Always Expect the Unexpected – by Sissy Mouse

Lucky, Lucky Sissy Mouse enjoyed a few surprises during his last visit to the House of Deelight, the spectacle of which was a surprise participant; the very lovely Mistress R’eal.   Here is Sissy Mouse’s write up and pics from the session.  Enjoy!

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde “always expect the unexpected” a phrase which most definitely suits Miss Deelight.

My session write up starts this time with a Text from Mistress saying that she is unwell but hopes to feel better by Saturday. Now to me Mistress’s health and wellbeing is so much more important than a session and as much as I tried to get Mistress to cancel and put her feet up she was having none of it. Saturday arrives and a morning Text to confirm our session to which Mistress confirms she is feeling better and to arrive at noon as planned. As usual the time before a session drags but finally I make my way towards to House of Deelight. Now due to having a bit of a week I make a request to enter the HOD go upstairs strip off and return to wait kneeling for Mistress before talking to or seeing her which she agrees. So I lay out Mistress’s tribute and a bottle of wine that she has requested as she doesn’t need to drive home today and wait kneeling in the Gorean Nadu position. A few minutes later Mistress comes in the room looking fabulous as ever in shiny rubber dress and platform boots to enquire why I have requested this today I explain and then Mistress offers her boots for me to worship and the first reprimand of the day for rushing and not taking the time to appreciate the honour I have been given. Mistress then enquires where my sissy clothes from our last shopping trip are, which of course I didn’t bring and this has now messed up all of Mistress’s session plans (something which I am still truly very sorry). This makes Mistress very unhappy and informs me I will be punished for this stupid mistake and then leaves me kneeling in the same position and goes off to find nipple clamps and a collar and returns to fit them. For me there is something very magical and symbolic about having a collar fitted, Mistress then finds a horse’s head mask and put that on me and for her amusement gets me to make horsy sounds and of course takes some pictures. I am then instructed to follow Mistress to her lovely bondage chair which is not easy because the eye holes are tiny. Once I am firmly strapped into the chair Mistress then informs me that her very good friend Mistress R’eal is working elsewhere in the HOD today and she is going to inform her of my stupidity. Now if you don’t already know Mistress R’eal has this ability to scare me just with her presence. So once again mousey is truly fucked!

After being told that Mistress R’eal is in the building and the general talking to and torment that Mistress is giving me my mind has gone a little blank so I cant quiet recall the order of events however I do and will always remember my first experience with knife play. I have done many things over the years and I trust Mistress implicitly but knife play along with Mistress’s running commentary of the history of the knife was a very mind blowing experience and I sat strapped in the bondage chair frozen with complete fear not knowing where this would end up which of course is the point its all psychological.

As an aside when I first contacted Mistress over a year ago about visiting and she asked me about my interests the two things that are currently at the top of my list namely Public Humiliation and Knife play would not have even been thought of. That is the joy of going on a journey with someone who has a very creative and wicked mind.

Anyway back to Saturday I am sat in the chair enjoying the rush that was Knife play when Mistress announces that it would be nice to listen to some music of course unbeknown to me that involved Mistress finding some headphones plugging in her iphone and looks through her music library until “oh yes, one direction I’m sure you would enjoy that” and press’s play, leaving me to errrr enjoy the music and goes off to do other things. Now I can’t deny that it’s still better than listening to white noise and I did drift off enjoying the immobilisation forgetting about the nipple clamps still fitted that would get a tug every now and again that brought me back round with a jump. Mistress then decides I can still see to much that is going on through the gap in the chairs head harness so kindly puts a tea towel over it. So I now have true sensory depravation and have no idea what is happening around me which does really heighten the senses. Then I feel something being written on my stomach and the music stops and what I then hear is Mistress and Mistress R’eal discussing what and idiot I have been forgetting my new sissy clothes and that really does put me on edge and no matter how much I apologize its not cutting it. I’m told I am a buffoon and that I can’t even spell it correctly (see pic) along with other things written to point out my failings. Mistress then points out that I will stay there listening to one direction until it goes back to track one and to make sure I get it correct as she has other things to do so doesn’t mind if I sit there all weekend until I do. Mistress then removes the nipple clamps that have been on for over an hour and the music goes back on. I am now so confused and I can’t remember what was the first track sounded like and inevitably I get it wrong “oh slave you just keep letting me down today” says Mistress and the music goes back on. I finally get to the track that I am sure is the first one and tell Mistress who replies “yes slave but you got it wrong so make sure you remember it” I think I was only saved by Mistress’s boredom and the need for lunch and a few things from the shop that the music stopped, Mistress then informs me that I am to download the album and learn all the lyrics because in the future she will give me a track title and I will sing it for her!!.

I am then released from the chair and Mistress discusses with Mistress R’eal what they both would like for lunch. I am then given a shopping list written on my arm they also discuss sending me out with something written on my face in permanent marker. Luckily they are only messing with me. So off I go to Tesco for supplies and then to find a kebab shop that is open at 2.30 on a Saturday afternoon. I was just about accept defeat and have to let both Mistresses down once again when I see what I can only describe as absolute joy a sign saying open. They have just opened and were very surprised to have a customer at this time of day. If they knew the ladies I was buying for they wouldn’t be, so I had to wait for the fryers and grill to heat up and enjoyed the company of the staff talking about this and that, with a voice in the back of my head saying please hurry up. Order served and I finally return to the HOD about an hour later to the inevitable “where have you been slave we thought you had run away” and of course I am in a complete flap as I try and serve Lunch and find everything that the Mistresses are demanding. So food served and wine poured I kneel and wait my next instructions. Both Mistresses then enquire why I didn’t get anything for myself to which I replied that I am sticking to my diet as required by Miss Deelight but of course being the kind Mistresses that they are I was thrown scraps that I chased all around the floor. Mistress R’eal even kindly chewed up some meat and spat it in my mouth to enjoy. Mistress then notices that the floor is very dirty from all the food that’s been on the floor and asks me to clean it up so I go to get a cloth “no slave use your tongue to clean the floor” so I did as instructed while the Mistresses ignored me. When Mistress had declared that I had finished both Mistresses then wanted some entertainment so put some music on and told me to dance for them.

Picture the scene mid forties fat bloke in pink pants trying his best to find some rhythm and failing to the amusement of the Mistresses so at least I achieved something.

As Mistress R’eal had finished eating she instructed me to worship her boots and once again I was reprimanded for being too keen and to slow down and fully appreciate the honour I’ve been given, Mistress R’eal then instructs me to suck her heel with both Mistresses commenting what I great cocksucker I would make and with that I am dispatched to find the large black dildo from the cock cabinet in the boudoir. I duly return and I’m told to put it in my pants so I can feel what a real mans cock feels like with Mistress taking pictures and generally poking fun at what I don’t have. Various Mistress shenanigans goes on for a while until Mistress R’eal informs me she needs the toilet and I am going to be honoured in receiving R’eal champagne which of course was a real honour. I am left drenched and told to dry myself and make sure that the room is dry and spotless which I duly do.

The Mistresses then announce that they need more supplies as its going to be a long evening for them and send me to shower and remove all the writing on me and on my return dispatch me to the shops. I return with the shopping pour the wine, wash up generally tidy round and with that I am dismissed so that both Mistresses can enjoy a catch up and a relaxing well deserved evening.

Afterwards I find myself in bed at 9 that evening completely shattered but with a massive smile on my face and still in shock two days later, its only the following Tuesday that I find myself able to function normally again.

All that is left for me to say is a massive Thank you to Mistress and to Mistress R’eal for a most amazing fun and testing day. I hope I served you both well.

There are probably bits that I missed but to be fair I was a blabbering wreck for most of the day so this is all that’s come back to me.

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