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  • Whatsapp, SMS & Email Control

    Domination and discreet sexual chat via Whatsapp, SMS or Email.

    Need to be discreet?  No Problem!

    “One thing that I have learned about myself however is that, much as I enjoy a warm conversation and gentle banter with Mistress, the thing that really gets me going is strict and uncompromising control”

    “Mistress is capable of making me literally shake with fear

    “It was so difficult, and painful, to stop just before an orgasm was about to erupt. And a horny and sleepless night commenced.”

    “This simple phrase, laced as it is with the threat of torments to come, makes me tremble with fear and excitement!”

    Do these comments fill you with excitement?  Do they make you want to give up your control to me, but you can’t wear a chastity device because of personal reasons?  Or do you simply want some extra stimulation and contact with your mistress to brighten up your dull days?  I now offer a distance control service via SMS (or email), in which I will control your orgasms, or lack of them, for committed and trustworthy slaves. This service, like all my other services, can be tailored to suit your fetishes.

    You can expect the fun to start once you have paid your tribute:

    £25 for one-hour undivided attention

    £50 for one day

    £100 for one week of daily tasks and chat

    £250 for one month of daily tasks and chat

    You will receive instructions regarding my ownership of your cock depicting when and how you are allowed to touch it, you may receive free views of some of my fetish movie clips, and other exclusive content that would normally be pay to view.

    You can read more experiences from other SMS slaves here.


    • You must provide an email before you start, depicting your social and work habits and available clothing and accessories, as well as outlining your fetish interests and hard limits.
    • On the agreed day, (when booked in advance) You text/email me in the morning by 8am politely asking for your days instructions and then you wait for my reply.
    • You carry out any instructions in a timely manner and reply to them at the given time or when completed.
    • You must provide proof of completed tasks when requested.  Confidentiality is respected.
    • Throughout the day you will keep a written log of your experience, thoughts, and feelings which you will provide to me towards the end of your session.
    • Excuses will not be accepted for failing to comply with instructions.  Any questions should be put forward before your task is due to start.

    To apply for text only domination (whatsapp, sms, email) click here to contact me.



  • About Me

    Mistress Deelight – Elite ‘Online’ English Dominatrix – Commanding, Dominant, Powerful, Supreme Femdom.

    Petite, Highly Skilled,  UK Dominatrix. Bittersweet Seductress.

    As a woman, I am confident, friendly and kind at heart.  I like to take time to get to know people and thrive on being perfect,  fun company.  However, as your Mistress, I am able to be cruel with a silver tongue if you desire or nurturing and caring should that be your request.   I am an English Dominatrix with a soft, well spoken voice, I am here to train submissive’s from all around the world, with my online domination and control services.  If you are seeking to offer the gift of submission over to an elite, highly experienced, unique, Femdom then you may look no further, however you will have to prove your worth to me in a variety of ways.

    My strikingly beautiful looks, hypnotic eyes and sweet smile are my weapons of destruction, I will use my body, curves, eyes and mind to lure in you in and wrap you around my little finger, before I ruin you verbally and physically.  I am your bitter-sweet seductress.

    I have enjoyed BDSM and the Fetish Scene for over 17 years.  Starting as a submissive girl myself, I am able to empathise your desires.  I eventually discovered and developed my inner Domina.  I saw submissive guys in person for real time sessions at my South Wales chambers for 5 years, however due to health reasons I made the decision to move my chambers closer to home and to only see a very select few, in person, there.  Whilst increasing my online presence and methods of distance control and domination.  I am also a highly skilled techdomme, with the ability to infiltrate your computer and take control of as much of your life as you are prepared to give over.  I deploy my own software to do so but if you prefer Teamviewer, that is fine with me.

    I love nothing more than to use restraints and ropes to ensure my slaves are kept in place whilst they receive their punishments.  I have a love for costumes, latex, leather, shoes, lingerie and jewellery.  I also like to see my slaves dress up too.  I can praise just as well as I can humiliate, please me and your ego will be rubbed.  Let me down and you will hear every cold word of my dis-satisfaction.

    My techniques are individual to me, and your experience with me will be carefully catered to your fantasies so do not hold back on expressing your desires before we meet or selling yourself to me should you wish to be at my service.

    I am a woman of beauty, I will always look my best.  My perfectly shaped body, full soft breasts and striking blonde hair combined with stunning clothing will send your pulse racing as you worship at my feet.

    I am professional and ethical.  I will respect your confidentiality and will not judge you on how much experience you do or don’t have.  Your safety is paramount to me at all times.

    Professional Mistress, Dominatrix, Newport Mistress, South Wales Mistress Dominatrix, Domina, Bristol Mistress, Miss Dee Light, Miss Deelight, Mistress Deelight, Humiliatrix, Bristol, Newport, Goddess, Fetish, BDSM, Kinkster

  • Services

    Whatever your servitude requirements may be, I offer a range of services catering for most fetishes all of which I enjoy very much; whether you seek real-time private sessions, sessions with more than one Mistress or an additional slave/s or online/virtual domination, you will find something here suitable for you.  Whether you are an experienced slave or a complete newbie to the world of BDSM, I am happy to accept applications from any kinkster, providing you are serious about your commitment,  willing to explore and hold a desire to have your limits pushed.

    Please be sure to read my list of fetishes; the activities which I enjoy, to develop an understanding of what my services can include, then click the links below to read more about what services are available.


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