A cp session measuring 7 on the Richter scale (Major, severe and sudden) – by Slave Sissy Mouse

Powerful Dominatrix Miss Deelight

Sissy Mouse visited me at the House of Deelight for a long overdue Corporal Punishment session.  His head had been all over the place recently so I made it my goal to ensure that he left with his mindset completely corrected with a session that will go down as one of my favourite sessions of all time.  I have a new found love for classical music and more so, for playing at a sound track to my sessions.  “What better way to orchestrate a corporal punishment session” I thought and I was right.  I created a very edgy and deeply intense session for Sissy Mouse taking him deep into the realms of subspace and found myself in Domspace too. Post punishment I sent my slave into a deep state of trance for some mind reprogramming and rewiring ensuring that sub drop would not be an issue and that he would leave as the sunny slave we all know.

My return to the House of Deelight and a session with Mistress comes after a 6 week break and some serious ups and downs in my life. I wont bore you with the ins and outs only to say if our session had been 2 days earlier it wouldn’t have happened and what a great shame that would have been. Because this session turned out to be one of those right place, right time events.

Because of my real world commitments I can only enjoy about 4 cp sessions a year due to marks etc but when they arrive they are most welcome and never more so than this one. Whilst yes I am a submissive and enjoy many things associated with being so. My main enjoyment is having a damn good beating from Mistress. This wasn’t always the case and I have only been able to receive really harsh beatings as a result of Mistress’s guidance and coaching in dealing with the pain. I always struggle at the beginning and never think I will be able to take much but always end up deep in subspace and this time was no exception.

I arrive at the allotted time of 11am on a Tuesday morning and walk through the door to be met by Mistress looking amazing as ever and unload my shopping bag of supplies and we have a quick catch up before being instructed to go upstairs strip off and use the toilet and return and kneel on the mat with my upturned palms resting on my thighs. I duly do as instructed and Mistress returns and tells me to recite my mantra 3 times. I do as instructed and then Mistress tells me to take a deep breath and say it again. On taking the breath in, my mind empties and I chant my mantra with more conviction which I guess pleases Mistress as I am granted one kiss on each boot. Mistress then informs me to stand with my head lowered so she can inspect my new, made to measure chastity device which I am wearing for the first time. She is still not convinced it will work long-term but time will tell.

20160223_112824000_iOSMistress then informs me to remove the school desk from under the stairs and place it next to the standing cage. Once this is done Mistress tells me that the cp part of our session will be 90 minutes and she will be using 6 implements 3 of my choosing and 3 of hers along with the suede paddle for a warm up. I chose the large wooden paddle, the large leather double strap and a heavy cane. This pleases Mistress and she chooses the walnut paddle, thin stingy cane (which I hate) and a new purchase a large bath brush with very harsh bristles. Once the choice has been made Mistress instructs me to kneel on the whipping bench and Mistress straps me in and also this time cuffs my hands and it begins……

Mistress has found a new love of using classical music for her cp sessions and it really does set the scene. Mistress starts with some hand spanking to warm me up a bit and then moves to the suede paddle. I remember a time when this was about 3 of 4 implements down the line now it’s a warm up!! I receive a total of 100 and thank Mistress for every single one, next comes the walnut paddle and from now on its 15 minutes of each chosen implement which is new to me as usually it’s a set number and this makes me a little nervous as I think its going to be whack, whack, whack for the full 15 minutes which of course it isn’t. On strike number 2 of the walnut paddle I have a bit of a panic but manage to clam myself down and try to relax into it which is really a struggle. I really don’t think I can take very much today. Which of course as always Mistress calms me down and gets me breathing through the pain and I end losing count of how many but it’s around 80 which is lucky because usually losing count means we start again! Now I can’t remember which came next the large holed wooden paddle or the bath brush but let’s just say the bath brush hurt like hell whilst Mistress whacked me to the beat of the classical music and when she wasn’t whacking me with it she was running the bristles over my very sore bum whilst asking me how was I enjoying my stay at the Hotel Deelight? To which I replied Hotel Deelight where you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave? To which Mistress replied “You can never even check out slave” which was both reassuring and chilling.

Anyway back to the main event. The large wooden paddle of which I received 47 (which even now tries the ocd in me) felt like a gentle tap compared to the bath brush. Next was the double strap again no idea how many just lots of heavy whacks to the music making me squirm like mad with Mistress saying “that’s what I like to see slave you struggling to cope” Mistress then moves on to the 2 canes by which time my bum is on fire and because we have also been chatting I have used up some of the caning time so it’s now 36 of each cane. First is the thin stingy cane which usually really hurts but they just bounce off of me to Mistress’s annoyance which is probably why the heavy cane really hurt.

I think it is now worth setting the scene for this and I have found this link on you tube to the music for the final 36 strokes of the cane.

Mistress played this twice and the strokes of the cane came on the clash of the Cymbals. However what I cannot convey is the atmosphere change in the room. I was blindfolded but I could feel Mistress grow behind me as the music built up and with every single stroke of the cane to an almighty crescendo which put Mistress into Dom space, which as a submissive to help get your Dominant to that point is a fantastic feeling.

We both went quiet for a bit to absorb the energy of what just happened which was an absolutely amazing feeling. Mistress pottered about de-blooding canes and then released me and got me some water as we both tried to regain our composure. We have had about 6 cp sessions but this one was by far the most intense and may I add painful. Sitting down as I write this the 2 days is still very uncomfortable.

Once we had both regained ourselves Mistress had suggested before our session that I have some hypnosis to try to help make me feel brighter. Mistress’s post session hypnosis is always a joy to experience so what is there not to like about this idea. So firstly I have to lie on the bed with my bum on fire and with the adrenalin still pumping round my body from the caning Mistress manages to bring me down to a hypnotic state and took me on a wonderful journey. Mistress didn’t think she would get me into a trance because I was so pumped up but she did and it left me feeling wonderful.

After coming back round Mistress allowed me to lay on the bed to regain some composure before getting dressed which was a strange feeling because I just looked at my clothes and for a moment couldn’t work out what went where!

A post session chat some chocolate and a drink. My chastity key locked in the key safe and a return to the real world but as Mistress pointed out looking much more relaxed than when I arrived.

I have probably missed out many things from the session but when it is that intense I’m holding on for dear life not thinking about writing a blog post. Mistress did say to me at the end “I don’t know how you are going to write about the intensity of this session mousey?” Hence the Richter scale.

As always I would like to thank Mistress for another amazing session. Although the theme may be the same what you get is always very different, new and exciting.

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