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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – An Expensive Punishment

    I command complete honesty from my pets at all times, otherwise the relationships are pointless.  Slave Taquin decided to unburden himself with some interesting confessions this week which resulted in an expensive purchase to make up for it.  Of course, it wasn’t really a punishment because he enjoyed shopping for the lingerie I’d requested and he certainly enjoyed how I used it to weaken him.  With that in mind, and as always, I have taken notes and filed them away for the future when I decide that a real punishment is due.

    I have been a bad slave! Mistress had emerged from a period of illness and I had realised that I had been doing things that I have never done in all the time that I had been her slave.

    Through the Google app on my phone I had enjoyed free access to Twitter and all of the other internet pleasures during her absence. Google was the only way that I could access such things. All other apps had restrictions on them and my PC was locked down as tight as a drum. I was therefore pretty sure that I wasn’t meant to be on the fetish sites, but I went ahead anyway. Once I knew that Mistress was feeling better I had replied to one of her tweets in order to gauge whether or not my access was actually a kind concession from her whilst she was away. Her immediate question ‘what are you doing on Twitter slave?’ confirmed to me that it was not. I replied to her that I had believed that she had allowed my access. That was, as you know, a lie.
    I had stepped over a line and I was not happy about it. The problem was that I knew that, having taken that first step into disobedience (by accessing Twitter) I had taken another, and then another. I decided I had to confess. Below is the start of my email to Mistress:

    Dear Mistress
    I mentioned in a text this morning that I wanted to make a confession. I can assure you that I am not doing this as a result of any new found desire to be punished! It is just that one of the many joys of our relationship is that I have always been 100% honest with you. This morning when you asked about Twitter access I was not totally honest. I am sorry for that Mistress.
    I was pretty sure that you had not allowed me access to Twitter, or your website, or all the other joys that the internet has to offer. But a little while ago I found myself feeling a little down (and frankly a little bloody minded! Lol). I noticed that I could still access things like mobile Twitter through google. In the past I would have asked if I was allowed to. For the first time ever I decided to see if you would notice. And you didn’t. (It was a few days after this that I realised that you were not well. But it was too late by then).

    I then went on to confess two subsequent sins. Firstly that I had taken the opportunity to ‘follow’ a Findom on Twitter. She was someone who had frequently appeared when I did one of my favourite hashtag searches; #blackmail. Now, many very dangerous profiles appear when you do such a search. 95% are probably from the ‘fuck you pay me’ instadomme camp. But this particular Findom appeared to have perfected her craft and had long term pets totally under her control using her undoubted femdom skills supported by all that technology has to offer. Her style is tough and particularly strict and I would imagine her victims fear her and love her in equal measure. (Much as I do Mistress!). Mistress does allow me to follow other dommes but I would always ask her permission to do so. I continued my descent into the world of disobedience by sending the domme in question a small gift and telling her how much I enjoyed her twitter feed. I was very clear in my note that I was already owned by Miss Deelight and the domme in question was kind enough to reply to my note and was respectful of the fact that my only intention was to thank her.

    My second sin was to have enjoyed an exchange of emails with Princess on the subject of a forthcoming wrestling session she had planned. I had previously told her that I would be very happy for her to pick my slave brain if she ever wished to. Her forthcoming session was with someone who’s ‘needs’ appeared very similar to my own and she asked for my feedback on a couple of things. I have always enjoyed being able to help the young ladies who I have come to like who have dominated me over the years. It does give me pleasure to know that our relationships are more than just a financial transaction. I happily provided the feedback that she had asked for and thoroughly enjoyed the email exchange that ensued. Again it was all done with the mutual understanding that I am 100% the property of Miss Deelight. But I had not asked Mistresses permission to enter into such an exchange and so I knew that I had done wrong.
    I have really appreciated the reaction from Mistress. Yes she has told me that I have done wrong. But she has not tried to make me feel bad about it, or myself.
    (she did however publish the following warning to her slaves shortly after my misdemeanours became known: ‘Better watch out because when I’m out the other side of this I’m going to unleash hell and fury onto you all! No more soft Miss Deelight. It’s going to be ruthless bitch Deelight!)

    Her response has been to firstly to close any loopholes that existed in my phone access. And she has been totally successful in that. I now find that I am blocked from any use of the internet on my phone whatsoever. I have even tried one of my favourite tricks and downloaded other browsers such as bing and firefox only to find that they too are blocked. I have now given up trying to escape. I prefer it this way in all honesty. I don’t actually enjoy being a bad slave, it is just that I always have to try to escape to check that I can’t.
    And secondly Mistress has punished me, but in her own unique style. Mistress told me that I would be required to buy for her some expensive white lingerie. The twist was that I was required to research the possible options, and that I was to send them to her in order that she could choose what she liked the look of. Mistress was very clear that I was to provide pictures and internet links for each recommendation. Mistress was also very clear that the cost involved would be over and above any previous discussions or commitments made. The impact of receiving this punishment was instant and profound. It marked the beginning of several days of intense horniness, interrupted sleep and discomfort! The device really did its job over those days. I think I now begin to understand the appeal of Findom. The fact that Mistress could make me spend my money on her as a way of proving her power over me was a real turn on. As indeed was the act of choosing lingerie for her! I have never actually bought lingerie for anyone before. I found the whole process of trawling through all that the internet had to offer; looking for something that I felt might be good enough for Mistress, to be torturous in the extreme. The fact that I might be lucky enough to see her wearing what I was going to buy for her just made the whole thing so intense. After much time in front of my pc and much dribbling I sent Mistress my suggestions. Isn’t nice lingerie expensive! I knew that whichever option was chosen that my misdemeanours in Mistresses absence were going to set me back the best part of £200. Mistress quickly confirmed her choices together with the sizes that would be required to be ordered. I did as instructed, placed the orders and ensured that they were despatched directly to her gift address.

    Fast forward to yesterday at the House of Deelight. I had arrived as agreed at 9am armed with a cup of coffee for Mistress. Mistress was in her vanilla attire but looked stunning as always despite the relatively early start. I was secured to the bed upstairs and was told to stay quiet and keep my eyes shut. This was to be another ‘first’ for Taquin. Normally Mistress would secure me for an hour and leave me alone whilst preparing herself for my session and her day ahead; but not today. Mistress began to speak in soft reassuring tones. I listened as she took me step by slow step to a place of physical and mental peace and tranquillity. This wasn’t hypnosis (I am one of those people who doesn’t believe that he can ever be hypnotised) but it was a very effective approach to making me feel very calm and very relaxed. Once Mistress had ensured that every ounce of tension had left my body her next objective became clear. She told me that she was going to count down from 20 during which time her property would become harder and harder. Up until this point Mistresses property had remained as relaxed as the rest of my body. A moment of worry crossed my mind. It is very rare for Mistresses property to spring to life without some form of physical stimulation. Just for a moment I became self conscious and feared failure. But it was only momentary. Mistress said ’19, you may begin to think about what is going to happen to you in the next couple of hours’. And so I did, and so Mistresses property began to stir from its slumbers. And to my great surprise as Mistress counted down from 19 to zero I became more and more aroused by the time she had got to 10 I was rock hard and desperate for her touch. Mistress didn’t have to place any erotic thoughts in my mind. All that she did was to count down in that wonderful soft, commanding, and controlled voice of hers whilst giving me permission to become aroused and congratulating me as I did. By the time Mistress reached zero I was as horny as hell. Happy in her work Mistress told me that she was now going to leave me and that I was to keep my eyes shut until she told me that I was allowed to open them on her return. And so that is how I stayed for the next 40 minutes; secured to the bed, eyes closed and body relaxed but with Mistresses property hard and dribbling and desperate for her return.

    Mistress re-entered the room and mocked her dribbling property. Mistress so clearly understands, and seems to relish, the effect that she has on me. It is one of the things that makes me feel so helpless around her. All it takes is a word, a look or a momentary touch and I am lost. I was told that I could open my eyes. I was met with the sight of Mistress looking lovely wrapped as she was in a light coloured robe with a material belt holding it closed. She went to the drawers at the foot of the bed and retrieved some silk scarves. One by one she released my wrists and ankles from the restraints that had been applied for the previous hour and replaced them with a silk scarf that was then tied to the bed head or the foot of the bed. And it felt magically sensual as each was applied. Mistress allowed each scarf to caress her property as she tied me to the bed. The feeling as a scarf was placed around each limb and drawn tight was divine. And when Mistress needed to secure the wrist and ankle on the far side of the bed she had to reach across me allowing her body to lightly touch my own as she did it. I gasped at the slightest touch. Once secured Mistress walked to the bottom of the bed and admired her work. She removed her robe and to my absolute joy revealed the fact that she was wearing the white lacy lingerie that I had been made to buy for her. And it was absolutely divine! It fitted perfectly and was so, so feminine and so, so hot! Mistress took two more scarves from the drawer and climbed onto the bed placing one leg either side of my chest. I looked up and realised that I really was in heaven. Mistress took one scarf and used it to gag me. She then looked over her shoulder and used one hand to allow the remaining scarf to gently touch her property and my thighs whilst using her other hand to provide the gentlest of touches to my nipples. By now my head was swimming in a sea of pleasure. For the next hour or so Mistress teased and tormented me with her body and the scarf. She took great pleasure in telling me of what she was capable of doing to me and how weak I was in comparison to her. And she is absolutely correct. I was a total whimpering mess. And it felt so good. Mistress also took great pleasure in telling me that up until that point she hadn’t actually taken hold of her property. She had just used words, visions, thoughts, and the gentlest of touches from a silk scarf and I was in bits. When Mistress did eventually wrap the scarf around her property and take hold of it I was on the very edge of orgasm (I had been there for some time). Mistress edged me mercilessly for a little while until I was begging her to allow me to cum. I was terrified of being taken over the edge and cumming without permission. Eventually Mistress gave me her permission and with the immense relief of a slave who had been taken to breaking point I let go. And it was huge and intense! Mistress continued to work away on her property as I orgasmed uncontrollably. I didn’t know if what I was experiencing was pleasure or pain, I just knew that I had more to cum. In the end it most certainly became post orgasm torture. I writhed unable to escape her grip as Mistress continued to work on her, now hyper sensitive, property. Eventually Mistress stopped, and in a moment of intense silence I began to come to my senses. I felt satisfied, elated and exhausted. Thank you Mistress.

  • A Happy Little Cum Dump

    Yesterday my trainee cum dump visited to experience a session of humiliation, degradation, cuckold fantasy and best of all….. his first cock suck.  Obviously with him doing the sucking, all the way to completion.  I’m so kind to give my worthless little runts such a delicious meal.  Here he is, prepped and ready to serve his Master.  I have other images but they will go into my private gallery on Adultwork.  He did such a good job, not surprisingly with my training and persuasion.  His master left happy, and thus so did he.

    And here is the lovely feedback I received; my little cuck slave really enjoyed his first time with me…….

  • Hypnobot Mannequins

    I had a great session today with my Male and Female Hypnobots; HB1 and HB2.  I have installed deep into their subconscious minds, a trigger that makes them become mannequins.  At first they stand to attention when the trigger is given but they are not rigid.  They are physically manipulable and flexible so that I may have my own private fun with them, moving them into various positions to my amusement.  I intend to build upon this newly programmed command so that I can humiliate them without them even being aware that they are being humiliated.

    First of all I had them facing each other, totally unaware of what I was doing to them.  I put HB1’s finger up his nose and in his ears, while I placed HB2’s hands on her own bottom.  I have footage of this entire scene which will go live on my clips sites soon.  I then decided bend HB2 over, her hands still placed on her bottom but now facing her rear towards HB1 who was placed in a kneeling position with his hands gripping her.  I can honestly say that I don’t know where I was going with this but that I had a lot of fun doing it!

    Next I positioned HB2 on the floor with her hands on her head.  I decided I would like to own a worshiped female mannequin, so I raised her leg towards HB1 who had been placed hands flat on the floor with his head in a kissing position to HB2’s foot.  I liked this pose.  I like how smart and immaculate my human robots are presented.  I kept them in this position for some time!

    This is Commander Deelight reporting.  Footage will follow soon.

  • OwnedbyMD – My Not So New, Plaything

    I’ve been playing with this slave on and off for quite some time now, at least since April last year (that is when my file on him was first created anyway!).  I took over his PC using TeamViewer and he has dipped in and out of playing with me and has always had free reign and sometimes explicit instructions to play with others (I have watched him via his webcam on occasion while he does so).  But now things are stepping up a level.  My slave has not found total fulfilment in having the freedom to play at his own leisure so now he asked me to trial him as one of my owned submissive pets.  I have agreed to this and have instructed him to write an introductory journal for my blog…. Read on!

    This is my first attempt at a blog for MissDeelight and it’s difficult to know where to start. So I should come straight to the here-and-now and explain why I’m sat here, on my day off, wearing panties with my cock (her property) locked in a metal cage

    I’ve been a fan of fetish and dominance for quite a while. There’s something so horny about watching sexy women (who are unobtainable) think nothing about wearing latex and doing all sorts of kinky things to those who go and visit them. I’ve had a few real time sessions which have been great although I am increasingly turned on by the psychological aspect of domination. MD has both the physical appeal (drop dead gorgeous and mind-blowing in her pictures) and mental control that make her someone that I want to be considered as ‘hers’. As in – she owns me

    (Quick interlude – MD has just tweeted what I’m wearing right now – hasn’t helped the comfort of the cock cage!!)
    Where was I …….
    So why did I ask MD to trial me as becoming one of her submissives;
    – because she is stunning, sexy, kinky and a little deviant. Which means she gets my kinks and plays them out expertly
    – because she goes the extra mile. She doesn’t just take a tribute and play out a request, she puts her own spin on it. I cant imagine many Mistresses that would interact with a slave’s vanilla friend to add some spice, that would make a slave park her car, that would take selfies in slaves own cars whilst they’re all tied up in her dungeon, etc, etc
    – because she takes the effort to get to know here slaves. I didn’t ask for today’s task but she took the time to give it to me. I also got home from the shops to find her spying on me via my cam – something quite vulnerable about that thought
    – because she is fair and can be trusted. It scares and excites me that she has a file on me … knows my names/address and various passwords. I don’t think I can be controlled to the same extent as some of her other slaves and this is understood by her. She understands there are times when I can play (and feel very vulnerable) and times when I need to go about my vanilla life
    – because I think she enjoys (as opposed to tolerates) my kinks. I hope, one day soon, to be taken and used by her strapon. She can film it if she wants or she can just use me in private. She can also stalk me in the future so that she knows I know she has the power
    I’ll leave it at that for now. I know i can go and look at her twitter pictures or chat online but if touching her property means I just feel a metal cage …. I should save myself for when she wants me to ‘make a mess’

    Thank you thus far Mistress. Sexy and kinky. Perfect

  • The Ruthless Bitch and the Blundering Slave

    A few weeks ago I had some business to attend to at a hotel in Bristol.  I hired a slave to cover the cost of the hotel room, pay me for the privilege of being my Escort as well as instructing him to purchase suitable strict attire for my meeting.  An expensive Reiss suit was purchased along with under garments, Sobranie cigarettes, a jewelled cigarette case, an elegant cigarette holder and a nice lighter.

    When I arrived I could not locate the car park so I text my slave to meet me at my car, ordering him to park it for me while I went to inspect the room he had chosen for me.  This instruction stopped my slave in his tracks and turned him into a blundering mess!

    Throughout the course of the afternoon and evening my slave was to obey my every command at the click of my fingers. Publicly displayed as a lesser valued assistant to a ruthless rich bitch.  After my meeting and our activities I gave the final order for him to write about his experience.  Well, that’s what slaves are for. Read on for more!

    Mistress revels in her power at a luxury hotel

    I opened her car door – as she stepped out I was temporarily transfixed by her glamorous sky high heels, the sexy sheen of her silk stockings and superb tailoring, accentuating her superb curves. She put a luxury Sobranie cigarette – black with a gold filter tip – between her red glossed lips and I proffered a light. Puffing nonchalantly on her cigarette she flounced off toward the hotel entrance.

    The reception staff looked on as she strode imperiously through the lobby into the cocktail bar, me rushing anxiously in her wake, ushering her to the table with a stunning view of the waterfront I had reserved earlier. As she perused the menu, making her choice in her cool, classy, cut glass English accent, I couldn’t help staring at her – the Reiss designer suit she had chosen, and I had purchased for her, fit her like a glove – and in her killer heels and lacy top, giving a tantalizing hint of cleavage, she looked sensational!

    All eyes were on her – it seemed everyone else agreed with me – and one guy in particular was blatantly staring. I wondered if perhaps they were speculating about who she was – a wealthy, powerful businesswoman on a kinky assignation with her subservient escort, a sexy seductress with her besotted sugar daddy maybe – or even a high end call girl with a client paying thousands just the privilege of buying her a drink?

    Soon it was time for me to escort her to the room I had booked. Settling herself into the swivel chair at the desk she crossed her legs with a swish of silk, selecting another Sobranie cigarette from the gorgeous sparkly case I had also purchased for her and snapped her fingers at me for a light. Dragging deeply she exhaled a column of smoke in my face ‘now strip!’ she ordered.

    She sat, enjoying her cigarette, and reveling in the complete power she had over me, as I hurriedly took my clothes off. She ground out her cigarette (in the ashtray to my relief!) as I stood naked before her. Despite my nerves – which had reduced me to a fumbling fool, my pecker began to harden up. She began to laugh and told me to lie down so she could screw me into the floor with her heels.

    I felt an exquisite combination of pleasure of pain as her killer heel sank into the palm of my hand. As she stepped over me I couldn’t stop myself glancing up her skirt. She stamped viciously on my other hand by way of punishment. Then, sadistically, she stood on one of my fingers. My eyes began to water as she gradually applied more and more pressure.

    But then, to my pathetic relief, she stepped away from me. Telling me to stand in corner and face the wall I heard the bathroom door close. I gasped in amazement when she emerged, in just the lacy teddy and silk stockings now – but with the addition of a strap on!

    She settled herself in the chair once again and reached for her cigarettes. ‘Slave – give me a light then suck me off!’ she demanded. I took it in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down as I warmed to my task, my neck muscles complaining as I angled my head to so I could watch fascinated as she sucked greedily on her cigarette.

    Before I knew it she was gone – leaving me drained and completely spent – to reflect on a truly amazing experience!

  • Slave Pupp – A Very Fortunate Slave – Blog 13

    As Slave Pupp’s journey continues with me as his Mistress and Mentor it has offered itself to me fully which means that it is also prepared to endure one of its pet hates; pain.  To prove its devotion to me, it also offered me ‘The Sisters’; a pair of beautiful leather floggers for affliction on its back. Pupp must learn to endure in order to reap rewards.  I have also reinforced the suggestions put to its subconscious during hypnosis for the purpose of chastity.  As devices have previously failed for Pupp, I want to ensure that it only becomes aroused when communicating with me or when in my presence and that such situations offer increased arousal, whilst arousal does not enter the psyche at any other time.  His latest journal reads below.  (always below!)

    Here is chastity report number 13 from: “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

    “Miss Deelight is a whirlwind of action, putting thought-through plans into effect, with this pupp now well used to being directed by the dynamo that is Miss Deelight. This month Miss increased her hypnotic control, used pupp to work harder than ever and stepped up pain training. Shall we see how pupp ended up sending Miss daily greetings, purchasing a microwave and cleaning lavatories in panties whilst gagging for cock?

    pupp was mooching along one day, enjoying the feeling of comfort that is provided only by being forced to wear panties, when a message arrived from Miss. As is now usual pupp noted the desire to become erect instantly and also felt trepidation as well as gratitude to hear from Miss. A brusque telling off from Miss for not keeping in touch enough and sharing with her consistently was balanced by her sense of care and the order to report back on a daily basis to Miss. Our next meetings were scheduled with pain (Endurance training) and pleasure (Hypno) segments discussed and decided upon. pupp took everything on board, checked the leather floggers that pupp would bring for Miss to use and then needed to change, replacing thoroughly wet panties.

    The day of Miss Deelight’s appointed audience dawned and after a bouncy pupp had been greeted by the Owner, Miss Deelight, pupp was given time to settle at Miss’s feet. pupp then assumed the position of greater servility, kneeling before Miss with signs of clear stimulation as ever. Miss selected the collar for pupp to bear for the day and restricted pupp within it. Miss approved of the ownership tags that she had asked pupp to obtain, fitting one to the collar before a foot to pupp’s groin provided congratulatory pain for a purchasing task completed.

    Miss Deelight had indicated that inflicting pain upon pupp was to be the source of pleasure and amusement for Miss. Also this would help to train pupp in the consistent acceptance of the increased application of pain and the appreciation of the art of receiving such attentions. Miss sized up the floggers and confirmed that they were of fine quality and appropriate for her to use; she would feel comfortable utilising them and demonstrating their virtues. With pupp trussed up in rope, dangling from the ceiling, Miss filmed as she applied her skill. Miss built steadily from a tickle to greater impacts as she began to test out her pupp’s reactions to pain, moving onwards by using a few words here and there to encourage pupp. Miss took pupp deeper into pupp’s subspace and thoughts of pleasing Miss combined to elicit greater servitude as Miss ramped up the speed and pain. In an instant Miss brought pupp back down, declaring the marks that she had made on pupp to be fine, amusing and enough for the time being.

    After replacing and storing the equipment used, pupp was set to cleaning throughout the House of Deelight. pupp was commended for last time’s effective cleaning work and enjoined to labour just as hard again with specific duties in the kitchen and bathroom. pupp set to washing up, tidying and scrubbing. A particular task was to clean under the microwave which was easily accomplished. However when pupp set to cleaning inside the microwave it became clear that, like many subs aim to be, the equipment had been worked hard over a period of time. pupp polished daintily then scrubbed but to little avail – surely Miss deserved smarter, more up-to-date kit that befitted her status? A short while later Miss checked pupp’s work and agreed that a replacement microwave was in order. No sooner had this been discussed and “wish-listed” than pupp was able to purchase the new appliance.

    With the kitchen approved pupp dived in to lavatorial duties, cleaning thoroughly with paraphernalia kept by for this room only. As pupp worked on all fours Miss stopped by, towering over pupp with a huge strap-on in place. pupp gulped, aware that Miss could require instant servicing of her huge cock in any number of ways. Instead Miss was happy to see a pupp that enviously smacked its lips in anticipation; after holding the power-pose Miss laughed and moved off to another room. With a bank holiday approaching pupp found that this slave was already trying to go tenting.

    pupp ends this period deep into a hypno-chastity plan, being granted increased amounts of pain and with cleaning best-practice embedded. Daily housework is now a must in preparation for the HoD, not just covering the basics but going room by room and cleaning thoroughly every day in order to be practised, physically attuned and well versed in the most appropriate techniques.

    Here’s a thought: A servant is known by his Mistress.

    Thank you Miss Deelight x”

    To my Owner, Miss Deelight,

    With respectful love,

    Your pupp Xx

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 48

    Mistress has been very busy indeed of late, but just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean that I haven’t been carefully nurturing, grooming and training my slaves both in real-time and online. I know you have all been missing the entries from my distance control slaves, so here is one from Sissy Mouse.  In his week 48 we put his SissyHypnoBot initial programming to the test to make sure my suggestions had been firmly implanted in his subconscious. I am pleased to say they have though lots of intense further programming is going to be required. I have had a lot of fun with Sissy Mouse in terms of his PC access. One of the things I enjoy about having remote control of my Slave’s PC’s is the ability to limit their access as and when I feel like it and quite often at random.  It keeps my pets on their toes and ensures that they never become complacent.  And if the current circumstances should mean that I do not have time to dip in and out, they are forced to bumble along not knowing if and when things will change.  As you will read too from the following entry, it forces my slaves to consider themselves and their behaviours. It also teaches them to be more organised with their time.  Another plus side of having remote PC control along with the various passwords I have demanded, is the ability to drop by and buy what the fuck I want when I want to.  But I’m not stupid. I know my slaves limits and I know when is the right time to push them, at all other times I will respect those limits. I enjoy knowing that my slave is sat at his computer, locked out from keyboard or mouse input and made to just sit back, watch and wonder what I am going to buy and how much it is going to cost him!

    I like keeping my pets on their toes. I find it amusing. I enjoy my power.



    Distance control journal week 48

    My week as always starts on Sunday with me writing and submitting my weekly journal. As I had a busy day Mistress allowed me to write it in the evening, dressed in my new role as SHB. Mistress also instructed me to spend the rest of the evening dressed as SHB and to edge myself 3 times whilst dressed. Following on from my first SHB programming session the previous day Mistress had planted some triggers within my subconscious and was keen to see if they would work. These are that as the layers of SHB are applied I become more aroused with the final full arousal once the tie is tightened and the button on the jacket is fastened. This did work and made me incredibly aroused not only whilst I wrote my journal but also for the remaining time I was so dressed. The edges were to a degree mechanical because SHB is not permitted to orgasm without its Commander’s instructions. I also had to somewhat rush my write-up due to my PC time restriction. I was permitted 2 hours on Sunday and it usually takes me around 3 hours with checking and re writing etc. I managed to complete, check, re check several times and then send it within my allotted time. The PC time limits does get to me, not in a bad way, but in a feeling very controlled way. I still had no access to any adult websites including Mistress’s so another week of not reading any other blogs etc. I mentioned to Mistress this week that I never really thought I looked at adult stuff that much but I now realise that I looked at quite a lot.

    Monday to Wednesday was relatively quiet due to Mistress having a busy week and me not wanting to bother her. I sent my morning greeting to Mistress every day and Mistress would respond enquiring after my wellbeing etc. I did have to bother Mistress on Wednesday evening to request some extra PC time for Thursday to carry out some work related admin. Mistress was kind enough to allow me unrestricted access on Thursday and for the following few days. This felt very odd to be honest because I am so used to some days having only 30 minutes and being very careful with my allocation that I didn’t know what to do with all this time, especially not having any access to adult sites so I couldn’t go rummaging.

    Thursday morning arrived and I sent my message to Mistress and wished her well on her busy day and once again thanked her for my PC time. Mistress in her usual way reminded me to enjoy while I could. About an hour later I was looking through twitter as this is my only choice of viewing anything kinky now, when the TeamViewer box appeared on my screen. I don’t know why I do this but I just freeze like I have been caught out. Mistress firstly opens my webcam but this is lying face down in my desk tidy and then opens notepad and checks if I am there. I respond to her message and we have a quick exchange of pleasantries. Mistress then informs me that she needs some small items from her Amazon wish list and she is going to use my account to buy them. I reply that I should be able to cope with that. In the past Mistress would always ask me if I could afford it and if its ok to do it but not this time. Mistress just said I’m going to buy them and you don’t have a choice. I have the feeling that Mistress has a harder edge to her these days and you don’t question her. I also know Mistress doesn’t and wouldn’t get carried away but regardless I just sat there and watched as she added only a couple of items to her basket, checked out and said her goodbyes. I am then just left with the TeamViewer feedback window and an après shopping arousal!

    I then set about my admin duties and once completed I message Mistress to thank her for granting me the time. I also add that today’s internet shopping trip reminds me of one of the many reason why I love being one of her slaves.

    On Friday my message to Mistress to wish her a nice day and give her my work plans for the day is replied to with a task. I am to work today wearing my pink thong with the little bells on. I thank Mistress for my task to which Mistress replies that she requires proof that I am wearing them on the hour every hour. This I think confirms my belief that Mistress has a harder edge at the moment. I thank Mistress and duly put them on and send my first picture at 9am (well in fact it was 8.59am) I just look at the time and immediately worry that I have sent it 1 minute early and as such did not follow my instructions carefully. I await Mistress’s reply which luckily is a laughing emoji. I continue this throughout the day and its funny how either the phone rings or someone turns up bang on the hour so I have to either hang up the call or make my excuses for a couple of minutes. That for me is the enjoyment of Mistress’s power and control, I have no idea what would happen if I sent the picture late but I don’t want to find out. The jingling of the bells for the day was very humiliating even though nobody made any comment it still plays on your mind if anyone did hear them. After sending a picture at 2pm Mistress informed me that she had seen enough of my fat belly and panties for one day and I could stop. I thanked Mistress for my task and went about the rest of my day still jingling.

    Saturday was a quiet day apart from a message from Mistress saying she thought that whilst I was watching the F1 with my mate I should dress as SHB. Whilst I am lucky to be able to share most things with him about my adventures with Mistress, some things are just too much to share. I messaged Mistress that whilst it was very appealing I couldn’t go that far. I didn’t get a reply which makes me wonder if it went in the non-compliance file!

  • Mistress Knows Me (Knowledge is Power) – By Slave Taquin

    Mistress knows me. She knows my needs and desires like no one else has ever done. She knows how to control me using my weaknesses like a set of reins. She knows precisely when to taunt, when to tease, when to praise and when to punish. She knows when to blow me a kiss and when to scare the living daylights out of me. She knows how to mentally and physically intimidate me into total submission. Most of all she knows how to deny me to the point when I think I will crumble under the urgency for release and then deny me some more. And just occasionally she will provide that release, ensuring in so doing that I never quite forget what my suffering might lead to. Today, as I finish this week’s blog, I am lost in my submission to her.

    My blog must as always start with last Sunday. I submitted my blogs from the previous week. I say ‘blogs’ as I was required to submit two this week. The first talking about my week as a whole and the second that covered my session on the Wednesday. Writing blogs is never easy. These ones were particularly difficult as I wanted anyone who read them to understand how Mistress had really got inside my head in the previous 7 days. It had felt like she had dissected and unpicked my thoughts and emotions and carefully crafted a way of using them against me.  Mistress picked up on two errors in my blogs and told me to fix them. Just as I was in the process of putting right my mistakes the screen on my PC told me that I was locked out until 3pm. I didn’t know that Mistress could do that! I knew that she had put parental control software on my PC that prevented me accessing porn sites but had no idea that she could literally lock me out from the whole PC. I tried to access my e mail through my phone, only to find that internet access had been turned off. I could telephone and text, but nothing else. All that I was left with to try to satisfy my need for fetish content was the ability to look back on old tweets and texts. A couple of hours went by before Mistress eased her grip on me and allowed me back on line to correct and re-submit my blogs. It had been a torturous couple of hours being denied access to the fetish world. Little did I know that Mistress was just preparing for what was to come at the end of the week.

    Later that day Mistress set me a task. It was to write a story for her about Chastity. She told me that she wanted ‘to take you back to basics’. I had no idea what she meant by this but just the fact that she had a plan for my continued submission was enough to send me into a slavish dither. I wrote the story as instructed and submitted it to Mistress on the Monday. In writing it I was constantly reminded of the fact that I had given up any opportunity to pleasure myself. Mistress has total control of that now.

    On Tuesday Mistress sent me a video. It was only 1 minute and 5 seconds long. But it was devastatingly effective. In it Mistress told me that I had had lots of internet access over last couple of days, and that she was loving that she could turn it off in an instant. I could almost feel her beautiful eyes penetrating my soul as she said ‘You just don’t know when my grip on you will tighten once again.’ She finished the video by saying ‘Take a look at what I am wearing for the custom I am about to film.’ and allowing the camera to pan down ‘Ooh, I bet you’re going to be a dribbling mess now. Bye bye.’ I was left with the image of Mistress grinning, safe in the knowledge that she had left me horny and helpless.

    The following day I found myself still watching a listening to the 1 minute and 5 seconds of teasing. Mistress is addictive! It was the ‘Ooh, I bet you’re going to be a dribbling mess now. Bye bye.’ with a gorgeous smile, that got me every time. I love it when Mistress so obviously knows the effect that she has on me and enjoys my discomfort. At some point during the day Mistress turned off my access to the internet on my phone. It doesn’t actually tell me that this has been done. It is just that apps like Twitter stop updating when I try to connect. To start with I had thought that it was my phone playing up. But then it continued, and a text from Mistress confirmed the point. My lifeline today was my PC in the workshop. Twitter is the thing that I use the most these days to get my kicks. At least I was able to access this on my PC. I am prevented from accessing any other porn sites and so have to fill that void with something. Thankfully I have several videos of Mistress backed up in a folder on my PC and so these too fill this fetish void.

    Having experienced a quiet day on Thursday (this is the one day when Mistress spends more time on herself and less on her slaves) I woke up at 3am on Friday morning to find that my internet access had been turned off on my phone. Two hours later having found it impossible to sleep I went out to my workshop to find that my Laptop had been locked down also. Apparently I was not going to be allowed back onto that until 3pm on Sunday! I sat in front of my PC not really knowing what to do with myself. For some reason my predicament really got to me at that point. I recognised the facts for what they were. I was locked in a chastity device with no possibility of being allowed access to the key and therefore Mistresses property. I can never forcibly remove the device as Mistress would discover this at my next session and deal with me accordingly. My two ‘windows’ into the fetish world (PC and Phone) had been taken away from me. I felt absolutely and totally helpless.

    A few words here about distance control. I have always needed my submission to be real, tangible and if possible physical. That is why I feel the need to be physically restrained (ropes, chains, stocks, cable ties or anything else!) when in a session. Until recently being locked in a chastity device was the most ‘tangible’ part of distance control for me together with the need to provide evidence of task completion such as photo’s, video’s and reviews. Much of my submission however, when away from the HOD, relies on my total honesty with Mistress. IE if she tells me to do something, or to stop doing something I always do what I am told. This is wonderful and has worked very successfully for me for a long time, but it is not absolute. Computer and now phone control has added a whole new perspective to distance control. It is tangible and real. Mistress has installed software. Mistress has changed passwords. Mistress can see everything that I do in my fetish life online, can delve into my personal files, can monitor who I follow, who I contact and what I can access. Being in control of my usage of my workshop PC was one thing, but being able to do the same with my phone is a whole different ball game (Freudian slip). This brings me so much closer to my desire to be under Mistresses inescapable control at all times.

    I sent Mistress my morning text and told her how I felt. What happened next will already be known by many of those reading this blog. I of course had little idea of what was going on, isolated as I was. My PC was totally inaccessible. My phone however, whilst disconnected from the internet, did still send me notifications of incoming e mails. I couldn’t access any of the e mails but the notifications that appeared on my phone screen did give me the first 5 or six words. As a result of this I spent the whole day seeing notification after notification of tweets involving me. I noticed that most of them were re-tweets and this surprised me. I even saw one tweet notification from Mistress that had the word camaraderie in it. Throughout the day Mistress kept in touch through texts. She wouldn’t tell me anything about what was going on but just took the opportunity to taunt and to tease. With everything else taken away from me Mistress was the only person in the world who I could share my feelings with. I felt very needy and was so glad that Mistress was there for me. It was almost as if I had forgotten that she was the person doing this to me in the first place. At one point she made it clear to me that I wasn’t being punished for some wrongdoing. No, Mistress was making me suffer in this way because it was fun for her. Knowing that Mistress was enjoying herself made me happy, and very horny. As always I try not to text too frequently. After all why would Mistress want to hear me from me ‘bleating on’ all the time. Eventually my need to be released from my fetish exile got the better of me and I asked to be allowed back onto Twitter. Mistress responded in an instant with ‘nope’. I have said it before and I will say it again – no is such a sexy word, however it is said. It just confirms who is truly in charge. There is no doubt in my mind that it is Miss Deelight! I went to bed fearing a terrible night’s sleep. In actual fact I slept like a log.

    I awoke this morning (Saturday) to find my phone internet still locked down. I began to fear that my exile might last for days. What a terrible thought. I sent my morning text to Mistress and headed out to my workshop. With very little anticipation I opened up my laptop and tried to sign in. It worked I was free! But… there was a video file on my desktop that was not there previously. Mistress had been on my PC using Teamviewer. I clicked on the icon and nervously watched as a video of her time on my PC started to play back on my screen. Mistress had been looking through my files again. But then she had done something totally unexpected. She had opened up something called network sharing and was somehow looking at my computer in the house. I was shocked. This is my ‘family’ PC that is used by the whole household. Mistress knows of it and also knows that I never use it for anything fetish related. I am just too scared that I might leave some image or trace of my fetish life. The fact that she seemed to be able to access it so easily was very scary. Mistress spent some time looking through all my family photo’s. She even found a couple from my wedding day. I subsequently tried to convince her that brown suits with flared trousers and platform shoes were the height of good taste in the 1970’s. I don’t think she believed me.

    I sent Mistress a text and thanked her for allowing me back onto my PC. I then quickly caught up with all of the twitter posts that were causing me so much torment the day before. I saw Mistresses post and videos encouraging everyone to make life difficult for me by retweeting. And I saw how many fellow slaves had joined in. Some slaves even tweeted and retweeted several times (you know who you are!). And somehow my torment intensified further. At one point I got so wound up that I sent a ridiculous text to Mistress almost begging to be released from chastity to provide myself an orgasm. And I meant it, I was desperate. The answer from Mistress? ‘*giggles*’. I have actually had to stop and start this blog several times because I have been too wound up to continue. I am actually relieved to have nearly completed it. I will certainly be glad to send it to Mistress tomorrow morning as required and to start a new week. I feel quite exhausted. Who knows what next week will bring.

    Let me conclude by saying this. If you are considering asking Miss Deelight to be your Mistress either in session or distance control, then don’t hold back. Make that choice and then be totally honest with her. Give her the knowledge and the power and you can be sure that she will use it in ways that you would never have thought possible and that you will never regret.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – Total Mind Fuckery

    Slave Taquin had seemingly forgotten his place on a few occasions in recent weeks so I took it upon myself to remind him of it. With a combination of tease, humiliation,  blackmail, punishment and discipline I put my slave through his paces in a session that he will never forget!  (p.s. any blackmail activities that I undertake with my slaves are fully consensual at the core, it is merely the activities themselves that come as a surprise).


    I arrived at the HOD early in order to fit some new drawers that I had made for the bedroom upstairs. Once I had fitted them, and ensured that Mistress was happy with them, I was told to go to the bathroom strip and go to the dungeon downstairs.

    In the middle of the dungeon floor was a chair that I was instructed to sit on. Mistress was looking gorgeous and supremely powerful dressed as she was in black underwear and bodice. In my session nerves I failed to tell Mistress how much I liked and appreciated how she looked. I would pay for this later. Mistress produced 4 cable ties and in less than 30 seconds I found myself totally immobilised with ankles secured to chair legs and wrists secured to each side of the chair. Mistress was not messing today. The cold efficiency of how she took absolute physical control of me took my breath away and Mistresses property started to dribble uncontrollably in its cage. She walked around me one more time to ensure that I had no chance of escape and went into the lounge next door taking with her my mobile phone that she had made me give her earlier. I knew that she intended to take control of it today. It wasn’t until later in the week that I began to realise what a significant step this was. A couple of moments later Mistress appeared holding a piece of card and a roll of gaffer tape. She smiled menacingly as she turned it so that I could read what she had written on it. It was a message to my wife that told her that I was sorry but I had been born kinky! Mistress taped it to my chest, took a picture and went back into the lounge, shutting the door behind her. Now at this point I have to say that I do trust Mistress implicitly. Despite that the fact that she had my phone, and that picture of me, started to make me very scared. I told myself to just stay quiet and accept whatever was about to happen. A couple of minutes went by and I heard Mistress say ‘oh so and so he’s your best friend isn’t he’. Mistress was reading through all of my texts and messages. And then a few minutes later Mistress came back through and showed me my vanilla twitter profile that she had managed to access. A few more minutes passed by and I heard her saying stuff like ‘oh that’s good, that should do it’. I knew that I was now totally at her mercy. In the end I called through and asked if she would tell me what she was doing. The answer was a firm and quite dismissive ‘no’. I felt very small, very vulnerable and more than a little scared. Mistress walked back through the door looking determined. She told me that she had composed a post on my Facebook page, that she now had control of, that included the picture of me with my confession to my wife on, that could be sent out at the touch of a button. The only way to prevent that from happening was to do exactly as I was told and accept everything that was about to happen to me. I readily agreed. Nothing could be as terrible as being exposed to all of my friends and family.

    Mistress stood right in front of me and looked down at me. I was mesmerised by her appearance. She took the pair of wire cutters that she was holding and reached down to the chastity device and snipped off the plastic lock. Within a moment Mistress had removed the device lubed her gloved hands and was caressing her property to life. ‘This is what you have so desperately been waiting for isn’t it’ she said. I moaned and said ‘yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’. In just a few seconds I was begging her to stop as I feared that I might cum before I was allowed to do so. Mistress stood in front of me looking down once again and asked me how many times my balls had fallen out of the device in the last 4 weeks. I told her that it was twice. ‘And what happens each time I have to let you out of your device to sort them out?’ she said. I told her that the last time they had fallen out she had punished me by giving me 6 (agonising!) strokes of the cane. ‘And the second time you didn’t even ask for my permission before removing the device’, she said. Well that is 12 strokes of the cane for you today then’. I should say at this point that I had hoped that being caned for falling out of the device might have been a ‘one-off’ thing for the last session. Apparently not. I was scared. 12 strokes of the cane. I know some slaves relish this and much more. I don’t. I hate it. Mistress then asked what else I had done wrong in the last 4 weeks. Suddenly I realised that there was worse to come. I think I began to shake at this point and my mind went blank. Mistress informed me that I had made her very angry by sending her abrupt and disrespectful texts. She reminded me that she pulled me up on this before and therefore I was to receive 10 whacks with the paddle to help me remember. ‘And what else should you be punished for today Taquin?’. Again I couldn’t think. She told me that she was upset that I had not complimented her on her appearance particularly as she had taken the trouble to wear something that she knew I would like. This really took me aback. Mistress was right. How ungrateful and rude of me. I was so angry and disappointed with myself and knew that anything I said now would probably just make matters worse. I did try and apologise but ended up just digging an even greater hole for myself. My penalty for this was going to be 10 minutes of nipple clamps. Another painful punishment that scared the life out of me. And before I could regain any degree of composure Mistress reminded me that there was another sin that I should be punished for. It was the fact that I copied and pasted some ideas for a humiliations list Mistress had told me to compose. For this I would suffer humiliation today. Mistress looked down on me and said ‘oh look at you, I think you are going to cry’. And she was right.


    And so my punishments began. Firstly a dogs head mask was put over my head. ‘Growl’ was the first instruction. ‘Louder, keep going’ she said ‘Bark like a dog’ Mistress instructed whilst filming my total humiliation. Now Yelp, now whine, keep going, do it louder and Mistress laughed and laughed. And so did I for a while. ‘Now go and sit by the back door like a dog, now go outside’. I stepped into the rear yard fearful that it might be overlooked, but it wasn’t. Mistress was inside looking out through the window and still filming me. ‘Now go walkies’ she called out. ‘Now beg at window’. I did everything that Mistress told me whilst Mistress laughed at my stupidity. Once Mistress had captured everything that she needed she allowed me back into the kitchen and locked the door behind me. I was made to sit on the floor whilst she removed the mask before being instructed to go upstairs and lay on my back on the bed.

    At this point I sensed that things were looking up. I had expected to be ordered into the dungeon to be secured to the whipping bench. Maybe all of this talk of canes and paddles and nipple clamps was just a Mistress mind fuck. I eagerly went upstairs and laid on the bed. Mistress instructed me to put my arms above my head in order that she could secure them into the stocks at the head of the bed. Things got better still as Mistress climbed on top of me straddled my legs and started stroking her property. She brought me to the edge of orgasm, stopped and reached inside her bra cup. She pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and grinned. Things were getting serious again and I now realised that Mistress was about to punish me for my wrongdoing. Mistress reached down and secured one nipple clamp, and then the other, and just sat there and watched me begin to squirm. Within just a few seconds the pain became intense. And still she sat and smiled down at me looking very satisfied with how much pain she was causing me. And just as the pain began to get too much for me to bear she would reach down and edge me once again. As she did it the pain would diminish and pleasure would take over. She would then stop and watch the pain build and build. At one point she stood at the end of the bed as I began to shake with pain and just smiled and watched. I don’t think I have ever felt as beautifully dominated as I did in that moment. I was suffering terribly at the hands of my Mistress, she was in absolute control and would manage my pain for me by bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over. For me it was a moment of sublime submission. Once the 10 minutes was up Mistress removed the clamps. The pain intensified horribly for a moment and then began to subside. I breathed again for what felt like the first time in those 10 minutes.

    Mistress instructed me to turn over onto my stomach and secured my hands in the stocks once again. I knew what was about to happen and started to shake. I was about to receive a beating like no other I have ever experienced (6 strokes of the cane being the worst to date). Mistress commenced with the strap. 10 incredibly painful whacks made me jump and writhe on the bed. These were followed up by 12 strokes of the cane. As always I counted each stroke out loud and thanked Mistress for them. By the end of this the tears really had welled up in my eyes. It was so painful. Mistress told me how well I had done and said that I was a good boy. I wanted to believe her but know full well that I must be the most pathetic sub in the world when it comes to handling pain. By this point I felt physically and mentally exhausted.

    Mistress released me from the stocks again, made me turn over and secured my wrists for one final time. This time she was kind to me. She took hold of her property stroked and caressed it back to life (it had completely shrivelled during my caning) and gently and expertly treated to me to the most intense and wonderful orgasm I had experienced for a long time. The session concluded with Mistress locking me back into chastity once again, but this time with a steel padlock. I was sent to the bathroom to shower and dress before tidying up the bedroom.

    I went downstairs and began to say goodbye. But before I could do so Mistress produced my new slave collar. She bought it for me whilst on my PC a couple of weeks earlier. It has my name on it. She placed it over my head and secured it in place. I was instructed to wear it as I drove home again. In 30 minutes I was to send her a picture of me still wearing it as proof of doing as I was told. And so even as I drove home that day I was still reminded of my place. I did of course do exactly as I was told.

    I have had a few days to reflect on this session now. I now know it to be one of the most intense and wonderful sessions I have ever experienced. I would describe it as strict, no nonsense, absolute, domination by the most exciting woman I have ever known. Most importantly it has established in my mind a better understanding of my position in Miss Deelights world. I am her devoted, faithful and obedient slave. I think it is what I needed. I now realise that I had become too comfortable in my servitude to Mistress and had let my standards slip when away from the HOD. I am now very aware that sessions and distance control are one and the same thing. Mistress has introduced a style of control that ensures that I focus on my behavior between sessions as much as I do when I am in the HOD. Best of all I think that Mistress enjoyed the session. I can happily endure anything that she puts me through as long as it gives her pleasure. It is how it should be.

  • White Leather and Electric CBT


    Dressed in my all white leather corset, mini skirt, thigh high boots and gloves I tease the slave and body of my latex hooded gimp who is chained to the ceiling.  Running my gloved hands all over its body, teasing its nipples and genitals.  But he gets so excited and dribbling so quickly that I have no choice than to bring that fidgeting cock down to size with a crank up on the eStim electrics!


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  • SHUT UP! – Hand Over Mouth Smother Finger Worship – YOU TALK TOO MUCH! – NEW FETISH CLIP!

    Watch how, while dressed in my leather hotpants and leather thigh boots,  I tease my pvc gimp with my sensual pretty fingers, stroking them on his face, sliding them into his mouth before I force them down his throat then use my hands over his mouth to shut him up together with a choker hold at the end.

    You’ve missed your Mistress haven’t you? You want to worship my hands and lick my pretty fingers and long painted finger nails?  But you talk to much, always talking! I need to shut you up! I am going to gag you with my fingers in your mouth and then smother you!



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  • A Very Fortunate Slave Part 2 – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog

    no.A Third week in chastity for slave Pupp.  As well as his chastity device and panties, he is now wearing ladies deodorant on a daily basis to further reinforce his position of servitude. I enjoy teasing all my pets, even more so when they are bound by the confines of their chastity devices. I like to instill a little fear to keep them on their toes, ensuring that they always serve me to the highest of standards, maintaining focus on what is important at all times so I sent the caption image on the left, to him.  I have also instructed Pupp to ensure that he has correctly fitting clothes. He has lost weight and hasn’t replaced the trousers that are practically falling off of him, held up only by an ill fitting belt. A slave must take care of himself and his well being, and his presentation at all times. After all, it is a representation of the Mistress or in this case, Mistresses that control it.

    “A Very Fortunate Slave”. Gosh how well Miss sums up a pupp’s life and the position in which pupp is subjugated. We are now well into the opening month of full chastity control imposed by Miss. Miss is careful to ensure that it is clear she is in control. Every day, either directly or indirectly, there are small reminders as well as the device locked around her property. My deodorant has been changed, small fashion requests made and pupp finds he begins to become she quite quickly.

    During this week pupp felt an increasingly strong urge to be milked. This was dispelled by the chastity device as  the physical prevention of full excitement compelled pupp to follow restraint. Then Miss sent a gorgeous picture involving the subject of chastity, her beauty with emphasis on her cleavage and her statement of intent regarding orgasm control. This caused pupp pain as the device bit cruelly into me, pinching the hoped for erection and leaving behind a flaccid willy.

    The after effects of this lesson from Miss have been profound. The physical effects of chastity are powerful but at least as deep are the mental adaptations imposed by her control. She creates desire and then removes this toy’s lust at will. She demonstrates how effective her control is and also how futile it is to resist her. Miss dominates, replacing useless male traits with female understanding, crushing what is not needed.

    Since the picture episode pupp’s sex drive has been zero; this has freed pupp to concentrate on other, more productive parts of life. This pupp’s purpose is clarified and work for both dominant ladies concentrated upon.

    pupp has therefore prepared diligently for our next meeting, working hard to achieve the exact approach that Miss wants me to take….biddable, willing, open to ideas and submissive to the extreme.

    Miss has called pupp back to the HOD, fixing a date for inspection, evolution of her control and play. However she chooses to continue the training, pupp both fears and looks forward to the feelings of servitude and utter powerlessness that Miss inspires. Her training is demanding, controlling and ultimately pleasurable: thank you, Miss x

  • Spanking Motivation

    Back in September 2015 a client came to me to request help in getting himself fit and healthy.  He wanted to lose just over a stone in weight and wanted to get back into his running.  After a limit testing 30 minute session a motivational plan was agreed which naturally included a punishment plan for not reaching targets.  One of those punishments was to receive two strokes of my hard hitting ‘Batman’ paddle for every mile under his targeted running distance and he was to receive two of the big bastard double strap for every pound outside of his target weight.  The slave was to report back in 6 weeks.

    Nearly 6 months later the slave came crawling back to me, almost a stone and a half heavier and less fitter than before. In 20 minutes he was given 96 strokes of the batman paddle and 34 strokes of the strap!

    The lesson learned? Do not come to me asking for motivation and then fail to put the effort in! I was pleased to see a tweet from it yesterday, detailing its first run back to fitness!


  • New Fetish Clip – Strict Shoe Worship with Blackmail and CEI

    Kneel and gaze upon me in my shiny skin tight latex and super high heel open toe shoes then feel the wrath of my evil side as I tease, humiliate, blackmail and verbally abuse you with my strict, commanding manner.

    Come here slave, come here. Get down here now. On your hands and knees where you belong. That’s right you grovel and worship at my feet, you worship the ground I walk on because you are a pathetic little low life and this is a privilege for you. What a lovely place for you to be. I know what you want, I know that you want to grovel. So grovel you little fuck and kiss my shoes now! Here! Worship don’t drool. Now do the other one, no fucking around. Do as you are told or you will feel the sting of my whip. Pretty soon these sharp heels will be digging into you. Sharp spiky new heels in your chest and nipples. You are going to be my doormat. Easy? Have you ever had a pair of heels digging into your chest? You haven’t got a clue what it feels like have you? It hurts slave, it really hurts! You’re going to suffer for me. I like that, I like your suffering, hearing you beg and plead through the pain as you try your best to please me. But you are a pussy and you are soon going to be whining like the little bitch that you are. I’m going to walk my feet down your body until my heels are digging into your cock and then I’m going to take that little cock in between my shoes and I’m going to squish it there while my heels dig into your balls. You are going to really suffer. However with all punishment comes reward. If you endure the pain enough and try your absolute best, I might just let you spunk. I’m going to let you wank that cock of yours and I’ll let you rub it on my shoes. What’s that? You want to cum on my shoes? I’ll let you come on my shoes BUT there is a catch. You will have to clean it all up with your tongue. Do we have a deal? Good. Now just to make sure that you keep your end of the bargain, I am going to take a photo of you. Now if you don’t keep your end of the deal I will post this photo all over the internet for all your friends to see. Do you still want to cum on my shoes? Well there is no point in saying “NO” now. You’ve already made a deal, a deal with the devil! You ARE going to wank that cock, you ARE going to spunk on my shoes and then YOU WILL lick every single last drop off. Now do as you’re told and wank your cock for me……..





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  • High Heels and Foot Worship for Newbies – New Fetish Clip

    What do you fucking want slave?  Look at you sitting down there looking up so hopelessly at me. Is this what you want? Do you want to worship at my feet?  You want to kiss my feet and worship my suede leather heels don’t you?  You need to be naked so get all your fucking clothes off.  Slaves don’t get to wear clothes.  Slaves should be naked and exposed at all times.  So this is what you want slave, you want my heels.

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (11)

    Go on then, start at the very tip of the heel and you work your way up slowly.  I know how hard that makes your cock, being able to worship my heels.  The power that my heels have over you, even just basic heels like this. No stilettos, you don’t deserve stilettos.  You’re just a beginner and must progress to stilettos when you are ready.  You can practice on these for now and be grateful for the scraps I throw you.  Mistress loves watching slaves at my feet. I love having that power over you.

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (5)


    I love watching you as you melt into a blissful state of pure submission.  Just by the very act of kissing my shoes.  It doesn’t take much to put you in your place. You know exactly where you need to be and that’s here in front of me, looking up at me as I watch down on you to reinforce your position and mine.

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (11)


    And of course you’re going to want to worship my feet when they are attached to such magnificent toned legs.  Mistress loves it when you take your time because it shows your willing and your devotion.

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (9)


    It also shows your respect when you kiss slowly.  Don’t slobber. I fucking hate slobbering.  Now take your time you’re going to be there for a while.  You’re in such a wonderful place. Here you can just escape to your subspace.

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (10)


    I can see how hard that is making you, look at your cock; it’s dribbling.  You want to spunk but you’re not allowed. You can’t spunk without my permission.  Get your face in there and sniff the soles as Deelight and hand your soul over to me.  Sniff the feet of your goddess. Doesn’t that smell really fucking nice?

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (15)


    What? You want me to take it off? Beg me! “Please Mistress, let me smell your feet, let me lick your soles Please Mistress!”  I love to hear you begging slave because I know just how badly you want it.

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (20)


    Now you can kiss my feet?  Watch as I take the other shoe off.  Beg again! Show me how badly you want me to take it off!  Ready?  Now then, do what you are supposed to do.  You lick my feet now slave. You lick my feet.  Sniff the soles and put them right over your face and take a big inhale of the scent of my feet.  That’s it, now lick all the way up!  Good Boy! Very good boy!

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (22)

    What’s that? You want to cum on my toes?  Go on then slave, as you’ve done so well for your first time I’m going to let you.  Wank that cock for me now Slave. Wank it hard.  Good Boy!

    foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (26)







  • Written Punishment!

    It is a Slave’s duty to ensure that he takes care of himself and his well being when Mistress is not around.  Therefore forgetting to take one’s chastity keys home with you having a history of chastity fails, is not acceptable.  Though it was rather amusing to learn that my Slave had to sneak out at 3am to get the keys for this reason!  I decided to give a school boy punishment for a school boy error!  100 Lines that read, “This Bumbling Buffoon must always remember to keep his chastity close to him”.




  • Bound in Mind Body and Spirit – By Slave Taquin

    It’s been a roller coaster week for Slave Taquin, while I’ve been doing some subtle experimentation with him and his mind.  Giving my slaves a personalised Mantra to recite was just one of the things that has had them in subspace this week and Taquin was no exception.


    On Sunday I received my instructions for the day. Every hour for the rest of the day I was to find a quiet spot, get down on my knees and recite three times a mantra that Mistress had created for me. It was:

    My name is Slave Taquin. I belong to Miss Deelight in body, mind and spirit. She owns me and is the control I crave and desire.

    I did as instructed and found a quiet and private spot and got down on my knees, I put my phone in front of me in order that I could see my mantra, took a deep breath and recited it three times. The effect was to push me into my sub space in a way that I had not experienced before. It is not always easy to find sub space away from the HOD and whilst juggling the needs of a vanilla life, but this exercise achieved it. I continued the task for the rest of the day and went to sleep with Mistress occupying my thoughts.

    20160106-G84A1728The next couple of days passed relatively quietly. Mistress instructed me to continue to recite my mantra both morning and night and that I was to learn it off by heart for my session on Wednesday. The day before my session Mistress contacted me to tell me that the hemp rope I had sourced had arrived. My growing excitement for the session intensified at the thought.

    The following day I woke and sent my text to Mistress to tell her that I was really looking forward to my session. I arrived outside the HOD a few minutes early as always and texted Mistress to let her know. At 11am I received the text to say that I could enter. I picked up my bag and made my way to the front door of the HOD. Once inside I locked the door behind me and walked into the dungeon. Mistress was waiting for me and we said our hellos and wished each other a happy new year. Already today felt so much more relaxed than my previous session (where Mistress had decided to teach me a lesson with, what for me felt like, a good beating!). She asked what I had in the bag and so I proceeded to show her. Inside were all the things that Mistress had instructed me to make or bring along. There was the wooden chastity device that I had made as well as the wooden wrist cuffs, there was the metal chastity device that Mistress had made me remove as a punishment for last weeks misdemeanor, my butt plug and an assortment of locks etc. I also presented Mistress with a small gift to go towards her new computer.

    Mistress instructed me to strip and kneel on the floor and recite my mantra. Why is that I can recite it perfectly on my own but when in front of my Mistress I hesitate and stutter? Eventually I got it right. Once I had done so Mistress produced a large cable tie and secured my wrists in front of me. She then went about tying me up, first with a body harness that also secured my arms to my torso, and then my ankles. I was unable to move and helpless. Mistress started to put a hood over my head but before pulling it down over my face she stood back and took a picture of me kneeling as I was bound and helpless looking up at her. Mistress has never done this before. She has taken many pictures of course, but never one that showed my face. She noticed the surprise on my face and just said ‘it is for leverage slave’. It felt as if Mistress has gripped me by the balls and was never going to let them go.

    20160106-G84A1726Having done this she pulled the mask down over my face and I was made to lay on my back in order that she could replace the cable tie with the wooden wrist cuffs that I had made. This is how my sessions often start with Mistress. I am tied up and left for an hour to consider the torments to come in the session itself. Today Mistress was very generous in the time devoted to this, even taking the time to sit on my face for a while to ensure that I knew my place! By this point Mistresses property was dribbling in anticipation. It doesn’t behave as it did when I was a younger chap however and, with the exception of during the night time, seldom gets properly hard without a helping hand. I became overly brave and asked Mistress if she would be kind enough to take hold of her property. Silly, silly me. The response? much laughter and whipped balls. Not too hard, but enough to remind me not to make such requests. At this point Mistress decided that I should be made to endure the wooden chastity device that I had made. Once successfully fitted I was gagged with Mistresses suspender belt and was left on the floor of the dungeon to consider my fate. I subsequently discovered that Mistress was filming me as I descended into my own personal sub space. I think that she was probably doing this whilst I recited out loud my mantra to Mistress. It is a wonderful sensation to be tied and helpless knowing that you are now completely reliant on your Mistress and that any semblance of control has been taken away from you.


    Eventually Mistress returned to the room and walked towards me. I could just make out through the mask that she was wearing black lingerie and high heeled shoes. Lovely! She informed me that today I was to earn my potential rewards. I was to construct an office chair that a sub had bought for Mistress R’eal. Mistress untied me and pointed towards a large cardboard box in the corner of the room. I emerged from my sub space and set about the task in hand. There seemed to be so many pieces! In reality it was quite straight forward but took a little while to complete (not made any easier by the sight of Mistress walking around looking stunning and preparing rope to tie me up again. I was so flustered that I kept dropping my tools!).

    The chair completed I was ordered into the lounge and told to sit on the floor. Mistress was holding the new hemp rope that I had bought for her, and a wooden pole. The pole was placed behind my knees as the first length of rope was used to secure my legs in a bent position around it. The new rope feels wonderful. It is firmer than I had experienced before with far less ‘give’. It really does result in a very secure binding. Mistress helped me to my knees in order that she could tie a body harness on me that my ankles would be secured to. This completed my wrists were tied in front of me and  I was made to adopt the same position as the slave that Mistress had sent me the photograph of a couple of weeks earlier. Finally a rope was led from my ankles across my mouth in order to pull my head back and I was made to support myself with my arms on the floor in front of me. It was, as I had feared when Mistress put the photo on my PC, incredibly uncomfortable. This seemed to please Mistress as I struggled to hold the position whilst she took pictures. I held out for just long enough for Mistress to take her pictures and for us to joke that anyone seeing this picture would probably mistake it for the original (in which the slave is young, fit, supple and black!) before I collapsed to the floor.
    As I laid still bound on the floor Mistress took hold of her property and started to stroke it. This is what I had dreamed of so many times in the weeks leading up to the session. It makes chastity and touching bans worthwhile. Mistresses property had rather disappeared due to the discomfort of the bondage but within a few moments it started to respond, and a few moments after that I came. How fantastic it was after all this time.20160106-G84A1733

    I showered and dressed and started to say my goodbyes. But before I was able to Mistress stopped me and informed me that I was to go home, insert my butt plug and make myself cum. I was then to lock myself up again in my chastity device. She told me to make the most of it as it was to be my last orgasm for a long time. Later that evening I did as instructed. To be able to do this so soon after a session ensured that I had many wonderful memories and images to focus on whilst masturbating. And from all of the possibilities (the sensations of Mistress tying me up, Mistress in gorgeous black lingerie, her suspender belt being stuffed into my mouth, and many others) which image became stuck in my mind and pushed me over the edge into another wonderful orgasm? It was the one of Mistress fully clothed at the beginning of the session taking my photograph to provide her with ‘leverage’. I am only now beginning to understand the power of a blackmail fetish.

    Mistress gave me a couple of days to recover from our session but turned up the heat again at the end of the week. My task was to find a rope bondage video that included a Mistress teasing her slave with her finger nails. It was surprisingly difficult to find one video that ticked all of the boxes. I persevered however and finally, following much dribbling within my device, I found the answer to the brief. I emailed the link to Mistress as proof of my completion of the task. There are now another 4 long weeks before my next session. I am locked up once again and totally dependent on my Mistress. I recite my slave mantra each day when I wake and again when I go to bed. Life is good.

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  • Caught in the Web of Deelight – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Avid followers of my website and twitter will know that Sissy Mouse has been digging an ever growing hole for himself in terms of our relationship.  The session he had with me the other day was one of the most intense sessions I have enjoyed. I used sensory deprivation and total mind fucking aided by an appropriate yet spontaneous soundtrack to really get to the very core of his submission. G84A1734

    Caught in the web of Deelight


    Some of this you would have read in my weekly journals but ties everything together.

    My latest visit to Mistress begins not with me walking through the front door of the HOD but back in August, when whilst on a week off Mistress gave me the task of promoting her iMac sparkle task on various Financial Domination groups on fetlife. Mistress also requested that I wrote the text and submit it for her approval, after 3 attempts Mistress approved it. Because fetlife only allows you to post the same thing to a maximum of 3 groups per day I spent my time searching out groups and also making sure the post didn’t contravene any of the group’s rules. I would not want this to reflect negatively on Mistress. Also whilst searching for groups I began to read various posts and of course they where mainly “I need a new piggy” but every now and then I would find an interesting post about Financial Domination and Blackmail this peaked my interest and I looked into it some more and read more articles over the days as I posted Mistresses iMac sparkle article. I messaged Mistress at the time to enquire about her thoughts on this and she replied that it was not her thing so I left it at that.

    G84A1744A few months later I read a blog from Slave Taquin about his research into Teamviewer and a Mistress in the USA who uses it for Financial Domination purposes. When I next visited Mistress we spoke briefly about it and she said that she was looking into it with Taquin and would be doing more with it in the future. Because I have an inquisitive mind I carried on looking into this side of Domination including downloading Teamviewer on my pc and emailing Mistress the log in details and also my interest in Financial Domination. As Mistress was very busy at the time she said she would be doing more in the New Year so I left it at that. Then one night whilst I was out and Mistress messaged me to enquire why my pc was offline? I replied that it goes to sleep when left so Mistress said she wanted to have a look around it so go and wake it up. I duly do this and inform Mistress that it’s done. At this point we have not discussed anything about Teamviewer other than it was on my pc. I return the next day to my pc and sure enough Mistress has visited it but nothing has changed.

    About a month later I am out and Mistress messages me to enquire if anyone is at my work pc. I reply no and when I return a few hours later I am now a guest user and go to admin to find it is password protected. Mistress has also left me a message via notepad. All I can do is look at the screen and realise this is just the beginning of me being drawn into Mistress’s web.

    This subsequently led to an email to Mistress outlining my thoughts on Financial Domination and blackmail. Mistress always the one to play safe requested I expand on my ideas and also set any limits before she would even consider my proposal. I duly do as requested and sent the email. I also enquired if we could discuss these items at our next session with me tied up and under duress. So a date was set for just before Christmas and that was that for a couple of weeks until one day I got a message from Mistress informing me that she would be purchasing some items for our session from my Amazon account and was this something I still wished to do. My answer was yes and the whole idea of Mistress using my computer to access my Amazon account and spend my money was very thrilling. As is was close to Christmas I mentioned to Mistress that while she was on my account would she like to pick herself a Christmas present and also a present for her boyfriend. Mistress as she always does turned this into something so much more than just buying what she wanted and leaving. Oh no Mistress suggested that I should buy her boyfriend a set of golf clubs that he wanted and that I will sit at my pc and watch as she spends my money on him. This I agreed to without hesitation and gave me an almighty thrill to witness this. The time came and Mistress messaged me to tell me she was about to go shopping and I had to hurriedly get rid of someone so I could sit at my pc and watch what was going to happen. Of course Mistress made this much worse for me because I had to masturbate whilst she shopped with me knowing full well that I would never be allowed to cum because I am allowed an orgasm once I manage to jog 5k without stopping. Mistress opens her wish list via Teamviewer and starts to go through it, typing comments in the word pad as she goes. So I am sat in the dark masturbating having to type one handed as Mistress shops and me feeling very grubby. As I predicted once Mistress has finished and paid with my card she asks if I have cum and of course I haven’t to which Mistress replies “Good because you haven’t jogged 5k” and then goes offline and leaves me staring at my pc screen feeling very used.

    G84A1742 G84A1743

    Finally all of the above leads to our latest session. A couple of days before Mistress had enquired if I had any session requests and I had come up with a couple but later that day it suddenly dawned on my to ask Mistress for one of her torture and interrogation sessions and my fate was sealed.

    I arrive at the agreed time and before we start I have a task to replace the bathroom light because standing on a ladder after we have finished would not be a good idea. I get the bulb out and Mistress checks to see if she has the correct one. The answer is no so I am dispatched to the shops to get one and return. New bulb duly fitted and working I return downstairs and Mistress informs me to strip, I do as instructed feeling very nervous. Mistress then sends me back upstairs to fetch rope and nipple clamps and when I return Mistress instructs me to kneel in front of her and say my mantra that Mistress had given me the previous Sunday. Once I have repeated this 3 times Mistress grants me the honour of worshipping her Louboutins which I had helped to buy during a previous Sparkle task. As I worship the shoes Mistress reminds me that I am only useful to her when I am contributing to her Sparkle tasks. Mistress tells me to stop worshipping her shoes and put my face on the floor and Mistress begins paddling my bum 50 in total and they stung. Once finished Mistress instructs me to sit on a wooden chair and finds a hood and puts it over my head, she then starts tying rope around the tops of my arms which holds the top of my body to the chair. The feeling of the rope pulling tighter really makes you fall into submission. Mistress then applied wrist cuffs locked to a spreader bar to keep my hands behind me and apart and then proceeds to tie my legs to the legs of the chair. No escape now and a feeling of complete submission. Mistress then finds a blindfold and fits that and I have no idea what’s coming now of from where.


    Now you will have to excuse me because the whole session was so intense that I cannot remember what happened in what order so I am going to summarise by saying that there was nipple clamps, a knife, the vibrator wand, smothering by Mistress’s fantastic breasts (that was worth every bit of the pain and suffering) various crops, electric nipple torture (which makes me squeak). All of the above was used to get me to agree to purchase the balance of Mistress’s iMac on finance and thus commit myself to her for 2 years of distance control and give her the assurance using a voice recorder to which I had to repeat a statement that Mistress had prepared. Mistress also used the electric nipple torture to extract from me my online banking login details. This was very hard to hand over and the jolts of electricity got quite high before they would leave my mouth but eventually Mistress had what she needed. As there is two ways of logging in Mistress now has one of them and informs me that I should post her the secure key so she has total control over my bank account and I would then have to ask her permission to use it. I stumble at this because all that has happened today has been pre arranged and agreed but handing over to Mistress complete control of my bank account leaves me bumbling. Mistress then tells me that she is sure I will want to give her full control of my account in the future and then uses her phone to sign in to my account to check that I have not given her false information. She then berates me on the poor state of my bank account and how was this going to keep her in a luxurious lifestyle. Mistress tells me that I had better work harder and start earning more money. All I can do is sit there and squeak Yes Mistress feeling completely broken.



    Once Mistress has all that she needs she unties me and tells me to get a drink and a sit down and I am left in a babbling state. I still don’t really recall what I went on about but mainly sat on the floor feeling totally dazed at what just happened. Because even though I knew what was coming, it’s the way Mistress carries it out that leaves you breathless. Once I had come to my senses I helped Mistress tidy up and return to the real world.

    However now I am committed to 2 years distance control and 3 months of total financial domination with no release. On the plus side Mistress will have a shiny new iMac!!


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  • My Return Visit and More Teamviewer Control – By Slave Taquin

    (Written 22nd November 2015)

    I submitted my blog on the Sunday morning as required and sent a text to Mistress to let her know. A few minutes later her response came through to my phone and I eagerly opened it. Todays task was simple. I was to tie up my cock and balls for the day in order that it would ‘be a reminder of who owns your cock, and you’. I do find this to be an effective tool in Mistresses arsenal. It creates a sensation that I enjoy. Mind you it is best when Mistress does it to me at the HOD. I can remember one time when Mistress had my hands tied behind my back. She was stood in front of me wearing gorgeous red lingerie. Mistress had looped something lacy under my balls and just watched the expression on my face as she tightened the knot above the base of my cock. Sorry I drifted off there for a moment…. I did as instructed and got on with my work. A few minutes later my phone pinged again. Mistress required a picture. I have to confess that I find it exciting when Mistress demands proof of where I am or what I am doing. Although I consider myself to be a very trustworthy slave I do occasionally think to myself ‘but Mistress would never know’. Knowing that Mistress can demand photographic evidence at any time ensures absolutely no opportunity for cheating. Its a bit like if Mistress told me to hold my hands behind my back during a session, I would do it, but it is so much more exciting knowing that they are tied!

    Two days later I found myself at the HOD. This weeks session was wonderful, but quite different to all that have come before. I arrived at the HOD feeling surprisingly relaxed. Mistress had asked me a couple of days beforehand how her property was. I had responded that it was healing remarkably well, but that it had not yet achieved its previous vigour since the aborted session at the HOD 2 weeks earlier. The truth of the matter was that Mistress had taken it easy on me during that time in order that I should recover. I have not been surprised by the fact that Mistress has been concerned for my recovery. Indeed one of the things that attracts me to her is the fact that I know that she will look after me. Today I was going to enjoy the rare opportunity of being in the company of ‘concerned Mistress’. I had no doubt that I would be re introduced to ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ in the weeks to come. (As you will see from the way that this blog concludes ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ came back sooner than I anticipated!).

    I entered the HOD and was instructed to kneel. Mistress was wearing a tight black latex dress. It hugged her curves and showed off her figure beautifully. Following a very brief conversation I was ordered to strip and stand in front of the cage facing towards Mistress. She handcuffed my hands in front of me and produced a length of chain which she looped through the handcuffs. Mistress then proceeded to reach up above my head in order to secure the chain, and my wrists, to the top of the cage. Inevitably Mistresses body was close to mine whist undertaking this task. It was all completed far to quickly for my liking. Mistress declared that she needed to take a look at her property and to check to see if everything was working as it should. What a good day to be a Slave I thought. She was very happy to see how well things were healing up, but declared that today she would only touch the very end of her property in order not to set back the healing process. And this is exactly what she did until, after a very short time, I was begging her to stop. I had been looking forward to an hour and a half of joy, and at this rate it would all be over in less than 5 minutes. Each time I thought that I had got to the point of no return Mistress would stop and laugh as I fought to prevent myself from cumming. Maybe she thought that she was being helpful but I didn’t like what came next. ‘Lets see if nipple clamps can take your mind off cumming for a while’. I hate nipple clamps! They really hurt. I know better than to protest though. Mistress went to the cupboard and walked towards me with the clamps (and an evil grin). I winced as one, and then the other was applied. Mistress started to play with the chain that joined them. The pain intensified. With her other had she started to play with the end of her property. She started to apply a steady pressure to the chain and a strange thing started to happen. It was if there was a power line running down from my nipples into my groin. Yes it hurt when she pulled on the chain but the most significant impact was that it made it feel like I was going to cum immediately. And I did. Only a little bit, but Mistress showed me the evidence in her gloved hand. I held my breath whilst trying to determine what might come next. This is when I realised that Mistress was going to be kind to me today. On another day I would probably have been punished for cumming without permission. Today Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes and then started to torment me with what she was going to do to me now that I had let her access my PC with TeamViewer.

    Eventually Mistress released me from the handcuffs and I was able to lower my arms to my side. It was a real relief as my shoulders had become stiff from the time that I had been chained to the cage. I was made to kneel again whilst Mistress prepared rope for bondage. Several wonderful minutes passed as she tied a body harness around me and then tied my wrists to it. Mistress takes great pride in her work and bondage is no exception. She stood back and admired her handiwork. She picked up her phone and took a few pictures. Once done I was pushed back onto the wooden cross and secured to it. Mistress produced a formidable looking vibrator and went to work on me with it. Apparently it was a new toy at the HOD that Mistress hadn’t played with before. You wouldn’t think so if you had witnessed how skilfully she brought me to the edge over and over again, until she said finally, ‘do you want to come by the vibrator or my hand?’ I don’t think that I have ever been given such a choice before. I chose vibrator (only because Mistress was still only working on the end of her property, any other day I would have opted for her wonderful hands). And so my session concluded with a fabulous orgasm provided by Mistress and the new HOD vibrator. And how I came after 6 weeks of waiting. It was just fabulous!

    Over the next couple of days we communicated on a few different subjects but somehow TeamViewer seemed to take centre stage. Mistress informed me that the next time that she went on to my PC she was going to make me sign into my bank account and then I was going to watch her transfer the money that I owed her (for extending my distance control contract to Jan 2017) to her MD Enterprises account. This is definitely ‘hard core’ distance control as far as I am concerned.

    Shortly after being told this I noticed that several TeamViewer findoms seemed to have adopted a common grading system in order that they could agree with their subs the level of control that they could handle. I have copied the version from one of those findoms here:

    Level 1: Just snoop around. Good for me to gather information that I can use in the future. I do not lock your keyboard and mouse input so it is very easy for you to stop me if I wander into a folder you didn’t want me to see!

    Level 2: No changes are made to the computer but I have the ability to browse and snoop around, but not delete or transfer/download any files to my computer. I do not lock keyboard or mouse control. I may open your webcam so I can see your pathetic scared face.

    Level 3: Ability to browse files and transfer them to My computer. No deletion or changes would be made to the computer. I may lock your keyboard and mouse while I snoop about (you can still see everything I do).

    Level 4: Ability to browse files, transfer files, and make cosmetic changes such as desktop background, color schemes, etc. No irreversible changes will be made.

    Level 5: Ability to browse and transfer files, make changes to setting preferences/appearance, browse internet history, edit homepage and bookmarks. No loss of information or major damages to the computer will be made.

    Level 6: All of level 5 plus able to delete and transfer files, make changes to settings changes, browse internet history, edit homepage/bookmarks, delete email/messenger contacts, delete any data desired.

    Level 7: All of level 6 plus change Teamviewer settings.

    Level 8: Level 7 plus make changes to administrator account/sub accounts while still allowing access to administrator account.  I may also use the blackscreen feature.

    Level 9: As per level 8 plus… Disable access (claim ownership) of Administrator account while enabling a restricted guest or user account for sub to use.

    Level 10: Total control!  All of level 9 plus Enabling a restricted guest or user account for sub to use. This enables Me to determine what hours and days the sub will be able to login to the computer (however whether or not you have access, if the computer is on, I will be able to access it/make changes). Also grants ability to regulate internet preferences including but not limited to: when the sub is able to access the internet, what websites the sub can or cannot view. Ability to install/remove programs (including keyloggers and other programs such as payment enforcer), sometimes enabling access to any/all internet passwords.

    It struck me that Mistress had taken me immediately to level 10! I think that this is probably a reflection of how well we know each other now. Mistress has taken over another aspect of my life. In the circumstances I think it is a good thing. I had been missing the continual and strict control provided by the chastity device. This ensures enslavement in so many other ways.

    Two days later the TeamViewer box appeared at the bottom right hand corner of my screen and my cursor started to move without me touching it. Mistress had arrived. She opened the notepad app and started to type. She asked if her property had started to get hard. I said it was well on the way. Before I knew it Mistress had saved a very sexy picture of herself into my pictures folder. I really have no idea how she does this, but it had the desired effect. By this point I had started dribbling. We chatted through the notepad, each taking it in turn to type, until Mistress told me that it was now time for me to sign in to my bank account. This was a step that I had never taken before, and one that was about to push me right out of my comfort zone (if I can remember what that ever was). Up until this point Mistress had had access to every other point of my online  life, but letting her into my bank account was a massive additional step. I did what I was told and signed in. Well if the truth be told I tried to sign in. My hands were shaking so much that I almost got frozen out. Mistress told me to slow down. I took a deep breath and managed to complete the sign in process. My accounts opened up and my level of vulnerability went through the roof. Mistress intensified this further by locking me out from my keyboard. I had no option but to watch what she was about to do. She told me to start masturbating. I was definitely aroused by the whole situation (findom is not my thing, but a total lack of control is) and followed Mistresses instruction whilst she quickly and efficiently accessed my bank account and transferred the agreed amount to her own bank. By the time that she had done this I was close to orgasm. She came back onto notepad and asked how I felt. I asked her if I was allowed to cum. To my surprise she said that I should go ahead. She started to type into notepad again. Mistress was telling me that she now had access to my bank accounts as well as every other aspect of my life. She reminded me that I had committed to distance control until Jan 1st 2017, and that there was no escape. I came all over my workshop floor!

    Thinking about it afterwards I realised why I had been allowed an orgasm. After all I had just watched Mistress invade another aspect of my life. I had watched on helplessly as Mistress had accessed my bank accounts and taken my money, and now I was being rewarded. Pavlov would be proud of her I am sure!

    Yesterday my instructions were simple. Edge 4 times. Having been in chastity for so long I had forgotten the brief pleasure, swiftly followed by huge frustration, that edging provides. As I lay awake last night I thought to myself: ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ is back. How wonderful…

  • An Introduction from my Nail Bitch.

    Since he’s now a fully fledged pet in the House of Deelight, I thought that my Nail Bitch slave should come aboard my blog and introduce himself.  He’s been very loyally paying for my manicures and pedicures for the past couple of months and is well and truly addicted to the world of Deelight.  Please welcome Nail Bitch….

    So it all started when i was browsing clips4sale and i happened to stumble across Miss Deelight’s account. The first thing i noticed had to be the incredible red lips to which i should have known at this point, would make me crumble to anything. I was adding clip after clip to my basket without hesitation, anything where i could see Mistress’ red nails, red lips, smoking, was in my cart.

    I then found Miss Delight on twitter and began to browse a little further, without plucking up the courage to follow Miss. I was now on Miss’s website where i had found a ‘contact me’ section, and before i knew it, i was typing out a message asking Mistress if she would like me to pay to have her nails done.. I could feel the nerves beginning to build inside, knowing i was letting Miss in to my knowledge of things that make me tick.

    We then spoke briefly on adult work, and i think at this point, Mistress had known she had captured a new recruit who would be completely under her control, a new slave for the House of Deelight i believe Miss calls it. We exchanged phone numbers and Mistress told me she would be in contact when her manicure was due and my duty would be called upon.

    A few days later, i had awoken to a text which i was slightly nervous to open, but it was Mistress informing me she was getting her nails done that very day, and which colour which would be my preference. I told Mistress, red would definitely be a preference and a few hours later, there it was, a picture through on my phone, mistress showing me her red nails. I couldn’t have imagined how it made me felt, it was as though i would have done anything she would of asked of me in that moment.

    We continued to text across a number of days, and now i think back to it, this was Mistress extracting more and more information from me, learning what made me tick so I could only fall further under her spell. I had mentioned to Miss that i would like to maybe think about doing a custom video for me, which Mistress more than happily agreed and asked what sort of subjects we could cross within. We agreed on a subject, which I will not detail, but not something i ever thought anyone could have made me do.. how wrong was i! Mistress had me like putty in her hands.

    I’ve been on masturbation bans, cock and balls tied, ruined orgasms, to which I can only thank Mistress for and i can only imagine what Miss Deelight could convince me to do next. But i think for now, i am more than happy to continue me that Nail Bitch.

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  • A Lesson Learned – By Slave Taquin

    Before you read the following piece from Slave Taquin, you should know that we have a very long standing and well developed D/s relationship.  Every level of control that I have over this slave, has been requested and built on over time.  Most of you slaves do not need to fear reprisals as severe as this, don’t get me wrong; there are always consequences to actions that I deem as unacceptable but the punishments will always be administered based on each individuals level of commitment.  I should also state that slaves have been dismissed entirely in the past for their behaviour without a second thought from myself.  I consider myself to be a caring, nurturing Domme.  That is one of the reasons that I am so successful as a pro Domme.  I can empathise, I can read you, I know you better than you know yourselves.  However, do not ever underestimate me or allow yourself to believe that because I care means you are not in a position of true submission.  Step outside the line, top from the bottom, go ahead try it.  You will be punished!  Now read on to Slave Taquin’s experience:

    I have been instructed to write this blog as ‘a lesson to all aspiring Slaves’. It forms part of my punishment for what happened yesterday I hope it also forms part of my rehabilitation. I will make it as short and succinct as is possible. I don’t want the moral of the story to become lost within a load of Slave drivel.

    The catalyst for my fall from grace yesterday was the introduction that Mistress wrote to the excellent blog submitted by Sissy Mouse. Within this introduction Mistress had referred to the fact that Sissy Mouse had at some point been finding it difficult to find his submissive side. I would suggest that if you haven’t already read Sissy Mouses’ blog, you should. Any sensible Slave would have read it and decided to steer well clear of this subject after reading of the punishment dished out as a result. Not me however. I am an idiot. Instead I chose to email Mistress on the subject. Within said email I suggested that I too had been rather ‘off the boil’ during the period that Mistress had been dealing with her illness and her house move. My intentions were to be honest about how I was feeling, to offer what little help that I could whilst telling her how much I looked forward to her full return to what she does so well – tormenting all of us.

    The response was swift and painful! First came a couple of texts that gave me a flavour for how angry she was. I tried to explain but this had little effect. All went quiet for a while, and then Mistress asked what I was doing that evening. I explained that I was busy cooking Sunday dinner. There was no response, and I thought that we would probably pick up one the subject the next day.

    How wrong I was. I went to log into my computer, but my password failed. I tried again before realising that Mistress had changed my password and it was impossible for me to log on! (Mistress is something of an expert on the use of TeamViewer to control her subs.) It felt as if Mistress had grabbed me by the balls and had started to squeeze. I felt a wave of panic pass through me. Up until now Mistress has always allowed me to access my computer. She does have administration rights, but I have always been able to sign on. It soon became clear to me that I was being punished for my e mail. I sent a text. As it is i message or whatever it is called I was able to see that Mistress had read it almost immediately. I awaited her response. Nothing. I waited a couple of minutes and tried again. Again she read it and ignored me. Mistresses grip on my balls tightened further. I sent two more texts before giving up. There was nothing I could do.

    I looked at Twitter through my phone and spotted that Mistress had posted an ecard that read ‘Having a vagina doesn’t stop me from believing that my balls are bigger than yours’. I might be wrong but my suspicion was that this was aimed fairly and squarely at yours truly.

    I sat and waited. There was obviously no point in sending another text. I was in enough trouble already. Eventually Mistress sent me a text. The purpose? to begin to tell me how much trouble I was going to be in when I visit the HOD in a few days time. Ominously Mistress told me that I had been a very silly boy indeed. By now I was wholeheartedly regretting my initial email. I really should know better by now. After a little while she kindly provided me with my new password. For obvious reasons I wont disclose it here. Let me just say that every time I enter it it will remind me of how foolish I have been. When I did finally get back onto my PC I found that it opened up on Mistresses amazon wish list (I suspect I will find out before too long why that was). I also found the following message: NEVER EVER QUESTION THE DYNAMICS OR FORGET YOUR POSITION AGAIN!!!!

    I decided to save the message into my confidential folder so that I could remind myself of it when I felt the need. I sent a text to Mistress to thank her for letting me back into my PC and to tell her that I had saved the message that she had left. The cursor moved on my computer screen and Mistress wrote ‘I know I have been watching you all the time’. I had no idea!

    Mistress instructed me to masturbate, I asked if I was allowed to cum, she said yes, and I did….

    Finally I went to bed, but not to sleep. I lay there fretting over what had happened and what was to come. Surprisingly, as I had only just cum, I got a ‘hard on’ that just wouldn’t go away.

    Today I have spent much of my time on my PC completing tasks for Mistress. I should be working, but I have no choice. She still has me by the balls and I suspect wont release her grip for some time.

    The moral of this story:
    Never ever question the dynamics, or forget your position as a slave of Miss Deelight. Or you will be made to regret it.

  • I Have ALL the Power!

    You think you are strong but you are not.
    You are weak. Weak and pathetic.
    Sure you think you can resist.
    You can’t.
    You don’t stand a chance.
    Go on try it, I dare you!
    Resist my demands to restrain you.
    You can’t.
    Not when my cleavage is so close to your face.
    Not with the promise of their softness brushing upon your lips.
    You’re too weak.
    And now you are tied.
    Now try to resist the urge to ejaculate.
    If you ejaculate you will be forced to eat it.
    Go on I challenge you to resist.
    My beautiful soft cleavage next to your face.
    My long pink nails teasing your dribbling cock.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.
    You beg me to let you cum.
    You beg me to let you eat it.
    You are weak.
    You want to cum?
    You have to pay your cum tax.
    Where is your bank card?
    Give me your pin.
    Good boy.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.

    I have ALL the power.


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  • Slave Sissy Mouse’s Cleaning Duties – By Sissy Mouse


    Cleaning day at the HOD

    My latest visit to the House of Deelight was for my postponed session from a few weeks ago due to both Mistress and myself being ill.

    Mistress had enquired a week or so before if I was free all day on the 9th of October which of course even if I wasn’t I would make damn sure I was for Mistress. Mistress then explained that the HOD needed a deep clean and that she would be there all day doing webcam sessions and I was to turn up at 10am and spend the day cleaning. Mistress also informed me that she would also be using me as a prop for some of her webcam sessions.

    Some of you may read this and think how is this a session. Why would you want to effectively pay to clean? Well let me explain that I am always at
    Mistress’s beck and call for ANYTHING she needs doing. I get to spend the day with Mistress (which must be a chore for her). Mistress has very high standards and expects an excellent job so I am under pressure for the entire time. I am at her whim to use and abuse me a she fancies. What is there not to like about this offer

    Friday 10 am and I arrive at the same time as Mistress. I unload her car whilst Mistress opens up and then bring my cleaning items into the house. I am immediately told to change into my maids outfit and return. Mistress then informs me that she may go out later to take some photos and will be taking me with her dressed up as her not so glamorous assistant; that was something I wasn’t expecting and I start the day very nervous. Mistress informs me to start with the kitchen whilst she gets ready. Mistress wants all the cabinets emptied cleaned and everything returned to exactly the same place. Mistress also informs me that any dust or dirt I miss anywhere will result in me cleaning it again with my tongue!

    I start on the kitchen and all the while babbling away to Mistress whilst she is trying to get ready and catch up on Hollyoaks. After a while Mistress sends me to get nipple clamps and attach them to remind me to be quiet. I return to my cleaning with the constant reminder of the nipple clamps to stay quiet. After about half an hour Mistress tells me to go to the medical room and return with the box of pegs and some gloves. I duly do as I am told and return, Mistress applies the pegs to my balls and sends me back to work. Then after what seems like forever but is in fact no more than a few minutes I start to feel very weird and as much as it pains me to say, the nipple clamps and pegs where just too much to handle. Mistress was not very pleased with me due to not being able to deal with the pain but more so for not asking permission to remove them earlier. Mistress grants permission to remove the nipple clamps and carry on. Once these are removed I can just about deal with the pegs which are being pushed about as I get up and down the steps cleaning the cupboards. Again after a while the pain of the pegs on my balls is too much. Mistress tells me to remove them but I am doing so too gently and she takes over.  OMFG! I am almost dancing on the spot and drop to my knees when she finishes. I apologise to Mistress for going soft and not being able to take it to which she replies that she will have to toughen me up in our next session.

    hot - latex- dominatrix

    Finally after about an hour the kitchen is done and Mistress returns in her outfit for the day. It’s a latex outfit that is stunning with Mistress in it and it’s very hard not to stand in front of her wide mouthed. Luckily I am then sent to the bathroom to clean and also to tidy the cupboard that contains the sissy clothes once again anything missed will be cleaned again with my tongue. So I crack on with laughing and general goings on downstairs as Mistress carries out her webcam sessions, about half way through cleaning the bathroom I am summoned by Mistress. On arrival Mistress informs me that the slave on webcam wants to see her whip me. So I stand against the wall and take a small whipping and I am then dismissed and return to cleaning. A little while later Mistress summons me again this time she informs me I am to stand against the wall for some ball busting. Mistress pulls my outfit over my head and tells me to put my bum out and spread my legs 3 kicks in total 2 gentle and 1 which is not! She then tells me to turn round and take 3 more once again 2 gentle and one that makes me drop to my knees. Mistress shouts at me not to be such a wimp and to get up and as I do Mistress slaps me across the face, all for the entertainment of the person on webcam. I am then dismissed again and return to cleaning. A very short time later Mistress summons me again and tells me she is going to give me a face slapping. I kneel before her so that the person on webcam can see and Mistress enquires if we have done this before. I reply that we have not and Mistress Says “Well that’s about to change” and tells me I am to receive 10 slaps, 5 on each cheek and to count and thank her for each one. Whack goes the first one and that hurt but I keep my composure until we get to 6 which I think is 7 and because I lose count the rule is we start again. We start again and get to 2 and Mistress catches me completely by surprise by spitting in my face and I almost lose count. Finally I remember to count to 10 and I am once again dismissed. I return to cleaning with a very red warm face. Once Mistress has finished her session she comes to check I am ok as it was very bish bash bosh. I thank her and tell her I enjoyed it very much and it had taken me by surprise.Mistress once again returns to role and tells me to get on with the cleaning as she doesn’t want to still be here at midnight. I carry on and finish upstairs and start downstairs in the dungeon room. Mistress finishes what she is doing and goes and inspects upstairs. Luckily my cleaning had passed the test and Mistress was in-fact very pleased with the job I had done.

    A while later and the cleaning is finished apart from a floor mop when we leave so Mistress grants me the honour of enjoying my late lunch, a tuna sandwich broken up in the dog bowl on the floor. Mistress was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a sandwich she liked because she would have liked to have chewed it up and spat it out for me to eat Yummy! So instead Mistress just turns her back on me in disgust as I chase the bits of sandwich around the bowl. Once finished I ask Mistress if I may have a drink to which she muses on whether she should go and use the toilet and allow me to lap out of the bowl afterwards. Mistress decides that’s a treat for another day and to go get a drink.

    Mistress gets changed out of her work clothes and has a final inspection of the cleaning whilst I load her car and mine. Luckily it’s a good job and I am dismissed.

    Once again a massive thank you to Mistress for very enjoyable and different visit to the House of Deelight and some new adventures enjoyed.


  • Subspace for Slave Dribbly J

    It sometimes happens with my regular serving slaves, that life troubles them and they arrive at my chambers in desperate need of escape from reality.  It is when my slaves feel disconnected like this, that I especially enjoy taking them away from their troubles and sending them into the midst of subspace where they are in an isolated little world of pleasure.  These slaves know that I like to change things up and push their limits but I also know exactly when is the right time to do this and exactly when is the right time to give them what they need. It’s all part of the joys of being a female dominant. In any D/s relationship the key to a successful play time is to be in-tune with one’s sub. Fundamentally the role of the sub is to please their dom however, speaking from experience as an ex-submissive, I know that it can become very frustrating to not receive rewards in the form of enjoyed activities; therefore I use my judgement to decide when best to deliver these rewards. Slave Dribbly arrived at the House of Deelight not feeling his best but left feeling sky high as a result of my expertise and consideration.

    Here is his account of the session:


    It has been a while since my last blog, although I have visited Mistress a couple of times in the meantime a very busy personal life has meant I’ve not managed to journal my experiences, which is disappointing. Things in my personal life have been challenging mentally too, with things changing in my personal life. On the day of my session I was not very happy, quite depressed in fact and not in the right frame of mind for a visit to see Mistress. A text conversation with Mistress put my mind at rest and a lot more in the mood, to the point I was really looking forward to it (as of course I should be!).

    I arrived at the HoD and Miss Deelight welcomed me in wearing a lovely leather corset and skirt, complemented with thigh high leather boots. She looked stunning. I was then instructed to go to the bathroom and strip, and use the toilet if required. I returned downstairs naked, carrying the scales, and presented Mistress with her tribute. When I weighed in I had put on nearly four pounds! Not a good a start to the session. Next was the locking on of a chastity device. The one chosen by Mistress is one we’ve nicknamed the crown of thorns. This is not painful when I’m flaccid, however it really hurts when I get erect as the dull spikes drive hard into my cock. I was then ordered to kneel on the floor and remove Mistress’s boots and massage her feet. We started chatting, discussing my lack of weight loss and some of the issues of why my life is especially busy right now. Mistress enjoyed a cigarette as we chatted. Once she had finished I had to receive my punishment.

    We went into the dungeon and I was ordered onto the whipping bench. Mistress secured the leather straps around my legs and over my back, then cuffed my wrists to the legs of the bench. She was making sure that I was comfortable but very secure. I felt she was doing this as she knew I was going to be receiving a significant amount of punishment today. She started off by spanking my bottom by hand, in a series of spankings. She then moved on to a paddle and things were starting to get really warm. Towards the end I was really wriggling around in my bonds with the pain. Next was the dreaded cane. Mistress said I was to receive four strokes for the four pounds of weight that I’d put on, but she felt that this should be stretched to six strokes. Six was one more that I have ever had before. My bottom was already stinging when I received my first stroke of the cane, and the pain was tremendous. “One, thank you Mistress” I responded, whilst writhing in pain. The second and third strokes again made me squirm and took my breath away. Mistress could see that I was suffering and helped me by taking my mind of the pain. She came to the front of the bench and put her beautiful leather covered bottom in my face. “Smell the leather and kiss my bottom”, “Yes, Mistress” I responded eagerly. I inhaled the odour of the leather, and delicately kissed her bottom. It certainly worked, taking my mind off of the pain coming from my rear. After a couple of minutes Mistress continued my punishment, with strokes five and six really hurting and making me gasp and strain against the straps. Mistress congratulated me on taking the punishment and released me from the restraints and I stood in the centre of the dungeon.

    Next I had to walk into the stand up cage, and my wrists were secured above my head. Mistress was a little disappointed that my cock wasn’t hurting, as it was not erect. She decided some teasing was in order and things started to expand. She then applied the wand vibrator and things really got interesting. My cock was rock hard, but the spikes were digging in and causing me some real pain. Mistress was grinning at me, seeing my suffering. Don’t misunderstand me, it was superb and I was sinking into subspace. My view looking down into her gorgeous cleavage also took my mind off the pain. Mistress then decided to apply some nipple clamps. These again are a missed blessing as they turn me on, but add to my suffering. Mistress talked seductively to me, whilst applying the vibrator, and pulling on my nipple clamps. My cock was fit to burst!  This continued for quite some time as we were clearly both enjoying this. We had a short break, letting my penis go soft and Mistress removed the ‘thorny’ ring from my device leaving the back ring in place. She asked me if I wanted the nipple clamps off, and I said I was OK. Mistress then enjoyed a cigarette, using my mouth as an ashtray. I ate the ash when instructed and Mistress was pleased with my service. She then put on some latex gloves, and applied some lubricant. She gently started stroking my cock. It expanded and swelled to a good size, and this time with no spikes, making it much more pleasurable. This again went on for some time and I was really enjoying it. Mistress then gave me another break. She took the opportunity to remove my nipple clamps. The pain when she took them off really surprised me, bringing tears to my eyes. This made Mistress smile a wicked smile as she took great delight in pulling them from my chest. Once again she resumed stroking my cock with her latex clad hands. It sprung back for full hardness, and continued swelling to what felt like 150%! The ring that was still around the base of my cock was helping the blood remain in my cock. It was really straining, enjoying the sensation and I was certainly enjoying the view. Mistress was looking fantastic and her breasts were hypnotic. She stroked and stroked, talking about her and her boyfriend. She teased me with the thought that I could be honoured with being gagged with some of her cum soaked panties. This was enough to make me cum and I exploded all over the floor. I was physically exhausted, and on such a high. I was released from the cage, my cuffs removed and allowed to go for a shower. Another great session with Miss Deelight and I look forward to the experiences that my next visit will bring.

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  • Slave Dribbly J – Domestic Service Training

    New HOD resident, Slave Dribbly returned to the House of Deelight locked in Chastity to further his slave training. This time his training involved domestic service, high heel worship and more instructed weight loss!

    Slave Dribbly J writes:

    As some of you will remember I left my previous visit to Miss Deelight locked back in my chastity device, following my ruined orgasm. I left having had a great session, a bit tired, but on a high. I had been set the target of losing 6 pounds by next visit, in just less than two weeks’ time. From that evening I changed my lifestyle by cutting out chocolate, massively reducing my alcohol intake, reducing my portion sizes and doing some regular exercise. I was quite happy in chastity as it was keeping me at least slightly horny most of the time. I also liked the challenge, and the demonstration to my Mistress that I was a devoted slave. I had to buy some larger trousers for work to hide the device, and mornings were often painful waking to a restrained erection, but other than these inconveniences things were going well. I was enjoying Twitter and had struck up a few conversations with other cuckolds and chastity enthusiasts.

    At the following weekend things started to go a bit downhill. I was getting a depressed, and not in the slightest bit horny. This led me to resent the chastity device as I just wanted it off. Both my wife and my Mistress had no intention of letting me out, and there was part of me that didn’t want to fail either. I pushed through and as I came closer to my next session I began to get horny again and things picked up. My device was making my ball sack sore though, but I really wanted to succeed.

    The day of my session arrived, and on my way to the House of Deelight I received two texts from Miss Deelight, saying “Door is open” and “I need zipping and shining, lol”. I simply replied “Oh lovely J”. I arrived moments later and Mistress was clad in glorious black latex leggings, and she had a black latex top which needed zipping up at the back. It was a great honour to do so, and the zip was fighting to restrain Mistress’s beautiful full breasts. I wasted no time with shining Mistress’ lovely outfit. Next I was asked to strip, and Mistress removed my chastity device and inspected my sore genitals. There were some sore patches which really needed to heal, so Mistress recommended Sudocream. I was then sent to fetch the bathroom scales for my weigh in. On my return Mistress was admiring herself in the mirror and she got me to take a photograph of her, which she immediately posted to Twitter. Needless to say this was very popular!

    Standing on the scales was the moment of truth, and the result was very pleasing. I had lost 6 ½ pounds, exceeding my 6 pound target. Both Mistress and I were very happy with the result, and this saved me from punishment (which had been dreading!).

    I was then instructed to kneel on the floor for Mistress to have a cigarette. After a couple of drags of the cigarette I was then ordered to lie on the floor with my head slightly under the seat of the chair. The view was magnificent, looking at mistress’ legs. She then placed her beautiful Louboutin shoes on my chest, taking aim with the heels and digging them into my nipples. My mouth was used as her ashtray as she smoked, with her bending over periodically inadvertently showing me her wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished I was instructed to worship her shoes. At first I was far too sloppy, and Mistress pulled me up my technique. “Small, butterfly kisses” she told me. I started worshipping again and Mistress took another photo, which again proved quite popular on Twitter.


    After this, I had to put up the key racks that I had brought with me. Mistress instructed me to put on a PVC maids outfit, consisting of bra, open crotch pants and a dress. This is not something that turns me on, but Mistress said that she wanted me out of my comfort zone. Well, she did achieve that. I felt a bit silly, but I wanted to please Mistress.

    I then proceeded to measure, drill the wall and put up the key racks.


    This didn’t take too long and I was rewarded with a short session of kissing Mistress’s latex covered bottom. I did enjoy this as Mistress has a beautiful small firm bum. Next was another special task. I had to film Mistress doing a custom clip. We went upstairs and Mistress climbed on the bed ready for me to start filming. She did a great film, turning me on in the process too. Once the clip was done, I was told that it was my turn on the bed. I led down and was secured by my wrists. Mistress then climbed on top of me, sitting on my face. This was fantastic and my dick was hard, which Mistress then grabbed and started wanking me. She gave me a great facesitting session and this felt so good, and needless to say it didn’t take me too long to come. The orgasm was powerful and cum jetted all over my stomach, and the maids dress.

    Once I had recovered, I then helped by stripping the bed and replacing the bed linen. Another great session sadly came to an end. I left not in chastity this time, as I needed things to heal. I purchased some Sudocream on my way home, which a then applied for a few days following the session. Two days later I was ready to go into chastity again, which I duly did and sent Mistress photos as evidence. With three weeks until my next session I knew things were going to be challenging!

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  • Introducing HoD Chastity Slave Dribbly J

    Note: Contains Dribbly Cock Pictures

    Another Newbie has surrendered himself to my control at the House of Deelight.  I’d like to introduce Slave Dribbly J, a name given to him due to the excessive leaking of pre-cum from his locked penis.  He entered my chambers a total gibbering wreck, reminiscent of many who dare to pass through the HoD doors but he particularly reminded me of another slave, he will know exactly who he is. During this session I amused myself with some of this slaves preferred activities, however, as he highlighted during our pre-session chat that he was considering a long term arrangement I also had to include something that he doesn’t like, which is CP.  Corporal Punishment can be one of two things; a pleasure for pain slaves or a punishment for those who don’t like much pain.   Since Dribbly J doesn’t like the idea of CP, I used it to show him what would happen should he disobey my instruction or underestimate my control or indeed if he fucks up which let’s face it, slaves tend to do a lot and why they need a Mistress to train them.  I also enjoy CP very much and thus my slave should learn to enjoy it too under my expert guidance.  It’s becoming popular amongst my slaves to follow my instructions and write for my blog so do enjoy reading Dribbly J’s account below.

     hooded-gagged-blindfolded-slave leaking-chastity-cock

    I, like many others, have really enjoyed to read to the various adventures being blogged on Miss Deelight’s website recently, and I thought that if I blogged my experience it may help others thinking about taking the same path as me. I have been interested in BDSM all of my adult life and have had various experiences, both Dom and Sub, with my wife and a few previous girlfriends. However, I have never seen a professional before and things in my life have recently taken a change to make me explore this. I think that I should explain a bit more. I am approaching middle age and have been married since my twenties and my wife and I are very happy together. Over the last two years things have very slowly changed as she has explored having a relationship with another man, with my full blessing. Roughly six months ago she started to see a guy who is now her boyfriend. He is in his mid-twenties and I have found that my wife enjoying this relationship is a real turn on. She is very happy too as he is far more fit and virile than I am. She prefers to be dominated in the bedroom, which is a role that I do take on, but sadly I cannot deliver the length and quality of sex that she wants and needs. This then leaves her wanting, and this is why I suggested her having a boyfriend. This turned out to be a much bigger turn on than I had imagined, and it also brought my submissive side to the fore. After a while she could see me being more submissive, encouraging her to sleep with another man, and enjoying the tales that she brought home. My love of giving her oral sex was clear to her, yet my desire to actually have full sex was distinctly lacking. I adore her, but I’m too sloppy romantic for her, especially when actually I want to worship her. She then suggested that I see a professional dominatrix to help with this side of my personality.

    After quite a lot of research of Mistresses in the areas around where I work and live, I contacted Miss Deelight via her website. She replied quickly and soon we had agreed a time and day for my first session. She asked if I had any questions, and I replied with a couple; Would you like me to arrive wearing a chastity device? If you would I will of course bring you the key, and how long before Saturday would you like me to put it on? She responded to these questions the following day, Wednesday night, with “I’d like you to put your device on today and remain in until our session on Saturday.  Eventually you may find yourself going home without the key!”. This was not quite the reply I was expecting, but a massive turn on none the less. I duly did as instructed and locked myself in a metal chastity device, and what followed was a challenging few days. I was so turned on thinking night and day about what might happen in the session that I was getting very worked up. When Saturday morning arrived things changed though. I was seriously nervous. My stomach was upset, my penis almost disappeared into my stomach, in fact it might have done had I not been wearing my chastity device! I was in Newport early, to make sure I was not late and I called Mistress at my given appointment time to be told the detailed location of her chambers. She was calm, yet I was extremely nervous, her voice was friendly and helped quell my nerves.

    I arrived at the House of Deelight and was greeted by Mistress wearing a gorgeous latex dress, with very impressive cleavage. I was invited through to sit on the sofa and we talked briefly and I gave her my tribute, the key to my lock and a couple of gifts. She could see I was very nervous and did her best to put me at ease. I thought it would be best to use the toilet before we started, and I was then instructed to go up to the bathroom to do what I needed to do, then strip and come down and kneel on the mat in the main dungeon room. I duly did so as Mistress was putting on some background music. She then placed a sturdy leather collar around my neck, complete with tag “Property of Miss Deelight”. It felt so good to be owned and in her control. She inspected my chastity device and my shrivelled penis. I was then instructed to kiss her wonderful knee high leather boots. I enjoyed this and was then asked to kiss her beautify latex covered bottom. The smell was lovely. She then cuffed my wrists, hooded and gagged me. I was then led into the stand-up cage.

    Gagged-caged-clamped-and-bound Sensory-Deprivation

    This was a snug fit as I am quite large and overweight. My wrists were than secured above my head and Mistress began her teasing. Her voice was very seductive and I began expelling quite a lot of pre-cum, much to her amusement. She removed my gag and this then was fed back to me. She then proceeded to enjoy a cigarette, using my mouth as an ashtray.


    She also made me inhale her second hand smoke whilst using a vibrator and my cock cage. Whilst I’m a non-smoker, this whole experience was a tremendous turn on and I think she was pleased with my servitude.


    After some nipple torture


    I was then released from the cage and led to the whipping bench for my first proper CP session. beginner-spankingShe gave me a series of spankings, followed by six strikes with her beginner paddle. Mistress was very good at helping me through this, especially because after three strokes with the paddle she came to the front of the bench and pushed her breasts in my face. The smell of latex was intoxicating and her breasts were fantastically soft and plump. This definitely soothed my stinging backside. When strike four arrived, I almost forgot to thank my Mistress. I don’t want to think of the consequences had I not remembered. After the paddle session I received one strike with a cane as she felt I needed to know straight away what this felt like, as it will feature much more in my future training.

    I was released from the whipping bench, and she removed my hood whilst I knelt on the floor. I then had to follow Mistress up upstairs on my hands and knees, carrying a used ashtray. I looked at it hoping that I would not be asked to consume some or all of the contents. I’d only just lost my ashtray virginity! Once upstairs I was secured by my wrists to the bed and Mistress unlocked and removed my chastity device. This felt so good, although my penis was still very much in hiding. It was more nervous than I was for sure! Mistress then attempted to secure my cock and balls in ‘The Nut Crusher’. I was happy for this but my testicles had other ideas, even when using a cable tie to keep them in place they kept escaping back into my groin. Mistress decided to abort this, but promised me that she will be using that devious device on me one day. She then used a more traditional ball clamp, which squeezed them nicely. This, coupled with Mistress sitting her sexy latex covered bottom on my face, finally brought on an erection. She then removed the clamp and sat astride my legs and began to masturbate me. I came pretty quickly, unfortunately for me without her permission, and ejaculated all over my chest with one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. I was shaking and had pins and needles in my arms and legs, wow, what an end to the session. It is fair to say that during our chat, following my essential shower, I was a gibbering wreck – but in a good way!

    chastity-cock-dribbling-precum chastity-slave


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  • HoD Newbie – Sissy Matt

    It’s been a weekend of Newbies entering the House of Deelight and here is fresh young blood, Sissy Matt who visited for some Slave training as a total first timer.   After being given instruction in submissive etiquette, he was hooded, rope bound and nipple clamped before being subjected to a lesson of breath control in order to show him who was ultimately in control of everything, including his life!  This little newbie wanted anal training, and so in order for him to become my fuck slut, I gave him a little taster of what being a slut entails; dressing like one. Although we didn’t have much time in the hour so on this occasion he got away with wearing just a tight slutty black dress.  He took a good strap on fucking, shame I didn’t get the pics but my new fuck toy impressed me with his accommodating man pussy so I rewarded him with the full weight of my round bottom suffocating his face as I milked him dry.




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  • Hypnobot Further Programming – Slave Hypnosis

    My loyal hypnosis slave returned to the House of Deelight yesterday for further programming. He was greeted by his Commander wearing the RAF uniform that he had purchased previously.  A strict and smart, buttoned up vision of power.  The gold shiny buttons an instant trigger to his arousal. During this session, Hypnobot was put into a deep trance once more so that I could further program it to be completely subservient and under my full control.  You will see from the pictures that whilst in a state of trance I tied an invisible rope around his wrist and elevated his arm to prove the deep level of hypnotic conditioning he was under. I have left him further conditioned to enter this deep state of trance at a mere touch combined with a simple trigger command. I have also programmed my Hypnobot to receive triggers that will cause various responses with written commands. This has set the scene now for future sessions in which another Hypnobot will join the fleet of programmed, mindless, objectified robotic slaves.  Hypnobot has submitted his session report below.





    As is always the case on any visit to attend to Miss Deelight I had tremendous feelings of excitement and curiosity in the days leading up to the session and the morning itself.  The memories of serving Mistress the last time I was very kindly permitted to attend were still fresh, Her striking red tie, stern gaze, cane in hand. Mistress skilful and powerful hypnosis, putting me to sleep at will, and in these moments of sublime mindless relaxation Her suggestions and commands were being registered deep within subconsciously. On awakening i would be at Her mercy and Her plaything, ready to instantly obey Mistress orders and whatever triggers had been unknowingly planted.

    Today I confirmed my appointment and before leaving for the session checked my attire carefully as Mistress likes to see Her hypnobot immaculately presented. enroute I received a text from Mistress to bring a black tie.

    Expecting that Mistress would be wearing her powerful red tie I had that curiosity mentioned before and wondered what was in store. Having nipped into a shop to find a suitable tie I made my way to HoD and proceeded into Her chambers.

    In front of me stood Mistress in her smart RAF uniform and all that was needed to complete the look was a black tie.  I saw the large shiny gold buttons all done up on the jacket and immediately felt arousal at Mistress excellent standards.  With the tie now in its rightful place around Mistress neck the session began and I was ordered to lay down for the hypnosis.

    Very quickly I slipped into a deep relaxed state and reached the point of unconsciousness as yet again in my minds eye i was led by Mistress words down a staircase, each step sending me deeper and exponentially more relaxed.



    On awakening the immediate sensation was to obey Mistress without question or hesitation. Now though it was not ‘Yes Mistress’ that came from my lips but ‘Yes Commander’.  Mistress was now my Commander in my mind and I stood at attention, stiffly and quietly like a tin soldier.

    Mistress checked my clothing. i remained blank faced, eyes front, arms stiffly by my side. All that mattered or existed was the Commander and whatever She ordered.  if it was required that Her hypnobot, which was now my role, were to remain standing rigidly still for hours on end there would be no thought, no question, just obedience.

    Ordered at ease, my Commander required Her hypnobot to assist with photographic duties. it was confirmed to the hypnobot I now was that these were for further promotional purposes, as further hypnobots are going to be recruited by Commander to be programmed and developed to serve Her. This is their sole purpose in being and their numbers are to increase as per the requirements of the hypnobot Commander.

    The photos were taken. Commander’s brilliant gold buttons gleamed in the flash of the lens and triggered arousal in Her servant.  Among the tasks required in photography was that of what was deemed a ‘hypnobot storage unit’. This was a tall cage that confined a fully processed robot and in which they could be kept asleep and upright. awaiting reactivation whenever the Commander required them. this mindless obedience was the essential nature of the hypnobot.


    Indeed the Commander ordered her robot to march smartly into the container and the robot was duly locked in.

    The hypnobot was placed into a sleep while stood up in the cage, because one moment it was immaculately dressed and the next instance the trousers were down and hypnobots penis was out and completely erect, no doubt due to Commanders hypnotic suggestions.


    The hypnobot Commander used her servants erect penis, administering her hypnotic skill to induce orgasm. The mind of her robotic slave now filled with the utmost arousal and pleasure.

    Released from the storage container the hypnobot was given a debriefing and further orders by the Commander to take forward.

    The session came to an end and now released from the hypnotic trance i was back to normal but the memory of complete obedience and robotisation remained strongly in my mind.  However i still found myself addressing Miss Deelight as Commander, so it seems that one post hypnotic suggestion is clearly known. i wonder what others Commander has programmed.

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  • Pervert School Boy Johnny Caned Hard.

    Little Johnny the perverted school boy was caught spying on the girls in the changing rooms.  He was sent to Miss Deelight for a correction detention.  For the first 20 minutes Johnny was given 88 sex facts to read and memorize.  He would then be tested on the facts and would receive ten strokes of the cane for every incorrect answer, which would be offset by 10 strokes for every correct answer given.

    As you can see; Johnny didn’t do very well…

    school boy punishment (13) school boy punishment (12)

    He was instructed to bend over the school desk to receive his punishment…

    school boy punishment (6)

    160 strokes later = 1 bloody cane…
    school boy punishment (9)

    and one bloody bottom…..school boy punishment (4)

    school boy punishment (3)

    All little perverts should be locked in Chastity.  Johnny was sent back to his normal routine locked in steel…….

    school boy punishment (11)

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  • Why My Mistress Calls Me Pet – By Slave Taquin

    Well all my slaves have been very busy lately, volunteering pieces of writing to submit to my blog, much to my approval. Here is Slave Taquin’s early morning musing…

    One thing I have noticed is that Mistress sometimes calls me ‘Pet’. I do like it when this happens and find it quite exciting. I have been trying to work out why this is. I think the answer is this. A pet is something that we have much affection for but it is definitely inferior to its owner. A pet needs to be trained to behave in an appropriate and acceptable manner. It needs limits and boundaries to lead a full and happy life and these should be consistently enforced. It should be rewarded for good behavior but sometimes it has to be punished. A pet responds best to punishment that is firm and measured rather than uncontrolled outbursts. Ultimately a well trained pet will love its owner and reward them for their kindness, it will always be faithful and will protect its owner at all costs. Whilst I myself have no desire to crawl around on all fours and bark during a session I do like to think that my relationship with Mistress is somewhat like that of a well trained pet with his owner. I am wagging my metaphoric tail currently!

  • Slave Budgie: Sissy, Servant and Wriggly Worm!

    Another HoD pet, Budgie came for his second visit and after presenting me with some PVC goodies, he soon found himself being disciplined by his boss as he transgressed into sissification; humiliatingly dressed in a red sissy maid’s outfit and punished for his underachievement at work.  Once sissified, little pet Budgie was strapped down to my whipping bench and given a taster of CP with my collection of leather straps.  He requested, stupidly, that the marks only last three days.  “Yes, Budgie, I will be sure to specify that exact time-frame as my implements come thumping down on your ass!”.  If you’re going to get marked, prepare for the consequences and think up some damn good excuses, he learned.  After he took a pleasing thrashing, it was then time to fuck my little sissy fuck toy, which he took rather well still locked in his chastity device.   Lunchtime and guess who’s job it was to make it? Budgie’s of course, but it wasn’t going to be a fun task for him.  He was collared with an electrical training dog collar; courtesy (to me) of Slave Sissy Mouse, not so courteous to poor little Budgie who found himself in a shocking predicament chopping up bacon and chicken with a sharp knife and the fear of potential nasty shocks to his neck.  At one point, he had his back to me with a sharp knife in his hand chopping away lovingly, totally oblivious to his Mistress watching and waiting. I turned up the static and as soon as he put the knife down I hit him with a high voltage charge.  LOL.  Eventually, lunch was served.  I had a healthy salad with champagne, while Budgie ate his bowl of birdseed at my feet. When he couldn’t eat any more seed, he was caged while ate my lunch in peace, apart from the odd “TWEET” from budgie in the dungeon when ever I remotely activated the shock collar.  Once I had finished my lunch, the poor little birdy was hog tied and turned into a helpless, hopeless, wriggling worm as I administered shock after shock to his little feathered neck! (Video coming soon!)  So all in all, Budgies visit to the HoD was an enjoyable and amusing experience for me and his feedback shows it was for him too.

    Miss Deelight,


    Thank You so much for allowing me the chance to serve You once again last week and take me to new levels of submission.
    The role play You generated was first class as was the way You administered my journey into sissification, CP and anal play, it was an honour to be allowed to watch as You used and punished me, which lessened the pain from my point of view, until i was instructed not to watch the beauty from where the pain was to come.
    To be allowed the privilege of preparing lunch was just the beginning to the most enjoyable part of our time together when You collared me with Your new toy courtesy of another devoted slave, to have total control over me at the press of a button, sending shivers and shocks through my body. The nervous anticipation i was going through awaiting Your signal made me realise just how lucky i am to be owned by You. Then to be left caged while You finished Your lunch and tweet when the signal came was so exciting, thank You Miss.
    You allowed me to leave the cage and be restrained in a Deelightful hogtie, something i haven’t had before, on the floor and then experience the true power of the collar i was wearing was awesome, writhing in pain unable to escape the power and pain that You were having over me.
    The session ended all too soon, as the time certainly flew by while the fun was had by both of us, even so quickly that You couldn’t get everything into our time that You wanted, well there’s always next time…………..i just hope i’ll be allowed back sooner rather than later

    Your loving sub
    budgie xxx


    Click to enlarge: