mistress has on me. Thank you Mistress.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – From Avocado to Empty Savings

    From avocado to an emptied savings account.

    Following my last session with Mistress I have been blessed with a wonderful amount of attention and tasks. I hope the below can do it justice.

    My first daily task given to me whilst Mistress was shocking my ass was to eat half an avocado with my lunch every day and send photographic or video evidence. Now if you like avocado then it wouldn’t be a problem but Mistress wouldn’t give me a task if I liked or enjoyed something. Mistress gives me tasks to push, degrade or humiliate myself. So, the first day I mashed it into a bacon sandwich and that was just about palatable. The second day was just plain mashed ‘yuk’. The third day was to eat it off a public toilet seat. This I must say made me have a bit of a wobble and I messaged Mistress in the morning to say I couldn’t do it. I heard nothing from Mistress. I found out later that she had left me to stew and this allowed me to remind myself that I enjoy it when Mistress degrades me. So later in the day I messaged Mistress back to apologies for my earlier message and I would indeed carry out her instructions. As I was going away for a few days I had planned where I was going to eat it. I had two choices one was McDonalds and the other was a large supermarket toilet. As if by magic as soon as I sent Mistress the message I got a reply saying, ‘I simply ignored you until you stopped having you flap and would be doing as instructed’.

    I set off for my break and after a few hours reached my destination only to find the junction to access the McDonalds was shut for roadworks so option 2 the supermarket. I park up head inside, locate the toilets and find they are out of order! It is now around 8pm and I have to accept my failure of the task today. Following a message to Mistress, she was kind enough to allow me to eat the avocado off the toilet seat where I was staying. Which I did and duly sent Mistress the video evidence. The next couple of days I was a bit off grid but still carried out my task. The final day Mistress upped the ante and instructed me to mix mud with the avocado. This was a horrible thought but in another way incredibly arousing to be instructed to degrade myself in such a way. Lunch time arrived and I sent Mistress the pictures of the pre- and then mixed avocado and mud. I managed 2 mouthfuls and was almost sick. I just couldn’t eat it. The avocado on its own is just manageable but the mud pushed me over the edge. I messaged Mistress and confessed that I had failed. Mistress was to the point in her reply. Avocado for lunch for another week. Anyone reading this will know if something turns your stomach you just can’t touch it again. I messaged Mistress to plead with her that I couldn’t stomach it for another week. Mistress’s response was simple ‘Are you refusing?’ My reply was that I felt caught between a rock and a hard place.
    The following day I was very in edge but heard nothing from Mistress at all. This made me sooo nervous for the entire day.

    The following few days were quiet as Mistress was busy. Mistress was very kind and set some of her slaves a ‘Write for me’ task. I also requested Mistress’s help in setting up a new payee from my bank account. If you don’t know Mistress has my bank secure key and I can access the account but can’t make any changes or set up anything without her permission, whereas Mistress has full control and could if she chose changed the passwords etc and lock me out.
    The beginning of the week Mistress kindly visited my pc via teamviewer and set up the payee I needed and left me to it.

    The following day Mistress enquired if I had attempted the write for me task (at that point I had managed about 1 line and just wasn’t in the right place mentally) I also had just returned from a walk. I was lying on the sofa the night before contemplating my sloth like life and decided I needed to start walking again as I have let myself go once again. It was by complete coincidence that I received a message from Slave Taquin to say he had asked Mistress if she would help encourage him to get a bit fitter. It was the inspiration I needed and headed out for a walk. I messaged Mistress that Taquin had inspired me to walk. This has led to Mistress setting up a shared exercise plan for both Taquin and myself. We can view each other’s progress (Taquin is doing much better and walking much further than me).
    Later in the day I was writing an email to Mistress when the TeamViewer box opened and the screen went blank. Whenever this happens I walk away and wait for the screen to come back, which it did about 20 minutes later so I went back to writing me email. Then Mistress appeared again, did what she needed to do and replied to my partially written email on the screen and was gone.
    After Mistress’s visit I had quite a few websites blocked to me and none of them adult. Mistress kindly restored a few of them but some are still blocked to me.

    The next day I once again went for a walk and then returned to try and complete my write for me task. I was doing reasonable until the screen went blank with some text written on it saying, ‘you are a bumbling idiot’ which completely threw me and I had to just give up again.

    The following day was another walk and another attempt to finish the write for me task. As I was almost getting into a rhythm my phone rang. So, I had to shut the task and answer the phone but as I got to it, it had stopped ringing. I checked who called and it was Mistress (which was most unusual) I called her back but no answer so I assumed it was by mistake. I sat back down to try the task again and the phone goes again. Once again, I get to it, it stops ringing once again. This time a withheld number. This happens a few times and then I realise as soon as I walk past Mistress’s security camera my phone stops. Walk back in the room it starts ringing again. I decide it is best to go and do some work outside and on my return my phone has another number that has called me several times. Once again, no answer. I learn later via twitter that Mistress had been doing the same to Taquin. Of course, when I asked Mistress she knew nothing about it.

    The following day, Friday it is sad to hear that Mistress is unwell so I wish her a speedy recovery and go about my day not expecting to hear anything further from Mistress today. However later Mistress enquires if I had purchased a dash cam for her boyfriend now known to me as Master Deelight. I confirm I have and Mistress thanks me and sends me a link to some of her video clips for me to watch. Mistress informs me I have until Sunday to watch them. I thank Mistress and have a quick look as I am not alone at the time. Being the kind Mistress that she is, by the time I had some alone time to view them the link didn’t work. I message Mistress and inform her of this and she kindly told me that she had cancelled it because I was too bumbling. Thank you, Mistress.

    Saturday is quite quiet because Mistress is still unwell but it turns out not that unwell to change the Qustodio settings on my pc which results in my screen now going blank at random times during the day. With windows family you knew what access you had but with Qustodio only Mistress knows what access I have. Deelightfully frustrating.
    I am going to skip over the next couple of days because they involved me trying to help a relatively new slave with his obvious neediness. We exchanged a couple of pleasant emails and then later that night he sent Mistress a shitty email about me emailing him and how he didn’t authorise it.

    For the record he emailed me first and I offered my help freely.
    What annoyed me the most was that it made me feel totally shit for two reasons. Firstly because of the shite it brought to Mistress’s door and secondly being a total waste of my time trying to help someone. Both me and Slave Taquin are very approachable people and will try and help anyone in Mistress’s stable whether that be a newbie or someone looking to try things we have. I would like to say that Slave Taquin has helped me immensely through some of my shite and I am truly grateful to him for it.

    Now we come to Wednesday and in the afternoon, I am with someone when my phone lights up and Mistress quiet unexpectedly visiting it via TeamViewer. I pick the phone up to hide what is happening from the person I am with and watch as Mistress opens the web browser and visits Amazon. I don’t have my password saved and a message comes through for me to sign in. I do as instructed and place the phone down screen hidden. After about 20 mins I lift the phone to see the Amazon order page left open and then to my shock (and arousal) see that Mistress has been on a bit of a shop at my expense. This is probably the most Mistress has ever just helped herself too. Mistress has also left me a lovely video telling me I have been had and how she has me by the balls (how delightfully true). I must be honest this has not come at a good time for me financially and that only enhanced my arousal. The video was so mesmerising, every one of the 22 seconds. It certainly made me day.

    The final entry in this three week catch up end with Mistress messaging me saying she couldn’t access my pc. I restarted it and that worked (good ole turn it off and on again). Mistress informed me she was editing some videos and would then be visiting my pc. As always, I never ask why and just leave her to it. Around 9pm I read a message from earlier saying ‘go to your pc’. I do just that and find a YouTube video open with the song ‘We’re in the money’. I message Mistress back to say I have no idea what that means and then the penny drops. I sign into my bank account and find my savings account empty. Now before you all gasp and wonder did Mistress take my entire life savings the easy answer is NO. I have been saving in that account to pay for next year’s sessions up-front. I had asked Mistress to help herself when she wanted it and she knows that the act of helping herself is very arousing to me. To give Mistress the power to help herself to what she wants is a massive turn on for me. It still makes me twitch a bit when I see the zero balance and know it was taken by someone who has more control over my bank account than me.
    I must admit if I wasn’t self-employed and just had a monthly salary I wouldn’t hesitate to pay that into an account that only Mistress had control over and then beg her for spending money. But sadly, that is something for the fantasy department.

    As a footnote I would like to confess that I have still been unable to complete the write for me task. Six attempts and counting

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – It Doesn’t Always Go To Plan

    Sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

    I awoke in the darkness of a 6am morning to the sound of wind and rain lashing against the bedroom window. I should have realised then that this was a bad omen for today’s session. The next sound that I heard was Mistress sending me a WhatsApp telling me to purchase her a skinny sugar free vanilla latte on my way to the HOD. I got up quickly washed, dressed and made my way to my car. I had actually been staying away from home that night and made my way to my car that was parked in the accommodation’s compound. I drove up to the electric gates and placed the key fob against the sensor. I heard it click but the gates didn’t move. Shit! I tried again and the same thing happened. I started to panic. It was 7am in the morning. Mistress would soon be on her way. The car-park I was in was miles from nowhere and unattended. I sent Mistress a message and explained my plight, and received no reply. I tried my fob again and still nothing. In the end I got out of my car in the, still pouring, rain and grabbed hold of the gate and pulled. I felt it give a little. I fiddled with the hydraulics and thought that I heard something click into place. I gathered up my feeble frame to attempt an escape, I grabbed hold of the gate and within one huge effort managed to open one side of it. I sprinted back to the car, jumped in and hared through the still open gate fearing that it would close on me the whole time. I was out. Hooray. I sent Mistress a WhatsApp to give her the good news.

    I pulled into Costa Coffee and ordered the required brew, only to be told that they didn’t do sugar free. I bought what they had on offer anyway in case it was all I could get. I just had time to stop in at another coffee chain and this time managed to get the skinny sugar free vanilla latte that Mistress desired.

    Luckily, I just arrived at the HOD in time for my appointment with Mistress. It is never a good idea to keep Mistress waiting for anything! I went in dead on 8am (yes it was that early) to find Mistress looking lovely and smiling sweetly. I was sent upstairs to get un-dressed and as I did so I sighed a breath of relief. I was here, on time, with a skinny sugar free vanilla latte and about to enjoy 5 hours in the company of a gorgeous, dominant woman. What else could possibly go wrong? It didn’t take long to find out the answer…

    ‘Kneel on the mat and recite your mantra’ came Mistresses voice from the lounge. I knelt as instructed and took a breath, and froze! I could not for the life of me remember my Mantra. Yes, it was partly because of the situation I found myself in, but far worse was the truth that it exposed. I had got out of the habit of saying it both morning and night and now I was about to be found out. I started to recite a shortened and incorrect version of it over and over. I tried to do it quite quietly hoping beyond hope that Mistress didn’t notice. Mistress was in the lounge area and I could hear her doing stuff whilst I mumbled away. ‘If I get away with this the first thing I am going to do is learn it again when I get home’ I thought to myself. All of a sudden it went quiet in the lounge, Mistress was listening. I was doomed! And a moment later Mistress said ‘what the hell is that Slave? That isn’t your mantra’. I apologized profusely as she told me to do it again, but correctly this time. I failed yet again. And again, and again, and again. Mistress told me that for every 2 minutes that passed I would receive 50 whacks with her new favorite Grateful Pain paddle (I had told Mistress that I would love to try the Grateful Pain humbler one day but certainly didn’t want to experience the paddle). The effect of this added incentive is entirely predictable. My brain turned to mush and I repeatedly failed this one simple task. In the end Mistress had to tell me the first line in order for me to remember the rest. Oh dear, my day was going from bad to worse!

    Things did improve significantly a few minutes later however when Mistress told me to sit in the chair, that was placed in the middle of the room, in order that she could secure me to it. Mistress used rope to secure my chest to the back of the chair, put the leather mitts on my hands and secured them behind the back of the chair and used wooden manacles to secure my ankles. I was going nowhere, and the dribbling commenced. Next, I was totally blindfolded before being gagged. Once happy with her work I heard Mistresses footsteps as she went into the lounge and shut the door behind her. Over the next hour or two (it is so difficult to keep track of time) Mistress could be heard getting properly ready for her day before doing some custom videos for some lucky chaps. As the time progressed however I could hear Mistress becoming progressively more agitated that things weren’t going right in her day either. From the snippets I heard there were some things that Mistress needed that she couldn’t find, some she could find but that were not working or technical issues with camera’s or scripts, stockings with ladders or such like. But despite all of this Mistress would return to me frequently in order to check that I was ok, and to tease and to tantalise me in the ways that only she knows how. Once, after she had completed her custom videos and was too hot, she came back in and declared that she was now naked! Of course, I had no vision and could not be sure if this was true, that was until she briefly pressed her naked body against mine. Oh bliss! Next Mistress went and got dressed into her new white skirt and corset.

    She removed my blindfold and allowed me to soak in the wonderful vision in front of me. Gorgeous! Mistress decided that I should return to a state of helpless blindness and blindfolded me once again. I heard her rummage in a drawer behind me. I sensed her move in front of me once again and felt her gentle touch as she squeezed a nipple. At the same time I heard the jangle of a small chain, and feared the worst, nipple clamps! Mistress has used them several times before to control and torment me. There have been times where in hindsight that I have been pleased she has done so. But I fear the pain. Today was no different. I tensed waiting for the inevitable jolt of pain as each was applied, but instead I felt Mistress gently apply one and then the other with some sort of screw fastening. These were not the spring loaded crocodile clips that I feared so much but some other far more sensual version. Yes their application hurt a little as they were applied, yes the weight of the chain pulled down and added to my discomfort, but the overall effect of these was to add yet another positive sensation to my already overstimulated brain. The fog of pleasure that Mistress can create in my head becomes quite impenetrable sometimes. Words remain her most formidable weapon. Mistress was walking out of the room at one time and said something (possibly about the teasing to come or the predicament I now found myself in) and her words resulted in a spontaneous spasming of my body. No one else has ever been able to do this to me. It is as if a force, like static electricity, has been building up inside of me and her words touch it acting as a conductor and my body jolts uncontrollably. Mistress heard this sound, as my body arched against my bindings and I jolted the chair, and turned around and demanded to know what had happened. I tried to explain but probably only mumbled through my own confused thoughts.

    It was then that inevitable happened in the midst of an extra long session such as this. I could feel the need to have a pee taking over from the wonderful sensations that Mistress had been treating me to. Luckily Mistress does seem to understand the needs of an old fart like myself and released my bindings for the chair, took off one of the leather mittens and told me to go and sort myself out. This still left the matter of one leather mitten and a pair of leg braces to be coped with whilst making my way upstairs to the bathroom. It was a difficult ascent and decent of said staircase. So difficult in fact that Mistress felt compelled to photograph and video my demise for her online army of fans.

    Once down the stairs again Mistress noticed that I was shivering. I had not noticed just how cold I had become whilst secured naked to the chair in the dungeon. Mistress undid my shackles took me through to the lounge taped my arms to my side, zipped me into a latex sleep sack, blindfolded me and sat me down on the settee. She is such a kind and considerate Mistress! Mistress unzipped the bottom section of the sleep sack to access her property. It was then that the edging began, both with her hands and with the vibrator. Within moments I was close to the edge (and Mistress hadn’t even removed the Bon4 at that point!). And when she did, and Mistresses property felt her tender touch for the first time in 5 weeks, what followed became something of an inevitability. Mistress applied the vibrator one more time. I asked her to stop but was too late, I had gone too far! The orgasm started and I could do nothing about it. I erupted and Mistress did what Mistress must. An orgasm that happens without her permission can end only one way. A ruin. Mistresses property pumped away desperate to be stimulated more to allow it to enjoy the experience, but all stimulation had been removed and all that was left was the pain and discomfort.

    That was it the session was over. In actual fact I think we were both a little disappointed. Me because I always look forward to a full, wonderful, mind blowing orgasm (my visits to the HOD are my ONLY chance for this to happen as I am locked in chastity at all other times) and Mistress because I don’t think that was what she had planned to happen. I know from past experience that there is nothing more fun for her to do to a slave than give him a painful ruin and send him away from the HOD unfulfilled and desperate for her continued attentions. But this was not her intention today. At the HOD there is only one way that things normally happen, that is the Mistress way. I had spoilt this today and am sorry Mistress. I hope you will allow me to try again before too long.

  • Reasons to Visit #17 – Loyalty and Affection

    Sessions build and tighten the bonds of loyalty and affection between D/s participants

    This statement, by one of my most devoted subs, is utterly correct; sessions do build and tighten/strengthen the bonds of loyalty between sub and Domme. When my slaves visit me, or remain in contact with me on a regular basis, they are contributing towards a long standing, ever flourishing mutual understanding and energetic relationship between myself and them, as the sub. I enjoy these kinds of meetings the most. Personal, on a deeper level than just ‘paying for a session and ticking it off the bucket list’.  The regular contact and growth of a D/s relationship not only helps the Sub to develop, but me also. Win Win.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – Amazing with a small serving of yuk

    Amazing with a small serving of yuk.

    I am writing this a couple of weeks after my session in question because not only did it take a time to sink in but I have also been suffering from my well documented ups and downs. However, this year I have been expecting it so have been managing it better than in previous years. I have once again been having ‘this isn’t for me thoughts’ and then a few hours later ‘this is the best thing in my life’.
    Mistress of course knows this and reminded me at our last session that although it comes and goes from now on my sessions are mandatory. Only illness in my immediate family or Mistress herself being unable to carry out the session will I be excused. This has been a great help to me because the whole concept of no choice appeals greatly to me.

    Anyway, let’s start with my latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight. I message Mistress in the morning to confirm if our session is still ok from her end. Mistress doesn’t reply but about an hour later I receive a very unexpected phone call from Mistress informing me that she is running late and has some shopping for me to do for her lunch today. This always gets me bumbling because I always worry that I can’t get what she wants. So, armed with my list I head to the shops and as predicted the first one doesn’t have what Mistress wants. Luckily the second one does and I fulfil Mistress’s list. This then leaves me a short time to return home gather everything that I need to take with me, not forgetting to put on my chastity belt and collar.
    I arrive with a few minutes to spare and wait around the corner until it is close to 11am. I luckily find a free space at the side of the HOD and gather some of my items and return for the rest. I then lock the door and announce my arrival and I am met by Mistress looking amazing as always, this time in a plunging short black dress. My mistake of course is to start nervously gabbling at Mistress before complimenting her on how fabulous she looks. Mistress reminds me of this in her tongue in cheek yet strict way (duly noted Mistress sorry).

    I unload Mistress’s shopping and pass a comment about how I hate avocado (mistake number 2) and generally gabble some more at Mistress. Mistress notes that I am nervous and sends me off to use the toilet and change into my Sissy Hypnobot outfit. I do as instructed, return and kneel to await Mistress. On Mistress’s return to the room I cheekily compliment Mistress on how fabulous she looks and she gives me one of those looks. Mistress then tells me to recite my SHB mantra which I blunder for the first few times but finally get it flowing in the correct manner. Once Mistress is happy with my recital she instructs me to stand and opens the cage door or the ‘Hypnobot storage facility’. I ask Mistress if I should put my shoes on and for a moment she says no and then changes her mind. Reminding me that I will need to stand in 4-inch stiletto heels for an hour and not disturb her. I have always fancied the challenge of standing that long in heels so gratefully accept Mistress’s instructions. Mistress then squeezes the door closed, padlocks it, puts her hand on my shoulder with the command sleep and leaves me to my storage. The heels are already starting to really hurt my feet and I am less than 5 minutes in but mind over matter must prevail and after a short while I drift off into a very strange trance. I feel like I am floating on my feet they are still killing me but the pain doesn’t transfer. However, I must be shuffling about because Mistress checks that I am ok and I explain my trance like experience which she is most pleased with. I am not sure how much later I suddenly start to feel hot. Mistress comes out and checks on me and I explain that I am feeling hot and with her laser wit fires off ‘you are far from that slave’ which makes me chuckle even now.

    Mistress opens the cage door and tells me to go and remove the SHB outfit, return and kneel facing the fire place. I do as instructed and with that Mistress places over my head the lovely frilly sissy dress I like so much. Mistress also informs me, to my horror, that I have interrupted her lunch, I cannot apologise enough whilst Mistress fits some lovely pink cuffs, collar, lead and bunny ears. Mistress then with a yank of the leash instructs me to follow her into the other room. As I follow on all fours Mistress tells me I should hop like a bunny (which I have no chance of doing). On arrival in the other room Mistress tells me to wait with my head down and then returns with some food on a plate and places it in front of me. Mistress has kindly put on the plate some chewed up avocado, YUK. Mistress then informs me that due to me interrupting her lunch I had better enjoy it and leave a clean plate. In my very submissive state this is not usually a problem, in fact the chance to digest any of Mistress’s waste is an honour. Drinking her golden nectar is an honour but eating avocado no matter how so served is a test for me but with some internal wincing I finally manage it and thank Mistress with as much conviction as possible for my lovely lunch. I remain kneeling over the plate until Mistress has finished her lunch.

    When Mistress has finished she heads out to the dungeon room and starts moving some things around and instructs me to crawl out and join her. Mistress has placed the whipping bench in a strange place and asks me why I think that is. I of course have no idea and await whatever is heading my way. Mistress tells me to climb on the bench and straps me in. She then does something most unexpected, pushes a lubed gloved finger up my bum. I immediately start to worry because I didn’t know this was going to happen and hadn’t prepared myself internally for such things. I explain this to Mistress who’s reply left me somewhat dumb struck “If anything comes out dirty you will lick it clean” I just didn’t know what to say. Mistress then reminded me of an off the cuff remark I had made in a past session where I stated that I was glad that Mistress didn’t partake in hard sports because she has me so over a barrel that I wouldn’t be able to refuse. This remark completely caught me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say.

    Mistress has since got me to confess that I would have done it.

    Anyway, back to me strapped to the bench and Mistress then produces an anal hook and pops it inside and attaches it to by rope to the hook in the ceiling. All I can think at the time is I hope it comes out clean because I didn’t at that time know if Mistress would carry out what she said. With me attached by the hook and Mistress pleased with her work she kindly decides to make a video of my predicament for her onlyfans site. It is always a joy to be present when Mistress does her pieces to camera and this one was suitably light hearted. Mistress then kindly starts to smack my bum and tugging on the rope pulling the hook around inside me. I must admit a very enjoyable feeling. Once Mistress is bored with this she removes the hook and luckily no mention is made about the state of it.

    Mistress then starts of probe something else into me and with great ease in it pops. I have no idea what it is until Mistress informs me she has inserted an electric butt plug. A new experience for me and what an experience it was. Once coupled to Mistress’s much-loved e-stim pebble a whole compendium of internal muscle zapping and contractions took place. The favourite of Mistress being the audio, a combination of the music turned up, Mistress signing and me squealing sent shock-waves to places I didn’t know existed. What a new and incredibly enjoyable experience that was.

    Once Mistress had decided that she had zapped me enough she sent me upstairs to remove everything including the plug and chastity belt and return to her. What then followed was a period of being edged with the vibrating wand and when I reached edge I was caned until I could be edged again. Always wary of going too far and ending up ruined which I was warned would result in a post-orgasm caning. I had one of those and it’s not on my to-do list anytime soon. After what seemed like forever but in truth was no more than 10-15 minutes Mistress stopped and instructed me to kneel and kiss her boots. Mistress doesn’t do this very often but I feel such a heightened sense of submission when I am allowed such a privilege.

    With the session over Mistress instructs me to go and get dressed and I return and we have a nice post session chat before it is time to head off. Leaving Mistress with the joy of heading to the laundrette although she had previously threatened to send me dressed in the frilly pink bunny costume.

    I have been visiting Mistress for nearly 4 years and yet still this was a session of firsts for me and I am, as always, very grateful for the session and experiences contained therein.

    All I had to do now is get through a week of avocado with my lunch but that is for another chapter.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal –

    ‘Now fuck off back to work’ is so hot when Mistress says it!

    Sunday was a happy day for me. I had enjoyed a short but wonderful session the day before. I was on a post session high. I even felt horny again having been locked back into the Bon4m, with its smallest back ring, before leaving the HOD. And I knew that in only 2 weeks I had another session already booked.

    The small back ring was an experiment. Having been locked in Chastity for more than 3 years now my bits have become more and more accustomed to their constraint. So much so that on the rare occasions that I have been allowed a couple of days freedom I actually have felt physically uncomfortable. The small back ring did, however, feel like it might be a step too far even for me.

    On Sunday evening I saw that Mistress had updated the MapMySlave schedules to show her exercise slaves what they must do in the coming week. Having slept on its contents I wrote a ‘mini-blog’ and sent it to Mistress. It was titled ‘Acts of Submission’. It talked of how I sometimes ask Mistress to control certain aspects of my life, or to torment me, or to force me to do stuff or to do so many things. As any of Miss Deelight’s slaves know, you should be very careful in what you ask for because you might just get more than you bargained for! But sometimes I can’t help myself and Monday morning was one of those days. I will copy the mini blog here:

    Last night I reviewed for the first time the fitness tasks required of me for this week. They were to complete 5 x 4.4-mile walks, do 30 stomach crunches per day and 10 reverse ab curls per day. Each task was an increase on those of the previous week as Mistress pushes me towards my fitness and weight goals. But this week there was a surprise addition to my instructions. It was to go the whole week without eating chocolate! Now this is actually rather a significant weakness of mine. Up until the point of reading my instructions I had already consumed a Twirl, a Twix, a mini Twix and 3 chocolate cornflake clusters. When I am not eating chocolate, I can often be found eating cakes and biscuits. It is little wonder that I struggle to maintain a sensible weight.

    The point of telling this story is to tell you what I did this morning. I submitted to Mistress. I thanked her for picking up on my need to reduce my chocolate intake, owned up to just how much bad stuff I eat and asked her to make me change my ways in my quest for weight loss. In sending the note I became excited and Mistresses response of ‘All Noted’ has had me dribbling ever since.

    As I went on my 4.4 walk this morning (monitored by the MapMyWalk app) I thought about my need to actively submit to Mistress. And I thought about how much I enjoy placing myself at her mercy. I started to list in my mind all of the things that I have asked to happen or have done to me that result in Mistress having total control over as much of my life as she chooses. I do recognise by the way that none of this is just about me giving up control. Most of it is as a result of Mistress planting ideas in my mind, developing her own unique approach to implementing them or just steadily taking over more and more of my life.

    My list started with the most literal submission of how thrilling it is to put my hands behind my back at the HOD in order that Mistress can tie my wrists and take from me any physical power that I might possess. The list then moved onto so many other things that I have asked for or have been made to accept. There is Chastity, Mistresses control of my PC and phone, Blackmail, Buying gifts/Findom, Location tracking, Enforced exercise, Enforced tasks, Weight Loss, Spy cameras in my workshops, and so much more.

    I sometimes think that I must be the ideal victim for any femdom/findom out there. Lol. I seem to have such a need to submit and allow myself to be trapped and manipulated in whatever ways are possible. I even understand that my submission comes at a pretty high financial price.

    But the truth is that it is only Miss Deelight who has ever made me want to submit as completely as I now do. That is the true skill of a Mistress. (I do fear sometimes that I am actually ‘too easy’. If there ever was any pleasure for Mistress in reeling me in in the first place that must have gone long ago). What Mistress has now is a completely compliant and loyal slave who just craves her control. No one else has ever understood me like Miss Deelight does.

    On Monday evening my resolve was put to the test. I was out locally enjoying a lovely family meal. I had enthusiastically said ‘yes please’ when asked if we needed the pudding menu. I looked down the list of all of the wonderful goodies on offer. I paused at one of my favorite puddings ever, warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. Oh, how wonderful that would be. But when the young lady returned to take my order I remembered my chocolate ban, showed great self-control, and went for warm sticky toffee pudding with ice cream instead. Mistress will be so proud of me I thought!

    Everything paused for a few days on the fetish front as we were all dragged back to the more important things in life by Mr. Deelight (or as I prefer to know him ‘ The luckiest man alive’) being rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung. At such times all that we slaves can do is to offer our best wishes and any support that we can without wishing to pry or interfere. Luckily Mr. Deelight made it to the hospital in time and within a couple of days was back at home convalescing.

    On Thursday I was pleased to be able to spend a day doing DIY tasks for Mistress. The joy from my point of view was to be able to spend a whole day with my Mistress. It was particularly special for me as there is nothing nicer than spending time with Mistress when she is her most naturally dominant and demanding self. The task was to fit some skirting boards into a property that Mistress is renovating. It was by no means a straightforward task due to lots of awkward corners alcoves etc.

    Mistress spent much of her day in an adjoining room catching up on slave blogs that needed to be published. This was not something that she had planned to do but a chance exchange between myself and a chap called Derek the day before acted as a timely stimulant. Derek had very kindly messaged me through Twitter and told me how much he enjoyed my blogs but was aware that he had not seen that many recently. It is so nice to know that my blogs are being read (by at least one person anyway!). I had taken the opportunity to tell Mistress of Derek’s kind message and she had replied to me, with that wonderful mischievous glint in her eye, that Derek should be thanking her not me. She went on to remind me that it is Mistress who gives me so many wonderful experiences to write about in the first place.

    When Mistress wasn’t publishing blogs, exchanging messages with slaves or dealing with her hectic vanilla life she was bossing me about. From time to time I would be called into her room to answer a question before being summarily dismissed. Once having answered her question she looked up at me from her desk and said ‘that’s fine then, now fuck off back to work’. In a world where we all want to be respected for who we are this would have been awful, but in my world, on Thursday this felt glorious. When not being called into the office I was being dispatched on errands. Whilst none of this made the completion of my days task any easier it certainly made it more enjoyable.

    Inevitably by the end of the day, I had also got myself into trouble. Apparently, the most heinous crime that I committed was to go and tell Mistress that I didn’t like Eminem. Earlier in the day Mistress had treated me to Pink’s new album and Little Mix’s, both of which I had thoroughly enjoyed. Anyway, Mistress had looked up at me with genuine fury in her eyes and I had beaten a hasty retreat. I spent the next hour working with my earmuffs on! Other ‘crimes’ identified during the day were the fact that I had been enjoying free internet access for some time. Mistress had apparently not realised that she hadn’t finished locking my new PC down yet (that is why I have been such a happy and contented slave over the last few weeks Mistress). I also owned up to the fact that I had removed the Bon4 without asking Mistresses permission first. Mistress had locked me up using a plastic numbered lock when I had last left the HOD for exactly this eventuality. Removing the device without permission would normally be a fast track towards hideous punishment. Luckily for me, I was able to explain to Mistress that I had had to remove it because I couldn’t physically cope any longer with the new smaller back ring and that it had happened on the evening that Mr. Deelight had been taken into Hospital. There was no way that I was going to message Mistress with anything as comparatively trivial whilst she was worried about her partner. I was also able to tell Mistress that I had immediately locked myself back into the Uberkinky device (this time with the steel padlock) and had not taken advantage of my temporary freedom in any way. There were a couple of other indiscretions on my part throughout the day (tricking Mistress into agreeing that I could buy chocolate for myself being one of them) all of which Mistress was at pains to tell me had been noted on my file. And I have a session in a weeks’ time – Gulp. My day with Mistress concluded at 7.30pm with me kneeling in front of her and putting her tiny trainers onto her tiny and beautiful feet. Mistress treated me to a quick jab to my testicles with her foot before we went our separate ways. I was exhausted but pleased with what I had achieved, particularly as Mistress had told me how much she appreciated what I do for her. Happy sigh….

    It was at 3.30am the following morning that I awoke from a deep sleep and realised that Mistress property was trying to break out of its stainless-steel cage. I went and did what I have to do at such times in order to have any chance of a return to sleep. I went and had a pee! I took my phone with me as I always do, only to find Mistress online and sending me a thank you note. I explained to Mistress why I was awake and online, and she sent me a video of her wearing the sports bra that I had bought for her! That stopped me from sleeping for quite a while longer.


    See the video on my onlyfans.com page: https://onlyfans.com/?ref=16876

  • Puffy Pig – Distance Control Journal – PLUGGED!

    Mistress Deelight has asked that I provide a report of my experience for her blog.  Here it is.

    This morning, I was ordered to don my pig tail plug, a plug harness, my muzzle and write on my chest, “Mistress Deelight’s scivvy”.  I’m not sure what a scivvy is, but I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get that written intelligibly onto my chest. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a pen to write on my skin.  It must be because I have oily skin.  In any case, after getting that on there, I proceeded to the plug.

    The plug is a pin Bon4 number of a substantial size with a curly pig tail hanging off the end of it.  I’m a bit of a butt slut, so it wasn’t overly difficult to get in there.  Because of the tail, it’s definitely not a plug that I can really wear anywhere.  I like it though.  It gives me a very full feeling and always puts a smile on my face when it seats itself properly.  As it’s fairly large, and has a lot of material on the outside of the plug, it’s a good idea to keep it in there.  Next came the plug harness.

    This plug harness has a strap that is meant to go around my waist.  Then a strap goes down between my legs and up the backside.  The front sports a largish cock ring, which allows me to pass the boys and my cock cage through.  There is a butt plug keeper (not usable with this plug due to the tail) and then the strap meets another buckle at the back side, which allows me to tighten things down.  Which I did, as I really don’t want this coming out.  It’s proving quite difficult to keep one side of the plug under the strap to keep it in though.  I shall do my best.

    Finally, we move onto the muzzle.  This is an elaborate and strappy device meant to keep the wearer from opening their mouth and thus making any noises.  It has a buckle behind the neck for the collar portion.  Then a few more to suck the muzzle portion onto my face and finally one on the top of my head to really ratchet things down.  It makes me feel good to have it on and I really wish that I’ll get to wear it with someone else in the room at some point, but the thought of Mistress watching from afar will do nicely for now.

    As it’s laundry day, Mistress has ordered that I do the laundry while crawling and wearing the plug, harness and muzzle.  Luckily, my wife helped me get through 2 of the 4 loads of laundry before she left, but it’s still going to be challenging.  Just writing this blog post has taken me several minutes to write as I can’t sit on my chair and can only half see because I can’t wear my glasses with the muzzle on.  This is going to be a challenge, but I’m happy to complete it for Mistress Deelight.

    It took me a few minutes to find a description for scivvy on google… need those glasses.  And in this case, it is an apt description.  Thank you Mistress.


  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Phone Pest

    This is the week of my first ever 5 hour session. I am of course really looking forward to it but inevitably nervous. I know that Mistress can play with my head, my body and my emotions. I really don’t know how I will cope with 5 hours’ worth of attention.

    At the end of last week Mistress had planted the seed of an idea in my head. By Sunday the inevitable had happened. The seed had not only germinated, but it had grown into a giant evil Triffid in my mind! The seed was the concept of an electric shock device attached to Mistresses property remotely controlled by her through the internet. The Triffid was the email that I subsequently sent her on the subject of how such a device could be used against me whilst alone in my workshop, before then progressing into many other foolish areas that I daren’t repeat again here. As of Tuesday, Mistress had not mentioned anything about it. I really don’t know if that means that she hasn’t yet had time to read it, has read it and consigned it to her ‘Taquins drivel’ folder or is considering its contents.

    And it was on Tuesday morning that I received one of the most exciting instructions from Mistress that I have ever received. It was ‘Today you must go for a 3 mile walk’. I gasped as I read it and Mistresses property went ballistic. To those of you who crave a morning instruction of ‘wrap 4 elastic bands tightly around you balls and beat them 100 times with freshly picked nettles’ or ‘put on your finest summer frock and walk up your local high street’ this might seem odd, lol! But to me this is the ultimate distance control. I had been instructed to do something very simple. There was absolutely no opportunity to do anything but complete the task as instructed. (It was to be recorded by the ‘Map my Walk’ app that Mistress has loaded on my phone). The task had been set by my Mistress as a kindness to help me to get fit. It was a task that was easy for Mistress to set and didn’t mean that I was using up too much of her valuable time. I knew that it was only the beginning and that Mistress would push me to achieve my fitness goals. I knew that Mistress would not let me falter as the cold wet winter days weakened my personal resolve. She was on my side.

    I set off for the horniest morning walk that I had ever experienced! Every step was being done for Mistress and each was a measure of her care for me as her slave. It was really quite blissful. Coincidentally Mousey sent me a ‘how are you’ email as I reached the half way mark. I replied and explained my morning. Within the next hour Mousey was also set some exercise tasks and within the next 24 hours Mistress had created and rolled out ‘Map my Slave’! This is an online tool created by Mistress within which she can set daily and weekly exercise tasks for her slaves

    On Wednesday Mistress made a quick (virtual) visit to workshop in the morning and told me that she would return later to ‘have some fun’ and that i should ‘be very scared’. Whilst Mistress never did come back that day it had the effect that Mistress desired. I was indeed scared all day and even considered going back into the house to do other stuff for the rest of the day.

    On Thursday Mistress decided to play with me. It left me confused and a little scared, just the way that she likes her slaves! I was working alone in my workshop at the time. It started with a ‘private number’ call to my mobile. I picked it up and answered it before I realised that it was probably an annoying spam call. The moment I answered it the call went dead. And then it rang again. I ignored it, and again, and again and again. All in quick succession. At this point I suspected that it was Mistress trying to wind me up. I also suspected that she was enjoying watching me through her spy cameras set up in my workshop. I put the phone to mute and carried on with my work. I could still hear the occasional ‘buzz’ as it vibrated to tell me of yet another call. I got on with my work as best I could whilst glancing across at my phone frequently .

    A moment later the main house phone rang. I have a handset in the workshop but normally leave it to Mrs Taquin to answer any calls in the house. It stopped after two rings and I knew that Mrs Taquin had indeed picked it up. A moment later the house phone rang again. Once again Mrs Taquin picked it up. And again, and again! Next time I was ready and picked it up myself using the handset in the workshop. It went dead immediately just like my mobile had done. I did ‘1471’ only to be told that it was a withheld number. Now I was sure that it must be Mistress. Why else would I be receiving such calls to my mobile and home number at the same time?

    Note to other slaves considering their desired level of control:

    Choose carefully. If you have a ‘no limits’ contract with Miss Deelight as I have then you should be aware that Mistress has balls the size of a testosterone crazed Bull! She will not flinch at making calls to your wife (not to expose you, what use is an exposed slave to Mistress? but to scare you), calling at your house, send you stuff in the post, or doing whatever else she decides is required to impose her will on you. Beware!

    I sent Mistress a WhatsApp telling her that I knew what was going on. The regular calls continued. I talked out loud to Mistress in my workshop suspecting that she was silently watching me. No one answered. I went inside the house to see how Mrs Taquin was coping. As I walked through the door the first thing she said was ‘why is this phone ringing every 30 seconds? Every time I pick it up it goes dead’. We discussed it for a couple of minutes during which time it rang twice! I suggested that it must be one of those automated call center’s that must be having a funny five minutes. Luckily, she went out in the car for about 10 minutes and so I went back to the workshop. The calls continued. I tried to ignore them. At one time both my mobile and the house phone were ringing at the same time. Mrs Taquin returned home just as the house phone rang once again. We had another discussion about it. I carried on with my work. The calls continued. I was worried that Mrs Taquin might be getting really annoyed by it and in the end, I cracked (as Mistress knew I would have to) and sent Mistress another WhatsApp asking her to stop.

    The calls continued for a few minutes and then I finally got the reply from Mistress that read ‘???’. I replied and explained that I was getting multiple nuisance calls and that Mrs Taquin was getting twitchy. Mistress replied that she was having a nice family afternoon and that it was nothing to do with her!!! At this point my stressed slave mind went into minor melt down. I apologised profusely to Mistress and wished her a happy afternoon with her family. She responded ‘I should think so to’. I had been told off and put in my place. I felt guilty. I stood in my workshop and wondered what the hell was going on. The phone continued to ring. But a bit less frequently. I tried to think things through. I concluded that, as it was happening on both of my phones, that it must be something to do with Mistress. Mistress then tweeted that she was having a lovely afternoon of R&R with her family. Like the weak-minded slave that I am, I believed her. I was so confused (or I believe the technical term is mind fucked!). I sought other explanations. Maybe it really was a dysfunctional call center that had both of my numbers. I even considered the possibility that Mousey had been instructed to make the call (sorry Mousey) in Mistresses absence. In the end the calls subsided.

    Eventually Mistress tweeted what fun that she was having winding both myself and Mousey up. Apparently if I had done 1471 on one of the calls I would have heard a number. If I had called that number I would have been transferred directly to Mousey. Now that would have been confusing and amusing in equal measure if we had worked out who we were each talking to.

    Once I realised that I had been mind-fucked by Mistress yet again her property went into overdrive. She really is one ballsy and frightening woman. And I love her for that.

    And then in a perfect example of the highs and lows of servitude I received a terrible text at the end of the evening. Mistress was unwell! This was terrible for two reasons. I felt really sorry for Mistress who had apparently picked up some violent sickness bug and I felt sorry for myself as it meant that my 5 hours session that was due to take place the following day would have to be postponed. How unfair for both of us!

    The following day was spent checking on Mistresses wellbeing and trying to rearrange my session and everything that had been planned around it. By late afternoon I had done just that and had heard that Mistress was feeling a little better. Mousey kindly checked in to see how I was also which was very kind. Mistress decided to ease her boredom by demanding to setup my new app controlled key safe. This she duly did and finished the process by telling me to lock the bon4 device that I had been wearing for some time with a steel padlock and to place the key into the new key safe. As I did both things I started to feel better. Even when Mistress is unwell she still thinks of her slaves and finds new ways to take them even deeper under her control.

    I should say, by the way, that as the week progressed I continued to carry out the walking task set by Mistress. I had been instructed to complete 3 x 3mile walks in my first week. This was actually a significant increase on what I had been doing for the previous year (I had got so lazy!) but was actually less than I could comfortably achieve. And so, like the smart arse lemming that I am, by the end of the week, I had smashed the target set. Instead of doing the 9 miles set I had actually done over 16 miles. This was of course a school boy error of the greatest magnitude.

    On Saturday I exchanged emails with Mousey to discover that she too had placed an order for an app controlled key safe. I look forward to hearing how Mistress decides to use it to make Mouseys life even more challenging.

    I asked Mistress if I could try to break into the key safe using the app located on my phone. She said yes, I found that it had been put under the control of Qustodio and that I was once again easily beaten by the techgoddess.

    I did some work on the mapmyslave spreadsheet to try to help Mistress. She thanked me for it and told me that I would now be required to help her with it each week. And then she set my new walking goals for next week. 5 x 4 mile walks! And 20 stomach crunches a day! My school boy error had come home to roost. Both goals set Mistresses property pulsing. The walking targets are definitely stretching and will help me a great deal. The mapmywalk app will ensure that I have no choice but to complete them. The real surprise was the stomach crunch target. When asking for Mistresses help with my weight and fitness I had deliberately not asked her for any other exercise targets apart from walking. The fact that she is now going to make me do other stuff as well has pushed me into a dribbling dither. I know it will do me good and I know that Mistress knows all about training and fitness having previously pushed herself to the limit. It appears that I have now been stripped of any say in what I will be required to do. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    This morning I awoke to two communications from Mistress. One was a copy of an email invitation to an ‘invitation only’ xmas party at the HOD. And the other was a WhatsApp telling me that my attendance was mandatory. The first communication filled my mind with horror and the second sent Mistresses property ballistic inside its cage. Mistress knows me so well. She knows that I will find mingling with other slaves difficult (it is not that I am antisocial, honestly! It is just that I have only ever wanted to session with women present) but she also knows that I am at my most submissive and horniest when being told what to do.

    And then to illustrate this point further I have been told that I must complete this blog by 2pm today and to do so with my butt plug in place and wearing my lace panties. Mistress has also confirmed that I must do it in the garage in order that she can check my compliance. I am of course doing just that now, unsure of whether Mistress is reading this as I type it (can she do that? I really don’t know) or maybe she is watching me via the spy camera? All I do know is that I seem to be dribbling so much that I risk dehydration whilst feeling totally submissive and in love with my Mistress. What a nice Sunday it is. And I have a 5 hours session to look forward to in less than a week!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Spending on Control

    Sunday was blog day as always. But today I was required to do something else. I was required to send Mistress an additional email with any thoughts and ideas I might have for my 5hr session at the end of the month. This is difficult! It is such a rare opportunity to suggest things for a session. I wanted to use it to suggest something new rather than just falling back onto some of the wonderful experiences that Mistress has treated me to previously. It was also an opportunity to suggest a couple of things that I had thought about but never dared to suggest before. In the end, I suggested a piece of equipment that I had not experienced before, but that Mistress seems particularly enthusiastic about currently, an activity that I had always enjoyed watching in my small array of fetish videos and weight loss management!

    I am aware that Mistress has helped other slaves to manage their weight and fitness and had for a long time wanted to ask her to help me. It is a big decision though. I know it will involve a pretty significant change in my diet and will also involve me doing a lot more exercise than I currently do. I also know that Mistress will ensure that I do what is necessary. There is no way out now.

    On Monday Mistress asked which device I had on. I told her which one and then heard no more on the subject until just before bedtime. Mistress sent me a text that just said ‘take your device off’. It is an unusual instruction and set my mind racing. Why? Was I going to be allowed an orgasm? If not what was the plan? You just never know with Mistress. But then I realised that there was one pretty fundamental problem with carrying out the instruction. The device was locked on with a steel padlock and Mistress hadn’t provided me the code to the key safe. I sent Mistress a text asking for the code, but went to bed shortly afterward without hearing back from her.

    Tuesday turned out to be a pretty momentous day for many reasons.

    Firstly, Mistress reminded me that it was the day that she was going to take over my new laptop. It always makes me feel scared and submissive when I watch Mistress lock down my pc, apply her own passwords, take over admin control and start to load on the software that she will use to restrict me.

    Then she instructed me to look at something called a Dreamlover 2000. I discovered that it is an electric shock device that has its electrodes placed inside a chastity device. The website is spectacularly frightening for the male species. It describes its products as a ‘male management system’. In its most expensive versions, it is totally mobile, app-controlled and can do things like sense if it has been removed without permission or even the angle of the wearer’s body. As an example of the potential power, it has, among many other things, something called Canine mode. I have copied and pasted a section of the website that explains what this is….

    The canine mode feature enforces quadrupedal locomotion. Pulses are delivered in quick succession when the receiver is not held horizontal (parallel to the ground) and facing downwards. In combination with a securely fastened waistband, the canine mode allows you to temporarily revoke upright locomotion rights with powerful psychological effect on the male being trained. On the Pro model, Canine mode is preceded by a non-configurable “silent command” to alert the wearer this mode is being entered. The wearer has approximately 3 seconds to assume the canine position before pulse delivery begins.

    I have to confess that the whole concept of such a technology being available to Mistress is a huge turn on. If anyone could use it to force total slave compliance then it is Mistress. I imagined its use whilst Mistress watched the effects whilst I was alone in my workshop. She would have so much fun! But then I looked at the price $1900 dollars!!! It seems that this particular devilish device will have to wait.

    And then Mistress started to talk about linking exercise targets (monitored by an app) with an internet controlled key-safe. The first impact of this was to make me take a deep breath. It meant that she had read my email concerning my next session (oh what have I done!) and that she was going to ensure that I did the necessary exercise to aid my weight loss (again, oh what have I done!!). The second impact was to wonder what Mistress could do with an internet controlled key-safe. I am still not sure.

    And then I had to go and meet Mistress to make my final payment for my submission to her for the whole of 2018. We met and I handed over the remaining £1000 that I owed together with 2 Viagra that she needed for a session the following day. But probably even more significant than this was the fact that I handed over my old laptop. It had died but then miraculously come back to life a few days later. Mistress had told me that she wanted to use it to see if she could break out of the lockdown control that she had put on it, without the use of her passwords. I’m sorry fellow TeamViewer slaves. If Mistress can’t break out of her own technological bonds, then neither will we. What I hadn’t realised though, until after I had handed it over, is that Mistress wants to use it to develop her PC and Network hacking skills. We are truly doomed.

    Before I left her Mistress unlocked my chastity device and told me to remove it. I still didn’t know why but did as I was instructed.

    It didn’t take long to find out. Following a quiet day on Wednesday I received a simple task from Mistress on Thursday morning. I was to edge on the hour every hour for the rest of the day. I was to report to her each successful edge and was reminded that there was to be no cumming!

    To be allowed to touch Mistresses property is indeed a rare treat. But to edge it continuously is both torturous and difficult to do. Knowing that you are not allowed to take yourself to a completed orgasm is really challenging. Past experience told me that there would be a real risk of edging too far and starting to cum. Even just a little cum appearing is forbidden and yet I knew that I had to edge properly. My solution was to tell Mistress that I would be doing it in my garage in a place where the spy camera could see me. I have no desire for Mistress to see me wank (I bet it isn’t her favorite activity either lol), I actually find it embarrassing. I did want to make sure that I didn’t have any accidents, however. The thought that she ‘could’ be watching was actually very effective. I edged 11 times altogether and didn’t cum once. I would like to say that it didn’t get to me too much, but I would be lying through my teeth. It had a spectacular effect on my desire to please! By the end of the day, I had bought Mistress a £80 dash cam, bought ‘myself’ a £170 wifi controlled key-safe as directed by Mistress and sent a £50 voucher to a Findom Goddess who specializes in Blackmail (with Mistresses permission of course). Not only that, I had twice asked Mistress if I would be allowed to complete my final edge at 10pm and take it through to a mind-blowing orgasm. And Mistress had twice ignored my request.

    On Friday my instruction was to lock myself back up this time with the Bon4m. The second I did this and had sent Mistress the picture her property started to dribble uncontrollably. Edging had really got to me the day before but being locked up again had just made it so much worse.

    Later on Friday my laptop screen went black and I thought that Mistress was on there making changes. I stood and watched for ages but nothing happened. I wondered if it had crashed. In the end, I gave the power button a press and the screen sprang to life. On it I saw the settings screen for my household broadband/wifi router. WTF! Mistress was doing something but I really had no idea what she was intent on doing. I watched for a moment and then decided to walk away. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop her and actually didn’t want to know what it was she was doing. I was certain that I would find out soon enough. I went inside the house and tried to get on with another task. A couple of minutes later Mistress requested the Router master passcode. Meekly I sent it to her. During this time the fear was building up inside me. What if Mistress took over the home network? There are several of us who use it for work and for pleasure. What if she disabled it and made demands for its reinstatement? I love being totally at the mercy of Mistress and the whole experience made me even hornier than I had felt at any time the previous day. I sometimes wonder why I love Mistress most when I fear her most. I think it is the fact that, at those times, I am totally dependent on her to look after me and keep me safe. She has my life in her hands and I have no control.

    In the end, Mistress disclosed that she hadn’t completed whatever she had set out to do and so I breathed a sigh of relief
    Her property calmed down a few moments later.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Truly Devoted

    This week’s blog must start on Tuesday, as the preceding few days had been a glorious sunny bank holiday.

    At 7am on Tuesday morning I found myself parked outside an address given to me by Mistress waiting for her to arrive and let me into the property. I was there to lay a laminate floor that I had bought for Mistress several months earlier as part of her birthday present (another slave had bought the underlay, for which I am grateful). My car was full of all the tools that I thought I would need and I knew that I had a tough day’s work ahead of me.

    Mistress arrived soon after and let me into the property. We did a walk around of the job to be done in order that I could ask some questions and then Mistress left me to get on with it. To be trusted to do such a job and to look after her property is an honour. I do take care with any job that I do but I was particularly keen to make sure that I did this one to the best possible standard. Having never laid a laminate floor before it took a while to get going but once underway it became technically easier. But as the day wore on it became physically really, really hard. There is so much kneeling, measuring, standing, cutting, kneeling, fitting etc etc to be done. When the last piece went down at 8.00 pm I rolled over onto my back and lay on the floor and wondered how I would ever summon up the energy to clear up my stuff, load up my tools and drive home. I was exhausted! After about 5 minutes I did just that but instead of driving straight home I knew that I had to drive to meet Mistress to return her keys. On the way to our agreed meeting place I stopped in at Tesco to buy my dinner and noticed the first of a series of texts from Mistress. I clicked on it and beamed with pride as I saw that Mistress had thanked me personally for what I had done for her that day. I then went on to read a series of texts from Mistress that talked about how there were certain pets who she particularly valued for their commitment to her. I knew, that day, that I was being included in that group. It was so kind of Mistress to so publicly acknowledge us. And then better still, when I handed her the keys a few minutes later she handed me a very personal gift to thank me for what I do for her.

    As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than to be truly appreciated by someone you care for and respect. I was feeling quite emotional as I drove home.

    The following day Mistress instructed me to lock up using The Vice chastity device. I had been out of chastity since my session the previous week. Mistresses’ property had needed a bit of recovery time! Strangely for me I hadn’t missed being in chastity at all. Maybe my mind had been taken up with thoughts of bank holidays and floors. I did as instructed and sent the picture to Mistress.

    On Thurs Mistress was very generous indeed and sent me a photograph and a short video gif of her wearing a very sexy leather bra/top. In the video she squeezed and massaged her breasts in a way that had me dribbling in my cage. Being a gif it just repeated for as long as I watched it. I watched it for quite a long time! The image stayed with me for the rest of the day and then kept me awake that night. Mistress is a gorgeous young lady in all regards but I have to say that I have a special weakness for her magnificent breasts particularly when they are beautifully cupped in something sexy. Of course Mistress knows all of my weaknesses and capitalises on each one of them to control how I feel at any time. And that is probably her greatest power. Mistress controls my emotions. She can make me feel happy or sad, angry or elated, guilty or proud, in danger or safe, vanilla or in this case horny.

    And then on Saturday I sent Mistress my morning text to ask if I could be released from The Vice to make some alterations and to ask if I could be allowed to stay unlocked for a few days whilst I went abroad. Mistress very kindly agreed to my requests. And so I have a few days of freedom. I won’t abuse it. I wouldn’t dare! We also agreed my next session date and the fact that it now seemed likely that I would not be able to ‘use up’ all of the sessions that I had paid for to the year end. Those who follow my servitude will know that I have to pay for a full year in advance. It is just one of the many ways that Mistress ensures my loyalty! I had also effectively paid for some additional sessions as the year had progressed by asking for additional session time in lieu of payment when I had paid for things on Mistresses’ behalf. It is a nice problem to have. The solution that we have agreed is that my next session is going to be a 5 hour session. Now that is something to look forward to! And the remaining surplus session time paid for will be converted into intensified distance control to the end of the year. It was actually my suggestion. I certainly didn’t want to suggest rolling my surplus sessions into 2018 and I do love the way that Mistress can dominate me so effectively from afar. She can make it so exquisitely difficult and intense at times. Of course my fetish world is already controlled 24/7 by Mistress. But she has deployed tools and techniques that normally allow her to control my fetish world without having to waste too much time on me. Mistress is after all a very busy woman. The thought that Mistress will now devote some more time to tormenting me in whatever way she chooses fills me with joy and fear in equal measure.

    I felt what might have been the first example of Mistress tightening her grip last night when she sent me a copy of an email that she had received from Qustodio. It told her that I had been trying to access Uberkinky. It appears that ‘Mother Boss’, as she is known to Qustodio, is watching very closely.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – Extreme Edging

    This week I have a session. Oh thank goodness! I always look forward to sessions of course. I count down the days, I fantasise, I think back to previous sessions and most of all I wonder what is in store for me this time. This week’s session is another milestone in my servitude to Miss Deelight. This week’s session takes place almost 3 years to the day since my first session. And even after this time, I know that, as I step across the threshold of the HOD, I will have absolutely no idea about what is going to happen.  I looked up what is the traditional gift for a third anniversary to discover that it is leather. How appropriate! I knew that I had to buy something for Mistress to mark the occasion, I did, of course, think about buying some wonderful leather bondage device but in the end settled on something only a little less selfish and ordered Mistress a sexy white leather miniskirt instead.

    Sunday was a particularly tormenting day for me. Mistress had spent some time the day before locking down my laptop and ensuring that, from that point on, she would be able to monitor and control my access to the fetish world. I had only experienced a couple of hours of ‘freedom’ (my phone is already locked) following a crash and rebuild. Once I had submitted my blog I asked Mistress if I was allowed to try to escape from the controls that she had just placed on my laptop. To my surprise, she said yes. I had expected her to threaten punishment should I even try to escape her clutches. Her response demonstrated a confidence in her abilities to constrain and control me that sent Mistresses property bulging against the steel cage. A threat of punishment would have been effective in ensuring that I stayed under her control. But it would not have sent me into the tormented mess that I now found myself in.

    I rushed through my vanilla tasks for the day all the while thinking about how I was going to wriggle free from Mistresses grip. I should say here and now that I am not a computer whiz by any one’s definition. But I do know how to load stuff, remove stuff, set up new identities etc. I really did think that I would have a chance of escape. To be clear, I didn’t want to escape. I would have been really disappointed to discover that it was possible in fact. But as always I needed to know that Mistress had genuinely stripped me of all control. And the only way to be sure is to try to escape. And I tried and I tried. I tried to delete programs, I tried to access the fetish world through alternative browsers, I tried to guess Mistresses passwords, I tried to change Mistresses passwords, I tried loading up in ‘safe mode’ in order to bypass the control software and I tried every other wriggle I could think of. But nothing worked. I don’t think that I ever came close to escape! And by the time I had finished my pathetic attempts I was a tormented wreck. I sent the inevitable WhatsApp to Mistress and conceded what I suspect that we had both known from the start. Once Mistress locks you down, that is how you are going to stay until Mistress decides otherwise.  I was so wound up by the whole process that I asked Mistress if it might be possible to access Twitter for just a little while. It would have acted as something of a safety valve to distract my attention for a while as well as a way for me to voice my gratitude to Mistress for the entire fetish world to hear. As it was Mistress ignored me (I think she was trying to have a day off) and I suffered in silence. It is, I am sure, what Mistress wanted to happen.

    And then, following a couple of quiet days, it was the day of my session. As always I arrived a few minutes early and sent Mistress a text to inform her that I would enter the HOD at the agreed time unless she instructed me otherwise. I walked in, locked the door behind me, removed my shoes, shouted hello to Mistress and walked into the dungeon. I was greeted by the sight of Mistress seated at the desk in her office looking towards me. My eyes were immediately drawn to her new white, satin, figure-hugging top and the cleavage that it framed so beautifully. My eyes also couldn’t help noticing black stockings, ridiculously short skirt and just a glimpse of white panties. I said ‘you are looking lovely today Mistress’. Mistress replied ‘I am, aren’t I slave’. Mistress knows how much I love her gorgeous sexy figure (and the supreme power that it exerts over me!) and so my heart started to crumble immediately.

    I was ordered to go upstairs to the bathroom and to return naked.  I did as instructed and was locked in the cage in the dungeon with my wrists secured by the wooden manacles that I had made for Mistress. Mistress put a Viagra into my mouth, squirted in some water and told me to swallow.  And there I stayed for the next hour. To be perfectly honest I struggled to find my inner slave self in that time. It was only when Mistress came in and briefly teased me, and then when I listened to her making a JOI custom for a very lucky chap, that things started to stir in my chastity device.

    As the time of my session proper approached I heard Mistress attaching manacles to the gyno bench upstairs. Mistress had told me that my session was going to take place in there and that made me very happy. It made me happy because I had only ever had one session in there before and that had involved a lot of lovely teasing.  Little did I know that I was about to experience the most extreme edging that I had ever experienced before!

    Mistress returned downstairs and released me from the cage. She passed me a large roll of black pallet wrap to carry for her (that puzzled me) and told me to go up to the gyno room. Once there I was ordered onto the bench and Mistress started to apply the leather bindings. This for me was the moment when the pleasure started. As each cuff or strap was tightened I felt any chance of escape ebbing away. And as each was tightened Mistresses property grew and grew. It really does know what it likes! I had actually forgotten all about the pallet wrap until I saw Mistress pick up the role that I had put on the wall. Mistress unfurled one end and laid it across my stomach. She then proceeded to unroll it further, pass it under the bench before bringing it up on the other side again. Mistress was going to pallet wrap me to the bench! This was a first. 10 minutes later I found myself totally wrapped up, and totally immobilised. The only parts of me that remained exposed were my lower legs, my caged cock and balls and my nose. In the process of wrapping me, Mistress had needed to reach across me to pass the wrap around me and each time that she did she had pushed her body against mine. It drove me nuts. And so by the end of those 10 minutes, I knew that the slightest touch to Mistresses property was probably going to take me over the edge.

    Mistress gave me strict instructions about what to do should I feel giddy or in distress whilst so confined and then went to work on me. First of all she removed the cage of the device. I love that device. I love the total control that it gives Mistress. But I love the moment that it is removed by Mistress even more. As Mistress took hold of her property for the first time since my session in June (in July Mistress guided my use of The Max masturbator and at my session at the beginning of August the device stayed firmly in place) I realized that her property was incredibly sensitive.  It was so sensitive that it almost hurt! I asked Mistress if she would be kind enough to use lots of lube, and she did. Moments later I was telling Mistress that I was about to cum. And I knew that there was probably at least an hour to go before I had any possibility of a final glorious orgasm (or potentially being sent home denied once again!). Mistress rebuked me and reminded me that I was never to tell her anything; instead, I was to ask her permission to cum. To which the answer would invariably be no. Mistress edged me again and then I heard her move towards the head of the gyno bench. I felt one hand grip my nostrils whilst her other one pushed down on the pallet wrap over my mouth and all possibility of breathing was instantly removed. I wasn’t expecting it and therefore had not taken a breath. A moment later I was struggling to cope. I writhed as much as my bindings would allow. I heard Mistress say ‘that’s good slave, I want to see you struggle’. Mistress released her grip and allowed me to take a gulp of air before once again blocking my airways. I could feel Mistresses property throbbing away and knew that it told the true story about how I feel about breath play. It excited me greatly! So much so that when Mistress reached back down to edge it once again I almost instantly asked for permission to cum. Mistress took her hand away from her property and leaned across me and again prevented any breathing on my part. But this time with her ample and gorgeous breasts. I am surprised that I did not cum there and then. Instead, I just teetered on the edge. Following some more edging and breath control, I heard Mistress leave the room and return shortly afterward. I felt her lay something on my chest and spread it out. I next felt a sensation that I had never felt before. I realised that Mistress was pushing a sounding rod down the inside of her property. This was another first as far as I was concerned. I am by nature a coward and so it did make me a little anxious, but I have to confess that it did result in a pleasurable sensation.  The second, larger, rod, however, started to hurt a little and so Mistress kindly removed it and moved onto the next phase. I felt something being slipped over the end of her property before being maneuvered down its shaft. Soon after I felt the tell-tale tingle as the E-Stim ElectroPebble was turned on. I had experienced this once before and I knew that Mistress was going to use it to tease me further but more particularly that she would use it to totally crush any possibility of a premature ejaculation. I knew I was about to experience something quite extreme. I don’t think I actually realised how extreme it would become. It probably went on for a further 30 minutes. A combination of breath control, edging, verbal teasing and ElectroPebble control made me suffer more than I had ever thought possible. I was taken to the very edge of ejaculation before Mistress would shock her property with the ElectroPebble. And as Mistress hurt me to control me she put a reassuring hand on me and gently explained that she was doing it for my own good. I felt her compassion in that blur of terrible discomfort, and I loved her for her kindness. She was in total control and was caring for me. This went on and on until Mistress decided that I couldn’t take any more. She told me that the next time that I would be allowed to cum. The idea scared the life out of me! I knew that it was going to be a violent ejaculation and I knew that Mistresses property was overly sensitive by this point. I begged her to be gentle with me (I was that scared!). And Mistress was gentle. I really don’t know what she did or how she did it. I do recall feeling her hand gently working her property but all I actually felt was the pressure down below building and building until I knew that it was about to erupt. I asked for permission to cum and heard Mistress reply, ‘let it out slave, let it all out’. And erupt I did with a total lack of control. I spurted cum like never before. I even felt it hitting my exposed nose (I’m sorry. Too much detail I know.)  And I felt it pump and pump. Because Mistress was being particularly gentle with me I think it actually accentuated the sensations as all I could feel was this massive ejaculation. I know that I whelped and I cried and I whimpered and I swore. It was so intense!

    Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes whilst she tidied up around me. I was then released from the gyno bench before being allowed to go and shower. I left the HOD a happy slave.


  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Short Blog

    This will inevitably be a mercifully short blog as I am on a family holiday and Mistress is very busy. Neither of these things prevent daily contact thankfully. It really would be a huge gap in my life if I didn’t have the opportunity to communicate daily with Mistress. Mistress does tend to give me space to enjoy my family time which is kind of her. In truth I would love it if she continued to control my life whilst away, but Mistress knows best, it is important that I maintain balance in my life.

    This is difficult for me however. To be denied fetish control whilst away from home and also having all access to the fetish internet content blocked to me creates an uncomfortable void. I lasted until Monday before I ‘cracked’. I sent Mistress a message asking if it would be possible to pay her for access to Twitter whilst I was away. Mistress asked ‘how badly I wanted it’. ‘Very badly’ was my response. And then I suggested an amount of money. Mistress sent me a link to a YouTube clip. I tried to access it through my phone, only to be blocked by Qustodio. (YouTube used to be one of the sneaky ways for me to see fun stuff, but Mistress realised this and stopped that also). I sent Mistress a message telling her that I was blocked together with a laughing emoji. Mistress replied ‘you think it is funny?’ Mistress getting stern with me always makes me catch my breath and get hot under the collar. Today was no different and I started to dribble. ‘try again’ she said. This time when I clicked on the link it stayed open just long enough to see that it was a video that said ‘No’. I asked if I had offered enough, Mistress resent the YouTube ‘No’ link. I asked Mistress how much I needed to pay. Mistress read my message (WhatsApp allows you to see when messages are read) and ignored me. I went to bed that night not knowing if I had annoyed Mistress or whether she was just letting me suffer before extracting what she would consider a reasonable payment for my fetish Internet access.

    The next morning Mistress sent me a message that informed me that she was going to ‘let me stew’ without Twitter access along with a photo of her looking happy and radiant.

    I sometimes think that Mistress must be the worst Findom in the world! After all she had just turned down a payment for Twitter access. It made me consider the fact that Mistress never actually forces me to buy anything for her, or give her money (despite the fact that she so easily could). In all honesty I do find it exciting when Mistress proves to me that she can make me do whatever she decides that I should do, but then I remind myself of the thousands of pounds that I have already spent on my servitude to her. She is of course a brilliant Findom. It is just not her style to ‘take’ and anyway it would be wrong for me to be able to simply buy my way out of Mistresses control.

    Oh dear! I wrote the somewhat tongue in cheek paragraph above on Wednesday and awoke this morning (Thursday) to find a message from Mistress saying ‘I need Vista b4 Tuesday for 2 xx’.I fear that Mistress might have read this blog and reacted. I have been on to her amazon gift list and looked for ‘Vista’ but to no avail. Isn’t there a brand of television called a Vista? and Mistress wants 2 of them??!! Hopefully it is all a coincidence.. I will have to wait until I hear from her later.

    Silly Me. I have just exchanged messages with Mistress. Vista was an autocorrect error and should have said something else. Phew!

    The other thing to note in this brief blog is the fact that Mistress allowed me to send her an email to let her know what I might like to happen at my next (long) session. This is a rare treat that always ends up badly for me. I suggest stuff that is far more extreme than I could ever cope with. I really should know better. Thank goodness Mistress knows me well enough to use such an email as a prompt rather than a script!


    And then the final thing that happened was that I paid up for a further year of sessions taking my enforced servitude (sessions, distance control and chastity) to the end of Dec 2018! ‘Oh dear’ yet again.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Getting it Wrong, All Week.

    Getting it wrong, for most of the week.

    I thought I would write this brief catch up because as with all our blogs it gives Mistress an insight into what’s going on in our submissive minds.

    Since my last wonderful visit to Mistress, I have been floating on a wave of submissive joy. Mistress has allowed me Twitter access for the last 2 weeks. Although being Mistress she didn’t tell me, I found out in an email from Slave Taquin about a week later. So, I have been enjoying my Twitter access and as it turns out other adult content on my phone and have been catching up with all the blogs on Mistress’s website. Everything has been going swimmingly until I went away for a couple of days last week and as always turn everything off in my man cave/office.

    On my return, I stupidly decided to leave Mistress’s spy camera switched off. There was a genuine reason for this but I foolishly didn’t ask Mistress’s permission to do it. On Sunday (so now 2 days with the camera off) Mistress sends me a message telling me what I already knew that the camera was off. I switched it on about an hour later and informed Mistress why it had been off but this was after the event and not before. A tweet by Mistress made it abundantly clear this was unacceptable.

    The following day I sent Mistress my usual morning message apologising for the camera incident and Mistress was (as always) very understanding on the reasons why and was happy to let it pass this time. This is where something came over me. I don’t know if it was my wonderful feeling of submission or just plain stupidity but my reply was that I didn’t think she should let it pass. Now one thing I have learned (although not on this particular day) is never question Mistress or her decisions. I knew that Mistress had a busy day so didn’t expect a reply but what did dawn on me during the day was that it was a stupid thing to do. Later that day Mistress messaged me and said that she had considered my message during her busy day. I won’t go into the ins and outs but let’s just say the I should have just thanked Mistress for her leniency and not tell her what I should and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with. I have a punishment coming, what that is I have no idea but whatever it is it is duly deserved.
    I, as one of Mistress’s longest-serving pets, should know better. I should have asked permission in the first place and kept my mouth shut when I was granted leniency. Lesson learned.

    I contacted Slave Taquin because he had been doing a DIY job for Mistress on Tuesday (I’m sure you will read about it in his blog) and asked him if Mistress was spitting feathers over the incident. Luckily, she hadn’t although Mistress did point out to him that a punishment would be forthcoming and he also felt that it would be appropriate. He was also kind enough to send me the following bullet points from past email conversations between us….

    Do I wish Mistress was less understanding? Sometimes yes, her tweet certainly made me gulp even though I knew it was ok. (This was regarding the camera being turned off)
    I do sometimes wish for a situation that I am pleading with all my heart and still get a cursory and dismissive ‘No’ from Mistress!
    Blackmail really turns me on so I fully understand your mixed feelings about being in deep poo!
    I do crave the harshness and fear and then have a wobble about it!!

    I was very amused that Taquin also kindly said he would happily tweet them just in case Mistress may have missed them as she has access to both our respective email accounts. We also discussed the fact that whilst are interests at the HOD are at different ends of the fetish spectrum, our distance control interests, however, are very similar.
    My messages from Mistress for the rest of the Tuesday were slightly lighter but I know she won’t forget about this.

    On Wednesday, I didn’t sleep very well and awoke late and gingerly messaged Mistress to wish her a nice day. Mistress breezily replied to my message saying that she was enjoying a relaxed working day after very busy few days. Mistress was in-fact in a very good mood and was overjoyed by the DIY job Taquin had done for her the day previously. I also thanked Mistress for the set of tweets she had posted the night before thanking her pets for doing so much for her. I am honoured to be one of Mistress’s pets and truly adore her and will do anything within my abilities to help her out.

    Later in the day around lunchtime, I am sitting on the sofa when I hear a voice which makes me think I am starting to imagine things. Luckily, I don’t have voices in my head, oh no much worse than that. I discover that Mistress can talk to me through the security camera. It was a joy to chat with a very cheery Mistress albeit with satellite delay and once again caught me completely off guard. Mistress ended by saying she would be installing Grammarly on my pc later to ensure my future blogs would be error free. I am always grateful that Mistress spends her valuable time adding (or removing) things from my pc and phone to help her control me and in return make me feel more controlled, horny and submissive to her.
    Around an hour later I was on my pc when suddenly Mistress bursts in. We have a nice chat via notepad and then Mistress starts doing what she needs to do. Unusually Mistress allows me to watch her in action albeit with the mouse and keyboard locked. Unfortunately, Grammarly turns out to be a no go. Mistress informs me she will continue to check it her end and all errors will be noted. The conversation then turns to reinstalling Qustodio. Mistress installed this back in January when I wasn’t in a very submissive state. This time I was very keen for Mistress to install it. This is because by having Qustodio installed it takes less time for Mistress (who only has to sign into one account) to allow or deny her pets various accesses at her particular whim. If I had Qustodio installed on my pc I would have had fetish access for the last 2 weeks. Because Windows family was my parental control I didn’t have any because it’s extra faf for Mistress. By having Qustodio I was also allowed the Firefox browser back. So far apart from the almost immediate removal of adult access, everything is working well.

    On Thursday, I message Mistress to wish her a nice day. Mistress informs me she has a very long busy day. This turns out to be not too busy to remove all my adult internet access. At least I still have the joy of Twitter. I thank Mistress for my brief pc access and expect to hear nothing more from her today. Very kindly later in the day Mistress sent me a lovely picture of herself in a very fetching leather bra and trousers. This led me to reply that it was very lovely of her to share such a picture although it was not helping my current tease-able submissive state. I felt horny as hell for the rest of the day added to by Mistress then sending me a gif of her fondling her leather bra encased Deelights.
    It reminded me of another conversation that I had with Slave Taquin about our HOD interests. He hates pain where I really enjoy it, nothing turns me on more than being in severe pain and agony. However, I have a great admiration that he can endure a session of being teased by Mistress and her fabulous womanly gifts. I try my hardest to see Mistress as a giver of pain and punishment and not focus too much on how very hot, sexy and attractive she is.

    Friday arrives and I know Mistress has got another working hat on today so I wish her a very successful day and once again make a security camera-related mistake. I inform Mistress that it will be off this evening due to someone staying. Twice in one week, I have failed and Mistress’s reply left in no doubt of that. I apologised, rewrote and resent the message again. The outcome as I write this is awaited……
    After a wait of several hours. I am pleased to announce that my much more subservient, begging for permission message was duly replied too. The short message that Mistress sent not only gave me permission but also left me feeling suitably put in my place. I thanked Mistress for her reply and although it wasn’t my intention to get it so wrong her message today left me in no doubt how much I love being her slave.
    This has also reminded me how much I need and craves Mistress in my life but it needs to be on her terms, not mine!!

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – Life Lessons

    Life lessons.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight comes a painfully long 6 weeks after the mind-blowing, mind numbing, self-facial, E-stim pebble induced orgasm. Which will forever leave a stamp on my sordid mind.

    Mistress a few weeks before had set out her plans for the session and what I needed to bring with me. As always with Mistress I get the bare basics. What happens on the day is always decided by Mistress. I knew that it would involve Mistress wielding her cane and that she wished to make a couple of clips with me dressed as my alter ego Sissy Hypnobot (subject to her hypnotic programming being successful).

    The day finally arrives and Mistress requests we start the session an hour later than planned at midday. I also receive a good luck email from Slave Taquin which was very lovely of him. As always, the clock ticks around slowly and I get myself ready. I am instructed today to wear my steel chastity belt to the session. I have never worn this out under clothes before and it’s also very cumbersome and uncomfortable but as we know Mistress knows best. I put it on lock it up and then adjust myself to try and get it to not pinch too much. I load the car and then gingerly sit in the driver’s seat. After more adjustment, I feel able to drive safely, with reasonable comfort and I set off. I arrive slightly early as always and wait a few streets away for the clock to slowly tick around to midday.

    As midday approaches I get an unexpected phone call from Mistress to inform me she is not quite ready and gives me my instructions. Which are to let myself in, go straight upstairs and dress in my SHB suit and await Mistress in the dungeon on the new soft kneeling mat (Mistress is very kind to us). After that Mistress informs me that I am to iron and starch her shirt. I inform Mistress that I have never ironed anything in my life and Mistress is shocked at such a revelation and tells me that it will be a good life lesson and that all good sissies should be able to carry out all domestic duties for their Mistress.

    Mistress hangs up and I collect my clothes and other offerings from the car and head to the front door, announce my arrival and then begin to bumble about for the next few minutes. Mistress acknowledges this by placing her phone through the slightly open door and its playing Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings which sets the scene perfectly. ‘Sing along Mousey’ says Mistress as I bumble about doing what I need to do with Mistress’s very creased shirt hanging menacingly up in front of me. I finally get myself upstairs, change, return, kneel on the mat and await Mistress. Feeling wonderful dressed in my smart navy-blue skirt suit with the chastity belt not allowing Mistress’s property to fully enjoy the feeling. After a few minutes Mistress enters the room still dressed in normal clothes (but still looking fabulous) and inspects me kneeling in front her and instructs me to stand so she can inspect me further and gives me her approval. Now comes the test, can I iron Mistress’s shirt first time to a good standard? Mistress gives me the instructions on how she wants it done with the starch and leaves me to it. Just standing there dressed as a chastised smart sissy feels wonderful and remarkably on Mistress’s return it’s done and to her expected standard. I am then instructed to return to the kneeling mat and await the arrival of a strict suited Mistress. I kneel there with Mistress property trying to burst out of its steel tube (a subsequence of the hypnotic programming and nothing else honest). A few minutes later Mistress enters the room and looks the picture of power and elegance in her smart suit, beautifully ironed shirt (cheeky grin) and new blue silk tie. Mistress then informs me to stand and checks me over, adjusting my tie to her exacting standards and tells me to put on my shoes. In that usual way of me and my bumbling, whilst trying to put the second shoe on I lose my balance and almost crash to the ground.

    Once the shoes are on and I am upright, Mistress gets out her camera and tells me to recite my SHB mantra which is “I am a sissy Hypnobot. My duty is to serve, honour and obey my commander” I repeat this several times and once finished Mistress sends the video to a very expectant Hypnobot one. This may seem very odd but it is his approval that I seek the most. The smart immaculate presentation is his thing and to attain his standards as a usually scruffy mechanic is somewhat of an achievement and honour. Mistress has since informed me that HB1 was indeed pleased with what was presented to him.

    Next task was to shoot a video of Mistress for her strict smart suit fans. This was duly done and thank goodness for image stabiliser because I struggled to stand still in my heels. A good lesson to never take for granted Mistress stood in heels for hours! With that task complete (I’ve said it many times before watching Mistress do her pieces to camera unscripted is mesmerising) it was time to film another clip introducing Sissy Hypnobot. This again was difficult for me to stand completely still and I could feel myself swaying slightly.

    Once again, another brilliant piece to camera by Mistress informing the watchers of her power over her army of Hypnobot’s and drones. It was also great for me to stand there mindless with no thoughts whatsoever apart from listening for a command.

    With filming finished and me back in the room it was time to move on to a more familiar session for me. Mistress wielding her cane. I’m informed to go upstairs remove the SHB outfit (what a relief to get out of those heels) and return wearing just the steel chastity belt. With this done Mistress shoots a video of me wearing the belt for her only fans site (what better reason do you need than that to join?)

    Now for the fun bit. A very welcome caning from Mistress. Before the session Mistress had informed me that she would be drawing blood today and wouldn’t stop until she had. With my well-padded leathery backside, this is not an easy task for Mistress or me.

    All my caning is now done cold with no warm up. This is a testament to Mistress and her coaching to get me to be able to do take this. Mistress informs me that today it will be various canes in sets of 6.

    Mistress invites me to kneel on her whipping bench and because I am wearing the chastity belt it makes my bum cheeks more pronounced. Mistress decides that I don’t need strapping down today as I am a very willing victim. Mistress puts some music on a begins. Whack no fluffy start today and it leaves me breathless as always. I always struggle with the first 8. It seems that is how long it takes for my body and my head to adjust to the pain. I’m not saying the rest were easy but by stroke number eight I can start to cope better. With several sets of 6 completed Mistress changes cane and I am given more sets of 6. Mistress changing from 6 individual strokes to giving me 6 in quick succession. The six in quick succession becomes unbearable and then it’s over. Mistress then moves to the stingy whippy cane and even with a well-warmed bottom that thing hurts especially the 6 in a row. Mistress has been keeping count of how many sets I have been given and asks me how many it is several times over the period? Luckily, I got everyone correct. After around 20 sets of 6 Mistress with her laser-guided caning, accuracy produces the blood she is looking for and decides I can have another 2 sets of 6 just so the blood transfers onto the cane better. I would like to add as always in-between those 132 strokes there was some fun and laughing (I just can’t really remember what it was about). I must say being caned in the belt was a fun experience and it also meant I was safe from a post-orgasm caning.

    Once finished Mistress invites me to stand slowly and join her for a drink and a post-session chat. I am instructed to sit on the hard floor in front of Mistress’s throne so I can easily mop my blood up later and enjoy sitting on a freshly canned bottom. Mistress you are so kind and practical.

    As always, it’s lovely to have a chat about this and that with Mistress and as before I know it time is up. I clean the floor and the bench, go and redress. Return, put my stuff in the car, run an errand for Mistress and leave her to the rest of her busy day feeling just wonderful.

    I am always grateful to Mistress for our sessions but sometimes a session goes way beyond what you expect and even though I have written the above, I cannot put into words the emotional joy that this particular session brought me. I will quote Slave Taquin in a nice email he sent me enquiring after my session. “I also struggle to convey my emotions in words. There are very few readers who will ever be able to understand unless they are lucky enough to be one of Mistress’s slaves.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

  • Updates and a Message to Derek H….

    While I have been consciously aware of the fact that I am immensely behind in posting distance control journals and sessions write-ups, from my slaves, it has been brought to my attention and reminded me (with thanks to YOU,  Derek H, who also happened to drop Slave Taquin in the proverbial shit, when he told me about the messages he’d received on Twitter from you) that there are great fans of this website and the contained writings.  With that in mind, what will follow over the coming days, will be a thorough catch up of the missing entries.  However, since I’ve been too busy to post the updates because I like to include an introduction, I am even less likely to find the time to post them with introductions now as that will require reading over all the reports again, therefore I will be posting them as they are.  No introductions and no grammatical checks. I like to think that this will start me with a clean sheet so that I can continue in future, with posting my own comments in addition to the reports.  (Again, probably unlikely due to aforementioned busy schedule! – Are there any slaves out there with WordPress knowledge who would like to be my blog admin slave?)

    Derek H, you really should introduce yourself to me and not to my lowly slaves!  Afterall, were it not for me, they would have nothing to report.


  • Important Info Regarding Private, In-Person Sessions

    Please note that due to a change in my personal circumstances, as of Friday 20th October 2017, I will only be taking bookings for real-time sessions on a Mondays and Fridays.

    Availability between midday and 7 pm on Mondays and Midday to 9 pm on Fridays. 

    Before making a booking please ensure you are able to attend on either of these days.


  • Custom Clip Filming Day with TV Jessica Dee

    I am DEELIGHTED to announce that TV Sissy Slut Jessica Dee and I will be joining forces in a Bitch vs Brat filming extravaganza on Monday 9th October.  Ever wanted to direct your own custom fetish clip with a Superior, Experienced Dominatrix and a Submissive Sissy Slut Brat?  Now is your chance! £100 will buy you around 10-15 minutes of exclusive, just for you, content, where you call the shots (within limits).  Well, actually, I call the shots but you get a say in it ;)

    Custom content filming time is limited, so get your orders in ASAP.  You will receive a full HD 10-15 minute, exclusive custom fetish clip, tailored to your requests and fully edited.  Orders will be sent within 1 month (the best things come to those who wait) of filming via wetransfer.com, directly to your inbox.

    To order your clip, email me directly: MissDeelight@outlook.com with your name, and content requests.  Payment accepted through various, regular, methods.



  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – What the Fuck Happened?

    Slave Taquin has been good to me in recent weeks however I have also noted his errors.  The errors were all recorded in a document and I decided because I was feeling sadistic that day, that he was going to pay for his errors in this session.  I really did unleash my inner beast onto him and he left not knowing what the fuck had hit him.  Guess what? He still loves me ;)

    I left the HOD disorientated and shocked. I had just realised that this weeks session had been carefully planned to hurt, humiliate and punish me. Even the ‘good bits’ had been part of the overall plan to result in my eventual despair. The timing of such a session was perfectly planned. It happened when I least expected it. In my mind I had been such a good slave recently. I had contributed financially (in a small way) to both of Mistresses holidays, I had bought her gifts, I had delayed my session by a week in order to spend a day doing an urgent vanilla task for her and only the night before my session I had agreed to buy Mistress an expensive outfit that she had fallen in love with. Of course, my relationship with Mistress is not ‘transactional’. I wouldn’t want or expect a genuine sub domme relationship to work that way. It is a long term relationship where I have to accept and come to terms with whatever Mistress thinks is best for me, or happens to please her on a given day. As she reminded me yesterday, I need to learn to take the rough with the smooth. I can never know what comes next. I know from past experience that it won’t be long before I find myself referring to this weeks session as a positive experience. It is just that today it still hurts!

    I am writing this section of my blog 2 days after the session. You will tell from it that the events are still vivid and raw in my mind. But I should also say that Mistress has been looking after me ever since, building me back up piece by piece. She is a genuine, dominant and powerful Mistress and she cares for me in her unique and wonderful way. I love being her submissive slave. This weeks session was tough for me. As part of my ‘recovery’ from it I felt the need to write about it now as I know that it will be difficult for me.

    On parking close to the HOD I checked my phone to find that Mistress had left me a message. It was the sort of message that inevitably excites me. It was a set of clear instructions as to what I was to do on entering the HOD. There is little better than being ‘bossed about’ by Mistress as far as I am concerned. 10 minutes later I found myself naked (apart from my slave collar and chastity device), kneeling on the dungeon floor, facing the fireplace, head down with the items that I had bought with me laid out neatly in front of me. I had bought my key safe containing the key to the chastity device, Viagra, ‘The Vice’ chastity device and £210 cash for Mistress to buy her outfit. (The cash had been removed from the money I am saving up for another 12 months as Mistress Deelight’s slave – I will just have to work/save harder!).

    Mistress entered the room and immediately blindfolded me. She made me stand, take 2 steps back and sit on the hard wooden chair she had placed behind me. My arms and wrists were gaffer taped to the chair back. My thighs were then gently but firmly tied to the chair. I love the feeling of soft rope bindings and this combined with the moments when I felt Mistresses body lean in against mine ensured that her property grew and dribbled in its cage. Mistress then gaffer taped my ankles to the chair, made me swallow a Viagra, checked that I had no possible means of escape and left the room. Over the next hour Mistress occasionally returned to the room, chatted about the music she was playing me and treated me to the very occasional tantalising torment of her touch on my body. I was drifting gently into subspace when I heard Mistresses steps approaching once again. This time I could tell that she was wearing heels and therefore that my session proper was about to start. As always I had no idea what lay ahead. Mistress had talked earlier of ‘fun and games’ and ‘surprises’. Both comments had worried me as I always consider that my needs are quite basic and straightforward. Mistress has a history of pushing my boundaries to ensure that I am never too comfortable or complacent.

    The session started so well. Mistress teased and tormented my securely bound body with her hands and her body. Very quickly her Viagra fuelled property was trying to burst out of its stainless steel cage. But the cage stayed firmly in place.

    Mistress cut through the gaffer tape bindings on my wrists and replaced them with some cuffs. They felt light and soft, not like any other cuffs that I had experienced before. She then did the same with my ankles. I was told to open wide whilst Mistress tried to apply a gag, but this gags ball was too large for my mouth and so Mistress just applied it sitting on the outside of my mouth. I thought this was odd as she would normally get the smaller gag to make sure that it did its required job effectively. It was only as Mistress was applying a collar around my neck, that also felt soft and comfortable’ that I realised what was happening. I had seen a tweet from Mistress only a few days earlier that displayed a photo of a set of pink, light bondage items that I assumed would be used on the Sissies within her ever growing stable (or should that be Harem?). I muttered past the gag that I guessed that I now looked ‘pretty in pink’. Mistress didn’t reply. I heard her go upstairs and return a few minutes later. She lifted my arms in front of me and fitted a bra on me. Next, the bandage blindfold that had been obscuring my vision since the beginning of the session was replaced by a lightweight elasticated blindfold. And finally, I felt Mistress put a wig on my head. I should say at this point that wearing women’s clothes is not my ‘thing’ (in the same way that many chaps wouldn’t find anything remotely exciting about having their tackle locked in a stainless steel device – which is definitely one of my ‘things’). And neither is humiliation. And so when I felt Mistress sit on my lap, in a way that told me that she was taking a selfie of the two of us for online publication, and I heard the click of the photo being taken I was far from excited. But what happened next was even worse. Mistress removed my blindfold, stood in front of me and started to video me. Mistress made me say things that I didn’t want to say and made me feel terrible. I was mortified. I wondered if this was being done to punish me or was her way of playing to my Blackmail fetish. I still don’t know the answer to that question although I have concluded that it was the former rather than the latter. (If Mistress really wants to blackmail me she has already illustrated the fact that she can do all sorts of things that would scare me sufficiently to ensure my compliance without resorting to the ‘nuclear’ option).

    Once happy that she had completed her video Mistress began to tease me. It was lovely of course. It is one of the things that I enjoy most and Mistress is so good at it. I allowed the horrors of the humiliation and video to start to drift into the background as the sensations of touch, smell and vision (Mistress was wearing a fabulous black body suit and looked every past the magnificent woman that she is) filled my body and soul. After a little while Mistress sat on my lap facing away from me and started to read from her phone. It started ‘May the 15th. Today I sent an e mail to Princess without Mistresses permission’, or something similar. I really can’t remember the content but basically Mistress had stored up all of my confessional emails or blogs and was reading each one back to me. And as she concluded each confession (and there were lots of them) she would slap my legs, hard. I hate pain (how many times have you heard me say that) but I know that it is something that I have to endure. It is a true punishment for me in a relationship that I want to be 100% genuine. Today Mistress really hurt me. She slapped and slapped until I could not bear it any longer and then she pinched the area of sore skin before moving onto the next confession and the next part of my soft exposed flesh. In between each set of slaps, she would tease me with her body and her touch. She then stood in from of me and admonished me further whilst whipping my legs with a lightweight but effective tawse. And again in between each session of excruciating pain she teased me. By the time that she had finished I was shaking uncontrollably. Mistress slowly removed my bindings and teased me as she did it. I began to calm down and cheer up a bit as despite the pain I was desperately in need of an orgasm. The device had remained on until this point and so I so looked forward to it being removed for just a little while. Mistress looked me in the face and said ‘go upstairs and get dressed’. I looked back at her feeling totally shocked and confused. I asked if my session was really over. She repeated her instruction. I staggered to the bottom of the stairs disorientated by what had happened and the fact that I was going to be sent home without an orgasm. I had waited so long and suffered so much in the anticipation of this one kindness from Mistress. I looked back at Mistress as I was about to climb the stairs hoping that she would say ‘only joking’. Instead, she mocked me and told me to get on with it. 5 minutes later I heard Mistress laughing at me as I left the HOD still disorientated and confused by what had happened. I was in something of a state!

    Mistress has been kind to me since my session. She has shown genuine concern for my well being. I have subsequently found out that Mistress had become increasingly annoyed by some of my behaviours and had decided to ensure that I remembered her dissatisfaction. She also told me that my session happened to fall on a day when she was feeling particularly sadistic and that she had decided to enjoy the opportunity that my bad behaviour had offered up to her.

    This is what I have signed up to. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am picking myself up again and still consider myself to be the luckiest slave alive. I will just have to have better behaved in future.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Under Surveillance

    When I say, “Jump!” My pets say, “How high?”  When I say, “Install security cameras in your home so I can watch your every move”, my pets say, “Yes Mistress”.

    Why?  Because I am their Goddess and they dare not displease me.


    Under surveillance.

    I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about the new tools that Mistress now has in her arsenal, namely a security webcam in my workspace/man cave.
    This came about as always by Mistress planting a small seed in my brain and then letting me cultivate that said seed until I have purchased a security webcam and given Mistress uninterruptible access to it.

    It has now been in action for around 3 weeks and because it is a security camera you have no idea if it’s being monitored or not. Although messages like “you will get fat” as I was sitting there eating an ice cream might give it away. Or a picture or video sent via WhatsApp just to make you realize you really are that fat. What makes my mind whir the most is there may or may not have been many more times I have been watched and I have known nothing about it. This is the scenario that gets my juices flowing because I think deep down I am a bit of an exhibitionist. Earlier in the year, I was having a session with Mistress and once I was firmly tied to a chair Mistress announced that someone was visiting. Mistress paused for long enough for my mind to race as to whom that might be, until finally telling me it was another slave that was coming to present something. Now of course if Mistress didn’t know me well then this would not have happened but the actual feeling of someone you have never met seeing you in such a position turned me on immensely. This now applies to the security camera. I doubt Mistress will show it to anyone else but if she does it will be someone she trusts and she will also know that in turn, it will make me very aroused if she ever tells me.

    In addition to the above a few days later I was sat at my pc when the TeamViewer box appeared on my screen and with that the screen went black, when this happens I just walk away. However, about 5 minutes later I got an unexpected phone call from Mistress. Whatever she had been doing my antivirus software had overridden TeamViewer and shut down her access. Mistress informed me to cancel the antivirus scan and leave her to it. I did as instructed and a while later I had access returned to me. Mistress was on my pc for quite some time but I had been through everything I have access to (having lost admin rights a long time ago) and I cannot find anything new installed. This may be paranoia but I now think Mistress is watching my every move when I am at my pc. The antivirus was blocking a malware program and when I ran a scan after Mistress had finished there was nothing there. No sign of anything in the installed programs. I accept I am not that techie but I can usually root things out. What I did find was a list of allowed .exe files in my antivirus program. I go and try to block these but find Mistress has now placed a password on it and has in effect taken over my antivirus software. I have had this software for years and it has worked very well but I had no idea you could password protect it. As always Mistress being the Tech Goddess that she is found it very quickly.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks and after Mistress had returned from her first holiday I receive a message asking me if I enjoyed my ‘Spag bol?’ I reply a little lost and receive a reply that makes me jump slightly. A video from the security cam (recorded whilst Mistress was away) of me eating a Chinese takeaway with a mate. Since then Mistress has sent me random pictures of me and even sent me a message a couple of days ago to disagree with a conversation I was having. However, the winner so far was a picture Mistress sent me of what I was looking at on my pc at that moment. It appears she now has real time access of what I am doing on my pc at any time. Mistress has informed me that she has installed spyware on my pc and is using me as a Guinea pig to learn all about it. She also told me that if my antivirus wasn’t so sensitive she would have never shown her hand.

    Mistress also caught me completely by surprise whilst being on her second holiday. I have been conversing daily with Slave Taquin whilst Mistress has been on both holidays. We have been giving each other a bit of support and help with the neediness that comes about when you miss the contact with Mistress. Unfortunately, Taquin was suffering quite badly one day and I was writing a very understanding email in return and sharing some tips about how I deal with my neediness without bothering Mistress. Once I had finished and sent the email there was another email in the conversation just below the one I had just sent. This email was not written in a very understanding way and it was telling Taquin how I had been talking with Mistress, how he was going to be in Mistress’s bad books and that I was fine because I had been looking after him. I looked at the email and had a massive flap because I couldn’t for a moment work out how this had been sent. This was explained when I picked up my phone to discover Mistress had accessed my phone and sent the email as me to Tarquin. Worse still I got a reply about 10 minutes later from Taquin asking why I would send such an email and then send an understanding one a bit later. During this time, I received a text from Mistress to say she had a few moments and decided to terrorize her pets. This was duly achieved and I also reported that Tarquin was very confused about the emails. What I didn’t know at that time was that Tarquin’s reply was also from Mistress and she was playing us against each other. I didn’t know this until a few hours later when Tarquin (I think) emailed me to say Mistress had locked him out of his email account on his phone and he didn’t know what had happened until he could get to his laptop. I also learned that Mistress had read our entire email conversation. This was made very apparent to me when Mistress very kindly sent me a smoking JOI clip with her teasing the viewer. She sent this because my email to Taquin told of how I watch one of Mistress’s clips when I feel needy but never a JOI clip unless I’m feeling masochistic. I also wrote in an email of how much Twitter access I had on my phone (my only Twitter access. I have not been permitted any Twitter access on my pc for a few months) on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday have been a whole minute for a few weeks. This has now changed to roughly about a minute every day, although I have now found a way around it and will have to confess this. Probably right after Mistress has read this!

    What I have learned from all this is I like being watched. Opening yourself up warts and all to someone is scary but also very arousing. It is a very love hate relationship but sometimes I completely forget about the camera and that gives Mistress complete unedited access to me.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Real Fear

    If you even make the slightest suggestion that you want to experience real fear, you can guarantee that I am going to make the hairs on your arms stand up like the quills of a threatened porcupine.   You’ll go to bed sweating, you’ll be watching your back and you’ll be fearing every single ping of your phone notifications.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Be careful what you wish for!

    Another week without Mistress has started. She came back from her previous holiday, scared the living daylights out of me, and then headed off for a well-earned break with her family.

    I sent Mistress my blogs for the previous 2 weeks on a Sunday morning and then didn’t hear from her for the rest of the day. I was not at all surprised by this as I knew that she had a lot of catching up to do before setting off once again. I also knew that Mistress was departing the following morning and therefore it was likely that I might not hear from her for another week. For the first time in our relationship, I was actually relieved by the prospect of a quiet week. My experiences a few days earlier when Mistress had hacked into my vanilla Facebook page and posed as me and posted messages and pictures had shaken me. I felt that I had got away with it this time having bluffed my way through the inevitable questions from those who know me well. I was terrified by the prospect of another ‘innocent’ post being made. But it was more than that. I sensed that Mistress was going to embrace this whole new opportunity to torment me that had resulted from the note I had drafted on the subject of Blackmail (I think I referred to it as consensual bullying in my draft!). I even discovered that Mistress had been discussing my fate with my vanilla lady friend. I didn’t ask her the nature of the exchange. She would never tell me anyway.

    In actual fact I awoke on Monday morning to find that Mistress had sent me a late night message that informed me that she would have her phone and laptop with her this time and that I was required to suggest some possible dates for my next session. She also enquired which device I was in and wanted to know why I had troubled my VLF with holding the lock up pictures whilst she had been away (I was instructed to email them to Mistress in future). I still feel very reluctant to do this however as I don’t want to interrupt Mistresses well earned break in any way. I quickly looked at my calendar, identified some possible dates soon after her return from holiday and sent them to Mistress. I also took the opportunity to swap devices. I wanted to try The Vice once again. I had been too ambitious (trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot – lol!) with it previously and had become rather sore. I now felt that my skin had recovered. I had also taken the opportunity to make some minor changes to the device. I put it on. I took a photo of the plastic lock that now secured the device and waited for Mistress to reply about my next session. I had decided that I would send my lock up picture to Mistress at the same time as thanking her for the opportunity to come to the HOD once again when we confirmed a date.

    My experience of The Vice on that Monday night was a largely positive one. Having adopted a slightly less restrictive set of components I was pleased to find that I was actually able to pee when I inevitably woke in the early hours. I went back to bed with a view of returning to sleep for a couple of hours before the alarm sounded. It wasn’t to be however. I found myself beset by an erection that just wouldn’t go away. I suspect that it is the effect of the pressure being applied by the anti pull out a component of The Vice. Or maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t get Mistress out of my mind. The last time I had been at the HOD Mistress had tied my wrists behind my back with a silk scarf. It felt sublime. It was that memory that ensured that sleep was impossible.

    Tuesday was a difficult day for me. I had a fairly relaxed day from a work perspective and so I spent most of it checking my phone in case Mistress had replied to my suggested session dates (I think that knowing that Mistress might contact me is so much more difficult to cope with than knowing that she won’t) and a fair bit of time on Twitter as my time allowance appeared to be pretty generous. I just felt super needy all day. But that is how I should feel whilst my Mistress is away. That might explain why I did what I did. I think the best way to summarise what I did is to show you a copy of the email I sent to Mousey on Wednesday morning.

    Good morning Mousey
    A difficult time yesterday, last night and this morning.
    V needy yesterday.
    Bought Mistress R’eal a couple of gifts to thank her for her Twitter posts without asking Mistresses permission. (I won’t send her such a request whilst away).
    Got worried by vanilla friends appearing on fetish Facebook again. Deleted account.
    Still didn’t send Mistress my lock up photo from a couple of days ago despite being told to email it to her if i wanted. Mistress told me to do that rather than bother my vanilla friend. (I can’t bring myself to send it to Mistress whilst she is on holiday).
    Got an erection that wouldn’t go away at 3am this morning, and removed the device!
    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
    Will lock up again this morning (using a different anti pull out component) and confess all in my blog.
    I jolly well hope that you are faring better than me!

    After sending my email to Mousey I left home and went to work in a customer’s house. I hadn’t been there long when my phone pinged with a notification that I had signed into my Google account from a Samsung S7 (which is what I have). I assumed it was checking because I was now in a different location. A couple of minutes later I received another similar notification. I thought maybe it was because I had been changing settings on Facebook prior to deleting my accounts. And then it did it again. This time I started to worry. Could it be Mistress? Surely not, she was after all on Holiday. One more notification about someone signing into my Gmail and I cracked. I sent Mistress a text and asked if it was her. Her reply set my heart racing. She had seen that I had been communicating with Mistress R’eal and was interested to know why. She also told me that she had read all of my communications with Mousey! I thought back to my series of confessions in this morning’s email and shuddered. Would she understand my plight or would she just be pleased that she now had another good reason to punish me? My phone pinged to tell me I had received a Gmail. I went to the app only to find that Mistress had blocked Gmail on my phone. I went to Twitter, but that was blocked, I went to Google to find that blocked also. And as I worked on in my customers house, isolated as I was from my fetish world, my phone pinged away merrily reporting further Gmails had been received.
    It was only when I got home that I was able to boot up my PC to access my Gmail account to find out what I had missed. The first Gmail I read horrified me. It was Mousey’s reply to my morning confessional. It read:

    Good morning

    I have just spoken to Mistress and she said you have been naughty. I just thought I would give you the heads up that she is going to be on the warpath when she returns. That thought makes me squirm but I’m in her good books because I’ve been looking after you. I’ve also decided that I won’t make a point of leaving things lying around on my computer because I wouldn’t like to feeĺ her wràth or risk being exposed. Shudders. Though if I know Mistress I think she probably sees a lot more than she let’s on.

    It seemed that I was in real trouble! Mousey and I then exchanged several further Gmails during which we both realised that Mistress had posed as each of us on each other’s accounts! Mousey never wrote ‘his’ reply above. (His actual reply to me was kind, considerate and supportive). And indeed one of ‘my’ replies to Mousey wasn’t me at all. Mistress must have been having so much fun as we descended into our personal turmoil’s.

    Later that day I did indeed send my latest lock up picture to Mistress and we agreed a date for my next session early the following week. I am hoping very much that my deviations from the path of true servitude might have been forgiven by then.

    I did receive one message from Mistress that appeared totally innocent but actually made me shudder and wonder, in that order.

    Shudder – Mistress asked whether or not I had orgasmed after removing the device the previous night. It was asked so innocently. But it was a much bigger deal than the simple question suggested. It really is the ultimate ‘golden rule’. A slave does not orgasm unless given permission. (The other golden rule is to always tell the truth regardless of the consequences). I answered truthfully that I had not. It made me shudder because I knew that, if I had provided myself an orgasm, Mistress would have punished me terribly.

    Wonder – I had told Mistress that I was going away for a long weekend. Mistress asked if I was going to remain locked. It was a question so out of character for Mistress. It was after all Mistress who insisted that I remained locked during the most difficult of circumstance whilst away for weekends with my friends. I have been forced to devise coping strategies for such times and am now never unlocked except for when I am bound and helpless at the HOD or as a result of medical necessity. It made me uneasy therefore to be asked whether or not I intended to remain locked. Since when has it been my choice? I replied that I would remain locked unless I ran into a genuine (soreness / potential injury) problem with The Vice. It was, I am sure, the right answer.

    I awoke on Thursday still successfully locked in The Vice. It had at times been a challenging night as the device seems to torment me (without injury) in a way that no other device ever has. I had remained locked as a result of sending Mistress my lock up picture. It stopped the gremlin on my shoulder from telling me in the early hours that I should release myself ‘because Mistress will never know’. I turned on my phone to find that Mistress had sent me a Whatsapp instructing me to describe a dream that I had told her that I had had a couple of nights earlier. I did as instructed and got on with my day. I received a text later telling me to take off The Vice and replace it with the Uberkinky device. I was actually a little relieved as I knew that there was a risk of not being able to cope with The Vice whilst I was away and that this change would prevent another ‘fail’ on my part. She really is a very wise Mistress. I changed devices, using the smallest back ring that I can squeeze into and this time locked the device with the metal padlock that Mistress had given me when I was at the HOD several weeks earlier. I did hear myself take a breath as I clicked it shut. It is so final and inescapable with a metal lock. Mistresses property responded to the situation as would be expected. I put the key safe into the car in case of emergencies. (I knew it would have to be a genuine emergency for Mistress to ever give me the code to it allowing me access to the spare key!)

    I awoke on Friday morning feeling just a little sorry for myself. I thought that today Mistress was back at home following her holiday. This morning however I had to set off for a family weekend away. It was the way that the last few weeks had gone. Me away, Mistress away, Me away, Mistress away etc etc. The other thing that had unsettled me a bit was the fact that I had agreed to do some DIY for Mistress. To be absolutely clear about this; I want to help Mistress. I would feel jealous if I knew she had asked someone else. It gives me pleasure. My problem is that I always feel rather vanilla when discussing or carrying out such tasks. This is not how I ever expect or want to feel where Mistress is concerned! It is also difficult to find the time / ‘home excuse’ to work for Mistress. Due to the urgency of the task and my own circumstances I had chosen to do it on the morning of my session. My fear was that I might struggle to find my inner ‘Slave Taquin’ when it was required later in the day.

    Although I thought that Mistress was back home I wasn’t sure if I was meant to be sending her a morning text, and so I didn’t. Twitter was blocked to me. I had deleted my Facebook profiles a couple of days earlier and so I wrote this blog and got on with my preparations for the family weekend ahead.

    Note: I have just reminded myself that I have had a good deal of contact with Mistress over the last few days, am bound to have a fair bit of contact over the weekend and that I will be spending almost a whole day with Mistress next week. I am such a lucky slave. I have mentally slapped myself accordingly!

    Saturday turned into one of those days where I assess my situation. I get them from time to time. Sometimes it is to remind myself of how lucky I am. Sometimes it is to consider if my servitude is genuine. Sometimes it is to try to think of a way out! Today’s assessment was triggered by Mistress posing as me once again on my vanilla Facebook page. It had sent me into a real spin a week earlier and I had hoped that Mistress would provide me some respite from difficult questions from my Facebook friends. Today’s post was targeted directly at me. It made a clever, but disguised, reference to my new Facebook password. I had put a new password on my account as I had forgotten my old one (it always auto logs in from my home PC). I did tell Mistress that I was going to change it and made no effort to create something that Mistress would find difficult to crack. (I did think about making it impossible for her to work out but realised that she could extract it from me very easily and that the consequences would be most unpleasant). But on Saturday she obviously took great pleasure in illustrating to me that she had already found my new password. Her post resulted in me being asked about it by a close friend. I felt most uncomfortable once again. I wondered if there was any way that I could prevent my current perilous situation from descending into a world of pain for me. I thought about everything that Mistress knows about me, I thought about the fact that my servitude helps to pay her bills (and therefore that she is not likely to let me go), I thought about how much I love being her slave, I thought about the fact that there is a stainless steel cage locked around my privates by a padlock to which only Mistress can provide access and most of all I thought about that unsent email on the subject of femdom bullying and blackmail that Mistress had discovered on my laptop. The outcome of my assessment? I am in a lot of trouble and have no realistic way out. Yes that did make me very horny, yes I found myself dribbling uncontrollably in my cage, yes I did find myself looking at a picture of Mistress and feeling like she was the most wonderful woman in the world. But also I felt a real fear and worry for the situation I find myself in. Today I can hardly think straight. Mistress has so (too?) much power over me now.

    Later that evening I received a WhatsApp. It said ‘so now you have had a taste of what REAL FEAR feels like’. The most frightening thing about it for me is how ridiculously horny it made me feel, fuelled as it was by my total dependence on Mistress.


  • The @gratefulpain Narrow Spanking Paddle – Clip

    The other day I blogged about the paddle I was testing out on behalf of gratefulpain.co.uk

    Since then the narrow spanking paddle has been used in a few sessions to great effect.  What I like about the paddle is that it is firm, robust and creates the perfect rosy bottom! The quality of this paddle is excellent.  Far superior to others I have tried.  What’s more is that it stings! Watch the clip below to see it in action and watch my slave buck under the impact!

    Warning: Contains sensitive material.  Personal discretion advised.


    Shop here http://gratefulpain.co.uk/shop/hand-crafted-narrow-bdsm-spanking-paddle/

    Don’t forget to show your appreciation for the collaboration between Gratefulpain and Miss Deelight by following @gratefulpain and @miss_deelight on twitter.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Hacked and Blackmailed

    Hacked and Blackmailed

    Poor Slave Taquin had been missing his Mistress while I was on holiday.  It just goes to show that when you have me in your life, you will notice a great big gap during my absence.

    I knew how much he had missed me so I decided to log into his computer to find out what he had been up to. Of course I have parental control software on it but that doesn’t show all the other stuff that a computer is capable of.  So I browsed his files and found a very interesting word document.  A draft email that he had written and probably decided not to send to me.  I made use of the information within it to a mind blowing degree.

    This is my second blog during Mistresses absence. So far I have been coping pretty well I think. I have been supported in this by my vanilla lady friend who has kindly taken the responsibility of holding my chastity device lock up photos until Mistresses return and by Mousey with whom I have been exchanging daily emails.

    It is Monday morning and I am suffering from something of an empty feeling. I have sent my morning e mail to Mousey in which I noted that we were now on the home stretch. Having sent, what I hope was a pretty upbeat email, I suddenly feel rather down. Emotions are such a strange thing. I have a busy day ahead of me. I think I will go and immerse myself in that before I descend into a pit of self-pity!

    I awoke on Tuesday morning hopeful that, today, I would feel a bit more upbeat. And Mistress ensured that I did. In the morning she posted a compilation of holiday pictures thanking her slaves for contributing towards it. It was just what I needed. Following an exchange of emails with Mousey, I got on with my day. Later that day Mistress tweeted twice from her holiday in the Lake District. Today it felt like Mistress was starting to think about her return to her slaves. That made me happy. Mistress has allowed me free Twitter and Internet access during the latter part of her absence. I really appreciate that. It does help me to cope. I know that I spend too long on it and that sometimes it stimulates thoughts and ideas that, if acted upon, I might later regret (more of this later!) but it does help the time go by.

    Wednesday – Mistress returns today. Hurrah! I knew full well how my day would go. I would be thinking of Mistress all day whilst just wondering if she might message me once she got home. But knowing full well that that would not happen until Thursday or possibly even Friday. I knew this because this is precisely what Mistress had told me. But still, it didn’t stop me from checking my phone continuously as the day went on. I did suffer one disappointment early on in the day. In my morning exchange of emails with Mousey, she reminded me that Mistress departs on phase 2 of her summer holidays on Monday. I had forgotten all about this! Most disappointing for me was the fact that I was going to ask Mistress for a session on Tuesday. Dohhh! I started to think about how I would cope. I will, of course, manage somehow.

    It was at about 9 pm that I took the opportunity to look at Twitter one last time. I was met with a Qustodio blue screen telling me that my daily allowance had expired. I went to Google and discovered that access was denied to that also.

    I went to bed soon after, happy in the knowledge that, in her own unique and caring way, Mistress had returned and was thinking of me.

    I awoke on Thursday to see that Mistress had posted an ‘I’m back’ picture on her slaves Facebook page. She looked relaxed and radiant. It was a good start to the day. I ‘liked’ it (well actually I ‘loved’ it as I was feeling a bit soppy at the time) and made a comment, but I didn’t send Mistress a morning text. I had told her that, once she had returned from holiday, I would not contact her until she contacted me. And so instead I wrote this blog instead.

    Friday is when things changed. I almost said ‘went wrong’ but as I write this (on Saturday morning) I really don’t know how I feel. In truth, I am feeling a huge range of emotions. I feel the excitement, I feel fear, I feel horny, I feel elated, I feel so so scared, I feel so many things. And it is making me shake, just a little, as I write this.

    Please bear with me as I recount the tale. On Friday morning I went to my home, totally vanilla, PC. I opened up emails, I opened up Twitter and I opened up Facebook. I spotted that I had received 3 Facebook notifications during the night. This surprised me. I hardly ever receive any notifications. I am not an active vanilla Facebook user (the last time I posted anything was about a year ago). I clicked on the notification icon and saw that I had received 2 ‘likes’ for my post and 1 ‘like’. For the picture, I had posted. ???? But I knew that ‘I’ hadn’t posted anything. I clicked on the link to the post in question and the adrenaline started to course through my veins. There it was, a post from ‘me’ talking about my hobby. It was instantly obvious to me that Mistress had hacked into my vanilla Facebook account and was pretending to be me. That in itself would be enough to send any distance control slave into a panic (Mistress had never done this to me before) but I realised that it was worse than this. Far, Far Worse.

    I will explain…. Two days earlier I had started to compose a potential email to Mistress. I say ‘potential’ because I most certainly hadn’t decided whether or not I would ever be brave enough to send it. It is what I do. Sometimes if something is on my mind I write it down. But I know that I am sometimes too impulsive and so I make a conscious effort to write it, think about it, amend it and then either send or delete. In the void that had been left in my life by Mistress being away on holiday (and because Mistress had been kind enough to leave Twitter and the internet open to me for most of that time), I had spent far too much time fantasising about what for me might be the ultimate submission. By this, I am talking about Femdom Blackmail. I had for some time been drawn to the concept of being genuinely blackmailed. The first step, of course, has to be consensual in the sense of giving enough information in order to be at genuine risk but after that, I was incredibly turned on by the concept of a no limits agreement with someone who would show me no mercy. I will say at this point that I have no desire to see my current vanilla relationships damaged in any way and I have no desire to be left penniless and living in debt. This, therefore, makes me a perfect victim! The potential email that I had composed was to Mistress and raised the possibility of her taking me to this next stage in my submission to her. But the concept terrified me. This is serious stuff and my past experiences tell me that Mistress is not only capable of doing anything that she chooses to do but that it always far exceeds what I might ever have originally have thought. Two examples from my early days of knowing Mistress would be:

    a) The day that I wrote to her and asked her to lock me in chastity. Here I am today writing this blog still locked securely in a steel cage some 2 and a half years on from that day.
    b) The day that I wrote to Mistress and told her that I fantasised about escaping my bindings whilst she was out of the room during a session resulting in her coming back in and torturing me with nipple clamps as a punishment. To this day I remember my cries of panic and pain as she taught me the lesson of my life. From that point on I have feared (and therefore loved) Mistress as the dominant life force that she is.

    I knew therefore that asking her to Blackmail me was a one-way street, potentially to hell.

    I had deliberately written the piece that I was thinking about sending in Microsoft Word. I did it on my ‘fetish’ PC but hid the saved document in amongst all of my blog files. Within the piece, I used an example of an online Domme bullying her slave into submission by hijacking his vanilla Facebook page and making, seemingly innocent posts, on his behalf.

    Therefore on that fateful Friday morning, I knew instantly that Mistress had found my potential email. I was terrified!

    I thought back to the document that she must have read. It was in its raw state. It was devoid of any caveats or softening of corners. It talked of total domination through genuine Blackmail. It talked of slaves being bullied into submission by a ruthless Mistress. It talked about my desire for a ‘no way out’ agreement that I might never be released from. I was horrified at what Mistress had found. I could not imagine a situation where I would ever have actually sent it to her in its current form. It was just too honest and just too dangerous.

    I looked at the Facebook page in front of me on my home PC. I looked at the ‘post’ that Mistress had made in my name and started to think of how I might explain it to my friends. Whilst it was ‘on subject’ the way that it was worded was not something that I would ever have penned. (My closest friend asked me today if I was ‘tripping’ when I posted it.). I sat and watched my screen as more people ‘liked’ the post. And whilst I saw more and more people like the post, or reply to it I realised that I was now trapped by the word document that Mistress had discovered.

    Since then I have been away camping. Mistress has continued to tighten the knot by confirming the perilous situation that I find myself in. One text, that told me about how easy it would be for her to accidentally expose me, concluded with the chilling phrase ‘you’ve opened up a big can of worms’.

    And finally, I have returned home from my weekend away to find that Mistress has replied to a couple of my Facebook friends who had commented on ‘my’ post a couple of days ago. I have so far managed to bluff my way through the comments I have received from those people who know me well enough to question ‘my’ post a couple of days ago. I am however feeling very uncomfortable about the perilous position I now find myself in and am particularly nervous about what might come next. I fear that I might have released a particularly wicked genie from its bottle. This time I might have bitten off wayyyy more than I can chew!

    You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

  • Testing the Humbler and Paddle from @GratefulPain

    A few emails ago, GratefulPain.Co.UK  contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them to promote their wonderfully hand crafted BDSM implements.  Of course, I said, “Yes!” and agreed to be a tester and reviewer of their products.  The day after I gave my address,  I received a parcel from them.  I opened it today to discover a lovely hand crafted humbler and a wooden paddle.  My first thoughts were “These are really well made but the paddle doesn’t look too destructive”.  I was right about the quality of the goods but I was wrong about the damage the paddle could do!

    Normally I would wait for a session to try these items out, however I suggested to my lovely Boyfriend that we test theM together.  He was reluctant as he prefers to give the pain rather than receive it, but after a bit of gentle persuasion (teasing) from me, he  agreed to participate in the experiment.  The humbler was quite tricky to put on initially.  Most humblers have their own unique way of being applied.  After a couple of trial and error attempts we succeeded in applying the device without the fear of castrating him! (note to grateful pain, I would suggest for those less experienced that you include instructions with this device).  Once the device was in place, nom nom! Balls were looking very juicy indeed and I felt it only appropriate to nibble at them as sensitive as they were ;)  I didn’t go so far as hurting my other half but were he one of my slaves, even the slightest slap would have made him drop to his knees.  They will add some sadistic fun to my future sessions and I will post back here as I introduce my submissive boys to them.

    The next item, the paddle was intense.  I gently tapped my other halfs bottom with it and he flinched to the other side of the sofa! I told him he was being a baby so he offered to return the favour.  Of course, I agreed and OMG, a gentle tap was really all it took to make me wince!   2 Gentle whacks each and we both have reddened bottoms.  I simply cannot wait to bring this into a session and use it at full force!   The paddle is smooth and beautifully carved.  It looks too pretty to be painful but it is most definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Reasons to Visit #17 – Homewrecker or Home Saviour?

    Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t understand your needs.  You do everything for her but she never gives back.  She won’t even entertain your desires let alone have the understanding to really fulfill them and that leaves a great big hole in your sexual being.  You know what you want, you know what you need and guess what? So do I.  In fact I know you better than anyone, even than yourself.  I know my power, I know my intelligence, and I know my sex appeal.  I use all of that knowledge to dominate and control you.  To hook you in and to keep you coming back.  You love your wife, I get it.  You don’t want to leave her but it simply isn’t fair that you should go through life being miserable without your needs being met.  She is selfish, but so am I.  I won’t put out either but I’ll do it in such a way that you will never want me to do so because you are just overwhelmed by my stunning sexuality and that is enough for you.

    You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – No Safe Place

    I find it amusing when a slave tries to be funny.  I find it even more amusing when I already have plans in store for that slave and have the added ability to physically watch over his reactions as I instill fear and adrenaline into him.  The poor little sausage that is slave Taquin, so often the guinea pig for my experimentation, felt every single emotion I wanted him to feel during the week the following report was written!

    Sunday was a difficult day. So difficult in fact that I don’t want to dwell on it too much here. You will have seen already the cause of my distress. It was the blog that I wrote last week concerning my last session (the shopping trip). In hindsight it was a misjudgment on my part to write it as I did. I was trying to be amusing in the way that I told the tale but all I achieved was to make Mistress angry and upset at me. This became very clear to me soon after I had sent her the blog. I have been exchanging texts with Mistress each day, and normally several times a day, for nearly 3 years now. As Mistress knows me to the depths of my fetish soul I too know her pretty well now. She was very angry with me. There was a tone to her texts that I don’t think I had ever experienced before. This actually came as a huge shock to me. I had hoped that I had told the story in a fun way. But in hindsight I realised that I had gone too far. I had not been respectful of Mistress.

    I have to say that I was quite distraught. I get great pleasure from pleasing Mistress. To know that I had upset her was just awful. Yes my fetish world went black, as Mistress disabled every app on my phone apart from messaging, but I didn’t care about that. It was my relationship with Mistress that I cared about. After about 3 hours I sent Mistress a text. It was a ‘heart on my sleeve’ moment. I wanted her to know how terrible I felt for the way that I had made her feel. We exchanged texts for a short while and then she replied to say that she was ‘a natural sadist who likes to have a good reason to punish me’. This was a small ray of sunshine as far as I was concerned. Our conversation was moving away from the emotional responses that I had caused back towards a fetish relationship. Later in the day she sent me a screen shot of the Twitter questionnaire that she had posted asking her audience how long that I should remain in fetish exile. The response had been to recommend the longest ‘sentence’ of 2 weeks. It’s good to know that Mistresses followers enjoy my punishment and pain as much as Mistress does! (and thank you to those kind souls who voted for a shorter sentence).

    And while all of this was going on I had followed up on two outstanding actions that I had to complete. I had fitted and commissioned the security cameras in my workshops and started to wear ‘The Vice’ chastity device. I say started to wear as it has a multitude of possible sizes as far as ring size, gap between ring and cage and anti pullout sizes to chose from.

    On Monday I awoke to find my fetish access restored (although with strict time limits applied). In her morning text Mistress informed me that she required ‘private’ access to my phone. I was to leave it in the workshop whilst I took the dog for her morning work. Mistress can take over my phone using TeamViewer at any time. I could not help but wonder why she wanted it today. I did as instructed and placed the phone on my work bench. As I did so I couldn’t help but wonder if Mistress was watching me through the security cameras. I guess I will always have that question in my mind from now on. I took the dog for her walk wondering all the while what was being done to my phone in my absence. 30 minutes later I returned to the workshop and picked up my phone. I opened it up to find that it was a screen that I didn’t recognise. I assumed that Mistress had completed her changes and that I just needed to return it to the home screen. As my finger moved towards the screen to do so I heard Mistress say in stern and commanding manner ‘leave the phone alone slave. I haven’t finished yet’. I put it back down on the bench as if it had suddenly become red hot. Shit! And I nearly did! It was only then that it first dawned on me what I had let myself in for having cameras in my workshop. In the past when Mistress has snooped on me through my pc camera it has been quite different. This is because I always experienced an anxiety that someone might come into the workshop whilst it was happening and therefore I always had an eye on the door ready to tell Mistress if someone approached. Mistress was herself very respectful of this risk also. But now it is completely different. Mistress knows better than I do whether or not I am alone in the workshop and, as one of the cameras points directly at the entrance door which has a glass panel in it, whether someone approaches it. She is now totally in control of what she might require of me whilst I am alone in my workshop. It is a whole new level of vulnerability.

    It wasn’t until sometime later that I dared to pick the phone up again. This time it had been returned to the home screen. I searched and I flicked, I scrolled and I clicked, but could still not find what had been worth Mistress spending over an hour of her valuable time doing. Time will tell I am sure.

    This week is the when Mistress went away on holiday. It will be over a week until she returns to her slaves. Her intention is to leave her ‘fetish phone’ at home. I think that that is absolutely the right thing for her to do and hope that she has a fabulous and relaxing time. But I will miss her terribly.

    Mistress has given me two instructions for whilst she is away:
    1) Remain locked in chastity for the duration (unless I risk causing physical harm to myself)
    2) Keep a note of feelings and thoughts whilst Mistress is away. (This blog is going to do precisely that.)

    Thursday – This will be the first day in years where I have not exchanged texts with Mistress. I am missing her already! I awoke to find that she had left a lovely ‘thank you’ note on Twitter for me for the money that I had sent her for a nice meal whilst she was away. That was nice. I have had to remove the new chastity device (The Vice) because it was causing some chafing around the area of the back ring hinge. I think that this was largely due to me trying to cope with a ring that was too small for me. It has allowed the demons to start talking to me however. They are whispering two things in my ear currently. Firstly…. ‘go and have a wank. No one will ever know.’ And secondly ‘leave the device off until the day of Mistresses return. Why suffer the discomfort whilst she is away’. I hate this. I don’t like having to cope with such temptations on my own. And so I have a plan. As soon as my soreness has gone I will lock myself up again with a numbered lock and whatsapp a picture to Mistresses fetish phone. She won’t see it until her return, but once I have sent it I will be committed to the cage.

    And then my lock up plan went wrong. I saw a post in the slave group Facebook page from Mistress that was posted by her whilst on holiday. It seemed that she had taken the fetish phone with her after all. Part of me was glad (as it made it seem that she wasn’t quite as far away) and part of me was disappointed (as I think having a total break from slaves like me was a good idea). It also left me with a dilemma as far as what to do with a lock up picture. I certainly wasn’t going to send such a thing to her whilst she was on Holiday. Later that day as I locked up once again (this time with a slightly larger ring) I considered what I should do. I find being locked without having sent Mistress proof a pointless exercise. I could remove the device at any time and no one would ever know. I don’t want to be responsible for my own good behaviour. In all honesty I am not sure that I can be trusted! The moment that the picture of the device, properly secured by a numbered lock, is sent everything changes. I am then under the control of my Mistress, and I feel totally different.

    It was at this point that an alternative plan came to mind. I sent a WhatsApp to my vanilla lady friend and asked if she would mind if I sent her the picture instead. I certainly wasn’t asking her to replace Mistress in any way (I felt that would be asking far too much) but I suggested that she should wait until the following Thurs before sending Mistress the lock up picture or just the lock number. I knew that by doing this I would be committing myself without bothering Mistress whilst on holiday. I should say here that my VLF is just that, a very good friend who enjoys hearing about my servitude to Mistress. Whilst I have always known that she would make a wonderful domme, I am not sure that she would ever fully step over that line into the full time world of Mistress. But she gets it. She has read most of my blogs and knows all about the fetish life that I lead. I did worry however that I might be asking too much of our friendship. A little while later I received a very clear and unequivocal reply. It came as the first of a short series of messages in fact. The gist was something like this:

    ‘Don’t you dare send any such photo to Mistress whilst she is on holiday’
    ‘send me your lock up picture immediately’
    Which I then did….
    ‘also send me proof that you cannot escape from the device’
    Which I then did….
    ‘what lovely clean shaven balls you have’
    ‘you will be severely punished if you release yourself whilst Mistress is away’
    ‘Mistress would torture your balls’
    ‘you’d better stay well and truly locked then…….’

    As you will gather from the above, I got far more than I had bargained for! I seemed that my VLF was enjoying the task that I had asked of her. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that it actually made me as horny as hell! I knew at that point that I was trapped and sexually controlled once again. And although my VLF was playing a pivotal role in this we both understood that all she was doing was ensuring that I stayed under the direct control of Mistress in her absence. I knew that anything that now happened during Mistresses absence would be reported to her.

    I went to bed that night wearing The Vice. I was a little doubtful if I would survive the whole night in it (I hadn’t done so up until now) but was hopeful that the slightly larger back ring would make it possible. As it turned out I coped without difficulty until 2am. I woke to find Mistresses property throbbing inside its plastic cage. But it was more than that. The point of difference of The Vice is that it has an additional element that locks around the cage that pushes two plastic sections into the base of Mistresses property to prevent any opportunity of escape (pull out). As Mistresses property throbbed I could feel these two sections applying pressure also. I got up and headed for the bathroom. I knew that I needed a pee and I also knew from past experience that this would result in a less intense attempt at an erection. I sat down on the toilet, as any good slave in chastity has to do, and tried to pee. Nothing! The combination of a raging hardon, the cage and the anti pullout sections had made it impossible. But I really did need to go. And this is where the commitment of having sent pictures to my VLF made all the difference. If I hadn’t of done this I would have removed the device and concluded that I was unable to cope with it. I couldn’t imagine trying to explain all of this to my VLF and I was afraid that she would be disappointed in me (and would report my failure to Mistress). And so I persevered. In the end I ran my privates under the cold tap for a while and successfully emptied my bladder. I returned to bed quite pleased with myself but a little scared. Mistress had told me before she left how much she liked that this device was so restrictive. I know that she would never allow me to wear a device that damaged me but that she would enjoy the fact that I had one that would keep me awake during the early hours whilst thinking of her. And it did. Despite having a pee Mistresses property throbbed in its cage until I got up at 5.30 to write this. It is now Friday morning as I write the story of my first night without Mistress. Thankfully with the kind support of my VLF she doesn’t seem so far away after all.

    Now I must email Mousey. She suggested morning emails to each other as a means of mutual support in Mistresses absence. A great idea.
    Later on Friday I received a short email from Princess. An injury that she had picked up some time ago had now healed and she was excited to report that she was able to wrestle again. I know from previous communications how much she enjoys that and so I am really pleased for her. I am sure that one day I will return to the mats with her (if Mistress allows it) I am just not sure how I can incorporate it into my fetish life successfully. Maybe just a ‘standalone’ bout at some point. Just for the fun of it.

    And then I discovered that I had free access to the internet and its entire fetish wonders. Thank you Mistress!
    Saturday morning – another tormented night in The Vice. Most of that torment is of the positive kind that Mistress would approve of whole heartedly but the soreness caused by the hinge of the back ring isn’t improving (nothing too drastic, but past experience tells me I should do something about it today). I think I will follow the advice of Mistress and put a latex sleeve over it. This of course means unlocking and locking once again. If Mistress were here I would always ask her permission first. I don’t feel that I should go through that process with my VLF. She is not my Mistress after all and I don’t want to put her in the position of needing to make the chastity decisions that Mistress has so much experience with. But my VLF has taken up the role of record keeping and monitoring, and I know that she takes that seriously. I have decided therefore to video the process of unlock, apply sleeve, lock in order that my VLF can confirm to Mistress that I did not abuse my freedom. Hopefully that will not put any burden on her and allow her to confirm my chastity to Mistress throughout her absence.

    The video of my chastity device alterations will make very amusing viewing should either my VLF or Mistress ever watch it. My attempts to make changes to The Vice before refitting it failed. In the end I had to turn my back to the camera, waddle over to my device store with my pants and shorts around my ankles to retrieve my trusty metal device, before waddling back in front of the camera and putting it on and clicking shut a numbered lock. At least the video does achieve its primary function of ensuring that I have never had a chance to listen to the wanking Demon sitting on my shoulder whilst unlocked!

    My week finished with me feeling soppy about my Mistress despite the fact that she was so far away. I awoke this morning (Sunday) to find that Mistress had sent me a picture of her wearing the white shoes and holding the white bag that I had bought for her. That was so kind of her to send it to me. It is the little things like this that make Mistress so special. She is such a thoughtful Mistress.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

  • Reasons to Visit #16 – Cleavage!

    You cannot resist the sight of my heaving breasts pushed up to perfection in lingerie or latex. You can’t take your eyes off my cleavage. Even though you know you should be looking down, you find yourself transfixed on the soft white flesh of my plump pillows.  The perfect resting place for your delicate little head! Come to mama! lol! Try to resist, I dare you.  Try to resist when you are tightly bound to whatever I decide to tie you to and I am towering over you with my curves pushed so close to your face.  You WILL DO ANYTHING! 

    You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Busy Busy Mistress

    It has been a very busy day at the House of Deelight.  Mistress has filmed 3 customs, attended 2 sessions and spent an entire evening teasing one of my tech slaves; ordering him to dominate sub girls on webcam while I watched via teamviewer.  Since then I have been populating my new iWantClips store where you will be able to download a whole lot of content including videos, pictures, webcam and phone sessions. I’ve also been populating my OnlyFans.com site where you can find exclusive content not seen anywhere else.  Links below!

    Here are some screen shots from the customs and clips I have filmed today…


    OnlyFans (Subscription Site)

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – The Vice

    Following on from Slave Taquins chastity escape I decided that he needed a new device.  The vice is what I chose.  This device will prove far more restrictive and will definitely put an end to Taquin Houdini’s escape actions.

    I awoke on Monday morning to discover an instruction sent to me the night before. It was to order a new Chastity device called ‘The Vice’. Whilst I had managed to make changes to my Uberkinky device to make it escape proof the same could not be said for the Bon4. It appeared that Mistress wanted to ensure that I had an effective back up device. Hence my instruction.

    I clicked on the link provided by Mistress and started to read about The Vice. I could see its immediate appeal for Mistress. It claims to be virtually escape proof through the provision of an anti pullout section. For me it has a couple of other features that appeal. Firstly that it is a plastic device. In a world where metal detectors are more widely used I have become concerned about wearing my metal device to events and public venues. A plastic device overcomes this and means that I don’t have to ask to be allowed out of it when flying etc. The other feature that appeals to me is the fact that it uses a hinged back ring instead of my current solid one. The smaller the back ring that can be worn the more secure the device is. I do have big balls (Mistress Real said so in my wonderful double domme session some time ago and so it must be true!) but I have managed to squeeze them into the 45mm solid stainless steel ring on the Uberkinky device that I am currently locked into. (Goodness knows if it will ever come off again!). The hinged back ring should ensure that I can use a smaller back ring still.

    I found that it could be ordered from Amazon and so I went ahead and did so. I also exchanged emails with the chap in America who has developed this device on the subject of a smaller cage. I might have big balls but the same can’t be said for Mistresses property. The smaller cage should be ready in time for xmas. Maybe my Mistress could buy it for me (with my money of course) as a present. Lol.
    I thanked Mistress for her help in maintaining my enforced chastity and she kindly replied ‘Anything to keep you firmly in your place’.
    Having spent a bit of time online investigating the vice I opened up the last remaining doorway to fetish fun on the Internet, YouTube. Mistress has blocked everything else. The thing with YouTube is that it keeps suggesting lots of other similar videos. And so I continued to surf all sorts of fun stuff; that was until 11pm when Mistress turned off my access!

    On Tuesday morning I quickly looked through Twitter before I used up my daily allowance. My Twitter daily allowance seems to be totally random and therefore I have no idea if I have the luxury to start searching for new stuff (as I like to do). Therefore I have to concentrate on the most important stuff. Mistress stuff. I sent my morning text and commented on the fact that I could see from Twitter that she had a new slave upon whom it appeared that she had begun to work her magic (relieving his bank account of £350 in the process). Mistress replied that she had dug up lots of information on him already ‘and so now there’s already no escape for him’.

    A moment later Mistress turned her attention on me and said ‘you have no idea what I’ve done to your pc’. I didn’t reply immediately. Instead I scurried off to determine what had become of my PC. I turned it on. The tell tale TeamViewer session dialogue didn’t appear. I went to file manager and checked the latest files accessed. I checked program manager but didn’t see any new programs. I looked at the desktop but couldn’t see any deletions or additions there. Flummoxed I told Mistress that she was correct; I had absolutely no idea what she had done. All I got back was a wink.

    On Wednesday I emailed the previous weeks blog.
    And then vanilla life took over until now (Sunday evening). This morning Mistress very kindly sent me two of her wonderful custom videos. And still I haven’t watched or listened to them. Mistress also instructed me to order a camera for my workshop (in order that she can watch me whenever she chooses to). I have of course done it and the camera is on its way. But I haven’t really considered the implications yet. I am going to stop now as I am feeling rather vanilla and depressing myself! I think I am just tired and need to get an early night. I am rambling. Sorry.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Tracked

    As I am posting this, I have just re-read this blog entry from Slave Taquin from a month ago (it is my prerogative to be late).  I am sat here at 11pm chuckling away to myself at the fact that my slave’s journey was interrupted so frequently.  I am also very glad to hear that my slave did pull over.  Don’t text and drive, EVER!  So back to the chuckling… I really did have him wrapped around my finger this week.  Not that that’s any different to any other week.   p.s photo of my totally sexy bottom, included for no reason other than to make you all drool!

    I have had to learn a new mantra this week. My mantra up until this point has been:

    ‘My name is slave Taquin. I belong to Miss Deelight in body mind and spirit. She owns me and is the control I crave and desire’.

    Having used up my daily Twitter allowance (more on that shortly) recklessly one morning I described myself as a plank. This somehow developed into my new mantra over an exchange of texts on the subject. It is:
    ‘Taquin Plank, village idiot, in the Queendom of Goddess Deelight, at your service’.

    Monday was a pretty torturous day. It was always going to be a fun day as I knew that I was going to be meeting my vanilla lady friend for lunch. Inevitably our conversation will result in her wanting to know what Miss Deelight has been doing to me since we last met. I do find confessing my submissive side to my attractive friend slightly uncomfortable (in a good way) and quite liberating.

    But before setting off for my lunch I knew that I had a task to complete. Mistress had allowed me, the day before, to remove my device to make some changes. During the very hot weather (when all down below went very slack) I had found a way of removing Mistresses property from the device. It wasn’t easy and depended on my ‘mood’ at the time. But it was a totally inappropriate thing for any slave to do regardless of the reasons. Today I was to send Mistress a photograph of myself contained within the modified device. I had two modifications to show. The first wasn’t a modification as such, it was more of a surprise realisation. The realisation was that I was able to fit into a 45mm back ring. Up until that point I had thought it impossible and had needed to use a 50mm. Maybe my technique has improved, or my motivation, or maybe my servitude to Mistress has caused my balls to shrink! Whatever the reason I can now squeeze into it which has a significant effect on access. The second change made was the creation of a shaped piece of 8mm thick black Perspex added to the post that joins the cage to the ring. The effect of this is to effectively increase the length of the cage and limit any chance of access to the top of it. I sent Mistress the photo of myself locked back up in the modified device. She replied that it looks ‘inescapable’, and so far she is correct. Time will tell. (Mind you I have been told that if I ever do remove Mistresses property again that she will write to my wife on the subject!)

    As I was driving towards my lunch date my phone pinged. I pulled over at my first opportunity and read the text from Mistress. I was informed that I was to share my location with Mistress via google maps. Mistress has previously been able to log onto my phone to check my location but the inclusion of location sharing on google maps just makes it so much easier for her. I did as instructed and drove off hoping that there was no significance in the fact that Mistress wanted to track my location on the day that I was meeting my friend. In actual fact I was pretty certain that I was safe today. I have developed a pretty acute ‘Mistress sensor’ over the years. It seldom lets me down.

    I drove off towards my lunch date, and the phone pinged. I stopped at the next opportunity and checked my phone. I had received a ‘good boy’ from Mistress. It is pathetic I know but I do value receiving a ‘good boy’ from my Mistress. It makes me feel good and makes my heart flutter for a moment.

    I drove off towards my lunch date, and the phone pinged. I stopped at the next opportunity and checked my phone. Mistress had sent me a picture of the front of my credit card! WTF! With it was the simple message. Don’t you dare try to cancel it. I racked my brains to think how she managed to pull this one off. And then I realised. How is this for a school boy error…. I now keep my credit card in the front flap of my phone. And Mistress had had taken my phone from me when I was in the HOD recently. Idiot! I needed to find out if she also had the all important picture of the back of it (with the security code). I played dumb and sent Mistress a text saying how pleased I was that she didn’t have a picture of the back. All went quiet.

    I drove off towards my lunch date, and the phone pinged. I stopped at the next opportunity and checked my phone. Mistress had sent me a text that suggested that she had forgotten to take a picture of the back of my card and said ‘I really am rubbish at this’. I have never known Mistress say that she was ‘rubbish’ at anything before. She is far too confident and sassy for that. This just confirmed my fears. I responded but didn’t let on. All went quiet.

    I drove off towards my lunch date, and the phone pinged. I stopped at the next opportunity and checked my phone. It was almost as if she was waiting for me to drive off before making me stop again! Maybe she was, using Google maps??? Mistress had sent me a picture of the back of my credit card. Oh dear! I started to think about what would happen if Mistress used my card. Firstly I would be poorer. But more worrying than that was the fact that it is the family credit card and my wife sees the statements. In truth many things would go unnoticed, but a payment to Victoria’s Secrets for instance most certainly wouldn’t. I shared my concern with Mistress. She seemed pleased by my new vulnerability and replied that ‘you had better be a good boy then’.

    Finally I was allowed to drive on unhindered to my lunch date. I had agreed to pick my friend up from her home before taking her to the pub of her choice. Although we are just good friends, as the saying goes, my friend knows how much I enjoy being bossed around by her on our trips out and so it only makes sense that she should make the most of it and enjoy being chauffeured around and treated as any lovely young lady should be. At the end of a most enjoyable lunch I dropped my friend back home and made my own way back to mine.

    On Tuesday Mistress sent me a link to a stool, and said ‘I have now added this one to my wish list….’ the instruction was clear. I placed an order for a nice padded stool for Mistress to be able to make herself comfortable on when she is tormenting her slaves on the floor of the HOD. Mistress thanked me for ordering the stool for me and rewarded my good behaviour by allowing me access to Twitter. What a treat! I dived into the online world. It is so nice to be rewarded by Mistress. It makes me feel good. After an initial splurge of 15minutes or so catching up I sent Mistress a text to say thank you and that I was very much looking forward to an afternoon of Twittering. Her reply was a firm ‘not a whole afternoon, no’. And Twitter was locked out once again. I felt so perfectly manipulated and controlled. Mistress had extracted a gift from me, rewarded me and then denied me. I descended into just the dribbling mess that Mistress would have expected. Oh how she can get to me.

    In my morning exchange of texts with Mistress the next day she informed me that I would have limited Twitter access. I replied that I would use it wisely. And so what did I do? Went onto Twitter and started to surf, and ran out of time after a few minutes. What an idiot. What a waste. That is when I told Mistress I was a plank. And that was when I created my new mantra….

    ‘Taquin Plank, village idiot, in the Queendom of Goddess Deelight, at your service’.

    Things quietened down towards the end of the week and so I spent some fun time on YouTube. I had discovered that I could find all sorts of fun content and felt pretty sure that all that would show up on the reports that Mistress received on my usage would be the innocent ‘YouTube’.

    As normal, I was wrong. My phone pinged and I saw the message from Mistress. It just said ‘I see you’ve been searching for ‘blackmail goddess’ on you tube’. Whoops! This revelation concerned me for three reasons:

    1)      I might be punished

    2)      Mistress might turn off my access to my last morsel of fetish fun

    3)      It displayed once again my love of the total power exchange (and general mindfuck) involved in fetish Blackmail.

    And then on Friday I finally managed to complete my blog from my last session. (I say finally because I have got into bad habits as far as blog creation is concerned. The one I am writing now is actually two days overdue itself. I must try harder). Anyway I sent Mistress the session blog and said that I hoped that she enjoyed it. I was really chuffed to receive a lovely note back from her telling me how much she had indeed enjoyed it. I turned to a squidgy mush inside as a result! It was very kind of Mistress.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Write Up – I Don’t Know What To Say!

    I know it’s been a great session when my slave ends it with the words, “I don’t know what to say!”.  And of course he would be speachless after having been given the Deelight-Factor.  Dressed in my sexiest black lingerie, armed with a silver tongue, sharp mind and the E-stim Electro Pebble device, I delivered a knock out session for this bumbling slave.

    I just don’t know what to say.

    The above was all I could utter at the end of my latest visit to Mistress. However, I suppose it’s best to start off at the beginning.
    I arrive at the House of Deelight at my allotted time of 11am walk through the door and met immediately by Mistress looking fabulous as ever sporting her new blonde hair and to get me bumbling black bra, pants, stockings and suspenders. Mistress enquires how I am? “Bumbling” is my reply looking Mistress in the eyes and nowhere around them. I then have to confess immediately that I have forgotten to wear my lovely collar but I did remember everything else (apart from the diet coke but Mistress already knew that).
    Mistress was today in the mood to get on and enquires if ‘I need a chat or want to start as she had planned?’ “As you planned Mistress” was my reply and was duly sent upstairs to strip and use the toilet and return. On my return Mistress offered me the wooden chair and went about gathering the equipment she needed, sending me back upstairs to get the bandage blindfold, which I manage to do with minimum bumbling. I then resit in the chair and whilst Mistress attaches me to the chair we have a chat about this and that until I am securely fastened. With that Mistress tells me to be quiet, enjoy the music and leaves the room. I can hear her picking up the bag I have brought with me and then shuts the door.

    Sat in the dark with no escape usually starts to cleanse my brain, the last few visits I have been unable to do that but today it works wonders and I drift off into a trance like state. I’m not even sure if I nodded off at one point; I was that relaxed and secure. After a while Mistress’s voice rang out from the other room enquiring about all the bank cards I have in my wallet. This was something new for me, I have left my wallet many times before but this is the first time (to my knowledge) Mistress has looked through it. I had to think hard about what cards were in there as I didn’t want Mistress to think I was hiding anything from her. After I had given an explanation I just receive a cursory ‘Hmmm’ from Mistress and I go back to my dark serene place but not for long. I hear Mistress open the door and enter the room, then something sharp starts to poke Mistresses property. “Can you guess what I have found?” says Mistress. I reply with great glee ‘Your very sharp Australian hunting knife Mistress?’ At my last session Mistress had been unable to find her treasured knife and joy of joys she had found it. With it came a period of me staying very still whilst Mistress run the knife over me. I love knife play there is something very exciting (and dark) about someone you trust having an instrument that in the wrong hands would take someone’s life. Mistress at the same time was circling me like a bird of prey waiting for the moment to strike and strike she did not with talons but her sharp mind and tongue. Pointing out that after her recent period of ill health Mistress is firmly back and to expect any niceness to be a trap for what lies beneath. Reminding me that no matter how much I fight my mental battle against my loss of control, I had already lost it a long time ago. This is true but it still doesn’t stop me having my periods of anxiety about it.
    Mistress also informs me that the security cam she has set up on her phone will stay connected at all times so if she chooses she could monitor whenever she likes and that disconnection will come with severe penalties. What these would be I don’t know but I must be honest if I have one of my famous wobbles I will find out soon enough.

    After Mistress has finished informing me of life under Deelight 2.0 she begins the remove the ropes and cuffs that have secured me to the chair and leaving me blindfolded directs me to the bottom of the stairs and instructs me to crawl up them. Once on my hands and knees Mistress notices something that even now makes me shudder with embarrassment, a small piece of toilet paper stuck to my bum crack! This Mistress finds very funny, describes it looking like a piggy tail and of course takes a picture. (I have begged Mistress not to include it in her blog but I have been unable to meet the terms for removal). I plead that I can remove the ‘piggy tail’ it in the bathroom but that is met with a resounding ‘No’. With that I am directed into the boudoir and up onto the bed (still blindfolded). Mistress then goes about attaching my ankles and wrists with cuffs and then attaches a very gentle nipple device to me. It’s called a tower of pain and it has a bar with 2 clover clamps and an adjustable bar that is screwed clockwise and this tugs on the clamps leaving Mistress with handsfree nipple torture. With this primed Mistress then introduces me to her new E-stim Pebble. Mistress informs me that this is less harsh than the electric box she previously used but will leave me very disorientated during its use.
    Mistress began by attaching pads one to my thigh and the other to her property and switches on the Pebble. All I can feel is a pulse in my thigh so that pad is removed and attached to Mistresses property. Switch on again and working nicely. Mistress then starts my torment and pleasure. I can’t remember all the settings but they did exactly what it said on the tin. One was called split and it really did feel like Mistresses property was being torn apart. Then came ‘Audio’ this was something else and Mistress chose a song by Sam Smith and this had me writhing about the bed tugging on the restraints. With every setting Mistress also introduced the wand, tightened the nipple clamps and brought me to edge so many times, most of which I thought I was going over. Mistress firmly reminded me that if I cum without permission she was still going to carry on and I know what that torture feels like. After I have no idea how long Mistress then comes to the ‘Milk’ setting and this does exactly that. You feel pulses running up the shaft of Mistress’s cock and added to that Mistress expertly working the wand and me into a frenzy. I was pulling at those restraints so hard that I thought something would give, either the cuffs or my joints. Finally, with me pulling so hard on the restraints Mistress holds the wand and directs her property towards my face and treats me to a lovely facial with my own cum. I can feel myself pulsing and pulsing until there is no more and all that is left is the pain of the electrics which Mistress kindly switches off and leaves me completely speechless which I maintained for quite a while afterwards.
    Mistress being the caring lady that she is let me enjoy my post orgasm glow for a few minutes before unclipping the very stretched nipple clamps and leaving me writhing around in pain because my hands are still cuffed unable to hold and sooth my nipples.
    After the nipple pain calms down Mistress uncuffs me and I just lie on the bed unable to converse or compute what just happened. I was incredibly mentally disorientated as Mistress said I would be. That was one of the most sensory overloaded experiences I have ever enjoyed.

    Once I get my senses back I go for a shower and finally get to remove the shame of my toilet paper piggy tail. Clean of body (but not mind) I dress and return downstairs for a post session calm down and chat before it is very quickly time to return to the real world.

    As always, a massive thank you to Mistress for a mind and cock blowing session and I am writing this under the very watchful eye of the security cam. Not knowing if I am being watched of not.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – An Expensive Punishment

    I command complete honesty from my pets at all times, otherwise the relationships are pointless.  Slave Taquin decided to unburden himself with some interesting confessions this week which resulted in an expensive purchase to make up for it.  Of course, it wasn’t really a punishment because he enjoyed shopping for the lingerie I’d requested and he certainly enjoyed how I used it to weaken him.  With that in mind, and as always, I have taken notes and filed them away for the future when I decide that a real punishment is due.

    I have been a bad slave! Mistress had emerged from a period of illness and I had realised that I had been doing things that I have never done in all the time that I had been her slave.

    Through the Google app on my phone I had enjoyed free access to Twitter and all of the other internet pleasures during her absence. Google was the only way that I could access such things. All other apps had restrictions on them and my PC was locked down as tight as a drum. I was therefore pretty sure that I wasn’t meant to be on the fetish sites, but I went ahead anyway. Once I knew that Mistress was feeling better I had replied to one of her tweets in order to gauge whether or not my access was actually a kind concession from her whilst she was away. Her immediate question ‘what are you doing on Twitter slave?’ confirmed to me that it was not. I replied to her that I had believed that she had allowed my access. That was, as you know, a lie.
    I had stepped over a line and I was not happy about it. The problem was that I knew that, having taken that first step into disobedience (by accessing Twitter) I had taken another, and then another. I decided I had to confess. Below is the start of my email to Mistress:

    Dear Mistress
    I mentioned in a text this morning that I wanted to make a confession. I can assure you that I am not doing this as a result of any new found desire to be punished! It is just that one of the many joys of our relationship is that I have always been 100% honest with you. This morning when you asked about Twitter access I was not totally honest. I am sorry for that Mistress.
    I was pretty sure that you had not allowed me access to Twitter, or your website, or all the other joys that the internet has to offer. But a little while ago I found myself feeling a little down (and frankly a little bloody minded! Lol). I noticed that I could still access things like mobile Twitter through google. In the past I would have asked if I was allowed to. For the first time ever I decided to see if you would notice. And you didn’t. (It was a few days after this that I realised that you were not well. But it was too late by then).

    I then went on to confess two subsequent sins. Firstly that I had taken the opportunity to ‘follow’ a Findom on Twitter. She was someone who had frequently appeared when I did one of my favourite hashtag searches; #blackmail. Now, many very dangerous profiles appear when you do such a search. 95% are probably from the ‘fuck you pay me’ instadomme camp. But this particular Findom appeared to have perfected her craft and had long term pets totally under her control using her undoubted femdom skills supported by all that technology has to offer. Her style is tough and particularly strict and I would imagine her victims fear her and love her in equal measure. (Much as I do Mistress!). Mistress does allow me to follow other dommes but I would always ask her permission to do so. I continued my descent into the world of disobedience by sending the domme in question a small gift and telling her how much I enjoyed her twitter feed. I was very clear in my note that I was already owned by Miss Deelight and the domme in question was kind enough to reply to my note and was respectful of the fact that my only intention was to thank her.

    My second sin was to have enjoyed an exchange of emails with Princess on the subject of a forthcoming wrestling session she had planned. I had previously told her that I would be very happy for her to pick my slave brain if she ever wished to. Her forthcoming session was with someone who’s ‘needs’ appeared very similar to my own and she asked for my feedback on a couple of things. I have always enjoyed being able to help the young ladies who I have come to like who have dominated me over the years. It does give me pleasure to know that our relationships are more than just a financial transaction. I happily provided the feedback that she had asked for and thoroughly enjoyed the email exchange that ensued. Again it was all done with the mutual understanding that I am 100% the property of Miss Deelight. But I had not asked Mistresses permission to enter into such an exchange and so I knew that I had done wrong.
    I have really appreciated the reaction from Mistress. Yes she has told me that I have done wrong. But she has not tried to make me feel bad about it, or myself.
    (she did however publish the following warning to her slaves shortly after my misdemeanours became known: ‘Better watch out because when I’m out the other side of this I’m going to unleash hell and fury onto you all! No more soft Miss Deelight. It’s going to be ruthless bitch Deelight!)

    Her response has been to firstly to close any loopholes that existed in my phone access. And she has been totally successful in that. I now find that I am blocked from any use of the internet on my phone whatsoever. I have even tried one of my favourite tricks and downloaded other browsers such as bing and firefox only to find that they too are blocked. I have now given up trying to escape. I prefer it this way in all honesty. I don’t actually enjoy being a bad slave, it is just that I always have to try to escape to check that I can’t.
    And secondly Mistress has punished me, but in her own unique style. Mistress told me that I would be required to buy for her some expensive white lingerie. The twist was that I was required to research the possible options, and that I was to send them to her in order that she could choose what she liked the look of. Mistress was very clear that I was to provide pictures and internet links for each recommendation. Mistress was also very clear that the cost involved would be over and above any previous discussions or commitments made. The impact of receiving this punishment was instant and profound. It marked the beginning of several days of intense horniness, interrupted sleep and discomfort! The device really did its job over those days. I think I now begin to understand the appeal of Findom. The fact that Mistress could make me spend my money on her as a way of proving her power over me was a real turn on. As indeed was the act of choosing lingerie for her! I have never actually bought lingerie for anyone before. I found the whole process of trawling through all that the internet had to offer; looking for something that I felt might be good enough for Mistress, to be torturous in the extreme. The fact that I might be lucky enough to see her wearing what I was going to buy for her just made the whole thing so intense. After much time in front of my pc and much dribbling I sent Mistress my suggestions. Isn’t nice lingerie expensive! I knew that whichever option was chosen that my misdemeanours in Mistresses absence were going to set me back the best part of £200. Mistress quickly confirmed her choices together with the sizes that would be required to be ordered. I did as instructed, placed the orders and ensured that they were despatched directly to her gift address.

    Fast forward to yesterday at the House of Deelight. I had arrived as agreed at 9am armed with a cup of coffee for Mistress. Mistress was in her vanilla attire but looked stunning as always despite the relatively early start. I was secured to the bed upstairs and was told to stay quiet and keep my eyes shut. This was to be another ‘first’ for Taquin. Normally Mistress would secure me for an hour and leave me alone whilst preparing herself for my session and her day ahead; but not today. Mistress began to speak in soft reassuring tones. I listened as she took me step by slow step to a place of physical and mental peace and tranquillity. This wasn’t hypnosis (I am one of those people who doesn’t believe that he can ever be hypnotised) but it was a very effective approach to making me feel very calm and very relaxed. Once Mistress had ensured that every ounce of tension had left my body her next objective became clear. She told me that she was going to count down from 20 during which time her property would become harder and harder. Up until this point Mistresses property had remained as relaxed as the rest of my body. A moment of worry crossed my mind. It is very rare for Mistresses property to spring to life without some form of physical stimulation. Just for a moment I became self conscious and feared failure. But it was only momentary. Mistress said ’19, you may begin to think about what is going to happen to you in the next couple of hours’. And so I did, and so Mistresses property began to stir from its slumbers. And to my great surprise as Mistress counted down from 19 to zero I became more and more aroused by the time she had got to 10 I was rock hard and desperate for her touch. Mistress didn’t have to place any erotic thoughts in my mind. All that she did was to count down in that wonderful soft, commanding, and controlled voice of hers whilst giving me permission to become aroused and congratulating me as I did. By the time Mistress reached zero I was as horny as hell. Happy in her work Mistress told me that she was now going to leave me and that I was to keep my eyes shut until she told me that I was allowed to open them on her return. And so that is how I stayed for the next 40 minutes; secured to the bed, eyes closed and body relaxed but with Mistresses property hard and dribbling and desperate for her return.

    Mistress re-entered the room and mocked her dribbling property. Mistress so clearly understands, and seems to relish, the effect that she has on me. It is one of the things that makes me feel so helpless around her. All it takes is a word, a look or a momentary touch and I am lost. I was told that I could open my eyes. I was met with the sight of Mistress looking lovely wrapped as she was in a light coloured robe with a material belt holding it closed. She went to the drawers at the foot of the bed and retrieved some silk scarves. One by one she released my wrists and ankles from the restraints that had been applied for the previous hour and replaced them with a silk scarf that was then tied to the bed head or the foot of the bed. And it felt magically sensual as each was applied. Mistress allowed each scarf to caress her property as she tied me to the bed. The feeling as a scarf was placed around each limb and drawn tight was divine. And when Mistress needed to secure the wrist and ankle on the far side of the bed she had to reach across me allowing her body to lightly touch my own as she did it. I gasped at the slightest touch. Once secured Mistress walked to the bottom of the bed and admired her work. She removed her robe and to my absolute joy revealed the fact that she was wearing the white lacy lingerie that I had been made to buy for her. And it was absolutely divine! It fitted perfectly and was so, so feminine and so, so hot! Mistress took two more scarves from the drawer and climbed onto the bed placing one leg either side of my chest. I looked up and realised that I really was in heaven. Mistress took one scarf and used it to gag me. She then looked over her shoulder and used one hand to allow the remaining scarf to gently touch her property and my thighs whilst using her other hand to provide the gentlest of touches to my nipples. By now my head was swimming in a sea of pleasure. For the next hour or so Mistress teased and tormented me with her body and the scarf. She took great pleasure in telling me of what she was capable of doing to me and how weak I was in comparison to her. And she is absolutely correct. I was a total whimpering mess. And it felt so good. Mistress also took great pleasure in telling me that up until that point she hadn’t actually taken hold of her property. She had just used words, visions, thoughts, and the gentlest of touches from a silk scarf and I was in bits. When Mistress did eventually wrap the scarf around her property and take hold of it I was on the very edge of orgasm (I had been there for some time). Mistress edged me mercilessly for a little while until I was begging her to allow me to cum. I was terrified of being taken over the edge and cumming without permission. Eventually Mistress gave me her permission and with the immense relief of a slave who had been taken to breaking point I let go. And it was huge and intense! Mistress continued to work away on her property as I orgasmed uncontrollably. I didn’t know if what I was experiencing was pleasure or pain, I just knew that I had more to cum. In the end it most certainly became post orgasm torture. I writhed unable to escape her grip as Mistress continued to work on her, now hyper sensitive, property. Eventually Mistress stopped, and in a moment of intense silence I began to come to my senses. I felt satisfied, elated and exhausted. Thank you Mistress.

  • Reasons To Visit #15 – Cuckold Fetish

    You pay for the shoes that I wear out on my date with my Alpha Male and you worship them before I leave. You purchased the dress that he’s going to pull off of me in a fit of lust. As the beta male you can only imagine what that would be like.  You want me so much.  You fantasie daily about what it would be like to fuck me.  Your orgasms when permitted are intensified by the very thought of the fact that you will NEVER have me.  

  • Your Addiction Will Cost You! – New Fetish Clip #Smoking #Findom

    Well Hello again! Yes it’s me, your favourite smoking Domme, Mistress Deelight. I thought I would bring you a new smoking clip now that I have a fab new hair cut. What do you think? It doesn’t matter what you think about my hair. All that matters is how weak you become when I do that dangerously addictive thing that you love so much. That very very expensive habit you’ve got. Mmmmmmm. OH yes! You’re not a smoker but you are addicted to smoking and your addiction is going to cost you. You can try and resist all you want but it’s not going to work. You see, resistance is futile as I draw on this cigarette and the end of it glows, I am drawing you deeper, deeper into addiction. Addicted to me! And as I blow that smoke back in your face, you become more seduced. So turned on! So Intoxicated! So VERY HARD for me!

    My words just melt into your brain and it drives you insane. Becoming more addicted. And the deeper your addiction grows, the more costly it’s going to become. Just like if you actually smoke, it’s a very expensive habit. BUt watching me smoke is even more so. You are feeling yourself drawn into my eyes and drawn to my lips and drawn to me drawing on this cigarette. That’s it.. As I exhale, you become mine! I am becoming your drug. And I am the only dealer there is. I can see you stroking. I can see you rubbing it up and down. Go on! Stroke for me, because you are going to watch this video again and again because the orgasm you are going to get by the end of it is going to blow your fucking mind. MMMM, deeper! I like to tease you with little drags before I take a big long pull. The big ones make you super hard, they make you jerk faster and faster. Go on, do it! You are becoming so fucking addicted to me right now. And do you know what I am going to do? Just like any dealer would, I’m going to keep supplying this special drug and I’m going to drain you as I draw on this cigarette. Stroke and tribute, tribute if you want more. Stroke if you want me to suck harder on this cigarette, sucking all your money out of you and that gives you the same kind of rush that I get from filling my lungs with this smoke, knowing that you are going to fill my bank account. Come closer, get ready to spunk it all out. Hit that tribute button. That’s a good boy, wank it hard and fast. Last one now. This drag makes you MINE! Oh good boy! Look at that mess. You are now officially addicted. Now go and buy this clip again and again.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – E-stim ElectroPebble @estimsystems

    Slave Taquin – E-Stim ElectroPebble

    Since the acquisition of theE-stim ElectroPebble many of my regulars have been introduced to its amazing capabilities, may favourite of which being the ability to keep a slave on the edge through a variety of awesome controls.  Taquin was one of the first to experience the intensity of this electro play instrument.  Read on for his report….

    It was the day of my session and I was most excited! But also a little anxious. Mistress had mentioned in a text a couple of days earlier that she wanted to use the large wrestling mat that I had bought for the floor of the dungeon and her new electrics toy. I have enjoyed electrics before but also I had had it used against me in an interrogation once. It is a devastating tool in the right hands, and Mistress has shown in the past what an expert she is with it. (I should say that being interrogated by Mistress remains as one of the most wonderfully intense sessions that I have ever experienced).

    I entered the HOD locking the front door behind me and removed my footwear in the lobby. Mistress called me through into the lounge. She was wearing black lingerie and looked fabulous. I was instructed to take the large mat that was stood up behind the vac bed in the corner of the room and put it on the floor of the dungeon, strip and wait for Mistress. I did as instructed. A few moments later Mistress entered the room and demanded to know what I had got in my bag. I started to present her with its contents. The first item was a Boots gift card that Mistress was pleased with. There then followed my key safe for the chastity device, my phone, a Viagra pill and lastly the ‘Max’ remote control electric vibrator that Mistress had made me buy some weeks earlier. Mistress asked why I had bought the Max with me. I cheekily replied that I thought she had said that this was going to be an ‘electrics’ session, and that I hoped that the Max was the sort of electrics that she was referring too. She did laugh at my pathetic attempt at humour, which made me happy. She then told me that I would be punished for my cheekiness, which made me scared!

    Mistress picked up the leather bondage mittens and strapped them to my wrists. She popped a Viagra into my mouth and made me swallow it with the water she provided. Mistress looked down at my device and teased me with whether or not she would remove it or make me suffer further with her Viagra enthused property. Not surprisingly the device stayed on. I was instructed to lie face down on the mat and Mistress clipped the mittens together behind my back. This was my first experience of the mat. It is actually made to be used for judo, wrestling and martial arts. It is very firm but provides just enough ‘give’ to make it possible for a slave to be laid on the floor for a whole session (as I was about to find out). Mistress asked if I was comfortable to which I replied ‘yes thank you Mistress although the device is pushing up into me a little’. Mistress responded ‘that’s good’ and sat down on my arse to make it significantly more uncomfortable! Mistress put leather cuffs on my ankles and linked ankles and wrists together to form a hog tie. Having observed that I had absolutely no chance of escape (the bondage mitts prevent any of my bad habits) Mistress selected a lockable leather blindfold, applied it, picked up my phone and left the room. I was left alone in the darkness wondering what fate awaited me today.

    As always I lay and I listened. I love to hear Mistress going about her work safe in the knowledge that her slave is secured ready for her whenever she chooses to return. And I always feel safe as well. It is the moment when I can become immersed 100% in my fetish world knowing that I am totally at the mercy of my Mistress and her needs. I have no decisions to take and no influence on what might happen. Bliss.

    Today Mistress was particularly quiet doing whatever it was she was doing. I guessed that she was catching up with her world online. Sometimes she will use this time to make changes to my phone in order to close any loopholes that I had discovered. But this wasn’t necessary today. I had found it totally impossible to access anything fetish related on it for some time (or on my PC for that matter). I did hear Mistress giggle at one point. I inquired what she was laughing at. Sometimes such a question would be met with ‘it’s none of your business slave’ but today Mistress replied ‘I am enjoying reading your emails’. I wondered what it was that had amused her. I thought about a recent exchange that I had had with Princess (Mistress had given me permission to email with her and so that was ok) and all of my communications with Sissy Mouse on the subject of chastity devices. I am sure that there were lots of opportunities for mirth in those.

    I heard the slow purposeful steps of Mistress as she entered the dungeon. My body tensed involuntarily as it knew that it inevitably faced some form of torment. Luckily for me it was hogtied on the floor or the HOD and had no chance of escape. My fetish mind always longs for the return of Mistress. Luckily Mistress has total control of it and every other part of me. I felt the hands of Mistress unclip the link between my wrists and my ankles. I felt the muscular relief as I was able to lower my feet back down to the mat. I then felt Mistress lower herself back down onto my arse putting pressure back on to the device, and me. Mistress leaned forwards and cupped her hands over my mouth, and pulled back towards herself. My back arched as the pressure was applied and my ability to breathe through the discomfort was severely limited. I loved the feeling of Mistress taking ‘hands on’ physical control of me, particularly as there was absolutely no opportunity to resist her as my hands were secured behind my back. After a little while Mistress released her grip and reached down to the mat for something that she had bought into the dungeon with her. In my blindfolded darkness I could not know what it was. I felt a sharp point begin to etch its way across my back. It didn’t really hurt, but I winced and twitched as only someone who fears physical pain ever would. ‘I wouldn’t move if I were you slave. We wouldn’t want an accident now would we’ were the words from my Mistress. I enquired as to what it was that was now being run across the small of my back causing it to twitch involuntarily. ‘It is the tip of a hunting knife slave. And it is very, very sharp!’ Mistress ran the tip of the knife across the soft and sensitive parts of my body. I lay as still as I could and as always had to put my complete trust in Mistress.

    Mistress stood up and I heard her footsteps as she made her way upstairs. Of course she had gone to get something from the bedroom, but I had no idea as to what it might be. But I did know that I was about to find out! A couple of moments later Mistress returned and I felt her unclip my wrists from behind my back. ‘turn over onto your back slave’. I did as instructed and placed my arms down by my side. Mistress climbed onto my chest facing towards my feet and pinned my arms to my side with her knees. I jumped as I felt the first splat of hot wax drop on my stomach. Mistress laughed at the effect. The dripping of hot wax, and the twitching continued, all around her property. Eventually I heard Mistress blow out the flame and her say ‘well I think you had better lay very still for the next bit slave.’ She sounded so very happy as she went to work with her hunting knife shaving the wax and any adjoining hair from my body. Luckily for me I am clean shaven down below. (I have been clean shaven ever since one of my very first sessions with Mistress when she had made me stand in the bath with my hands tied behind my back whilst she shaved off all of my pubic hair). Having removed each and every drop of wax from my body Mistress stood up and declared that she had better secure my hands for the next part of the session. This came as both a concern and a relief. A concern about what might be coming next and a relief because I find it difficult to submit completely if I am not restrained.

    My wrists were tightly bound in a cross formation across my chest with chains. Mistress had removed my blindfold and I saw her walk across the dungeon and pick up her box of electrics. She informed me that it was a new toy for the House of Deelight by the name of an E-stim ‘ElectroPebble’. As Mistress went about the task of applying the electrode rings around my balls and the base of her property she explained that the E-stim ElectroPebble would allow her to use up to 8 different modes. In the following 40 or so minutes I was introduced to each of them. There was Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment. But it is not the number of modes that is important. It is how Mistress uses them. The levels of intensity, the timing and most devastating of all, the edging in between.

    Mistress started off gently enough. The E-stim ElectroPebble was turned onto Pulse and I felt the tingling sensation ripple through Mistresses property. Interestingly the point of sensation in my mind was about 2/3rds up the shaft although I knew that the electrodes were placed at the base of it. Mistress increased the intensity further until she was happy that I was experiencing that physical and mental confusion that is created by the space between pleasure and pain. And as the pain and discomfort intensified to a level that was difficult to cope with Mistress gently took hold of her property and started to work away at it. And so pleasure would take over and it felt like the electrics had been turned down (it hadn’t). Mistress can bring me to the edge of orgasm as quickly or as slowly as she wants but once there I fear going too far, being made to endure a ruin and being sent away early from my session. There was absolutely no risk of that happening today. The moment that I reached that point Mistress would zap me with a jolt of electricity and all possibility of an orgasm was crushed in a moment. This for me is what makes electrics such a devastating tool. It gives Mistress the ultimate control of her property, and how she used it against me today. We moved from one E-stim ElectroPebble mode to the next, and each time the intensity became too much Mistress would edge me to almost to the point of no return before crushing me with the next shock. Edging and crushing, edging and crushing. At one point mistress moved the Pebble into sound activation mode. The louder the sound the higher the intensity. Mistress placed the Pebble next to her sound deck and started to play a piece of classical music that I know well. Its name escapes me but I know that it starts quietly but builds over time to a deafening crescendo. I tensed in the knowledge of what was to come. As the piece progressed the jolts running up and down Mistresses property became more and more intense. By this point I was losing it. I didn’t know what I was feeling. So much pleasure, so much discomfort, so much intensity and so much mindfucking joy. Mistress had returned to moving through the E-stim ElectroPebble modes. Edging and crushing, edging and crushing. I opened my eyes briefly and looked up at this gorgeous woman standing over me in stockings and suspenders looking down on me and felt totally and completely helpless and controlled. All I could think was ‘what a magnificent woman she is’. And then I think I passed out. I say ‘I think’ because I am not really sure what happened. It has certainly never happened before but the next thing I knew was that Mistress was standing in a different part of the dungeon saying ‘and where did you just go slave?’ I had totally lost it for a few moments. But then I was back and the process continued on and on. Eventually I found myself being edged once again and getting close to orgasm. Yet again I cried out that I was going to cum. But this time there was no shock, just the soft kind words of Mistress telling me to let it all out as she continued to work on her property.

    And I did.

    Mistress. You are truly Magnificent!

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    Yesterday I and my Hypnobot filmed a custom clip in which Hypnobot (in his human form) was my Boss but he hadn’t paid me on time.  He was rich and powerful but I slowly seduced him, draining his wallet in the process until he was left with nothing.  I took his keys, his watch and finally I took his tie.  Claiming my position as Boss and leaving him penny-less. The clips main focus was the smart shirt and tie along with wallet draining.  As it is a custom clip and overpriced, I can’t share it but I will share a couple of screen shots along with his response…..

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