A Humorous CP Session (for Mistress) – by Slave Sissy Mouse

As always I like to keep things fresh for my Slaves and one thing they should all learn, as House of Deelight residents is that they should always expect the unexpected, as Sissy Mouse was reminded recently….


A cp session with a fair bit of laughing.

My very recent visit to the House of Deelight was for a very much missed and postponed cp session and this time with a twist, because the day before I had been granted the honour of a day of service and some filming with both Mistress and Mistress R’eal which was great fun to be involved in however it did involve a scene with Mistress spanking, paddling and whipping me so I arrived for my session with an already slightly sore bum.

As usual I managed to arrive very early and waited a few streets away for my allotted time to arrive. I received a text message from Mistress to say “door is open” and I duly made my way towards the HOD.

I entered and locked the front door and announced my arrival to Mistress who was at the time upstairs. I placed my tribute on the table and awaited Mistress’s arrival. A few minutes later Mistress appears looking amazing as ever wearing a very shiny little black latex dress and boots. We have a chat about this and that with me sat on the floor in front of Mistress holding her ashtray, which is always a great place to be and helps me leave the real world behind. Mistress enquires what has happened to my write up from our last session which I had at the time been struggling to put into words; I explained this to Mistress and also with the excellent session writings of both Slave Taquin and Slave Dribby J the bar has been raised. This of course was not an acceptable excuse and extra punishment was added along with the other many misdemeanours I manage to pick up since our last cp session.

It’s always a joy to chat with Mistress and as lovely as she is Mistress can only take so much mousey babble and I am instructed to get up and go move the tall standing cage so that Mistress can get an unhindered swing at me!! I duly do as I am instructed and then move the whipping bench to the correct angle and kneel on it. Mistress straps me in and as usual taunts me about what’s coming and why it’s coming. At this stage all I can do is squeak “yes Mistress thank you Mistress”. With me secure Mistress then goes off to get the blackboard and puts it slightly out of view (although to be fair without my glasses everything is slightly out of view). Mistress then proceeds to write my list of outstanding punishments at the bottom of the board and it begins.


Our early cp sessions were quite structured building up from light to heavy however now Mistress knows me well and likes to push me, which I am very grateful that she does. Our last cp session was 6 months ago and I am convinced that I have gone soft and won’t be able to take what Mistress wants to give me, but of course Mistress knows me better than I know myself and starts going through her implements and filling the board up. Usually our cp sessions are quite dark and serious but this one was far from that and although I floated in and out of sub space I never really got there and as such some of the implements were so painful or Mistress would come up with a quip that all I could do was burst into laughter. Leaving Mistress to look at a wobbling fat bloke tied to a bench which I am not sure if that amused or repulsed her. Anyway back to the session so as much as I try, I can’t fully relax and get into subspace which means I really struggle but of course Mistress is there encouraging me to take what she wishes to give me and still pushing and not letting me give up. All the while I am trying my best not to lose count because the rule is if you lose count we start again and today was not a day for that.

Finally we come to my nemesis the cane. Now for some 36 may seem a paltry amount and on occasions I would agree but today this was a massive amount and Mistress is not going to go easy so begins 36 very hard strokes of the cane and I struggle with every single one, even bringing out the f word which is very rare for me in a session. Of course Mistress gets me there and when finished shows me the bloody cane and a picture of my marked bleeding bum. 20150627_155246210_iOS

To say I am broken would be an understatement as it was probably the most intense cp session to date and if I had seen the board written up when I had arrived I would have left my tribute and quietly walked back out the door. However this is why I enjoy serving and sessioning with Mistress because she always gets things out of me and takes me to a very good place. It also cleared my head to write about our last session which was a month previous and also put into perspective some of the shite that was going on in my life.

We finish with a tidy up, replace furniture and a post session chat with a lovely cup of tea.

As ever my final thoughts are to say thank you Mistress for not only this session but the journey you have taken me on over the last 18 months. Long may the madness continue xx

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