An electronic slap around the face and a kick in the balls – by Slave Sissy Mouse

Slave Sissy Mouse has been in irregular service despite committing to a lengthy contract of distance control and financial control.  I had been kind on him for a while until one day recently I received an email from him which got my back up and decided on no more Miss nice-Deelight. Threatened with exposure (an original consensual blackmail agreement) Sissy Mouse has regained his bumbling composure and is firmly back in the place he belongs.  You can deny your submissive side all you want pets, but if it’s in you it’s never going to go away so you might as well buckle and enjoy the controller-coaster ride of your life! Oh and one more thing… never EVER masturbate without my permission if you are serving a control contract!

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An electronic slap around the face and a kick in the balls.

My distance control from the beginning of March also coincided with a period of relentless work and almost constant illness. Mistress was very kind to let me just get on with it whilst still following my daily instructions these being skimpy Female underwear (thongs mainly), my new daily routine Female deodorant and of course my mantra.

During this time Mistress enjoyed some shopping trips via Teamviewer including purchasing an ipod for using whilst training for her marathon. This also had the added benefit for Mistress of me having to contact Apple to confirm the order due to it being sent to Mistress’s home which of course meant once again I had to confirm my email address which for some stupid reason I registered sissymouse@ rather than my normal email address. I have had to confirm this email address to apple 5 times so far and it makes me squirm every time and of course amuses Mistress immensely.

A few days later Mistress messages me to ask if I could come a give one of the rooms at the House of Deelight a fresh coat of paint and redo the gloss. I was of course honoured to assist Mistress and a date was duly set. I arrived and set about moving some of the furniture into another room so Mistress could carry on working whilst I set about my tasks. However within an hour Mistress had a nasty cold come upon her and much as she tried to work it was too much and around lunchtime Mistress left me too it and went home. Even though I have known Mistress for over 2 years I am still touched that she trusts me to do what I am meant to do and leave everything in its correct place because after all this is her place of work and if it’s not done correctly it reflects badly on her and I wouldn’t want to think what the repercussions would be on me. So let’s just say a thorough job was done and everything was checked and re-check several times. Once finished I had been instructed to return the key to Mistress which I duly did the next day.

On the Wednesday I yet again went down with a horrible cold and this just didn’t let up and lead to me having to postpone my session with Mistress on the Saturday. This also brought a strange feeling with it as usually I crave my sessions with Mistress; they are always fun no matter what nasty things Mistress is doing to me. This time however I didn’t really miss it, I just carried on with my life not really thinking much about it. I don’t know if it was because I was so entrenched in work mode and had not had time to think about anything else for weeks. I was still however carrying out my daily tasks as instructed by Mistress.

Now we get to a day I shall never forget and it’s not for good reasons. Over the last few weeks I had convinced myself that I was no longer submissive and that I needed sometime completely away from the scene and tried to convey this in an email to Mistress. However on reading it back after sending, it read more like a selfish self-pitying epilogue. I like to pride myself on being a very low maintenance slave and client but I managed to lose sight of reality and send this email. However the biggest shock I got was the reply from Mistress which I would like to add was sent at 5.56am on a Sunday the day that I knew Mistress was doing one of her last long runs for her marathon training. Mistress very firmly pointed out to me that my email had ruined her sleep because she had read it the night before. Mistress also pointed out that she had been very understanding of my work pressures BUT I was under her control until at least January 2018 and that control would now be very forthcoming. In the email I also admitted to pleasuring myself without permission which I also added didn’t bring me any joy just made me feel guilty, hence the confession. This I think disappointed Mistress more than anything else and her response to this was that she would secure my hands to my head and nail my bollocks to her coffee table! However it was the final line that made me shake which said “If I didn’t turn up for my next session (which was on the following Saturday) she would disclose every bit of information she has about me. So there it was a slap around the face and a hefty kick in the balls all via one email.

I just looked at the screen firstly because I had made Mistress lose sleep during a very important time for her and secondly because it really hit home how deep I am into this and how there is no escape for me. I have no safe word, I have no limits I am at Mistress’s mercy and as she pointed out to me I have asked for this and now I have it.

I received a message from Mistress a few hours later asking if I had read her email. I responded that I had and that I couldn’t quantify how sorry I was about sending the email and making her lose sleep. I never meant to annoy or enrage Mistress and I cannot even now relate how terrible I feel about it. I wont go into the to and fro of our messages only to say that Mistress made it very clear that no matter how terrified I was I was to arrive for my session with a smile on my face. I thanked Mistress for her understanding and went about my day very nervous about what is to come.

I sent Mistress my morning message on Monday to enquire how she was feeling after her 19 miles (with little sleep) on Sunday. Mistress replied later in the day that she was very fatigued but in good spirits. Mistress also pointed out that as I had paid for my session already I had better not miss it and she had been looking at my bank account which once again was not in a good way. This only sank in a few days later that Mistress still had my bank login details. Mistress had previously told me she had destroyed them so they could be extracted from me again!

My Tuesday message to Mistress was responded too by Mistress telling me to return to my small chastity cage and ring during the day. I thank Mistress for her instructions and go and fit it. I received a message from Mistress that evening enquiring if her property enjoyed being secured (which of course it did).

Wednesday’s message was to confirm I had locked Mistress’s property and wished her a good day and enquired how she was feeling from her Sunday run. Mistress replied she felt fine and didn’t even ache which was great to hear. I also pointed out I was getting more nervous as we got closer to Saturday. Later in the day as is usual my balls tried to escape the ring and it was another chastity fail to report to Mistress. Mistress was not surprised and informed me that it would be mental chastity and that any touching without permission would have serious consequences. I had also noticed that Mistress had put some coffee supplies on her wishlist and when this happens I am to message Mistress to ask to buy them for her which I duly did. Mistress replied that she would do this whilst I was secured on Saturday via Teamviewer and my Amazon account.

Thursday arrives with a rush of realisation that after all this time of moping about what I had missed and needed was Mistress’s control. As I said my mantra on my knees I was shaking with adrenaline like I am after one of our cp sessions. I message Mistress about my realisation and she replies that she is pleased to hear it and that she knew by giving me no choice it would get my head back into its correct place. Mistress also reminded me once again that I am bound to her for another two years with no escape so I had better start embracing it. I thanked Mistress for her patience and fully accepted that this was my path. Mistress also sent me a line to repeat which was “I surrender to total control and to being totally fucked”.

Friday dawns and just one more day to go until my session. I do however awake and feel like a massive weight has been lifted from me and hopefully I can now just relax into my control. I message Mistress and inform her of my plans. Mistress informs me she has a day of sessions and looks forward to dealing with me tomorrow. Later in the day Mistress messages me to inform me she is having her nails done and as a penalty for keeping her up before her run I was to pay for them. I am always happy to spoil Mistress so I reply thanking Mistress for allowing me to pay for them and how much do I need to send. Mistress tells me she will let me know later. A while later Mistress informs me the cost of the pedicure and she also informs me she has helped herself to the money from my account and how does that make me feel. I reply that I feel happy and it’s all part of my submission to her. Mistress enquires if it was arousing which I reply it was very much so. “Perfect” was the reply from Mistress. I still struggle to understand why Mistress having access and taking money from my account is such a turn on but it is and she uses it to her advantage. I trust Mistress and know my account is in safe hands (for now is what Mistress would probably add).

Saturday and the day of our session arrives I have had little sleep due to nerves. I have not been this nervous before and I know it’s not going to be nice because Mistress has told me so. I don’t have any idea of what will happen as I never do. Mistress replies that she is looking forward to our session and adds 3 devil faces. 11am arrives and I walk through the door to be met by Mistress in normal clothes (My submission is mental, what Mistress wears is of no consequence to me. Although I am partial to her in her pink polka dot latex dress) anyway this was not a day for requests. After a brief chat about what an idiot I have been Mistress hands me a package and informs me to go upstairs use the bathroom and return wearing the pants she has given me. They have one hole for the cock and another for the balls. Mistress also gives me a cable tie to attach around my balls to stop them running away. I return a few minutes later and have to warm my balls over the heater to bring them out and then kneel in front of Mistress and say my mantra repeatedly whilst she drinks a cup of tea. Mistress then informs me to follow her into the other room but I have to as Mistress describes slither like the slug I am. Mistress tells me to stay on the floor a put my legs and arms out like a star and walks around me digging her heels in here and there and then tells me to sit up cross-legged and Mistress applies a bandage blindfold. Mistress informs me I will be wearing this for the entire 3 hours of our session so I have no idea what is coming and from where. Once this is done Mistress tells me to stand and places me in the bondage chair and starts strapping me in reminding me that this is where my journey with her started and how it has shaped my doom. Once I am securely strapped in Mistress places some headphones on me and played me an audio clip of her giving jerk off instructions. Which you can imagine the headfuck of that, Mistress’s soft voice instructing me on when to start and when to stop all the while I am firmly tied to the chair not able to do anything or know what Mistress is up to. When that finishes Mistress plays me another. This one contains Mistress giving instructions to the slave whilst he is in the room so I get to hear him enjoying a lovely orgasm directed by Mistress. Then Mistress applies some lube and starts stroking my cock. This is total hell because I know there will be no chance whatsoever of an orgasm today or probably the foreseeable future. The one thing that does strike me is that I have not been stroked by Mistress’s hand for such a long time it is absolute heaven and hell all into one. I remember one of Slave Taquin’s post from many months ago saying it was the thing he craved and I am reminded why that is. I don’t think I have had the pleasure of being stoked by Mistress since October 14. Anyway back to the torment and Mistress is following the instructions on the recording slow, fast, slow and so on. My cock at this point is the hardest I can ever remember it being and Mistress then stops and puts on some classical music and starts the electrics which I hadn’t even realised that she had attached. Only gently to begin with and I am expecting this to get much worse but it doesn’t. After a short while Mistress turns the electrics off, stops the music and removes the headphones. She tells me she has done her coffee shopping and helped herself to another item to help with her photography. Mistress then starts undoing the buckles on the chair which is a bit of a surprise for me as I was expecting much more torment and so was my still very hard cock.

Once I am free Mistress informs me to go and get dressed but leave the pants on with my cock and balls exposed. I don’t know what to expect now but go and do as I am told. I don’t know what time it is and think to myself wow that 3 hours went quick and I got off very lightly. On my return Mistress tells me that she has decided that our session will be in two parts and that the next part will be on Friday leaving me with almost a week to simmer. I stand there is almost complete disbelief being so teased and now so denied. I leave and when I return to the car and look at the clock it has been just over an hour. I have just had my mind fucked in the most unexpected way. My balls ache like they have never before and I cannot do anything about it because the fear of punishment is greater than the need to orgasm. I drive home in a slight daze and just keep thinking about what part 2 will bring. At least there is only now 2 hours left on the clock to endure but hang on Mistress has access to my account so the torment could go on for a lot longer.

Thank you Mistress for getting my head back in the game albeit by hook and crook and for proving I am no match for you in any way and that your mind is more evil than I thought it could be.


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