A Lesson in Etiquette.

Are you such a total loser of a wannabe slave,  that you never receive a reply to any of the dozens of messages you send to dominant women, on a daily basis?  Are you sick of your, probably, lamely thought out and bland words, never even so much as getting a thank you, being tossed aside in the trash folder like they mean nothing.  Well, that is probably because they do mean nothing.  Most likely because us Dommes can see straight through your boring, half-hearted, copy and paste text.  Believe it or not, most Dommes do speak to other Dommes, so it might be that your email has received a little recognition, as being that morning’s coffee conversation for a minute or two as we laugh about your desperate attempt to grab the personal attention of females that won’t even breathe the same air of you, unless you pay them.  Well, let me shed a little light on the situation; when I go through the many messages in my email in-box every day, the first thing I look for is common decency.  A simple word that, if not offered, most certainly will not be returned;  RESPECT.  Trust me, learn a little bit about this very important word, and you might get a little bit further both in our worlds, and yours.

For those of you who still can’t grasp this concept here is a prime example of a respectful message, that I will give my time of day to, from a user of a fetish social network site:

Dear Mistress, I have been a massive fan of yours and only wish that I lived closer so that I might have the chance to serve before you. Would you permit me the honour of me adding you as one of my friends.

Now, you might think that this is very high and mighty of me, and that I see myself as being above you.  I am not shallow, I believe in equality, outside of sessions, but what I do not believe in are bad manners.  I answer to Mistress or Miss Deelight because that is my professional role.  I do not answer to “Hi Babe, I think yer fit, can I have a session with you?” or anything similar to that, nor do I answer to emails where I am not greeted at all.  I will also ignore emails in which you offer me YOUR services.  This is my profession, and it is not I, who requires your services.  I offer you my time, attention and experience in exchange for your tribute.  If you are reading this blog, you are already getting something for nothing.  My advice, Slaves, is that a little courtesy, goes a long way.

Miss D x

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