Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 48

Mistress has been very busy indeed of late, but just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean that I haven’t been carefully nurturing, grooming and training my slaves both in real-time and online. I know you have all been missing the entries from my distance control slaves, so here is one from Sissy Mouse.  In his week 48 we put his SissyHypnoBot initial programming to the test to make sure my suggestions had been firmly implanted in his subconscious. I am pleased to say they have though lots of intense further programming is going to be required. I have had a lot of fun with Sissy Mouse in terms of his PC access. One of the things I enjoy about having remote control of my Slave’s PC’s is the ability to limit their access as and when I feel like it and quite often at random.  It keeps my pets on their toes and ensures that they never become complacent.  And if the current circumstances should mean that I do not have time to dip in and out, they are forced to bumble along not knowing if and when things will change.  As you will read too from the following entry, it forces my slaves to consider themselves and their behaviours. It also teaches them to be more organised with their time.  Another plus side of having remote PC control along with the various passwords I have demanded, is the ability to drop by and buy what the fuck I want when I want to.  But I’m not stupid. I know my slaves limits and I know when is the right time to push them, at all other times I will respect those limits. I enjoy knowing that my slave is sat at his computer, locked out from keyboard or mouse input and made to just sit back, watch and wonder what I am going to buy and how much it is going to cost him!

I like keeping my pets on their toes. I find it amusing. I enjoy my power.



Distance control journal week 48

My week as always starts on Sunday with me writing and submitting my weekly journal. As I had a busy day Mistress allowed me to write it in the evening, dressed in my new role as SHB. Mistress also instructed me to spend the rest of the evening dressed as SHB and to edge myself 3 times whilst dressed. Following on from my first SHB programming session the previous day Mistress had planted some triggers within my subconscious and was keen to see if they would work. These are that as the layers of SHB are applied I become more aroused with the final full arousal once the tie is tightened and the button on the jacket is fastened. This did work and made me incredibly aroused not only whilst I wrote my journal but also for the remaining time I was so dressed. The edges were to a degree mechanical because SHB is not permitted to orgasm without its Commander’s instructions. I also had to somewhat rush my write-up due to my PC time restriction. I was permitted 2 hours on Sunday and it usually takes me around 3 hours with checking and re writing etc. I managed to complete, check, re check several times and then send it within my allotted time. The PC time limits does get to me, not in a bad way, but in a feeling very controlled way. I still had no access to any adult websites including Mistress’s so another week of not reading any other blogs etc. I mentioned to Mistress this week that I never really thought I looked at adult stuff that much but I now realise that I looked at quite a lot.

Monday to Wednesday was relatively quiet due to Mistress having a busy week and me not wanting to bother her. I sent my morning greeting to Mistress every day and Mistress would respond enquiring after my wellbeing etc. I did have to bother Mistress on Wednesday evening to request some extra PC time for Thursday to carry out some work related admin. Mistress was kind enough to allow me unrestricted access on Thursday and for the following few days. This felt very odd to be honest because I am so used to some days having only 30 minutes and being very careful with my allocation that I didn’t know what to do with all this time, especially not having any access to adult sites so I couldn’t go rummaging.

Thursday morning arrived and I sent my message to Mistress and wished her well on her busy day and once again thanked her for my PC time. Mistress in her usual way reminded me to enjoy while I could. About an hour later I was looking through twitter as this is my only choice of viewing anything kinky now, when the TeamViewer box appeared on my screen. I don’t know why I do this but I just freeze like I have been caught out. Mistress firstly opens my webcam but this is lying face down in my desk tidy and then opens notepad and checks if I am there. I respond to her message and we have a quick exchange of pleasantries. Mistress then informs me that she needs some small items from her Amazon wish list and she is going to use my account to buy them. I reply that I should be able to cope with that. In the past Mistress would always ask me if I could afford it and if its ok to do it but not this time. Mistress just said I’m going to buy them and you don’t have a choice. I have the feeling that Mistress has a harder edge to her these days and you don’t question her. I also know Mistress doesn’t and wouldn’t get carried away but regardless I just sat there and watched as she added only a couple of items to her basket, checked out and said her goodbyes. I am then just left with the TeamViewer feedback window and an après shopping arousal!

I then set about my admin duties and once completed I message Mistress to thank her for granting me the time. I also add that today’s internet shopping trip reminds me of one of the many reason why I love being one of her slaves.

On Friday my message to Mistress to wish her a nice day and give her my work plans for the day is replied to with a task. I am to work today wearing my pink thong with the little bells on. I thank Mistress for my task to which Mistress replies that she requires proof that I am wearing them on the hour every hour. This I think confirms my belief that Mistress has a harder edge at the moment. I thank Mistress and duly put them on and send my first picture at 9am (well in fact it was 8.59am) I just look at the time and immediately worry that I have sent it 1 minute early and as such did not follow my instructions carefully. I await Mistress’s reply which luckily is a laughing emoji. I continue this throughout the day and its funny how either the phone rings or someone turns up bang on the hour so I have to either hang up the call or make my excuses for a couple of minutes. That for me is the enjoyment of Mistress’s power and control, I have no idea what would happen if I sent the picture late but I don’t want to find out. The jingling of the bells for the day was very humiliating even though nobody made any comment it still plays on your mind if anyone did hear them. After sending a picture at 2pm Mistress informed me that she had seen enough of my fat belly and panties for one day and I could stop. I thanked Mistress for my task and went about the rest of my day still jingling.

Saturday was a quiet day apart from a message from Mistress saying she thought that whilst I was watching the F1 with my mate I should dress as SHB. Whilst I am lucky to be able to share most things with him about my adventures with Mistress, some things are just too much to share. I messaged Mistress that whilst it was very appealing I couldn’t go that far. I didn’t get a reply which makes me wonder if it went in the non-compliance file!

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