A Very Fortunate Slave Part 2 – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog

no.A Third week in chastity for slave Pupp.  As well as his chastity device and panties, he is now wearing ladies deodorant on a daily basis to further reinforce his position of servitude. I enjoy teasing all my pets, even more so when they are bound by the confines of their chastity devices. I like to instill a little fear to keep them on their toes, ensuring that they always serve me to the highest of standards, maintaining focus on what is important at all times so I sent the caption image on the left, to him.  I have also instructed Pupp to ensure that he has correctly fitting clothes. He has lost weight and hasn’t replaced the trousers that are practically falling off of him, held up only by an ill fitting belt. A slave must take care of himself and his well being, and his presentation at all times. After all, it is a representation of the Mistress or in this case, Mistresses that control it.

“A Very Fortunate Slave”. Gosh how well Miss sums up a pupp’s life and the position in which pupp is subjugated. We are now well into the opening month of full chastity control imposed by Miss. Miss is careful to ensure that it is clear she is in control. Every day, either directly or indirectly, there are small reminders as well as the device locked around her property. My deodorant has been changed, small fashion requests made and pupp finds he begins to become she quite quickly.

During this week pupp felt an increasingly strong urge to be milked. This was dispelled by the chastity device as  the physical prevention of full excitement compelled pupp to follow restraint. Then Miss sent a gorgeous picture involving the subject of chastity, her beauty with emphasis on her cleavage and her statement of intent regarding orgasm control. This caused pupp pain as the device bit cruelly into me, pinching the hoped for erection and leaving behind a flaccid willy.

The after effects of this lesson from Miss have been profound. The physical effects of chastity are powerful but at least as deep are the mental adaptations imposed by her control. She creates desire and then removes this toy’s lust at will. She demonstrates how effective her control is and also how futile it is to resist her. Miss dominates, replacing useless male traits with female understanding, crushing what is not needed.

Since the picture episode pupp’s sex drive has been zero; this has freed pupp to concentrate on other, more productive parts of life. This pupp’s purpose is clarified and work for both dominant ladies concentrated upon.

pupp has therefore prepared diligently for our next meeting, working hard to achieve the exact approach that Miss wants me to take….biddable, willing, open to ideas and submissive to the extreme.

Miss has called pupp back to the HOD, fixing a date for inspection, evolution of her control and play. However she chooses to continue the training, pupp both fears and looks forward to the feelings of servitude and utter powerlessness that Miss inspires. Her training is demanding, controlling and ultimately pleasurable: thank you, Miss x

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