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  • A Taste of His Own Medicine

    I gave Slave Taquin a writing task this week; to write a story or poem inspired from “The delicate soft thigh flesh at the stocking tops”

    Read and Enjoy x

    Tina stood in front of him wearing no more than a black bra, panties stockings and suspenders. It was the stockings and suspenders that was making his cock as hard as iron. Derek admired the gorgeous outline of black lace against that soft white perfect skin and took a deep breath. He was laying naked on his back on the hotel room bed having been playfully, but forcefully, pushed onto it a moment earlier. Tina had taken from her bag a pair of shiny handcuffs that she balanced provocatively with the chain across one finger. There was a playful glint in her eye as she said ‘I bet you would like to know what it feels like to feel these stocking tops and their contents pushed up against your body don’t you?’ ‘Oh yes please Tina’ was all that he could reply. ‘Well put your wrists up through the bars of the bed and I promise you that, before the night is over, you will.’

    Derek had picked up (well that is what he liked to believe) Tina in the bar only 40 minutes earlier. He had done the same thing so many times before. He always ensured that he stayed in the less salubrious establishments where finding a women on her own happy to have his company (and most often his money as well) for a few hours meant that he nearly always came away satisfied. And once he had hooked up with a girl he always got what he wanted. I mean always. He had convinced himself long ago that they really didn’t mind his rougher brand of sex, in fact he was now certain that deep down that is what all women wanted.

    Now Tina seemed somehow different. Yes they had agreed a price for her to stay with him the night and she certainly seemed willing enough. But she seemed altogether more confident than the women he normally meets. And now she wanted to handcuff him. ‘What the hell’ he said and put his hands up through the bars. As she slowly walked past him towards the head of the bed he could see close up the lace top of her stockings stretched tightly over the suspender belt clips. He desperately needed to feel those pushed hard against his own thighs.

    Tina secured his wrists with the cuffs and looked particularly pleased with herself. She reached into her bag and pulled out some lengths of cord. And before long each of Derek’s ankles were securely tied to foot of the bed. She reached down and gently stroked the inside of his thighs. ‘I can see where you keep looking, you really do like stockings don’t you.’ Derek really didn’t want to talk about what was indeed a huge turn on for him. Now he just wanted action. ‘So what happens now Tina? I hope you are going to keep them on as you fuck me. There’s a good girl’. ‘Oh don’t you worry Derek you are going to be well and truly fucked before the night is out I can assure you’ was Tina’s reply.

    Tina reached over to the fruit bowl beside the bed and started to peel an orange. ‘Shut your eyes and open wide’ she said as she squeezed the contents of a segment into his mouth. He swallowed and licked his lips. Tina picked up another segment and repeated the instruction ‘Shut your eyes and open wide’ but this time whilst his mouth was wide open she quickly forced the ball of a gag she had put beside the bed a moment earlier into his mouth. His eyes opened wide at this unexpected sensation. But it was now too late. Tina had taken the leather strap around the back of his head and was securing the buckle in place. Derek looked confused and more than a little irate. He tried to pull his wrists through the cuffs but they were too tight. He tried to raise his legs but they too were too securely fastened. He started to swear as loudly as he could through the gag demanding its removal. But there was no clarity to his speech. For the first time Tina looked more serious. She pulled from her bag a piece of folded cloth, wetted it thoroughly under the tap in the bathroom and then taped it with gaffer tape across Derek’s gagged mouth. Round and round his head she went with the tape until virtually no sound could be heard. ‘That’s better she said. Don’t worry Derek we really are going to have some fun tonight’ She had sat down on the bed alongside him now. Tina’s right thigh was gently pressed against his and he could feel for the first time the texture of the lace stocking top against his skin. It was slightly rough and yet beautifully soft at the same time. This was one unusual lady but he still desperately needed to cum tonight. He calmed down and accepted the gag as part of the experience. Tina reached across and stroked his thigh once again. This time her hand gently rubbed up the outside of his cock as she did so. It was rock hard once again. She took hold of it and slowly rubbed it whilst simultaneously rubbing her stocking top against his thigh. He looked ready to explode. ‘Have you ever experienced the joys of pleasure and pain’ she asked. Derek shook his head nervously, but lost in the moment. ‘Well I think it is about time that you did’. Tina reached into her bag and attached the nipple clamps that she had extracted. He winced in pain as they were applied. ‘That doesn’t hurt too much’ he thought to himself. He did notice however that the pain seemed to be gradually increasing and for the first time he noticed that his shoulders had started to ache.

    Tina took a length of cord and attached one end to the light fitting on the ceiling above him and the other end to the chain joining the clamps. She tied it just tight enough to hurt like hell unless Derek arched his back upwards slightly to relieve the tension. Tina could see the strain growing on Dereks face as he tried to maintain the arch in his back. His muscles began to ache. He could feel the lactic acid pooling in his muscles, and for the first time he felt a sense of panic grow inside him. Tina liked what she saw.

    Derek started to sweat uncontrollably. Tina was afraid that he might pass out, but that wouldn’t do at all. He hadn’t suffered nearly enough yet. Tina took hold of his cock once again and started to stroke it. Once again it reacted as she new it would and in so doing she moderated his pain.

    It was time for the next phase. Tina attached a small electrode strap around his balls. She adjusted the control and pressed the button. Dereks body convulsed in pain as the shock tore through his genitals. Now we are getting somewhere she thought. Again and again she shocked him with only the occasional pause to briefly moderate his pain before she continued once again. He was by now drowning in an ocean of pain. His shoulders burnt, his nipples felt like they too were on fire. He could no longer arch his back and his nipples felt like they would soon be torn from his chest. And now he was being incessantly shocked through his genitals. He could take it no longer. His eyes pleaded with Tina to stop. But she continued regardless off his plight. On and on it went. She took him to the edge of consciousness only to bring him back again to start over once again.

    And then she played her final card. Tina released his ankles and instead tied a cord behind each knee. She tied each to the bed head either side of Dereks head. His arse was now exposed and stuck up in the air. ‘Perhaps you think I am going to cane you now’ she said. Dereks fear shone brightly in his tear filled eyes. ‘Well I am not going to cane you. I promised that before the night was over that you would feel the touch of my soft white skin covered by my lacy black stockings against your body. Well I never break a promise. It is like the promise that I made to my friend. She told you that she didn’t want it this way, but you raped her arse anyway. I promised her that I would make you understand what it feels like.’ Tina turned and took a large strap on rubber penis from her bag and strapped it in place. Dereks eyes pleaded for her to stop. She applied just enough lube to allow it to enter Dereks arse and thrust her hips forwards. ‘Can you feel my soft flesh Derek? Do you like the feel of my stockings Derek? Whilst doing so she turned the shock collar up to continuous and looked into Dereks eyes as she raped him. Eventually he passed out.

    She unstrapped the rubber penis and left it inserted in his arse. Tina left the controller turned on continuous, got dressed, pulled the large hood of her coat over her head, picked up her bag and walked out of the room. It was how she had arrived at the hotel more than 6 hours earlier (doesn’t time fly when you are having fun she thought to herself) no cameras to record her face. Mind you she was pretty sure that Derek would persuade the hotel never to tell the police. That’s if he ever regained consciousness!

    Either way Derek would think twice before ever abusing a women again.

  • The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess

    This week I have granted a new pet the honour of a week-long distance control contract.  One of his tasks, set in order to keep his mind on me whilst he was at work, was to write a poem based on the above title.  You will get to read his journal once he has completed his week.  The very well written poem amused me greatly.  A task passed with flying colours!

    As instructed for my task today I have written you a poem.

    I present for your approval – The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess.

    In rooms dark, illuminated by porn,
    The pathetic wanker wanks eve ’til morn.
    Cock hard and desperate, cums frequent,
    A need satiated – nought to prevent.
    Yet still the base wanker wonders hopeful –
    Is there a possible life more noble?
    Weak willed, led by his cock: needs assistance.
    Decided! This wanker needs a Mistress!

    Down from her throne does a Goddess descend,
    Miss Deelight – stunning, all hopes transcend!
    However, which sphere does this Goddess dwell?
    Seems equal mix high heav’n and evil hell.
    Voice sweet, lovely visage most appealing,
    But thoughts cruel, actions mean, has men kneeling.
    Lucky slave to have the Goddesses’ time,
    Needs controlling, firmly kept in line.

    Messages sent, the wanker enraptured.
    Control introduced: cock is surrendered.
    Orgasms stolen and cumming no more,
    A new way of life for the wanking whore.
    Frustration instead of satisfaction,
    Pleasing Goddess must drive every action.
    The pathetic wanker given purpose:
    Perfect Goddess to worship in earnest.

    What now for the fortunate humble slave?
    Conflicting strong desires – will he cave?
    Days of devotion and deep frustration,
    Writhing and squirming and ruination.
    A few days at least, highly delightful –
    Devoted to Goddess, ever grateful.
    Goddess is a powerful, playful, tease,
    The wanker craves more, but needs his release!

  • A Dream Come True – Fiction

    I like to set my slaves extra writing tasks occasionally as these provide great insights into the darkest corners of their depraved little minds.  Whilst I was unwell I set Mousey a task to write a story based on the title “A Dream Come True”.  I was a little surprised by what he came up with but now I’m not so surprised because I know how much degradation is a big thing for this slave. I should do it more often! Here is his story, but be warned it isn’t to everyone’s taste so I’d only suggest you read this if total degradation and humiliation is your thing.

    A Dream come true.

    Lying tied to a bed spread eagled dildo gag fitted trying desperately not to get hard with my cock locked in the nasty spiked chastity cage. Electrics raging between the balls and the very large electric butt plug up my arse.

    All this the culmination of a years commitment to chastity that’s right no orgasm for a year to get me to this point and the even bigger hoop a year of anal stretching from the tiny plug that I could just cope with to the huge lump that’s currently pulsing away. Also a commitment to exercise and weight loss but I’ve finally made it and today my dream will come true or so I thought.

    What is the dream you ask well a few years ago after trying very hard not to have any sexual thoughts about Mistress a recurring dream kept coming into my head of Mistress pleasuring herself on a dildo gag whilst I am tied up and can only watch and wish it was me. The ultimate denial so close yet so far!

    While all this is going on and my mind is racing I failed to hear Mistress talking to someone downstairs. I come round to Mistress entering the room and looks down on me lying there and says “ready slave?” all I can do is nod and try as I might I cannot stop my cock getting so hard that the spikes dig in with unrelenting evil. “You are slave, well one part of you is, don’t damage yourself you don’t want to miss out on your orgasm do you?” I shake my head with such great vigour that there can be no doubt that I want my orgasm so badly. Mistress presses the button on the e-stim remote and the pulsing stops.

    “Now slave as you know when you ask Mistress for something and she agrees and you agree to all her terms you expect Mistress to fulfil her side of the bargain don’t you?” I once again shake my head up and down with great vigour and a muffled yes Mistress tries to leave my gagged mouth. “Well slave I promised to ride that dildo and to allow you an orgasm. However you didn’t say I couldn’t do it by proxy did you?” I look at her in a quizzical manner and thinking what? “I have decided to allow a proxy to ride the dildo and give you an orgasm” Hmmmmm is all I can come up with. “SLAVE” shouts Mistress and with that another slave walks in the room and I think to myself what the fuck is this? Mistress then starts to explain “Well slave I have decided that this slave loves taking it up the ass so much that I would give him the pleasure of riding your dildo gag. The only trouble with this slave is he is never clean and always leaves a mess on my strap-on so I won’t fuck him with it but I thought it would be nice if he rode your dildo gag and left you a little shitty treat to look at and smell. How kind am I to you slave?” I just look at Mistress wide-eyed, what the fuck can I say. “Oh slave your erection seems to have disappeared that’s good it must hurt a lot less now aren’t I kind to you slave?” I feel the spiked chastity device being removed and Mistress tease my cock a little and bring it back to life. “Ass slave mount the dildo” instructs Mistress and with a lot of fiddling about the other slave drops down on the gag giving me the view not of a my gorgeous Mistress riding up and down on the gag whilst I get to enjoy the view but of a blokes hairy smelly arse but much worse than that he starts teasing my cock and much as I try to resist the promise of an orgasm after a year by any means is very welcome so I just shut my eyes and try to enjoy the moment. Then something even more horrible happened with Mistress saying “slave stop teasing his cock and start pumping yours so you can give him a lovely orgasm” mmmmm is all I can say and look at Mistress who is just standing above me laughing at my pathetic look “aw slave your dream is not quite going how you planned is it” I shake my head with resigned acceptance. With that Mistress gives the other slave permission to cum and he shoots his load all over my stomach. “Good job slave now get off and go have a shower and wait for me downstairs” The other slave does as he is instructed and leaves. Mistress then closes the door and just looks at me “slave look at the mess you have made. Your dildo gag is all shitty I bet that smells lovely?” I just shake my head mainly in disbelief. “And look at the mess you made on your stomach tut tut you need more self-control it’s not been that long has it? I think you should lay there for a while and consider what a mess you’ve got yourself into”.

    Mistress picks up the e-stim remote leaves the room and closes the door and just leaves me looking at a shitty dildo thinking well this wasn’t how the dream ended and with that the electrics kick back in giving me such an almighty shock that I almost jump off the bed. In a whirlwind it’s over and whilst I should feel short-changed I can’t help feeling I would never have come up with something like this.

  • Your New Cuckold Life – New Erotic Audio Recording

    Listen to my voice as I tell you the story about how your chastity and cuckold fantasy became a harsh reality….


    Here you sit staring at a blank wall in a sparsely furnished bed-sit. Not just any bed-sit but your wifes boyfriends bed-sit whilst he enjoys not only great sex with your wife but also living in the nice house that you used to live in. The one that you still pay for, the one that you still pay all the bills with your very well paid job. Whilst you sit here in a tiny room barely making ends meets on the allowance you are given every month by your wife who now controls all your finances. Deciding every month how much you are allowed and making sure you never have anything left over for luxuries. No enjoyment for you what so ever even down to that infernal metal prison that your cock is locked in. The one your wife teases you about by claiming she has thrown away the key or did she lose it or did she give it to someone to look after. Frankly darling I’m having so much fun I can’t remember she says…


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  • New Audio Erotica Clip – Nylon Worship Instruction with JOI and Cum Countdown

    Listen to the sound of my sultry sexy voice as I instruct you to worship my shiny sheer stocking covered feet. When I think you’re ready, I, your goddess, give you masturbation instruction and a foot job with a count down to orgasm all over my pretty nylon clad feet.

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  • Mike’s Control and Denial Poem

    I have all kinds of slave’s under my command, all with a varying method of domination.  The slave who wrote me the following poem is a text message slave.  Every morning I send him a text message, to give him instruction on how many times to ‘edge’ (building up the plateau of orgasm then stopping before climax) himself and what he must fantasize about during the day.  Last time this slave was in touch with me, he only lasted a week out of a month’s target.  So this time I am trying to push him further, although judging by the poem he sent me last night, it appears that suffering is already intense!

    Beautiful wicked Mistress Deelight
    Please hear your slave and pity his plight
    Each day I sit by the phone and pray
    My mistress will let me cum today.
    I beg and plead and ask you nice
    To you that adds a bit of spice
    To the suffering that you enjoy
    To inflict upon this helpless boy
    I complete your tasks both line and verse
    And end up feeling ten times worse
    My cock it aches my balls are blue
    I know how much that pleases you
    So I continue to endeavour
    To win my Mistresses’ favour
    You’re smart and cruel,by far the best
    Thank you Mistress for my distress.
    Just one last thing ‘fore all is said
    And I drag my aching balls to bed
    You know what I need better than I
    I pray that soon the spunk will fly

    Are you man enough to take on the edging challenge?


  • Slave Daniel’s Fantasy – Frank

    I haven’t yet introduced Slave Daniel, one of my cyber domination slaves.  Daniel, contacted me asking me to make him into a better man for the greater good of himself, so via email, we have begun to explore and unlock his personality so that I can fine tune him into becoming the man that he craves to be, although as yet, he isn’t sure what that is, and that is what makes slave training fun;  the journey of self discovery.

    Thus far Slave Daniel, has completed various tasks including a very difficult time keeping task and has undergone a 2 week masturbation ban as a punishment for failing that particular task, which I believe was a mission in itself.

    Anyway, I enjoy asking my slaves to write for me as it allows me an insight into the workings of their minds.  So I set Daniel a creative writing task, of which the purpose was to allow him to explore the darker corners of his mind, relinquishing all guilt and offering him the freedom to express himself fully and openly.  To my amusement he failed the task in terms of the exploration I was expecting from him, but yet some how has managed to pass it by merit of what I should have anticipated from him! I guess, the darker corners of his mind, are somewhat uneducated, and prettier in comparison to the darker corners of mine.  I look forward to his writing, further down the line when he gains a better understanding of himself and what it is to be a slave.

    As with the writing of most of my slaves, and with the permission granted to them, to freely express themselves, Slave Daniel’s story does come with a massive element of wishful thinking, which is what makes this story amusing to me.  However, I am sure you slaves reading it, will fully empathise with this fantasy.

    Please note, that this story is an exact copy and paste, I can see the grammatical errors, I just don’t have the time nor requirement to correct them.  Slave Daniel, on the other hand, will be learning to do this for himself as he progresses along his journey.  I do anticipate a continuation of this story in the future, though Daniel himself, may not be aware of that until he reads this post…

    Enjoy and dream on! Ha Ha Ha!

    Sala De Demonios

    3 days frank had been driving, stopping only for fuel, food and the occasional sleep. Driving was the only escape he knew and for 3 days he had been running… running from the demons that were his life, The man he should of been, the man he became, the man he was and the man he wanted to be. He was running from everything he knew and he didn’t know exactly why.

    The engine of his car hummed a familiar tune and the road seemed to snake long into the darkness randomly choosing his path as if it were leading him on a journey… the air was warm but with a cool breeze and the desert seemed to stretch off for miles into the dark night in either direction… he was alone in his car… his island of safety from the harshness of the desert.

    Frank was tired and the only thing keeping him awake were the bumps in the road… but It was getting late, the bumps had left him and frank knew he should rest… but some outside force made him continue down his road, he hadn’t seen another car in what seemed like hours and frank was clueless as to which road he was on, but it felt safe which made him feel calm and right in his decision to carry forth.

    With his eyelids getting heavy and the soft hum of the engine starting to become a faint lullaby… Frank saw it… on the horizon like a beacon of hope it stood… the warm glow of civilisation… as he drew closer he could see that it was indeed a quaint hotel, made from stone, it had clearly been standing for some time and seemed to have not been touched by the outside world.

    It was clear that the owner must be a collector of cars, the car park was full of all sorts of different makes and models from all different years, they had obviously been there a long time as the desert had laid claim to most and the others were all covered in layers of dust and sand.

    Frank slowly parked up amongst the graveyard of cars and his faithful companion shuddered to a haunting silence as he turned the key.

    Frank strolled towards the hotel reception, the reception was a medium sized room, decorated with plants and small wooden tables and chairs, beyond the reception desk frank could see a bar, with a dimmed beer sign… hopefully his next stop.

    Frank rang the reception bell…. and from behind a shut door emerged the perfect figure, beautiful blonde hair and eyes which could bring a smile to the darkest of souls.

    So enamoured with her beauty was frank that he couldn’t spit his words out and just smiled…. you will be wanting a room then Frank… said the women.

    Frank unfazed by the fact that she knew his name, replied with a simple yes.

    How long are you planning to stay with us Frank… said the women. He hadn’t planned to stay longer then a night and wasn’t sure as to whom the we were that she referred too, but something about her made him not care… and so he smiled and replied… I don’t know. To which the women responded….. They all said that.

    She handed frank a set of room keys and explained that she would require his car keys as a deposit, he handed them over and she pointed to one of the many rooms circling the bar and reception area… If you need anything…. shout… we will be having a party later… you should join us…

    Filled with a new lease of energy Frank smiled and made his way up towards his room.

    His room was a medium sized room with a double bed, small dresser and a bedside drawer and lamp… it was a very usual hotel room and apart from clearly not being used for a while it would suit its purpose.

    Frank placed his bag on the bed and removed his shirt pondering who on earth could be going to the party, there was no civilisation for miles and  the car park was full of relics from the world’s automotive past… and none had clearly moved in years.

    By now Frank was fully awake… thanks somewhat to the desert air and so he decided to jump into the shower.

    Frank emerged from the shower a freshened man and he sat himself upon the bed and started to dry his hair.

    Suddenly aware of a presence in the room, Frank stood up and to his surprise there stood the receptionist in his room, but he had not heard her knock… nor open the door, she was completely naked bar a pair of shinny latex boots, a leather thong and a whip… Frank found himself paralyzed and transfixed by her perfect body and all he could do was stand and stare.

    She smiled at frank and in stern voice demanded… Kneel.

    Frank couldn’t bring himself to say no, and although in his head he knew that something was wrong he couldn’t fight it, it was as though an invisible force took him by the hand and guided his knees to the floor and before he knew it he was on his knees and she was towering over him in perfection.

    In the same stern tone she told frank…  bend forward and to kiss my boots… before frank could even process the thought…. his lips were pressed firmly against the cold latex of her boot. The women took a step back, smiled and whispered… good boy.

    Frank then felt a cold tickle as the women’s whip stalked its way up and down his back…. now my pet…. stand up facing the wall…. the next part is going to hurt…

    Frank stood up and walked to the wall next to the bed… the women took his arms and locked them into what frank had originally thought were strange old candle stick holders… he was wrong, they were restraints, elegant and purposeful.

    Unable to move Frank felt a coldness wrap itself around his neck and then tighten like a snake with its prey…. This is your collar… you belong to me now, whispered the women in his ear…. and with this Frank found himself in silence unable to turn and look behind him.

    He could only lay in wait for what was to come…. suddenly like a bolt of lightning, Frank felt the whip rip through the skin of his back like a ski in the snow… he felt a surge of pain roar through his body and if not for the restraints he would have surely collapsed to the floor.

    The silence returned and was broken by a sadistic giggle from the mysterious women accompanied by another lash from her whip…. Frank had been beaten before in fights but never whipped, and as each pain filled lash tore through his body like a hurricane, he found himself more and more exceptive of his cruel and unusual fate.

    The whipping continued for what felt like an eternity and as abruptly as it had begun it stopped, and the silence was once again broken, but by the sound of footsteps walking up behind him…. Have you had enough? Questioned the women. Breathless, sweaty and in pain frank could only nod…. the women accepted this and released the restraints sending Frank crashing to the floor.

    In a breathless, broken voice Frank murmured, Thank You.

    Thank you? enquired the women…. Yes thank you spluttered Frank in a now slightly less breathless voice… Does this mean my pet knows not to misbehave? Asked the women… God yes was Frank’s reply, who by now was shaking… God Yes….. What? Demanded the women.

    Frank pulled himself to his knees and looked puzzled…. momentarily confused as he didn’t know her name….  the women now standing in front of him said in an empowering voice… Mistress… as she placed her boot onto his right shoulder and pushed him back to the ground.

    He laid there on the floor, breathing heavily, in pain and the women strolled around him and took her place sitting on the bed, she leaned forward and stroked franks head…

    You know it doesn’t have to be all pain…. if you behave… you will be rewarded… but don’t get any ideas that you might leave… for you belong to me now… With that she slowly drew franks head up by pulling on his collar…. and placed it resting on her leg….. You want to fuck me don’t you my pet? Whispered the Mistress… Frank nodded and replied… yes mistress.

    With this the Mistress stood up and climbed upon the bed on all fours in a crawling position and in a surprisingly pleasant voice said…..Then you may.

    Frank still sieving from his whipping climbed upon the bed…. to him he had earned this and he was going to enjoy it… his penis standing to attention, thick and full of life, he inserted into his new mistresses warm and tight pussy, he slowly pumped back and fourth, with each thrust becoming closer to the ecstasy he craved… closer to fulfilment.

    Having always praised himself on being able to go the distance, something about the Mistress made him feel young and in experienced, before long frank could feel climax burning up through his body like a building ablaze, he wanted to slow down and pace himself, his head pleaded with his body to slow down, to impress this women of mystery but his body wouldn’t let him and in what felt like no time at all Frank felt a surge of energy explode through his body, he felt as though he had just received a thousand volts of pure electricity, and he erupted in a flex of ecstasy.

    His heart pumping and his body quivering, he slowly pulled his now flaccid penis out from within his mistress.

    The Mistress backed up slowly pushing frank from the bed, turned and then faced frank sitting on the bed, Frank gazed upon his mistress with a look much like that of a child longing for the sweets high up on the shelf.

    The mistress pulled him in close by his collar and seductively said…. all my good slaves clean up after themselves… as she said this she parted her legs, revealing to Frank her wet and juicy pussy, freshly filled with his cum.

    Frank would usually be disgusted by the thought but for some reason found himself over whelmed by a hunger… a hunger he could not explain… he felt as though he had been marooned in the desert without water for months, and that located within her pussy laid the sweet refreshment he needed to live… with no hesitation Frank found himself buried in her crotch…. his tongue lapping away like a cat drinking a saucer of milk.

    He could taste his juices mixed with hers, and with every drop he found himself craving it more and more like a drug and he kept his tongue digging until finally the mistress demand he stopped.

    She pushed his head away from her and stood up from the bed towering over him like she had before, she slowly walked to the drawer next to the bed and pulled from it a chastity device and proceeded to place the device upon Franks member and secured it so tight that it initially took his breath away.

    Now shower yourself and come join the party…. we have all been waiting so very long for you… she said in a sensual voice, before turning and slowly walking towards the door.

    Before she exited Frank’s room she slowly turned and looked at him smiling…. One day you will realise where you are…. until then…. you are mine… with a wicked smile upon her face she left and Frank was left longing a broken pain filled man with only the soft sound of the party music to keep him company.

    Copyright © missdeelight.com 2013

  • An Ode to Loser Wankers

    To the little loser wanker,
    Who watches from afar,
    The one who can only dream,
    Because you know how shit you are.

    Lying in your dingy room,
    With your tiny cock in hand,
    Emailing all the mistresses,
    To promise them the land.

    You write down all your bullshit
    And then use copy and paste,
    We take one look at your desperate dribble,
    Then send it to the waste!

    You haven’t even got the cash,
    To pay us for our time,
    A freeloading little slug,
    You leave a trail of slime.

    All you can do is dream,
    That any woman would want you,
    But deep down you know you’re a waste of space,
    And you know we know it too!


    Copyright © Miss Deelight 2013

  • The Massage

    Slave Arthur – a slave currently serving 3 weeks out of a minimum 3 months in chastity, offered to write me a story after we discussed his next session.  I thought I would share it with the rest of you.  Now bear in mind that this is just a story and very much wishful thinking for Slave Arthur, who is clearly clutching at straws with some of the words he has written.  Bless him! Oh well, he can dream; after-all, it’s me who holds both of his keys!  He will be visiting Deelight HQ this Friday for session number two.  He has at least got one thing right in his story, I won’t be using much energy at all! *Evil Laugh*

    The Story:

    “Good afternoon Mistress.”

    “Hello slave, I hope you’ve been good since I last saw you”

    “I have Mistress”

    “No fiddling with anything that belongs to me?”

    “No Mistress”

    “No trying to pull out of your wank stopper?”

    “No Mistress”

    “Good, good. That’s what I like to hear”

    He had not seen her for three weeks. Three weeks locked into the chastity device, with no access to any keys. Three weeks into what had been promised  as a minimum of a three months training programme to break his wanking habit.

    She had insisted on using the term wanking rather than masturbation. Masturbation was something that she did for her pleasure, wanking was something he liked to do to relieve his dirty little desires.

    After all the clitoris was the only organ in the human body totally devoted to pleasure: It was only there for pleasure, so pleasure it must get. The male orgasm was all about depositing sperm all over the place: – messy and dangerous.

    She was determined that as far as orgasms were concerned, she would remain in total control of his. He didn’t know it yet, but it was going to quite a while longer than three months before he got what she was so good at making him want.

    “Tonight slave”, she smiled that smile that was at once both sweetly innocent, and deliciously wicked, “You are going to do most of the work. I want a relaxing, leisurely full body massage. Now strip and let me examine you”

    He undressed as commanded; she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of her.

    “Stand up!. You don’t think  I’m going to bend over to examine you”

    He stood up, and she carefully examined the cage around her penis, the ring around her balls, and the lock keeping it all in place, and preventing any form of erection or relief.

    “Very good slave. Nice to see everything still nicely under my control. — Now I really don’t feel like expending too much energy today, and I’m certainly not having that cage off, and I really can’t have you enjoying this massage too much now can I?”

    “No mistress”

    “Good. Hands behind your back, eyes closed”

    She carefully reached inside the cage with her finger tips and rolled his foreskin back to expose the head of his frustrated penis, which she proceed to cover with a generous coating of deep heat. She also applied a generous coating to his balls.

    “You may commence the massage now slave”

    She stood up so that he could undress her. He had not seen her body before, and a combination of her beautiful curves, and the fact that he had been fully caged for three weeks, soon had the blood flowing into his penis. This had the effect of increasing the burning sensation from the deep heat to a more intense and uncomfortable level.

    She lay down on her stomach, and sighed “You may now begin”

    He oiled his hands, bent over, kissed the back of her neck, and began to massage the scented oils into her neck and shoulder. Gently squeezing and releasing the neck muscles.

    He kissed her back, and smoothed oil into it, moving gradually lower.

    He kissed her buttocks, and smoothed more oil into those delicious curves. “Shouldn’t have thought of that” he thought as the blood flow to his caged penis increased and the deep heat kicked him again.

    Carefully avoiding getting any oil into her more sensitive areas, he moved on to massage oil into one leg, then the other. Lifting one of her legs, he kissed her feet, and massaged them, gently kneading the area behind her toes. He did the same for the other leg.

    He then moved all the way up her body again. Gently rubbing in the oil, and once more kissing areas as he reached them .

    “Would you like to turn over now Mistress?” he asked.

    “Not yet slave. I’m enjoying that. Do it all over again”

    He did.

    She turned over and lay on her back. Arms stretched out lazily above her. Eyes closed. Head to one side.

    He kissed her neck, and gave each nipple in turn, a few soft licks, kisses and sucks, before repeating the same massage process.

    Kiss, oil, smooth in, move down a bit. Finish the feet and start the return journey.

    He had now returned to her neck. She was still laying relaxed, arms above her head, eyes closed.

    He kissed her neck, her breasts, paused to suck and kiss her nipples and gently flick them with his tongue.

    He gradually moved lower and lower with his kisses: Her abdomen, the mound of Venus.

    She opened her legs, and he began to kiss the top of her thighs and vaginal lips.

    He ran his tongue along the opening of her pussy, and began to caress her clitoris with his tongue.

    Slowly and gently at first, occasionally pausing to run his tongue along that crease, gently suck her clitoris, kiss it, or blow gently on it.

    He could feel her muscles relaxing when he paused, and tensing again when he re-started.

    After a while he could feel that she was getting more aroused as her juices began to lubricate the entire area. – He loved the taste of these, and wondered if it was possible to collect them.

    She began to moan softly as her arousal level increased. He upped the tempo of his licking, increased the  pressure slightly, and made the pauses shorter.

    It wasn’t long after that her orgasm hit. He could see the ripples along her abdomen, and he slowed the stimulation. She began to move her arms down, and he stopped. Moved away a few inches, and remained still and on his knees, gently kissing her thighs as she savoured the moment.

    She spoke

    “Not bad for a first attempt slave. I may let you do that again one day, but in the meantime, there are other things to do. –Stand up”

    He did, and she applied another dose of deep heat to his glans and balls.

    “Stay there while I get dressed” she commanded

    He waited, as the burning intensified.

    She returned.

    “Now slave, as I said, I don’t intend to use very much energy at all today. – Follow me”

    She led him to the kitchen.

    “I have some clothes to wash and a floor that needs a good old fashioned hands and knees scrubbing. – So come on my little scrubber. – Washing first”

    As  he washed she came up behind him

    “Do you like being my slave?” she whispered, adding “Not that I care”

    “Yes I do Mistress”

    “That’s the right answer” she said, and she reached round behind him and began to fondle his nipples.

    He began to gasp. His nipples had always been hard wired to his cock, and as a result of this fondling, was trying very hard to become erect. The deep heat kicked in again. She seemed to know what effect this was having. “I do hope you’re not enjoying this too much save” she cooed

    After a while she stopped.

    “I’ve had enough of that. I’m going to sit down and read for a while. Call me when the washing is finished.

    Gradually the burning subsided, and the washing pile reduced.


    “I’ve finished the washing Mistress” he called.

    She returned, showed him where the bucket and floor brush were, and instructed him on what cleaning solution to use.

    “We start furthest from the door and work our way toward it. Now put the bucket in position, and get down on your hands and knees”

    She tied his cage tightly to back of the collar round his neck, which pulled his balls clearly, and uncomfortably into view behind him.

    Taking a small hand shaped smacker she sat on his back with her legs astride him.

    “You may start” she said, giving his balls a sharp slap.

    He began, scrubbing hard.

    Again she reached around to fondle his nipples for a few moments. He made the mistake of slowing a little and gasping, which was rewarded with another smack to the balls.

    “The nipple fondling as a reward for working well. It is not license to show that you’re enjoying the fondling more than the work” she snapped.

    The cycle of nipple fondling and ball slapping continued as she rode him while he scrubbed the floor.

    Eventually the floor  was washed.

    “Not bad slave, not bad at all” I have a little reward for you before you go. A little something I’ve been saving for you all day.

    She brought from the fridge four glasses of amber liquid.

    “Here we are” she said, “I want each glass drunk down in one, and who knows, maybe next time, I’ll let you have some that’s really fresh”

    She watched him drink all four glasses.

    “Ok, now wash up the glasses and go and get dressed. Present yourself to me in the bedroom when you are dressed”.

    He did as ‘requested’.

    “Anything to say slave”

    “Thank you for continuing my training Mistress, It was a pleasure to serve you”

    “Of course it was. Of course. You may go now slave: And I think that since it is now coming  into spring, it would be a good idea if you brought  some stinging nettles with you next time”

    He left with a distinct expression of concern on his face.

    She smiled to herself. “This one has potential” she thought.



  • Willing To Serve?

    Being a thoughtful Mistress, (take note Slaves),  I thought it would be an idea to get your little, submissive minds racing and your loins stirring with a section dedicated to Erotic Fiction and Fantasy.  To get the ball rolling I have invited guest writer ‘RB’ to write the first story on this site.  Thank you, RB for sharing your story, Willing to Serve….

    John, a middle-aged Professional in a long-term relationship, good job, house and dog.

    A member of John’s team is leaving and he decides to buy her some nice perfume, each Friday he works in a London office in Knightsbridge and decides to buy the gift from Harrods.

    Venturing around the vast hall he finds the Chanel counter and is met by a smiling lady who helps him make his choice.  John cannot help but to observe this lady, her movement, her voice and her manner captivates him, he makes a mental note of her name badge…. Caroline.

    As the days pass, he finds that for some reason he cannot get the image of Caroline from his mind, this lady in her late thirties or early forties, her voice, her eyes; Every Friday John visits Harrods and buys something from the Chanel counter, just to be served by Caroline, he now has the courage to greet her by her name and make small talk. She suggests some new products and offers some samples that she places into the bag. On the way out, John puts the receipt in his wallet and notices handwriting on it.

    Are you willing to serve?
    An address in Mayfair
    Visit at 8.30 on Friday evening, do not be late

    Prove you’re worth buy bringing the following items:
    Black silk stockings from Agent P
    Black corset from Honour
    Black thigh high boots

    The list was very detailed, with specific items, sizes and where to purchase.  John’s heart starts to pound and he finds himself forgetting about work, something that up to now has been the biggest thing in his life, the responsibility and decision-making that comes with his position.  He studies the list and plans his route, criss-crossing London to obtain each item, he becomes thrilled as the items are gathered, the collection of pink and black bags.

    The hours seem to drag in to days and slowly Friday arrives. Unable to focus, mind racing, he leaves the office early.  At home he checks each item meticulously and ticks off the list, studying the handwriting and tracing his route to the Mayfair address.  He books a cab and loads the bags. Arriving at the mansion block, he opens the note and waits until 8.30 before pressing bell number 8.  Seconds later the door clicks open, his heart is pounding, mouth dry, he gathers the bags and walks into the opulent lobby, up the stairs and along the hall to reach number 8.  His pulse now racing, he can hear his own heartbeat, a gentle knock, the sound of heels and click; the door opens.

    John is greeted by a tall blonde in her early twenties, dressed in black stockings and leather corset, hair pulled back in a pony tail, “come with me” she whispers.

    He is led to a large, candle-lit room and sits near a window with the various bags scattered around his legs.  Moments later a figure moves from the corner of the room, “Good evening John, I am pleased that you were prompt and it looks like you have been successful.  Have you been successful?”

    John tries to speak but his mouth is too dry.  He focuses in the dim light, the figure is Caroline, that voice, that manner, she is dressed in a long coat, a very expensive long coat.  She sits opposite him; the tall blonde collects the bags, one by one.  “Would you like a drink, make yourself comfortable, have you managed to obtain every item, well done.”  Caroline stands, moves towards John and whispers in his ear, “Would you like to see what you have brought me?”

    Artist Unknown

    The tall blonde approaches John and starts to undress him, he is unable to move, transfixed by these two women.  His clothes folded neatly, he is led to a tall leather chair.  Without realising, his wrists are strapped to the arms of the chair and a black lace blindfold is placed over his eyes.  His body is aching with desire and is aware of his nakedness; Caroline approaches and draws a long red fingernail across his chest, enough pressure to leave a neat line of raised skin.

    John feels that he is in a trance, unable to move, the world of work; responsibility seems in another place, what has he done, feeling helpless, exposed and elated.  He has never experienced such arousal; there is a deep ache between his legs, he has no control.  Caroline reassures him and tells him to relax, he can now focus through the black lace and watches as the tall blonde removes Caroline’s coat, falling to the floor, she steps away, fully naked, John follows the curves of her body.  The tall blonde silently caresses Caroline and brings her each item from the various bags.  John watches as Caroline is slowly dressed, black silk stockings, black corset and finally the thigh high boots.

    John is breathing heavy, the ache from his balls is unbearable, he wants to free himself so he can jerk and release the pent up energy.  Caroline notices this and moves towards him, she straddles the leather chair and places her manicured fingertips on his shoulders, the tall blonde stands behind him, he can feel the silk of their stockings brushing against his skin, this is now unbearable, he pleads to be released.  Caroline moves closer and whispers “wait here”.  John groans and pleads, his balls feel as though they will explode, he tries to escape from the wrist straps, but to no avail.

    Caroline and the tall blonde walk hand in hand and leave the room, John is left in darkness, his mind racing, he hears laughter, all the while his body aches, he writhes in the chair, longing to be able to reach himself.  He drifts away, tired and aching, his mind racing with images, Caroline, her voice, her body, the tall blonde who is silent, where have they gone, when will they release him?

    After, what seems to be an eternity, the door opens, and two figures enter and move towards him. Caroline runs her fingertips up and down his thighs, across his chest.

    She places a fingertip on his lips and whispers that he has been worthy to serve.

    The tall blonde moves towards him and removes the leather straps, John is moved from the leather chair and on to his knees, the tall blonde approaches him and pulls his face into her shaven soft skin, John slowly licks her soft skin, within seconds he feels Caroline’s hand at the back of his head, pushing him closer.  The tall blonde moves away and Caroline takes her place, he starts to kiss her smooth shaven skin and licks at a stainless steel piercing, taking it slowly into his mouth, sucking and kissing.

    Caroline moves away and takes a seat next to the tall blonde, they start to slowly stroke each other, John is helpless, he is now completely subservient, and he still aches.  He waits for instruction. Finally he is told to stand and rub himself.  Within seconds he feels the deepest orgasm building and releases across the tall blonde, Caroline massages his cum into her breasts, whilst John collapses in a merciful release.

    Moments later John is given his clothes and asked if he would like to take a shower, he feels so drained.  The tall blonde takes John’s hand and guides him towards the door, Caroline walks behind and whisper’s “you are good enough and willing to serve” and places her finger tips on John’s lips.

    John leaves the apartment block and walks through Mayfair in a haze, he tries to make sense of the evening, he is tired, but mostly elated.  He has never experienced such erotica from such a powerful woman. He feels that this is an element of his life that he has suppressed. It is now something that he will crave.

    Days later he goes over the events, unable to erase it.  Friday arrives and the commute to London makes him feel excited, he cannot wait to visit Harrods, to walk through the large hall and see Caroline at the Chanel counter.

    John leaves his office and like an over excited schoolboy, rushes through the store, towards the large hall, filled with glamorous women, behind their counters.  He approaches the Chanel counter, not knowing what to say.

    Stood at the counter, he looks for Caroline – “can I help you” he hears, looking around, he expects to see Caroline but no – “can I help you Sir” says a beautiful blonde.  John asks after Caroline, “is she working today?”

    “Caroline?  Sorry Sir, there’s no one here by that name; we have never had anybody called Caroline working for us.”

    John leaves the store, confused and feeling slightly empty, he returns to his office…..

    Copyright © Miss Deelight and RB.  All rights reserved.