An Ode to Loser Wankers

To the little loser wanker,
Who watches from afar,
The one who can only dream,
Because you know how shit you are.

Lying in your dingy room,
With your tiny cock in hand,
Emailing all the mistresses,
To promise them the land.

You write down all your bullshit
And then use copy and paste,
We take one look at your desperate dribble,
Then send it to the waste!

You haven’t even got the cash,
To pay us for our time,
A freeloading little slug,
You leave a trail of slime.

All you can do is dream,
That any woman would want you,
But deep down you know you’re a waste of space,
And you know we know it too!


Copyright © Miss Deelight 2013

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