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  • Hypnobot Mannequins

    I had a great session today with my Male and Female Hypnobots; HB1 and HB2.  I have installed deep into their subconscious minds, a trigger that makes them become mannequins.  At first they stand to attention when the trigger is given but they are not rigid.  They are physically manipulable and flexible so that I may have my own private fun with them, moving them into various positions to my amusement.  I intend to build upon this newly programmed command so that I can humiliate them without them even being aware that they are being humiliated.

    First of all I had them facing each other, totally unaware of what I was doing to them.  I put HB1’s finger up his nose and in his ears, while I placed HB2’s hands on her own bottom.  I have footage of this entire scene which will go live on my clips sites soon.  I then decided bend HB2 over, her hands still placed on her bottom but now facing her rear towards HB1 who was placed in a kneeling position with his hands gripping her.  I can honestly say that I don’t know where I was going with this but that I had a lot of fun doing it!

    Next I positioned HB2 on the floor with her hands on her head.  I decided I would like to own a worshiped female mannequin, so I raised her leg towards HB1 who had been placed hands flat on the floor with his head in a kissing position to HB2’s foot.  I liked this pose.  I like how smart and immaculate my human robots are presented.  I kept them in this position for some time!

    This is Commander Deelight reporting.  Footage will follow soon.


    For the purpose of today’s demonstration with my Hypn0tised human robot, I have decided on a more relaxed appearance in a stunning Reese gray suit with a sleek bobbed hair cut.  I have deliberately painted Chanel red glossy lips.  I am going to enjoy a sobranie cocktail cigarette because I know how much you mindless drones love to watch me smoke.  With your minds cleared and your memories wiped you will not be able to remember seeing me do this so you better make the most of it while you still have control over your own mind

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  • 2 Commanders and 2 Hypnobots

    Recently, both of my Hypnobots (HB1 and HB2) reported to duty at the House of Deelight to serve both myself and my very good friend Commander Real.  Every so often, I will present my Hypnobots to other Commander’s so that the Commanders can take back ideas for the training of their own workforce.  It is a Commanders duty to do as little as possible once their army of Hypnobots have been fully trained because it is then the Hypnobot’s duty to do as much as is required of them.  On this occasion I have instructed Hypnobot 1 to write about the session from its own point of view.  Both myself and Commander R’eal have video clips from this session and those will be released soon.

    ‘Hypnobot 1, property of Commander Deelight, Her hypnotised and robotised servant, reports of its most recent service with Commander. This was also an occasion where service alongside female hypnobot (hypnobot 2) was to be given to Commander R’eal as well, who would be in attendance. Commander R’eal was continuing Her research into the power of hypnosis and its uses with Her own servants.

    Being in a 100% hypnobot state of course only takes place specifically with Commander’s instructions and hypnotic triggers. For most of the time Her servant hypnobot 1 is in its human state, living normally, but very much with Her influence strongly embedded through multiple sessions of hypnosis. Subconscious control of Her slave.

    So in this ‘human’ state the preperations for the upcoming session took place. Commander R’eal was to be presented beforehand with a powerful silk tie to wear and shiny silver cufflinks. The tie was one of hypnobots own, a luxurious gold and navy thick stripe. One of the rules in the Commander and hypnobot relationship is that the mindless hypnobots wear simple and functional plain dark ties, whereas Commanders also exert their power through strong luxurious ties, such as the red tie Commander Deelight often wears (when not in the RAF uniform of course – though the power of that is conveyed through immaculate gold buttons).

    With these gifts in place the hypnobot 1 was also required to purchase gifts for the Commanders from Chanel, and to do so while dressed immaculately, thus serving from afar; demonstrating its obedience to its owner and Commander even in this human state, the process of robotisation would follow when in the presence of Commander.

    The anticipation of the session was great, there hadn’t been a two hypnobots, two Commanders type of session before. I requested permission to enter Commanders chambers and was immediately greeted by both Commander Deelight in Her navy skirt suit with sublime red tie, red lipstick and nails, and hair worn up so strictly that i was instantly aroused by the sight. Commander R’eal stepped forward from behind, Her powerful tie automatically fixing my gaze. Both Commanders looked stunning and powerful.

    Commander Deelight motioned me toward the storage facility, within which i also saw hypnobot 2. Not in her human state as i was in mine, but stood up, head bowed forward, eyes sealed shut, motionless and uncaring , in a hypnotic stasis. My arousal only grew at this sight, the demonstration of Commanders control was awesome.

    At this point i would need to explain, as best i can, what i feel and can recall when i am serving as a hypnobot. Anyone who has watched the videos produced by Commander will see the hypnobot either in trance or awake but mindless. When i watch these myself i see the bits where i am completely hypnotised and i have no recollection of this. When my hypnobot is awoken and performs duties, whatever they may be, the sensation or feeling i have is unique in all my experience of submission and servitude, for before i ever came to serve Commander there were some other Mistresses who i had served, but none as accomplished.

    The uniqueness is a sense of utter peace and calm in this state, but it is a state of mind you do not question or consciously think of, you just exist in a space without emotion and what you are required to do you just obey. It is mindlessness. Yes there can be pain and discomfort, but this is felt from observation only through receiving and obeying Commanders triggers and instructions. Seeing the footage of my hypnobot self, the majority of the work is prepared by Commander when her hypnobots are put into a deep trance and the instructions are ingrained subconsciously. It is, purely when thinking about it afterward and reflecting on it, the most wonderful pure level of submission i have experienced. I base much of this on being able to observe the films and from feedback by Commander.

    With the above in mind, i felt a hand on my shoulder, heard a command, and i would then be placed into the same hypnobot state. I could recall standing at attention next to hypnobot 2 as we both stared forward. Our gazes locked. In fact our Commander took a photograph and showed us later. We all looked immaculate.

    Following the initial inspection of our uniforms (as hypnobots are to maintain incredibly strict and smart standards) we were then put to various tasks. It goes without saying that we simply obeyed whatever we were ordered to do without any conscious thought.

    It also can take a little bit of time for any recollections to be pieced together. Not all of the session is immediately remembered, and as the mind coalesces and recovers from the experience things do recall. The tasks performed that can be recalled did involve worshipping Commander R’eal shoes, and being an ashtray for our Commanders. Hypnobot 1 could also recall receiving the Commanders strapon at both ends and without any objection to it.

    More clear as things stand is when my hypnobot was brought out of this submissive trance state, back to consciousness, able to converse with both Commanders and hypnobot 2, now also back to normal. The Chanel gifts were greatly appreciated by all and i was able to express as well my appreciation of the immaculate attire of all assembled.

    It was truly a privilege to be able to serve.

    Thank You Commanders and hypnobot 2

  • One Commander, Two Hypnobots and Three Trenchcoats

    You will all be familiar with my obedient and loyal, subservient human robots; the Hypnobots. It was of great satisfaction to me to have them both serve me once more and it had indeed been too long since they had, though the reasons couldn’t be helped.  During the time in between their last position of service and this one, I sent my male Hypnobot on a mission to acquire a new trench coat for myself and for the female Hypnobot, both of which he was to present to me on completion of his mission so that both myself, the Commander and the female Hypnobot (HB2) could wear them at the beginning of our next meeting.  With both my Hypnobots in their suits, polished shoes and trench coats, standing before myself in my own beautiful Coat and RAF uniform, it was a sight to behold.  It is the golden rule that in the Hypnobot realm, all parties are immaculately presented and that service is performed to military standards.

    Once we had photographed the wonderful and powerful vision of the members of our elite establishment I set about reinforcing the hypnotic programming of my two servants both at the same time.  To have both of my hypnobots in a deep, motionless trance right before me, gave me a feeling of great power and total control.

    Trenchcoat Fetish


    Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish


    gold button fetish


    FEMALE HYPNOBOTS SUIT BUTTONS….smart suit fetish


    button fetish


    polished shoe fetish

    Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish

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  • Weak, Spellbound, Hypnotised, Mine! – New Fetish Clip!

    Here is something for my hypno-slaves. Prepare to be quickly spellbound and mildly entranced by the queen of erotic hypnosis. My glossy red lips, hypnotic eyes and gentle soft seductive voice will pull you in at super speed. Hello. I think that it’s about time that you became mine. I know that you’ve got a wife or girlfriend, but they’re not me are they? The more you look into my eyes, the more you watch my lips moving, the weaker you become. And it really doesn’t take much for me to lure you in. All I need to do is seduce you. Seduce…. And that isn’t hard to do at all. Weaker. Weaker. What are you looking at? WHAT! Are you looking at? Where are your eyes going, right now? Are they on my eyes? Are they on my lips? Or are they on my breasts? Weaker. Weaker. Yes! Slowly, you are becoming mine. Because I am drawing you in. The weaker you become, the stronger my power over you, becomes. The weaker you become, the harder your cock grows. Yeah, you have never felt your cock so hard. You’ve never been so excited. The Thrill. The Rush as my power over you grows stronger. Because you are so weak. You are just a weak male. Completely spellbound and mesmerised. And it happened JUST like that! Clip contains video ghosting, mesmerisation, finger snaps and binaural beats. This is a mild lulling clip which doesn’t contain a full hypnotic induction or post hypno triggers.

    g84a4456-00_01_42_17-still031Available in my clip stores now!

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  • F/M Hypnobot Spanking – New Clip!

    Hypnobot 1 made a crucial mistake while training the female Hypnobot in shoe worship, for that reason it must be punished. So I, their commander, gave the female Hypnobot her first spanking training session, with a dual spanking on my male hypnotised mindless robot.



  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 45

    Hypnosis, domestic service and tighter pc controls were the main events this week in the life of Slave Sissy Mouse…

    Video 4.00_02_41_25.Still003

    Distance control journal week 45

    As always my week starts on a Sunday and usually the first task is to write my weekly journal. This week as I have family staying Mistress allowed me to submit it yesterday. The first thing that happened this week came as a bit of a surprise, my windows phone carried out some updates and required me to re-sign in. Once I had done this I get a message to say “Adults can see what you look at on this device”. The update had linked my phone to my pc and thus the child settings that Mistress had placed on my pc. I could now only do child friendly searches and everything I now do on my phone Mistress can see including my location even with its turned off on the phone!! I message Mistress this but don’t expect to hear from her today as she was having a day off. I do however hear from Mistress with the simple message “That is very interesting” followed by 2 smiling devils. Nothing like providing Mistress with more weaponry! We exchange a few more messages and then Mistress kindly gives me my instructions for the day 3 edges. Mistress over the past few weeks has been working me up into a sexual frustration frenzy, I think I have mentioned this before, I have never felt this frustrated but the masochist inside me enjoys it greatly. I thank Mistress for my task and wish her a lovely day.

    Monday arrives and today I have a short session with Mistress to begin Sissy Hypnobot programming and then the pleasure of being a useful slave and doing some task for her. The morning drags as it always seems to do before seeing Mistress, I load the car with the things I will need to carry out my tasks later. Finally, it’s time to leave for the HOD and I duly arrive at the allotted time to be met by Mistress looking fantastic as always, this time dressed in shiny pink latex skirt and black latex top. We have a quick catch up and a chat about our expectations from the hypnosis, it’s then time to head upstairs relax and enjoy Mistress’s soft silky tones as she takes me into my first Hypnobot programming session. Once this is over and I’m back in the real world feeling very relaxed it is now time to start my tasks which are to clear all the rubbish from the back garden, remove the weeds and clean the patio with a pressure washer. Of course being me things never go smoothly. Whilst I am doing this Mistress will be working upstairs on webcam. I get everything out the car that I need and then load it with the accumulated rubbish, remove the weeds and the discarded cigarette butts and move the furniture to start the cleaning. I splash the patio cleaner around plug in my pressure washer and turn the water on and that’s where it all goes slightly wrong. The water is pouring out of the bottom of the pressure washer. The last time I used it was last year when I cleaned Mistress’s patio at her home and it worked fine then. Luckily the HOD has one that was hidden under the rubbish which I assumed was broke and was going to ask Mistress later once she had finished working. I plug it in and luckily it works (Phew) I then spend the next hour or so splashing everything in water including myself and the job is done. I replace the furniture and clean the windows of all the water splashes, put everything back in the car and mop the kitchen floor which has got wet footprints on it. Mistress had allowed me to make a cup of tea when I had finished and wait for her to inspect my work. About half an hour later Mistress enquired from upstairs if I have finished and I confirm that I have. Mistress gets changed into her normal clothes and comes down to inspect my work (she was equally surprised that the HOD pressure washer worked). Luckily my work was approved by Mistress and once I had loaded Mistress’s car it was time to head home feeling pleased and honoured that I was able to be of use to her.

    Tuesday arrives, after an odd night’s sleep which was due to not getting any night-time arousal this is part of the Hypnobot programming that I will only get aroused when dressed as Sissy Hypnobot (or SHB to make it easier) I awake in the morning and I no longer feel connected to my cock and have no desire to touch it. I do however also feel very needy for attention and have a craving to dress as SHB. I Message Mistress about this and she replies with some instructions she would like me to carry out. Firstly, I am to have a seedy wank before bed (no cumming) and let her know how it felt and the other is to dress as SHB the next day for 30 minutes and email her my feelings and emotions. I thank Mistress for my instructions and carry on my day. Bedtime arrives and I settle myself down for my seedy wank, the first problem is I struggle to get hard and once I do I can only stroke myself about 5 times before my erection starts to whither and I start to feel unwell (Mistress has programmed this into me during the hypnosis) so I stop and try again and the same thing happens and I give up. I try to get to sleep but my mind is whirring as always and then I start to think about dressing as SHB tomorrow and get very aroused.

    Wednesday cannot arrive quick enough and I carry out my instructions to dress as SHB. The restriction of the clothes compared to my normal clothes makes this easy to fall into the character as it were. However, one thing that is clear to me is that I am no longer aroused when dressed. I was very aroused at the thought of dressing but once dressed I no longer was. After the 30 minutes I remove the clothes and email Mistress my thoughts. A couple of hours later I am honoured to receive a video message from Mistress who was looking amazing dressed in wet look leggings, teasing bra and wearing her strap on harness informing me how pleased she was with my reactions to her instructions. I was and still am mesmerised by this particular video as Mistress also laid out my place within her Hypnobot stable. I messaged Mistress to thank her for the video and let her know how amazing she looked in it and that I was aroused by her strap on and sucking cock. Mistress replied that one of my duties as SHB will be cock sucking.

    Thursday as always is Mistress’s day for doing her stuff and I never expect to hear from Her. As I do every day I wished Mistress a nice day and leave it at that. Mistress did send a reply to wish me the same and thank me for a gift I had sent her. In the evening Mistress shared with me a clip Commander Deelight with her male and female Hypnobot. Now this was very interesting to me because as soon as I saw both Commander and the Hypnobot’s immaculate dress I was instantly aroused just as Mistress had programmed me to be. I think it would be worth mentioning that also up to this point I had no desire to touch myself and my cock still felt detached from me. I thanked Mistress for the video and informed her that I had become instantly aroused by the contents. Mistress replies with a simple Devil emoji.

    On Friday I message Mistress to inform her I have a busy day working with my mate and to my utter surprise I receive another video message from Mistress looking fabulous in a black body and teasing bra which puts me off my work for a bit. I thank Mistress for her very kind message and that she has got me in a bumbling mess. My reply was simply “Did you have any reaction?” Meaning did I get aroused to which hard as it may seem I didn’t (excuse the pun). Mistress is a very sexy and attractive lady but my submission to her is from the neck up as my reply said “Mistress your evil mind and your pretty face are your weapons against me”. I know for some it’s the aesthetics of the female dominant but for me it’s on a mental level. I am and never will be a match for Mistress’s quick wit or her creative and inventive mind. I am submissive to Mistress in all and every situation.

    My message to Mistress on Saturday apart from wishing her a nice day was to inform her that the chastity side of the hypnosis had worn off and whilst I had no desire to pleasure myself I felt reconnected with my cock. Mistress replied that I should try a seedy wank and let her know how it felt. I did as instructed (no cumming) and it felt completely normal and nothing like the one on Tuesday. Mistress replied it would have been magic if it worked first time out and she will be working on it at our next session. A little while later Mistress send me a picture via WhatsApp which I expected to be a teasing picture of Mistress but oh no, it was a picture via bing maps of my location at that moment using the child controls on my phone. I looked at the picture with shock but also amusement, I think to myself the net is tightening and indeed it was because Mistress had also posted on twitter that my week 43 journal was now on her website and I clicked on the link to read what Mistress had written as an introduction. To my further surprise I got a message on the screen saying this “Please ask an adult if you can view this web page”, I try my phone same message. I message Mistress and simply say “I’m suddenly feeing much more restricted” Mistress doesn’t reply and no more up to now has been mentioned on the subject. I don’t know when or if I will be able to visit any adult sites in the future, that like all things is up to Mistress. I sent my request by email and await a response!

    Most of Saturday I feel weird, I am not sure if it was a bit of drop from the chastity hypnosis wearing off or just other things going on in my life but it was a shit day. However, it was all leading up to a massive error on my part but that will be revealed next week.



  • Double Hypnobot Shoe Worship

    Double Hypnobot Shoe Worship

    All my Hypnobots must undergo certain duties. Really it’s all about whatever I find entertaining or amusing, they obey their commander. However my female Hypnobot is currently untrained; programmed but untrained and therefore needs to be trained in some of these duties. The first duty being the worship of my shoes. The worship of my very special Louboutin heels. As the first Hypnobot, HB1 has the responsibility to train all new recruits by way of demonstration. HB2 will first observe the demonstration of shoe worship by HB1 who has been trained to the highest of standards. He must train the new recruit to the same high standards. Watch as my male brainwashed hypnotised human robot kisses, licks and sucks my stunning patent killer heels, describing what he is doing as he goes in order to educate the female human robot. Learn of his fatal error, an absolute sin. His programming has somewhat malfunctioned and he fails to recall that the female Hypnobot is still superior to him and does not have to suck the heel. A failure he will be punished for in another video. Once HB1 has finished his demonstration, he is then joined by HB2 for her first ever shoe/heel worship training session. Both Hypnobots then proceed to worship my shoes together.

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    G84A0328.00_03_22_09.Still020 G84A0328.00_07_06_06.Still024 G84A0328.00_07_32_01.Still025 G84A0328.00_07_47_05.Still027

  • Introducing my Female Hypnobot – New Fetish Clip!


    Welcome back Miss Deelight’s Hypnobot training facility where immaculate, powerful attire and strict obedience is the key objective of my task force.  I am deelighted to announce that I have a new recruit.  Only the very special few get to become one of Commander Deelight’s mindless, obedient servants. And I have myself a female recruit. So may I present Hypnobot number 1 who some of you are already familiar with, and Hypnobot number 2; the newest recruit to my taskforce.  Hypnobot number 2 arrived at the training facility today and has undergone a deep level of hypnotic programming in the same way that Hypnobot number 1 did, so long ago.  For Hypnobot number 2 the mind programming procedure is only just beginning but for my female Hypnobot has already proved herself to be very susceptible to my own unique style of hypnotic mind control and is already completely obedient and completely mindless like its male counterpart, devoid of emotion and of feeling.  Its only objective to serve, honour and obey.  And I have decided, now that new recruits are coming into the training centre and joining my task force, that all recruits should, of course have their own mantra. A universal mantra to be learned and repeated by all Hypnobots .  Of course the learning comes easy because their minds are open to my command and only my command.  They do not have to think about learning because their subconscious mind listens, learns and obeys on a very deep level.  Currently, both my Hypnobots are in their sleep state.  You have seen this demonstrated before.  I am now going to awaken them and allow you, the viewer, to watch them recite their mantra.  The mantra that depicts their servitude to their commander.   “Hypnobots! Recite your mantra……..”  As you can see, the mantra is already deeply ingrained into their subconscious because they are mindless human robots, programmed by myself to obey my every command.  And look at their immaculate presentation; buttons all fastened to the top.  Of course this is a very key element of the Hypnobot uniform as well as shiny shoes, straight ties and crisp suits just like my own.  I am very very proud to be the owner and commander of my Hypnobots and I wonder how many others will be joining my taskforce soon…….  This could be you!


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    I am going to demonstrate the Hypnobot self-milking procedure.  At times it isn’t possible for the commander to administer milking on her Hypnobot , so they must formally milk themselves. But as I am about to demonstrate, they are only able to obtain release in the presence of their smartly dressed commander.  When in the presence of their immaculate commander, Hypnobot are aroused and can release easily.  However, as I will demonstrate, when I do not look pristine and immaculate, not only will Hypnobot find it difficult to release, he will also find it humiliating to be instructed to milk itself.  It is very rare for a Hypnobot to express emotion but in the company of the commander who is not smartly presented, the experience will be so humiliating that the Hypnobot will not be able to disguise its humiliation.  Let the self-milking procedure demonstration begin.

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    In this video I demonstrate the flogging method of discipline on my brainwashed human robot, the Hypnobot takes its punishment without emotion, tears or feedback, as it is trained to do so and receive it in this way.


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     This movie clips demonstrates the application of cbt to the genitals of my mindless human robot and depicts the level of suffering endured when the Hypnobot is presented with its strict, smart, well dressed commander, in comparison to the suffering endured when its commander looks scruffy and untidy. You will see how my Hypnobot is at first able to endure the pain without even flinching when I am dressed smartly, but as soon as I loosen my tie and unbutton my suit the pain becomes insufferable to the brainwashed servant.


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    Keywords: cock and ball torture, pegs, pain, suffering, slave, brainwashed slave, slave, obedience, smart attire, strict clothing, strict attire, suits, human robot,miss deelight
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    Length: 9 minutes
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    This movie clip depicts the process in which my human robot is taken into a deep state of trance at a faster rate than would normally be required, as it has already undergone such extensive mind control and reprogramming.  You will be privy to the technique I use on this particular Hypnobot and you will see with your own eyes, the weightless depths of my control. Never before seen footage of me, its Commander, activating subconscious triggers deep in its inner control room.

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  • Hypnobot Ashtray – New Smoking/Human Ashtray Fetish Clip!


    Hypnobots are required to take on any role, they are hypnotised to do so without question or opinion.  Sometimes when fellow Commanders visit the Hypnobot training facility to view the goings on, they require an ash receptacle so that they can smoke.  The obedience of the brainwashed human robot is demonstrated in this smoking video as I smoke a white cigarette and deposit the ash and smoke in my Hypnobot.

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  • Hypnobot Fucked with Strap-On – New Fetish Movie Clip

    New clip available in my Clips4Sale store – Hypnobot Fucked with Strap-on

    My technosexual Hypnobots also serve to be my robotic fuck toys.  Because I like to use them in every single way that I possibly can and always for my own gratification.  I am going to demonstrate the robotic manner in which I fuck this human robot, how I take its ass and own it.

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  • A cp session measuring 7 on the Richter scale (Major, severe and sudden) – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Powerful Dominatrix Miss Deelight

    Sissy Mouse visited me at the House of Deelight for a long overdue Corporal Punishment session.  His head had been all over the place recently so I made it my goal to ensure that he left with his mindset completely corrected with a session that will go down as one of my favourite sessions of all time.  I have a new found love for classical music and more so, for playing at a sound track to my sessions.  “What better way to orchestrate a corporal punishment session” I thought and I was right.  I created a very edgy and deeply intense session for Sissy Mouse taking him deep into the realms of subspace and found myself in Domspace too. Post punishment I sent my slave into a deep state of trance for some mind reprogramming and rewiring ensuring that sub drop would not be an issue and that he would leave as the sunny slave we all know.

    My return to the House of Deelight and a session with Mistress comes after a 6 week break and some serious ups and downs in my life. I wont bore you with the ins and outs only to say if our session had been 2 days earlier it wouldn’t have happened and what a great shame that would have been. Because this session turned out to be one of those right place, right time events.

    Because of my real world commitments I can only enjoy about 4 cp sessions a year due to marks etc but when they arrive they are most welcome and never more so than this one. Whilst yes I am a submissive and enjoy many things associated with being so. My main enjoyment is having a damn good beating from Mistress. This wasn’t always the case and I have only been able to receive really harsh beatings as a result of Mistress’s guidance and coaching in dealing with the pain. I always struggle at the beginning and never think I will be able to take much but always end up deep in subspace and this time was no exception.

    I arrive at the allotted time of 11am on a Tuesday morning and walk through the door to be met by Mistress looking amazing as ever and unload my shopping bag of supplies and we have a quick catch up before being instructed to go upstairs strip off and use the toilet and return and kneel on the mat with my upturned palms resting on my thighs. I duly do as instructed and Mistress returns and tells me to recite my mantra 3 times. I do as instructed and then Mistress tells me to take a deep breath and say it again. On taking the breath in, my mind empties and I chant my mantra with more conviction which I guess pleases Mistress as I am granted one kiss on each boot. Mistress then informs me to stand with my head lowered so she can inspect my new, made to measure chastity device which I am wearing for the first time. She is still not convinced it will work long-term but time will tell.

    20160223_112824000_iOSMistress then informs me to remove the school desk from under the stairs and place it next to the standing cage. Once this is done Mistress tells me that the cp part of our session will be 90 minutes and she will be using 6 implements 3 of my choosing and 3 of hers along with the suede paddle for a warm up. I chose the large wooden paddle, the large leather double strap and a heavy cane. This pleases Mistress and she chooses the walnut paddle, thin stingy cane (which I hate) and a new purchase a large bath brush with very harsh bristles. Once the choice has been made Mistress instructs me to kneel on the whipping bench and Mistress straps me in and also this time cuffs my hands and it begins……

    Mistress has found a new love of using classical music for her cp sessions and it really does set the scene. Mistress starts with some hand spanking to warm me up a bit and then moves to the suede paddle. I remember a time when this was about 3 of 4 implements down the line now it’s a warm up!! I receive a total of 100 and thank Mistress for every single one, next comes the walnut paddle and from now on its 15 minutes of each chosen implement which is new to me as usually it’s a set number and this makes me a little nervous as I think its going to be whack, whack, whack for the full 15 minutes which of course it isn’t. On strike number 2 of the walnut paddle I have a bit of a panic but manage to clam myself down and try to relax into it which is really a struggle. I really don’t think I can take very much today. Which of course as always Mistress calms me down and gets me breathing through the pain and I end losing count of how many but it’s around 80 which is lucky because usually losing count means we start again! Now I can’t remember which came next the large holed wooden paddle or the bath brush but let’s just say the bath brush hurt like hell whilst Mistress whacked me to the beat of the classical music and when she wasn’t whacking me with it she was running the bristles over my very sore bum whilst asking me how was I enjoying my stay at the Hotel Deelight? To which I replied Hotel Deelight where you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave? To which Mistress replied “You can never even check out slave” which was both reassuring and chilling.

    Anyway back to the main event. The large wooden paddle of which I received 47 (which even now tries the ocd in me) felt like a gentle tap compared to the bath brush. Next was the double strap again no idea how many just lots of heavy whacks to the music making me squirm like mad with Mistress saying “that’s what I like to see slave you struggling to cope” Mistress then moves on to the 2 canes by which time my bum is on fire and because we have also been chatting I have used up some of the caning time so it’s now 36 of each cane. First is the thin stingy cane which usually really hurts but they just bounce off of me to Mistress’s annoyance which is probably why the heavy cane really hurt.

    I think it is now worth setting the scene for this and I have found this link on you tube to the music for the final 36 strokes of the cane.

    Mistress played this twice and the strokes of the cane came on the clash of the Cymbals. However what I cannot convey is the atmosphere change in the room. I was blindfolded but I could feel Mistress grow behind me as the music built up and with every single stroke of the cane to an almighty crescendo which put Mistress into Dom space, which as a submissive to help get your Dominant to that point is a fantastic feeling.

    We both went quiet for a bit to absorb the energy of what just happened which was an absolutely amazing feeling. Mistress pottered about de-blooding canes and then released me and got me some water as we both tried to regain our composure. We have had about 6 cp sessions but this one was by far the most intense and may I add painful. Sitting down as I write this the 2 days is still very uncomfortable.

    Once we had both regained ourselves Mistress had suggested before our session that I have some hypnosis to try to help make me feel brighter. Mistress’s post session hypnosis is always a joy to experience so what is there not to like about this idea. So firstly I have to lie on the bed with my bum on fire and with the adrenalin still pumping round my body from the caning Mistress manages to bring me down to a hypnotic state and took me on a wonderful journey. Mistress didn’t think she would get me into a trance because I was so pumped up but she did and it left me feeling wonderful.

    After coming back round Mistress allowed me to lay on the bed to regain some composure before getting dressed which was a strange feeling because I just looked at my clothes and for a moment couldn’t work out what went where!

    A post session chat some chocolate and a drink. My chastity key locked in the key safe and a return to the real world but as Mistress pointed out looking much more relaxed than when I arrived.

    I have probably missed out many things from the session but when it is that intense I’m holding on for dear life not thinking about writing a blog post. Mistress did say to me at the end “I don’t know how you are going to write about the intensity of this session mousey?” Hence the Richter scale.

    As always I would like to thank Mistress for another amazing session. Although the theme may be the same what you get is always very different, new and exciting.

  • Hypnobot Shoe Worship – New Fetish Clip

    A very important duty of my human robots, is to worship my heels and my feet. This reinforces their position under my strict command.  Here we have Hypnobot number 1, Mindless, lifeless and awaiting its instructions.  “Sleep”.  When I give you the wake command, you will drop to your knees and turn 90 degrees counter clockwise to face me. You will assume the all fours position and be ready to demonstrate your foot worshiping skills in accordance with the programming and deep conditioning you have already received.  Now I will demonstrate the skills of my hypnobot, my robotised human slave.  Hypnobot you will begin by kissing and worshipping my shoes.  It has already been fully programmed to obey these commands.  This hypnobot takes great pleasure in this part of its service although it is not aware of it.  You too can be an emotionless, mindless human robot.

    View the preview below then click underneath to buy the full clip at my fetish clip site. (Also available on my adultwork profile).

    Buy Now

  • The Hypnobot Storage Chamber – New Video Clip

    This is the hypnobot storage facility. This is where my hypnobots are placed when they are not in use and not in service. They remain here until their services are required again. This could be days, weeks or months. They remain in the state of trance until required to report for duty once more. Whilst in storage they are more susceptible to my programming because of the level of trance they are in. They still remain in a constant state of arousal, though their mind is empty and brainwashed. This ensures that they are kept exactly as I want them to be. I can leave them here for any length of time because of the level of my expert programming. They do not feel hunger or required hydration because their body and mind is shut down, apart from the aroused genitalia. This storage facility also doubles up as a milking chamber, the process of which will be presented in another video.


    technosexual_human_robot (1)


    technosexual_human_robot (2)

    Hypnobot Part 2 – The Storage Facility – Technosexual Mindless Brainwashed Human Robot

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  • Presenting The Hypnobot – Mindless Human Robot – New Fetish Movie Clip

    Today at the House of Deelight I am going to present to you a project that I have been working on. It is my aim to build a task force of completely robotised servants. It is also my aim that my taskforce are presented to the most immaculate and strictest of standards. And now I present to you Hypnobot Number 1.


    Each hypnobot is given a number because they have their human qualities removed and replaced through the form of mind control, by robotic tendancies. Fully robotic programming. They must be immaculately presented at all times. Rain coat buttoned up, shoes polished, tie perfectly straight and a mask so that they are objectified so that I only see their total obedience at all times. Hypnobot_Introduction_ORIGINALFILE.00_03_44_22.Still002

    This robot has undergone intensive programming through mind control and brain washing. So deep is his programming that I only have to say the word ‘sleep’ and as you will see it immediately falls into a sleep state ready for further programming. When I say the word ‘wake’ he is awake but totally brainwashed and ready for service. My hypnobots obey ever single command without question, emotion or hesitation as it should be. Hypnobots are kept in a constant state of arousal.Hypnobot_Introduction_ORIGINALFILE.00_04_36_02.Still004

    They are programmed so that in the presence of their commander, the sense of arousal reaffirms the importance of their servitude and strict obedience. Have you got what it takes to be a hypnobot? You will have to give your mind to me for total reprogramming.


    Introducting HYPNOBOT – Robotised Brainwashed Smart Obedient Servant to Strict Commander Deelight
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  • Hypnobot Presented To Another Mistress

    The other day, My robotised servant, Hypnobot visited the House of Deelight to be presented to my wonderful friend, Mistress R’eal.  He has written such a good write up that I am going to hand it over to him.  I would just like to add that these are all the parts that he can remember.  He was fully hypnotised throughout his session.


    On my latest visit to Commander to continue my service as Her obedient hypnobot i was instructed ahead of the visit that a very special guest would also be in attendance; none other than Mistress R’eal. She was to observe Commander and Hypnobot in action as the Chief Executive of another organisation whose employees were, we shall say, lacked a certain something. I would find out more on my arrival.

    Of course this ensured i was determined to be as smart, polite and obedient as possible. Both to impress Mistress R’eal and most importantly not to let Commander down. This was a massive responsibility and showed how much trust She placed in me.

    On arrival Commander greeted me looking simply stunning as always, and wearing a beautiful white mackintosh coat, buttoned strictly to the neck. I could not help but smile as my excitement and arousal grew.

    In my own smart black coat (grey suit underneath) i was instructed to enter the Chambers and stand smartly as Mistress Re’al made Her entrance.

    My legs shook as Mistress R’eal entered in a black business suit with crisp white shirt and powerful red tie. Commander had removed the mac and stood resplendant in Her RAF uniform. Each shining brass button fastened perfectly, each increasing my arousal. Likewise Mistress R’eals strict buttoned up standards aroused me and i felt my erection get even stronger.

    Commander explained further the purpose of Mistress’ visit. Her staff are slovenly ill-attired and lack a work ethic. Having heard of Commanders perfect robotic employees She was here to learn more with a view to having Her staff robotised.

    Ordered to remove my coat i was then instructed to lie down and make myself comfortable for a deep hypnotic induction. I knew on re-emerging i would be changed into the hypnobot and allowed myself a secretive smile.

    Commanders soothing words soon led me deep down to trance and i must have slipped into a very profound state of relaxation.  The next awareness was to be alert and robotic, unable to do anything for myself, all that mattered was to obey my Commander and where instructed to serve Mistress R’eal.

    Standing smartly at attention, my blank face reflecting back from Commanders mirror. It didn’t matter or raise any emotion as i stared straight ahead. I then marched through to the other room and on the instructions of Commander was placed into the storage unit to be displayed to Mistress R’eal. As Commanders hand touched my shoulder i slipped into a trance.

    As awareness returned, which seemed like just a second though i must have been asleep for longer, i marched to Commanders punishment cross to be tied to it, though not before Commander had me drop my trousers and pants to my ankles.

    To demonstrate how Commander can punish and reward Her hypnobots i had numerous pegs attached by both Commander and Mistress, my gaze locked straight ahead and without any feeling of pain.

    Suddenly though i noted that both Commander and Mistress had their shirts unbuttoned, ties askew and jackets unbuttoned. I desperately tried to move to tidy them up but could not do so due to my bonds. I cried with the pain from both the pegs and the with the sight of the loose buttons and cleavage of Mistress R’eal in my face.

    Released from my bonds i then was instructed to clean both pairs of shoes with my tongue. Licking furiously to clean off the dirt and then polish them up. Commander tied a collar an chain to my neck prior to cleaning Mistress R’eals shoes as i could not reach. i gagged as the collar tightened whilst i pulled forward to lick Her boots.

    Begging to lick Mistress’ boots clean i was released from the collar and i leapt forward licking all the dirt off even more furiosly.

    This duty i then had to attend to each Commanding Officers strap ons, suckibg them and licking them Mistress R’eal had a very large strapon and it filled my mouth.  Eager to please i did my best to fit as much in.

    Strapped to Commanders punihment bench i was then spit roasted. Commander from behind and Mistress R’eal at the front. I could see myself in the mirror sucking hard while Commander entered me from behind. I obediently continued with my sucking, enjoying the sensations at either end.

    Eventually Commander and Mistress R’eals fun ceased and Commander ordered me to tidy up Mistress R’eal, my erection increasing as Her beautiful but strict gaze fell on me as the buttons were refastened.

    As Commander then proceeded to tidy Herself up i was ordered to masturbate. When the last button slid into place i could contain myself no longer and ejaculated in a wave of euphoria before both.

    Returned to a dressed state and back to the ‘at attention’ stance i marched to the sofa for a final hypnotic procedure to return me to my everyday state, freewill returned.

    It was also a pleasure to reawaken to the perfect sight of two stunningly attired Women smiling at me.

    Commander, Your hypnobot reports how proud it now feels to be shown off to Mistress R’eal, and to Mistress R’eal thank You so much for allowing me to serve You. What an experience it was when i look back at the day.

    Hypnobot xx

  • I Have ALL the Power!

    You think you are strong but you are not.
    You are weak. Weak and pathetic.
    Sure you think you can resist.
    You can’t.
    You don’t stand a chance.
    Go on try it, I dare you!
    Resist my demands to restrain you.
    You can’t.
    Not when my cleavage is so close to your face.
    Not with the promise of their softness brushing upon your lips.
    You’re too weak.
    And now you are tied.
    Now try to resist the urge to ejaculate.
    If you ejaculate you will be forced to eat it.
    Go on I challenge you to resist.
    My beautiful soft cleavage next to your face.
    My long pink nails teasing your dribbling cock.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.
    You beg me to let you cum.
    You beg me to let you eat it.
    You are weak.
    You want to cum?
    You have to pay your cum tax.
    Where is your bank card?
    Give me your pin.
    Good boy.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.

    I have ALL the power.


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  • A Gift from a Grateful Slave

    It’s nice to wake up in the morning to gifts via email – financial contributions when I’ve barely even opened my eyes for the day!  I spent a few days twisting Slave Taquin’s melon last week and it obviously had the desired effect on him.  Thank you Pet.

    Screenshot (111)


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  • Hypnobot’s Recruitment Drive Preparations

    My male and female Hypnobots were to help me, their Commander at a stall to recruit new Hypnobots for the establishment. It is imperative that my hypnotised mindless slaves perform to the absolute maximum of high standards in order to correctly portray the requirements for future subjects. Commander put their training to the test to ensure that they were both at the required standard. Male hypnobot arrived to find his female colleague in sleep mode in its storage unit, and in a state of undress. Male Hypnobot was to join it in an similar state. The test for the Hypnobots today was to dress each other to an immaculate standard. At the recruitment drive, their job will be to transform the ill-attired and wayward potential recruits into smart, obedient individuals ready to have their minds reprogrammed and self will removed.  Of course, both Hypnobots are well and truly under Commander’s control, having been deeply hypnotised and programmed to follow my orders, which are delivered to them whilst they are in deep trance mode.   A subconscious state of mind that I am able to put them into using a simple trigger. I like to test my level of control over these hypnotised, mindless servants and so I make them do things wrong, as this goes against their initial training and makes them feel deeply uncomfortable when they act in a way that they do not believe they are supposed to act. It saddens them when they are punished for their mistakes and yet when they are put back to sleep, given further instruction to do things correctly and rewarded this fills them with pride and excitement.

    Commander spent the training session, fucking with the emotions of my mindless slaves; subconsciously forcing them out of their comfort zone and in the case of the Male Hypnobot; I utterly twisted his sense of being. He has been so deeply programmed to feel disgust at dismay at scruffy, undressed, or ill attired people that he couldn’t get an erection when instructed to masturbate in front of his undressed female counterpart, however the second Female Hypnobot finished fastening her buttons and straightening her suit, my Male Hypnobot ejaculated in all his aroused glory!


    Here is Male Hypnobots session report:

    Following the previous session involving Commander and her submissive Miss Pink, i was privileged to be allowed a further session with both and arrived at HoD as instructed and in my smart attire.

    On entry Commander greeted me, this time in Her smart RAF uniform, Her shiny brass buttons gleaming in the light of the chambers and as expected all correctly fastened. i also observed in the tall cage to the side Miss Pink, standing up but head bowed in sleep and securely locked in. but it was noted that apart from her underwear she was otherwise naked. No doubt she was in a hypnobot state as surely such a state of undress was Commanders doing. Surely i would end up the same way? That was up to Commander.


    Standing next to the female hypnobot i felt the familiar hand of Commander on my shoulder and slipped rapidly into hypnotic unconsciousness.




    When awareness returned i was now in my compliant hypnobot mode in which Commander decides what will happen, what her hypnobots will think and what they will do. Commander proceeded to confirm that as Her hypnobots we were required to prepare for an upcoming recruitment drive to acquire more hypnobots. Our smartness and discipline and obedience would be put to the test and i also then undressed to the same state of minimalism as the female hypnobot. Commanders task set for us was to dress one another properly.

    Before this took place Commander informed me that i had not ensured Her uniform was immaculately presented as is my duty, and it was correct that Her skirt was a little bit creased. For this my hypnobot was to be immediately punished.

    Ordered to the bench 100 firm spanks were applied to my bare cheeks and this punishment was duly taken. Returning to the centre of the room the female hypnobot was then commanded to redress me.

    Hypnobot_Recruitment_Preparations-006 Hypnobot_Recruitment_Preparations-007

    This was done efficiently but unfortunately the female hypnobot struggled to properly apply my tie, so when was this was applied by myself after Miss Pinks struggles, she was also ordered to endure 100 spanks, but not before my hypnobot was put into the storage unit to be confined and observe the punishment.



    Now it was required that my hypnobot redress the female hypnobot, a task which brought arousal as the shirt buttons fastened into place and the tie and jacket correctly applied. Through the process i was explaining the necessity of the smartness that Miss Pink was now experiencing.



    This duty done we were both put  back to sleep in our smart attire, no doubt for further programming.  When i regained awareness i knew exactly what standards Commander required of her two well programmed hypnobots and we were given further instruction as to what will be required of us when we must assist and serve Commander at the upcoming recruitment drive, where new applicants will undergo the robotisation of Commander.  Our duties as hypnobots would be to assist with the transition as new hypnobots are assimilated into the fold.



    Pleased with her hypnobots final smart appearance in complete immaculate uniform, Commander ordered relief for both.  The female hypnobot was allowed to come first and following this the male hypnobot.  At first the male hypnobot struggled a little but when its femal hypnobot was tidied back up and put back into sleep mode the male hypnobot had no difficulties reaching complete erection and duly was permitted by Commander to release, as the obedient sleeping mannequin of Miss Pink stood in front immaculately presented.



    Shortly afterward both of Commanders hypnotic slaves were brought out of their programmed hypnotic states and returned to normal.  it was at this point that the effects of the session caught up with the male hypnobot, now released from its fully obedient state. i was drained and exhausted but ultimately ecstatic.

    To surrender to Commander and obey Her with the reinforcement of Her hypnotic programming is incredible to say the least. Miss Pink also released from Her hypnotic bonds similarly expressed her thrill at surrendering to Commander and to be controlled by Her.

    Until the next time of such submission i am sure we will both carry the thrill of this latest session with us for a long time.  Thank You Commander xx

    And this further message from Male Hypnobot came this morning and proves just how deeply hypnotised and under my subliminal control it is:

    Your hypnotic slave confirms it still feels shaken by the mindtease experienced at the end of last session. It was impossible to become erect consciously as Your powerful deeply ingrained hypnotic commands regards scruffiness and smartness are embedded within the brain of Your hypnobot.  Only when Miss Pink was tidied up was the penis able to spring to attention

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    Latest findom/spoiling/sparkle task.

  • Hypnobot Meets its New Colleague

    My trusted hypnotised employee, Hypnobot returned to the Deelight Establishment to meet its new colleague, my stunning female submissive Jessy J (fka Miss Pink) who had already been hypnotised and programmed before her male counterpart’s arrival so that she may serve alongside him and under my control as a fully robotic servant.

    Male Hypnobot had been programmed to purchase a very smart suit for its new colleague and was instructed to present her with a tie on its arrival. Before male Hypnobot presented it, I used the deeply ingrained ‘sleep’ trigger to instantly put it into a trance where I programmed it to become highly aroused as it performed its first duty.  It was then programmed to apply a tie it had also purchased for me, its commander.

    Unfortunately for my male Hypnobot, this act was not done to my satisfaction and a punishment was ordered. Forced to strip itself of its smart attire, Hypnobot was then led up to a bedroom in my chambers where CBT punishment was administered. This was followed by some torturous mind fuck teasing my suffering male servant. Throughout the course of the meeting, female Hypnobot was also put to sleep using a ‘sleep’ trigger and given further programming. Both Hypnobots served as mindless robots for the entirety of the session.

    I will now hand you over to male Hypnobot for his post-session write-up…..

    All sessions with my Commander had, to date, been simply Her and myself; a willing submission by myself to Her hypnotic dominance, and with 100% trust in Her power and control. For the first time we were to experience a new kind of session; one involving Her wonderfully submissive servant Miss Pink.

    Ahead of this there had been a lot of preparation and planning. Miss Pink was to serve alongside me as another hypnobot. Essentially a submissive who was willing to undergo deep hypnotic conditioning to ultimately serve and obey Commander unquestionably. A very smart grey business suit was acquired and Miss Pink ensured a lovely crisp white shirt was obtained, i simply had to ensure on the day an elegant black tie was provided – and that i had a matching one, for the sake of uniformity.

    On arrival at HoD, in my grey suit, white shirt and black tie, Commander greeted me, looking absolutely stunning as always – this time in a powerful business suit rather than the military uniform of before.

    i was led through and met Miss Pink for the first time. To those who have only seen Her in photographs, i must say that in person She is stunningly beautiful, and in a tailored suit and shirt, every button done up i was immediately impressed and excited.

    smart-hypnobots (10)
    My first duty was to present Miss Pink with Her tie and to then put it on Her.  This act brought strong feelings of arousal as the tie slid into place, ensuring it was nice and straight. My stomach churned and my knees weakened, but the task was complete. Next I had to ensure that Commander had Her own tie correctly applied.

    Before this took place though Commander stepped up to Miss Pink, placed Her hand on the shoulder of Her slave and said ‘hypnobot sleep’. Instantly, i saw Miss Pinks eyes snap shut, head slump forward and arms dangle carelessly at Her sides. This was quite simply the most exciting thing i had seen – a beautiful fully buttoned up suited lady put into hypnotic sleep at the drop of a hat.

    i proceeded to assist Commander with Her tie and was looking sideways at the quiet mannequin Miss Pink now was. i thought, ‘in a little while i will look like that’ and excitement mounted. i was not quite yet in the mode of being a hypnobot, but this state could happen at any moment with Commanders trigger command. Miss Pink had undergone deep conditioning and the results were clear to see. She was now a hypnobot.

    Commander required me to stand by Miss Pinks side. i felt a hand on my shoulder and the next i knew i was what can be considered a hypnobot. i was now utterly obedient and reliant upon Commander, any action could only occur if She willed it, and this situation was of course unquestioned.

    Commander inspected both Her hypnobots. Both immacutely presented in the mirrors reflection on the wall of Commanders Study. Both stood smartly at attention.

    In applying Commanders tie it turned out that this was done incorrectly by my pre-hypnobot self, and for this Commander ordered that punishment was necessary. As an obedient hypnobot i marched into Her chambers and stripped completely, then standing at attention. Commander followed with another Hypnobot at Her side, this of course being Miss Pink, who was completely under the hypnotic commands of our mutual owner.

    The act of stripping was it transpired Commanders punishment for failing to ensure Her tie was correctly applied, and this removal of uniform caused shame and upset for Her slave.

    The hypnobot i was proceeded further to another of Commanders chambers in which a bed was situated. ordered to lie down i did without question and Commander, along with Her dutiful female hypnobot, made certain my own robotic self was securely tethered at the wrists and ankles.

    Commander explained that as further punishment it was ordered that Her hypnobot experience CBT. A tight rope was applied around the genitalia of the immobile hypnobot and then pegs applied, first by Commander and then continued by Her very smart and obedient female hypnobot.

    smart-hypnobots (2)

    The pegs gripped against the wretched appendage of Her robot slave. Her hypnobot was able to endure the pain, even as  Commander whipped the row of pegs covering the shaft of the penis and both nalls. Then to satisfy that the cock was sealed Commander ordered the female hypnobot to apply hot candlewax.

    smart-hypnobots (8)smart-hypnobots (4)

    As this dripped down my hypnobot felt arousal and submission to the other hypnobot. This felt completely natural and correct. A strict suited lady, also a conditioned hypnobot, was controlling me and tormenting me which resulted in arousal.

    smart-hypnobots (5)
    Degrees of pain and pleasure were further amplified (in this case immediate pain) when the female hypnobot began Itself to loosen its tie, unbutton its jacket and shirt and to clamber onto the bed thrusting this scruffy image into the eyes of the tethered hypnobot i was. Gagged and unable to speak i could not prevent the actions of the hypnobot at all, and this was even more painful when the female hypnobot then to my horror began to similarly undress Commander.This was utterly stomach churning and my hypnobot twisted and writhed in its bonds, desperate to tidy up both persons.

    Though shortly again the pain and suffering ceased Now my hypnobot experienced intense pleasure as both Commander and the female hypnobot began to correct Their clothing, buttoning up slowly. My hands now free were instructed to administer relief and as the buttons each slid into place this occurred. An intense and euphoric surge of pleasure coarsed through the body of the hypnobot.

    All of this was without doubt under the sublime control of the Commander. The female hypnobot was similarly controlled in such a way as to be obedient throughout. All that mattered was submission and surrender. Thank You Commander and thank You Miss Pink the hypnobot.

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  • Hypnobot Further Programming – Slave Hypnosis

    My loyal hypnosis slave returned to the House of Deelight yesterday for further programming. He was greeted by his Commander wearing the RAF uniform that he had purchased previously.  A strict and smart, buttoned up vision of power.  The gold shiny buttons an instant trigger to his arousal. During this session, Hypnobot was put into a deep trance once more so that I could further program it to be completely subservient and under my full control.  You will see from the pictures that whilst in a state of trance I tied an invisible rope around his wrist and elevated his arm to prove the deep level of hypnotic conditioning he was under. I have left him further conditioned to enter this deep state of trance at a mere touch combined with a simple trigger command. I have also programmed my Hypnobot to receive triggers that will cause various responses with written commands. This has set the scene now for future sessions in which another Hypnobot will join the fleet of programmed, mindless, objectified robotic slaves.  Hypnobot has submitted his session report below.





    As is always the case on any visit to attend to Miss Deelight I had tremendous feelings of excitement and curiosity in the days leading up to the session and the morning itself.  The memories of serving Mistress the last time I was very kindly permitted to attend were still fresh, Her striking red tie, stern gaze, cane in hand. Mistress skilful and powerful hypnosis, putting me to sleep at will, and in these moments of sublime mindless relaxation Her suggestions and commands were being registered deep within subconsciously. On awakening i would be at Her mercy and Her plaything, ready to instantly obey Mistress orders and whatever triggers had been unknowingly planted.

    Today I confirmed my appointment and before leaving for the session checked my attire carefully as Mistress likes to see Her hypnobot immaculately presented. enroute I received a text from Mistress to bring a black tie.

    Expecting that Mistress would be wearing her powerful red tie I had that curiosity mentioned before and wondered what was in store. Having nipped into a shop to find a suitable tie I made my way to HoD and proceeded into Her chambers.

    In front of me stood Mistress in her smart RAF uniform and all that was needed to complete the look was a black tie.  I saw the large shiny gold buttons all done up on the jacket and immediately felt arousal at Mistress excellent standards.  With the tie now in its rightful place around Mistress neck the session began and I was ordered to lay down for the hypnosis.

    Very quickly I slipped into a deep relaxed state and reached the point of unconsciousness as yet again in my minds eye i was led by Mistress words down a staircase, each step sending me deeper and exponentially more relaxed.



    On awakening the immediate sensation was to obey Mistress without question or hesitation. Now though it was not ‘Yes Mistress’ that came from my lips but ‘Yes Commander’.  Mistress was now my Commander in my mind and I stood at attention, stiffly and quietly like a tin soldier.

    Mistress checked my clothing. i remained blank faced, eyes front, arms stiffly by my side. All that mattered or existed was the Commander and whatever She ordered.  if it was required that Her hypnobot, which was now my role, were to remain standing rigidly still for hours on end there would be no thought, no question, just obedience.

    Ordered at ease, my Commander required Her hypnobot to assist with photographic duties. it was confirmed to the hypnobot I now was that these were for further promotional purposes, as further hypnobots are going to be recruited by Commander to be programmed and developed to serve Her. This is their sole purpose in being and their numbers are to increase as per the requirements of the hypnobot Commander.

    The photos were taken. Commander’s brilliant gold buttons gleamed in the flash of the lens and triggered arousal in Her servant.  Among the tasks required in photography was that of what was deemed a ‘hypnobot storage unit’. This was a tall cage that confined a fully processed robot and in which they could be kept asleep and upright. awaiting reactivation whenever the Commander required them. this mindless obedience was the essential nature of the hypnobot.


    Indeed the Commander ordered her robot to march smartly into the container and the robot was duly locked in.

    The hypnobot was placed into a sleep while stood up in the cage, because one moment it was immaculately dressed and the next instance the trousers were down and hypnobots penis was out and completely erect, no doubt due to Commanders hypnotic suggestions.


    The hypnobot Commander used her servants erect penis, administering her hypnotic skill to induce orgasm. The mind of her robotic slave now filled with the utmost arousal and pleasure.

    Released from the storage container the hypnobot was given a debriefing and further orders by the Commander to take forward.

    The session came to an end and now released from the hypnotic trance i was back to normal but the memory of complete obedience and robotisation remained strongly in my mind.  However i still found myself addressing Miss Deelight as Commander, so it seems that one post hypnotic suggestion is clearly known. i wonder what others Commander has programmed.

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  • Hypnobot Reporting – Mind Control/Hypnosis

    Hypnobot returned to the House of Deelight the other day for yet further mind control and re-programming as a progression into his role of brainwashed, mindless, robotic slave.  The nature of our relationship is one of complete trust as I put my slave into a deep trance and condition his subconscious to have significant physical and emotional responses towards two primary states of physical appearances; Strict, smart and immaculate presentation produces positive responses and sloppy, whereas untidy, sloppy presentation produces negative responses.  The positive responses range from happiness to lustful desire and the negative responses include anxiety, fear, and grief to name a few.  As always, I can’t divulge the full details Hypnobot’s conditioning as he isn’t always aware of the suggestions and triggers I give him.

    I was very pleased when Hypnobot arrived and presented me with 2 new T.M. Lewin shirts (one in white for our session and one in Blue to compliment the WRAF uniform gifted to me previously).  I was also presented with 2 powerful looking red ties, cufflinks from his personal collection and wonderful RAF hat to complete the WRAF uniform which will worn further down the line as our sessions progress.  Enjoy browsing through the images below (click to enlarge) and then you can read on for Hypnobot’s personal account of the session.

    PART 1

    Your hypnobot reporting and I wanted to provide further feedback to You following the deep conditioning of our last session, which will serve as an informative precursor to our forthcoming session.
    While having gone under so deeply that I cannot consciously know of all triggers and programmed instructions  You have implanted, there have been some behaviours and adjustments I have noted, which I suspect are part of the hypnotic reprogramming You have commenced.
    More than ever before I feel a strong association between having buttons fully corrected and a feeling of being aroused. There is also a strong happiness felt with being immaculately buttoned up that I am associating with the knowledge that You are pleased with this and require this behaviour and attitude to be adhered to. There is also a feeling of discipline within that has increased since we last sessioned that also is strongly fixed with being well dressed, well presented and respectful of Your authority and superiority.
    On the flip side any thought of sloppiness, ill discipline, casual behaviour, untidiness, disrespect is absolutely disgusting to me. it is also quite strongly felt to be as if it were a betrayal of You and Your beneficence.
    Put simply I feel much more compelled to serve You, obey You, please You, through being a smart well-behaved subject and that to stray from this is the greatest discomfort.

    PART 2

    Dear Mistress, Your hypnobot reporting. Thank You once more for Your time in having me for further deep hypnotic programming.  I am very grateful and wanted of course to provide further feedback about the session.
    The session began with Mistress placing me under Her spell, as accomplished and skillful as always. Mistress beautiful voice guided me into a deep level of trance and through Her techniques I soon drifted under, the trigger point for this, as before, was when in mind’s eye I was descending a flight of stairs and each step took me far deeper.
    On reawakening I was immediately instructed to stand up straight and to attention while Mistress carefully inspected her slave. I felt very obedient and robotic. My replies to Mistress orders confirmed in a robotic tone. Mistress herself was immaculately presented – not a button undone. likewise my own attire was correct, to Mistress satisfaction.  Mistress ordered Her hypnobot to capture Her smartness through several photos. This duty having been carried out, Mistress ordered me into her chambers and I marched robotically to a position of attention therein.
    The next task had me before a selection of other hypnobots. Before my eyes were rows of other attentive and disciplined robotic servants, in similarly immaculate attire. I was given the honour of escorting Mistress as these hypnobots were inspected by her.
    As we progressed along however it was noted that several of the hypnobots were not of the standard required. ties sloppy, buttons undone. I felt churning in my stomach as the sight of these poorly attired robots filled me with disgust.
    As if the discomfort wasnt enough I was further punished by Mistress with a thorough and efficient spanking. Suitably admonished, and with the other hypnobots discharged, Mistress gave me a debriefing and further instructions.
    Then I recall being awoken, back in the room where the session began. Feeling exhilerated and happy. The session must have ended on a high note and with Mistress further post hypnotic commands, as the euphoria was wonderful.

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  • Hypnobot Returns for Hypnotic Reprogramming.

    After some time away from the House of Deelight (for personal reasons), my very smart, well buttoned slave returned for some deep hypnotic reprogramming after having had all previous work undone and triggers removed on request.  Keen to remind me of what a good impression he can give, he arrived, as always, immaculately presented (greeted by my equally immaculate self) and offered me a gift of a fabulous RAF Wren uniform to be worn at a future session.  I was also offered champagne, chocolates and my favourite Chanel perfume.  After the greeting was over, I hypnotised my Hypnobot into the deepest state of trance I have had the pleasure of observing.  I can’t go into the full details of what happened during this time as this would give the game away for Hypnobot, but he was very very deeply relaxed and under my control. Here is what Hypnobot reports from his memory of the session:

    Mistress, thank You for Your care and control in our most recent session. I arrived as before smartly dressed and excited to serve, but on this occasion with an even stronger sense of wonder, as I had been informed by Mistress beforehand that she was going to put me into the deepest of hypnotic trances and use this state to her advantage in providing my subconscious with powerful commands and triggers.

    I lay on Mistress couch, ordered to make myself comfortable for the session ahead. Mistress herself immaculately dressed as always, setting a wonderful example. the trance session began and Mistress beautiful sweet voice guided me through progressive breathing and relaxation techniques. I felt more and more relaxed and my right arm flopped heavily to the side, I am sure to Mistress satisfaction as she observed her servant fall deeper and deeper.
    as the relaxation spread i drifted away into a sublime trance and in my mind I was walking down a flight of stairs and around this time I was under and anymore clear recollection was now difficult.  I am sure Mistress can provide some explanation without giving too much away but I would have to comment that when I was reawakened from deep trance I found that my trousers were unzipped and my penis was out and flaccid over a bed of tissue paper, having released its load.  I felt quite disorientated at first, after a deep trance one can be quite cold as metabolism slows down, just as when one sleeps, and Mistress kindly brought me a drink to help bring myself back round.

    I know that I have had commands and suggestions embedded in my mind that Mistress will build on in her measured efforts to mould me into a perfectly compliant and robotic hypnotised pet.  When this state is reached through training and further conditioning it will be a dream come true.
    I look forward to receiving Your further commands Mistress and to pleasing You as a true hypnobot.




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  • Hypnobot Reported For Duty – Erotic Hypnosis

    Slave Hypnobot reported to the House of Deelight for a review and further instruction of his duties.  With Mistress all smartly buttoned up, strict attire and impeccable standards, I was pleased to see that Hypnobot arrived just as immaculately dressed.  Now I can’t give out the details of the session from my point of view because I have left hypnotic triggers and suggestions that the Hypnobot won’t consciously be aware of.  But you can read his take on it below.





    Dear Mistress, Your hypnobot reporting. this unit is compelled to submit and obey Mistress Deelight.
    hypnobot was dressing itself this morning. the shirt buttoned to the neck, tie in place and straight. suit jacket was buttoned fully and in performing this duty hypnobot could see Mistress and her perfection. this gave Your unit a surge of pleasure, particularly when the final button was fastened and hypnobot inspected itself.
    Your hypnobot thanks Mistress for Her time in reading this report

    Dear Mistress, Your hypnobot reporting. Thank You for seeing me earlier and developing me further as Your servant. Again, You were simply stunning in Your appearance. So strict and perfect. Your standards demand obedience.

    The session started off in what was definitely a sterner approach from You.  Within moments we were into the hypnotic induction and it was such a relaxing experience. You are so good at hypnosis, and i have been hypnotised many times before to be able to confirm Your skill at this.

    Before long i was deep into trance and completely compliant. not everything can be recalled as i sank deeper and deeper, but then i was aware of alertness and a sense of utter obedience, and of being not an individual but instead Your robot.

    Mechanically and coolly, the hypnobot i had become moved to Your chambers on command and proceeded to obey Your instructions. in these moments between trance there was an overwhelming desire to obey You and this was unbelievably arousing.

    i recall attending to Your other robotic servants to inspect their smartness, and i felt like an extension of You doing this. when i suddenly noticed my thown scruffiness it was so embarrasing, i just wanted to hide
    the further punishment administered for this lapse was both humiliating and pleasurable as i was entered by You from behind. it was amazing.

    the session was very strict, and i felt completely under Your control throughout. To be purged of identity and to become a robotic obedient aitomaton

  • Strict, Smart, Hypno-Robotic – Erotic Hypnosis Session

    A gentleman, now known as Hypnobot, came to serve me the other day.  His fetish is for smart clothing, especially focussing on buttons (the buttons must be properly done up) and hypnosis.  So of course I combined the two with my own Deelightful twist.  Post hypnotic suggestion had been requested but I thought it would be especially fun to keep my hypnobot in a state of trance throughout the session, putting him to sleep at various different stages and giving him new suggestions as I went along.  So the scenario went like this:

    Hypnobot had been sent to me by a recruitment agency.  He had arrived for his first day at work looking scruffy, whilst I presented myself immaculately in a suit and slicked hair.  His shirt buttons were undone, his tie was sloppy and his blazer was worn over his arm.  For his lack of respect he’d have to be disciplined,  however for him to obtain a position within my establishment he’d have to undergo a very specific induction; a hypnotic induction….

    I set about putting my subject into a deep trance using a long induction process, and told him that he’d remain in that trance until I touched his head and commanded him to wake up.  Similarly he would slip back into trance when I touched his shoulder and told him to ‘sleep’.

    Hypnobot was woken, and instructed to strip from the waist down before I examined him.  Then he was lead into my discipline room and strapped down over the spanking bench.  Put back to sleep, he was told that whilst I spanked him, he would be able to see smartly dressed women all buttoned up neatly that would drive him wild with lust.  On the next sleep command, it was suggested that he would keep losing count of the amount of paddle strokes he received and would have to then start again.  He would lose count on the sight of women who’s attire was not correctly adjusted.  And on a third sleep command it was suggested that a woman would be knelt down in front of him as he took his punishment, this time able to keep track of the strokes and that she would be unbuttoned with cleavage showing.  The sight of this would drive him crazy and he would desperately try to reach out to tidy her up but would be unable to do so as he was cuffed up.

    The next part of his discipline came in the form of CBT.  Tied to a cross, a further command would have him notice my undone buttons and how they were driving him crazy wanting to do them up, so much so that he would not feel the pain from the pegs I was attaching to his cock and balls.  The next suggestion, was that on noticing my buttons properly fastened, he would become all too aware of the pain being administered to his manhood but that he would endure it anyway.

    I have great plans in store for Hypnobot’s next session; his review. So do sign up below to follow my blog for updates.

    Here is what Hypnobot had to say about his session:

    Dear Mistress, i have the opportunity now to sit down (with a bit of discomfort) and write to You in appreciation of the time spent together earlier.
    You absoultely nailed the smart strict severe look i so love and it was an unbelievable pleasure to submit to You. Working in such an organisation would be bliss. The hypnosis was wonderful and i think we can make it even better in future. Having Your hand touch my shoulder with the command to sleep was a dream come true. There was nothing i could do to stop going into a trance, not that i would even want to  disobey Your commands. i could really see other female employees either perfectly dressed, behaving like Your robots, or there were a few scruffily dressed ladies. The best part of the session was when i was tied down and the lady was in front of me with her top shirt buttons undone and cleavage showing. It was a horrific sight and i was so desperate to correct the buttons but simply could not reach. Absolutely incredible experience, thank You.
    The cbt was quite hard to take. i so wanted to take what i could for You. Next time im sure there are more things we can try but most of today was, for a first time ‘getting to know You’ experience, perfect and i am so in awe of You and so overwhelmed, please let me see You again the future.
    Your very happy, satisfied and obedient hypnotised servant

    Here is the smartly worn suit:


    And just to make him twitch, the unbuttoned version! *Evil Laugh*



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  • Big Cock Erotic Hypnosis.

    I have created the next addition to my Erotic Hypnosis collection. This one is especially for those of you with little pin dicks, who need the utter humiliation, followed by the intense experience of feeling what it is like to have a big cock and fucking like a big cocked male would!

    This recording contains a full induction so Be prepared to be taken into a deep state of trance, where you will find yourself in an utterly humiliation situation where your small penis will be displayed in all its humiliating glory.  After severe public humiliation you have a visit from your fairy god mistress (me), who grants your wish and gives you the biggest cock you have ever seen. You only have until Midnight until the spell wears off, and you put it to good use, having hard rough sex with the women’s cheer-leading team.

    I tested this hypnosis out on a loyal slave of mine and here is what he had to say about it:

    Ok I saw an old style swimming pool with the changing rooms at the side of the pool. Tubby bloke stood at the side of the pool in blue speedos stomach hanging over a bit. I didn’t feel the humiliation of the small cock but I think that’s because I’m have no issue with what I’ve got. I did see a very buff guy with a big cock. I did feel the cock grow. I could imagine the cheerleaders bent over and fucking them senseless I may have a dream about that tonight lol. I did feel the shame after cumming and the cock shrinks although that might have been because I had cum on my face!! I would recommend it Mistress, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed if they are relaxed and have an open mind and sph is their thing.

    Click the link below for a preview:


    Or Purchase here:

    Size: 52 MB
    Format: MP3 
    Added: 7/8/14 9:46am 
    Buy Now

    (Note there are two versions of this fantasy in my store, a hypnosis version and a narrated story version.  Please ensure you select the hypnosis one if you want to experience the full feelings and emotions as if you were there.


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  • JOI Masturbation Instruction – Erotic Hypnosis

    I am pleased to announce that my second offering in my erotic hypnosis audio recordings, is now available. Make yourself comfortable, and prepare to be taken into a deep state of trance by my beautiful hypnotic soft voice as I take you on a journey into your sexual subconscious mind where you will experience the most mind blowing orgasm you have ever felt, through the power of my guided masturbation.  You will experience my hands wrapped around your cock, while your mind plays out vivid sexual movies as my voice speaks softly and seductively to your subconscious.  When you awaken, post hypnotic suggestions will increase the intensity of all future private masturbation events and you will be awoken feeling utterly amazing. You can listen to a preview below and purchase the full recording by clicking the button below the preview or you can email me to purchase a downloadable copy to keep and listen to over and over again .

    I applied this recording into a real time session with Slave Mousey, and this is what he had to say about it;

    Before my last session, Mistress had enquired if I would be willing to try a new erotic hypnosis she was working on, which of course as the devoted slave I was more than happy to oblige.

    Now I think it would be worth mentioning that our sessions are always planned by Mistress. Mistress know my likes and my very few dislikes but other than that she is in control, which from my point of view is fantastic as I never know whats coming up and makes the session even greater and keeps me constantly nervous.

    So the session this time consisted of cbt and nipple torture which are big favourites of mine and I have to say Mistress was on fire, she had a look in her eye that meant business. This was followed by needle play which was new to me and proved very very enjoyable.

    The reason I have told you about are session is to understand that I was on a massive high and Mistress then had the task of bringing me into a relaxed state. Mistress likes a challenge!!

    As many of you know who have met or spoken on the phone to Miss Deelight she has a very alluring soft spoken voice (unless you displease her)!!

    So I’m led on the bed the room is darkened, quiet and warm still all bouncy from our session but with a very open mind and then Mistress starts talking which almost takes you into a trance straight away. To be in the same room lying there with that soft voice washing all over you is amazing.

    Needless to say Mistress did her magic and brought me down to a fully relaxed state, following her voice that was taking me on a journey which led to a most amazing climax all under her instruction. I cant remember the last time I had felt so relaxed and experienced a full body orgasm in the way I did under her control.

    Mistress then gently brought me back to earth and I was left with an enormous sense of warmth and well being which is still with me as I write this 3 days later.

    Now I accept this may not be for everyone. But give it a try you never know it might give you some sunshine in a crazy busy world. Better still book a session and experience that alluring soft voice in person.

  • JOI Hypnosis – More Feedback

    I have just written a  new JOI erotic hypnosis script that is designed to take the recipient into a deep state of relaxation and through a spell binding journey of masturbation which ultimately delivers the most mind blowing orgasm.  I tested this script out on Slave Mousey who has never been hypnotised before.  Below you can read his thoughts on his experience.  I am just putting the finishing touches to the final edit of the audio recording and it will be available to purchase soon.  Watch this space or follow me on twitter for updates.

    Before my last session, Mistress had enquired if I would be willing to try a new erotic hypnosis she was working on, which of course as the devoted slave I was more than happy to oblige.

    Now I think it would be worth mentioning that our sessions are always planned by Mistress. Mistress know my likes and my very few dislikes but other than that she is in control, which from my point of view is fantastic as I never know whats coming up and makes the session even greater and keeps me constantly nervous.

    So the session this time consisted of cbt and nipple torture which are big favourites of mine and I have to say Mistress was on fire, she had a look in her eye that meant business. This was followed by needle play which was new to me and proved very very enjoyable.

    The reason I have told you about are session is to understand that I was on a massive high and Mistress then had the task of bringing me into a relaxed state. Mistress likes a challenge!!

    As many of you know who have met or spoken on the phone to Miss Deelight she has a very alluring soft spoken voice (unless you displease her)!!

    So I’m led on the bed the room is darkened, quiet and warm still all bouncy from our session but with a very open mind and then Mistress starts talking which almost takes you into a trance straight away. To be in the same room lying there with that soft voice washing all over you is amazing.

    Needless to say Mistress did her magic and brought me down to a fully relaxed state, following her voice that was taking me on a journey which led to a most amazing climax all under her instruction. I cant remember the last time I had felt so relaxed and experienced a full body orgasm in the way I did under her control.

    Mistress then gently brought me back to earth and I was left with an enormous sense of warmth and well being which is still with me as I write this 3 days later.

    Now I accept this may not be for everyone. But give it a try you never know it might give you some sunshine in a crazy busy world. Better still book a session and experience that alluring soft voice in person.

  • CBT, Nipple Torture and Needle Play

    Sissy Mouse (@sissymouse) came to visit me today for what was a fun filled session of CBT, Nipple Torture, Needle Play and Erotic Hypnosis.  We began the session by ‘catching’ his runaway bollocks so that I could clamp them in a ball/nut crusher.  Next I stretched him open with a urethral stretcher  before pausing for a cigarette whilst he took over as my bound human ashtray using the humiliating ashtray gag as I used his balls as an occasional stub.

    (click images for full size)

    CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (3) CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (4)

    CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (5)  CBT-human-ashtray (1)

    The fun continued when I inserted a rosebud sound into his cock and attached a nipple stretching device….

    CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (2) CBT-and-nipple-torture (1) nipple-stretching (2)

    More fun and frolics – Wiring up the CBT contraption to an electro stimulator….

    electro-cbt (1) electro-cbt (2)

    Needle play nipple torture….


    Finally after all the pain, I took Mousey into a deep trance using erotic hypnosis, and allowed him to experience the intense rush of JOI under hypnosis.