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  • Slave Fuzzy – Mistress Controlled Exercise and Weight Loss

    Professional Mistress, South Wales – Weight Loss and Fitness by Reward and Punishment.

    Slave Fuzzy has been visiting me for just over a year.  He first came to me with the request to lose weight under my control, using reward and punishment as motivation.  In that time, my pet has lost a huge amount of weight whilst gaining a fitter, healthier body and more self-confidence.  As with all my regulars, I have asked him to write for me….


    I was just over a year ago I went looking for a new Mistress, having been badly let down on a number of occasions by a previous Dom it was time to find something new. After much Internet browsing I came across the Website of Mistress Delight and after making an initial enquiry about the possibility of a corporal punishment session, I was delighted to receive a quick response and was soon booked in. Whilst this post is not to dwell on that particular session I will say it was a great success, limits were tested and plans were made.

    I was now under the delightful spell of my new mistress and left that first session promising to book in again soon stick to my newly set fitness and weight targets, I was a happy slave. However, things didn’t pan out quite that way and I will offer no excuses here. I didn’t motivate myself to get things done and therefore would suffer the consequences, see mistress blog post on February 5th 2016 “Spanking Motivation” for more on that. Leaving that session I felt terrible, I had not kept my word to Mistress and had let myself down, the words “Must Do Better” were ringing in my head as well as Mistress’s Batman Paddle and Big Bastard strap.

    So what has happened well today, that is 19th of November, I have once again visited the house of delight and the results are in. The stone and a half I gained in the six months I was away is now gone, as anyone who has tried to lose weight will tell you putting it on is simple, taking it off well that is hard. However, thanks to a lot of self-determination and the promise of reward or punishment sessions (both punishment and reward sessions have been indulged between February and now) from Mistress have been a huge motivator to get my, pardon the pun ass moving.

    So today’s session, although my joy was almost turned to disappointment when Mistress’s scales read 4lbs heavier than mine had that morning, Mistress decreed I have in fact done very well and she was pleased and therefore I could have a reward today but I was to also face some punishment due to a lot of cancelled appointments (I did show Mistress photographic evidence of my scales as well, to help my case). Very soon I was naked, strapped to Mistress’s bench and receiving 120 hard smacks with my new solid wooden hairbrush on my bare bum. This was the punishment part, the reward well that is between myself and Mistress but suffice to say it was worth it.

    So to conclude, if you want to get fit and lose weight this is a great way to do it. The promise of a lovely reward or a very harsh punishment (these are at Mistress’s discretion) are enough now to keep me going. There is still more to do, more weight to lose more targets to hit and I am sure there will be more rewards and punishments in the future but those will be stories for another time.

    Thank you Mistress for your help and support, I recommend this program to anyone who is trying to get in shape

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 54

    I’m still playing catch up with getting all these journals onto my blog.  So a brief intro from me – another week of reflection but with positive analysis for Sissy Mouse…..


    Distance control journal week 54.

    This week has been a relatively quiet week. Which has left me with lots of time to think about my recent actions and behaviour which I will cover after a résumé of the past week.

    My first message of the week to Mistress on Sunday with a report of my weight (which remained the same so no orgasm) was replied to with the good news that Mistress was feeling better after her recent illness and further advice from Mistress on where I am going wrong with my diet and this time it was my love of full fat milk. It’s only when I read the label did I realise how much saturates are in the milk. Mistress suggested that like her I should be having skimmed milk. Yuck was my immediate reaction but as always with a bit of thought if I want to lose weight (which I do) then I need to commit to change. I message Mistress that I will commit to the skimmed milk, this will also tick a control box because from now on every coffee, tea of bowl or cereal will no longer be as enjoyable as before and remind me of my commitment to myself and Mistress. Mistress also informed me that she is going to measure me at our next session to record over time my inch loss as well as my weight loss. At lunchtime I sent Mistress a picture of my lunch as this is a non-negotiable daily requirement.

    Monday’s message to Mistress to inform her of my plans for a very busy day. This included my now daily walk and then later on a picture of my lunch and 4 pints of skimmed milk (I don’t think I will ever get used to it). Mistress replies that she is pleased with my commitment to the milk.

    Tuesday arrives and Mistress informs me to edge myself at lunchtime and that she has a very busy day. I thank Mistress for my task and get on with my day starting with my walk. When lunchtime arrives I go to carry out my edge and an odd thing happens I can get aroused but then just like my orgasm last week and my ruin a couple of weeks before that I can’t maintain an erection. This at the time was quite perturbing and I’m thinking to myself old age is starting to get to me because I have never had this issue before! Anyway with concentration of the mind I manage to carry out the edge and message Mistress to confirm it was done. Mistress enquired ‘was it easy of hard?’ and I reply that whilst the edge was ok because after my orgasm last week my desperation is much lower getting aroused was very difficult. Mistress replies with ‘That’s good’ which leaves me a bit confused and it’s not until Mistress reminds me of the chastity hypnosis that she did in early July did it dawn on me why it’s been so difficult and also why last week’s orgasm was not that enjoyable. My subconscious has been programmed to only enjoy arousal and orgasms whilst either in Mistress’s company or dressed as SHB (although this is currently on the backburner). When I had my unauthorised orgasm in July the hypnosis had no effect but now with a much more accepting clear mind it does. This makes me incredibly happy that the hypnosis is starting to work as the goal is that eventually I will only be able to get aroused with a trigger word from Mistress, negating the need for a chastity device (which always fail).

    On Wednesday I message Mistress to inform her of my plans including a walk. Mistress replies that it certainly was a lovely day for a walk and she hopes I will be wearing panties. I never take my phone with me when I walk so I can have an hour or so of peace so I got Mistress’s messages once I returned home. I confirmed to Mistress that it was indeed a lovely day for a walk (even if the surroundings weren’t very picturesque) and that I was wearing my panties as I did every day. Mistress then asked for proof that I was indeed wearing them. This is the first time I can remember Mistress asking for proof, I wear them every day because Mistress might require proof at any time and I wouldn’t want to get caught out. Mistress has never discussed what the penalty would be for not wearing them but frankly right now I wouldn’t want to find out so I will continue as I have for around a year to keep wearing them every day and enjoying the slight humiliation they bring to me. I send Mistress my picture and as always get an amusing and slightly derogatory reply.

    Thursday was very quiet as its usually Mistress’s day of doing her stuff and I hear nothing from her today.

    Friday was again quiet apart from me sending Mistress a picture of my breakfast-lunch of a bowl of cornflakes (with skimmed milk yuck) as I was going out that evening and wanted to try to keep my calorie consumption down. Mistress replies “should be in a dog bowl” and that summed up Friday!

    My Saturday message to Mistress to inform of my plans for the day was replied to by Mistress asking how my evening out had gone. I had been out for a curry (not diet friendly I know) but I could only manage about half and I drove so could refrain from alcohol easily (not that I drink much the last time being Christmas). Mistress was pleased that I didn’t keep going and reminded me that as you eat less your stomach shrinks.

    Over the last week I have been trying to analyse my poor and challenging behaviour that had took hold of me over most of this year. What I have realised is that I have not been conducting myself as a submissive in the way I approach my business and that is that all of my customers no matter how long they have been my customers are always treated as a new customer. I make sure I try and do the best I can to ensure they return every time. This I have should have carried over as a submissive and ensured that I shouldn’t rely on what I was or had done previously but tried my best to be a great submissive to Mistress every day. Starting every day with a blank sheet of paper, remembering what it was like at the beginning striving to be an excellent submissive and client. With time I think we are all guilty of getting comfortable with any relationship no matter what type of relationship that might be and we forget to try every day to make it special. I certainly forgot to remind myself how special and enjoyable my D/s relationship with Mistress was. I remember reading an article on Fetlife quite a while ago about male submissives and how once they get to a certain level with their chosen Dominant they stop trying to impress and become sloppy. Relating it back to the hunter gatherer, once the prize had been obtained then it was time to move on to gaining the new prize.

    What I have now gleaned from all this is I need to stop trying to get out of things, enjoy every session like it’s the last one. Stop worrying about what might be coming and certainly stop thinking about what other slaves are getting. No matter how good I was yesterday, last week or last month, today I have to prove myself again because the very slippery slope to the exit door is never far away.

  • Annie May – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

    My newest pet, Sissy Princess Annie May continued her training with me this week.  She told me that she would like to lose weight for me and get in shape, so as well as the normal teasing, chastity and control tasks I set about putting her on a fitness plan.  I requested a daily food journal and it soon became apparent that my Sissy was very uneducated regarding healthy eating.  On her first day she truly believed she had been eating healthy but the amount of bread in her diet that day was cause for concern.  I decided that my Sissy needed to join a slimming group and so she did.  What a good girl she is!


    Week 2

    Day 1

    This week my training takes a new direction, one for the better. Mistress is putting me on a diet/exercise regime so I can be a slimmer and sexier sissy girl for her. Mistress is also helping me curb my habit of buying porn which has been a serious concern of mine for a while.

    So today Mistress outlined what she expects of me, including complete and total honesty for this to work. Otherwise more extreme measures and punishments will be meted out…

    Firstly, no more paying for pornography, period. And to get into chastity. Secondly, no chocolate, biscuits, crisps, or alcohol allowed. I don’t drink so thats ok (I’m a good girl), but the others will be harder, especially beloved chocolate! I will also be sending Mistress my weight as well as my food intake.

    I was also ordered to get into something skimpy and do some working out to a Zumba dvd, which I did in a hot pink sports crop top with matching spandex shorts.

    I also asked Mistress for some advice on a new chastity cage, as I’m looking for something thats as clean and hygenic as possible. A good sissy is a clean sissy :)

    Day 2

    The day started with my food intake from yesterday being all wrong. Although I thought I was being healthy, my diet was not going to help me lose weight. Mistress told me to find a local Slimming World group to join so I’d know what foods were good and which were bad. After finding a group right in my village, and some positive encouragement from Mistress, I made a commitment to go on Thursday mornings. Mistress then inquired to how much I paid for porn (clips4sale)…the figure was ridiculously high for the month, so Mistress agreed I definitely have a problem!

    Day 3

    Today was my last full work shift for the week. Mistress promptly ordered me into my little chastity device for week. I was also to wear tights, so they pressed against my locked clit all day. I foolishly inquired as to whether I should be in panties or not. Apparently I was to wear panties until my suggestion for going without meant Mistress told me to wear just the tights under my trousers!

    When I got home on the night, Mistress allowed me to play with my clitty before bedtime, but no orgasm tonight. I was to just think about serving Mistress as her slutty princess.

    Day 4

    This morning I was to dress and put on makeup to look pretty for mistress. I chose a cute pair of pale pink high-waisted little shorts, a pink vest top and my jewellrey and makeup. After that was done, I was ordered into a frustrating situation. I spent half an hour ball-gagged, wrists restrained to my thighs, a vibrating buttplug pushed into my sissy ass, and no chastity device. It was such a turn on! I imagined Mistress doing it to me in person…


    Day 5

    Joined Slimming World today! I was the only ‘male’ at the group…but it was an eye-opener for whats best for losing weight. I read through my starter kit, which had listings for most foods and gave ideas for what to eat. Mistress was looking forward to seeing what my new food diary would look like now that ive joined, and so do I :)

    Mistress wasn’t feeling too well today, so I wished her a speedy recovery.

    Day 6

    Today I continued planning out meals and a healthier shopping list. I really do want to look good for Mistress, with a trim sissy smooth body. Mistress ordered me to exercise today so I did another Zumba workout and practised some yoga.

    Day 7

    I was at the hair salon today, having my hair blonde! It took a while thanks to dyeing it dark and some purply-red mixed in as well. I still have some darker ginger looking parts, but it looks much better than it did before! I want to be a pretty blonde sissy princess for my Mistress. Todays task was a clitty stroking game. Mistress would sporadically text me throughout the evening with the word ‘Stroke’ and a number. And even number meant I was to stroke fast for that amount of time. And an odd number was to be stroked slowly. Mistress kept me on edge all night! In the end I was denied a release, making me a bratty little bitch :)

    I was also ordered to select a few outfits/clothes to bring next week for my session, as well as my makeup and to ensure my small clit was securely locked up when I met Mistress.

    I’m very much looking forward to meeting Mistress, and getting nice and slim for her.

    Love Annie May xxxx

  • Slave Dribbly J – Domestic Service Training

    New HOD resident, Slave Dribbly returned to the House of Deelight locked in Chastity to further his slave training. This time his training involved domestic service, high heel worship and more instructed weight loss!

    Slave Dribbly J writes:

    As some of you will remember I left my previous visit to Miss Deelight locked back in my chastity device, following my ruined orgasm. I left having had a great session, a bit tired, but on a high. I had been set the target of losing 6 pounds by next visit, in just less than two weeks’ time. From that evening I changed my lifestyle by cutting out chocolate, massively reducing my alcohol intake, reducing my portion sizes and doing some regular exercise. I was quite happy in chastity as it was keeping me at least slightly horny most of the time. I also liked the challenge, and the demonstration to my Mistress that I was a devoted slave. I had to buy some larger trousers for work to hide the device, and mornings were often painful waking to a restrained erection, but other than these inconveniences things were going well. I was enjoying Twitter and had struck up a few conversations with other cuckolds and chastity enthusiasts.

    At the following weekend things started to go a bit downhill. I was getting a depressed, and not in the slightest bit horny. This led me to resent the chastity device as I just wanted it off. Both my wife and my Mistress had no intention of letting me out, and there was part of me that didn’t want to fail either. I pushed through and as I came closer to my next session I began to get horny again and things picked up. My device was making my ball sack sore though, but I really wanted to succeed.

    The day of my session arrived, and on my way to the House of Deelight I received two texts from Miss Deelight, saying “Door is open” and “I need zipping and shining, lol”. I simply replied “Oh lovely J”. I arrived moments later and Mistress was clad in glorious black latex leggings, and she had a black latex top which needed zipping up at the back. It was a great honour to do so, and the zip was fighting to restrain Mistress’s beautiful full breasts. I wasted no time with shining Mistress’ lovely outfit. Next I was asked to strip, and Mistress removed my chastity device and inspected my sore genitals. There were some sore patches which really needed to heal, so Mistress recommended Sudocream. I was then sent to fetch the bathroom scales for my weigh in. On my return Mistress was admiring herself in the mirror and she got me to take a photograph of her, which she immediately posted to Twitter. Needless to say this was very popular!

    Standing on the scales was the moment of truth, and the result was very pleasing. I had lost 6 ½ pounds, exceeding my 6 pound target. Both Mistress and I were very happy with the result, and this saved me from punishment (which had been dreading!).

    I was then instructed to kneel on the floor for Mistress to have a cigarette. After a couple of drags of the cigarette I was then ordered to lie on the floor with my head slightly under the seat of the chair. The view was magnificent, looking at mistress’ legs. She then placed her beautiful Louboutin shoes on my chest, taking aim with the heels and digging them into my nipples. My mouth was used as her ashtray as she smoked, with her bending over periodically inadvertently showing me her wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished I was instructed to worship her shoes. At first I was far too sloppy, and Mistress pulled me up my technique. “Small, butterfly kisses” she told me. I started worshipping again and Mistress took another photo, which again proved quite popular on Twitter.


    After this, I had to put up the key racks that I had brought with me. Mistress instructed me to put on a PVC maids outfit, consisting of bra, open crotch pants and a dress. This is not something that turns me on, but Mistress said that she wanted me out of my comfort zone. Well, she did achieve that. I felt a bit silly, but I wanted to please Mistress.

    I then proceeded to measure, drill the wall and put up the key racks.


    This didn’t take too long and I was rewarded with a short session of kissing Mistress’s latex covered bottom. I did enjoy this as Mistress has a beautiful small firm bum. Next was another special task. I had to film Mistress doing a custom clip. We went upstairs and Mistress climbed on the bed ready for me to start filming. She did a great film, turning me on in the process too. Once the clip was done, I was told that it was my turn on the bed. I led down and was secured by my wrists. Mistress then climbed on top of me, sitting on my face. This was fantastic and my dick was hard, which Mistress then grabbed and started wanking me. She gave me a great facesitting session and this felt so good, and needless to say it didn’t take me too long to come. The orgasm was powerful and cum jetted all over my stomach, and the maids dress.

    Once I had recovered, I then helped by stripping the bed and replacing the bed linen. Another great session sadly came to an end. I left not in chastity this time, as I needed things to heal. I purchased some Sudocream on my way home, which a then applied for a few days following the session. Two days later I was ready to go into chastity again, which I duly did and sent Mistress photos as evidence. With three weeks until my next session I knew things were going to be challenging!

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  • Forced Fitness for Slave Dodu – Dominated into Shape

    Meet the flabby belly of Slave Dodu (dodu is french for tubby or plump).  This is the ‘before’ picture he has presented to me, as he begins a journey of forced exercise and dietary changes; a request he has made because he is too weak and unmotivated to get fit without help.  For the foreseeable future, Slave Dodu will be put on a regular exercise program and a strict diet in order for him to shed his flab and get fit for his Mistress.  This is an email based domination service in which this slave will get fit and lose weight under my control, the catch is that he is not permitted to masturbate until he has completed a set exercise, which for this first month will focus on running and a change of diet.  If he fails at either then he doesn’t get to masturbate, simples!  Watch this space to see how he progresses.

    STARTING WEIGHT: 19 Stone (121 KG)

    month 1 week 1 (4) forced-fitness-by-femdom

    Are you like Slave Dodu?  Overweight, unfit and lacking in motivation to do anything about it?  I know how much you want to please me and I know how much you want to be admired as one of my healthy subs, so you better get in touch now – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain providing you can prove your commitment to me and my regimes.  (monthly tribute applies).

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