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  • A Taste of His Own Medicine

    I gave Slave Taquin a writing task this week; to write a story or poem inspired from “The delicate soft thigh flesh at the stocking tops”

    Read and Enjoy x

    Tina stood in front of him wearing no more than a black bra, panties stockings and suspenders. It was the stockings and suspenders that was making his cock as hard as iron. Derek admired the gorgeous outline of black lace against that soft white perfect skin and took a deep breath. He was laying naked on his back on the hotel room bed having been playfully, but forcefully, pushed onto it a moment earlier. Tina had taken from her bag a pair of shiny handcuffs that she balanced provocatively with the chain across one finger. There was a playful glint in her eye as she said ‘I bet you would like to know what it feels like to feel these stocking tops and their contents pushed up against your body don’t you?’ ‘Oh yes please Tina’ was all that he could reply. ‘Well put your wrists up through the bars of the bed and I promise you that, before the night is over, you will.’

    Derek had picked up (well that is what he liked to believe) Tina in the bar only 40 minutes earlier. He had done the same thing so many times before. He always ensured that he stayed in the less salubrious establishments where finding a women on her own happy to have his company (and most often his money as well) for a few hours meant that he nearly always came away satisfied. And once he had hooked up with a girl he always got what he wanted. I mean always. He had convinced himself long ago that they really didn’t mind his rougher brand of sex, in fact he was now certain that deep down that is what all women wanted.

    Now Tina seemed somehow different. Yes they had agreed a price for her to stay with him the night and she certainly seemed willing enough. But she seemed altogether more confident than the women he normally meets. And now she wanted to handcuff him. ‘What the hell’ he said and put his hands up through the bars. As she slowly walked past him towards the head of the bed he could see close up the lace top of her stockings stretched tightly over the suspender belt clips. He desperately needed to feel those pushed hard against his own thighs.

    Tina secured his wrists with the cuffs and looked particularly pleased with herself. She reached into her bag and pulled out some lengths of cord. And before long each of Derek’s ankles were securely tied to foot of the bed. She reached down and gently stroked the inside of his thighs. ‘I can see where you keep looking, you really do like stockings don’t you.’ Derek really didn’t want to talk about what was indeed a huge turn on for him. Now he just wanted action. ‘So what happens now Tina? I hope you are going to keep them on as you fuck me. There’s a good girl’. ‘Oh don’t you worry Derek you are going to be well and truly fucked before the night is out I can assure you’ was Tina’s reply.

    Tina reached over to the fruit bowl beside the bed and started to peel an orange. ‘Shut your eyes and open wide’ she said as she squeezed the contents of a segment into his mouth. He swallowed and licked his lips. Tina picked up another segment and repeated the instruction ‘Shut your eyes and open wide’ but this time whilst his mouth was wide open she quickly forced the ball of a gag she had put beside the bed a moment earlier into his mouth. His eyes opened wide at this unexpected sensation. But it was now too late. Tina had taken the leather strap around the back of his head and was securing the buckle in place. Derek looked confused and more than a little irate. He tried to pull his wrists through the cuffs but they were too tight. He tried to raise his legs but they too were too securely fastened. He started to swear as loudly as he could through the gag demanding its removal. But there was no clarity to his speech. For the first time Tina looked more serious. She pulled from her bag a piece of folded cloth, wetted it thoroughly under the tap in the bathroom and then taped it with gaffer tape across Derek’s gagged mouth. Round and round his head she went with the tape until virtually no sound could be heard. ‘That’s better she said. Don’t worry Derek we really are going to have some fun tonight’ She had sat down on the bed alongside him now. Tina’s right thigh was gently pressed against his and he could feel for the first time the texture of the lace stocking top against his skin. It was slightly rough and yet beautifully soft at the same time. This was one unusual lady but he still desperately needed to cum tonight. He calmed down and accepted the gag as part of the experience. Tina reached across and stroked his thigh once again. This time her hand gently rubbed up the outside of his cock as she did so. It was rock hard once again. She took hold of it and slowly rubbed it whilst simultaneously rubbing her stocking top against his thigh. He looked ready to explode. ‘Have you ever experienced the joys of pleasure and pain’ she asked. Derek shook his head nervously, but lost in the moment. ‘Well I think it is about time that you did’. Tina reached into her bag and attached the nipple clamps that she had extracted. He winced in pain as they were applied. ‘That doesn’t hurt too much’ he thought to himself. He did notice however that the pain seemed to be gradually increasing and for the first time he noticed that his shoulders had started to ache.

    Tina took a length of cord and attached one end to the light fitting on the ceiling above him and the other end to the chain joining the clamps. She tied it just tight enough to hurt like hell unless Derek arched his back upwards slightly to relieve the tension. Tina could see the strain growing on Dereks face as he tried to maintain the arch in his back. His muscles began to ache. He could feel the lactic acid pooling in his muscles, and for the first time he felt a sense of panic grow inside him. Tina liked what she saw.

    Derek started to sweat uncontrollably. Tina was afraid that he might pass out, but that wouldn’t do at all. He hadn’t suffered nearly enough yet. Tina took hold of his cock once again and started to stroke it. Once again it reacted as she new it would and in so doing she moderated his pain.

    It was time for the next phase. Tina attached a small electrode strap around his balls. She adjusted the control and pressed the button. Dereks body convulsed in pain as the shock tore through his genitals. Now we are getting somewhere she thought. Again and again she shocked him with only the occasional pause to briefly moderate his pain before she continued once again. He was by now drowning in an ocean of pain. His shoulders burnt, his nipples felt like they too were on fire. He could no longer arch his back and his nipples felt like they would soon be torn from his chest. And now he was being incessantly shocked through his genitals. He could take it no longer. His eyes pleaded with Tina to stop. But she continued regardless off his plight. On and on it went. She took him to the edge of consciousness only to bring him back again to start over once again.

    And then she played her final card. Tina released his ankles and instead tied a cord behind each knee. She tied each to the bed head either side of Dereks head. His arse was now exposed and stuck up in the air. ‘Perhaps you think I am going to cane you now’ she said. Dereks fear shone brightly in his tear filled eyes. ‘Well I am not going to cane you. I promised that before the night was over that you would feel the touch of my soft white skin covered by my lacy black stockings against your body. Well I never break a promise. It is like the promise that I made to my friend. She told you that she didn’t want it this way, but you raped her arse anyway. I promised her that I would make you understand what it feels like.’ Tina turned and took a large strap on rubber penis from her bag and strapped it in place. Dereks eyes pleaded for her to stop. She applied just enough lube to allow it to enter Dereks arse and thrust her hips forwards. ‘Can you feel my soft flesh Derek? Do you like the feel of my stockings Derek? Whilst doing so she turned the shock collar up to continuous and looked into Dereks eyes as she raped him. Eventually he passed out.

    She unstrapped the rubber penis and left it inserted in his arse. Tina left the controller turned on continuous, got dressed, pulled the large hood of her coat over her head, picked up her bag and walked out of the room. It was how she had arrived at the hotel more than 6 hours earlier (doesn’t time fly when you are having fun she thought to herself) no cameras to record her face. Mind you she was pretty sure that Derek would persuade the hotel never to tell the police. That’s if he ever regained consciousness!

    Either way Derek would think twice before ever abusing a women again.

  • The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess

    This week I have granted a new pet the honour of a week-long distance control contract.  One of his tasks, set in order to keep his mind on me whilst he was at work, was to write a poem based on the above title.  You will get to read his journal once he has completed his week.  The very well written poem amused me greatly.  A task passed with flying colours!

    As instructed for my task today I have written you a poem.

    I present for your approval – The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess.

    In rooms dark, illuminated by porn,
    The pathetic wanker wanks eve ’til morn.
    Cock hard and desperate, cums frequent,
    A need satiated – nought to prevent.
    Yet still the base wanker wonders hopeful –
    Is there a possible life more noble?
    Weak willed, led by his cock: needs assistance.
    Decided! This wanker needs a Mistress!

    Down from her throne does a Goddess descend,
    Miss Deelight – stunning, all hopes transcend!
    However, which sphere does this Goddess dwell?
    Seems equal mix high heav’n and evil hell.
    Voice sweet, lovely visage most appealing,
    But thoughts cruel, actions mean, has men kneeling.
    Lucky slave to have the Goddesses’ time,
    Needs controlling, firmly kept in line.

    Messages sent, the wanker enraptured.
    Control introduced: cock is surrendered.
    Orgasms stolen and cumming no more,
    A new way of life for the wanking whore.
    Frustration instead of satisfaction,
    Pleasing Goddess must drive every action.
    The pathetic wanker given purpose:
    Perfect Goddess to worship in earnest.

    What now for the fortunate humble slave?
    Conflicting strong desires – will he cave?
    Days of devotion and deep frustration,
    Writhing and squirming and ruination.
    A few days at least, highly delightful –
    Devoted to Goddess, ever grateful.
    Goddess is a powerful, playful, tease,
    The wanker craves more, but needs his release!