A Note About Deposits

I don’t like to come across as difficult or picky, not normally. Despite the fact that my submissives regard me as a higher power; Priestess; Goddess; Mistress etc. I also like to think that you slaves know, deep down, that I am also a human being. However; unworldly or worldly as I may or may not be, one fact remains true; I am a business woman. Therefore, when I arrange a session, real time or internet based, I aim to provide a service. Giving you (the paying customer) what you are looking for, is at the top of my agenda. A happy slave will always return to me, thus:

Happy slave = return customer = good business.

I digress.

The reason for this post is simple; I wish to explain to each and every one of you, my reasons for requesting a deposit and more importantly, my reasons for requesting a deposit on each visit.

As for-mentioned, I put a lot of time and effort into every session. If I make an appearance on webcam, I charge £2.50 per minute for a private, spur of the moment session. So, why should I go into deep, email based conversation about a session that may never happen? I, like many other females in my industry, am not stupid. We are all wise to the wannabe ‘wankers’ who get off for free on talking about things that they are too chicken shit to put into practice. My good friend; Mistress R’eal, taught me this from the start; never trust a Wanker! Had I not have had her guidance, I would have fallen prey, like many a fresh Domme, to the assholes out there who get off on a free ‘knuckle shuffle’. But what has shocked me more recently, is the number of ‘regular’ slaves who feel that they, being a regular customer, have a right to mess me around….

….I know that life deals us shit. I know that personal problems always take precedence over our kinky, illicit desires; but what about me? If you are a regular customer/client/slave/wanker, I will always make a little extra effort to work around you, your schedule and your undesirable time preferences. So in the past, I have arranged new clients around my old ones, and I have also arranged other things such as childcare, out of hours, under the assumption that we have a mutual understanding. The mutual understanding being that you have a need, I have a need, and we both meet those needs. What happens, when YOU, SLAVE/CUSTOMER, don’t stick to your side of the deal? I have ultimately arranged a whole heap of shit around you and your session, having spent time and money preparing for it, and I will have arranged other sessions around yours, thus also causing difficulties in someone else’s schedule, having a knock on effect in their lives too, no doubt. Slave, you cause the mother fucking chaos theory to spread its wings and reap devastation when you decide that you are more special than the next slave/customer/wanker.

I will get to my point:

Since my so called ‘loyal slaves’ have let me down more often than my new recruits, lately; I am now going to ask for a deposit for EVERY real time session from here on in. Whether you have seen me once or 100 times, your time with me is always going to be subject to a £30 deposit or £50 for a double session. That way, if your life interferes with mine, then at least the two little people closest to my heart, wont miss out.

Love, hugs and spanks for your understanding.

Miss Deelight x


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