Feet for Foot Slaves!

After a hard day at the dungeon, topped off by my favourite past-time; shopping, nothing goes down better than a foot rub.  Whilst I lie back in my chair, with a nice cup of tea, I imagine kicking off my 6 inch heels with one of my foot slaves at my feet, lying on his back as I use him as a cosy mat.  Rubbing my feet all over his face, laying them across his lips as his tongue dips in and out between each toe, cleaning and caressing.  Pushing my toes into his mouth, encouraging him to suck, easing them in further still, one, then two and so on until he has my whole foot.  In a soft tone I grant him permission to lick the soles of my feet, whilst reassuring him what an attentive little foot slave he is.   My devoted foot worshiper, behaving so well as I shake off the stresses of the day.

Sessions available now!  To book email: miss.deelight@yahoo.co.uk


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