Back Where I Belong – By Slave Taquin

Since getting confirmation from my slave that he’d like to have another go at chastity now that his cock has healed, I decided that I would keep him on his toes for as long as possible and that I would ultimately lock him up on Christmas Eve, so that he would wake on Christmas morning with his first thoughts on me!  The week couldn’t have played out better…….

Right from the beginning of this week Mistress continued to taunt me with the idea of being locked in chastity once again. Since injuring myself whilst locked up several weeks earlier I have enjoyed the freedoms of not wearing a device. But I have really missed the physical (and therefore emotional) submission that wearing a device involves. I had healed remarkably well. So well in fact that it seemed that I might once again be able to be locked up. If Mistress did decide that I was ready for this again then I knew that I would have to be much more careful this time. At least now I knew the warning signs to look out for.

By this time it felt as if I had been ‘managed’ by Mistress into a state of totally confused hornyness. She had teased and taunted me for weeks. Allowed me to touch her property just once during this time and then withdrawn all rights to do so. She had sent me pictures of men in bondage and made me source hemp rope that I knew would be used against me. Now she was teasing me about locking her property completely out of my reach. In my confused state of mind a part of me wanted this to happen to remove the terrible temptation to cheat whilst another part just wanted to be allowed an orgasm to release the pent up pressure that she had created.

Later that day I took a trip to my workshop only to find the cursor on my laptop moving of its own accord. Mistress had taken control of my laptop through TeamViewer once again. I stood in front of it watching. Mistress opened up the camera app, the small blue light on my screen surround indicated that the camera was active and a picture of me appeared on the screen. I tried to smile but suspect that it probably didn’t come across very well. I am always nervous when in the presence of my Mistress. This is as true when she is watching me on camera as it is face to face at the HOD. Mistress bought up the notes app on my screen and typed ‘Good afternoon slave’ I responded. We ‘chatted’ through notes for a couple of minutes until Mistress decided it was time for me to be given a task. My task came as a real surprise. It was in two parts. I should say at this point that Mistress knows that I am quite good at making things from wood. It seemed that my skills were about to be tested. The first part of my task was to make a Chastity device! Apparently I had to design and make something that I would be made to wear. It was to be as restrictive as possible and be capable of being worn for a period of 24 to 48 hours. I have to say that I am reasonably proficient at working with wood, but this sounded like a pretty impossible task. Mistress asked if I was going to accept the task. I knew that, in reality I had no choice, and so I said yes.

The second task was to make 3 more items in wood. These are a) ankle binders b) wrist binders c) upper arm binders. Again these were to be made to be worn by yours truly. Mistress has obviously realised that she can capitalise on my ‘lemming like’ tendencies and make me construct tools of my own enslavement.

I think that she probably sensed from my expression, or from the responses that I gave,  that I was doubting my ability to deliver the first task. She ‘kindly’ did two things to help me towards a successful outcome. Firstly she told me that I had 4 weeks to complete task number one and secondly she informed me that if I didn’t successfully complete both tasks she would start phoning my wife! Whilst I am unsure if Mistress would actually do such a thing the possibility of it happening is enough to ensure my compliance (and to make me very horny at the thought of how fucked I really am). My brain has been working overtime ever since trying to work out solutions to the tasks set.

On Monday I was instructed to meet Mistress to retrieve my existing metal chastity device. Any opportunity to meet Mistress is a pleasure as far as I am concerned. I arrived early at the agreed location and waited for Mistress to arrive. Before long I saw her car approaching and so I got out to greet her. Mistress opened her window and gave me the device. Having helped Mistress locate the place that she was attending that morning we said our goodbyes. It had been a very ‘vanilla’ encounter up until this point but as I turned to walk away Mistress said very firmly ‘you are not allowed to put that on yet, I will tell you when you can’. She raised her window and drove off to her appointment. In that one moment she had put me straight back into sub space. I got back into my car and realised that her property was pulsing and dribbling. Not because Mistress was going to lock me up but because she had reminded me that she was in control.

I drove home and put the device in a safe place. By telling me I wasn’t allowed to put it on Mistress had just made me more desperate to do so.On Tuesday she texted me and said ‘I bet you are dieing to put your device on’. I said I was.

On Wednesday morning we exchanged texts and Mistress told me that locking was ‘imminent’. I checked my phone every few minutes to see if the instructions had arrived. As the day progressed I became more and more horny and desperate for Mistress to lock me up again. The irony of this does not escape me. Mistress has successfully reduced me to the point of fearing that she might NOT lock me into a stainless steel device that will prevent any access to my own manhood. I really do try not to bother Mistress with texts and certainly I try not to be seen to beg for her attention. But by early afternoon I gave in and asked very respectfully if she would be kind enough to lock me up. I could see that she read my text almost immediately, but Mistress didn’t respond. This was torture! I held out for a further 2 hours before giving in and texting once again. I asked if she felt that I was naughty to ask to be locked up and explained that I felt terribly teased. A few minutes later Mistress responded by asking why I felt teased. I responded with a list of all the things that she had said or done to me over the last couple of weeks. It was a long list. By the time I had completed the list and sent it I was in even more of a state. Mistress left me to stew further before telling me that she was enjoying my suffering. This just made matters worse for me.

On Christmas eve I was up early once again and I sent Mistress my morning text. By now I had come to the assumption that Mistress was going to continue to tease me until finally telling me that I could have a ‘Christmas orgasm’. Yet again she made me realise that I can never guess what comes next. Her response to my morning text instructed me to lock myself up at midday that day and to send her photographic evidence. She concluded with ‘Happy Christmas lol’.

That was it then. there was to be no Christmas orgasm for Taquin. Instead I was destined to wake in the early hour of Christmas morning with the sensation of Mistresses property fighting inside its steel prison. To make my suffering greater Mistress sent me a picture of my wrists tied to a steering wheel. I recognised it instantly as the first occasion where Mistress had made me wear a device.

Midday arrived and I fitted the device. I slid the numbered lock through the hole and clicked it shut. I took a photograph that included the code of the lock and texted it to Mistress. By now my hands were shaking. Mistress had driven me to a point when I was ready to beg her to lock me up if I had to, and yet I was gripped with the fear that comes with being so reliant on her once again. The moment that I pressed the send button was the moment that I lost any final semblance of control. In that moment I felt excitement, fear, relief and a great sense of contentment. I actually felt quite emotional.

Yesterday I foolishly admitted to Mistress that I had thought that she would allow me a ‘Christmas orgasm’. According to her tweet on the subject last night it would appear that it has provided her with much amusement! I really am such a naive slave sometimes. Her tweet finished off with #chastity #denied #powerandcontrol. This morning it feels like my dependence on Mistress has increased further. I still think that I am a very lucky to be allowed to be her slave.

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