Anal Training Day 2

My Slave, Gimpy has returned for another anal training session plus a couple of beginner lessons in submission.

First up, every slave starts a session with me, by being collared. But first of all, this silly slave is always made to strip for me, SLOWLY!   Gimpy needs to learn that once the collar is on, he belongs to me.  Look at him eagerly gazing up at his beautiful Mistress, Me!


After receiving his instructions on the rules of the Collar and having received a little ‘warning’ spank, Gimpy forgot all about the camera behind him and was caught red-handed rubbing his red-bottom better whilst my back was turned! He would later pay for this!

After some lubing up and the insertion of his first new butt plug, Gimpy was given a ball squeeze to remind him who he belongs to before being introduced to my friends, the flogger, the paddle and the tawse.  All the while he had to keep that butt plug firmly between his cheeks.



I like to give the Slaves that try their best a little encouragement so I showed him the Deelights of my breasts to entice him into pushing himself further for me, before shocking the life out of the silly little wimp, with some clover clamps!


Finally Gimpy took the next sized butt plug before being rewarded with a short fucking from my strap on.. it was only short because it was all he could take.  Nice try, Gimpy… but not good enough!

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