12 Week Chastity Report – A Very Fortunate Slave by Slave Pupp


Here is chastity report number 12 from: “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

“Miss Deelight is constantly astonishing to an overwhelmed, subjugated pupp. Her positive nature, large reserves of energy and dominant femininity are clear and inspiring for those that venture into Her world. She never ceases to pursue her aims and pupp kneels before Miss Deelight, owned and dominated by her. This is not enough, for Miss requires further development and continually moulds her HoD devotees. Miss has clearly shown the path that she is taking, that pupp is expected to follow her on and through which Miss will develop her ownership of pupp.

In doing so she continues to beguile pupp, leading this servant ever deeper into servitude. Miss now dictates much of life for pupp: fashion choices (Previous blogs have detailed lingerie with cropped sports-tops, skirts etc forming much of pupp’s wardrobe), lifestyle decisions (i.e. diet, alcohol restrictions) and how time is spent (i.e when pupp gets out of bed, research topics, specific training) is governed by Miss Deelight. Miss guides pupp, informs decisions and when necessary imposes her will directly upon this dominated possession.

Miss Deelight summoned pupp to the HoD recently in order to serve her by performing domestic work duties. In no time my skirts were arranged over my panties, a working crop-top looked lovely and this maid-pupp was ready to assist, pulling at the leash. However…..Miss had other ideas beforehand. Miss Deelight made time to present pupp with Her collar: a design chosen by Miss, with suitable embellishments, everything a pupp could wish for  – and more! Indeed Miss ensured that a variant collar was also presented so that she can have her toy wear a collar to match her mood and service requirements (eg: a maid collar, a sissy cock-sucker collar etc). Miss declared the collars to be fine fits, she noted pupp’s clear stimulation at this demonstration of her control and Miss then set pupp to work.

As pupp cleaned and tidied, whistling quietly as a satisfied pupp does, this toy reflected upon the fact that Miss had also demanded engraved tags that detailed Her ownership. pupp scrubbed surfaces, polished mirrors, hovered, emptied bins, folded linens, cleaned the bathroom (Oooh pedestal fun!) and tidied shelves. From time to time Miss checked the work, dictated techniques and took pictures of her serf. Once pupp had finished Miss took her devotion from her kneeling slave, gauging her toy’s reactions and submission before sending pupp away. A dutiful pupp went immediately to the shops to stock up on new cleaning gear and a few specific items for the future.

A short time later shopping pupp had the tags organised, after explaining to Kim (The tag supplier and engraver) that the following wording and spelling was correct:

Property of

Miss Deelight

So we can all see that pupp is forced into orbit around Miss and her needs. Indeed sometimes Miss only needs to mention an opinion or just give a look for a lifestyle point to be made. For example a sensible weight loss programme has started for the next few months with the bonus of reduced food shopping bills.

Here’s a thought: Choose a horse made, and a man to make.

Thank you Miss Deelight x”

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