A Glimpse of Things to Come – By Slave Taquin

Normal service has been resumed in the House of Deelight (for however long that lasts) and Slave Taquin has been given a glimpse into his future……

MD Bond image

Having been firmly reminded of my place last week, this week life has been as it should.

I started my week with an exciting question from Mistress. She wanted to know how I felt about spending a day in chastity to see how I got on with it. Mistress does put questions like this so nicely! If Mistress ever asks you ‘how do you feel’ about something it actually means ‘unless you can give me a bloody good reason why not, I am going to do this to you’. I responded that I would like to try it again. Although I have enjoyed the practical freedoms of not wearing a device (not having to queue for an available cubicle every time I need to pee when out and about being one of them!)  I have missed the total security and constraint that a device provides. When Mistress believes that the time is right I am sure that I will be trying this once again.

Shortly after this Mistress instructed me that touching her property for my own pleasure was banned. I asked if I could at least give it a stroke that night, and she said no. Not being allowed to touch myself is very tormenting. Not at first but as the days went by following the release at my session last week, it became more and more difficult. This reminds me that time is one of Mistresses greatest weapons in her control of her long term slaves. She knows that she has total control over my sexual needs for the foreseeable future. Whilst I might crave instant stimulation and excitement she knows that she can take her time and steadily but surely return me to a point of torment and total sexual frustration. This week Mistress has been leading me remorselessly towards this point.

On Monday Mistress visited my PC via TeamViewer. I wasn’t there at the time but I could see the TeamViewer sign off message left up on my screen. I had actually left the screen almost closed. It was slightly open so that the PC didn’t turn itself off, but down far enough so that other people who were working with me that day didn’t see a cursor moving around the screen in my absence!

On Tuesday Mistress reminded me once again that I was forbidden to touch her property for pleasure. This was made so much more difficult when Mistress posted an absolutely stunning picture of herself wearing very little indeed. I for one hope that she never stops training for Marathons. She really does look fabulous. She sent me a text to make sure that I had seen it, and this just made matters worse. Its one thing for Mistress to post such a picture but another thing altogether when she taunts you with what is so totally out of your reach. This was later followed by a picture of Mistress wearing beautiful black lingerie preparing to enjoy a night with her boyfriend. What a very, very lucky man he is.


The next day I finally plucked up the courage to ask for Mistresses help with my PC. The reason for my trepidation was that I needed to ask her to download some encryption software for me (Mistress has taken over the administration rights on my PC – actually now I think about it is more hers than mine now, it just happens to sit in my workshop). The software had been lost when I had a problem with Window 10 and was one of the jobs I should have done before Mistress took ownership of my PC. I found myself having to explain to Mistress that the help that I needed was to allow me access some of my favourite old porn files. I really wasn’t sure how she would feel about that. I was so pleased when Mistress offered to download the software without any hesitation. I really do think that she must be the most understanding Mistress that there is. By the next day I was able to access my old files again. I of course checked a few out to ensure that they were ok. And of course my frustration caused by the touching ban still in place just intensified further. No wonder Mistress was happy that I should be viewing such things.


Following a horny and sleepless night I asked Mistress if I might be allowed an orgasm. All she said was that she was pleased to hear me ‘bleating’ once again. I took that as a no.

And then yesterday I walked into my workshop to find my cursor moving around my screen. Mistress was obviously doing something, but I couldn’t work out what. She hadn’t locked me out from my keyboard and so I gave the cursor a wiggle from my end to let her know I was there. The screen instantly went black. It always scares me when Mistress does this. You know something is happening but have no idea of what it is. All I could do was stand in front of the PC and wait. A couple of minutes went by, and then the screen came back on. Mistress had put a picture of a man in bondage on the screen to torment me. This was no ordinary bondage though. His legs were pulled up behind his back by the rope leading up to his neck and across his open mouth. His head was pulled back sharply causing his back to arch alarmingly. Cord was tied between his balls and his toes. His wrists were tied together and he was supporting his weight on his arms that were stretched out in front of him. The whole thing was terrifying and yet so erotic. My phoned pinged as Mistress texted me. There was only one thing missing she said: A candle should be placed strategically under his body to ensure that he didn’t drop down from this agonising position. The fact that Mistress is capable of doing this, and more, to me is not lost on me. It is an image that kept me awake for much of last night.

And so another week is over. I really am desperate to attend the HOD again but know that I am unable to until after Christmas. Time is passing so slowly now.

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