A life in Chastity – Living by numbers – by Slave Taquin

I received an intermittent and unexpected blog entry from Slave Taquin earlier this week. Yet another string to to my bow in terms of the control I have over him. His desperation has shone through in his texts this week though he has gone quiet for the past 2 days. I assume he is suffering in silence trying his hardest not to pester me and checking his phone everytime it beeps to see if I have contacted him. The poor desperate locked little pet! I am sure those of you interested in chastity or those who fantasise about it will enjoy reading this…..

7 weeks since I was locked in chastity.

1 week since my last session (and orgasm).

4 weeks before I am able to visit the HOD again.

31 weeks before my current control contract ends

I seem to spend too much time these days counting the days and weeks as they go by. It was actually day five, following my last visit to the HOD, that Mistress managed to turn me into a tormented mess again. It was the day that Mistress posted my session blog, having added her own introduction to it and lots of photographs. I always look forward to this day (albeit with some trepidation) as it sometimes provides an insight into her thoughts.

I clicked eagerly on the Tweet titled ‘Tantalising Ties for Slave Taquin’ and waited for the blog to load up. Mistress had indeed written an introduction and I started to read through it. Anyone watching me at that moment would have heard me catch my breath and seen the the blood draining from my face (it was rushing off somewhere else to ensure my discomfort within the chastity device!). Mistress had repeated a threat she had made during our session to force me to extend my current 9 month contract when it comes to an end next April by a further 12 months. And yes Mistress, I must confess that I did deliberately leave it out of my blog. History tells me that if I even hint at something that I know that you will enjoy, you will make sure that it happens. The blog introduction finished with the words ‘You really are mine now Taquin’. And if this wasn’t enough the words were adjacent to a session picture of yours truly handcuffed and helpless at the HOD. By this time Mistress’s property had swelled uncontrollably within its cage and stayed that way for the next 4 hours. I tried to work but found myself drawn back to the blog introduction, and the photography that Mistress had added, time and time again. Eventually I gave up trying to work and took the dog for a walk instead. maybe the fresh air would help clear my head. It didn’t.

As previously reported, when I get into a state like this I cant deal with it without telling someone about it. And the only person I would tell would be Mistress. A huge mistake I know but I can’t help myself! I sat myself down and composed a text to Mistress. My texts are always as honest as they can be although sometimes I might try to use a little humour to soften the truth. (I learnt early on that Mistress has an unsettling ability to see straight through any attempt to influence her). Today I confessed that her blog introduction had sent me into something of a tailspin and that there were two competing thoughts in my mind. One was to ask her to keep me locked up for ever, (did I really say that!! but the torment was feeling so perfect at that point) and the second was that I should go and find a pair of bolt croppers now in order to provide myself with the pleasure that her property was demanding. Yes it was all quite ‘tongue in cheek’ but the pressure had built up to a point that I could think of nothing else.

Mistress response was anything but ‘tongue in cheek’. The text that Mistress sent in response can be summarised as follows:

a) There is nothing that you can do about your current situation

b) Removing the device will constitute a ‘Deal Breaker’ and you will forfeit all monies already paid for the 7 remaining contracted sessions

c) And worst of all, contained in the phrase ‘think how much you would miss Mistress’, was the possibility that Mistress would refuse to see me again.

I read and re-read the text many times. This was the first time that Mistress had laid out the implications of me trying to release myself from the device during the period of our contract. I think that I had always known that this was what I was signing up to, and indeed I believe that her response is perfectly fair and appropriate, it is just that it had not been said in this way before. The result of this new clarity in our relationship. My torment and discomfort just intensified.

The moral of this story? If Mistress wants to keep you locked up, then that is how you will stay. I have to say that I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is somehow reassuring to know that even when I weaken, as I inevitably will, Mistress will ensure that I stay true to my agreement regardless of my protestations.

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