A Lesson Learned – By Slave Taquin

Before you read the following piece from Slave Taquin, you should know that we have a very long standing and well developed D/s relationship.  Every level of control that I have over this slave, has been requested and built on over time.  Most of you slaves do not need to fear reprisals as severe as this, don’t get me wrong; there are always consequences to actions that I deem as unacceptable but the punishments will always be administered based on each individuals level of commitment.  I should also state that slaves have been dismissed entirely in the past for their behaviour without a second thought from myself.  I consider myself to be a caring, nurturing Domme.  That is one of the reasons that I am so successful as a pro Domme.  I can empathise, I can read you, I know you better than you know yourselves.  However, do not ever underestimate me or allow yourself to believe that because I care means you are not in a position of true submission.  Step outside the line, top from the bottom, go ahead try it.  You will be punished!  Now read on to Slave Taquin’s experience:

I have been instructed to write this blog as ‘a lesson to all aspiring Slaves’. It forms part of my punishment for what happened yesterday I hope it also forms part of my rehabilitation. I will make it as short and succinct as is possible. I don’t want the moral of the story to become lost within a load of Slave drivel.

The catalyst for my fall from grace yesterday was the introduction that Mistress wrote to the excellent blog submitted by Sissy Mouse. Within this introduction Mistress had referred to the fact that Sissy Mouse had at some point been finding it difficult to find his submissive side. I would suggest that if you haven’t already read Sissy Mouses’ blog, you should. Any sensible Slave would have read it and decided to steer well clear of this subject after reading of the punishment dished out as a result. Not me however. I am an idiot. Instead I chose to email Mistress on the subject. Within said email I suggested that I too had been rather ‘off the boil’ during the period that Mistress had been dealing with her illness and her house move. My intentions were to be honest about how I was feeling, to offer what little help that I could whilst telling her how much I looked forward to her full return to what she does so well – tormenting all of us.

The response was swift and painful! First came a couple of texts that gave me a flavour for how angry she was. I tried to explain but this had little effect. All went quiet for a while, and then Mistress asked what I was doing that evening. I explained that I was busy cooking Sunday dinner. There was no response, and I thought that we would probably pick up one the subject the next day.

How wrong I was. I went to log into my computer, but my password failed. I tried again before realising that Mistress had changed my password and it was impossible for me to log on! (Mistress is something of an expert on the use of TeamViewer to control her subs.) It felt as if Mistress had grabbed me by the balls and had started to squeeze. I felt a wave of panic pass through me. Up until now Mistress has always allowed me to access my computer. She does have administration rights, but I have always been able to sign on. It soon became clear to me that I was being punished for my e mail. I sent a text. As it is i message or whatever it is called I was able to see that Mistress had read it almost immediately. I awaited her response. Nothing. I waited a couple of minutes and tried again. Again she read it and ignored me. Mistresses grip on my balls tightened further. I sent two more texts before giving up. There was nothing I could do.

I looked at Twitter through my phone and spotted that Mistress had posted an ecard that read ‘Having a vagina doesn’t stop me from believing that my balls are bigger than yours’. I might be wrong but my suspicion was that this was aimed fairly and squarely at yours truly.

I sat and waited. There was obviously no point in sending another text. I was in enough trouble already. Eventually Mistress sent me a text. The purpose? to begin to tell me how much trouble I was going to be in when I visit the HOD in a few days time. Ominously Mistress told me that I had been a very silly boy indeed. By now I was wholeheartedly regretting my initial email. I really should know better by now. After a little while she kindly provided me with my new password. For obvious reasons I wont disclose it here. Let me just say that every time I enter it it will remind me of how foolish I have been. When I did finally get back onto my PC I found that it opened up on Mistresses amazon wish list (I suspect I will find out before too long why that was). I also found the following message: NEVER EVER QUESTION THE DYNAMICS OR FORGET YOUR POSITION AGAIN!!!!

I decided to save the message into my confidential folder so that I could remind myself of it when I felt the need. I sent a text to Mistress to thank her for letting me back into my PC and to tell her that I had saved the message that she had left. The cursor moved on my computer screen and Mistress wrote ‘I know I have been watching you all the time’. I had no idea!

Mistress instructed me to masturbate, I asked if I was allowed to cum, she said yes, and I did….

Finally I went to bed, but not to sleep. I lay there fretting over what had happened and what was to come. Surprisingly, as I had only just cum, I got a ‘hard on’ that just wouldn’t go away.

Today I have spent much of my time on my PC completing tasks for Mistress. I should be working, but I have no choice. She still has me by the balls and I suspect wont release her grip for some time.

The moral of this story:
Never ever question the dynamics, or forget your position as a slave of Miss Deelight. Or you will be made to regret it.

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