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  • Gifting Protocol (Basic Manners Really)



    1. 1.

      a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

    Lately I and one or two of my female friends and colleagues,  have received a number of emails and Skype messages asking things like, “If I buy you a gift, what will I get in return” or “Can I buy you a gift and then you give me a webcam session?”.  I have a wishlist of things I desire, most of which are things that I desire for myself, not for work purposes.  That is why it is called a wish list.  I can, if I want to, buy business purchases with the money that goes through my business account.  Money that I take from real time sessions, Skype sessions, phone chat, custom videos etc etc; in other words, money that I have earned legitimately from offering very good, adult services.   Occasionally when I require something big for my dungeon, I will ask the help of my slaves to contribute towards the purchase and in turn they get the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped towards boosting my business.

    The point I am trying to make is this; If you wish to buy me a gift then you are very welcome to do so and it will be gratefully received and acknowledged.  The satisfaction that you, as a slave, will get from buying me this gift, is the knowledge that you have in some way, contributed to my happiness. You have made a gift of something that makes me feel special and spoiled and you have also put a smile on my face.  What better reward could you ask for?  Gifting to someone who genuinely appreciates it.  More often than not, my acknowledgement will come in the form of a YouTube video of thanks, or some pictures and always a mention on my blog.  You will sit higher than other slaves, who can only dream of making me as happy as you have.

    If you wish to have a session with me, whether that be real time or Skype or by any other means, I am providing a service for you, which you will be required to pay for, and if you feel, during or after your mind blowing session, that you’d like to purchase a gift to thank me for the amazing service I have offered, (one that you might not find elsewhere, or from your partners, or lesser experienced Dommes) then your kindness will be received with a smile and a thanks.

    If a gift is given to me with the expectation that I am going to give something of equal value back, then I would rather not receive the gift at all.  Giving to receive, doesn’t fill the recipient with Joy, it fills them with anxiety from the obligatory return.

    Those of you who gift genuinely, will know that this post isn’t directed at you, and you are all warmly accepted into the House of Deelight; your kindness is always appreciated.

    When we give, we do so, not to receive but to show our appreciation to the recipient of the gift.

  • Chastity Is Not For Everyone

    My head girl at slut school, TV Slut Kat underwent a period of chastity and discovered why chastity isn’t for everyone.  Chastity takes a great amount of self control, emotional turbulence and dedication to get through.  Not everyone is strong enough to succeed.  Here is Kat’s diary:

    Day 1: I now know how it is for every part of me to be owned. I am in chastity and I have given my key to my owner and Mistress. It was hard putting the cage on, especially in such close proximity to Mistress but it is done. I manage to sleep in the night but keep getting woken painfully by dreams of Mistress giving me to transexual dominas to use and abuse.

    Day 2: it feels strange to be in a constant state of being horny yet unable to get fully aroused. I have played with my nipples to the point that I thought I wud come. Sleep is the same tonight as I keep gettin woken by pain as my cage restricts the full enjoyment of my dreams, tonight was a bukkake party whilst my Mistress laughs and watches.

    Day 3: This is much harder than I though, my mind keeps telling me that everyone can see the cage and is laughing at me, I now flux between being horny and despair and have begged my Mistress to release me. She has asked me to persever but I don’t think I can. I do not sleep.

    Day 4: I have phoned Mistress today begging for the keys and crying like the sissy I am. Mistress has offered me the keys so that I can remove the device during the night to sleep. I gratefully accept on the condition that I wear the device during the days. I have a great nights sleep but my dreams remain full of Mistress.

    Day 5: after a full nights sleep I feel much refreshed and attack the new day. Even though I can now remove the device I obey my Mistrtess and remain in chastity thru the day, my vow of chastity will remain unbroken. I sleep well again.

    Day 6: almost thru my time in chastity ( I am seeing Mistress in 2 days). I am finding it easier now I am able to remove my device at night but I now know chastity is not for me except when the call is needed to control my urge to wank when being used. I am an instrument of pleasure and deserve none unless granted so by my Mistress.

    Day 7: Nearly there and I can’t wait to get out of this cage, chastity is most certainly not for meM the thought of seeing Mistress tomorrow is so exciting. Altho I must prepare myself as every slut should appear. I sleep well on my final night.

    Day 8: My release day is finally here, I prepare myself for seeing Mistress. The rest of the day I hope you will hear about in the blog. Come see me soon, maybe Mistress will allow me the Bukkake party, ;-). XX.

  • Slave Arthur – Collared

    Unfortunately, due to my recent ill health, I haven’t had the chance to write about slave cagey’s latest visit, a few weeks back.  But as his next visit draws closer, I really must share our progress with you.  For those of you who are new to my blog, slave Arthur is my long term chastity slave.  By long term, I mean, long term!  He has been serving me for much of this year, though he did have a little break from visiting me, he has remained in chastity the entire time.  Click here for more posts about Arthur’s commitment.

    Before his last visit, Arthur was instructed to chose a suitable slave collar and to have a tag engraved, marking my ownership.  Arthur, used his initiative and came back to me with two tags!  I also set him another task; to write about the reasons why and his feelings about, chastity, to share with the rest of you.  Since slave cagey first entered the House of Deelight, my blog posts about his journey have captivated quite a few men, curious about chastity, so what better way to feed that curiosity, than to share with you, what it is like for a REAL chastity slave.  I am not saying that those of you, who consider being in chastity, are not real; I am merely pointing out that Arthur, really is locked with no escape or sexual release until I decide to allow it.  It might be worth you all noting, that this power pleases me, greatly.

    Here are the pictures of Arthur’s new collar and tags… followed by his own thoughts on his choices.




    Slave Arthur’s Perspective:

    Why Chastity?

    I have committed to remaining under Miss Deelight’s Chastity Control for 32 weeks from June 21st  2013.

    Well, to be more precise, for a minimum of 32 weeks.

    Chastity in this case actually means without orgasms, for Miss Deelight will never allow actual sex to take place between us.

    I am locked into a stainless steel, erection preventing device at all times when we are apart, with Miss Deelight having both keys.

    By my calculations, 32 weeks, takes us to 31st  January 2014. So that’s no cumming for me until at least February next year.Miss Deelight occasionally reminds me that this is a minimum period, and I am fully expecting her to extend that, as she sees fit from time to time.

    Miss Deelight is an extremely attractive woman, so why should I not, like most of her clients probably do after a session, go home and have a really good wank?

    So what’s in it for me? Why chastity and frustration? Why not take a bit of a caning and go home and wank?

    Good questions. I can’t actually explain why I feel like this, but I do.

    I can trace my desire to be mistreated by girls back to about when I was 6 or 7, when I used to imagine being captured and made to do humiliating things. – Maybe I was a witchfinder in an earlier life.

    Even then I fantasised about such things as

    • Being made to sand in deep mud up to my thighs, while they inspected my genitals.
    • Being made to play ‘girly games. And wait on them
    • Being tied up and taunted.
    • Having them wash my mouth out with soap and water

    Well I was  only 6 or 7.

    The feelings subsided, and returned, subsided and returned over the years, but never really went away.

    I remember with some excitement even now back to the early years of  my relationship, as we got closer and closer to ‘doing it’, and one girl in particular, who allowed my penis to actually touch her vagina, and saying “I think that’s as far as we go”. – I suggested that she might provide some hand relief, and got the reply “I don’t do that”.

    So maybe these days, I’m trying to relive how I felt then—Who knows.

    One day I woke up and thought; “Life isn’t a rehearsal. I’ll try some of the things I’ve been fantasising about” Checked out a few possibilities, took the plunge and visited my first dominatrix.

    For me it’s really about not having control of my sexual outlet. That the woman in control is in control because that’s what she likes. The idea of my not being able even to have an erection she doesn’t authorise pleases her, as does the idea of her taking me to new heights of frustration.

    When Miss Deelight said that she was going to make my chastity period 32 weeks, my heart skipped a beat, and then she added “Minimum”.

    This is a lot longer than I’ve ever been without release, and the idea is so far very exciting. – So far.

    I don’t like much in the way of physical pain, but accept it because that’s what Miss Deelight wants.

    But the idea of being made to want relief, and not being able to get any, at the hands of an attractive woman really excites me.

    My fantasies have grown up over the years. –  But are mainly around the same overall arena.

    Attractive woman who enjoys making me want what I can’t have, enjoys putting  me to work and making me suffer. – If I don’t do the things I definitely won’t get any relief, if I do, then I still might not.

    Some examples:

    Being locked by the balls to an ironing board while ironing (or the sink while hand washing some of her clothes).  The woman reaches round from behind me and fondles my nipples (which seem to be hard wired to an attempted erection), and taunts me about being caged, under her complete control, and not able to wank., and how much having my cock under her control has improved me in all respects.

    Being teased to the brink of an orgasm and the stimulation stopped at the last minute (many times)

    Being required to perform oral sex on her while I remain caged and frustrated – one of my absolute favourites that one.

    Being required to drink her urine.

    She keeps me caged and waiting so long that all the sperm storage in my body is completely full, and I begin to leak spunk more or less continually. – This is aided by regular immersion of my caged cock in icy cold water for ten minutes at a time She gloats over how she’s put an end to my wanking, but at the same time starts calling me wanker.

    When cumming is finally allowed, it being on her terms such as

    A ‘quickie’. The instant the cage comes of she (or perhaps she makes me do it), masturbates my penis hard and extremely fast. As soon as the first squirt is inevitable, she stops the stimulation and puts the cage back on.  – Under this situation, the cum will start before the penis becomes erect – resulting in the cage being back on before the orgasm finishes; There are two other rules here

    1)      If I haven’t cum in a minute stimulation stops  and the cage goes back on.

    2)      If I become fully erect stimulation stops

    A ‘slowie’: she brings me to an erection and masturbates me at a ‘normal’ speed for a few seconds. Then for the next few lets my penis go and fondles my nipples. This is repeated until some cum emerges from my penis: – Which will result in a very ruined orgasm as it will probably be during the nipple fondling time.

    An extended: Very simple this one, she continues the masturbation right through and long after the orgasm, demanding “ More. I want more”.

    Having kept me  without relief for a very long time, she spends a while teasing me with the cage on, and then offers me a proposition. – she will allow me to bring her to an orgasm with my tongue, but it will cost me an extra 3 months in the cage. ( and I know which option I will take!)

    I don’t know why I want this, and can’t think of a single reason why it should be pleasurable, but it is.

    I suppose it’s a combination of having control over what makes me a man being taken over by this woman, and in a way, I’m more or less constantly engaging in foreplay.

    The longer it goes on, the more I seem to want it to go on. – But it has now ‘only’ been seven weeks. – Not even a quarter of the way through my minimum abstention period’

    It’s 3:50 in the morning, and my frustrated cock has just woken me up as it expanded to fill and try to break through the cage: — and I’m actually enjoying it.

    And is that all really harder to  understand than the man who actually want to receive corporal punishment? – Well it’s not to me, because I really don’t like a caning at all.

  • A Lesson in Etiquette.

    Are you such a total loser of a wannabe slave,  that you never receive a reply to any of the dozens of messages you send to dominant women, on a daily basis?  Are you sick of your, probably, lamely thought out and bland words, never even so much as getting a thank you, being tossed aside in the trash folder like they mean nothing.  Well, that is probably because they do mean nothing.  Most likely because us Dommes can see straight through your boring, half-hearted, copy and paste text.  Believe it or not, most Dommes do speak to other Dommes, so it might be that your email has received a little recognition, as being that morning’s coffee conversation for a minute or two as we laugh about your desperate attempt to grab the personal attention of females that won’t even breathe the same air of you, unless you pay them.  Well, let me shed a little light on the situation; when I go through the many messages in my email in-box every day, the first thing I look for is common decency.  A simple word that, if not offered, most certainly will not be returned;  RESPECT.  Trust me, learn a little bit about this very important word, and you might get a little bit further both in our worlds, and yours.

    For those of you who still can’t grasp this concept here is a prime example of a respectful message, that I will give my time of day to, from a user of a fetish social network site:

    Dear Mistress, I have been a massive fan of yours and only wish that I lived closer so that I might have the chance to serve before you. Would you permit me the honour of me adding you as one of my friends.

    Now, you might think that this is very high and mighty of me, and that I see myself as being above you.  I am not shallow, I believe in equality, outside of sessions, but what I do not believe in are bad manners.  I answer to Mistress or Miss Deelight because that is my professional role.  I do not answer to “Hi Babe, I think yer fit, can I have a session with you?” or anything similar to that, nor do I answer to emails where I am not greeted at all.  I will also ignore emails in which you offer me YOUR services.  This is my profession, and it is not I, who requires your services.  I offer you my time, attention and experience in exchange for your tribute.  If you are reading this blog, you are already getting something for nothing.  My advice, Slaves, is that a little courtesy, goes a long way.

    Miss D x