A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 6

As Slave Pupp’s servitude continues despite the absence of a chastity device, one thing is clear; that the mental chastity is still very much intact as my Pupp explores its feminine side and compares its service to me, to my marathon training. 

Here is the sixth chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

“Miss knew that she would be busy this week. How does Miss fit in her Marathon training, the training of others and the rest of life too? What appeared to be a quieter time for me, with Miss engaged elsewhere, turned out to be just as demanding as usual. This proved to be an important teaching from Miss for me to learn. To find out that her control and demands are constructed so to be consistently stretching. Her demands on me for service will not let up without good reason, pupp is here only to serve/obey.

First pupp got used to wearing jewellery again. Sundry anklets and bracelets were worn for long periods of time and became suitably comfortable. A favourite is a Hand Chain Link that combines a bracelet with a link of pearl beads that attaches from wrist to hand. Also the leggings that Miss required are now standard wear for pupp. As Miss expected they show off my panties and hide nothing, whether a chastity device is worn or not.

From the notes that Miss made about marathon training some parallels surfaced to my chastity training. For example training alone does have benefits, although pupp is still trained at the pace Miss sets. Often pupp is found in the ‘zone’  – again set by Miss, and this does help to generate positive and creative focus in her plaything. When torment kicks in it can get lonely but focusing on the distance goal of chastity also takes mental energy and discipline as well as physical. One of the key elements of servitude becomes taking time to concentrate on important matters and getting proper rest. From this better service can be offered and a better being is developed.

Every input that Miss gives is calculated and calibrated; her control develops….


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