Attitude adjustment and complete subjugation in less than 10 seconds – By Slave Sissy Mouse

When slaves need to be put in their place, reminded of their position and have this deeply ingrained in their submissive little minds sometimes one must even step outside of ones own boundaries in order to deliver the message in a way that the slave simply would never ever expect.  Slave Sissy Mouse found this out as you will read in his session write-up below…G84A9436.00_07_54_07.Still006

My write up this time is just going to give you a snapshot of the week proceeding my latest session before I get onto the session itself. Whilst there have been lots of interaction with Mistress this week I have been very busy and Mistress has let me get on with it.

One of the key points this week was a message from Mistress to say she has been trying to log into my bank account to inspect the state of it and the codes wont work and she was checking that I had not been foolish enough to change them. I confirm I haven’t and go to log into my account to find it has been blocked. I go through the reactivation process and thus have to enter new login information. I message Mistress to confirm it was blocked and that there are now new codes and ask Mistress if she requires them. I receive no reply so I assume Mistress will extract them from me on Friday.

The rest of the week sees me doing a different job with my builder’s hat on and thus working on site with a plasterer and electrician. I message Mistress to inform her I quiet funny being all blokey whilst wearing a skimpy thong and this does indeed amuse Mistress. My job goes well and I send Mistress evidence of my work and she is pleased that I can maintain high standards without her overseeing presence. Now one of the things that the week does do to me working in such an environment is to make me a bit cocky and this would ultimately lead to my very quick demise when I attend my session.

The morning of the session arrives and I still have this very cocky bring it on attitude and I message Mistress this. What I should have said was I am very much looking forward to our session whatever it might bring as I was not expecting it to be easy. I do like to dig myself holes.

About an hour later Mistress messages me and tells me to go and buy an assortment of strong cheese and some washing up liquid. So this of course gets my mind racing as to what Mistress is going to do with these. Suddenly feeling not so cocky!

I arrive at the allotted time of 12.30 and walk through the door with my bag of shopping and I am greeted with Mistress looking fabulous in her Pink polka dot latex dress. To find that Mistress is not going to feed me cheese. The cheese is for a custom video that Mistress will be shooting later and the washing up liquid is not to wash my mouth out but because the HOD has run out of washing up liquid. This is the level of mind fuckery that Mistress has got me too. Mistress informs me to go upstairs strip off and use the toilet and return kneel and face the fire place. This is when it all went way beyond what I ever expected.

I return kneel and face the fire place and close my eyes as instructed.

Usually Mistress comes in walks round me, verbally abuses me for being useless and fat and generally gets my head into a nice bumbling place but not this time oh no. Mistress walks in the room and puts a plastic bag over my head and ties it off with rope and shouts at me to put my hands behind my back which I do immediately and she cable ties them together.

Now this has completely caught me by surprise and all I can think is don’t panic because you will use up all the air. Once my hands are secure Mistress removes the bag and says simply “Not so cocky now are you?” No Mistress is all I can whimper. Mistress then places a hood over my head and then bandages my head to form a blindfold and inserts a ball gag in my mouth. It is very unusual for Mistress to gag me but today is not a usual day. Mistress then tells me to lye on the floor which is not easy with cable tied hands and Mistress does help me down because as harsh as this may sound there are sharp corners and no one wants a head injury. Now once again you will have to excuse me if I don’t get this completely accurate but my mind was not at the time thinking this is going to make a great write up so my time line maybe slightly out. All I can remember is being completely shocked by what just happened, that bag was over my head for 10 maybe 20 seconds but it so disorientated me that I was utterly compliant with what I was told to do. I would have agreed to anything for air. I would also like to add and as Mistress pointed out after the session I was no where near suffocation it was just the utter shock of it. So I am now tied, blindfolded and gagged on the floor and Mistress is shouting at me digging her heels in me and the thing that stands out the most to me was kicking me in the balls whilst shouting were is my latex dress that I asked for on twitter. This is not the Mistress I usually know. Mistress is not a demanding bratty person but she was that today and she made me feel my place fully as a total piece of shit beneath her. I cannot lie this was the best start to a session I have experienced so far and to lye on the floor totally helpless and at Mistress mercy was so arousing. This was fear play without the play part just total fear. All I could do is whimper through a gagged mouth.

After a while Mistress cuts the cable ties releasing my hands and if my memory serves me well informs me to get on my knees and she then sits on my back and starts tugging the gag so I start to move to which Mistress sternly tells me stay where you are I didn’t say move. My mind is a little blank until I am told to stand up and Mistress leads me to the bondage chair. Reminding me once again that the chair was where my journey to hell started. Mistress secures me in the chair and then begins to ask me questions. Little did I know at this point it was being recorded for further “leverage” Whilst I have few limits with Mistress there was still some wiggle room for me and I had asked Mistress a few weeks ago if this could be removed to ensure her control over me was absolute and not lead me to be tempted to send selfish, self pitying emails again. Mistress then asked me a series of questions including my new bank login details. I was slightly hesitant on this which produced two whacks of the cane on my thighs (I still have the marks and bruises) I was not able to have marks this time and Mistress knew this and thus made my compliance much easier to obtain. As I told Mistress after we had finished the session I so wanted to say “But Mistress you broke my account I don’t think you should have the new codes” I wasn’t that brave of course and gave her the codes. Once the questioning had finished Mistress says “I will just upload that to my one drive to keep it nice and safe” and played it back to me just to ensure I knew she wasn’t making it up. Mistress also played back to me my agreement to the purchase of her imac just as a reminder. Not that I need reminding, my commitment to that is beyond question even in my darkest days I would never have reneged on it.

I have to be honest the rest of the session was a bit of a blank I do remember Mistress getting me a drink of coke but instead of putting it to my mouth she just told me to open my mouth and threw it at me with some going in my mouth and the rest trickling down me. It was that sort of session and Mistress was in that sort of mood. After what seemed like 10 minutes but was in fact several hours (where does the time go during a session?) Mistress released me gave me a drink and told me to come and sit down to gather myself. It is sometime quite odd to sit in front of Mistress with her being nice a smiley after putting you through it. Stockholm syndrome springs to mind and as Mistress reminded me just because she is being nice Do Not think it will always be this way.

Once I had regained my composure Mistress sent me for a shower, re dress and granted me the honour of helping her set up her cheese eating custom clip and whilst she was doing that gave me some chores to do. I do so much enjoy helping Mistress in anyway I can to lessen her work load. It is also nice to reach a point where my work is expected to be at a certain level and as such is never inspected because I dread to think what sloppy duties would entail especially from now on.

As ever I have to finish with thanking Mistress for another mind blowing session. The mind fuckery was beyond belief and as Mistress pointed out I was hard the entire session so fear must turn me on. Yes it does because you make it real fear Mistress.



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