A ‘Cathartic’ Session of Rediscovery – by Slave Sissy Mouse

I don’t believe this session write-up needs an introduction as Mousey has written a suitable one himself.  So I will hand you straight over to my ‘rediscovered’ slave:

A session of rediscovery.

My latest visit to the House of Deelight comes after many rocky months for me in the real world and the belief that I had completely lost my submission because of it. Despite Mistress telling me it was still there and always would be I just couldn’t see it. Once again as always Mistress was correct and drew it out of me with a session that took me deeper into subspace than I have ever been previously. I don’t know if my write-up below will do it justice because it was a very cerebral experience.

I think it would be correct to start my write-up by rewinding a few weeks to the beginning of January. Over the new year weekend and as well as the exchange of pleasantries Mistress sent me a ‘write for me’ task. The task was to write the following “My name is Slave Sissy Mouse. Though I feel I have lost my submissive side, my mistress knows that it is still within me.” This was to be done whilst Mistress had restored pc time limits (as well as removing access to twitter and all adult content) just after Christmas. My pc allowance at the time was an hour of access then an hour locked out. I also knew that I would constantly make mistakes by mistyping or missing a word, which then adds extra lines. My first attempt tried my patience so much that I had to walk away and mutter to myself ‘this isn’t bringing my submission back’. A little later I tried attempt number 2, now because I didn’t want it to beat me. Once again, I had to walk away and the same with attempt 3. The following day I noticed my pc time limits were lifted and I had access until 10pm. This time I was determined to complete it and after sitting at my pc for 1hr 23 mins I had completed it. At the end, there was a message from Mistress congratulating me on finishing the task and to edge myself 3 times that day. It also informed me that I had a mere 25 lines to write but with my mistakes I had written 98. I messaged Mistress to inform her that I had finally done it and this is when Mistress told me that she had noticed I had failed on 3 occasions and had tweaked things to ensure I completed it. I duly thanked Mistress for assisting me and for my edges which to be honest were very mechanical and a struggle.

The following Tuesday was meant to be our first session of the year. I message Mistress to confirm our time and to my surprise received a telephone call from her around an hour later. Mistress informed me that she couldn’t make our session and had rung me to rearrange which we duly did for the following Wednesday. This was a blessing in disguise, I really didn’t feel up for a session and was going mainly to present Mistress with her belated Christmas gift that I didn’t get to give her before Christmas because I had to cancel another session due to ill health. Mistress did text me after the call to say that she felt that I was very matter of fact on the phone and not the usual submissive mousey that she expected. I of course apologised but also pointed out I did say I was not feeling submissive. Mistress replied with “I will find it”.

On the Saturday I turned my pc on to find Mistress had visited and left me a screensaver of a slave all tied up and a Mistress looking like she was treating him quite harshly, the kind of thing I love. Mistress had also installed Qustodio which is another parental control program. I didn’t realise this at first and wondered why everything I tried to look at on the web either didn’t load of took ages. I just turned my pc off and walked away. This in turn led me to forget my place completely and on Monday sending Mistress a message to hope she had a nice weekend and that mine was spent being annoyed with Qustodio and if she would remove it that would be great. Did you spot the mistake?

Mistress’s reply later was the following “Thank you for taking the time out to apply tighter controls on my pc, but do you think you could do something different because I’m really struggling with it, Mistress” I looked at the message and thought I didn’t say that and replied with that. To which Mistress’s reply was a to the point “Exactly” and repeated my message back to me. This is when the penny dropped that I have gone way past the line and I had better scramble back over it quickly. The last thing I ever want to do is disrespect Mistress and her dominance and that was exactly what I had just done. I apologised to Mistress and assured her that my attitude would change there and now and that I would arrive on Wednesday with a suitable submissive attitude.

Finally, Wednesday arrives and I message Mistress to check everything is ok her end for our session. Mistress confirms it is and I get myself ready for my trip to Newport. The first thing was to load Mistress’s Christmas present in the car so I don’t forget it and wait for the clock to tick around. Today is slightly earlier start at 11am so much less waiting. I head off just after 10am and arrive with plenty of time and look at my phone to see a message from Mistress asking me to purchase some lighter gas. I go into Tesco and they don’t sell it so head to the garage near to the HOD no luck there either. I call Mistress to inform her I have failed and she tells me to just buy a couple of disposable lighters instead. I do this and arrive at the HOD and I am met by Mistress looking fabulous as always, this time in a shiny black latex dress. I present to Mistress her present, place the usual supplies that I bring in the kitchen and return. Mistress kindly compliments me on how nicely wrapped her present is and informs me to go upstairs, undress and return. When I return, Mistress is wearing her Christmas gift, Leather thigh boots and instructs me to take a few pictures and then allows me the honour of worshipping them. The smell of the fresh leather is divine even more so when they are covering Mistress’s gorgeous legs and feet. After a few minutes, Mistress informs me to stop and follow her into the dungeon room and pulls out the wooden chair and invites me to sit on it.

Once I am sat comfortably Mistress starts to seal me in as it were. Blindfold, hands and legs tied to the chair and then a ball gag. I realise I am a simple creature because there is nothing I like better than to be tied up, blindfolded and gagged. Today this seemed (after everything that has been happening in my real life) just perfect. Once I was suitable confined in the chair Mistress informs me that she is expecting a visitor and leaves a long enough pause to make me wonder what sort of visitor. Mistress eventually informs me that another of her regular devotees is dropping off a new coat for her. Mistress knows me and knows that I would have no issue with this, in fact I produces a stirring to confirm I would enjoy someone seeing me in my predicament. Mistress doesn’t fail to pick this up and teases me somewhat about that. Mistress then checks my circulation is ok and then goes in the other room and leaves me with some soothing music. What I realise once Mistress has gone is my mind has switched off. I feel completely relaxed, being bound and gagged has released me from everything and I am enjoying the music nicely relaxing when Mistress enters the room and without a word ‘splosh’ throws cold water over me and leaves. I’m left reeling from the shock and trying to clear it from my nose and then sit there as the cold water slowly trickles down over me! A little while later the front door opens and in walks Mistress’s visitor, no mention is made about me and they both go into the other room and shut the door. I have no idea what is being said (neither do I want to, it’s none of my business) and continue to listen to the music and enjoy my escapism. Suddenly something most strange comes over me, I feel myself descending into an almost hypnotic state and this rush of relaxation washes over me and I just sit there enjoying being in the moment and nothing else matters. After a while the door opens and Mistress says goodbye to her visitor, locks the door and on the way back past checks everything is ok with my circulation. I go back to enjoying my dark and pleasant world when suddenly out of nowhere comes another cascade of water over me. Mistress had snuck into the room without a sound and had been just sitting to my right not making a sound until depositing the water and then asks “Do you feel like you are being watched?”.

The rest of the session is a bit of a blur, the main reason is Mistress truly spoilt me with the things I enjoy the most so I will just let you know what happened but I can’t remember the order.

Mistress removed my gag and then proceeded to light a cigarette and remind me what an honour it is for me to be her ashtray, whilst slapping my face, Mistress also commented that my demeanor had changed from when I had arrived and that I was sounding much more like submissive mousey. Mistress said something that amused me and her actions really surprised me because she slapped my face and told me she wasn’t there to amuse me. Slowly the ash was flicked into my mouth until the time had come for Mistress to extinguish her finished cigarette on my tongue. This time, Mistress told me to open wide and spat in my mouth she then proceeded to dab the cigarette around my tongue ensuring it burnt all of it and then popped in the butt and told me to chew. I did as instructed and then Mistress offered me a drink to help it down, I was expecting water but it didn’t taste like water and was slightly warm. Mistress was bestowing me the honour of drinking her champagne, Mistress enquired how it tasted? my reply was “divine Mistress”. Of course, it’s divine it’s from your goddess! I have no idea how much I had drunk but it helped the cigarette butt slide down.

I then sit there in complete silence awaiting what is coming next (this is where it all goes fuzzy so I am not sure what came next). The all so familiar sound of the vibrating wand starts up and Mistress goes to work teasing me and telling me very firmly that I was not permitted to cum. Over the next however long, Mistress teased me with the wand and her hand getting me close to orgasm many times and whilst doing so extracting information out of me. Information that she could use to humiliate me and the information I gave her was used to humiliate and degrade me there and then. I have never squirmed so much with what Mistress got me to repeat. Even writing this I can’t even bring myself to reveal what it was.

What this did make me realise is that when Mistress teases and strokes my poor excuse for a cock she has such power over me, because only Mistress can make me so aroused which in turn makes me weak and compliant. Only Mistress can hurt, humiliate, degrade and arouse me. She knows me better than I do, she can press the buttons like no one else can.
Once Mistress had decided she had teased me enough. She left me to sit and contemplate what had just happened. All I could do is drop my head in shame and marvel at the sheer brilliance of Mistress and her craft. Taking me from someone who didn’t feel submissive to this shaking, adrenaline charged deep submissive state.

Oh, and amongst all the above there were nipple clamps and nipple pain but I have no idea where to add them in. Only to add that my tolerance to nipple pain is not what it used to be.

As always, I would like to thank Mistress for my session and taking me on such a journey within a 3-hour time frame. The way Mistress executes her skill and dominance always leaves me breathless even if sometimes when my head is filled with real world stuff I may forget it.

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