Another Day Over – Tired Mistress

Another day at the office done for Mistress Deelight. I have had a LOT of fun playing with my cyber-pets on Web-cam as well as on the phone.  I am looking forward to meeting two of them in real life sessions next week.  The Deelight Kennel now houses two new puppies for me to train and mould into the perfect pets.

I would also like to say that when advertising for a new pay pig for my cash farm, a fellow ‘Domme’ (I use the term loosely) accused me of being a plastic Barbie slut porn star, rather than a Mistress.  Why Thank You PrincessRose (aged 25, self-confessed Brat!) Curtseys!  What a wonderful compliment indeed and great publicity for me, considering the amount of applications I received.  It would appear that I am in fact a real Goddess after all.

Well Mistress is feeling a little cold now and ready for bed.  I will leave you with this rare image of me looking warm and cuddly…. yes slaves, you have permission to dream about being the cardigan wrapped around my soft skin.


Kisses, Miss Deelight xxx

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