Birthday Soon!

I am so looking forward to my birthday this year, the 31st May, put it in your diaries, Slaves as I won’t be working on this day unless, the price is right!  This year is a very special and significant year for me as I have not only come out the other side of a few dark years, but I have also flourished and blossomed to a place where I am now happy in my journey from sub, to Domme.  I know I have a lot of followers on my site and on twitter, many of you who knew me before, as Angel Deelight and have, in a way, been with me along my journey whilst watching my progression, and experiencing my achievements with me.  I would like to share my birthday with all of my little pets and playthings; so if you appreciate the effort I put into bringing a little bit of sexy, femdom happiness to your lives,  now is your chance to return a little bit of happiness to me, and everyone of you who does, will get a special little mention on my special day.

“Oh Mistress, please tell me how I can make your special day, that little bit more special.”

It is easy my dear sub toy, all I ask is a for a little contribution towards either of the treats below, no matter how large or how small, every donation will be very gratefully received.  I have two good causes, chose your favourite:

Birthday treat number 1:

If your preference is to spoil me rotten, and allow me to lavish myself with the finer things in life, such as expensive make up, shoes, latex clothing, and general luxuries, then please purchase an amazon gift certificate.  You can purchase any price, and every single penny will contribute to my happiness :D  Please send to

Birthday treat number 2:

If you would like to see the efforts of your gifting, again and again, then this is the one for you.  I have my eye on a special piece of furniture for my dungeon; a bondage chair.


The price tag is hefty, however,  the benefits are priceless.  If you would like to contribute to the cost of this fantastically amazing piece of equipment, that I am saving up for, then please purchase a gift certificate for me:  My name for the certificate is Miss Dee, and the email address to send it to is

Happy birthday to me…. ;)



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