42 Weeks Denial – Relief for Chastity Slave, Arthur!

Many of you have been following the story of Slave Arthur, my long term chastity slave who has been held in lock and key for over a year, and those of you will know that he has suffered from long term denial, 42 weeks in total.  Well, the other day I permitted him a very special release after a very special double Domme session with my very good friend, Mistress R’eal.  I would like to add however, that he only received this reward so that I could ensure that he was still able to cum after such a long time of denial.  Here is the email I received from him after his (temporary) release:

Oh my goodness Mistress, what a session that was. It’s only today that I have enough of my wits back to tell you.

I was in shock when I first came in to find you wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of boots. Then when you pointed out Mistress R’eal similarly (un) clothed.

A pair of absolutely stunning mistresses. I was speechless.

As to the session, you’ll never know how close I came to amber during the caning. It was absolute agony, and all my screams were 100% genuine.

The pair of you paused just long enough, and encouraged me with your magnificent bodies just enough for me to just about bear. – I have never had a beating anything like that before. – My bottom is still tender, and I can still feel the ridges in it.

In the end it was only that I didn’t want to let you down. – but it was mighty close.

Then part two: You merrily working on my cock, and Mistress R’eal alternately sitting on my chest, and giving me the full facial. – I could tell that she was enjoying things as well.

And finally, after forty two weeks, the release I had been waiting so long for. Such a climax. I had almost forgotten what they felt like.

It is only today that my (your) cock has begun (pointlessly) to stir again.

A mixture of almost unbearable pain, exquisite physical  pleasure, and the sight of two magnificently beautiful women.

I feel really special.

As to the next release: – As you see fit Mistress.

your devoted chaste slave

I now have a growing collection of keys hung in my chastity emporium, if you would like to be considered as one of my chastity slaves (minimum duration 1 week) then you can contact me using the button below.



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