Bi Bi Becky…..

…. or is that Welcome Becky?  It was a very special day for a House of Deelight newbie on Wednesday.  Fate was most definitely on this slave’s side. I do not normally take same day bookings and as such I certainly don’t have same day ‘rentacocks’ available for forced bi sessions. These things normally take a little extra planning. However this day was different. As luck should have it I was available for an extra booking and as luck would also have it, I had a devoted slave with time on his hands available to offer his cock for my new trainee.  My newest slut arrived at the House of Deelight, very nervous but with a strong desire to scratch an itch that he had been having for a long time. He wanted to be pushed into being the cock sucking whore that he desired to be.  Now I mention that this was a forced bi session but I think that ‘forced’ is too strong a word. I’d prefer the word ‘encouraged’ on this occasion.  You can see by my picture that it wouldn’t have been hard for me to encourage it anyway; who could refuse my beauty?


My newbie slave arrived, we chatted and then I had him strip. He was given some obedience training and then transformed into sexy lingerie, a blonde wig, pink eye shadow and slutty red lipstick.  I like to name all my slaves and sluts, and often the names are amusing or humiliating but for this slut, the name ‘Becky’ came to mind and so, Slut Becky was born.   Before I could introduce a real cock I had to ensure that my new Slut was up for the job so I put her to work on my strap on, encouraging her to work those slutty red lips up and down my big rubber cock. She was eager and willing (as she should be) and so I took her up to the boudoir, tied the slut to my bondage bed and blindfolded her. I am a good judge of character and situations and this particular situation and personality suited a blindfold better.

With my new slut tied and blindfolded a cock was introduced and I am delighted to say that she sucked it hungrily. I quote my rentacock, “She nearly received my gratitude”. A job well done and a bi cherry popped for Slut Becky.  She will be returning for further training and will eventually be available for cock sucking duties.

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