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I would like to welcome the newest chastity recruit into the House of Deelight; Pupp.  Pupp is owned by another Domina (Modern Empress) with whom he has a long term D/s relationship with.  It has been agreed that Pupp will be controlled by myself in terms of enforcing long term chastity and control with visits on a regular monthly basis.  I have asked Pupp, as I do with all my HOD pets to write for my blog and to introduce himself and his purpose.

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For the convenience of my Owner, who travels widely and has many calls upon Her time that she sees fit to answer, I have been required to train under a second dominant lady who shall oversee and enforce day to day chastity control.

The requirements sought from the second dominant lady were few: she should be conveniently located for travel purposes, she must enforce ongoing, permanent chastity and she should be comfortable dominating the Owner’s toy.

Miss Deelight met these requirements and more. From our first contact she was relaxed and confident in her ability to meet all requirements. She put me at ease whilst beginning to probe for necessary control and within days all parties had determined to proceed with Miss Deelight’s monthly Real Time Contract for Chastity and Keyholding. This being agreed Miss moved swiftly to enforce her dominance.

The first meeting with Miss Deelight allowed Miss to gauge her latest HOD recruit. Tasks were set in order to measure standards of discipline, the ability to obey commands, pain level responses and the general amounts of experience and subjugation already present for Miss to use. We discussed devices and the way forward was made clear for me, the way that Miss required.

As we parted Miss reeled off a list of items for me to source and bring along next time: a starter chastity device, a safe for the device’s emergency key, sterilising tablets….even to maintain the correct attitude towards life in chastity. Whilst not my first experience of chastity both ladies had been clear that it was intended be the longest in duration with no end to the contract being set….future events proved that it would also be the most profound chastity experience for me to date.

At the second meeting Miss checked that all was well with my Owner and that I was ready, as Miss expected me to be. After she had helped herself to sufficient worship and enjoyed a little relaxation Miss demonstrated her total control of our relative positions. Without further ado Miss secured me to her cross, pulled my thong down and forced me to orgasm. By controlling whether I was clothed or not, when I was stimulated and therefore how I reacted Miss made clear that she was in absolute command. My mind and body responded to her, as she wanted…her toy was introduced to life changing stimuli and an emotional bond was created within me that will keep me obedient and loyal.

After the milking, a cold shower prepared me for locking. A little lube and the device was on, Miss snapped the lock shut. The keys were placed securely: Miss keeping one on her rack, there is an emergency key in a safe and the third is ready for Owner’s use. My thong slid up over the device and Miss declared herself quite happy with events – content with the control that she now exercised and the fact that she would derive much future amusement and pleasure from me, as with all HOD recruits.

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