Bound in Mind Body and Spirit – By Slave Taquin

It’s been a roller coaster week for Slave Taquin, while I’ve been doing some subtle experimentation with him and his mind.  Giving my slaves a personalised Mantra to recite was just one of the things that has had them in subspace this week and Taquin was no exception.


On Sunday I received my instructions for the day. Every hour for the rest of the day I was to find a quiet spot, get down on my knees and recite three times a mantra that Mistress had created for me. It was:

My name is Slave Taquin. I belong to Miss Deelight in body, mind and spirit. She owns me and is the control I crave and desire.

I did as instructed and found a quiet and private spot and got down on my knees, I put my phone in front of me in order that I could see my mantra, took a deep breath and recited it three times. The effect was to push me into my sub space in a way that I had not experienced before. It is not always easy to find sub space away from the HOD and whilst juggling the needs of a vanilla life, but this exercise achieved it. I continued the task for the rest of the day and went to sleep with Mistress occupying my thoughts.

20160106-G84A1728The next couple of days passed relatively quietly. Mistress instructed me to continue to recite my mantra both morning and night and that I was to learn it off by heart for my session on Wednesday. The day before my session Mistress contacted me to tell me that the hemp rope I had sourced had arrived. My growing excitement for the session intensified at the thought.

The following day I woke and sent my text to Mistress to tell her that I was really looking forward to my session. I arrived outside the HOD a few minutes early as always and texted Mistress to let her know. At 11am I received the text to say that I could enter. I picked up my bag and made my way to the front door of the HOD. Once inside I locked the door behind me and walked into the dungeon. Mistress was waiting for me and we said our hellos and wished each other a happy new year. Already today felt so much more relaxed than my previous session (where Mistress had decided to teach me a lesson with, what for me felt like, a good beating!). She asked what I had in the bag and so I proceeded to show her. Inside were all the things that Mistress had instructed me to make or bring along. There was the wooden chastity device that I had made as well as the wooden wrist cuffs, there was the metal chastity device that Mistress had made me remove as a punishment for last weeks misdemeanor, my butt plug and an assortment of locks etc. I also presented Mistress with a small gift to go towards her new computer.

Mistress instructed me to strip and kneel on the floor and recite my mantra. Why is that I can recite it perfectly on my own but when in front of my Mistress I hesitate and stutter? Eventually I got it right. Once I had done so Mistress produced a large cable tie and secured my wrists in front of me. She then went about tying me up, first with a body harness that also secured my arms to my torso, and then my ankles. I was unable to move and helpless. Mistress started to put a hood over my head but before pulling it down over my face she stood back and took a picture of me kneeling as I was bound and helpless looking up at her. Mistress has never done this before. She has taken many pictures of course, but never one that showed my face. She noticed the surprise on my face and just said ‘it is for leverage slave’. It felt as if Mistress has gripped me by the balls and was never going to let them go.

20160106-G84A1726Having done this she pulled the mask down over my face and I was made to lay on my back in order that she could replace the cable tie with the wooden wrist cuffs that I had made. This is how my sessions often start with Mistress. I am tied up and left for an hour to consider the torments to come in the session itself. Today Mistress was very generous in the time devoted to this, even taking the time to sit on my face for a while to ensure that I knew my place! By this point Mistresses property was dribbling in anticipation. It doesn’t behave as it did when I was a younger chap however and, with the exception of during the night time, seldom gets properly hard without a helping hand. I became overly brave and asked Mistress if she would be kind enough to take hold of her property. Silly, silly me. The response? much laughter and whipped balls. Not too hard, but enough to remind me not to make such requests. At this point Mistress decided that I should be made to endure the wooden chastity device that I had made. Once successfully fitted I was gagged with Mistresses suspender belt and was left on the floor of the dungeon to consider my fate. I subsequently discovered that Mistress was filming me as I descended into my own personal sub space. I think that she was probably doing this whilst I recited out loud my mantra to Mistress. It is a wonderful sensation to be tied and helpless knowing that you are now completely reliant on your Mistress and that any semblance of control has been taken away from you.


Eventually Mistress returned to the room and walked towards me. I could just make out through the mask that she was wearing black lingerie and high heeled shoes. Lovely! She informed me that today I was to earn my potential rewards. I was to construct an office chair that a sub had bought for Mistress R’eal. Mistress untied me and pointed towards a large cardboard box in the corner of the room. I emerged from my sub space and set about the task in hand. There seemed to be so many pieces! In reality it was quite straight forward but took a little while to complete (not made any easier by the sight of Mistress walking around looking stunning and preparing rope to tie me up again. I was so flustered that I kept dropping my tools!).

The chair completed I was ordered into the lounge and told to sit on the floor. Mistress was holding the new hemp rope that I had bought for her, and a wooden pole. The pole was placed behind my knees as the first length of rope was used to secure my legs in a bent position around it. The new rope feels wonderful. It is firmer than I had experienced before with far less ‘give’. It really does result in a very secure binding. Mistress helped me to my knees in order that she could tie a body harness on me that my ankles would be secured to. This completed my wrists were tied in front of me and  I was made to adopt the same position as the slave that Mistress had sent me the photograph of a couple of weeks earlier. Finally a rope was led from my ankles across my mouth in order to pull my head back and I was made to support myself with my arms on the floor in front of me. It was, as I had feared when Mistress put the photo on my PC, incredibly uncomfortable. This seemed to please Mistress as I struggled to hold the position whilst she took pictures. I held out for just long enough for Mistress to take her pictures and for us to joke that anyone seeing this picture would probably mistake it for the original (in which the slave is young, fit, supple and black!) before I collapsed to the floor.
As I laid still bound on the floor Mistress took hold of her property and started to stroke it. This is what I had dreamed of so many times in the weeks leading up to the session. It makes chastity and touching bans worthwhile. Mistresses property had rather disappeared due to the discomfort of the bondage but within a few moments it started to respond, and a few moments after that I came. How fantastic it was after all this time.20160106-G84A1733

I showered and dressed and started to say my goodbyes. But before I was able to Mistress stopped me and informed me that I was to go home, insert my butt plug and make myself cum. I was then to lock myself up again in my chastity device. She told me to make the most of it as it was to be my last orgasm for a long time. Later that evening I did as instructed. To be able to do this so soon after a session ensured that I had many wonderful memories and images to focus on whilst masturbating. And from all of the possibilities (the sensations of Mistress tying me up, Mistress in gorgeous black lingerie, her suspender belt being stuffed into my mouth, and many others) which image became stuck in my mind and pushed me over the edge into another wonderful orgasm? It was the one of Mistress fully clothed at the beginning of the session taking my photograph to provide her with ‘leverage’. I am only now beginning to understand the power of a blackmail fetish.

Mistress gave me a couple of days to recover from our session but turned up the heat again at the end of the week. My task was to find a rope bondage video that included a Mistress teasing her slave with her finger nails. It was surprisingly difficult to find one video that ticked all of the boxes. I persevered however and finally, following much dribbling within my device, I found the answer to the brief. I emailed the link to Mistress as proof of my completion of the task. There are now another 4 long weeks before my next session. I am locked up once again and totally dependent on my Mistress. I recite my slave mantra each day when I wake and again when I go to bed. Life is good.

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