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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – It Doesn’t Always Go To Plan

    Sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

    I awoke in the darkness of a 6am morning to the sound of wind and rain lashing against the bedroom window. I should have realised then that this was a bad omen for today’s session. The next sound that I heard was Mistress sending me a WhatsApp telling me to purchase her a skinny sugar free vanilla latte on my way to the HOD. I got up quickly washed, dressed and made my way to my car. I had actually been staying away from home that night and made my way to my car that was parked in the accommodation’s compound. I drove up to the electric gates and placed the key fob against the sensor. I heard it click but the gates didn’t move. Shit! I tried again and the same thing happened. I started to panic. It was 7am in the morning. Mistress would soon be on her way. The car-park I was in was miles from nowhere and unattended. I sent Mistress a message and explained my plight, and received no reply. I tried my fob again and still nothing. In the end I got out of my car in the, still pouring, rain and grabbed hold of the gate and pulled. I felt it give a little. I fiddled with the hydraulics and thought that I heard something click into place. I gathered up my feeble frame to attempt an escape, I grabbed hold of the gate and within one huge effort managed to open one side of it. I sprinted back to the car, jumped in and hared through the still open gate fearing that it would close on me the whole time. I was out. Hooray. I sent Mistress a WhatsApp to give her the good news.

    I pulled into Costa Coffee and ordered the required brew, only to be told that they didn’t do sugar free. I bought what they had on offer anyway in case it was all I could get. I just had time to stop in at another coffee chain and this time managed to get the skinny sugar free vanilla latte that Mistress desired.

    Luckily, I just arrived at the HOD in time for my appointment with Mistress. It is never a good idea to keep Mistress waiting for anything! I went in dead on 8am (yes it was that early) to find Mistress looking lovely and smiling sweetly. I was sent upstairs to get un-dressed and as I did so I sighed a breath of relief. I was here, on time, with a skinny sugar free vanilla latte and about to enjoy 5 hours in the company of a gorgeous, dominant woman. What else could possibly go wrong? It didn’t take long to find out the answer…

    ‘Kneel on the mat and recite your mantra’ came Mistresses voice from the lounge. I knelt as instructed and took a breath, and froze! I could not for the life of me remember my Mantra. Yes, it was partly because of the situation I found myself in, but far worse was the truth that it exposed. I had got out of the habit of saying it both morning and night and now I was about to be found out. I started to recite a shortened and incorrect version of it over and over. I tried to do it quite quietly hoping beyond hope that Mistress didn’t notice. Mistress was in the lounge area and I could hear her doing stuff whilst I mumbled away. ‘If I get away with this the first thing I am going to do is learn it again when I get home’ I thought to myself. All of a sudden it went quiet in the lounge, Mistress was listening. I was doomed! And a moment later Mistress said ‘what the hell is that Slave? That isn’t your mantra’. I apologized profusely as she told me to do it again, but correctly this time. I failed yet again. And again, and again, and again. Mistress told me that for every 2 minutes that passed I would receive 50 whacks with her new favorite Grateful Pain paddle (I had told Mistress that I would love to try the Grateful Pain humbler one day but certainly didn’t want to experience the paddle). The effect of this added incentive is entirely predictable. My brain turned to mush and I repeatedly failed this one simple task. In the end Mistress had to tell me the first line in order for me to remember the rest. Oh dear, my day was going from bad to worse!

    Things did improve significantly a few minutes later however when Mistress told me to sit in the chair, that was placed in the middle of the room, in order that she could secure me to it. Mistress used rope to secure my chest to the back of the chair, put the leather mitts on my hands and secured them behind the back of the chair and used wooden manacles to secure my ankles. I was going nowhere, and the dribbling commenced. Next, I was totally blindfolded before being gagged. Once happy with her work I heard Mistresses footsteps as she went into the lounge and shut the door behind her. Over the next hour or two (it is so difficult to keep track of time) Mistress could be heard getting properly ready for her day before doing some custom videos for some lucky chaps. As the time progressed however I could hear Mistress becoming progressively more agitated that things weren’t going right in her day either. From the snippets I heard there were some things that Mistress needed that she couldn’t find, some she could find but that were not working or technical issues with camera’s or scripts, stockings with ladders or such like. But despite all of this Mistress would return to me frequently in order to check that I was ok, and to tease and to tantalise me in the ways that only she knows how. Once, after she had completed her custom videos and was too hot, she came back in and declared that she was now naked! Of course, I had no vision and could not be sure if this was true, that was until she briefly pressed her naked body against mine. Oh bliss! Next Mistress went and got dressed into her new white skirt and corset.

    She removed my blindfold and allowed me to soak in the wonderful vision in front of me. Gorgeous! Mistress decided that I should return to a state of helpless blindness and blindfolded me once again. I heard her rummage in a drawer behind me. I sensed her move in front of me once again and felt her gentle touch as she squeezed a nipple. At the same time I heard the jangle of a small chain, and feared the worst, nipple clamps! Mistress has used them several times before to control and torment me. There have been times where in hindsight that I have been pleased she has done so. But I fear the pain. Today was no different. I tensed waiting for the inevitable jolt of pain as each was applied, but instead I felt Mistress gently apply one and then the other with some sort of screw fastening. These were not the spring loaded crocodile clips that I feared so much but some other far more sensual version. Yes their application hurt a little as they were applied, yes the weight of the chain pulled down and added to my discomfort, but the overall effect of these was to add yet another positive sensation to my already overstimulated brain. The fog of pleasure that Mistress can create in my head becomes quite impenetrable sometimes. Words remain her most formidable weapon. Mistress was walking out of the room at one time and said something (possibly about the teasing to come or the predicament I now found myself in) and her words resulted in a spontaneous spasming of my body. No one else has ever been able to do this to me. It is as if a force, like static electricity, has been building up inside of me and her words touch it acting as a conductor and my body jolts uncontrollably. Mistress heard this sound, as my body arched against my bindings and I jolted the chair, and turned around and demanded to know what had happened. I tried to explain but probably only mumbled through my own confused thoughts.

    It was then that inevitable happened in the midst of an extra long session such as this. I could feel the need to have a pee taking over from the wonderful sensations that Mistress had been treating me to. Luckily Mistress does seem to understand the needs of an old fart like myself and released my bindings for the chair, took off one of the leather mittens and told me to go and sort myself out. This still left the matter of one leather mitten and a pair of leg braces to be coped with whilst making my way upstairs to the bathroom. It was a difficult ascent and decent of said staircase. So difficult in fact that Mistress felt compelled to photograph and video my demise for her online army of fans.

    Once down the stairs again Mistress noticed that I was shivering. I had not noticed just how cold I had become whilst secured naked to the chair in the dungeon. Mistress undid my shackles took me through to the lounge taped my arms to my side, zipped me into a latex sleep sack, blindfolded me and sat me down on the settee. She is such a kind and considerate Mistress! Mistress unzipped the bottom section of the sleep sack to access her property. It was then that the edging began, both with her hands and with the vibrator. Within moments I was close to the edge (and Mistress hadn’t even removed the Bon4 at that point!). And when she did, and Mistresses property felt her tender touch for the first time in 5 weeks, what followed became something of an inevitability. Mistress applied the vibrator one more time. I asked her to stop but was too late, I had gone too far! The orgasm started and I could do nothing about it. I erupted and Mistress did what Mistress must. An orgasm that happens without her permission can end only one way. A ruin. Mistresses property pumped away desperate to be stimulated more to allow it to enjoy the experience, but all stimulation had been removed and all that was left was the pain and discomfort.

    That was it the session was over. In actual fact I think we were both a little disappointed. Me because I always look forward to a full, wonderful, mind blowing orgasm (my visits to the HOD are my ONLY chance for this to happen as I am locked in chastity at all other times) and Mistress because I don’t think that was what she had planned to happen. I know from past experience that there is nothing more fun for her to do to a slave than give him a painful ruin and send him away from the HOD unfulfilled and desperate for her continued attentions. But this was not her intention today. At the HOD there is only one way that things normally happen, that is the Mistress way. I had spoilt this today and am sorry Mistress. I hope you will allow me to try again before too long.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – Amazing with a small serving of yuk

    Amazing with a small serving of yuk.

    I am writing this a couple of weeks after my session in question because not only did it take a time to sink in but I have also been suffering from my well documented ups and downs. However, this year I have been expecting it so have been managing it better than in previous years. I have once again been having ‘this isn’t for me thoughts’ and then a few hours later ‘this is the best thing in my life’.
    Mistress of course knows this and reminded me at our last session that although it comes and goes from now on my sessions are mandatory. Only illness in my immediate family or Mistress herself being unable to carry out the session will I be excused. This has been a great help to me because the whole concept of no choice appeals greatly to me.

    Anyway, let’s start with my latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight. I message Mistress in the morning to confirm if our session is still ok from her end. Mistress doesn’t reply but about an hour later I receive a very unexpected phone call from Mistress informing me that she is running late and has some shopping for me to do for her lunch today. This always gets me bumbling because I always worry that I can’t get what she wants. So, armed with my list I head to the shops and as predicted the first one doesn’t have what Mistress wants. Luckily the second one does and I fulfil Mistress’s list. This then leaves me a short time to return home gather everything that I need to take with me, not forgetting to put on my chastity belt and collar.
    I arrive with a few minutes to spare and wait around the corner until it is close to 11am. I luckily find a free space at the side of the HOD and gather some of my items and return for the rest. I then lock the door and announce my arrival and I am met by Mistress looking amazing as always, this time in a plunging short black dress. My mistake of course is to start nervously gabbling at Mistress before complimenting her on how fabulous she looks. Mistress reminds me of this in her tongue in cheek yet strict way (duly noted Mistress sorry).

    I unload Mistress’s shopping and pass a comment about how I hate avocado (mistake number 2) and generally gabble some more at Mistress. Mistress notes that I am nervous and sends me off to use the toilet and change into my Sissy Hypnobot outfit. I do as instructed, return and kneel to await Mistress. On Mistress’s return to the room I cheekily compliment Mistress on how fabulous she looks and she gives me one of those looks. Mistress then tells me to recite my SHB mantra which I blunder for the first few times but finally get it flowing in the correct manner. Once Mistress is happy with my recital she instructs me to stand and opens the cage door or the ‘Hypnobot storage facility’. I ask Mistress if I should put my shoes on and for a moment she says no and then changes her mind. Reminding me that I will need to stand in 4-inch stiletto heels for an hour and not disturb her. I have always fancied the challenge of standing that long in heels so gratefully accept Mistress’s instructions. Mistress then squeezes the door closed, padlocks it, puts her hand on my shoulder with the command sleep and leaves me to my storage. The heels are already starting to really hurt my feet and I am less than 5 minutes in but mind over matter must prevail and after a short while I drift off into a very strange trance. I feel like I am floating on my feet they are still killing me but the pain doesn’t transfer. However, I must be shuffling about because Mistress checks that I am ok and I explain my trance like experience which she is most pleased with. I am not sure how much later I suddenly start to feel hot. Mistress comes out and checks on me and I explain that I am feeling hot and with her laser wit fires off ‘you are far from that slave’ which makes me chuckle even now.

    Mistress opens the cage door and tells me to go and remove the SHB outfit, return and kneel facing the fire place. I do as instructed and with that Mistress places over my head the lovely frilly sissy dress I like so much. Mistress also informs me, to my horror, that I have interrupted her lunch, I cannot apologise enough whilst Mistress fits some lovely pink cuffs, collar, lead and bunny ears. Mistress then with a yank of the leash instructs me to follow her into the other room. As I follow on all fours Mistress tells me I should hop like a bunny (which I have no chance of doing). On arrival in the other room Mistress tells me to wait with my head down and then returns with some food on a plate and places it in front of me. Mistress has kindly put on the plate some chewed up avocado, YUK. Mistress then informs me that due to me interrupting her lunch I had better enjoy it and leave a clean plate. In my very submissive state this is not usually a problem, in fact the chance to digest any of Mistress’s waste is an honour. Drinking her golden nectar is an honour but eating avocado no matter how so served is a test for me but with some internal wincing I finally manage it and thank Mistress with as much conviction as possible for my lovely lunch. I remain kneeling over the plate until Mistress has finished her lunch.

    When Mistress has finished she heads out to the dungeon room and starts moving some things around and instructs me to crawl out and join her. Mistress has placed the whipping bench in a strange place and asks me why I think that is. I of course have no idea and await whatever is heading my way. Mistress tells me to climb on the bench and straps me in. She then does something most unexpected, pushes a lubed gloved finger up my bum. I immediately start to worry because I didn’t know this was going to happen and hadn’t prepared myself internally for such things. I explain this to Mistress who’s reply left me somewhat dumb struck “If anything comes out dirty you will lick it clean” I just didn’t know what to say. Mistress then reminded me of an off the cuff remark I had made in a past session where I stated that I was glad that Mistress didn’t partake in hard sports because she has me so over a barrel that I wouldn’t be able to refuse. This remark completely caught me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say.

    Mistress has since got me to confess that I would have done it.

    Anyway, back to me strapped to the bench and Mistress then produces an anal hook and pops it inside and attaches it to by rope to the hook in the ceiling. All I can think at the time is I hope it comes out clean because I didn’t at that time know if Mistress would carry out what she said. With me attached by the hook and Mistress pleased with her work she kindly decides to make a video of my predicament for her onlyfans site. It is always a joy to be present when Mistress does her pieces to camera and this one was suitably light hearted. Mistress then kindly starts to smack my bum and tugging on the rope pulling the hook around inside me. I must admit a very enjoyable feeling. Once Mistress is bored with this she removes the hook and luckily no mention is made about the state of it.

    Mistress then starts of probe something else into me and with great ease in it pops. I have no idea what it is until Mistress informs me she has inserted an electric butt plug. A new experience for me and what an experience it was. Once coupled to Mistress’s much-loved e-stim pebble a whole compendium of internal muscle zapping and contractions took place. The favourite of Mistress being the audio, a combination of the music turned up, Mistress signing and me squealing sent shock-waves to places I didn’t know existed. What a new and incredibly enjoyable experience that was.

    Once Mistress had decided that she had zapped me enough she sent me upstairs to remove everything including the plug and chastity belt and return to her. What then followed was a period of being edged with the vibrating wand and when I reached edge I was caned until I could be edged again. Always wary of going too far and ending up ruined which I was warned would result in a post-orgasm caning. I had one of those and it’s not on my to-do list anytime soon. After what seemed like forever but in truth was no more than 10-15 minutes Mistress stopped and instructed me to kneel and kiss her boots. Mistress doesn’t do this very often but I feel such a heightened sense of submission when I am allowed such a privilege.

    With the session over Mistress instructs me to go and get dressed and I return and we have a nice post session chat before it is time to head off. Leaving Mistress with the joy of heading to the laundrette although she had previously threatened to send me dressed in the frilly pink bunny costume.

    I have been visiting Mistress for nearly 4 years and yet still this was a session of firsts for me and I am, as always, very grateful for the session and experiences contained therein.

    All I had to do now is get through a week of avocado with my lunch but that is for another chapter.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – Extreme Edging

    This week I have a session. Oh thank goodness! I always look forward to sessions of course. I count down the days, I fantasise, I think back to previous sessions and most of all I wonder what is in store for me this time. This week’s session is another milestone in my servitude to Miss Deelight. This week’s session takes place almost 3 years to the day since my first session. And even after this time, I know that, as I step across the threshold of the HOD, I will have absolutely no idea about what is going to happen.  I looked up what is the traditional gift for a third anniversary to discover that it is leather. How appropriate! I knew that I had to buy something for Mistress to mark the occasion, I did, of course, think about buying some wonderful leather bondage device but in the end settled on something only a little less selfish and ordered Mistress a sexy white leather miniskirt instead.

    Sunday was a particularly tormenting day for me. Mistress had spent some time the day before locking down my laptop and ensuring that, from that point on, she would be able to monitor and control my access to the fetish world. I had only experienced a couple of hours of ‘freedom’ (my phone is already locked) following a crash and rebuild. Once I had submitted my blog I asked Mistress if I was allowed to try to escape from the controls that she had just placed on my laptop. To my surprise, she said yes. I had expected her to threaten punishment should I even try to escape her clutches. Her response demonstrated a confidence in her abilities to constrain and control me that sent Mistresses property bulging against the steel cage. A threat of punishment would have been effective in ensuring that I stayed under her control. But it would not have sent me into the tormented mess that I now found myself in.

    I rushed through my vanilla tasks for the day all the while thinking about how I was going to wriggle free from Mistresses grip. I should say here and now that I am not a computer whiz by any one’s definition. But I do know how to load stuff, remove stuff, set up new identities etc. I really did think that I would have a chance of escape. To be clear, I didn’t want to escape. I would have been really disappointed to discover that it was possible in fact. But as always I needed to know that Mistress had genuinely stripped me of all control. And the only way to be sure is to try to escape. And I tried and I tried. I tried to delete programs, I tried to access the fetish world through alternative browsers, I tried to guess Mistresses passwords, I tried to change Mistresses passwords, I tried loading up in ‘safe mode’ in order to bypass the control software and I tried every other wriggle I could think of. But nothing worked. I don’t think that I ever came close to escape! And by the time I had finished my pathetic attempts I was a tormented wreck. I sent the inevitable WhatsApp to Mistress and conceded what I suspect that we had both known from the start. Once Mistress locks you down, that is how you are going to stay until Mistress decides otherwise.  I was so wound up by the whole process that I asked Mistress if it might be possible to access Twitter for just a little while. It would have acted as something of a safety valve to distract my attention for a while as well as a way for me to voice my gratitude to Mistress for the entire fetish world to hear. As it was Mistress ignored me (I think she was trying to have a day off) and I suffered in silence. It is, I am sure, what Mistress wanted to happen.

    And then, following a couple of quiet days, it was the day of my session. As always I arrived a few minutes early and sent Mistress a text to inform her that I would enter the HOD at the agreed time unless she instructed me otherwise. I walked in, locked the door behind me, removed my shoes, shouted hello to Mistress and walked into the dungeon. I was greeted by the sight of Mistress seated at the desk in her office looking towards me. My eyes were immediately drawn to her new white, satin, figure-hugging top and the cleavage that it framed so beautifully. My eyes also couldn’t help noticing black stockings, ridiculously short skirt and just a glimpse of white panties. I said ‘you are looking lovely today Mistress’. Mistress replied ‘I am, aren’t I slave’. Mistress knows how much I love her gorgeous sexy figure (and the supreme power that it exerts over me!) and so my heart started to crumble immediately.

    I was ordered to go upstairs to the bathroom and to return naked.  I did as instructed and was locked in the cage in the dungeon with my wrists secured by the wooden manacles that I had made for Mistress. Mistress put a Viagra into my mouth, squirted in some water and told me to swallow.  And there I stayed for the next hour. To be perfectly honest I struggled to find my inner slave self in that time. It was only when Mistress came in and briefly teased me, and then when I listened to her making a JOI custom for a very lucky chap, that things started to stir in my chastity device.

    As the time of my session proper approached I heard Mistress attaching manacles to the gyno bench upstairs. Mistress had told me that my session was going to take place in there and that made me very happy. It made me happy because I had only ever had one session in there before and that had involved a lot of lovely teasing.  Little did I know that I was about to experience the most extreme edging that I had ever experienced before!

    Mistress returned downstairs and released me from the cage. She passed me a large roll of black pallet wrap to carry for her (that puzzled me) and told me to go up to the gyno room. Once there I was ordered onto the bench and Mistress started to apply the leather bindings. This for me was the moment when the pleasure started. As each cuff or strap was tightened I felt any chance of escape ebbing away. And as each was tightened Mistresses property grew and grew. It really does know what it likes! I had actually forgotten all about the pallet wrap until I saw Mistress pick up the role that I had put on the wall. Mistress unfurled one end and laid it across my stomach. She then proceeded to unroll it further, pass it under the bench before bringing it up on the other side again. Mistress was going to pallet wrap me to the bench! This was a first. 10 minutes later I found myself totally wrapped up, and totally immobilised. The only parts of me that remained exposed were my lower legs, my caged cock and balls and my nose. In the process of wrapping me, Mistress had needed to reach across me to pass the wrap around me and each time that she did she had pushed her body against mine. It drove me nuts. And so by the end of those 10 minutes, I knew that the slightest touch to Mistresses property was probably going to take me over the edge.

    Mistress gave me strict instructions about what to do should I feel giddy or in distress whilst so confined and then went to work on me. First of all she removed the cage of the device. I love that device. I love the total control that it gives Mistress. But I love the moment that it is removed by Mistress even more. As Mistress took hold of her property for the first time since my session in June (in July Mistress guided my use of The Max masturbator and at my session at the beginning of August the device stayed firmly in place) I realized that her property was incredibly sensitive.  It was so sensitive that it almost hurt! I asked Mistress if she would be kind enough to use lots of lube, and she did. Moments later I was telling Mistress that I was about to cum. And I knew that there was probably at least an hour to go before I had any possibility of a final glorious orgasm (or potentially being sent home denied once again!). Mistress rebuked me and reminded me that I was never to tell her anything; instead, I was to ask her permission to cum. To which the answer would invariably be no. Mistress edged me again and then I heard her move towards the head of the gyno bench. I felt one hand grip my nostrils whilst her other one pushed down on the pallet wrap over my mouth and all possibility of breathing was instantly removed. I wasn’t expecting it and therefore had not taken a breath. A moment later I was struggling to cope. I writhed as much as my bindings would allow. I heard Mistress say ‘that’s good slave, I want to see you struggle’. Mistress released her grip and allowed me to take a gulp of air before once again blocking my airways. I could feel Mistresses property throbbing away and knew that it told the true story about how I feel about breath play. It excited me greatly! So much so that when Mistress reached back down to edge it once again I almost instantly asked for permission to cum. Mistress took her hand away from her property and leaned across me and again prevented any breathing on my part. But this time with her ample and gorgeous breasts. I am surprised that I did not cum there and then. Instead, I just teetered on the edge. Following some more edging and breath control, I heard Mistress leave the room and return shortly afterward. I felt her lay something on my chest and spread it out. I next felt a sensation that I had never felt before. I realised that Mistress was pushing a sounding rod down the inside of her property. This was another first as far as I was concerned. I am by nature a coward and so it did make me a little anxious, but I have to confess that it did result in a pleasurable sensation.  The second, larger, rod, however, started to hurt a little and so Mistress kindly removed it and moved onto the next phase. I felt something being slipped over the end of her property before being maneuvered down its shaft. Soon after I felt the tell-tale tingle as the E-Stim ElectroPebble was turned on. I had experienced this once before and I knew that Mistress was going to use it to tease me further but more particularly that she would use it to totally crush any possibility of a premature ejaculation. I knew I was about to experience something quite extreme. I don’t think I actually realised how extreme it would become. It probably went on for a further 30 minutes. A combination of breath control, edging, verbal teasing and ElectroPebble control made me suffer more than I had ever thought possible. I was taken to the very edge of ejaculation before Mistress would shock her property with the ElectroPebble. And as Mistress hurt me to control me she put a reassuring hand on me and gently explained that she was doing it for my own good. I felt her compassion in that blur of terrible discomfort, and I loved her for her kindness. She was in total control and was caring for me. This went on and on until Mistress decided that I couldn’t take any more. She told me that the next time that I would be allowed to cum. The idea scared the life out of me! I knew that it was going to be a violent ejaculation and I knew that Mistresses property was overly sensitive by this point. I begged her to be gentle with me (I was that scared!). And Mistress was gentle. I really don’t know what she did or how she did it. I do recall feeling her hand gently working her property but all I actually felt was the pressure down below building and building until I knew that it was about to erupt. I asked for permission to cum and heard Mistress reply, ‘let it out slave, let it all out’. And erupt I did with a total lack of control. I spurted cum like never before. I even felt it hitting my exposed nose (I’m sorry. Too much detail I know.)  And I felt it pump and pump. Because Mistress was being particularly gentle with me I think it actually accentuated the sensations as all I could feel was this massive ejaculation. I know that I whelped and I cried and I whimpered and I swore. It was so intense!

    Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes whilst she tidied up around me. I was then released from the gyno bench before being allowed to go and shower. I left the HOD a happy slave.


  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – Life Lessons

    Life lessons.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight comes a painfully long 6 weeks after the mind-blowing, mind numbing, self-facial, E-stim pebble induced orgasm. Which will forever leave a stamp on my sordid mind.

    Mistress a few weeks before had set out her plans for the session and what I needed to bring with me. As always with Mistress I get the bare basics. What happens on the day is always decided by Mistress. I knew that it would involve Mistress wielding her cane and that she wished to make a couple of clips with me dressed as my alter ego Sissy Hypnobot (subject to her hypnotic programming being successful).

    The day finally arrives and Mistress requests we start the session an hour later than planned at midday. I also receive a good luck email from Slave Taquin which was very lovely of him. As always, the clock ticks around slowly and I get myself ready. I am instructed today to wear my steel chastity belt to the session. I have never worn this out under clothes before and it’s also very cumbersome and uncomfortable but as we know Mistress knows best. I put it on lock it up and then adjust myself to try and get it to not pinch too much. I load the car and then gingerly sit in the driver’s seat. After more adjustment, I feel able to drive safely, with reasonable comfort and I set off. I arrive slightly early as always and wait a few streets away for the clock to slowly tick around to midday.

    As midday approaches I get an unexpected phone call from Mistress to inform me she is not quite ready and gives me my instructions. Which are to let myself in, go straight upstairs and dress in my SHB suit and await Mistress in the dungeon on the new soft kneeling mat (Mistress is very kind to us). After that Mistress informs me that I am to iron and starch her shirt. I inform Mistress that I have never ironed anything in my life and Mistress is shocked at such a revelation and tells me that it will be a good life lesson and that all good sissies should be able to carry out all domestic duties for their Mistress.

    Mistress hangs up and I collect my clothes and other offerings from the car and head to the front door, announce my arrival and then begin to bumble about for the next few minutes. Mistress acknowledges this by placing her phone through the slightly open door and its playing Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings which sets the scene perfectly. ‘Sing along Mousey’ says Mistress as I bumble about doing what I need to do with Mistress’s very creased shirt hanging menacingly up in front of me. I finally get myself upstairs, change, return, kneel on the mat and await Mistress. Feeling wonderful dressed in my smart navy-blue skirt suit with the chastity belt not allowing Mistress’s property to fully enjoy the feeling. After a few minutes Mistress enters the room still dressed in normal clothes (but still looking fabulous) and inspects me kneeling in front her and instructs me to stand so she can inspect me further and gives me her approval. Now comes the test, can I iron Mistress’s shirt first time to a good standard? Mistress gives me the instructions on how she wants it done with the starch and leaves me to it. Just standing there dressed as a chastised smart sissy feels wonderful and remarkably on Mistress’s return it’s done and to her expected standard. I am then instructed to return to the kneeling mat and await the arrival of a strict suited Mistress. I kneel there with Mistress property trying to burst out of its steel tube (a subsequence of the hypnotic programming and nothing else honest). A few minutes later Mistress enters the room and looks the picture of power and elegance in her smart suit, beautifully ironed shirt (cheeky grin) and new blue silk tie. Mistress then informs me to stand and checks me over, adjusting my tie to her exacting standards and tells me to put on my shoes. In that usual way of me and my bumbling, whilst trying to put the second shoe on I lose my balance and almost crash to the ground.

    Once the shoes are on and I am upright, Mistress gets out her camera and tells me to recite my SHB mantra which is “I am a sissy Hypnobot. My duty is to serve, honour and obey my commander” I repeat this several times and once finished Mistress sends the video to a very expectant Hypnobot one. This may seem very odd but it is his approval that I seek the most. The smart immaculate presentation is his thing and to attain his standards as a usually scruffy mechanic is somewhat of an achievement and honour. Mistress has since informed me that HB1 was indeed pleased with what was presented to him.

    Next task was to shoot a video of Mistress for her strict smart suit fans. This was duly done and thank goodness for image stabiliser because I struggled to stand still in my heels. A good lesson to never take for granted Mistress stood in heels for hours! With that task complete (I’ve said it many times before watching Mistress do her pieces to camera unscripted is mesmerising) it was time to film another clip introducing Sissy Hypnobot. This again was difficult for me to stand completely still and I could feel myself swaying slightly.

    Once again, another brilliant piece to camera by Mistress informing the watchers of her power over her army of Hypnobot’s and drones. It was also great for me to stand there mindless with no thoughts whatsoever apart from listening for a command.

    With filming finished and me back in the room it was time to move on to a more familiar session for me. Mistress wielding her cane. I’m informed to go upstairs remove the SHB outfit (what a relief to get out of those heels) and return wearing just the steel chastity belt. With this done Mistress shoots a video of me wearing the belt for her only fans site (what better reason do you need than that to join?)

    Now for the fun bit. A very welcome caning from Mistress. Before the session Mistress had informed me that she would be drawing blood today and wouldn’t stop until she had. With my well-padded leathery backside, this is not an easy task for Mistress or me.

    All my caning is now done cold with no warm up. This is a testament to Mistress and her coaching to get me to be able to do take this. Mistress informs me that today it will be various canes in sets of 6.

    Mistress invites me to kneel on her whipping bench and because I am wearing the chastity belt it makes my bum cheeks more pronounced. Mistress decides that I don’t need strapping down today as I am a very willing victim. Mistress puts some music on a begins. Whack no fluffy start today and it leaves me breathless as always. I always struggle with the first 8. It seems that is how long it takes for my body and my head to adjust to the pain. I’m not saying the rest were easy but by stroke number eight I can start to cope better. With several sets of 6 completed Mistress changes cane and I am given more sets of 6. Mistress changing from 6 individual strokes to giving me 6 in quick succession. The six in quick succession becomes unbearable and then it’s over. Mistress then moves to the stingy whippy cane and even with a well-warmed bottom that thing hurts especially the 6 in a row. Mistress has been keeping count of how many sets I have been given and asks me how many it is several times over the period? Luckily, I got everyone correct. After around 20 sets of 6 Mistress with her laser-guided caning, accuracy produces the blood she is looking for and decides I can have another 2 sets of 6 just so the blood transfers onto the cane better. I would like to add as always in-between those 132 strokes there was some fun and laughing (I just can’t really remember what it was about). I must say being caned in the belt was a fun experience and it also meant I was safe from a post-orgasm caning.

    Once finished Mistress invites me to stand slowly and join her for a drink and a post-session chat. I am instructed to sit on the hard floor in front of Mistress’s throne so I can easily mop my blood up later and enjoy sitting on a freshly canned bottom. Mistress you are so kind and practical.

    As always, it’s lovely to have a chat about this and that with Mistress and as before I know it time is up. I clean the floor and the bench, go and redress. Return, put my stuff in the car, run an errand for Mistress and leave her to the rest of her busy day feeling just wonderful.

    I am always grateful to Mistress for our sessions but sometimes a session goes way beyond what you expect and even though I have written the above, I cannot put into words the emotional joy that this particular session brought me. I will quote Slave Taquin in a nice email he sent me enquiring after my session. “I also struggle to convey my emotions in words. There are very few readers who will ever be able to understand unless they are lucky enough to be one of Mistress’s slaves.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – What the Fuck Happened?

    Slave Taquin has been good to me in recent weeks however I have also noted his errors.  The errors were all recorded in a document and I decided because I was feeling sadistic that day, that he was going to pay for his errors in this session.  I really did unleash my inner beast onto him and he left not knowing what the fuck had hit him.  Guess what? He still loves me ;)

    I left the HOD disorientated and shocked. I had just realised that this weeks session had been carefully planned to hurt, humiliate and punish me. Even the ‘good bits’ had been part of the overall plan to result in my eventual despair. The timing of such a session was perfectly planned. It happened when I least expected it. In my mind I had been such a good slave recently. I had contributed financially (in a small way) to both of Mistresses holidays, I had bought her gifts, I had delayed my session by a week in order to spend a day doing an urgent vanilla task for her and only the night before my session I had agreed to buy Mistress an expensive outfit that she had fallen in love with. Of course, my relationship with Mistress is not ‘transactional’. I wouldn’t want or expect a genuine sub domme relationship to work that way. It is a long term relationship where I have to accept and come to terms with whatever Mistress thinks is best for me, or happens to please her on a given day. As she reminded me yesterday, I need to learn to take the rough with the smooth. I can never know what comes next. I know from past experience that it won’t be long before I find myself referring to this weeks session as a positive experience. It is just that today it still hurts!

    I am writing this section of my blog 2 days after the session. You will tell from it that the events are still vivid and raw in my mind. But I should also say that Mistress has been looking after me ever since, building me back up piece by piece. She is a genuine, dominant and powerful Mistress and she cares for me in her unique and wonderful way. I love being her submissive slave. This weeks session was tough for me. As part of my ‘recovery’ from it I felt the need to write about it now as I know that it will be difficult for me.

    On parking close to the HOD I checked my phone to find that Mistress had left me a message. It was the sort of message that inevitably excites me. It was a set of clear instructions as to what I was to do on entering the HOD. There is little better than being ‘bossed about’ by Mistress as far as I am concerned. 10 minutes later I found myself naked (apart from my slave collar and chastity device), kneeling on the dungeon floor, facing the fireplace, head down with the items that I had bought with me laid out neatly in front of me. I had bought my key safe containing the key to the chastity device, Viagra, ‘The Vice’ chastity device and £210 cash for Mistress to buy her outfit. (The cash had been removed from the money I am saving up for another 12 months as Mistress Deelight’s slave – I will just have to work/save harder!).

    Mistress entered the room and immediately blindfolded me. She made me stand, take 2 steps back and sit on the hard wooden chair she had placed behind me. My arms and wrists were gaffer taped to the chair back. My thighs were then gently but firmly tied to the chair. I love the feeling of soft rope bindings and this combined with the moments when I felt Mistresses body lean in against mine ensured that her property grew and dribbled in its cage. Mistress then gaffer taped my ankles to the chair, made me swallow a Viagra, checked that I had no possible means of escape and left the room. Over the next hour Mistress occasionally returned to the room, chatted about the music she was playing me and treated me to the very occasional tantalising torment of her touch on my body. I was drifting gently into subspace when I heard Mistresses steps approaching once again. This time I could tell that she was wearing heels and therefore that my session proper was about to start. As always I had no idea what lay ahead. Mistress had talked earlier of ‘fun and games’ and ‘surprises’. Both comments had worried me as I always consider that my needs are quite basic and straightforward. Mistress has a history of pushing my boundaries to ensure that I am never too comfortable or complacent.

    The session started so well. Mistress teased and tormented my securely bound body with her hands and her body. Very quickly her Viagra fuelled property was trying to burst out of its stainless steel cage. But the cage stayed firmly in place.

    Mistress cut through the gaffer tape bindings on my wrists and replaced them with some cuffs. They felt light and soft, not like any other cuffs that I had experienced before. She then did the same with my ankles. I was told to open wide whilst Mistress tried to apply a gag, but this gags ball was too large for my mouth and so Mistress just applied it sitting on the outside of my mouth. I thought this was odd as she would normally get the smaller gag to make sure that it did its required job effectively. It was only as Mistress was applying a collar around my neck, that also felt soft and comfortable’ that I realised what was happening. I had seen a tweet from Mistress only a few days earlier that displayed a photo of a set of pink, light bondage items that I assumed would be used on the Sissies within her ever growing stable (or should that be Harem?). I muttered past the gag that I guessed that I now looked ‘pretty in pink’. Mistress didn’t reply. I heard her go upstairs and return a few minutes later. She lifted my arms in front of me and fitted a bra on me. Next, the bandage blindfold that had been obscuring my vision since the beginning of the session was replaced by a lightweight elasticated blindfold. And finally, I felt Mistress put a wig on my head. I should say at this point that wearing women’s clothes is not my ‘thing’ (in the same way that many chaps wouldn’t find anything remotely exciting about having their tackle locked in a stainless steel device – which is definitely one of my ‘things’). And neither is humiliation. And so when I felt Mistress sit on my lap, in a way that told me that she was taking a selfie of the two of us for online publication, and I heard the click of the photo being taken I was far from excited. But what happened next was even worse. Mistress removed my blindfold, stood in front of me and started to video me. Mistress made me say things that I didn’t want to say and made me feel terrible. I was mortified. I wondered if this was being done to punish me or was her way of playing to my Blackmail fetish. I still don’t know the answer to that question although I have concluded that it was the former rather than the latter. (If Mistress really wants to blackmail me she has already illustrated the fact that she can do all sorts of things that would scare me sufficiently to ensure my compliance without resorting to the ‘nuclear’ option).

    Once happy that she had completed her video Mistress began to tease me. It was lovely of course. It is one of the things that I enjoy most and Mistress is so good at it. I allowed the horrors of the humiliation and video to start to drift into the background as the sensations of touch, smell and vision (Mistress was wearing a fabulous black body suit and looked every past the magnificent woman that she is) filled my body and soul. After a little while Mistress sat on my lap facing away from me and started to read from her phone. It started ‘May the 15th. Today I sent an e mail to Princess without Mistresses permission’, or something similar. I really can’t remember the content but basically Mistress had stored up all of my confessional emails or blogs and was reading each one back to me. And as she concluded each confession (and there were lots of them) she would slap my legs, hard. I hate pain (how many times have you heard me say that) but I know that it is something that I have to endure. It is a true punishment for me in a relationship that I want to be 100% genuine. Today Mistress really hurt me. She slapped and slapped until I could not bear it any longer and then she pinched the area of sore skin before moving onto the next confession and the next part of my soft exposed flesh. In between each set of slaps, she would tease me with her body and her touch. She then stood in from of me and admonished me further whilst whipping my legs with a lightweight but effective tawse. And again in between each session of excruciating pain she teased me. By the time that she had finished I was shaking uncontrollably. Mistress slowly removed my bindings and teased me as she did it. I began to calm down and cheer up a bit as despite the pain I was desperately in need of an orgasm. The device had remained on until this point and so I so looked forward to it being removed for just a little while. Mistress looked me in the face and said ‘go upstairs and get dressed’. I looked back at her feeling totally shocked and confused. I asked if my session was really over. She repeated her instruction. I staggered to the bottom of the stairs disorientated by what had happened and the fact that I was going to be sent home without an orgasm. I had waited so long and suffered so much in the anticipation of this one kindness from Mistress. I looked back at Mistress as I was about to climb the stairs hoping that she would say ‘only joking’. Instead, she mocked me and told me to get on with it. 5 minutes later I heard Mistress laughing at me as I left the HOD still disorientated and confused by what had happened. I was in something of a state!

    Mistress has been kind to me since my session. She has shown genuine concern for my well being. I have subsequently found out that Mistress had become increasingly annoyed by some of my behaviours and had decided to ensure that I remembered her dissatisfaction. She also told me that my session happened to fall on a day when she was feeling particularly sadistic and that she had decided to enjoy the opportunity that my bad behaviour had offered up to her.

    This is what I have signed up to. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am picking myself up again and still consider myself to be the luckiest slave alive. I will just have to have better behaved in future.

  • The @gratefulpain Narrow Spanking Paddle – Clip

    The other day I blogged about the paddle I was testing out on behalf of gratefulpain.co.uk

    Since then the narrow spanking paddle has been used in a few sessions to great effect.  What I like about the paddle is that it is firm, robust and creates the perfect rosy bottom! The quality of this paddle is excellent.  Far superior to others I have tried.  What’s more is that it stings! Watch the clip below to see it in action and watch my slave buck under the impact!

    Warning: Contains sensitive material.  Personal discretion advised.


    Shop here http://gratefulpain.co.uk/shop/hand-crafted-narrow-bdsm-spanking-paddle/

    Don’t forget to show your appreciation for the collaboration between Gratefulpain and Miss Deelight by following @gratefulpain and @miss_deelight on twitter.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Write Up – I Don’t Know What To Say!

    I know it’s been a great session when my slave ends it with the words, “I don’t know what to say!”.  And of course he would be speachless after having been given the Deelight-Factor.  Dressed in my sexiest black lingerie, armed with a silver tongue, sharp mind and the E-stim Electro Pebble device, I delivered a knock out session for this bumbling slave.

    I just don’t know what to say.

    The above was all I could utter at the end of my latest visit to Mistress. However, I suppose it’s best to start off at the beginning.
    I arrive at the House of Deelight at my allotted time of 11am walk through the door and met immediately by Mistress looking fabulous as ever sporting her new blonde hair and to get me bumbling black bra, pants, stockings and suspenders. Mistress enquires how I am? “Bumbling” is my reply looking Mistress in the eyes and nowhere around them. I then have to confess immediately that I have forgotten to wear my lovely collar but I did remember everything else (apart from the diet coke but Mistress already knew that).
    Mistress was today in the mood to get on and enquires if ‘I need a chat or want to start as she had planned?’ “As you planned Mistress” was my reply and was duly sent upstairs to strip and use the toilet and return. On my return Mistress offered me the wooden chair and went about gathering the equipment she needed, sending me back upstairs to get the bandage blindfold, which I manage to do with minimum bumbling. I then resit in the chair and whilst Mistress attaches me to the chair we have a chat about this and that until I am securely fastened. With that Mistress tells me to be quiet, enjoy the music and leaves the room. I can hear her picking up the bag I have brought with me and then shuts the door.

    Sat in the dark with no escape usually starts to cleanse my brain, the last few visits I have been unable to do that but today it works wonders and I drift off into a trance like state. I’m not even sure if I nodded off at one point; I was that relaxed and secure. After a while Mistress’s voice rang out from the other room enquiring about all the bank cards I have in my wallet. This was something new for me, I have left my wallet many times before but this is the first time (to my knowledge) Mistress has looked through it. I had to think hard about what cards were in there as I didn’t want Mistress to think I was hiding anything from her. After I had given an explanation I just receive a cursory ‘Hmmm’ from Mistress and I go back to my dark serene place but not for long. I hear Mistress open the door and enter the room, then something sharp starts to poke Mistresses property. “Can you guess what I have found?” says Mistress. I reply with great glee ‘Your very sharp Australian hunting knife Mistress?’ At my last session Mistress had been unable to find her treasured knife and joy of joys she had found it. With it came a period of me staying very still whilst Mistress run the knife over me. I love knife play there is something very exciting (and dark) about someone you trust having an instrument that in the wrong hands would take someone’s life. Mistress at the same time was circling me like a bird of prey waiting for the moment to strike and strike she did not with talons but her sharp mind and tongue. Pointing out that after her recent period of ill health Mistress is firmly back and to expect any niceness to be a trap for what lies beneath. Reminding me that no matter how much I fight my mental battle against my loss of control, I had already lost it a long time ago. This is true but it still doesn’t stop me having my periods of anxiety about it.
    Mistress also informs me that the security cam she has set up on her phone will stay connected at all times so if she chooses she could monitor whenever she likes and that disconnection will come with severe penalties. What these would be I don’t know but I must be honest if I have one of my famous wobbles I will find out soon enough.

    After Mistress has finished informing me of life under Deelight 2.0 she begins the remove the ropes and cuffs that have secured me to the chair and leaving me blindfolded directs me to the bottom of the stairs and instructs me to crawl up them. Once on my hands and knees Mistress notices something that even now makes me shudder with embarrassment, a small piece of toilet paper stuck to my bum crack! This Mistress finds very funny, describes it looking like a piggy tail and of course takes a picture. (I have begged Mistress not to include it in her blog but I have been unable to meet the terms for removal). I plead that I can remove the ‘piggy tail’ it in the bathroom but that is met with a resounding ‘No’. With that I am directed into the boudoir and up onto the bed (still blindfolded). Mistress then goes about attaching my ankles and wrists with cuffs and then attaches a very gentle nipple device to me. It’s called a tower of pain and it has a bar with 2 clover clamps and an adjustable bar that is screwed clockwise and this tugs on the clamps leaving Mistress with handsfree nipple torture. With this primed Mistress then introduces me to her new E-stim Pebble. Mistress informs me that this is less harsh than the electric box she previously used but will leave me very disorientated during its use.
    Mistress began by attaching pads one to my thigh and the other to her property and switches on the Pebble. All I can feel is a pulse in my thigh so that pad is removed and attached to Mistresses property. Switch on again and working nicely. Mistress then starts my torment and pleasure. I can’t remember all the settings but they did exactly what it said on the tin. One was called split and it really did feel like Mistresses property was being torn apart. Then came ‘Audio’ this was something else and Mistress chose a song by Sam Smith and this had me writhing about the bed tugging on the restraints. With every setting Mistress also introduced the wand, tightened the nipple clamps and brought me to edge so many times, most of which I thought I was going over. Mistress firmly reminded me that if I cum without permission she was still going to carry on and I know what that torture feels like. After I have no idea how long Mistress then comes to the ‘Milk’ setting and this does exactly that. You feel pulses running up the shaft of Mistress’s cock and added to that Mistress expertly working the wand and me into a frenzy. I was pulling at those restraints so hard that I thought something would give, either the cuffs or my joints. Finally, with me pulling so hard on the restraints Mistress holds the wand and directs her property towards my face and treats me to a lovely facial with my own cum. I can feel myself pulsing and pulsing until there is no more and all that is left is the pain of the electrics which Mistress kindly switches off and leaves me completely speechless which I maintained for quite a while afterwards.
    Mistress being the caring lady that she is let me enjoy my post orgasm glow for a few minutes before unclipping the very stretched nipple clamps and leaving me writhing around in pain because my hands are still cuffed unable to hold and sooth my nipples.
    After the nipple pain calms down Mistress uncuffs me and I just lie on the bed unable to converse or compute what just happened. I was incredibly mentally disorientated as Mistress said I would be. That was one of the most sensory overloaded experiences I have ever enjoyed.

    Once I get my senses back I go for a shower and finally get to remove the shame of my toilet paper piggy tail. Clean of body (but not mind) I dress and return downstairs for a post session calm down and chat before it is very quickly time to return to the real world.

    As always, a massive thank you to Mistress for a mind and cock blowing session and I am writing this under the very watchful eye of the security cam. Not knowing if I am being watched of not.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – E-stim ElectroPebble @estimsystems

    Slave Taquin – E-Stim ElectroPebble

    Since the acquisition of theE-stim ElectroPebble many of my regulars have been introduced to its amazing capabilities, may favourite of which being the ability to keep a slave on the edge through a variety of awesome controls.  Taquin was one of the first to experience the intensity of this electro play instrument.  Read on for his report….

    It was the day of my session and I was most excited! But also a little anxious. Mistress had mentioned in a text a couple of days earlier that she wanted to use the large wrestling mat that I had bought for the floor of the dungeon and her new electrics toy. I have enjoyed electrics before but also I had had it used against me in an interrogation once. It is a devastating tool in the right hands, and Mistress has shown in the past what an expert she is with it. (I should say that being interrogated by Mistress remains as one of the most wonderfully intense sessions that I have ever experienced).

    I entered the HOD locking the front door behind me and removed my footwear in the lobby. Mistress called me through into the lounge. She was wearing black lingerie and looked fabulous. I was instructed to take the large mat that was stood up behind the vac bed in the corner of the room and put it on the floor of the dungeon, strip and wait for Mistress. I did as instructed. A few moments later Mistress entered the room and demanded to know what I had got in my bag. I started to present her with its contents. The first item was a Boots gift card that Mistress was pleased with. There then followed my key safe for the chastity device, my phone, a Viagra pill and lastly the ‘Max’ remote control electric vibrator that Mistress had made me buy some weeks earlier. Mistress asked why I had bought the Max with me. I cheekily replied that I thought she had said that this was going to be an ‘electrics’ session, and that I hoped that the Max was the sort of electrics that she was referring too. She did laugh at my pathetic attempt at humour, which made me happy. She then told me that I would be punished for my cheekiness, which made me scared!

    Mistress picked up the leather bondage mittens and strapped them to my wrists. She popped a Viagra into my mouth and made me swallow it with the water she provided. Mistress looked down at my device and teased me with whether or not she would remove it or make me suffer further with her Viagra enthused property. Not surprisingly the device stayed on. I was instructed to lie face down on the mat and Mistress clipped the mittens together behind my back. This was my first experience of the mat. It is actually made to be used for judo, wrestling and martial arts. It is very firm but provides just enough ‘give’ to make it possible for a slave to be laid on the floor for a whole session (as I was about to find out). Mistress asked if I was comfortable to which I replied ‘yes thank you Mistress although the device is pushing up into me a little’. Mistress responded ‘that’s good’ and sat down on my arse to make it significantly more uncomfortable! Mistress put leather cuffs on my ankles and linked ankles and wrists together to form a hog tie. Having observed that I had absolutely no chance of escape (the bondage mitts prevent any of my bad habits) Mistress selected a lockable leather blindfold, applied it, picked up my phone and left the room. I was left alone in the darkness wondering what fate awaited me today.

    As always I lay and I listened. I love to hear Mistress going about her work safe in the knowledge that her slave is secured ready for her whenever she chooses to return. And I always feel safe as well. It is the moment when I can become immersed 100% in my fetish world knowing that I am totally at the mercy of my Mistress and her needs. I have no decisions to take and no influence on what might happen. Bliss.

    Today Mistress was particularly quiet doing whatever it was she was doing. I guessed that she was catching up with her world online. Sometimes she will use this time to make changes to my phone in order to close any loopholes that I had discovered. But this wasn’t necessary today. I had found it totally impossible to access anything fetish related on it for some time (or on my PC for that matter). I did hear Mistress giggle at one point. I inquired what she was laughing at. Sometimes such a question would be met with ‘it’s none of your business slave’ but today Mistress replied ‘I am enjoying reading your emails’. I wondered what it was that had amused her. I thought about a recent exchange that I had had with Princess (Mistress had given me permission to email with her and so that was ok) and all of my communications with Sissy Mouse on the subject of chastity devices. I am sure that there were lots of opportunities for mirth in those.

    I heard the slow purposeful steps of Mistress as she entered the dungeon. My body tensed involuntarily as it knew that it inevitably faced some form of torment. Luckily for me it was hogtied on the floor or the HOD and had no chance of escape. My fetish mind always longs for the return of Mistress. Luckily Mistress has total control of it and every other part of me. I felt the hands of Mistress unclip the link between my wrists and my ankles. I felt the muscular relief as I was able to lower my feet back down to the mat. I then felt Mistress lower herself back down onto my arse putting pressure back on to the device, and me. Mistress leaned forwards and cupped her hands over my mouth, and pulled back towards herself. My back arched as the pressure was applied and my ability to breathe through the discomfort was severely limited. I loved the feeling of Mistress taking ‘hands on’ physical control of me, particularly as there was absolutely no opportunity to resist her as my hands were secured behind my back. After a little while Mistress released her grip and reached down to the mat for something that she had bought into the dungeon with her. In my blindfolded darkness I could not know what it was. I felt a sharp point begin to etch its way across my back. It didn’t really hurt, but I winced and twitched as only someone who fears physical pain ever would. ‘I wouldn’t move if I were you slave. We wouldn’t want an accident now would we’ were the words from my Mistress. I enquired as to what it was that was now being run across the small of my back causing it to twitch involuntarily. ‘It is the tip of a hunting knife slave. And it is very, very sharp!’ Mistress ran the tip of the knife across the soft and sensitive parts of my body. I lay as still as I could and as always had to put my complete trust in Mistress.

    Mistress stood up and I heard her footsteps as she made her way upstairs. Of course she had gone to get something from the bedroom, but I had no idea as to what it might be. But I did know that I was about to find out! A couple of moments later Mistress returned and I felt her unclip my wrists from behind my back. ‘turn over onto your back slave’. I did as instructed and placed my arms down by my side. Mistress climbed onto my chest facing towards my feet and pinned my arms to my side with her knees. I jumped as I felt the first splat of hot wax drop on my stomach. Mistress laughed at the effect. The dripping of hot wax, and the twitching continued, all around her property. Eventually I heard Mistress blow out the flame and her say ‘well I think you had better lay very still for the next bit slave.’ She sounded so very happy as she went to work with her hunting knife shaving the wax and any adjoining hair from my body. Luckily for me I am clean shaven down below. (I have been clean shaven ever since one of my very first sessions with Mistress when she had made me stand in the bath with my hands tied behind my back whilst she shaved off all of my pubic hair). Having removed each and every drop of wax from my body Mistress stood up and declared that she had better secure my hands for the next part of the session. This came as both a concern and a relief. A concern about what might be coming next and a relief because I find it difficult to submit completely if I am not restrained.

    My wrists were tightly bound in a cross formation across my chest with chains. Mistress had removed my blindfold and I saw her walk across the dungeon and pick up her box of electrics. She informed me that it was a new toy for the House of Deelight by the name of an E-stim ‘ElectroPebble’. As Mistress went about the task of applying the electrode rings around my balls and the base of her property she explained that the E-stim ElectroPebble would allow her to use up to 8 different modes. In the following 40 or so minutes I was introduced to each of them. There was Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment. But it is not the number of modes that is important. It is how Mistress uses them. The levels of intensity, the timing and most devastating of all, the edging in between.

    Mistress started off gently enough. The E-stim ElectroPebble was turned onto Pulse and I felt the tingling sensation ripple through Mistresses property. Interestingly the point of sensation in my mind was about 2/3rds up the shaft although I knew that the electrodes were placed at the base of it. Mistress increased the intensity further until she was happy that I was experiencing that physical and mental confusion that is created by the space between pleasure and pain. And as the pain and discomfort intensified to a level that was difficult to cope with Mistress gently took hold of her property and started to work away at it. And so pleasure would take over and it felt like the electrics had been turned down (it hadn’t). Mistress can bring me to the edge of orgasm as quickly or as slowly as she wants but once there I fear going too far, being made to endure a ruin and being sent away early from my session. There was absolutely no risk of that happening today. The moment that I reached that point Mistress would zap me with a jolt of electricity and all possibility of an orgasm was crushed in a moment. This for me is what makes electrics such a devastating tool. It gives Mistress the ultimate control of her property, and how she used it against me today. We moved from one E-stim ElectroPebble mode to the next, and each time the intensity became too much Mistress would edge me to almost to the point of no return before crushing me with the next shock. Edging and crushing, edging and crushing. At one point mistress moved the Pebble into sound activation mode. The louder the sound the higher the intensity. Mistress placed the Pebble next to her sound deck and started to play a piece of classical music that I know well. Its name escapes me but I know that it starts quietly but builds over time to a deafening crescendo. I tensed in the knowledge of what was to come. As the piece progressed the jolts running up and down Mistresses property became more and more intense. By this point I was losing it. I didn’t know what I was feeling. So much pleasure, so much discomfort, so much intensity and so much mindfucking joy. Mistress had returned to moving through the E-stim ElectroPebble modes. Edging and crushing, edging and crushing. I opened my eyes briefly and looked up at this gorgeous woman standing over me in stockings and suspenders looking down on me and felt totally and completely helpless and controlled. All I could think was ‘what a magnificent woman she is’. And then I think I passed out. I say ‘I think’ because I am not really sure what happened. It has certainly never happened before but the next thing I knew was that Mistress was standing in a different part of the dungeon saying ‘and where did you just go slave?’ I had totally lost it for a few moments. But then I was back and the process continued on and on. Eventually I found myself being edged once again and getting close to orgasm. Yet again I cried out that I was going to cum. But this time there was no shock, just the soft kind words of Mistress telling me to let it all out as she continued to work on her property.

    And I did.

    Mistress. You are truly Magnificent!

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – A Session of Two Halves

    Sissy Mouse would not be Sissy Mouse without his bumbling ways and more than occasional moments of angst and dilemma. However, when a Slave like my longest serving devoted Mousey tells me that he wants to go home midway through a session, that gives me cause for concern.  I know for a fact that if I’d let him leave with all his stresses ruining his session he might never forgive himself and I might never hear from him again because of his inner shame.  I use the word ‘might’ with emphasis.  However, my method of coaching doesn’t apply to just Sissy Mouse.  If I found any other slave new or old, in the same predicament then I would deal with them the same way.  A simple time out and a chat.  A little bit of reassurance or a pep talk does the world of good for anxious pets.

    A session of two halves.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight started much later in the day than usual and I duly walked through the door at my allotted time of 2pm. On entering Mistress shouted my instructions from upstairs to immediately kneel facing the fireplace and chant my mantra. I left my usual offerings plus Mistress’s birthday gift by the door and did as instructed. After a few chants, Mistress then shouts down to strip off and continue. With this done, I continue until the inevitable dramatic stomp on the stairs as Mistress descends. Mistress says nothing other than to tell me to take a deep breath and put some meaning into my chant (I thought I was but who am I to argue?). I continue for a while longer until Mistress squeezes in front of me giving me the view of spiky platform shoes and latex enveloped legs.
    Mistress then tells me to stop and hook her suspender strap to her latex stocking. I, as usual bumble about trying to do as instructed whilst enjoying the view of Mistress’s latex clad bum. Once I have done this Mistress walks behind me and invites me to turn around and on doing so I enjoy the view of Mistress in a bright blue latex bra top, shorts and stockings. Mistress is also sporting her new short haircut which I compliment her on and has in my opinion given her a very youthful look. Mistress wasn’t convinced that it had (I will leave that for you the reader to decide) but either way Mistress looked fabulous as always. Mistress was very pleased that I was wearing her collar that she presented to me at my last visit. The collar is a collection of rings with a pink ribbon running through them. Once attached and the ribbon tightened into a bow it has a nice grip to it. Not enough to strangle me obviously but to remind me of the grip Mistress has on me. I had also attached the tag that Mistress had instructed me to order. On the front, it says ‘Mousey’ on the rear ‘Owned by Miss Deelight’ although the writing is quite small or possibly ‘discreet’.

    Mistress then informs me to stand and opens the tall standing cage for me to enter. Once I am inside Mistress closes the door and I realise how much weight I have put back on since I last stood in that cage in November last year. It also doesn’t go unnoticed to Mistress (time to get that back under control). Mistress locks the cage door and leaves me to it. Normally this time helps me to cleanse the outside world but today it won’t go away and I just stand in the cage almost feeling bored with my mind whirring about work and other stuff. After a while Mistress returns and enquires about how long in days I have served her? My answer is 1449 and with that Mistress informs me that this is the amount of the cane I will be receiving today. I laugh nervously and at that point know I wouldn’t even be able to take 10 today with my head as it was right then. Mistress then opens the cage and tells me to stand with my hands on my head and gives me a whack on the bum with the cane and I immediately squat down and steady myself on the bench. I do struggle with being caned standing up but never like this. After some expert coercing from Mistress I stand back up hands on head and Mistress tries again. Once again, I go straight down because it’s too much for me and I don’t know why. Mistress tries several more times but I just can’t, so gives up and tells me to kneel over the bench. This doesn’t work either and Mistress stops and asks me what’s wrong? At this point I had no idea what was wrong and all I could say is ‘I think I want to go home’. Which didn’t best please Mistress. Luckily Mistress knows me better than this and tells me to get a drink and sit on the floor in-front of her throne. Where we have a chat about things which helped immensely and after a little while I feel more engaged with our session. I use the bathroom and return in a completely different frame of mind.

    In a scenario like a half time pep talk during a football match I now feel ready for the challenge ahead. Mistress invites me to choose 4 implements, they are (after much bumbling) the Canadian prison strap, the wooden bath brush, a short leather paddle and a thick school cane. I hand these to Mistress and she once again straps me into the bench and whilst doing so informs me that I am to receive 50 of each implement, which I mishear as 15. Mistress quite firmly states ‘FIVE ZERO’ and so it begins. First up the prison strap and after a few trial whacks for aim the rest were delivered with great force and accuracy, leaving me squirming about as we got into the forties. Next the bath brush and once again with a force that I hadn’t felt before, then the leather paddle in blocks of ten with me squirming as the last two of the block were delivered. Finally (or so I thought) the cane. With the 50 delivered I was in such a happy place that I couldn’t believe I was the same person that was in the same spot about an hour ago. Believing this was it I was then slightly shocked to learn that I was now to have 50 of the thin whippy cane that I couldn’t take earlier. However, with my head firmly in the correct place I managed it, helped by a very encouraging Mistress.

    Now came something that tested me to my absolute limits, the whip. I can’t stand the whip the sting of it is too much to bare for me and Mistress knows this which is why it came out and because of my announcement earlier that I wanted to go home I knew I had to dig deep and take it. And take it I did until strike number 2 when I begged Mistress to stop and she put me in the biggest rock and hard place ever. Mistress asked me if I was asking for mercy and effectively ‘safe wording’. Over the last 3 years and 4 months this is the closest Mistress has ever got me to such a situation. However, Mistress also knows I am stubborn and giving me the option to beg for mercy leaves me no option but to carry on and take it. Mistress was very kind and did give me some gentle lashes in-between some very hard lashes and I finally took the 50. The most I have ever taken.

    Once this was over I led on the bench contemplating what just happened whilst Mistress cleaned the implements she had used. We are both usually quiet for a few minutes after these sorts of sessions to soak up all the energy that has charged the room.

    Mistress then unstraps me and tells me to redress whilst she goes and gets changed. I clean the bench as I always like to do almost in homage to what went on there and we both have a nice post session chat before it’s time to return to reality.
    As always, I am grateful to Mistress for another fantastic session but more so this time for turning things around for me and getting my head in the right place. It has also provided me with a challenge in the future to take a hard caning standing with hands on head.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Blog – Phenomenal!

    The title of this blog from Slave Taquin, really does say it all! It sums me up in one word and that is all I need to say on the matter.  Read on!

    I started this week badly. I sent Mistress a short text that told her that I was going to be late sending her my blog for the previous week.

    It is not my place to ‘tell’ Mistress anything!

    I received a text back from Mistress demanding to know why I was sending her a morning text like that and why my blog was not going to be with her until later in the day. I apologised profusely and explained that I suspected that I had been getting far too comfortable in my position as her long term slave. I tend to use the writing of my blog as a safety valve if Mistress has really got to me in some way. It had been a pleasantly relaxed week by comparison to many and so I just hadn’t got round to it. I know that this really isn’t the right attitude for a good slave but I had become complacent. We exchanged texts on the subject and then Mistress left me alone to write my blog.

    My morning texts with Mistress on Monday were all about setting up my next session. And it was going to be soon. Now that really did get me going. And then everything on my phone went dark! I think the only things that I could do was to make phone calls and use the calculator. I suspected that I was being punished for the day before.

    The next morning I found that I could text again (but nothing else had been allowed). I sent my morning text and confirmed what Mistress would already have known. Her actions had resulted in an uncomfortably horny night. Mistress mocked me by return: ‘Ahhhhh one press of a button and I’m back on your mind ‘ And of course she is right. That is all it takes now. But Mistress is the only person who could have this instant effect on me. Yes I become too comfortable in this existence during the times that Mistress chooses to devote her attention to other more important matters, but she has conditioned me to the point now where she can restore my mind to its rightful place with the simplest of actions.

    I was a happy slave that morning especially as the last pieces in my vanilla plans had come together to allow my session to take place in less than a week’s time. I sent a text to Mistress confirming both things. There then ensued a series of texts that turned my happiness to despair. After some confusion we discovered that Mistress had sent two texts that had never actually arrived in my text stream from her. They were both about the date of my session. It now seemed likely that we would have to postpone, as I had arranged vanilla activities on the date she had suggested in the missing texts’. I did my best to put a brave face on it in my communications to Mistress, but inside I was so disappointed.

    I awoke the next morning to a text from Mistress informing me that she would see me at the HOD at 6am on Sunday morning. 6am! That is absolutely fine with me. I would be happy to spend time with my Mistress whenever or wherever she chooses. But it seemed totally unreasonable to think that she should put herself through that. I told her precisely that and told her that I felt that we should postpone my session. But she insisted. What a wonderful Mistress!

    It was around midday on Wednesday that I got a worrying couple of communications from Mistress. The first was a text that asked if I had removed Qustodio from my phone and the second was a Twitter message that demanded to know what I was doing on Twitter (I had replied to one of her tweets). I found myself humming the tune to ‘There may be trouble ahead’ as I considered how best to reply. The truth of the matter was that I had found it impossible to remove Qustodio from my phone (and so I was innocent of that felony) but I had most certainly been accessing Twitter and indeed Mistresses website. I had found that I had got access to both from the moment that Mistress had allowed me back on my phone the day before. I thought that it had been intentional and so had enjoyed the access whilst it was available to me. I explained all of this to Mistress and thankfully she accepted my explanations. I suspect that whatever the problem is with Qustodio will be resolved by Mistress on Sunday, following which her grip will tighten once again.

    Today Sunday….
    It was at 4.46am this morning that my phone pinged to let me know that I had received a text from Mistress. It was a series of emoji’s; Yawns, zzz’s and tears. Up until that moment I had been working on early morning autopilot. All of a sudden things became very real and very imminent. My 6am Sunday morning session really was going to happen!
    As I continued to prepare myself for my journey to Newport I thought back to an unusual exchange of texts that had taken place a couple of days earlier. Mistress had asked if I had any special requests for this morning’s session. In the early days Mistress had sometimes asked, or more often ‘extracted’, my wonderfully twisted thoughts and desires. But not anymore. Once she had got to know me and had worked out how to get to me she took total control. As a result Mistress had made sure that I would never have any idea of what might happen in any sessions. And yet this week she had asked for my input. I was slightly concerned as I wrote some ideas for my session. Was I falling into some sort of trap?

    I entered the HOD at 6am armed with a Skinny vanilla late with sugar free vanilla for Mistress. I was greeted by a Mistress who was looking lovely but I suspected feeling just a little short of sleep. I thanked her for being willing to see me at such an unearthly hour. I was instructed to undress in the bathroom and then to return to the dungeon, place anything that I had brought for Mistress on the whipping bench and then to sit on the wooden chair that had been placed in the middle of the room. I did as instructed and then waited for Mistress to enter the room. I thought about the things that I had asked to happen during the session and wondered if any of them actually would. One request that I had made now troubled me. In the bravado of suggesting session activities I had mentioned that I had not experienced ‘electrics’ for some time. I was now regretting having mentioned it at all! It is true that some of my most intense, memorable and enjoyable sessions have involved electrics, but it is something that I wouldn’t normally have been brave enough to suggest. What had I been thinking!

    Mistress entered the dungeon and took the wooden manacles that I had made for her off the hooks on the walls. She secured my wrists together in front of me and then my ankles. Mistress then went about using rope to bind me firmly to the chair. It was a glorious feeling, particular at those times when she reached around my body and moved her body close to mine. Bliss. Within a few minutes I was totally immobilised and at her mercy. Mistress looked at the items that I had laid out on the whipping bench and asked ‘what is the money for slave?’ Mistress knew that it wasn’t in payment for the session. (She had previously taken all of the money due to her for sessions, chastity and distance control for the whole of 2017). I replied that it was for her birthday present. Mistresses birthday isn’t actually until the end of May but I was conscious that it might not be possible for me to see her again before then and so I wanted to give her the money for it today. Mistress was very pleased as we both knew precisely how it was going to be spent. Next Mistress unlocked my key safe with the code that only she knows. She took from it a Viagra, popped it on my tongue, squirted water in my mouth and told me to swallow. I did as instructed and thought to myself ‘there is no going back now’. This was on my wish list, but it was an addition to my session that we had never previously tried. It made me both excited and apprehensive. Mistress has the ability to work me up into an uncontrollable frenzy at any time. My only problem has been that as soon as she stopped I would very quickly shrivel again. It was often as she brought things back to life again that would result in me cumming without permission, which inevitably resulted in a ruin. I had hoped that a Viagra would overcome this. My worry today however was that it could result in Mistress being able to tease me and edge me to a point where I could no longer cope. As it turned out I was absolutely right to worry!

    Next Mistress removed the padlock from my chastity device and slid off the cage. Her property was free for the first time since I had last visited the HOD. Mistress then picked up the 3rd and last item that I had left on the whipping bench for her. It was my phone. She went into Qustodio and using the password that only she knows she reset everything to where it should be. And whilst she did this I noticed a surprisingly enthusiast sensation in Mistresses property. I looked down to find that it had started to swell in appreciation of the controls that it knew Mistress was imposing through my phone. The Viagra was obviously working even better than I had anticipated. This was even more evident when Mistress told me that she had imposed strict controls using Qustodio and that she had something new to load onto my phone. As she tapped away on my phone and as I felt her grip tighten on my life her property grew harder and harder. So much so in fact that I had to ask Mistress to turn the stainless steel ring that sits behind my balls (that Mistress had left in place) a little as the post to which the cage would normally be attached was digging into the base of her property. Mistress grinned as she turned the ring a little and told me that my balls had swollen so much that she would need lube to remove the ring. Mistress walked into the lounge declaring that she was now going to have her breakfast. Leaving me alone in the dungeon with a cock that was throbbing far more than normal.

    A further 30 minutes passed before Mistress decided that it was time for my session proper to commence. She had been upstairs and had returned having changed into a lacy black top that framed the edges of a beautiful black bra together with black leather shorts. Mistress looked absolutely stunning! It took me a couple of moments to notice what she was carrying. In her left hand was the metal case containing the electrics paraphernalia and in her right hand was a gag. Oh dear! I am pretty sure that Mistress could see the fear in my eyes as she put them both onto the whipping bench. Thankfully her next action was to pick up her phone in order that she could review my session requests. She said: ‘Viagra tick, Electrics tick, Bra tick, Silk scarf – ah, I knew that I had forgotten something’. With which Mistress went back upstairs only to return a moment later with a pretty red silk scarf.

    Mistress put a pair of rubber gloves on, put some lube on them and commenced to smooth it in around the chastity device ring that was still in place behind my balls. By this time my balls had grown to such a size that it took some real effort by Mistress, and some real pain for me, before it was able to be removed. It did eventually come off and as the pain subsided I opened my eyes to see that Mistress had picked up the silk scarf. She waited a moment longer before very very gently allowing the scarf to caress the top of her property.
    What followed next was a full hour of the most divine, intense, phenomenal, teasing that I have ever experienced. Seriously, EVER experienced. I gasped, I whimpered, (I even snorted at one point to Mistresses great amusement). My body shook uncontrollably and I was rendered close to tears. And yet Mistress went on and on. All the time whilst using the silk scarf and her wonderful hands to drive me insane she spoke to me. She filled my mind with thoughts and images of things to come and I found myself living through the present and the potential future as she drove me totally nuts. And then finally, when Mistress decided that the time was right, she turned on the large vibrator and placed its head at the point where the base of her property joins my body and covered the end of her property with the silk scarf and held it in place with her other hand. The intense vibrations reverberated around my genitals until, within no more than 10 seconds, I was asking Mistress if I was allowed to cum. Mistress said ‘yes slave you may cum’. The fear of an imminent ruin was replaced by the ecstasy of knowing that I was allowed to let go. And I did. And it just went on and on. Not with the discomfort that I had sometimes experienced recently at the time of release but just with huge, mind blowing pleasure. It was so intense but in all the right ways.

    Mistress just looked at me as I recovered watching me drifting in and out of the euphoria of the moment. It was that good.
    And as for the electrics and the gag? Thankfully neither were ever used!
    Sitting here writing this just 4 hours later I am wondering what made today so special. Of course the most important answer to that is that it was Mistress who made it so special but in addition to that it was the other elements that fell into place on the day. The Viagra was a success. It made me feel good, gave me confidence, and I suspect made the orgasm itself more pleasurable. I love the sensation of the silk scarf. That was a huge turn on for me. Mistress painted some pictures in my mind about what else she might do with silk scarves in the future. Yes please Mistress! And, as always, the phone control element got to me. The knowledge that Mistress can so easily control my access to everything that relies on technology, and therefore me, when I am away from the HOD really stuck in my mind.
    And so I have to say ‘Thank you Mistress’. For everything, but in particular for being willing to drag yourself out of bed at 4am on a Sunday morning to give so much pleasure to your adoring slave. You are amazing! x

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – BOOM!

    Not only do I know how to control and manipulate my submissives, I also know exactly how to work them up into a frenzy until they explode! I am amused by Mousey’s description of the recoil before his orgasm being painful!  Bitter Sweet!


    My latest visit to visit Mistress at the House of Deelight as seems the way recently starts with a catch up of the goings on since my previous visit.

    I was very lucky that just after my last visit on a Wednesday I was invited back by Mistress the following Saturday to assist in an adult baby session with another client. I found myself to be quite nervous about this because apart from the (always fun) joint sessions with Mistress R’eal and slave speedy, I have never been in this situation before. I was mainly nervous because this wasn’t my session and I wanted to do my best to enhance the other person’s session and I am also representing Mistress. Anyway, let’s just say it went well and everyone had fun.

    Mistress then had some tasks for me to complete afterwards which again went well and I duly did these whilst Mistress was enjoying some time on webcam. I can say this categorically because there was a lot of laughing coming from the room that Mistress was working from. Once Mistress had finished she kindly check my work and apart from a few minor details (that I swiftly rectified) was happy with the job. Then came a very strange situation where Mistress granted me an orgasm as a reward for me turning up and doing everything she asked (what a good slave), but try as Mistress might a certain part of me wasn’t responding today. After much trying Mistress gave up. I still don’t know why it didn’t respond, I’m not sure if it was due to me being there to be useful to Mistress and not for my benefit or pleasure. Maybe it was because I had an orgasm a few days earlier, who knows!
    Following my failure to perform. It was time to load my car and Mistress’s and head off into the real world again. Pleased in the knowledge that I had been useful with minimal bumbling.

    Between this visit and my latest visit I had the usual work stuff that had completely zapped my horny, needy and desperate self. So much so that I almost cancelled my visit, but luckily reminded myself that a session with Mistress always gets me back in a good place and gives me some escapism for a few hours. Mistress as ever reminded me of such and I duly arrive at my allotted time of 11am having been messaged my instruction before arrival. These were: to come in place any offerings that I had brought with me and then strip, take a deep breath and chant my mantra. I arrive, greet Mistress, place my offerings and get off to a poor start by informing and not asking Mistress if I can use the toilet. With me feeling suitably chastened I head off use the toilet strip and return downstairs and take some deep breaths. So many in-fact that Mistress asks from the other room why I wasn’t chanting my mantra. My response was that I was still trying to breathe and cleanse my mind. As I started to chant my mantra I felt a certain amount of stress leave me and after 5 or 6 repetitions (mindful of the last time where I didn’t put as much feeling into it) Mistress entered the room and I continued to chant with my head down until Mistress told me to stop and look up. I am met by Mistress looking just fabulous (as always), this time in shiny red figure hugging leggings and top. I can’t remember what we spoke about until Mistress told me to stand and offered me the wooden chair to sit on.

    Mistress blindfolds me and then went about securing me to the chair with rope knowing it is one of my happy places. Also, reminding me that I should have left my shite at the front door and I can collect it on the way out. We have a chat about this and that whilst Mistress ties me in to the chair and finally gags me, gives me something to drop if I have any issues and leaves me too it. As much as I try my mind is still whirring with real world stuff and I just can’t switch off. At one point I almost drop my alert item because I just wanted to leave. However, on having a mental chat with myself I manage to switch my brain off and enjoy my surroundings. Mistress even relays a message from Slave Taquin and I respond a gagged muffled Hello back.

    Mistress later returns and makes sure I am ok and then goes upstairs and I hear her gathering items and return downstairs. The sting of nipple clamps announces her arrival and then Mistress starts complaining about tangled wires, which I assume is the e-stim box wires and my heart sinks. However, it turns out it’s the wand lead (phew).

    With the nipple clamps attached my head just drops and Mistress notes that I appear to have a much more submissive pose. With that there is a whack on my thigh. The sting of which takes my breath away. Then starts a period of being whacked on the thighs, nipple clamps tugged and Mistress teasing her very keen cock both with her hand and the wand. At one point Mistress grabs my head and pushes it into her lovely soft breasts and all I can breathe is the scent of her perfume and think I could die happy right here, right now.

    After teasing and edging her property for I have no idea how long. With me trying my very best to not let things go over the edge. The gaps to edge get closer and closer, more so when Mistress is speaking to me in her lovely soft voice. Mistress announces that it’s time to let it go and (luckily) stands out of the way. As I get past the point of no return something builds up inside me and Mistress’s property recoils like I have never experienced before and BOOM. I can feel the cum surging out of me. However, I felt it would be a puddle on the floor but no apparently, I have shot across the room.

    Mistress removes my blindfold and gag and allows me to look at the mess I have made and leaves me to enjoy my clear-thinking time. I mention to Mistress that she should add her details to the ‘erectile dysfunction’ leaflets you see in chemists. I don’t think I cum this hard even as a teenager.

    Mistress slowly unties me and I clear up my mess. Go and redress mop the dungeon floor and sit down for a nice catch up with Mistress before once again it’s time to collect my shite at the door and back to it.

    Not a massive amount to write about this time but it was a lovely relaxed enjoyable session and as always, I am most grateful to Mistress for the session.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Learning the Hard Way

    Sometimes, a Mistress has to step back and allow her slave to experiment with his fantasies for himself.  It had already been discussed that I would not be able to provide Slave Taquin with the wrestling fantasy that he had in his head, however now it seems that I absolutely will.  Slave Taquin did have to learn the hard way though!

    This week was ‘session week’. And how I felt like I needed it! For various reasons my usual session frequency of once every 4 weeks had turned into an 8 week gap. I was desperate for an orgasm, locked as I was in a chastity device, but most of all I knew that I needed something else that only Mistress can properly provide. I desperately needed her control.
    Mistress always uses sessions to ‘top up’ my understanding of the control that she holds over me. They are an opportunity to be praised or to be punished but whatever happens I leave knowing that I am owned by Miss Deelight. As already stated it was now 8 weeks since my last ‘top up’. In addition to this the extent of the distance control that I had experienced had reduced. I think that this was partly due to the fact that Mistress knew that I had a major work project to complete. It felt like she had taken a step back from inflicting the tasks and torments that she would often subject me to in order to allow me the space to get my work done. But my feeling of a lack of control also resulted from me having messed up my phone. As we all know I do have to try to escape. Mistress had locked down my phone several weeks earlier and blocked me from accessing all ‘fun’ sites, with the exception of her Facebook group. To cut a long story short I had somehow broken free. This left me in the horrible position of knowing that I could look at stuff but desperately trying to resist the temptations. And in that same process I had also messed up my Facebook account and so I had to exit the slave group on there.
    That is the back story to why I really needed my session this week. But I didn’t just have 2 and a half hours with Mistress to look forward to on the Saturday. I had also been given permission to have another wrestling session with Princess for an hour beforehand. Saturday was all set to be a brilliant day!
    My week started as most do with me submitting my blog and hoping that Mistress thinks it worthy of publishing. We exchanged emails on the subject of my Facebook account in particular. Mistress tried to help me sort it out in order that I was able to rejoin the group, but it didn’t quite work

    Mistress had a much needed day off on the Monday. For my part I decided to exchange emails with Princess about our forthcoming session. I had enjoyed my first session with her very much but we both wanted to discuss how the second session could be even better. The major theme was the fact that I am a wimp who can’t deal with pain and that I wanted her to take it easy on me! To an experienced wrestler whose primary mission is to hurt her opponent and make him or her tap out (submit), this provided much opportunity for mirth at my expense.
    On Tuesday I woke feeling particularly flat. I told Mistress that I feared that I had become vanilla. She mocked me and told me that was never going to happen.
    On Wednesday I confessed how easy it was for me to now access Mistresses website through my phone. I went on to tell her that I thought that the only solution would be for her to take a look at my phone during my session on the Saturday. Her response shook me. It was ‘I think that’s a great idea, once I’ve punished you’. It created a response that still surprises me. I became instantly, intensely Horny! The last thing I want is to be punished and yet Mistresses property behaves in a way that proves that I have absolutely no understanding of its needs. I back pedaled like mad. I was after all only guilty of owning up to my freedoms.
    Thursday and Friday were taken up with discussions about Mistresses new puppy and some gentle teasing about my session to come on the Saturday.
    And so session day arrived and I sent my morning messages to confirm that I was fit and well and looking forward to my sessions, one to Mistress and one to Princess. Mistress responded that she wasn’t going to session with me today as ‘she couldn’t be arsed’. Luckily for me it was only a moment later that she said ‘only joking’.
    I made my way to Newport and to my second ever bout with Princess. I thoroughly enjoyed it, in particular because she had taken on board the fact that she could still ‘win’ whilst using less force. Of course I can never gain ‘full satisfaction’ from such a meeting as I am locked in chastity throughout. By the end of the session I was exhausted and through no fault of Princess I had somehow ‘cricked’ my neck. I left however with a smile on my face and very much looking forward to the main reason for my visit to Newport, a session with my Mistress.
    I got into my car and drove the short distance to the HOD. I only had 20 minutes to wait until I was due to see Mistress but in that time I had ‘come down’ following my wrestling and worse still my neck had really started to trouble me. By the time I walked into the HOD I imagine that I must have looked like a bit of a wreck. Mistress sat me down in the lounge and chatted for a while. I am sure that she could tell that I wasn’t in the best shape to start a session. After a little while Mistress ordered me to go upstairs, undress and lay on the bed. Soon afterwards she entered the room, strapped me to the bed, put a pillow under my head, removed my chastity device, blindfolded me and left me to consider my position for the next hour. In normal circumstances this would allow to start to drift into sub space. But I had already been in subspace whilst pinned down on the wrestling mats. The only drifting I was going to do today was into sleep that was rudely interrupted from time to time by the pain in my neck.
    It was only at the end of my hour when things began to perk up a bit. Mistress called up the stairs and told me that she had sorted out my phone and that it was now like Fort Knox. The thought that Mistress had taken the opportunity to reinstate one of her ways of controlling me whilst I laid helplessly strapped to her bed brought her property bouncing back to life. This was reinforced by the knowledge that she was about to enter the room and that my session proper was about to start.
    Mistress came back into the room and commented correctly on how pleased her property was to see her. I still couldn’t see her properly as I was blindfolded. But I could see enough under the bottom of the blindfold to know that Mistress was dressed in black and stood in front of the mirror admiring her curves. She walked over to the bed, released my bindings, made me sit up and removed the blindfold. And there she was. I could see Mistress properly for the first time. She was wearing black boots with fabulous heels, a black lycra bodysuit and a black corset. Mistresses’ figure currently boasts some sumptuous new curves having regained a little weight following her marathon running shape last year. And it suits her. So sexy!
    Mistress made me stand in front of her whilst she secured my wrists behind my back and then proceeded to do one of my favourite things. She got a length of cord and tied my balls up. There is something about the way she pushes everything into shape before winding a cord around and around that gets me going every time. Best of all though is the moment that she forms a knot and draws it tighter and tighter. Bliss. Mistress attached a dog lead to the bindings and led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs into the dungeon. And that is where I am going to stop telling the tale of my session on Saturday. Things just didn’t work out as either of us would have wanted. My neck hurt so much that it prevented Mistress being able to do anything with me and my brain could not get into the right zone as a result. Also the effect of the physical exhaustion following my wrestling and the coming down after it actually just messed things up rather than improving them. In the end Mistress ordered me into the cage, teased me with her wonderful curvy backside and then treated me to a lovely orgasm.
    I went upstairs and had a shower before returning to Mistress to be locked back into the chastity device. And even that didn’t go to plan! I realised that a modification that I had done to stop me accidentally slipping out of it had come undone and that I would have to do some work on it in my workshop before being able to put it back on and feel secure. Mistress kindly agreed that I should do that. She locked my spare key into the key safe and gave me the open padlock to be attached once the modifications had been completed. (I am now locked again as I write this and the photographic evidence has been sent to Mistress).
    Yesterday Mistress and I exchanged emails and agreed that this week’s session was just a hiccup. It was a good word for it. I have not descended into a pit of despair and self-pity. I am disappointed that the day didn’t go as well as either of us would have liked and have learnt a lesson. I think that having a wrestling session before a HOD session was a mistake. Not just because of the risk of injury to my poor inflexible body but because I should always arrive at the HOD fresh and feeling ready for whatever is about to happen. It is a dilemma for me however. I did enjoy my wrestling session and really appreciated the care that Princess took (the neck thing was due to my ageing body as much as anything). I might ask Mistress if she will allow me to wrestle again at some time when I am not due at the HOD on the same day. I will have to think on that.
    Mistress and I have started to communicate about my next session already. Oh, and my phone….
    I have tried and tried. But I really can’t break free. I think that its ‘ownership’ has fully returned to Mistress now. It does leave me feeling exposed, helpless and vulnerable. Just the way I like to feel!

  • OwnedbyMD First Visit – Rinsed and Abused

    My distance control Slave, OwnedbYMD visited last week for the first time.  He has been under my control for ages, proving to be a worthy sub by sending a respectable weekly tribute with which I can choose to buy things for myself, send something to him or even give him the odd surprise teamviewer drop in. It doesn’t matter what I do, he loves me for it and loves me to enjoy my life.  The order of the day was to include a trip into the city, so I dressed accordingly wearing a top he’d purchased for me some months ago…..

    When he arrived he was immediately inspected and found to be wearing MY panties, that I’d sent him previously.

    What was lacking, was the extra security of a chastity device with the keys securely hidden in my tight jeans….

    Once I had him locked up, he chauffeured me into town in his red Porsche, drawing plenty of attention.  Even more so when I stepped out of the car.  Knowing that he isn’t short of a bob or two, I made sure that our trip to the cashpoint was worth my time…

    We had coffee, browsed around in Ann Summers and a strolled through the town with him nervously wondering whether I’d subject him to some public humiliation, before driving back to the House of Deelight, where my pet was locked into a bigger cage while I stripped down to the top (which also doubled up as a sexy jumper dress) and changed into my Italian made thigh boots.

    Because I know that my slave very much loves my bottom, I set about teasing him through the bars of both cages until he was a dribbling mess…

    Then when he was totally mesmerised by the teasing, I took him out of the cage, strapped him to my fuck bench, and mounted him with my strap on.  He received a good hard fucking as I ploughed my rubber cock deep inside his slut hole.  Once I had finished using him, I ordered my pet to masturbate in front of me while I teased him visually and audibly until he made a sticky mess all over the floor!

    You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Double Domme Corporal Punishment with Judge R’eal

    I was recently called for duty as a distinguished but no less sadistic Usher to assist Judge R’eal in the corporal punishment of a repeat offender.  Although they had been anticipated, there were no pleasantries on my part when summoning the reprobate to his hearing.  He was ordered to strip and sit while his plea was read out in front of the Judge and signed by all present before his severe and bloody punishment was inflicted.

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  • Prisoner Gaz (450 369) – Judicial Punishment

    In the Deelight Prison, there is a strict rule that inmates must NOT pleasure themselves.  It is a strict rule, put in place in order to reduce the level of testosterone and thus reduce potential unruly behaviour.  Unfortunately for him, Prison 450 360 did not learn his lesson after his first judicial caning, so he was ordered back for more punishment from my, Officer Deelight.

    “It was my second visit to Mistress (Officer) Deelight. As I kneel on the floor of the punishment room, anticipating her entrance, eager to know what she’d be wearing, I trembled with fear and excitement. After a few minutes, Officer Deelght entered the room and I was instantly stunned by her appearance and authority. She was wearing a short black police officer dress, mesmerising silky black tights and black labouring shoes. Her hair and makeup were stunning – her gorgeous straight blonde hair flowing just below her shoulders. She’s slim & petite but stunningly shapely. She ordered me into the holding cage where she questioned me about my wrong-doings and then sentenced me to at least 36 strokes of the judicial cane. Her stunning appearance was taking my breath away. My pleads for mercy, and even an attempt at bribery, seemed to be making things worse for myself. After some stern words I was then released from the cage, stripped naked and shackled in heavy chains and cuffs. I was lead to kneel in front of her as she sat on her throne. She teased me with her nylon legs and I was so eager to touch her feet. She eventually instructed me to remove her shoes and then massage her feet. I did as instructed. It felt so good to finally massage her soft gorgeous feet with my hands. They felt so good. As I gently massaged them I couldn’t wait to taste them but had to wait patiently in anticipation. She finally instructed me to kiss them. I was in heaven, gently kissing and licking her nyloned feet. She allowed me to start kissing her legs. I continued working upwards, enjoying licking her silky nylons with my tongue as I continued to massage her feet with my hands. I didn’t want this to end… I could have continued forever. But she finally clicked her fingers and ordered me to stop. I was instructed to lay on my back. She then rubbed her feet onto my face and put her toes in my mouth. I was highly aroused throughout… but shortly Officer Deelight informed me it was going to be time for my punishment. She ordered me to crawl along behind her, at her heels. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her slim shapely legs.
    I was then led to the caning bench and ordered into position. I did so reluctantly, all too aware that I’d soon be facing the hardest caning I’d ever experienced (this was only my second time after all). The thought of this was highly exciting but I was also genuinely fearful of how it was going to feel. Officer Deelight had already shown me the cane she was going to use on me, and it was the heaviest she had. I hadn’t felt it before and was now about to get far more strokes than I’d had for my first caning. Could I actually handle it? I hadn’t arranged a safe word so knew I was about to experience a severe beating with no way out. I knew Officer Deelight would be administering the full number of strokes full force and that 36 would be the minimum number. I also knew in the back of my mind that I might be getting a lot more…. but how many? What state was my backside about to end up in? How painful was this about to be? I was strapped down now, my fate was sealed. No way out.
    The excitement of seeing Officer Deelight, looking incredibly sexy and authoritative in her silky black tights and uniform, was overwhelming. I couldn’t help admiring her body at every opportunity. The music began (Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know?) as Officer D began spanking my buttocks hard with her hands. This alone took me by surprise and began to sting considerably after a good number of slaps… but at least it warmed my cheeks enough to not have to experience a completely cold caning.
    Officer D informed me that the caning would now begin and that I needed to keep count aloud, thanking her for every stroke. I needed to concentrate, as if I made a mistake, my punishment would start all over again. I genuinely had to make sure I did concentrate, as I genuinely didn’t know whether I’d be able to handle the 36 strokes (minimum) with this thick judicial cane, let alone starting again (and I knew this wasn’t just a threat). She wielded the cane intimidatingly, taking a few air swipes, before lining up the cane on my butt cheeks. She took a few taps, it seemed to take forever – my body twitched a few times (amusing her each time)… then the first stroke landed full force, a hot poker right across the middle of my cheeks…ouch, “one, thank you Miss”… more twitching, then five more in succession…. “two, thank you Miss… six, thank you Miss”…. these began to sting incredibly… how could I possibly take at least another 30? But I had to… I had no choice! The strokes continued to land… some were in close succession – these were the hardest to take, after a few rapid strokes my whole body would tense and I’d strain against the shackles… but some of the short pauses thankfully allowed me just enough time to recover. The last 10 strokes were particularly difficult to take. My body strained and wriggled incredibly but I had to continue to concentrate and keep count. Stroke 36 finally landed. What would happen now? The Goddess whose feet I’d earlier worshipped was inflicting all of this punishment on me – so painfully, yet so incredibly arousing. She teased me with views of her legs throughout. I was told I’d need to take at least another 6 strokes. Could I take it? I had absolutely no choice. I continued to count – 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42…. was this the end? As arousing as this was, to my relief I learned that this was the end of my punishment and my tethers and straps were being released. Wow, I made it. I had been released, my cheeks on fire and I was ordered back into the holding cage. I was chastised a little more and informed that I’d now be returned to my cell but warned that any further bad behaviour would result in even more severe punishment. ….”

    What an experience!!

    Prisoner Gaz

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Reminiscing About The First Visit

    Its a little over 3 years ago since Slave Sissy Mouse bumbled across the threshold of the House of Deelight although he had begun showing his devotion much earlier than that by contributing massively to the now infamous bondage/torture chair that so many have encountered since.  I received this well remembered write-up from my slave earlier this week and it was nice to see he could remember it so clearly, but then again, a session with me isn’t something you forget easily!

    My first visit to the House of Deelight.

    Today January 17th 2017 marks the third anniversary of my first meeting with Mistress and session at the house of Deelight and I thought I would share my memories because as the saying goes ‘you ever forget your first time’. At the time, Mistress, didn’t require a write-up for her to read and publish on her website. I would also like to add it took me until March to finish it as things kept reappearing in my mind.

    After having to cancel my original visit back in August 2013, I finally arranged to meet Mistress in January 14. I had been feeling unwell in the days prior to my visit but luckily felt better on the day. As instructed I sent a text message to Mistress to confirm our meeting by 8.30am and duly did this. I received a very nice reply and Mistress also enquired if I was willing to allow her to film some clips with me. I was more than happy to agree on the basis of being hooded. Mistress replied that was fine and added ‘good boy’ this made me feel quite special that already I could assist Mistress. I spent the morning getting ready and very nervously made my way to Newport. I had already had a look on google street view so I had an idea where is was going. I arrived very early and parked close by and waited for the clock in the car to tick around to 1pm. My instructions were to phone Mistress to announce my arrival and she would open the door for me. I remember feeling very nervous just dialling the number and when Mistress answered almost immediately I felt myself bubble a little (nothing has changed there). Mistress confirmed the house number and I made my way down the road and knocked the door. The door opened as if by magic and in I walked. Mistress closed the door behind me and walked in. I will never forget what Mistress was wearing a pvc catsuit and corset and her very ample bosom was spilling out and looked a vision of beauty and dominance, all I could think was keep looking at the face, which was easy with Mistress’s mesmerising green eyes. Just to be in her presence made me nervous and Mistress kindly asked me how I was feeling? “very nervous Mistress” excellent was her reply! I then presented Mistress with some perfume that had been on her wish list for some time, which pleased Mistress and she caught me completely off guard by giving me a hug. Mistress then invited me into the other room and we discussed briefly my interests. Just chatting with Mistress put me at ease.

    With that I was instructed to go to the bathroom use the toilet, undress and return to the dungeon room and present myself in a suitable submissive manner. I thanked Mistress and did as instructed. As D/s was not new to me but visiting a professional dominatrix was, I wanted to make a good impression so remembered the appropriate position to present myself. Kneeling with my head bowed and my hands resting palms up on my thighs. After what seemed like an age Mistress appeared from the other room and with a very authoritative air circled me in a very menacing manner. Mistress commended me on my very appropriate position and asked me what it was called? I had no idea, my mind was blank (very much like every session since). I remember Mistress smiling and saying she couldn’t either at that point and moved on. I remember Mistress pointing at my poor excuse for a cock with her boot and asking why it wasn’t standing to attention for her? Her words did the trick but until that point I thought it would be disrespectful and did my best to keep it down. After some further ribbing about my lack of manhood, Mistress put a collar around my neck and with a sharp tug pulled me behind her into the other room.

    Mistress after pulling me around the room a few times told me I was going to be of use to her and film a foot worship clip. I was more than delighted to assist Mistress and be allowed to film her. Mistress got her video camera and instructed me on what to do and then did her piece to camera. I was utterly mesmerised (and still am) about how she did this amazing clip, completely off the cuff. Once finished Mistress had a look at my filming job and seemed pleased with the result and then instructed me to crawl behind her and up the stairs. I still remember very vividly Mistress saying “I think you are going to need to lose weight if you are going to be one of my slaves” At that time I weighed around 18st and it gave me the kick-start needed to improve myself. After crawling up the stairs Mistress instructed me to stand up in the bedroom and produced some parcel wrap and held it whilst I turned in front of her commenting that she might run out trying to wrap something this big. I remember she kept saying Turn, Turn, Turn and all I could then think of was the Travis song, (when I turned the radio on after my session to drive home it was playing!). Once Mistress had parcelled me up she instructed me to shuffle to the bed and helped me down onto it. With a bit of re-arranging I was just how she wanted me and then informed me she was going to enjoy a spot of lunch, fitted me with an open-mouthed hood and left. Iaid there in slight bemusement at what had happened so far with a certain part of me happy to be there. Mistress called up several times to ensure I was ok and not struggling.

    After a while Mistress returned and started setting something up, which turned out to be a tripod and the video camera. Mistress then commented that she had forgotten to bring an ashtray with her and at that point I thought I would try to be useful and say that I had previously been used as an ashtray and even ate the butt. This from what I remember pleased Mistress and so with a beep of the video camera starting Mistress sat beside me and did another fantastic piece to camera with me eating her ash and eventually the cigarette butt. I remember lying there almost in a trance that I was part of this clip having previously watched some of Mistress’s clips via adultwork. Once Mistress had finished she gave me some water to cleanse my mouth and congratulated me on being true to my word and going through with it.

    Now came the not so nice part of being wrapped in parcel wrap the cutting out because you don’t realise how cosy and warm you get and how cold you are when it comes off, luckily there was a nice warm heater close by, although I still remember getting warm and then Mistress instructing me to go lie in the cold bath which I promptly did and I will still never forget this part. Mistress returned naked apart from a bra, stood on the bath and covered me with her warm fresh champagne. Even now writing this I still feel slightly embarrassed because I just didn’t know where to look, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the image of Mistress standing over me so powerful, scent marking what has turned out to be her devoted property. When this was over, Mistress turned on the shower and instructing me to clean myself up and join her downstairs. The water was momentarily cold and I joked that for a moment I thought I was only getting a cold shower to calm myself down.

    Once showered and clean I return downstairs as instructed to find Mistress in the kitchen looking fabulous in a pink and black latex dress. Mistress then instructed me to shine her dress and I nervously started the task and I still remember the question as I got close to her latex enclosed fabulous breasts “and over the delights Mistress?” Yes, slave all of it was Mistress’s reply. Mistress then told me to do up her zip and I commented on how amazing she looked in her dress, still to this day I remember her looking in the mirror and saying ‘I do don’t I slave?’. Such power and confidence.

    Mistress then informed me that I was going to be the supporting actor in another clip and invited me to stand by the cross whilst she attached my wrists to each side of the top of the cross and my legs to each side of the bottom. Leaving me feeling very exposed. Mistress then placed an open-mouthed hood over me and attached some nipple clamps which really stung and left me there whilst she set up the camera. This clip involved Mistress speaking to the camera whilst tugging on the nipple clamps and flicking my balls (that was so painful) all whilst smoking and flicking the ash in my mouth some of which I missed. I can’t quiet remember how long I was attached to the cross but once Mistress released me she told me to lick the ash up off the floor that I didn’t catch in my mouth during the clip.

    I must be honest there was many little fun bits in-between which I can’t recall but they certainly cemented the fact that I really hoped I had earned myself favour with Mistress for another visit. I also remember being completely surprised that Mistress also gave me a most mind-blowing orgasm. I hadn’t come that hard for a long time and some ended up on my face which was met by a roar of laughter from Mistress.

    Another shower and I was ready to leave and 2 hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I was grateful then and still am for this amazing session, luckily I passed the newbie test and was invited back, which in turn has led to so many more amazing well documented sessions.

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – The Bloody Bathbrush Challenge

    Always expect the unexpected. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it at every given opportunity and especially after taking any of my subs by surprise.  When Slave Sissy Mouse gave me a request (something that he rarely does) to dust off his school boy outfit, I knew what he’d be expecting from the session and so I put another twist on it.  Actually I gave the session more twists than a Curly Wurly bar. I never cease to amaze myself with my ingenious creativity when it comes to roleplay sessions. I decided that this session would begin the second Mousey walked through the door, even if he didn’t realise it.

    The bloody bath brush challenge.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight was unusual because I knew what was coming and what the theme would be because I had requested it and set myself up for a hard time in the process. What I forgot was I’m not very experienced in role play whereas Mistress is very accomplished in such things and put me on the spot from the moment I walk through the door.
    For this visit I had requested that I dust off the schoolboy outfit that Mistress had instructed me to buy for a cp session back in August 14. I can’t remember the details of that session but what I do know is it was nothing like this one. On my way to the HOD Mistress messaged me to inform me to change in the small hallway and knock on the entrance door. This leaves you with just a full frosted glass door for privacy. I arrive early to calm my nerves a bit and wait by the local Tesco, usually in case Mistress has any last-minute item requests, and wait for the clock to tick around to 11am. With a couple of minutes to go I drive off and park near to the HOD get my stuff and enter the open door. Immediately I am met by Mistress’s voice asking me if I got her text message? I ask if it’s the one about changing in the hall way and it’s not. The message Mistress sent me (which I received at 7pm that evening, nothing like technology letting you down) said Buy an A4 pad and for every minute you are late will result in 1 stroke of the cane. I stand frozen in the hall waiting for Mistress to then say ‘oh don’t worry’ but the reply I got was ‘that’s one stroke already’. With that I get my bumbling self to Tesco and I hate to admit it in a piss to the point where I almost just got in my car and left! What my bumbling brain had not worked out is the session had started already. Mistress had started the roleplay by making me late and as such a valid reason to punish me. Luckily, I found a pad, paid, returned to the HOD, got changed, took a deep breath and knocked on the door as instructed.
    When (Head) Mistress opened the door, what happened next completely caught me out. I wasn’t expecting Mistress to grab me by the ear and drag me in front of the school desk tell me to pull my trousers down and bend over it. I didn’t expect Mistress to tell me I was 14 minutes late, I didn’t expect Mistress to cane me so hard that I got myself in such a state that I stopped counting at 4 and Mistress carried on until 6 with me whimpering and begging her to stop.
    This is not how we start sessions, we start sessions with me being tied somewhere to relax from the outside world and have a nice chat before being left alone.
    Mistress told me to calm down, control my breathing and because I had stopped counting, I was still getting the 14 from the beginning and every time I stopped counting she would start again. I composed myself and Mistress started again with no let-up in the severity of the strokes until I counted to 14. Mistress then told me to pull my pants and trousers up and chastised me for the pink panties I was wearing and the pink stripy tie which was clearly not school uniform. I just stood there with my head held in shame still trying to get my head around what was happening. Mistress then went on the tell me that I was just a closet sissy faggot and that I had been sent to her for touching my male peers inappropriately. I was feeling so utterly small and humiliated that I thought I might start to cry! (Head) Mistress then told me to pull the chair up to the desk, opened the pad that I had bought and instructed me to write the following “I must not touch my male peers inappropriately” and to continue to do so until I was told otherwise. With that Mistress left the room and closed the door. I sat there, wrote that line repeatedly with my mind a blur at what had already happened and I had never been more pleased to be left alone in a session.
    I think I had reached line 115 when Mistress returned and sat very provocatively on the bench in front of me and enquired while my already terrible handwriting had got worse? I replied I was feeling slightly uneasy and trying my best to concentrate. I also told Mistress that I had brought her some offerings that were in a bag in the hall and that the dog had ate the apple I had got her (this earned me an extra 10 strokes for lying). Once I had reached line 134 Mistress told me to stop and put my hands on my head. This would be the number of strokes I would be getting plus the 10 for applegate. We then had a bit of a chat about this and that whilst my hands were firmly on my head (I do smile at the bizarre nature of a day in the life of Mistress).
    As always Mistress after a while brings the chit chat to a halt and instructs me to put away the desk and chair and pull the whipping bench out into the position Mistress likes it. Mistress then instructs me to go upstairs and fetch the vibrating wand and return. On my return, Mistress invites me to place myself on the bench and straps me in. Once strapped in (Head) Mistress starts and it’s no nice warm up today,12 very hard whacks with the ‘beg for it’ strap and everyone made me wince. Once finished Mistress does something completely new she fires up the wand and starts working it into her pathetic cock until I reach edge. I try and last as long as possible to put off the inevitable hard whacks that will be coming my way once I reach edge. I have no defence against the wand and having reached edge, I then endure 24 very hard whacks with another implement which I have no idea what it was but it hurt and then back to the wand. Once at edge another 12 with another implement and then the wand again. This was a real struggle for me, I have never been whacked with this amount of force before and the stopping and edging wasn’t helping but that was what Mistress wanted.
    Today was never going to be an ‘nice’ experience it was amount testing and pushing me!
    This repeated several more times until and I was just about coping when a terrible thing happened at the next round of edging after I had begged Mistress to stop I felt the inevitable feeling of what was the worst case possible, I orgasmed. A massive gushing ruin that spelt disaster for me because now Mistress informed me I would not only have to endure post orgasm punishment but also post orgasm torture. The next 12 were difficult and there was still more to come. Once those 12 were finished it was the wand again and that on Mistress’s very sensitive cock made me squeak repeatedly but worse still it was starting to get hard again just to punish me even more.
    It was just after this where the wheels almost fell off the session, Mistress got the cane out again and we had reached number 9 when I suddenly felt sick (because I was not regulating my breathing and getting in a panic) and with all the clothes on I was overheating and sweating. Mistress stopped, released me from the bench and with the clothes removed and a short break (including the offer of water which I turned down) it was back down to accept the rest of my allocation. With a very determined ‘9 thank you Head Mistress’ it was the final 3 strokes of the cane and then the crescendo 24 of the bath brush (12 on each cheek). I have been whacked with this before but never with the same vigour and determination that Mistress had that day. Once it was over Mistress had achieved her goals, which was to get the bath brush very bloody (tick) and to put me through a very challenging session (tick).
    I was left shaking with adrenaline and I am truly grateful to Mistress for putting me through a very challenging session. After I had calmed down and felt able to stand I got dressed and cleaned up the mess I made (which luckily Mistress didn’t make me lick up as she threatened when I had the accident). We ended with a nice chat and Mistress insisting I look after myself and contact her if I have any adverse reaction to the session (which I haven’t) and then it was time to return to the real world. I must say I felt very odd for the rest of the day and a very early night beckoned. It was the next day that I could really grasp the full enjoyment of the session and marvel at Mistress’s skill in not only her craft but her incredible role play abilities and treating me to another ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ sessions.

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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Feeling Wonderful

    Slave Taquin has, to his surprise, been feeling all warm and fuzzy like all contented and accomplished slaves should feel.  I left him for a few days post-session to come down from the high and to process what he’d endured, knowing full well that he would enjoy every single moment of his memories from the day. Mistress always knows best.

    Last Saturday I had enjoyed (yes I can use that word now!) my first ever ‘punishment session’. I did of course blog about it on Sunday morning. I am still not sure that I enjoyed the sensation whilst it happened but I certainly felt the benefit of it afterwards. Having submitted my blog I realised that I felt incredibly aroused. To feel as I did the day after a session where Mistress had been kind enough to give me an orgasm was unheard of previously. It was the result of Mistress doing exactly as she wanted to me. She had hurt me and yet I had felt her care and compassion as she had done it. In doing so she had proved to me that I had no control or influence over my fetish world. She had given me a reward for what I had endured and then locked me up again. Mistress has ensured that she maintains complete control whilst I am away from her. On that Sunday afternoon I felt (and still do) totally, helplessly, owned. It is a wonderful feeling.

    Later on that day Mistress sent me a YouTube video of the very sexy Rihanna performing the song S&M. It contains some great imagery. This was soon followed by a picture of the implements that Mistress had used on my backside the day before together with a picture of the effect that they had on it. Whilst it didn’t rival many ‘post punishment’ pictures I had seen previously it certainly explained to me why it was so difficult for me to sit comfortably that day.
    I think it was on the Monday that Mistress tweeted a picture of a Leather journal that she had fallen in love with. In my state of feeling huge gratitude to Mistress I bought it for her immediately. It seemed to make her happy which made me happy too. Later in the day I sensed that my vanilla lady friend needed some cheering up, and so I sent her the pictures of my bum that Mistress had kindly let me have. This might not be the sort of thing that you would ordinarily do to cheer up a friend. But there again my vanilla lady friend is no ‘ordinary’ friend. She is extraordinary; she found them hilarious and requested a video of my beating! I think Mistress has sent it to her but I am not sure. Unfortunately both of my very special female friends have had problems to deal with this week. Mistress has taken a bit of time away from her slaves to cope with hers and I have spent a fair bit of time trying to support my vanilla lady friend through some difficult times.

    I did feel the grip of my Mistress tighten at one point as my access to Twitter and missdeelight.com was blocked. I sent a note to Mistress thanking her for her generosity in allowing me access to them for so long. Of course a slave does still need some stimulation and so I found myself spending time on my pc searching for mixed wrestling content on YouTube and Vimeo in particular. It doesn’t make up for my normal fetish pleasures but is exciting nonetheless.
    It did in part lead to an enjoyable couple of days exchanging emails with the female wrestler who is based in South Wales who I know as Princess. Before I met Mistress I enjoyed the pleasures of mixed wrestling with a young lady from Guilford (by pleasures I mean being physically overpowered and made to suffer at the hands of a beautiful young woman). If the woman concerned is young, fit and skilful then this becomes very ‘real’ as far as I am concerned. The reality comes from two things. Firstly that my days of being able to leap nimbly around on a set of wrestling mats have long passed and secondly from the fact that I could never ever try to overpower or hurt a lady. This means that the most I can do is to try to defend myself, and I am pretty rubbish at that as well!

    Mistress had given her permission for me to spend an hour being softened up by Princess immediately before a session at the HOD once last year, but unfortunately that had to be cancelled. This week Mistress gave me her permission to try again and so my emails to Princess were to try to organise an hour in advance of my March session. As we have never met before I have done my best to explain a bit about me. I do still find it slightly uncomfortable to do this. I have explained that I would like to be naked whilst wrestling (with the exception of a chastity device!) and I have tried to explain what for me are the best bits of such an experience and given her an insight into my fetish mind. It is a difficult balance for me as I never want to try to ‘script’ anything in my fetish life. But I do recognise the need to communicate my motivations effectively. Princess has made it so very easy for me to do this which I have really appreciated. I think that she understands.

    The other thing that happened this week that was fun was that I found myself exchanging Facebook messages with a couple of Mistresses other long term pets. The Facebook group has provided a nice ‘safe space’ for us to be our fetish selves. I even found it rather hot when one pet suggested setting up a suggestion box of what Mistress should do to me. (I hesitated a long time before including that confession in this blog). I did play out in my mind the concept of such a thing where all of the outcomes would be strictly enforced by Mistress. Eventually I came to the conclusion that my fetish is about submitting to the will and power of my Mistress and it is only her who should determine my fate. I also concluded that a suggestion box from her other pets would very quickly descend into outcomes far too extreme for me to be able to cope with.
    However it did make me cast my mind back more than a year to a journey over to the HOD for a session. I have never really understood why but 9 times out of ten such a journey is surprisingly calm and collected. I always look forward to a session but somehow I go into a vanilla zone on the morning itself. It is only once I am parked outside the HOD and I receive my entry instructions that things start to stir down below. But on the morning in question over a year ago I can still vividly remember driving along the M4 with Mistresses property trying to burst out of its cage. I felt so totally desperate and wondered how I would possibly cope once I got to Newport. I had never felt like that before (or since) on my way to a session. The thing that drove me nuts that morning was that Mistress had asked her followers whether or not I was to be allowed a full orgasm that day or whether it should be ruined. I felt so out of control as I drove along listening to the ‘pings’ as the responses came back in over twitter. (I do still remember how some of you voted! But you are totally forgiven now x). I did know that Mistress would ultimately make up her own mind up on the subject but I also suspected that she was enjoying playing with me in front of her pets and followers. I feared therefore that she would accept the result of the poll and go with ‘ruin’. In all honesty I can’t actually remember how my session finished but I do still remember the drive over there.

    Anyway I politely turned down the kind offer of a ‘suggestion box’ but did conclude that in Mistresses absence we all played together very nicely!

    The best bit of the week for me was last night. First of all Mistress posted some pictures on the pets Facebook page of the things we had bought for her recently. Included within this were two tantalising pictures of Mistress in the silk dressing gown I bought for her. Mistress looks absolutely stunning in it. And then she posted a very teasing video of her wearing it and thanking us for her gifts. It ensured that I went to bed a dribbling mess and then spent some time awake from 2.30am desperate for an orgasm that was an impossibility whilst locked in the device. Sigh….

    Today I have woken to discover that I am locked out of my PC until midnight tonight. My balls have tightened up accordingly. Today for me will be about trying to discover some ‘wriggle room’ on my phone. I suspect I will also be revisiting pictures and videos of Mistress wearing figure hugging silk. Gorgeous!

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Humiliated and Very Aroused

    When Sissy Mouse confessed one of his lewd thoughts to me under duress during his previous session, I made it quite clear to him that the confession would be stored in my memory and used at a later date against him. Normally what I like to do in these situations is to store the information and use it a much later date when my sub has forgotten all about it, or at the very least hoped I had! So it was with great pleasure and amusement that I used his confession against him at his very next session, knowing that he wouldn’t be expecting me to do so, quite so soon.  Yes, I know! I am an evil genius! That is why you all love me so much.

    I will now follow with an entry from Sissy Mouse (aka Baby Mouse!)

    Humiliated and very aroused.

    I am writing this more than 3 weeks after my last visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight, the reason for this is Mistress took something that I had mentioned in my last session put her own twist on it and made me feel such enjoyable shame that it is only now that I can bring myself to write about it.

    During my last luxurious and indulgent session that Mistress had treated me to I had shared something with her that I never thought would interest me at all and it was prompted by a tweet Mistress had posted before Christmas. The tweet showed a collection of adult baby items laid out and something flashed through my mind that I would feel very humiliated if Mistress put me in such things. This I duly confessed to Mistress at a time when she had me at my weakest, teasing her pathetic cock. My admission of this amused Mistress greatly at the time and with her usual sharp mind got me to repeat in a baby like voice various statements and ended it by saying ‘It will happen one day mousey or maybe it won’t’.

    Now to the day itself and I arrive at the allocated time and feeling slightly under pressure because Mistress had forgotten Mistress R’eals birthday card and sent me a message to purchase one on the way. I reply ‘No pressure then Mistress’ and visited the only shop I know in Newport the local Tesco. I hunt through the cards knowing that I have minimal time but I am certainly not going to choose the first one (if it was not to a reasonable standard Mistress would no doubt take great pleasure in ensuring Mistress R’eal knew it was my fault!). Luckily after a short while I found what I hoped would be suitable and once purchased headed back to the car to wait for the clock to tick around to 11am.

    Heading through the door I am met by Mistress informing me from behind a closed door to lay out the items I have brought and to strip and start chanting my mantra on my knees. I duly do this in my now bumbling way and start to chant. After a few repetitions, Mistress tells me to take a deep breath and start saying it with a greater feeling. I duly do this and at the same time feel myself leave the outside world behind. As usual after a while my knees start to cause me grief and I start shuffling about trying to relieve the pressure, prompting Mistress to enquire what’s wrong from the other room. What I like about that situation is Mistress knows my knees are hurting but leaves me there just a little longer to push me, knowing that I won’t just get up but will do my best to endure the pain. Finally, Mistress enters the room but I don’t see her for a bit because I am still head down reciting my mantra. When Mistress does tell me to stop and look up I am met by the usual vision of Mistress looking fabulous this time wearing Jodhpurs, satin blouse, corset and her Christmas boots. I compliment Mistress on her outfit (one of my favourites) and how wonderful her boots go with it.

    Now for the crunch Mistress goes over to check the card I have purchased (I have never felt so on edge over a Birthday card) and luckily approves my purchase. Mistress then kindly tells me to stand up and offers me the wooden chair to sit on and we have a nice chat whilst Mistress attaches me to the chair with rope and the joy of slowly being ensnared by it. We continue chatting until the point when Mistress gags me places something heavy in one hand to drop if I have difficulties and leaves me to enjoy some wonderful classical music. I sit there enjoying the music but realise after a while that my mind is returning to outside stuff and not floating off like it usually does. Mistress checks on me at various times and then leaves me to it until she returns and tells me she is going to change gags. This was something new to me and thought that maybe Mistress had something new to try. This turned out to be correct but as always in a way that I didn’t expect. Mistress removes the ball gag and placed a very small rubber gag in my mouth, I assumed it was an inflatable gag but oh no that was a big as it got. The reason for this was after much wondering it dawned on me what it was, Mistress had placed a dummy in my mouth. It was quite a shock to me for two reasons, firstly how humiliated I felt and secondly how aroused it made me. Suddenly any outside thoughts had disappeared to be replaced by exquisite shame and arousal. Mistress just left me there trying so hard to not suck on the dummy and feel even more shame but eventually having to give in and swallow both my saliva and my self-pride.

    As time passes in a different dimension at the house of Deelight I had no idea how long I continued to sit there wallowing in the shame of being so aroused but eventually Mistress returned and whilst laughing at me started to write something on my chest with a permanent marker. Further amused Mistress then placed some very plastic feeling shoes on my feet and announced with great glee that I was now wearing some lovely ballet flats. They were very tight and uncomfortable and did nothing to help my arousal subside. Mistress then started to untie me and once finished invited me to stand and once again mocked me for my state of arousal. It was a very rock and a hard place scenario I didn’t want to be so turned on by my situation but it just wouldn’t subside. Mistress then guided me to the bottom of the stairs (as I was still blindfolded) and told me to crawl up the stairs. At the top of the stairs Mistress guided me into the bedroom and onto the bed. My hands were then attached to cuffs and Mistress went out the room and returned informing me to lift my bum off the bed and placed something under me. I didn’t want to think what it was but I knew immediately it was a nappy.

    Thus, began a most intense session of edging. Mistress first places two electrodes on my inner thighs and connected them to the e-stim box and switches it on nice and gently, too gently to begin with but that is soon rectified. Mistress then produces the vibrating wand and starts to work on her very erect cock edging me over and over until the gaps get smaller and stops. Mistress then does up the nappy winds up the e-stim box further and starts with the wand again but this time when I get to the edge I have to say Goo Goo Ga Ga through my still dummied mouth for Mistress to stop which after a while this turns into Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma. Just writing this makes me wince. As the Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma get more frequent Mistress stops and writes something else on my chest and I can feel her draw something. With that Mistress returns to the wand and working her very hard cock through the nappy. All the while Mistress has some gentle music playing in the background and then this stops. Which I naively think is the end of the playlist. Mistress then returns with the wand and keeps edging me telling me she can’t decide if she is going to grant me an orgasm, a ruin or nothing. As the Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma’s get closer Mistress tells me she is going to let me cum in the nappy and then lie in it once she has finished. However, before I cum I have to say ‘I love you mamma’. This happens almost immediately and with such force that Mistress’s cock recoils like a field gun going off. It was that intense that it hurt and I could fell it splurging and spurting inside the nappy and it was probably lucky it was contained because it would have been one hell of a mess to clean up. Mistress carried on teasing her now very sensitive cock with the wand for a bit of post orgasm torture. I have not been given an orgasm by Mistress since October 2014 and the wait was worth it (Although I would not like to wait as long next time please Mistress). Whilst laying in the glow of my amazing orgasm Mistress takes the edge of it by playing a recording of me saying Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma (hence why the music went off). Oh the shame especially when Mistress tells me it is in fact a video and as she is telling me this I get a running commentary of her saving the video for future use. Mistress always encourages honesty in her slave’s blogs and I must confess that this is the only video and of course pictures that Mistress could use to ensure my utter compliance in the future. Mistress has found the chink in my armour, the one thing that will make me totally compliant.

    Once Mistress has decided I have sat in my own filth for long enough she releases my hands and removes the blindfold. Once my eyes adjust Mistress kindly shows me a picture of me displaying her artwork. At the top of my chest is written “Big Baby” underneath “Goo Goo Ga Ga” and under that a brilliant drawing of a baby face with a dummy. Mistress then invites me to get up and admire myself in the mirror wearing the nappy. I feel very humiliated looking at myself, more so than anything I experienced with Mistress before.

    Mistress then tells me to find a carrier bag to dispose of the nappy, have a shower to try and wash away the shame and join her downstairs for a wind down. After a nice chat about our session and other things it’s time to return to normality and I walk away from the HOD with a carrier containing my shame at being that turned on by something that always seemed a very strange fetish to me but that is the joy of life if you don’t try it you will never know if it’s for you. I have of course looked into it more and following a recent visit to my pc and searching through my bookmarks Mistress knows this and teased me about it, even posting the screen shot on twitter!
    As ever a massive thank you to Mistress for sending me away once again in awe of her skill and brilliant evil mind. Of course, being Mistress she kindly sent me a picture from our session later that day just to remind me of her new leverage!

  • Slave Taquin – Distane Control Journal – Most Amazing Session

    Whilst it is all very well and good, me accommodating the fantasies of my slaves; my slaves must also realise that they are ultimately there to serve me in whatever way I desire.  So, if a slave does not like pain but I am in the mood for it, then my slaves (especially my long-term ones)  should suck it up and take it.  Of course with my expert guidance. Read on to discover how I got Slave Taquin through something (else) he would have never considered possible…..

    I was not able to provide a blog last week as I had a family bereavement & some personal health problems to deal with. Mistress has done what she can during this difficult time but ultimately I needed to find my own peace with it in my own way. By Monday of this week I felt like I was ready to return to the fetish world. In fact Mistress kindly allowed me a little more time to come to terms with all that had happened and it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that she asked me during the afternoon if all was still ‘dangling free’. She was of course asking whether or not I had locked myself back into chastity following a trip abroad the previous week. The truth was that I hadn’t locked up again. When I had got back from my trip I had not felt like it. Even once my mind had started to return to its natural submissive state I had not locked up again. It doesn’t feel right to do so without receiving a direct instruction from Mistress. It is after all not for me to decide when I should or should not be locked. I did know however that I needed to be locked. Without some form of tangible control from Mistress I feel a little empty and rather lost.
    I replied to Mistress and told her that I was indeed still dangling free. The next text from Mistress did not surprise me at all. It was ‘well I think the dangling should be replaced by the bon4!’ Mistress normally only makes me wear the bon4 for a few days at a time as it is even heavier and more restrictive than my normal stainless steel device. This made sense as I was due at the HOD on Saturday. I started to walk towards the safe hiding place for such things when I felt a wave of rash bravery washed over me. I decided to refuse to do as I was told! Why would I even think about doing such a thing? I guess that I felt the need to feel mistresses power. I wanted to know that she could make me do whatever she wanted, and that I had no choice.
    I sent her the following text ‘Just occasionally I think it would be fun to say ‘No Mistress’. Yes I know this is not the outright defiance that my words a moment ago suggested. That is because I am a coward! But yet I still doubted my sanity. I watched the text page on my IPhone to see when Mistress read my text. 3 minutes later it showed that she had indeed read it. And my mind went into a small panic. What had I done?! I hadn’t actually said no, but Mistress could interpret it that way if she chose to. I sent another text that said ‘but then I get scared and change my mind’. I watched to see when it was read. But it wasn’t. Gulp! A vision came into my mind. It was of Mistress having put her phone to one side whilst accessing the copious data files that she has on her computer concerning me to gather up whatever she needed to respond to my (mildly) defiant response to being told to lock up. What would she do? At times like this I have agreed with Mistress that I have no limits. I just have to cope with whatever might happen. I thought it was quite possible that she would phone my house (she had done this once before pretending to be from my bank) hoping to scare the life out of me by talking to my wife. Or maybe she would post something innocuous on my social media in order to remind me of her access and power. Or maybe she was on her way to my home to ‘look for her lost cat’. Or maybe she would withdraw any possibility of an orgasm at my forthcoming session. Or maybe she would just torture the hell out of me once I got there. My brain is a terrible place sometimes!
    I went to the cupboard where I keep such things, retrieved the bon4, locked it in place, took a picture and hastily sent it to Mistress with the words ‘and then I cave in before something terrible happens’. Again I watched my phone to check that Mistress had received and read my text but she didn’t. After a few more minutes of phone watching and worrying I realised it was time to take the dog out for a walk. I did so reluctantly as I was still fearful of repercussions. It was a quick walk for the dog (she wasn’t pleased) and 30 minutes later I walked back into the house and removed my boots. As I did so my wife said to me in passing ‘a lady from PlusNet called and wanted to talk to you about our internet package’. Alarm bells rang loudly in my head. I asked if this lady had left a number, but apparently not. As soon as I was alone I dialled 1471 expecting to either get a number withheld response or the number of my Mistress. I actually got a 0114 (Sheffield) number instead. The call had been genuine after all.
    Some minutes later I got a text from Mistress that just said ‘lol, back in your place’. This was her response to my texts and my ‘lock up’ picture. I had proved once again that my mind is my biggest weakness and my worst enemy!
    Later that evening Mistress posted several things on Twitter. She has been absent from it during a period of illness and so I was really pleased to see her return. I hoped it indicated a start of a return to good health. One tweet grabbed my attention in particular. Mistress had tweeted about a lovely silk dressing gown that she would like. Now I do enjoy buying pretty things for my Mistress. In particular I like to buy pretty things that are personal and for her. I have been known to be slightly shallower sometimes and buy Mistress lingerie that I would like her to wear at a session, but I prefer it when the gift is less selfish. I looked at the price of the silk gown and hesitated. It was more than £100. I wondered if I should actually be saving my pennies already for the moment that Mistress takes her 2018 fee from me. But December seems such a long way off and so I threw caution to the wind and bought the gown for Mistress instead. And it made me very horny having done so. I wanted to text Mistress and ask if, as a reward, I could remove the device and provide myself an orgasm. But that would be ridiculous. I had only been wearing it for a couple of hours! And I had a session on the Saturday. And I knew that Mistress would think that I was just trying to get her to deny me with a ‘no’. It would have appeared blatantly manipulative on my part and so I just basked in the knowledge that I had made Mistress happy and went to bed feeling a lot better about myself.
    This next section will have to be rather to the point. Having a session on a Saturday does not allow much writing time before blog submission is required on a Sunday! Please excuse its brevity therefore.
    Saturday morning arrived and I sent my morning text to Mistress. At that time there was no indication of the challenges that would face me later in the day. By 10.35am I found myself naked (apart from the Bon4 weighing heavily on my privates) and kneeling on the floor of the HOD dungeon. Mistress had come down stairs and was stood in front of me. There were no stockings and suspenders or soft lacy bras today. Instead I looked up to find Mistresses firm shapely body shimmering in black shiny latex; she had fishnet tights on leading down those slim legs to black high heeled shoes. She looked magnificent! She looked down on me briefly before walking behind me and tying my slave collar in place. ‘Step into the cage’ was her instruction. I did as I was told and Mistress locked the cage door shut before making me place my hands through the bars and strapping and padlocked a leather bondage mitt onto each of them. She linked them together and walked away confident in the knowledge that there was no escape for me now. I was left in silence. The arousal that I had felt when Mistress was with me eventually evaporated and I was left alone with my thoughts for a while.
    A little while later Mistress returned and gathered up the phone, key safe and the Uberkinky device that I normally wear long term. She stood behind the whipping bench and pushed it to the middle of the room. This didn’t bode well at all. Mistress didn’t say a word but just went back into the lounge shutting the door behind her. It was at this point that I started to fret a little! Mistress has been very kind during what has been a difficult time for me and has allowed me free access to the fetish internet. During much of this time I have not actually been that interested in it, but just occasionally it proved a welcome relief to be able to trawl through Twitter and all sorts of fun internet sites. Now though I was beginning to worry about what Mistress would find on my phone. Thinking about it as I write this I realise that there wouldn’t be any surprises for her. For instance if she looked at the hash tags most often searched against in Twitter she would have found:
    #TPE (that I only recently discovered stands for Total Power Exchange)
    No surprises to be had there then!
    The other thing that worried me (and made me very hot at the same time) was the fact that I suddenly realised that I had a ‘notes’ page on my phone onto which I had written all of my vanilla social media and email passwords. I thought it would be useful whilst I was abroad. I imagined Mistress copying them to her own files in order to increase her leverage even further. It sent a shiver of fear down my spine that she could post on my social media sites if I stepped out of line. But in my TPE world it also made me as horny as hell. The silence was unnerving.
    A few more minutes went by before Mistress came into the dungeon again. She stood in front of the cage and for the first time touched my naked body. Briefly she ran her fingers up and down my chest. She smiled as she gently tweaked my nipples, looked me in the eyes and said ‘today Taquin I am probably going to make you cry’. – And do you know what? I really didn’t mind. It was such a powerful & dominating thing for her to say. I thought about protesting or asking for mercy but my heart wouldn’t have been in it. I need Mistress to stimulate my emotions. She makes me feel alive.
    Mistress left the dungeon once more and I found that all vanilla thoughts had left my mind. Instead I realised my situation for what it truly was. I was held captive by a beautiful, powerful woman who could do whatever she wanted to me. I had no control of the situation whatsoever. Mistresses property was fighting with its cage and dribbling more than it had done for a long time.
    A few minutes later Mistress returned, and I knew that the session was about to start. She told me that today was going to be my first ever ‘punishment session’. Now I have to say that at that point I did think to myself that I had had punishment sessions before. Sitting here uncomfortably on a sore bum writing this at 5am on a Sunday morning I can confirm that what I had in the past was a ‘mild telling off’. Yesterday was indeed my first ever (with Miss Deelight or anyone else for that matter) ‘punishment session’. Mistress explained to me precisely what was about to happen and how she was going to help me get through it. She also explained that if I did successfully cope with it she would remove my chastity device and provide me with an orgasm. That was one thing that I desperately needed at that point!
    Mistress released me from the cage and directed me to the space under the stairs where many of the tools of her trade are stored. I was to choose two implements and Mistress would choose 4 more. (She had explained to me that my punishment session would consist of 12 strokes each from 6 different implements). I reasoned in my mind that I should choose implements that were short and provided her with less leverage. I therefore chose the short wooden paddle with the ‘batman’ motif on it and a short-handled implement with multiple soft rubber strands. Mistress on the other hand took the opposite approach and chose long implements with plenty of leverage. I was later to discover the difference between big, wide bodied bats that ‘pounded’ my backside with weight and force and the thin but light cane that stung like nothing had ever before.
    Moments later I found myself strapped to the bench with Mistress telling me all about breathing through the pain, the chemicals that would be released through my body and how she was going to help me through the next 45 minutes to an hour of punishment. Mistress explained that she would prepare me and warm me up with a hand spanking before commencing the punishment. And so she did. And it was at this point that I started yelping! I did think to myself that if this was the warm up I was in deep trouble. I was right. After the ‘warm up’ Mistress started on the first implement. It was my rubber stranded whip and as short as it was Mistress still managed to get enough purchase on it for it to hurt like hell. After each stroke I was to state how many strokes of that set I had had and to thank Mistress. And so I did. And this is how the session progressed. Each set of strokes getting progressively harder (or maybe my bum was getting progressively more sore) and with me counting and thanking Mistress for what she was doing to me. Several times Mistress demanded that I repeat my slave mantra to her. This made it even more difficult to remember which stroke of a set we were on, but I maintained focus. And all the way through Mistress coached me on coping techniques; she encouraged me and supported me and she used her hands to sooth away the pain between sets. After the third device and therefore 36 strokes I thanked Mistress for looking after me. That’s how it felt. She was doing something to me that was in my own best interest but caring for me and helping me get through it.
    After the fourth implement my body started to shake and I felt a warm flush spread through me. Mistress told me that I had entered Sub Space as she went to work with number 5 (a large wide bat). I am still not sure if it was sub space or shock! It all finished with, what is for me the most fearful implement of all, the cane.
    And then it was over. Mistress released me from the bench and allowed me to sit up. I was shaking and dizzy. Mistress allowed me to come to my senses whilst congratulating me for what I had achieved. I felt triumphant in my success but decidedly shaky as I made my way upstairs for my reward. Mistress told me to sit on the side of the bed and fed me sweet chewy sweets until I had properly regained my senses. Once she knew I was ready she made me lie down, secured my wrists to the bed head, removed the device and provided me with a lovely orgasm. I showered, dressed and went back downstairs. Mistress told me to put my uberkinky device on and secured it shut with a padlock before providing me with a much-needed sweet cup of tea and allowed me to chat with her for a few minutes to allow me to come down from the whole experience.
    I feel I have rather rushed through the telling of the tale. But I need to spend just a little while explaining how I felt after the session and now as I write this. As always this helps me to reconcile my experiences and emotions.
    After the session I got back into my car drove a little way and then parked to eat a sandwich, bought on my way to the HOD, and to check to see what had been posted on Twitter. I saw the Tweet from Mistress posted when I was already caged in the HOD. It said…
    ‘I’m in the mood for punishment but I doubt slave Taquin is. He hates it. Who cares? Not me!’
    Despite the fact that I had been allowed a lovely orgasm only a few minutes earlier I felt things coming back to life in the chastity cage.
    And so this is how I feel about what happened yesterday. I still don’t like pain. I might have reached ‘sub space’ but I didn’t feel any euphoria in that moment. I will forever be a wimp! It was however a wonderful session. There were many things that I loved about it. I loved the fact that Mistress was so assertive. She wasn’t at all aggressive. She was just strict and matter of fact and so totally in control. I loved the fact that she sent me away from the session locked. I loved the fact that Mistress did what she wanted to do. (It is important to me that she gets some pleasure from my submission to her). I think most of all I loved the fact that Mistress continues to make her own decisions about what is right for me. Yesterday proved to me that I need a Mistress who is just as capable of providing me ‘softer pleasures’ as she is to make me do things or to endure things that I would, given a choice, put on my hard limits list. In doing so she ensures that I never feel safe and that I properly understand who is really in control. It will therefore go down as one of my best sessions ever.
    I can confirm that after the session I did feel relaxed and happy. Mistress was very kind and more than once sent me texts to ensure that I had not ‘come down with a bump’. My vanilla worries had been pushed to the back of my mind and had thankfully been replaced by thoughts of a Mistress who controls and cares for me. Sitting here this morning I know that my Mistress owns me.


  • Slave Fuzzy – Naughty Boy OTK Punishment

    When my weight loss slave asked if he could request a scenario, I was more than happy to both read and accommodate his request. A jolly good old-fashioned over the knee hand and hair brush spanking. I asked him to write about it……

    I began sessioning in corporal punishment over five-year ago and since then have seen several different mistresses each who have had their own good and bad points. However, in all that time and despite the numerous spankings and punishments I have received I have never felt truly satisfied. That is until now!!!!

    After the melee that is Christmas, I decided the time was right to at least broach the subject of one of my deepest desires with Mistress Deelight. I suppose one of the biggest problems had always been I had never had the courage to ask for exactly what I want. When you think about it no one is a mind reader and no one knows exactly what you are thinking unless you tell them and I had kept quiet for far to long.

    I contacted Mistress through the usual email channel suggesting a date and time for our next session I was delighted when she got back to me saying that time was perfect and suited her so I booked it and sent the usual deposit. In the email, I added a cheeky note asking if I could make a request, again the reply was positive so I sat at my PC and composed an email containing one of my deepest fantasies.

    The day of the session arrived, and I arrive at the House of Deelight on time and ready, nervous but ready as I knew what was coming. Having text Mistress in the morning and then as instructed when I arrived, I opened the door and stepped inside. Removing my shoes and coat in the hallway, I opened door to the inner chambers of the House of Deelight and all hell broke loose.

    Before I could even register how stunning Mistress was looking today I was grabbed by the ear, “Where have you been” Mistress scolded “I have been waiting for you to come home”, all I could do was mumble an “I’m sorry Mistress”. Still holding me by the ear and continuing to scold me Mistress lead me to the sofa. Quick as a flash my trousers were pulled down, followed by my underpants and I was ordered over Mistresses knee.

    Mistress quickly began spanking my bare bottom hard and fast punishing me exactly the way a naughty boy should be punished, warning me she was going to spank me until she could spank no more. Now I was living the dream being bare bottomed over the knee of a beautiful woman being soundly spanked and scolded. I have no idea how long it lasted but I was soon order to stand up and go and fetch Mistress my hairbrush. This brush was chosen by Misress to be my personal punishment brush and now it was about to get its second workout.

    Ordered back over Mistresses knee she continued to punish me, using the hairbrush on my bare bum extracting many oww’ss and apologies from my lips and ensuring that I thanked her after each hard stinging smack. Throughout this ordeal Mistress continued to scold me, admonishing me for my bad behavior and making sure I was learning my lesson well. The brush continued to make its mark on my red and sore backside as Mistress varied her pace, sometimes slow and hard, sometimes fast and a bit lighter. All had the same effect though in turning me from an adult male into a thoroughly punished naughty boy.

    As a finale to my naughty boy fantasy I was order off Mistress’s knee and told to bend over and touch my toes. Upon her return Mistress announced I was to receive six of best with the cane and I was to count each and stay in position touching my toes. Six hard cane stokes were efficiently delivered to my already sore and punished buttocks, drawing further apologies and promises from my mouth and as I write sitting at my PC I can feel the lines left by the cane.

    So my naughty boy fantasy was finally realised, all these year of receiving spankings and finally I got the one I have always wanted. I all the excitement and emotion both Mistress and myself forgot to take any pictures so I am afraid this session must now remain in the minds eye. Fair to say this is a fantasy that may just have to be repeated.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal and Session Write up

    On Sunday Mistress had let me know that she had enjoyed my blog submitted earlier in the day. She also took the opportunity to ask how I was getting on with the projects that I was working on for her. She seemed particularly pleased when I told her that the cock and ball torture device might be completed in time for me to deliver it to her when I saw her at the HOD later that same week. It came as no surprise to me to hear that I was to christen it!

    I worked on the projects for Mistress right up to the morning of my session. It was a slightly unnerving build up to it. There was the occasional thinly veiled threat of torment and pain however most of my communications from Mistress were relaxed and good-natured. Some even had smiley faces and concluded with an x! Don’t get me wrong, I really like to be in Mistresses good books and to have fear free communications, but I did find it a little unusual. This had been on my mind as I drove to the HOD on the morning of the session. I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was being lulled into a false sense of security.

    I arrived outside the HOD and sent a text to Mistress to let her know. She responded by giving me my instructions for when I entered at the prearranged time. I was to go into the dungeon, place on the floor the things that I had bought for Mistress, strip and kneel head bowed facing the fireplace. It concluded with the chilling words: ‘Make sure I can access the whipping bench’. There it was then. Mistress had been so nice to me in the build up to the session just to put me off my guard but now I was going to be punished. Whilst I do pride myself on being the best Slave I can be I do know that if Mistress wanted to punish me that she would be able to come up with plenty of pretty good reasons to do so.

    ‘What will be will be’ I thought and entered the front door of the HOD dead on 11am. Having locked it behind me and carried out Mistresses instructions I called and told her that I was ready. Mistress was in the lounge waiting for this moment. I heard her stand and start to walk my way. She entered the dungeon and stood behind me. My head was bowed and so all that I was able to make out was the wonderful realisation that she must be wearing stockings as I caught a glimpse of her foot to my right hand side. I heard her steps as she walked to the whipping bench behind me and I heard the sound of chain and what sounded like the cuffs being prepared. Mistress then walked to the whip stand and removed an implement from it. This was not good! She walked behind me once more and undid the knot of my collar that has ‘Taquin’ engraved on its plaque, and took it off over my head. She replaced it with a heavy leather collar that was secured it at the back. Mistress then reached around to the front of my neck and attached a heavy chain dog lead. For the first time Mistress stood in front of me, legs slightly apart, and I looked up at her smiling face. I do confess that it took a little while for my gaze to make it all the way to her face as it had so much to take in on its way!

    Mistress tugged on the heavy chain lead and I followed her on hands and knees to the whipping bench. I waited for the inevitable instruction to climb up onto the bench, but instead Mistress turned around to face me before lifting herself up onto it. She positioned herself sitting on the bench with one foot on each of the leg supports, providing a slave eye view of her perfect crotch clad in black lace panties. ‘Put your hands behind your back’ she said. I did as instructed and took in the wonderful sight in front of me as I kneeled in submission to my Mistress. Black stockings, suspenders, panties and bra, all of which contrasting wonderfully with her pale soft skin. Occasionally I would look up into Mistresses face to be met with just the hint of a smile. I don’t think that I had spoken until this point but I just had to tell her how wonderful I thought that she looked. ‘Did I tell you that you could speak slave?’ I said sorry and shut up again. We stayed like that for some time. Mistress looking down on me with a satisfied look on her face and me feeling progressively more submissive and horny. I knew that Mistresses property was trying to escape its cage and was dribbling uncontrollably on the floor. Mistress noticed also. I think it was about now that I started to shake just a little. Mistress waited a few moments longer and then lifted the riding crop selected earlier and started to run its tip gently up the inside of one of my thighs. I shuddered in involuntary appreciation. Over the next 30 minutes or so Mistress reduced me to a quivering wreck by slowly and expertly running the crop over almost every part of my body. There is a spot just at the base of her property, which Mistress knows that if she applies slow steady pressure, will make me buckle in two with pleasure. Mistress pushed the tip of her crop into the spot and grabbed the chain attached to my collar and pulled upwards. I groaned as I found myself unable to buckle in the intensity of the moment. Mistress pulled me closer into her and placed her legs on my shoulders. She squeezed her thighs firmly around my head. My face was just centimetres away from her crotch as she took her fingers and ran them gently and provocatively across her stocking tops and panties. I wanted so desperately to move my head just a little bit further forwards and bury myself in the softness in front of me. I knew that just a hint of that would result in instant and severe punishment and resisted the temptation. I whimpered in total desperation as Mistress moved her perfectly manicured fingers slowly over her body leading my eyes to places that I still feel that a gentleman’s eyes shouldn’t linger. I looked up once again into the face of my Mistress. Knowing exactly what a mess she had made of me she looked back down with more than a hint of satisfaction in her voice and said ‘you are so weak’. And Mistress was right. I am totally feeble in her presence. And it is ok. It is how she makes me feel. At that moment I was in bits! Sometimes it feels that Mistress can release my mind from all of its normal constraints, fears and worries and in that moment of freedom I can just let go. This was such a moment. I was close to tears and it really didn’t matter.

    Mistress released her grip on my head and put her feet back onto the leg supports of the whipping bench and then lent forwards until her breasts were a hairs breadth away from my face. So close in fact that I could feel the warmth and smell the delicate scent of her body. Again I just wanted to lean in that little bit further, but still resisted the temptation. Mistress took the riding crop once again and ran it over every sensitive spot of my body. This time she spent time teasing my nipples before moving the crop once again to the spot at the base of her property. As she pressed against it and drove me crazy she said ‘Do you know something Taquin?’ I whispered ‘no Mistress’. ‘I do believe that you have a clitty!’ ‘I have had you locked in chastity for so long now that you have developed a love button’. Mistress sounded so very pleased with herself. Next she started to turn herself away from me in order that I should be left to admire her wonderful bottom. In the process of turning however her stiletto heels etched a couple of lines into my torso. I obviously failed to stifle my discomfort and Mistress looked back at me to see what the problem was. She looked at the scratches and quite rightly declared that they were nothing. Mistress looked me in the eyes and with a slightly mocking tone said ‘but you do still love me don’t you slave’. I answered ‘Yes Mistress’. And in my way I do. Maybe it is more of an infatuation. But whatever it is the answer is ‘Yes Mistress’!

    Finally Mistress stood up from where she was seated and told me to carry the massage bench into the lounge. Once the bench was erected I was instructed to lie on it and put my wrists out in front of me. Mistress picked up a pair of wooden manacles that she had made me make for her. She locked my wrists in them and then secured them up to my leather neck collar. Once Mistress was happy that I was inescapably secured she picked up the cock and ball torture device that I had made and presented to her at the beginning of the session. It is a board that opens in the middle to allow the slaves bits to be pushed through it and sit exposed above the board. A cord is then used to lace down the slaves cock to the board in order to allow Mistress to do whatever she chooses. And that is precisely what Mistress did.  I found myself trapped in the device which she had bolted shut around my balls and Mistress had laced her property down to the board. I feared what my fate might be but was delighted when I saw Mistress pick up the large vibrator. And so Mistress went to work on her property. And it inevitably grew in its appreciation. And the cords holding it felt tighter and tighter. And after only a few minutes of wonderful edging Taquin yet again left it too long before warning Mistress that he was about to cum! What a stupid slave. I felt things rushing towards a climax and cried out. Mistress stopped what she was doing immediately. My eyes were shut as I felt things building and building. I concentrated as hard as I possibly could just hoping that I would be able to stop, what had a couple of moments earlier felt so inevitable. And then there it was, a single, weak pump of Mistresses property and I feared the worst. I opened my eyes and asked Mistress if I had actually cum. I really didn’t know. Mistress looked at her property and said that I had gone too far and then in an act of great kindness applied the vibrator again and said ‘I had better finish you now’. And she did. She had gone back to work on it soon enough for it to almost instantly explode into a wonderful full-blown orgasm. With Mistresses property laced securely to the board the orgasm was constricted by its bindings. The result however was one of great pleasure and an orgasm that seemed to go on forever as my body tried to expel the cum that had built up over the previous weeks. It went on for so long that I felt the muscles in my back begin to spasm. Luckily my ankles weren’t secured and so I was able to lift my knees to alleviate it. And still I came.

    Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes before declaring that she wanted to see if I was able to orgasm for a second time. To cut a long story short, I wasn’t. I did enjoy the time spent in trying however. It is not every day that a beautiful young lady dressed only in sexy black lingerie has me tied to a massage bench whilst using her hands and a vibrator to give me pleasure! What a lucky slave I was.

    Eventually Mistress decided that I was a lost cause and released me from the bench. Mistress told me that she was going to allow her property freedom from the chastity device for a couple of days to allow it to recover from the rigours of her attention. She presented me with the key safe reset to a new code and an open padlock to be applied when I next locked up. Once showered and dressed we spent a few minutes looking at a gift that I had made for her. I then mended a drawer in the HOD kitchen before saying my ‘goodbyes’ and going on my way.

    By the time I left the HOD I had already ‘come down’ from what had been a wonderful session. (I think the process had started as soon as I had completed my orgasm). I hadn’t come down in a bad way. It was an unusual experience for me. I just felt supremely relaxed. It was a lovely feeling. I knew that I had a few hours to kill in advance of a meeting later that day and so I found a nice cafe overlooking a harbour and started to write this blog. 2 hours, and several cups of coffee, later I was only part way through it when I closed the PC and left for my meeting. I was happy.

    The next few days continued in a very similar vein. Normally I would have a good night’s sleep following a session and then pretty soon afterwards I would start feeling needy again. If not in chastity I would find myself almost begging Mistress to lock me up again. But I didn’t feel any of this. I certainly wasn’t ‘down’ about it at all. I just got on with life whilst exchanging a few vanilla texts with Mistress. Things came to a head when on Saturday morning I awoke to the realisation that I had had a very vanilla, and very sexy, dream during the night. Worse still, Mistress wasn’t the subject of said dream!

    On that Saturday morning Mistress told me that she was going to set me an edging task. I read what she said and realised that I had two problems. The first was a practical one as I knew that I would find it difficult to find enough time to devote to it but my other problem was that I really didn’t have any enthusiasm for such a task. In normal circumstances I would be desperate for such attention from Mistress but I still found myself in a remarkably relaxed vanilla state.

    I sent Mistress a text that explained my practical problems but not my mental ones. I had reasoned that maybe an edging game would help to restore my mental state to where it should be. But as the day went by I came to realise that I was still going to struggle to find the necessary time to do the task. Eventually Mistress sent me a text and asked why I had not told her that I was ready to start.

    I sent Mistress a text and explained that my day had unfortunately become too busy and also took the opportunity to confess to my mental state. I even confessed to my vanilla dream. She demanded more information and asked if there was anything in the session that had bothered me. I replied that the only things that had bothered me were my own stupidity at cumming too soon yet again and then being unable to perform for a second time. I did make a comment however that I fear might come back to haunt me. I said that the session had not had the intensity of some that I had experienced. Mistress reacted strongly to this statement!!! I don’t blame her either. As reported above Mistress had reduced me to tears of frustration whilst my body shook, kneeling as I was at her feet for almost an hour. It was extreme and intense. Sitting here as I am now trying to write this final paragraph to this blog I still don’t know why I felt the way that I did following the session. Relaxed and happy is a really good thing by the way!

    The response from Mistress was I think what I deserved (and probably needed). I was instructed to go and lock up again immediately. I did as instructed and Mistress took pleasure in the lock up picture that I sent her. She noted correctly that the process had brought her property back to life. Mistress also wanted to ensure that we agreed the date for our next session, which we subsequently did. And finally Mistress informed me that the non participation of the edging task constituted a ‘task fail’. This is not something that any slave of Miss Deelight wishes to hear.

    There were no sexy vanilla dreams for Taquin last night. Only thoughts of his Mistress and a realisation that her property was back under her exclusive control.

  • 2 Commanders and 2 Hypnobots

    Recently, both of my Hypnobots (HB1 and HB2) reported to duty at the House of Deelight to serve both myself and my very good friend Commander Real.  Every so often, I will present my Hypnobots to other Commander’s so that the Commanders can take back ideas for the training of their own workforce.  It is a Commanders duty to do as little as possible once their army of Hypnobots have been fully trained because it is then the Hypnobot’s duty to do as much as is required of them.  On this occasion I have instructed Hypnobot 1 to write about the session from its own point of view.  Both myself and Commander R’eal have video clips from this session and those will be released soon.

    ‘Hypnobot 1, property of Commander Deelight, Her hypnotised and robotised servant, reports of its most recent service with Commander. This was also an occasion where service alongside female hypnobot (hypnobot 2) was to be given to Commander R’eal as well, who would be in attendance. Commander R’eal was continuing Her research into the power of hypnosis and its uses with Her own servants.

    Being in a 100% hypnobot state of course only takes place specifically with Commander’s instructions and hypnotic triggers. For most of the time Her servant hypnobot 1 is in its human state, living normally, but very much with Her influence strongly embedded through multiple sessions of hypnosis. Subconscious control of Her slave.

    So in this ‘human’ state the preperations for the upcoming session took place. Commander R’eal was to be presented beforehand with a powerful silk tie to wear and shiny silver cufflinks. The tie was one of hypnobots own, a luxurious gold and navy thick stripe. One of the rules in the Commander and hypnobot relationship is that the mindless hypnobots wear simple and functional plain dark ties, whereas Commanders also exert their power through strong luxurious ties, such as the red tie Commander Deelight often wears (when not in the RAF uniform of course – though the power of that is conveyed through immaculate gold buttons).

    With these gifts in place the hypnobot 1 was also required to purchase gifts for the Commanders from Chanel, and to do so while dressed immaculately, thus serving from afar; demonstrating its obedience to its owner and Commander even in this human state, the process of robotisation would follow when in the presence of Commander.

    The anticipation of the session was great, there hadn’t been a two hypnobots, two Commanders type of session before. I requested permission to enter Commanders chambers and was immediately greeted by both Commander Deelight in Her navy skirt suit with sublime red tie, red lipstick and nails, and hair worn up so strictly that i was instantly aroused by the sight. Commander R’eal stepped forward from behind, Her powerful tie automatically fixing my gaze. Both Commanders looked stunning and powerful.

    Commander Deelight motioned me toward the storage facility, within which i also saw hypnobot 2. Not in her human state as i was in mine, but stood up, head bowed forward, eyes sealed shut, motionless and uncaring , in a hypnotic stasis. My arousal only grew at this sight, the demonstration of Commanders control was awesome.

    At this point i would need to explain, as best i can, what i feel and can recall when i am serving as a hypnobot. Anyone who has watched the videos produced by Commander will see the hypnobot either in trance or awake but mindless. When i watch these myself i see the bits where i am completely hypnotised and i have no recollection of this. When my hypnobot is awoken and performs duties, whatever they may be, the sensation or feeling i have is unique in all my experience of submission and servitude, for before i ever came to serve Commander there were some other Mistresses who i had served, but none as accomplished.

    The uniqueness is a sense of utter peace and calm in this state, but it is a state of mind you do not question or consciously think of, you just exist in a space without emotion and what you are required to do you just obey. It is mindlessness. Yes there can be pain and discomfort, but this is felt from observation only through receiving and obeying Commanders triggers and instructions. Seeing the footage of my hypnobot self, the majority of the work is prepared by Commander when her hypnobots are put into a deep trance and the instructions are ingrained subconsciously. It is, purely when thinking about it afterward and reflecting on it, the most wonderful pure level of submission i have experienced. I base much of this on being able to observe the films and from feedback by Commander.

    With the above in mind, i felt a hand on my shoulder, heard a command, and i would then be placed into the same hypnobot state. I could recall standing at attention next to hypnobot 2 as we both stared forward. Our gazes locked. In fact our Commander took a photograph and showed us later. We all looked immaculate.

    Following the initial inspection of our uniforms (as hypnobots are to maintain incredibly strict and smart standards) we were then put to various tasks. It goes without saying that we simply obeyed whatever we were ordered to do without any conscious thought.

    It also can take a little bit of time for any recollections to be pieced together. Not all of the session is immediately remembered, and as the mind coalesces and recovers from the experience things do recall. The tasks performed that can be recalled did involve worshipping Commander R’eal shoes, and being an ashtray for our Commanders. Hypnobot 1 could also recall receiving the Commanders strapon at both ends and without any objection to it.

    More clear as things stand is when my hypnobot was brought out of this submissive trance state, back to consciousness, able to converse with both Commanders and hypnobot 2, now also back to normal. The Chanel gifts were greatly appreciated by all and i was able to express as well my appreciation of the immaculate attire of all assembled.

    It was truly a privilege to be able to serve.

    Thank You Commanders and hypnobot 2

  • A ‘Cathartic’ Session of Rediscovery – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    I don’t believe this session write-up needs an introduction as Mousey has written a suitable one himself.  So I will hand you straight over to my ‘rediscovered’ slave:

    A session of rediscovery.

    My latest visit to the House of Deelight comes after many rocky months for me in the real world and the belief that I had completely lost my submission because of it. Despite Mistress telling me it was still there and always would be I just couldn’t see it. Once again as always Mistress was correct and drew it out of me with a session that took me deeper into subspace than I have ever been previously. I don’t know if my write-up below will do it justice because it was a very cerebral experience.

    I think it would be correct to start my write-up by rewinding a few weeks to the beginning of January. Over the new year weekend and as well as the exchange of pleasantries Mistress sent me a ‘write for me’ task. The task was to write the following “My name is Slave Sissy Mouse. Though I feel I have lost my submissive side, my mistress knows that it is still within me.” This was to be done whilst Mistress had restored pc time limits (as well as removing access to twitter and all adult content) just after Christmas. My pc allowance at the time was an hour of access then an hour locked out. I also knew that I would constantly make mistakes by mistyping or missing a word, which then adds extra lines. My first attempt tried my patience so much that I had to walk away and mutter to myself ‘this isn’t bringing my submission back’. A little later I tried attempt number 2, now because I didn’t want it to beat me. Once again, I had to walk away and the same with attempt 3. The following day I noticed my pc time limits were lifted and I had access until 10pm. This time I was determined to complete it and after sitting at my pc for 1hr 23 mins I had completed it. At the end, there was a message from Mistress congratulating me on finishing the task and to edge myself 3 times that day. It also informed me that I had a mere 25 lines to write but with my mistakes I had written 98. I messaged Mistress to inform her that I had finally done it and this is when Mistress told me that she had noticed I had failed on 3 occasions and had tweaked things to ensure I completed it. I duly thanked Mistress for assisting me and for my edges which to be honest were very mechanical and a struggle.

    The following Tuesday was meant to be our first session of the year. I message Mistress to confirm our time and to my surprise received a telephone call from her around an hour later. Mistress informed me that she couldn’t make our session and had rung me to rearrange which we duly did for the following Wednesday. This was a blessing in disguise, I really didn’t feel up for a session and was going mainly to present Mistress with her belated Christmas gift that I didn’t get to give her before Christmas because I had to cancel another session due to ill health. Mistress did text me after the call to say that she felt that I was very matter of fact on the phone and not the usual submissive mousey that she expected. I of course apologised but also pointed out I did say I was not feeling submissive. Mistress replied with “I will find it”.

    On the Saturday I turned my pc on to find Mistress had visited and left me a screensaver of a slave all tied up and a Mistress looking like she was treating him quite harshly, the kind of thing I love. Mistress had also installed Qustodio which is another parental control program. I didn’t realise this at first and wondered why everything I tried to look at on the web either didn’t load of took ages. I just turned my pc off and walked away. This in turn led me to forget my place completely and on Monday sending Mistress a message to hope she had a nice weekend and that mine was spent being annoyed with Qustodio and if she would remove it that would be great. Did you spot the mistake?

    Mistress’s reply later was the following “Thank you for taking the time out to apply tighter controls on my pc, but do you think you could do something different because I’m really struggling with it, Mistress” I looked at the message and thought I didn’t say that and replied with that. To which Mistress’s reply was a to the point “Exactly” and repeated my message back to me. This is when the penny dropped that I have gone way past the line and I had better scramble back over it quickly. The last thing I ever want to do is disrespect Mistress and her dominance and that was exactly what I had just done. I apologised to Mistress and assured her that my attitude would change there and now and that I would arrive on Wednesday with a suitable submissive attitude.

    Finally, Wednesday arrives and I message Mistress to check everything is ok her end for our session. Mistress confirms it is and I get myself ready for my trip to Newport. The first thing was to load Mistress’s Christmas present in the car so I don’t forget it and wait for the clock to tick around. Today is slightly earlier start at 11am so much less waiting. I head off just after 10am and arrive with plenty of time and look at my phone to see a message from Mistress asking me to purchase some lighter gas. I go into Tesco and they don’t sell it so head to the garage near to the HOD no luck there either. I call Mistress to inform her I have failed and she tells me to just buy a couple of disposable lighters instead. I do this and arrive at the HOD and I am met by Mistress looking fabulous as always, this time in a shiny black latex dress. I present to Mistress her present, place the usual supplies that I bring in the kitchen and return. Mistress kindly compliments me on how nicely wrapped her present is and informs me to go upstairs, undress and return. When I return, Mistress is wearing her Christmas gift, Leather thigh boots and instructs me to take a few pictures and then allows me the honour of worshipping them. The smell of the fresh leather is divine even more so when they are covering Mistress’s gorgeous legs and feet. After a few minutes, Mistress informs me to stop and follow her into the dungeon room and pulls out the wooden chair and invites me to sit on it.

    Once I am sat comfortably Mistress starts to seal me in as it were. Blindfold, hands and legs tied to the chair and then a ball gag. I realise I am a simple creature because there is nothing I like better than to be tied up, blindfolded and gagged. Today this seemed (after everything that has been happening in my real life) just perfect. Once I was suitable confined in the chair Mistress informs me that she is expecting a visitor and leaves a long enough pause to make me wonder what sort of visitor. Mistress eventually informs me that another of her regular devotees is dropping off a new coat for her. Mistress knows me and knows that I would have no issue with this, in fact I produces a stirring to confirm I would enjoy someone seeing me in my predicament. Mistress doesn’t fail to pick this up and teases me somewhat about that. Mistress then checks my circulation is ok and then goes in the other room and leaves me with some soothing music. What I realise once Mistress has gone is my mind has switched off. I feel completely relaxed, being bound and gagged has released me from everything and I am enjoying the music nicely relaxing when Mistress enters the room and without a word ‘splosh’ throws cold water over me and leaves. I’m left reeling from the shock and trying to clear it from my nose and then sit there as the cold water slowly trickles down over me! A little while later the front door opens and in walks Mistress’s visitor, no mention is made about me and they both go into the other room and shut the door. I have no idea what is being said (neither do I want to, it’s none of my business) and continue to listen to the music and enjoy my escapism. Suddenly something most strange comes over me, I feel myself descending into an almost hypnotic state and this rush of relaxation washes over me and I just sit there enjoying being in the moment and nothing else matters. After a while the door opens and Mistress says goodbye to her visitor, locks the door and on the way back past checks everything is ok with my circulation. I go back to enjoying my dark and pleasant world when suddenly out of nowhere comes another cascade of water over me. Mistress had snuck into the room without a sound and had been just sitting to my right not making a sound until depositing the water and then asks “Do you feel like you are being watched?”.

    The rest of the session is a bit of a blur, the main reason is Mistress truly spoilt me with the things I enjoy the most so I will just let you know what happened but I can’t remember the order.

    Mistress removed my gag and then proceeded to light a cigarette and remind me what an honour it is for me to be her ashtray, whilst slapping my face, Mistress also commented that my demeanor had changed from when I had arrived and that I was sounding much more like submissive mousey. Mistress said something that amused me and her actions really surprised me because she slapped my face and told me she wasn’t there to amuse me. Slowly the ash was flicked into my mouth until the time had come for Mistress to extinguish her finished cigarette on my tongue. This time, Mistress told me to open wide and spat in my mouth she then proceeded to dab the cigarette around my tongue ensuring it burnt all of it and then popped in the butt and told me to chew. I did as instructed and then Mistress offered me a drink to help it down, I was expecting water but it didn’t taste like water and was slightly warm. Mistress was bestowing me the honour of drinking her champagne, Mistress enquired how it tasted? my reply was “divine Mistress”. Of course, it’s divine it’s from your goddess! I have no idea how much I had drunk but it helped the cigarette butt slide down.

    I then sit there in complete silence awaiting what is coming next (this is where it all goes fuzzy so I am not sure what came next). The all so familiar sound of the vibrating wand starts up and Mistress goes to work teasing me and telling me very firmly that I was not permitted to cum. Over the next however long, Mistress teased me with the wand and her hand getting me close to orgasm many times and whilst doing so extracting information out of me. Information that she could use to humiliate me and the information I gave her was used to humiliate and degrade me there and then. I have never squirmed so much with what Mistress got me to repeat. Even writing this I can’t even bring myself to reveal what it was.

    What this did make me realise is that when Mistress teases and strokes my poor excuse for a cock she has such power over me, because only Mistress can make me so aroused which in turn makes me weak and compliant. Only Mistress can hurt, humiliate, degrade and arouse me. She knows me better than I do, she can press the buttons like no one else can.
    Once Mistress had decided she had teased me enough. She left me to sit and contemplate what had just happened. All I could do is drop my head in shame and marvel at the sheer brilliance of Mistress and her craft. Taking me from someone who didn’t feel submissive to this shaking, adrenaline charged deep submissive state.

    Oh, and amongst all the above there were nipple clamps and nipple pain but I have no idea where to add them in. Only to add that my tolerance to nipple pain is not what it used to be.

    As always, I would like to thank Mistress for my session and taking me on such a journey within a 3-hour time frame. The way Mistress executes her skill and dominance always leaves me breathless even if sometimes when my head is filled with real world stuff I may forget it.

  • My Shiny New Pet Puppy

    Puppy Play at the House of Deelight, South Wales

    My new Sissy pet Puppy had bought me a gift, a new latex catsuit but it needed shining…20161109_091443661_iosBefore it could be shined, my pet was made to dress, covering my property in frills and bells…. 20161109_093439269_iosThe full suit, sissy catsuit, puppy ears and a gag were ordered…. 20161109_094116607_iosOnce my latex was shined I wanted photo’s of it along with my new killer heels…… 20161109_095000134_ios 20161109_095013994_ios 20161109_095040940_iosThe puppy was caged before its training commenced……. 20161109_100014459_iosPuppy played fetch and received an insufferable amount of teasing….. 20161109_100544619_ios 20161109_100550403_ios 20161109_100558085_iosThe ultimate humiliation… it was to empty its special lunch into his dog bowl…. 20161109_102258585_ios 20161109_102304017_iosBefore gobbling it all up… nom nom! 20161109_102539055_ios

  • Slave Fuzzy – Mistress Controlled Exercise and Weight Loss

    Professional Mistress, South Wales – Weight Loss and Fitness by Reward and Punishment.

    Slave Fuzzy has been visiting me for just over a year.  He first came to me with the request to lose weight under my control, using reward and punishment as motivation.  In that time, my pet has lost a huge amount of weight whilst gaining a fitter, healthier body and more self-confidence.  As with all my regulars, I have asked him to write for me….


    I was just over a year ago I went looking for a new Mistress, having been badly let down on a number of occasions by a previous Dom it was time to find something new. After much Internet browsing I came across the Website of Mistress Delight and after making an initial enquiry about the possibility of a corporal punishment session, I was delighted to receive a quick response and was soon booked in. Whilst this post is not to dwell on that particular session I will say it was a great success, limits were tested and plans were made.

    I was now under the delightful spell of my new mistress and left that first session promising to book in again soon stick to my newly set fitness and weight targets, I was a happy slave. However, things didn’t pan out quite that way and I will offer no excuses here. I didn’t motivate myself to get things done and therefore would suffer the consequences, see mistress blog post on February 5th 2016 “Spanking Motivation” for more on that. Leaving that session I felt terrible, I had not kept my word to Mistress and had let myself down, the words “Must Do Better” were ringing in my head as well as Mistress’s Batman Paddle and Big Bastard strap.

    So what has happened well today, that is 19th of November, I have once again visited the house of delight and the results are in. The stone and a half I gained in the six months I was away is now gone, as anyone who has tried to lose weight will tell you putting it on is simple, taking it off well that is hard. However, thanks to a lot of self-determination and the promise of reward or punishment sessions (both punishment and reward sessions have been indulged between February and now) from Mistress have been a huge motivator to get my, pardon the pun ass moving.

    So today’s session, although my joy was almost turned to disappointment when Mistress’s scales read 4lbs heavier than mine had that morning, Mistress decreed I have in fact done very well and she was pleased and therefore I could have a reward today but I was to also face some punishment due to a lot of cancelled appointments (I did show Mistress photographic evidence of my scales as well, to help my case). Very soon I was naked, strapped to Mistress’s bench and receiving 120 hard smacks with my new solid wooden hairbrush on my bare bum. This was the punishment part, the reward well that is between myself and Mistress but suffice to say it was worth it.

    So to conclude, if you want to get fit and lose weight this is a great way to do it. The promise of a lovely reward or a very harsh punishment (these are at Mistress’s discretion) are enough now to keep me going. There is still more to do, more weight to lose more targets to hit and I am sure there will be more rewards and punishments in the future but those will be stories for another time.

    Thank you Mistress for your help and support, I recommend this program to anyone who is trying to get in shape

  • Sissy Jenny – a Developing Sissy

    Sissy Slut Training, South Wales and South West

    I’ve had a slave visiting me for a while now, having sessions on and off.  He came to me as a complete Novice, and as you all know, I do love to groom my newbies.  I like to experiment with all the different fetishes in order to help them discover the activities they love.  In some cases, when the slave has no idea where to start, I tread carefully and cover the basics before starting to really push limits.  I don’t have any photo’s for this particular session but I did ask my flourishing sub to start writing an account of his session which will follow.  I like to encourage my regulars to write for me because it helps them to relive their experiences whilst helping to strengthen the bond between Domme and Sub.

    Introducing Sissy Jenny.  I hope you will all welcome my emerging pet and enjoy his revelations.


    The other Friday was either my fifth or sixth visit to the HOD. You would think it is easy to keep count, but with such a mind-bending experience on offer within those four walls, it isn’t. As a complete newbie back in May 2015, I had no idea that a mere 18-odd months later I’d be in the early stages of becoming Mistress’ latest feminized sub.

    In my five/six visits I have experienced sensory, deprivation, caging and being subjected to some incredible ruined orgasms by Mistress. This all remains a surreal element outside of my life outside of mistress’ chambers. But recently a passing mention to ‘dress up’ (something I never thought I would do) was written in an email by me and seized upon by Mistress.

    So, in my last two visits to the HOD I have tasted the touch of tights, stockings, suspenders and a little French Maid number. I’ve been forced to courtesy, twirl and shine mistresses’ amazing, body smothering Latex with Autoglym. The best and worst thing about all this is how comfortable and arousing the garments feel.

    My recent visit saw the addition of a blonde wig, but my 5 o’clock shadow put paid to any make up. Mistress informed me that during my next visit I must be clear shaven. She also made it clear that wouldn’t be the only shaving that would take place…

    In my mind, the mind of a novice to the world of BDSM, generally submitting to being naked and at the mercy of a powerful and beautiful woman as well as my new way of dressing seemed to be enough of a learning curve.

    …but then came the electrics.

    In two sessions, feminized and ‘hooked up to the grid’ Mistress expertly introduced me to the incredible painful…then explosive feeling of electrical charges being fired into my cock and balls. The whole thing, even now over a week later, leaves me dazed and distracted. Mistress is a perfect and most stunning guide.

    After I’d regained my senses, and before driving home she outlined that next I would be put to work and as well as being a fully made up, heeled slut, and trained to take her strap on…

    Once I can take her length at her will, she also made it clear that chastity won’t be far away…

    No going back now…

    Sissy Jenny

  • Worship my Latex

    It is your dream, your fantasy to kneel before a latex clad Goddess of supreme power who oozes domination. You crave to have the privilege of shining the latex that clings to every curve of my delicious body. You would love nothing more that to be able to kiss every inch of my latex catsuit while to envelopes my beautiful female form.  To book your latex worship session 

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.

    I am currently taking bookings for w/c 28th November onwards.



  • One Commander, Two Hypnobots and Three Trenchcoats

    You will all be familiar with my obedient and loyal, subservient human robots; the Hypnobots. It was of great satisfaction to me to have them both serve me once more and it had indeed been too long since they had, though the reasons couldn’t be helped.  During the time in between their last position of service and this one, I sent my male Hypnobot on a mission to acquire a new trench coat for myself and for the female Hypnobot, both of which he was to present to me on completion of his mission so that both myself, the Commander and the female Hypnobot (HB2) could wear them at the beginning of our next meeting.  With both my Hypnobots in their suits, polished shoes and trench coats, standing before myself in my own beautiful Coat and RAF uniform, it was a sight to behold.  It is the golden rule that in the Hypnobot realm, all parties are immaculately presented and that service is performed to military standards.

    Once we had photographed the wonderful and powerful vision of the members of our elite establishment I set about reinforcing the hypnotic programming of my two servants both at the same time.  To have both of my hypnobots in a deep, motionless trance right before me, gave me a feeling of great power and total control.

    Trenchcoat Fetish


    Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish


    gold button fetish


    FEMALE HYPNOBOTS SUIT BUTTONS….smart suit fetish


    button fetish


    polished shoe fetish

    Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish

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  • Mousey, Speedy and a Double Domme Surprise!

    My very good friend Mistress R’eal and I were discussing our most devoted pets one day when we came up with the genius idea of giving them both a surprise double Domme session.  We arranged the date with our slaves as if each respective slave was coming to see their Mistress for a normal session.  We cleverly devised a cunning plan to ensure that neither slave would know the other was there nor would either slave be aware that another Mistress was there until just the right moment. Each stage of our plan was masterfully delivered with skill because both myself and Mistress R’eal know our slaves so well and also work in great harmony together.  The day could not have gone any better!  I instructed Mousey to write a full account of the session from his point of view……..


    Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal an evil genius duo.

    My latest visit to the HOD brought about a session that I most certainly never expected and I am most grateful to Mistress for all the planning that went into it. I would also like to add that I may have missed some things out due to the intense nature of the session.

    I arrive at my allotted time to be met by Mistress just the other side of the door looking fabulous in her lovely Pandora deluxe latex outfit, holding a cane and a manner that said she wasn’t in the mood for chit chat. This immediately turned me into my usual bumbling self as Mistress instructed me to strip and I almost fell over trying to get my shoes off. Once I had safely managed to present myself naked to Mistress and inform her of what I had brought with me, Mistress immediately informed me crawl up the stairs behind her making a squeaking noise (which sounded more like a pig than a mouse) and this caused Mistress to pause turn around and ask “What the fuck was that?” Once I got my squeaking right I continued to crawl up the stairs and into the bathroom. Mistress had today already removed the bathmat so I could enjoy the chilly floor of the bathroom and today provided me with some very nice classical music to listen to whilst chained to the toilet. As Mistress was fitting the mitts to my hands I realised that I had not complimented her on how delightfully shiny she looked today. Mistress responded with “Compliments won’t save you today mousey” and once finished with the mitts began fitting the bandage that forms a very effective blindfold. I quipped that Mistress didn’t look very shiny now. Mistress went to great lengths to ensure that I was completely blinded and could not see anything, she then helped me onto the floor and attached my wrists to the chain around the toilet. Mistress before leaving said that she wanted me in a very good headspace and relaxed before the session that she had planned whilst grinding her boot into my cock. This took me back to my message earlier in the day that Mistress had sent saying “boy oh boy have I got a session planned for you”. Mistress closed and locked the bathroom door and turned up the music a little more and there I lay for some time enjoying the music. A little while later the door opened and Mistress walked in and proceeded to crop my nipples and balls. Because I couldn’t see anything it seemed much harder than normal but I guessed that was how today was going to be. A short while later Mistress returned and fitted a bit gag in my mouth and then started to dig the heels of her boots into me, again seeming harder than she had ever done before and once again left. I was left to enjoy the music once again (which now seemed louder) and the garage across the road trying to get something to move on a car with a very big hammer.

    20161104_124000038_ios 20161104_124011869_ios 20161104_124035131_ios

    When Mistress returned the next time, she removed my blindfold and because it was so effective it took me a while to readjust my eyes and when they did I had a massive shock for stood in the landing was a very stern looking Mistress R’eal and attached to the bannister was a slightly worried looking slave speedy. As I didn’t get my mouth and brain in gear my gagged mouth let out “oh shit”. I had heard nothing as to what was going on. Mistress then came back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet above me removed the gag and explained that Mistress R’eal had been there all along and that it was Mistress R’eal that had gagged me, ground her heels into me and cropped my balls. (This explains the different feeling). I was shaking inside as Mistress explained all this and it also emerged that speedy had no idea that Miss Deelight or me were going to be at his session and it was Mistress that had tied him to the bannister not Mistress R’eal. Apparently both Mistress’s had been planning this for weeks and because neither myself or speedy had recognised that it wasn’t our relevant Mistress’s doing things to us we were going to be punished. Both Mistress’s pointed out that we had better not let either of them down, there would be no talking without permission and with that left us attached to consider our fates. Once downstairs all I could hear was the sound of both Mistress’s laughing at the success of their cunning plan. Both me and speedy remained very tight lipped not wanting to add further to what was about to come our way. All I could do was lie there and shake in fear thinking “Oh fuck”.

    When both Mistress’s had composed themselves the inevitable sound of determined heels returned up the stairs where we were both released from our bonds and both instructed to wait on our hands and knees in the bathroom as our punishment was explained to us. This was quite simple one slave would choose an implement and an amount that the other slave was going to receive and vice versa. To avoid any slave comradery the Mistress would give the choosing slave the choice of implement and the number of strokes. We were both then instructed to crawl down the stairs backwards pausing for photos and then kneel in front of the whipping bench.


    Too choose who went first it was heads or tails. (I chose Heads and lost) Speedy was then placed in the cage and I had to kneel in front of him and look each other in the eye whilst he chose between a nasty looking double strand whip, a cane or a wooden paddle. I looked up at speedy in a pleading way and he chose the cane for me (a few months ago the thought of taking the cane cold would have scared me but now I was very happy with his choice. Well done Speedy). Then it was a choice of strikes either 6,12 or 18. This would be administered by both Mistress’s so in effect 12,24 or 36. Speedy chose 12 which was kind. So, over the bench for Mistress to administer the first set and I had to thank speedy for each one. I struggled with the first 4 but after that I got my head around it and the 12 were duly delivered.

    20161104_125738840_iosThen came the hard bit the next set delivered by Mistress R’eal (I don’t want to take anything away from Mistress but Mistress R’eal wielding a cane scares me) First blow and this time I had to count back from 12 and thank speedy. The 12 were duly delivered and fortunately I didn’t lose count.

    It was then my turn to stand in the cage and chose for speedy. Mistress R’eal didn’t give me as much of a choice it was either the Senior Dragon cane or a thin stingy cane (I feel very lucky Mistress didn’t offer that up for me), I chose the Senior Dragon. Then the choice was either 18 or 24 so I chose the least I could 18 and then stood back and watched as each Mistress metered out speedy’s allocation, it was also interesting to watch the different techniques used by both Mistress’s and explains why the sensation on the bum feels different.

    20161104_131039026_ios 20161104_131046473_ios-editOnce it was over I was released from the cage and speedy was released from the bench and we were both instructed to kneel to hear our next activity. I would also like to mention that throughout the time I was constantly told off for having a smile or smirk on my face, this was more nervous hysteria than disrespect and I just want to laugh at the hopeless situation I am in. No matter how much the pain is or how horrible the humiliation I just want to laugh as this is my way of dealing with it. This can however look like I am making light of the situation but I am not.


    Our next challenge was a nipple clamp tug of war. Both of our hands were tied behind our backs and our respective Mistress’s attached nipple clamps crisscrossed between our nipples. We were then told to tension them for a picture and then instructed to walk sideways into the other room do a 360 degree turn and then walk back for the final tug. Luckily for me Mistress attached them to my nipples and not behind them and once the tug happened whilst not exactly without pain they do slide off much easier leaving speedy with them still attached to his nipples.


    The next challenge which is boot licking, the only boot licking I have done is mud off of Mistress’s boots in a wet muddy field nearly two years ago. Mistress R’eal had just won an award for one of her boot licking films and speedy was the boot licker. I get off to a bad start because I am kissing not licking but to be fair this is only the second time I’ve licked Mistress’s boots and I’m already very nervous and probably do a rubbish job and as Mistress said at the time she doesn’t want me and my germs that near to her. We then swap Mistress’s and of course speedy does the best job and to be fair boot licking isn’t really my thing (being kicked in the balls and trampled by then is).20161104_133554636_ios

    Both Mistress decide that both our bums are not red enough and decide to now give us a paddling so with speedy on the cross and me on the bench aided by some music playing at a fast beat we both get 6 each in quick succession and then the Mistress’s swap over. I have no idea how many sets there were but each set hurt and there was no let up until the song finished. It was a long 3 or 4 minutes that’s for sure and nothing gentle about it. Once it was over we were both instructed to crawl back upstairs grab a towel each and place them on the bondage bed and kneel waiting either side. 20161104_134700393_ios 20161104_134642850_ios

    It was probably only a few minutes until that thump of boots on the stairs signalled more doom. Speedy was attached at one end of the bed and me the other with us both very close to each other in certain areas. Mistress then produced 2 sets of scissor clamps one set on my balls and one set on speedy’s and joined them with rope. Mistress R’eal thought we weren’t making enough noise until Mistress pointed out that she hadn’t clamped them tight yet. With the inevitable click that immediately got us both squirming both Mistress’s were happy and then Mistress R’eal very kindly lit a candle but not to enhance the mood but to dribble over our (slightly to close to each other) cock and balls. Because we were both coping with it quite well both Mistress’s upped the pain level until we were both squirming around and both Mistress’s thought it would be amusing if we then started calling out each other’s names as if in the throes of passion. With the candle wax dripping, almost none stop it certainly had some effect. I’m not sure if the candle ran out but finally it stopped and both Mistress’s retreated downstairs and left us to ‘enjoy’ being so close to each other.

    20161104_135118280_ios 20161104_135049130_ios

    When both Mistress’s returned a little while later dressed in normal clothes and announced we were going out I had a bit of a panic. We were released from the bed and instructed to get dressed. I needed the toilet and Mistress told me to be quick or hold it in. Try as I might the nerves prevented me from going and I had a bit of a panic about what was coming next and didn’t want to leave the bathroom. Mistress shouting up the stairs to get on with it made me give up and go downstairs. Mistress then produced 3 cable ties, put one around speedy’s right wrist and one around my left wrist and then joined them both together.

    20161104_140838790_ios We were then informed we were going for a walk and told to head out the door and head in the same direction I had trodden only weeks before. Luckily it was a Friday and it was much quieter today. When we caught up with both Mistress’s who had taken a shorter route speedy and I were told to hold hands and walk down the road. I find it amazing that we walked past quite a few people and no one gave us a second look. We just kept on walking and heard a whistle and looked around to be beckoned back, we turn around still holding hands and then I decide it would be fun to skip past the Mistress’s holding hands. Speedy however didn’t think this was a good idea but I was off and he had to follow. He of course was proved correct because as we merrily skipped past both Mistress’s, Mistress R’eal pointed out that we seemed to be enjoying it too much. As we walked back to the HOD speedy said “I told you it wasn’t a good idea, don’t give Mistress R’eal any reason to make it harder” too late it was done and we returned safely to the HOD and cut free from our ties. Speedy went off for an orgasm and I got another 12 of the cane from Mistress (It may seem strange but the cane brings me greater enjoyment than an orgasm). It was funny to hear Mistress R’eal telling speedy that whilst he was getting relief I was having more pain and with that I could hear speedy moaning not in pleasure but pain.

    I was then instructed to help tidy up whilst speedy had a shower and then it was great to all have a laugh about the events and how much planning and skulduggery had gone on between both Mistress’s, including hiding Mistress R’eal’s car so I had no idea she was there. Mistress R’eal did warn me that I should be careful about enjoying things too much in her company and to be sure that both Mistress’s will be plotting something much worse if or when there is a next time (GULP).

    I would like as ever to thank Mistress and Mistress R’eal for their planning and execution (pun intended) of the day and going about it with great vigour. I would also like to thank Slave Speedy for enjoying the torment as much as I did.

  • The Wife’s Shoes

    I had an interesting session of shoe worship and trampling with my new slave, Awkward.  He brought along several pairs of his wife’s shoes and a pair of her boots. So I proceeded to tie him up, force him to worship them, then I teased and trampled him before taking his car for a spin (and smoking in it) while he remained restrained to the coffee table in my chambers!

    20161101_191559042_ios 20161101_194721321_ios 20161101_194845794_ios 20161101_195001933_ios 20161101_195504667_ios 20161101_200125736_iosTo book a session:

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.

  • Paris – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    2 Weeks ago I had an hilarious session with Slave Sissy Mouse, following on from a session with my inflatable slave, Huw.  Huw wasn’t able to take his inflatable toys with his so I put them to use with my bumbling devoted slave which ended up being a double Domme session with a difference……. pink-latex-dress

    Paris, the gift that keeps giving.

    My latest visit to Mistress was for a very unexpected and much-needed CP session, it also turned into one of those day of days with fun and laughter enjoyed by Mistress and myself and still coming away with a sore bum. I doubt I can put into words the absolute joy of the session, it was one of those you had to be there sort of sessions.

    I arrive and park up the road from the HOD with just a few minutes to spare due to the motorway being busy and thus negotiating my way through the side streets of Newport ensured at least I arrived just in time. I go through the door at my allotted time to be met by Mistress sat on her throne, busy on her phone looking fabulous as ever (luckily not wearing her new latex this time because that would make me a bumbling mess). I unload my usual offerings in the kitchen so not to disturb Mistress. Mistress immediately asks why I have not immediately crawled to her to present my tribute? I do this straight away (whilst still wearing my normal clothes) and apologise because I thought she was busy and didn’t want to disturb her. Mistress takes the money from my lips and starts to count it and this always makes me nervous that it’s all there. Luckily all present and correct and Mistress informs me that her last session ran late and she has not had time for a power nap and might just lock me in the bathroom and use my time to have a siesta. My reply is what Mistress chooses to do in our sessions is down to her (although I was looking forward to a caning but I am not in charge). Mistress then offers me her boots to kiss and whilst I am kissing them tells me that they have been rubbing against 2 cocks today and how lucky I am to get to worship them after. Once Mistress decides I have kissed them enough she tells me to strip and crawl behind her upstairs to the bathroom/mousey cage. Mistress tells me to go into the bathroom and roll up the bathmat because some ‘helpful person’ pointed out to Mistress that the last time I was lying on the bathroom floor I looked too comfortable on the mat. Whoever that was I hope you get the joy of lying on that cold floor one day soon! Mistress tells me to lie on my back and locks the fist mitts she has placed over my hands to the chain around the toilet, once she has done this Mistress informs me that I am going to have some company today. This induced a slight sphincter tightening moment as I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Mistress leaves the bathroom and returns with something I recognise Paris the inflatable doll along with an inflatable elephant. Mistress places Paris over my groin and the elephant on my chest, leaves once again and now returns with an inflatable banana, beach ball and ring. Mistress’s previous session was with Slave Hugh and Mistress thought I should be introduced to the wonders of an inflatable fetish. Just before Mistress leaves she also informs me that they have been used and abused so I could feel suitably degraded and reminded me that even inflatable toys are above me in the House of Deelight. So, there I lie looking up at Paris and her friends hoping nothing is going to dribble on me whilst trying to think up a catchy title for my write up. A short time later Mistress returns and takes a picture (see twitter) and makes sure I am not trying to have sloppy seconds Paris. Mistress leaves once again and I can hear her stomping around downstairs moving things about and whooshing canes. Mistress returns sometime later as is disappointed that I couldn’t smell her lunch that she had cooked and removes my inflatable friends to the bath and unties me.

    This then begins the next stage of the session. Mistress reminds me that my message to her stated that I would very much like a caning and nothing else so that is what I will be getting. Since our last CP session when I experienced my first ever cold caning I am hooked, the challenge of dealing with it at the beginning is massive but once into it the place it takes me is indescribable. Mistress tells me she will only cane me if I beg her convincingly which I try to do but I just sound pathetic and just makes me burst out laughing at the futility of my situation. Mistress then gives me a scenario which works, which was if I don’t beg her convincingly the next time she public humiliates me it will be with me naked (I don’t want to do that or get a criminal record for public indecency) my begging was very much from the heart. Mistress then tells me that she will cane me today anywhere she chooses and with any cane she chooses in blocks of 12 and then after each block I will sit on the floor for 5 minutes and at the end I must tell Mistress how many sets and how many strokes in total and she has decided that if I get the total number of stokes and sets wrong at the end I will be taking Paris home fully inflated in the passenger seat of my car. I explain to Mistress that I have parked a long way up the road because there were no spaces close by. Even more humiliating for you then slave says Mistress! Mistress then sends me downstairs to the lie over the whipping bench and wait. The wait and the anticipation makes me very nervous. Mistress comes down the stairs with her an almost operatic entrance stomp puts some music on and tells me that she has put her entire music playlist on random so she could cane me to anything today and begins. The first 4 strokes of the can are unbearable and I think (as I always do) I can’t do this but I then remember I only must endure another 8 and this makes me relax into it. Once the first 12 are done Mistress takes a picture of her work and tells me to sit on the floor. Slightly painful but not too bad, it sit almost like a naughty school boy on the floor not daring to look up and just have the sight of Mistress walking up and down. Then Madness and the House of fun comes on and I start to do the madness dance whilst still sat down and this starts the whole fun and games of the rest of the session. Once the 5 minutes is up its back on the bench for another 12 and because of the gap I struggle again, more so this time because I suddenly need the toilet. Once completed I sit back on the floor and almost feel like I should raise my hand and ask Mistress if I can use the toilet. Mistress I convinced I am trying to get out of the caning (I wasn’t I was just busting for a pee) Mistress grants me permission and I must kiss her boots before I can go to the bathroom with the words ‘stay in the head space mousey don’t go into your bumbling self’ as I head upstairs. I duly return, thank Mistress for my bathroom break and sit back down on the floor. Once again its back on the bench for the next 12. Once finished Mistress tells me to go in the other room and sit on the floor. Mistress sits on her throne and we have a chat about this and that which allows me more than 5 minutes. Mistress is no fool and realises this and tells me to get up immediately and bend over the desk. This is a first for me I have never been caned bending over anything and wonder how I will cope. The next 12 are delivered with slight struggling from me and I sit back down again. The sitting down on a cold floor is quite soothing but it’s the getting off the floor that is now much more painful. I also admit to Mistress that I find the whole inflatable doll thing very humiliating which of course Mistress had guessed that and that was why she was doing it. For the next 12 Mistress tells me to stand at the cross but because there is not enough room for a swing the 12 are quite gentle. This time Mistress tells me to get the wooden chair and sit on that, Mistress then very kindly pushes on my shoulders just to help me enjoy my ever-increasing sore bum. For the next 12 Mistress tells me to stand in the door way and put my feet to each side with my hands up. This is when it goes wrong because I feel a bit light-headed and lose count. You may remember from previous sessions when I lose count Mistress starts again luckily we are only at 9. Mistress tells me to put my feet together and bring my arms down and makes sure I am feeling ok before starting again. I manage to count to 12 this time and Mistress tells me to sit on the floor and goes upstairs to use the bathroom. When Mistress returns, she is carrying Paris and tells me that Paris was wondering what was going on. Mistress then says she is thinking I should clean out Paris after her recent seeing too, I can only shudder and once again start laughing at the horror of it. Mistress then starts putting on a squeaky voice holding up Paris saying mousey take me up the bum. I forget my place slightly in the stupidity and say “that’s so not for me” and Mistress very firmly says “If I say you will take Paris up the bum you will” Yes Mistress sorry was my immediate reply. Mistress then reminds me that even an inflatable woman is still above me. It’s then back on the bench for the next 12 and Mistress places Paris in front of me so she can watch. Once the 12 is over Mistress tells me to sit on the chair and hands me Paris to cuddle and whilst cuddling her tells me to put a finger up her bum. Mistress then returns with her phone and takes a lovely ‘leverage’ photo of the happy couple and shows me it. I don’t know if it was the humiliation of cuddling a blow-up doll or the word leverage but at that moment I was very aroused! Once that 5 minutes is up its back on the bench and this time Mistress puts Paris in front of me once again and tells me to hold her hand for support. This stupidity of this makes us both laugh so much that Mistress starts to get neck and jaw ache and me waving goodbye to any chance of sub space (I really wish I could put into words how much laughter there was from our session) the next 12 duly delivered and Mistress props Paris at the bottom of the stairs and I sit back on the chair (now getting very uncomfortable) and I am met with the sight of a cane draped over one of Paris’s arms and Mistress standing the other side giving me the view of a most unusual double domme session and me asking Mistress if I need to give Paris a £100 for her participation? (cue more laughter). Mistress tells me to go back on the bench for what will be the last set and with the 12 duly delivered asks me how many sets and strokes. I reply 10 sets and 120 strokes plus the failed set and 9 strokes so a total of 129. Mistress asks me again if this is my answer and I say yes. Mistress of course has a different amount and of course Mistress is correct so I now face the prospect of carrying Paris out of the HOD and a long way up the road. As I count them now I can see it was 9 full sets so 108 strokes plus the 9 so a total of 117!! Mousey still bumbling!

    After the final set Mistress tells me to clean the whipping bench of my filth and get dressed. I duly do so and wash up Mistress’s lunch dishes and contemplate the thought of taking Paris home. When Mistress returns after changing into her normal clothes she informs me I must take Paris home but I can deflate her because she has thought of a task for me (all will be revealed soon). With the then arrival of Mistress R’eal to be informed of the mayhem of our session. I load Mistress’s car with her bags and say my goodbyes to both Mistress’s and return to the real world with an inflatable doll stuffed into a carrier bag.

    As always I would like to say a massive thank you to Mistress for another great session. Her imagination makes every session so different even if the theme is the same. Words will never be able to describe the fun this session was and most definitely added to by the presence of Paris.

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.
  • Slave Chatterbox Punishment Session

    Slave Chatterbox, my inappropriately named new pet who doesn’t speak much, visited for his second session yesterday.  He had emailed me prior to it, offering me the full freedom (as if I didn’t already have it, lol) to push his boundaries and increase the play impact. He also stated that he may well be ‘playing with fire’.  Well he was and even though I exercised a degree of restraint I still made sure he was sent home with a lasting reminder.

    The session began with my annunciation of a game and its rules.

    The game would be as such:

    • Slave to choose 4 implements
    • Mistress to choose 4 implements
    • Implements laid out in a row in a different room
    • Slave to choose 4 numbers between 1-24, each number written on a piece of paper, folded and placed into a pot
    • Mistress to choose 4 numbers between 1-24, each number written on a piece of paper, folded and placed in a pot
    • Slave to pick a number between 1-8 corresponding to randomly sorted implements in said other room
    • Slave to choose a piece of paper from the pot in order to determine the number of strokes with the chosen implement


    My slave took his punishment well and I told him at the end of the session that he hasn’t even reached his limits yet.  I admittedly was softer than my usual full impact but this is about discovering limits that can be pushed.  The journey continues.  This is one of the reasons why, if you want to try corporal punishment, it is better to select the services of a professional dominatrix.  I have heard many a story about ‘girlfriend punishment’ where the practice isn’t understood and thus the outcome is severe and subsequently,  a turn off.  With a professional, you ‘should’ have your limits gauged and explored in a controlled, rather than frenzied, way.  With myself in charge, that is a guarantee.

    Slave Chatterbox had this to say in a post session email:

    They do say “be careful about what you wish for” and “if you play with fire your sure to get burnt”.

    Well in this case, I wasn’t very careful and got exactly what I asked for, plus a bit more; and while I didn’t exactly get burned, I definitely got a warm bum. 😳

    Thank you for today’s session, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I Was more nervous meeting you today, because knew that I was taking a potentially v painful risk, letting you choose how the session went, but you didn’t let me down and while I know you were relatively gentle with me this time, I know I’ll have something to remember you by for the next few days at least.

    It was really cruel of you (in a fiendish way 😉) to make me choose the implements and the number of strokes and I’m sure you managed to fiddle the numbers so that I ended up with 24 at the end, but even if you did, it was your game, your rules and your the boss, so I can hardly complain 😉

    I know next time you probably won’t be quite as gentle, but I’m sure I’ll try to do my best to please you.


  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 56

    Now that Slave Sissy Mouse is firmly back in the game, it was time for me to test out the Chastity Hypnosis from previous sessions.  Under hypnosis my slave has been conditioned to only feel arousal with certain triggers.  One of those triggers is that he would only be able to maintain an erection when permitted to do so. I also gave him a very special treat when he visited the House of Deelight for his session.  Read on!


    This week has seen Mistress turn the electronic thumb screws a few notches and take a little more control over me.

    On Sunday after wishing Mistress a nice day I was able to report that I had at last lost another pound in weight and as such Mistress confirmed I would be receiving an orgasm but I was to seek permission every day and Mistress would decide how and when I would be granted one. I went for my daily walk enjoying the still nice weather and Mistress informed me she would be going for a run. I’m not a runner, I think my early blogs will tell you that it nearly broke me trying. The walks are still bringing me a pleasant amount of exercise and brain cleansing.

    Monday arrives and my morning message to Mistress felt very strange because I have never asked Mistress for an orgasm. In the early days of visiting Mistress she would grant me a mind blowing orgasm but since October 2014 I have I think had about 2 or 3 orgasms granted whilst visiting Mistress. A few more as part of the distance control and a few unauthorised. The messaging Mistress and asking for one however was most odd. Mistress replied and asked me if it felt weird and odd to be forced to ask. I replied as I said above it just felt strange added to the kicking in of the chastity hypnosis which whilst I get aroused I no longer equate that to an orgasm and now I seem to have a mental block or even worse the fear of disappointing Mistress with an unauthorised orgasm doesn’t bear thinking about. A little later and after a message from Mistress simply saying ‘6 hours on twitter’ referring to the weekly report that Mistress receives about my online activity lead to the inevitable ‘You need to ask an adult if you can visit twitter’ now came up on my phone. I am now blocked from twitter until Mistress decides otherwise (so if you are reading this, follow me on twitter and think I have been quiet this is the reason). The worst however was yet to come because about an hour later I was waiting for a text message regarding something quite important and go to check my messages and that damn message came up again. Mistress had now blocked me from seeing my text messages. I had only just messaged Mistress to thank her for taking more control and would be waiting patiently for her to allow me access to twitter again when this happened. Mistress did find this funny and had no idea the button she pressed would block my messages and very kindly turned them back on. Mistress did however enjoy the thought of having another weapon to control me further. I messaged Mistress later to say I was very amused at what she had done and the look on my face would have been priceless to see. Mistress was most pleased with herself that she had performed an impeccably timed accident. I also had no pc time today locked out completely but I have to say Mistress had been very generous over the last few days and had granted me full days of access.

    Tuesday arrives and my message to Mistress was to wish her a nice day and her boyfriend a happy birthday. I once again had to request permission for an orgasm (still feels very odd). I had gone out for my walk but was waiting for some news so took my phone. During the walk Mistress sent me a message to say she was accessing my pc via TeamViewer to arrange an exchange on a pair of trainers I had purchased for her boyfriend. When I returned and tried to log into my pc I couldn’t use my pin. Mistress had changed it but luckily I remembered one of Slave Taquin’s blogs from many months ago when Mistress had changed his pin number. The number Mistress had used then was his chastity key safe code. I still have the last code on mine from many months ago when Mistress decided that normal chastity wasn’t for me. I put in the code and bingo it worked. So thank you Slave Taquin otherwise I would never have had any idea where to start. Mistress was very surprised that I had cracked the code after I messaged her to say “Nice try Mistress” and then informed her how I had done it. Probably won’t be so easy if there is a next time.

    On Wednesday my message to Mistress was replied to later in the day with instructions to edge myself twice with one of them being before bed. Mistress also informed me to remember a time when I was in her company and felt incredibly aroused and to use these thoughts with her permission to edge myself. I thanked Mistress and did the first one straight away. As you may have read previously with the chastity hypnosis I can get aroused but once I start stroking myself I lose my arousal however with Mistress giving me specific permission I stayed completely aroused and completed my edge with no loss of arousal. Following on from that my bedtime edge worked exactly the same with no loss of arousal although trying to sleep after an edge is never easy. Never during each edge was there any temptation to go further and orgasm.

    On Thursday I was so keen to inform Mistress of the edge success that I completely forgot my daily requirement to ask for an orgasm. Mistress replied that she was very pleased that the chastity hypnosis does seem to be working. I managed today to get a good long walk in as this was only the second one of the week. Later I sent my lunch picture to Mistress who was pleased that my sandwich intake has now halved and checking that I had changed to whole-wheat pasta, I confirmed I had and supplied a picture. Mistress replied with “Good boy” which always makes me smile because I imagine Mistress patting me on the head whilst looking at me with one of her mocking smiles.

    Friday and my message to Mistress was replied to with news that she had a busy day and I was to message her later to ask permission to cum. As I too had a busy day I managed to completely forget to do so.

    Saturday arrives and today I am seeing Mistress for a much missed and looked forward to session. It has been 6 weeks since our last session and a lot longer than that since I felt in the right place for our session. I message Mistress in the morning to confirm the time and that I will be turning up with diet coke and an utter subservient attitude. Mistress replies that she was pleased to hear it and to bring some bottled water. As always the time before a session always drags for me but today I filled some of the time with a walk which this week had not been so daily as this was only my third of the week. Finally, the time arrived for me to head to the HOD and luckily I left a little earlier than usual because the last 2 visits I had arrived late which was lucky because the traffic was rubbish. I arrive with my shopping request to be met by Mistress looking lovely as ever but in normal clothes which always makes me nervous because that might mean a trip out. Luckily that wasn’t the case but what was surprising today was the lack of chit chat. Mistress informed me to bring her my tribute in the correct manner (on all fours holding it in my mouth) I then laid the money out in front of Mistress’s feet but because I was really nervous I couldn’t lay the money out in a nice line and faffed about trying to sort it out. While I was doing this I noticed Mistress was wearing the trainers I had purchased from her wish list and commented that her new trainers looked nice, Mistress replied that once I had stopped faffing about I could worship them. Finally, I got the money laid out in a reasonable order and Mistress checks it and picks it up. This part always makes me nervous because I keep thinking did I count it correctly. Mistress then offers me her shiny new trainers to kiss and enquired if I had worshiped her trainers before, which I haven’t. After a few minutes Mistress tells me to stop before I infect her trainers with my filth and informs me to strip, kneel down and put my hands on my head and wait for further instructions. Mistress goes off upstairs and I can hear her setting something up in the bathroom. This is where I now begin all my sessions. After a while Mistress returns and instructs me to stand and bend over the desk, once I do this Mistress inserts a small butt plug (which was a surprise) and ties a rope harness to keep it in. Mistress then produces some fist mitts for my hands and buckle’s them up. You really have no chance of escape with these not that I ever seek to escape. Mistress then tells me to crawl upstairs behind her and into the bathroom. As a crawl into the bathroom I notice a chain around the toilet and a dog bowl on the toilet lid. Mistress attached the mitts to the chain and makes sure I can move my legs etc and then tells me how lucky I am that Mistress has left me some special refreshment a dog bowl of her pee. Mistress informs me I am to drink it all before she returns much later and with the usual ‘enjoy’ she leaves me too it. As you will have probably read before I like degradation and to be left like this with Mistress’s pee to drink was heaven for me. I have no idea how long I was there but enjoyed every moment of it and drunk every drop of my special drink. It was also nice to be able to just enjoy the situation I was in without work and other stuff running around my mind.

    When Mistress returned (making sure I had drunk all my refreshment’s before opening the door) she had changed into the very nice pink latex dress that Slave Taquin had bought Mistress previously. Mistress looked suitably stunning in it (but then what doesn’t she look stunning in). Mistress removed my hands from the mitts and the rope harness keeping the butt plug in place and instructed me to remove and clean it along with the dog bowl. Once I had done this Mistress invited me into the medical room and onto the medical chair. It has been a while since I had sat in this and Mistress went about strapping me in and once secured produced the scissor clamps that I had purchased from Mistress’s wish list. Mistress then clamped them onto my ball sack and stretched and tied them off with rope. Mistress then added the electrics to them and switched the estim box on. I do struggle with electrics and the sensation the bow was making with the clamps felt like I was being stabbed with pins. This amused Mistress greatly and over the next what felt like 5 minutes but was in fact over half an hour slowly turned the power up with the sensations changing from quite pleasant to painful stabbing. Then Mistress mentions the most hated word for me ‘the fire button’. Mistress turns everything off and then you just lie there waiting for the inevitable sting when Mistress presses that button. I have no idea why I can’t deal with the headfuck of the fire button but it makes me so jumpy and it’s not long before I am begging Mistress to stop. Mistress is amused that I have never begged her with such pleading before and she liked it very much. After a few more shocks Mistress brought proceedings to a halt and then it was time to endure the removal of the clamps. Mistress untied the rope in a not too careful manner all the while pulling on the clamps with the rope until it was time for them to come off. Mistress very kindly squeezed the clamps one more notch before removing them and then kindly massaged the clamp bites once she had removed them. This all made me squeal nicely. Mistress then unbuckled me and gave me some Dettol wipes to clean the chair. Once this was done it was time for the final chapter of the session more chastity hypnosis.

    The last time I had a chastity hypnosis session at the beginning of July my head was still all over the place due to real life shite going on and it didn’t seem to work. This week it proved that it has had an effect on me and today the idea of the hypnosis was to enforce that initial session further. I have had a few hypnosis sessions with Mistress initially to deal with sub drop and then the SHB programming which again is taking a back seat but this time because of my very clear head the state of trance and relaxation from the hypnosis was greater than I have ever experienced. I would like to share more but to be honest I can only recall snippets and they wouldn’t make sense let’s just say time will tell how it goes with further sessions. Once finished and back in the room so to speak I was so relaxed that I struggled to leave the bed and could have laid there for hours.

    Once I did manage to get up it was time to redress and enjoy a quick catch up with Mistress before heading back into the real world and once back home a very enjoyable nap.

    I would like to end by thanking Mistress for a great session and for allowing me a massive amount of pc time this week. Even though I can’t look at anything fun it did help me get a lot of much-needed admin done at a much more relaxed pace.









  • A Shocking Experience by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Yesterday, Slave Sissy Mouse came for a session.  A session which I found to be utterly hilarious, so much so that I urged him to write a blog about it, pronto! Due to his excitable haste there are plenty of grammatical errors to be found however I don’t want to wait for the several re-drafts that would follow so I am going to post it in all of its deeply excitable glory!



    A shocking experience.

    My latest visit to Mistress and the House of Deelight came a luxurious two weeks after my last session but started a week ago just after I sent Mistress my weekly journal.

    Because I was busy on the Sunday I wrote and submitted my Journal on the Saturday evening. As it was Saturday evening I didn’t expect a reply let alone some instructions for my session which was at that point a week away but as we know Mistress does like to play with a submissives mind. In the message Mistress told me to bring the leggings and tops from our shopping trip in January 2015 (after being bought they have sat in a bag taunting me) and I am to send the session payment via bank transfer. Mistress being very aware of my recent ups and downs assured me it would be fun and not to let any doom of what might happen cross my mind. Luckily those feelings of doom have now passed and I reassured Mistress this was the case but that it wouldn’t stop me spending the week nervous. This never was the case because I had such a busy week that my session didn’t really cross my mind until Friday evening and as such I didn’t get a great deal of sleep.

    Saturday arrives and I message Mistress to confirm that I will bring diet coke, water, the leggings and tops and a suitable subservient attitude. Mistress replies simply ‘Wonderful’ and then around an hour later tells me to also bring my new shiny butt plug harness. (You can read a bit about this in my week 58 journal). I duly put all the items I need in the car and wait for the clock to tick around. Mistress then sends me another message with instructions of what I am to do when I arrive at the HOD. They are come in lock the door, go to the medical room and strip. Gather all the items I have brought with me and return to the dungeon room lay them out and wait kneeling with my face on the floor, once I have done this I am to announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I really enjoy starting a session like this because my head is in the session straight away. When I arrive I do as instructed and go upstairs, I can hear Mistress on webcam in the bedroom so try to do everything quietly and go back downstairs lay the items out and announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I have no idea how long this was but it did give me time to wonder what was happening today. Eventually I hear the door open and Mistress come down the stairs with a distinct and deliberate thump on every stair building up my anticipation. “Good afternoon mousey” says Mistress as she arrives in the room with an almost regal tone. I greet Mistress the same way, still with my head firmly on the floor. I have to be honest I don’t really remember anything until Mistress tells me to look up at her and I know this word is over used but WOW bloody WOW. Mistress is dressed in some new latex and it looks amazing on her. I am not one for shall we say looking around the eyes but this is so well made and cut that you cannot resist being drawn to admire Mistress’s gorgeous body and curves. I compliment Mistress on her outfit as she turns in front of me to give me a full view. I also love the way Mistress stands in front of me admiring herself in the mirror, to me I see this as reaffirming her utter unattainability. What I also think is Mistress is wearing latex so the leggings and tops must be a red herring and we aren’t going out (how wrong I was).

    Mistress then instructs me to crawl behind her to the bathroom (or in my case the mousey cage) as we enter Mistress tells me that there is none of her special refreshment for me today and I thank Mistress once again for sharing her nectar with me last time. This time Mistress puts the mitts on my hands and tells me to lie on my back and attaches the mitts to each side of the toilet giving me the view of the toilet from underneath. Mistress mocks me by saying I am now even below the toilet in the HOD and she hopes I enjoy my stay at the Hotel Deelight. With that Mistress leaves with an ‘enjoy’ and goes back to webcam. A while later Mistress comes back in to check I am ok and that I am enjoying my view to which I reply that ‘it is most picturesque’. Once again alone and I still think that the leggings and tops are a red herring until Mistress returns again but this time the latex is gone and Mistress is looking equally fabulous in normal clothes. Oh no is what I think I said and Mistress just looks at me undoes the mitts and tells me to get up slowly and gives me my next instructions. I am to retrieve the items that I have brought put on the butt plug harness and the black faux leather leggings and colourful top and put my own clothes over the top. It takes me a while to get the plug in that is attached to the harness (we haven’t done much anal wise and I’m a bit tight to say the least, even more so when I have no idea what’s going to happen next). I finally get it in put on the leggings and top and await the usual Mistress laugh because I of course look stupid. Put on my normal clothes and gather in a bag lots of items that Mistress has placed on the bed. These are a strap on harness with a very big dildo, Mistress’s boots, a gag, blindfold and lots of rope. Mistress then tells me we are off for a walk in the woods and hopefully we won’t get caught but if we do it won’t be as embarrassing for her as it will be for me. At this point whilst I am very nervous and quiet I am also very aroused at the thought of doing this and what Mistress might have in mind. Mistress then produces the shock collar and places around my neck with that evil grin in her face and checks it’s working. The buzzer works and the beep but I can’t feel the shock until Mistress turns it up and my reaction as Mistress said ‘was like someone having a stroke’ once Mistress is happy it’s working fine she puts on her coat grabs her camcorder and tripod and we leave the HOD and get into her car and head off on my mystery tour with me being very quiet and slightly sheepish. Once we are in the car Mistress tells me she has seen a sign for some woods nearby and hopefully it won’t be busy otherwise we might not be able to do what she has planned for today. As we drive along the road a sign for woods comes up on the left and in we go only to find that it might be an old sign because it’s now the entrance to Celtic Manor and there is no sign of any woods no matter what road we take. We are surrounded by woods but seemingly no way to access them. After a while Mistress decides to give up and then announces that she has another plan and we head back to the HOD. I think that my luck is in and we will be doing something nice inside but oh no! once inside Mistress informs me of her new plans we are both going for a walk towards Newport town centre and gives me instructions on what to do if the buzzer goes off, which is to stop walking and just stand until the buzzer goes again. Mistress then tells me that I will be either walking in front of her or behind so that there is no association. Then to add to the horror Mistress decides she should hide the shock collar around my neck with a lady’s scarf and ties it off so that the ends drop down over one shoulder. With another laugh Mistress informs me to leave the HOD and walk to the left and keep walking. Just around the corner from the HOD is a car wash with people milling about and this is my first hurdle. I feel red with embarrassment and the scarf looks odd for all to see but I walk past and no one gives me a second look but that still doesn’t take away the feeling of humiliation. As I walk towards the town centre it inevitably becomes busier and every now and then the buzzer goes off and I come to a stop. I then wait for the buzzer to go again before I can walk on. It must look odd for a someone to just stop in the middle of the pavement whilst trying not to stand out wearing a pretty scarf. At one-point Mistress stops me and catches up to tell me that I am not stopping immediately and make sure I do from now on and walks off leaving me standing there until she is a fair way down the road. Buzz and I am off all the time Mistress is also zapping me and I have to try and keep my composure. As I walk along Mistress then stops at the river bridge and as I walk by not acknowledging her she says that the muddy river banks would make a lovely boot worship place. I pass by more people and still no one gives me a second look and now having to stop dead if the buzzer goes off which is so humiliating because it looks weird. Mistress once again catches up with me and tells me to cross the road and walk towards the riverside. Once I cross the road the buzzer goes and I stand there for what seems like ages frozen to the spot. Mistress once again walks past and into the distance and once again buzz and I am off. I am now heading alongside the river and there is even more people about with my lovely scarf now flowing in the wind. I might has well have had a flashing look at me sign on my head. I get buzzed again and wait and look around and Mistress beckons me to turnaround. I follow once again at a distance and Mistress has gone towards the underpass. As I arrive Mistress is waiting with some new instructions. When the collar vibrates I am to move my arms like a chicken on the walk back to the HOD. I set off on my own once more and wait for the inevitable vibration and it’s not long until it happens, I feel so utterly stupid and keep walking it then vibrates again and as I do it a second later a police car drives by, at this point I just want the ground to open up. But there is around another half mile of this but still even doing the chicken wings no one seems to notice. As I walk towards 4 youths drinking I think to myself this is where it’s going to happen but still nothing. The thing about public humiliation is you don’t enjoy it at the time you just want it to be over and never more so than right now. As I walk back with Mistress still far behind me someone is walking behind me so I stop to cross the road and I get my first strange look. As I cross the road I get the vibrate again but with people walking towards me I just can’t bring myself to do the chicken wings anymore. At this point I just want to go inside and curl up in a ball and rock. Finally, I arrive back at the HOD and wait for Mistress to catch up. When she does she has the biggest grin on her face. When we get inside Mistress cannot contain herself with how much fun she just had. She did think that walking along on her own belly laughing was probably stranger than me doing chicken wings.

    I just had to sit down (which was slightly uncomfortable due to the butt plug) and hold my head in my hands. I really love public humiliation but only after it’s finished. Mistress was really buzzing from it and worryingly states that this is her new favourite activity and looks forward to doing much more. Mistress then asks me if I watch impractical jokers (which I do and hoped Mistress had never seen it) and says that a small Bluetooth earpiece would work brilliantly with the forfeits for failure being big financial or painful consequences. I just sit there and try to take in what’s happened it seems so minor but the embarrassment was massive. I’m pleased that Mistress had a great time and that my squirming brought her joy but I couldn’t do this all the time.

    My session ends with a nice relaxing DIY job of building a plastic drawer set and then not being able to find one of the pieces. Then back to normality with massive aching bollocks which is either from the harness not being adjusted correctly of being so turned on by being degraded and humiliated. Either way I hope I have lost weight this week.

    As I write this the day after I can enjoy the experience much more and as Mistress said yesterday look forward to the pending day in the woods. Next visit two weeks’ time so watch this space.