An Introduction from my Nail Bitch.

Since he’s now a fully fledged pet in the House of Deelight, I thought that my Nail Bitch slave should come aboard my blog and introduce himself.  He’s been very loyally paying for my manicures and pedicures for the past couple of months and is well and truly addicted to the world of Deelight.  Please welcome Nail Bitch….

So it all started when i was browsing clips4sale and i happened to stumble across Miss Deelight’s account. The first thing i noticed had to be the incredible red lips to which i should have known at this point, would make me crumble to anything. I was adding clip after clip to my basket without hesitation, anything where i could see Mistress’ red nails, red lips, smoking, was in my cart.

I then found Miss Delight on twitter and began to browse a little further, without plucking up the courage to follow Miss. I was now on Miss’s website where i had found a ‘contact me’ section, and before i knew it, i was typing out a message asking Mistress if she would like me to pay to have her nails done.. I could feel the nerves beginning to build inside, knowing i was letting Miss in to my knowledge of things that make me tick.

We then spoke briefly on adult work, and i think at this point, Mistress had known she had captured a new recruit who would be completely under her control, a new slave for the House of Deelight i believe Miss calls it. We exchanged phone numbers and Mistress told me she would be in contact when her manicure was due and my duty would be called upon.

A few days later, i had awoken to a text which i was slightly nervous to open, but it was Mistress informing me she was getting her nails done that very day, and which colour which would be my preference. I told Mistress, red would definitely be a preference and a few hours later, there it was, a picture through on my phone, mistress showing me her red nails. I couldn’t have imagined how it made me felt, it was as though i would have done anything she would of asked of me in that moment.

We continued to text across a number of days, and now i think back to it, this was Mistress extracting more and more information from me, learning what made me tick so I could only fall further under her spell. I had mentioned to Miss that i would like to maybe think about doing a custom video for me, which Mistress more than happily agreed and asked what sort of subjects we could cross within. We agreed on a subject, which I will not detail, but not something i ever thought anyone could have made me do.. how wrong was i! Mistress had me like putty in her hands.

I’ve been on masturbation bans, cock and balls tied, ruined orgasms, to which I can only thank Mistress for and i can only imagine what Miss Deelight could convince me to do next. But i think for now, i am more than happy to continue me that Nail Bitch.

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