A Dream Come True – Fiction

I like to set my slaves extra writing tasks occasionally as these provide great insights into the darkest corners of their depraved little minds.  Whilst I was unwell I set Mousey a task to write a story based on the title “A Dream Come True”.  I was a little surprised by what he came up with but now I’m not so surprised because I know how much degradation is a big thing for this slave. I should do it more often! Here is his story, but be warned it isn’t to everyone’s taste so I’d only suggest you read this if total degradation and humiliation is your thing.

A Dream come true.

Lying tied to a bed spread eagled dildo gag fitted trying desperately not to get hard with my cock locked in the nasty spiked chastity cage. Electrics raging between the balls and the very large electric butt plug up my arse.

All this the culmination of a years commitment to chastity that’s right no orgasm for a year to get me to this point and the even bigger hoop a year of anal stretching from the tiny plug that I could just cope with to the huge lump that’s currently pulsing away. Also a commitment to exercise and weight loss but I’ve finally made it and today my dream will come true or so I thought.

What is the dream you ask well a few years ago after trying very hard not to have any sexual thoughts about Mistress a recurring dream kept coming into my head of Mistress pleasuring herself on a dildo gag whilst I am tied up and can only watch and wish it was me. The ultimate denial so close yet so far!

While all this is going on and my mind is racing I failed to hear Mistress talking to someone downstairs. I come round to Mistress entering the room and looks down on me lying there and says “ready slave?” all I can do is nod and try as I might I cannot stop my cock getting so hard that the spikes dig in with unrelenting evil. “You are slave, well one part of you is, don’t damage yourself you don’t want to miss out on your orgasm do you?” I shake my head with such great vigour that there can be no doubt that I want my orgasm so badly. Mistress presses the button on the e-stim remote and the pulsing stops.

“Now slave as you know when you ask Mistress for something and she agrees and you agree to all her terms you expect Mistress to fulfil her side of the bargain don’t you?” I once again shake my head up and down with great vigour and a muffled yes Mistress tries to leave my gagged mouth. “Well slave I promised to ride that dildo and to allow you an orgasm. However you didn’t say I couldn’t do it by proxy did you?” I look at her in a quizzical manner and thinking what? “I have decided to allow a proxy to ride the dildo and give you an orgasm” Hmmmmm is all I can come up with. “SLAVE” shouts Mistress and with that another slave walks in the room and I think to myself what the fuck is this? Mistress then starts to explain “Well slave I have decided that this slave loves taking it up the ass so much that I would give him the pleasure of riding your dildo gag. The only trouble with this slave is he is never clean and always leaves a mess on my strap-on so I won’t fuck him with it but I thought it would be nice if he rode your dildo gag and left you a little shitty treat to look at and smell. How kind am I to you slave?” I just look at Mistress wide-eyed, what the fuck can I say. “Oh slave your erection seems to have disappeared that’s good it must hurt a lot less now aren’t I kind to you slave?” I feel the spiked chastity device being removed and Mistress tease my cock a little and bring it back to life. “Ass slave mount the dildo” instructs Mistress and with a lot of fiddling about the other slave drops down on the gag giving me the view not of a my gorgeous Mistress riding up and down on the gag whilst I get to enjoy the view but of a blokes hairy smelly arse but much worse than that he starts teasing my cock and much as I try to resist the promise of an orgasm after a year by any means is very welcome so I just shut my eyes and try to enjoy the moment. Then something even more horrible happened with Mistress saying “slave stop teasing his cock and start pumping yours so you can give him a lovely orgasm” mmmmm is all I can say and look at Mistress who is just standing above me laughing at my pathetic look “aw slave your dream is not quite going how you planned is it” I shake my head with resigned acceptance. With that Mistress gives the other slave permission to cum and he shoots his load all over my stomach. “Good job slave now get off and go have a shower and wait for me downstairs” The other slave does as he is instructed and leaves. Mistress then closes the door and just looks at me “slave look at the mess you have made. Your dildo gag is all shitty I bet that smells lovely?” I just shake my head mainly in disbelief. “And look at the mess you made on your stomach tut tut you need more self-control it’s not been that long has it? I think you should lay there for a while and consider what a mess you’ve got yourself into”.

Mistress picks up the e-stim remote leaves the room and closes the door and just leaves me looking at a shitty dildo thinking well this wasn’t how the dream ended and with that the electrics kick back in giving me such an almighty shock that I almost jump off the bed. In a whirlwind it’s over and whilst I should feel short-changed I can’t help feeling I would never have come up with something like this.

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