A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 9

Another week under my command and control for Slave Pupp.  This edition of its journal includes with it a visit from Pupp to the House of Deelight. My avid readers will know that all my long term slaves eventually become assigned to a particular role of usefulness. In Pupp’s case, it has now been assigned to cleaning duties serving as the official House of Deelight maid. I am pleased with the efforts applied by my loyal subject in order to impress me and show that it is capable of meeting my high expectations.

Here is the ninth chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

“Miss was in sparkling, spanking form as she granted some of her time to training this pupp. Upon pupp’s arrival Miss Deelight took my breath away and replaced it with physical worship of the most obvious kind. Her hotpants, boots and many charms caused me to leak much to her amusement and my weakness was humiliatingly noted and commented upon. Miss, knowing that she had pupp utterly subjugated, took the time to ask probing questions about my progress, current feelings and any potential needs. Once Miss was content that she knew enough of my thoughts she then gave her orders provided impetus to her requirements of pupp.

Miss had me strip to check my choice of leggings and panties. Once she had approved my choices she dictated the further direction that my clothing will take by insisting that tights are also needed. As ever Miss Deelight did not give vague orders: she produced the exact make and style that she wanted to see pupp wearing and living in. A review of the maid’s outfit that pupp had brought was completed and Miss helped pupp to dress, leaving her feminised maid ready for action and expecting hard work from a ferocious taskmistress.

Once Miss was happy that the feminisation programme was proceeding correctly and apace Miss laid out my work program for this visit. Maid pupp was told to clean through the HOD, becoming more familiar with the areas that tend to need the most exacting cleansing work for future reference. In between rooms Miss would give punishment for pupp arriving 150 seconds late, pupp not asking permission to have sex with a female where only the female achieved orgasm and any lax cleaning infractions.

pupp set to work, starting in the obvious place for a serf – the toilet. Producing a sparkling pedestal and bowl, then sink, shelves, mirror, skirting board and bath got pupp warmed up. Miss appeared to check the results, dictated areas for further concentration and care before proceeding to spank pupp. After twenty “thank you Miss” squeaks with sincerity from pupp, Miss departed satisfied, leaving pupp to continue.

pupp cleaned each room, hovering, dusting, polishing and keeping my maid’s outfit tidy all the time just as Miss had instructed. In between times nipple clamps were applied, further spankings given and encouragement provided to keep pupp up to scratch. When not tormenting her HOD servant Miss was able to carry on with the activities that she wanted to complete knowing that pupp was beavering away in order to achieve the finishing standards that Miss had set.

Finally cleaning was completed and a panting pupp’s work was reviewed and found to be satisfactory. Miss provided pointers for future efficiencies; Miss always looks for more work, better work and greater satisfaction from her HOD devotees, today was no exception. It was lovely to see Miss in such obvious good form; spirited, inventive and captivating. When Miss thrives pupp does too, it is catching.

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