Arthur’s Early Morning Wake Up Call

Poor Slave Arthur was woken up by his locked cock at 3:50am suffering inside the bars of his chastity device to which I still hold the keys. He will remain locked without orgasm until the 31st January 2014. I am amused at how intensely he is now suffering and thus am sharing his email with you…

This is a true chastity slave with the utmost dedication.

Miss Deelight,
Bursting at the edges this morning.
I was dreaming about you sitting astride my legs, fondling my nipples, and taunting me about how much fun it’s been putting a stop to my wanking, and how long there is still to go before any chance of relief
There is no room at all inside the cage right now. – In fact I’m overlapping the bars, aching and suffering.

I’m going to spend a few more minutes now on my assignment——–


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