Another Gift for Mistress

I woke up this morning, got ready in my usual way and was disappointed to realise that I was running out of my favourite Estee Lauder, Double Wear Foundation (in Fresco – take note!).  Mistress only wears the best products on her skin, to maintain her beautiful appearance for you lowly pathetic worms. *sigh*.  However, a smile was soon put on my face when I discovered a £50 boots e-gift voucher in my email inbox.  It seems as though Slave SissyMouse is almost becoming telepathic to Mistresses basic needs.  What a good slave!

Mistress is not impressed with the rest of you for not being so forward thinking. *heavy spanks*

Sissy Mouse, you may have relieve yourself this evening and take pride in your achievements.

Unimpressed Mistress

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