A Quiet Week and The Butt Plug – By Slave Taquin

(Submitted 29th November)

Following last weeks mammoth blog this weeks will be a little shorter! It is the way that long term control works. Sometimes there is much to say and at other times less so.

For much of this week Mistress has been playing ‘catch up’ following her time spent coping with illness and then a house move. Of course this means that she can spend less time tormenting her Slaves. Once Mistress gets inside your head, as she has mine, you do miss her when she is otherwise engaged. We have however communicated each day in order to stay in touch, which is nice. I have been able to spend the time being as productive as possible in my normal life. Whilst I have made the most of this I have of course missed the attention from Mistress as well as the lack of Twitter activity from her. (It was typical of Mistress that, when she did have a moment to go onto Twitter, it was to send her thanks for gifts received). It seems that Mistress is the only person who can bring her property to life now. I am therefore somewhat dependent on her.

On Thursday it became apparent that Mistress had decided that I had had it too easy for too long. A couple of pictures and a couple of texts was all it took to get things stirring again down below. Mistress ensured that she stayed in my, now horny, thoughts throughout the night by instructing me to edge at bed time.

Saturdays task was to edge to the thought of Mistress inserting my new butt plug. I was surprised to find that this brought things to a head quite quickly. I am yet to experience the sensation of the butt plug, and in fact it is something that I have not really looked forward to. I suspect however that I will soon be made to realise, yet again, that Mistress knows best.

Today I see that Mistress has started to publish her slaves blogs that have built up recently. Next week I will have the huge pleasure of visiting her at the HOD. I imagine that Mistress will look forward to getting back to doing what she does best, I know I do.

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