A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 5

G84A7905.00_01_49_08.Still005Slave Pupp continues to serve me and has continued with the changes I have requested in terms of his mental and physical chastity and new way of life.  Unfortunately for Pupp, his tested chastity device was not the one for him so we will be working on another solution.  Chastity devices don’t work for everyone and in my experience it can take many device trials to find the right one.  The search for a new device will continue when Pupp has healed. In the meantime his feminisation continues to flourish and blossom.

A different week unfolded before pupp; Miss had removed the chastity device! Not only this but Miss ordered pupp to concentrate on demonstrating full physical recovery from the effects of a chastity device that had caused swelling and pinching. pupp applied various unguents and slowly but surely the state of pupp’s willy improved, ready for the next chastity approach that Miss had prepared.

Without the device Miss had other areas for pupp to concentrate upon. Several purchases were made; various styles of panties, pairs of ankle socks, a full maid’s outfit and a bondage device were ordered. Parcels rained down as a variety of postal services staggered to the door. Due to the amount of ink required pupp bought a new pen with which to sign for each of the deliveries. Scissors groaned at the thought of opening another well wrapped largess. pupp salivated as the life changing parcels, caused by Miss, continued to pile up.

So far the most successful items have been the leggings, some in fuchsia pink. In the current fluctuating temperatures they are comfy, keep me warm and still show the panties worn underneath. Just what Miss required; progressing feminisation for the long-term. Each week seems to bring an instruction that leads to female behaviour becoming more ingrained. Miss is overhauling pupp’s wardrobe and her control continues to grow….dressing is confined to female attire at home, full stop.

Miss issued a public note of thanks to various HOD recruits during the week. Her style, remembering slaves and recognising them is certainly rewarding for pupp. It is a suitable counterpoint to the exacting standards that she sets. Meet her demands and Miss is generous; fail and perhaps assistance will be provided, or punishment or both. Thank you Miss Deelight x

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