A New Sissy in Training

Helping a male slave to get in touch with his femanine side, especially for the first time, is something I get enjoyment from.  I enjoy the process of stripping them of their masqulinity, transforming them physically and then training them perfectly in how to walk, talk, act and behave like the sissy, they dream of being.

A brand new first-timer came to me, and discovered their inner Rachel.  On her first appearance, Rachel learned some standard etiquette, dressing techniques, a taste of punishment in case she displeases me, and had both of her holes tested.  I broke her anal virginity, something which she found a little uncomfortable but also alluringly pleasurable, so much so she moved herself back and forth on my cock, eagerly.  Best of all though, Rachel embraced her biggest fantasy, prolongued cock sucking, on my strap on.  She demonstrated enthusiastic and tallented cock sucking skills!

Although it is very early days, looking at these pictures I think she has a promising future as a slut, what a spankable and fuckable bottom she has in her panties!




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