A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 8

I am still deliberating over the best course of action to enforce chastity upon Slave Pupp after the failed use of the CB3000 the other week.  Whilst waiting for the feedback from Slave Taquin regarding the Bon4M I am considering other options such as hormones and TeamViewer to deepen the control over Pupp as well as a more permanent domestic service position at the House of Deelight.

Here is the eighth chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

“Miss built up an aura of suspense and quiet power this week. Under our contract she requires me to train with her in person and she knows the effect that every approaching visit can have. This pupp’s bursts of confidence alternate with doubts but her training is designed to produce the end results that are desired by Miss Deelight

pupp was sustained by the final parcels arriving; we are well past the point where all jewellery can be worn by a lady at the same time. Of course Miss has achieved one aim here of having me begin to create a full wardrobe of suitable attire. Whether Miss wants bondage gear, maid’s outfit or a more subtle feminine approach Miss is rapidly building up a choice of outfits that she can require me to wear.

Miss hinted at further options to increase her control during the week. It is enough for me to know that she is planning, possibly honing techniques on one devotee before bringing them to bear on another – sometimes with variances to heighten each slave’s individual torment.

However this pupp must not overthink, pupp must serve and high standards are demanded and must be maintained. If there is a specific task to be completed it is done sooner rather than later. If pupp has a choice then I will get on with the task rather than thinking later will do.

So pupp bounds, in bonds, merrily across to see Miss…wish me luck, it will not help though – only Miss has any power to dictate how her training will proceed.

Thank you Miss Deelight x”

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