Annie May – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

My newest pet, Sissy Princess Annie May continued her training with me this week.  She told me that she would like to lose weight for me and get in shape, so as well as the normal teasing, chastity and control tasks I set about putting her on a fitness plan.  I requested a daily food journal and it soon became apparent that my Sissy was very uneducated regarding healthy eating.  On her first day she truly believed she had been eating healthy but the amount of bread in her diet that day was cause for concern.  I decided that my Sissy needed to join a slimming group and so she did.  What a good girl she is!


Week 2

Day 1

This week my training takes a new direction, one for the better. Mistress is putting me on a diet/exercise regime so I can be a slimmer and sexier sissy girl for her. Mistress is also helping me curb my habit of buying porn which has been a serious concern of mine for a while.

So today Mistress outlined what she expects of me, including complete and total honesty for this to work. Otherwise more extreme measures and punishments will be meted out…

Firstly, no more paying for pornography, period. And to get into chastity. Secondly, no chocolate, biscuits, crisps, or alcohol allowed. I don’t drink so thats ok (I’m a good girl), but the others will be harder, especially beloved chocolate! I will also be sending Mistress my weight as well as my food intake.

I was also ordered to get into something skimpy and do some working out to a Zumba dvd, which I did in a hot pink sports crop top with matching spandex shorts.

I also asked Mistress for some advice on a new chastity cage, as I’m looking for something thats as clean and hygenic as possible. A good sissy is a clean sissy :)

Day 2

The day started with my food intake from yesterday being all wrong. Although I thought I was being healthy, my diet was not going to help me lose weight. Mistress told me to find a local Slimming World group to join so I’d know what foods were good and which were bad. After finding a group right in my village, and some positive encouragement from Mistress, I made a commitment to go on Thursday mornings. Mistress then inquired to how much I paid for porn (clips4sale)…the figure was ridiculously high for the month, so Mistress agreed I definitely have a problem!

Day 3

Today was my last full work shift for the week. Mistress promptly ordered me into my little chastity device for week. I was also to wear tights, so they pressed against my locked clit all day. I foolishly inquired as to whether I should be in panties or not. Apparently I was to wear panties until my suggestion for going without meant Mistress told me to wear just the tights under my trousers!

When I got home on the night, Mistress allowed me to play with my clitty before bedtime, but no orgasm tonight. I was to just think about serving Mistress as her slutty princess.

Day 4

This morning I was to dress and put on makeup to look pretty for mistress. I chose a cute pair of pale pink high-waisted little shorts, a pink vest top and my jewellrey and makeup. After that was done, I was ordered into a frustrating situation. I spent half an hour ball-gagged, wrists restrained to my thighs, a vibrating buttplug pushed into my sissy ass, and no chastity device. It was such a turn on! I imagined Mistress doing it to me in person…


Day 5

Joined Slimming World today! I was the only ‘male’ at the group…but it was an eye-opener for whats best for losing weight. I read through my starter kit, which had listings for most foods and gave ideas for what to eat. Mistress was looking forward to seeing what my new food diary would look like now that ive joined, and so do I :)

Mistress wasn’t feeling too well today, so I wished her a speedy recovery.

Day 6

Today I continued planning out meals and a healthier shopping list. I really do want to look good for Mistress, with a trim sissy smooth body. Mistress ordered me to exercise today so I did another Zumba workout and practised some yoga.

Day 7

I was at the hair salon today, having my hair blonde! It took a while thanks to dyeing it dark and some purply-red mixed in as well. I still have some darker ginger looking parts, but it looks much better than it did before! I want to be a pretty blonde sissy princess for my Mistress. Todays task was a clitty stroking game. Mistress would sporadically text me throughout the evening with the word ‘Stroke’ and a number. And even number meant I was to stroke fast for that amount of time. And an odd number was to be stroked slowly. Mistress kept me on edge all night! In the end I was denied a release, making me a bratty little bitch :)

I was also ordered to select a few outfits/clothes to bring next week for my session, as well as my makeup and to ensure my small clit was securely locked up when I met Mistress.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting Mistress, and getting nice and slim for her.

Love Annie May xxxx

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