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  • Updates and a Message to Derek H….

    While I have been consciously aware of the fact that I am immensely behind in posting distance control journals and sessions write-ups, from my slaves, it has been brought to my attention and reminded me (with thanks to YOU,  Derek H, who also happened to drop Slave Taquin in the proverbial shit, when he told me about the messages he’d received on Twitter from you) that there are great fans of this website and the contained writings.  With that in mind, what will follow over the coming days, will be a thorough catch up of the missing entries.  However, since I’ve been too busy to post the updates because I like to include an introduction, I am even less likely to find the time to post them with introductions now as that will require reading over all the reports again, therefore I will be posting them as they are.  No introductions and no grammatical checks. I like to think that this will start me with a clean sheet so that I can continue in future, with posting my own comments in addition to the reports.  (Again, probably unlikely due to aforementioned busy schedule! – Are there any slaves out there with WordPress knowledge who would like to be my blog admin slave?)

    Derek H, you really should introduce yourself to me and not to my lowly slaves!  Afterall, were it not for me, they would have nothing to report.


  • Important Info Regarding Private, In-Person Sessions

    Please note that due to a change in my personal circumstances, as of Friday 20th October 2017, I will only be taking bookings for real-time sessions on a Mondays and Fridays.

    Availability between midday and 7 pm on Mondays and Midday to 9 pm on Fridays. 

    Before making a booking please ensure you are able to attend on either of these days.


  • Custom Clip Filming Day with TV Jessica Dee

    I am DEELIGHTED to announce that TV Sissy Slut Jessica Dee and I will be joining forces in a Bitch vs Brat filming extravaganza on Monday 9th October.  Ever wanted to direct your own custom fetish clip with a Superior, Experienced Dominatrix and a Submissive Sissy Slut Brat?  Now is your chance! £100 will buy you around 10-15 minutes of exclusive, just for you, content, where you call the shots (within limits).  Well, actually, I call the shots but you get a say in it ;)

    Custom content filming time is limited, so get your orders in ASAP.  You will receive a full HD 10-15 minute, exclusive custom fetish clip, tailored to your requests and fully edited.  Orders will be sent within 1 month (the best things come to those who wait) of filming via wetransfer.com, directly to your inbox.

    To order your clip, email me directly: MissDeelight@outlook.com with your name, and content requests.  Payment accepted through various, regular, methods.



  • Testing the Humbler and Paddle from @GratefulPain

    A few emails ago, GratefulPain.Co.UK  contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them to promote their wonderfully hand crafted BDSM implements.  Of course, I said, “Yes!” and agreed to be a tester and reviewer of their products.  The day after I gave my address,  I received a parcel from them.  I opened it today to discover a lovely hand crafted humbler and a wooden paddle.  My first thoughts were “These are really well made but the paddle doesn’t look too destructive”.  I was right about the quality of the goods but I was wrong about the damage the paddle could do!

    Normally I would wait for a session to try these items out, however I suggested to my lovely Boyfriend that we test theM together.  He was reluctant as he prefers to give the pain rather than receive it, but after a bit of gentle persuasion (teasing) from me, he  agreed to participate in the experiment.  The humbler was quite tricky to put on initially.  Most humblers have their own unique way of being applied.  After a couple of trial and error attempts we succeeded in applying the device without the fear of castrating him! (note to grateful pain, I would suggest for those less experienced that you include instructions with this device).  Once the device was in place, nom nom! Balls were looking very juicy indeed and I felt it only appropriate to nibble at them as sensitive as they were ;)  I didn’t go so far as hurting my other half but were he one of my slaves, even the slightest slap would have made him drop to his knees.  They will add some sadistic fun to my future sessions and I will post back here as I introduce my submissive boys to them.

    The next item, the paddle was intense.  I gently tapped my other halfs bottom with it and he flinched to the other side of the sofa! I told him he was being a baby so he offered to return the favour.  Of course, I agreed and OMG, a gentle tap was really all it took to make me wince!   2 Gentle whacks each and we both have reddened bottoms.  I simply cannot wait to bring this into a session and use it at full force!   The paddle is smooth and beautifully carved.  It looks too pretty to be painful but it is most definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • **Important – Holiday Dates for Mistress Deelight**

    It is very rare that I go on holiday however this summer I am going away not once, but twice!  So make note of these dates….

    Thursday 13th July to Wednesday 19th July – Inclusive.  Emails will be answered on the evening of Wednesday 19th.

    I will be available for bookings from the 20th-23rd July.

    Next holiday 24th to 29th July inclusive.  Emails will be answered on Sunday 30th July.

    Although I will likely be scheduling twitter and blog posts for my time away, I will not be available to answer emails or DM’s etc.


  • Miss Deelight’s Birthday

    You’ve followed me for ages but never shown your appreciation, or you are already one of my devoted and worth pets who do show me how much my hard work means to you (in which case you’ll already know about my birthday and/or have already got me a gift!) either way, my birthday is coming up on the 31st May and you all know how much I love receiving presents!  To help you along I’ve set up a birthday wishlist which contains items to suit all budgets.  The items on this wishlist are things that I want, things that will make me happy and thus will make you happy! Be a good boy… go treat your Goddess!


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  • Slave Chatterbox – Under Your Skin!

    Slave Chatterbox is very quickly becoming an accredited member of the House of Deelight with his willingness to endure pretty much anything, which on this occasion meant a lengthy class in needlework and not of the sewing variety.


    Sometimes, Mistress Delight really gets under your skin!

    At a previous session, Mistress suggested that she might like to try needle play with me. It’s not
    something that I’d ever thought of doing, but anything for Mistress, especially when she said it’s
    something she really enjoys doing :)

    The time of my next session arrived and once I was in my proper position, naked, on my knees at
    Mistress’ feet, she asked “Do you know what I’m going to do to you today slave?”. From my
    position she towered over me, she looked as stunning as ever; in black thigh length high heel
    boots, black leather shorts and a revealing black leather top, tied at the front, showing off her
    perfect cleavage. Angel or daemon? I didn’t know, but I was about to find out.

    “No Mistress” I replied, dreading that I could guess.  “No? Oh I think you do” she laughed, with that cute, yet cruel laugh she uses when she knows she’s going to enjoy herself. And all the time the sole of her high heeled boots was not so gently crushing my balls. “Needle play” she said, and a beaming smile lit her face. A knot formed in my stomach, I’d guessed right and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this, but it’s Mistress’ dungeon, so Mistress’ choice and I am her slave to use as she pleases.

    “Front or back” and “With or without a blind fold” Mistress asked. Choices?? That was new, this
    was going to bad. I chose back and with a blindfold (definitely didn’t want to see what was going to
    happen). I lay on a massage table, blindfolded and wondering if I’d be offered a final cigarette as a
    last request, I waited for Mistress to start, with growing trepidation.

    I could hear Mistress getting the equipment ready. Gloves, sterile needles, sharps box and sterile
    wipes. And all the while Amy Winehouse was singing ‘Back to Black’ in the background (definitely
    an ominous sign). Mistress wiped my back with the sterile wipes then gently said “The first couple
    are going to hurt”. No kidding! And when Mistress uses a gentle voice to say that, you know she’s
    right and that she knows by experience.

    Mistress pushed the first needle through my skin. The pain was intense, it’s like being stabbed with
    a needle. Like!!! It was a needle! Sharp intake of breath, breath out slowly. The pain subsided.
    “That’s the first, well done slave, lets see how many we can do”, the pleasure in Mistress’ voice
    was audible, which in turn made the pain more bearable. I’d have to try to do my best for her. A
    second needle entered my back. Pain, sharp intake of breath, breath out slowly, relax. A third, a
    fourth, a fifth, same reactions, but by now the endorphin’s are starting to hit. Adrenaline is flowing
    free. The pain is just as intense, but the release is so much more. Soft music in the background,
    Mistress is happy, I’m light headed and talking to Mistress (talking to Mistress? I never talk to
    Mistress unless she asks me something! Mistress called me ‘Chatterbox’ as one of her a jokes). I
    loose count of the number of needles, but it’s OK (this time), so did Mistress. I’ll count them for her
    when I see the photo.

    By the time Mistress has finish, the needles form a horseshoe down one side of my back and back
    up the other. Mistress takes a photo of her work then slowly starts to remove them. I thought I’d hit
    subspace during previous session, but nothing like this. I’m light headed and floating, it’s going to
    take a while to come down :) Before I leave, Mistress cautions me that I might experience sub drop
    and to contact her any time, not to be to proud to ask for help, if I needed to talk and to eat a good
    quality dark chocolate, which will help. Mistress even checked to see if I was OK the next day.
    (Thank you Mistress).

    See! Mistress Deelight does have a caring side, she just doesn’t show it (at least not too often).
    Was it an erotic and arousing session?No. It’s intense sharp pain, relax and repeat.Yet it was so much more than that, almost a spiritual thing. Will I ever do it again? Definitely.

    Thank you Mistress Deelight for such an interesting and intense experience. I hope you enjoyed it
    as much as me.

    (note: No drugs of any kind were used during this session, just needles)

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  • Saying Thanks – Woman Cave Purchases Complete

    Two days ago I posted about a project I am working on to create a woman cave for myself where I can retreat for peace and quite in order to plot the demise of many of my subs.  Within 24 hours all £600 of items needed were purchased thanks to some devoted pets and also myself for adding more slaves to my digital collection via TeamViewer.

    This is to say a big Thank You to (in no particular order) Sissy Mouse (£100), Taquin (£100), Keith B (£130), OwnedbYMD (£50 and needs a more personal slave name), and Gaz (£25).  All names will go into a stiletto and one picked at random will get to be the first to view the cave when all the items have arrived.

    Nice going pets!

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  • My Woman-Cave Project 

    I’m in the process of converting my conservatory into a gorgeous little, woman cave/office. So far I’ve lavished it in voile and drapes which has taken days.  I have a basket of items ready to purchase totalling £566 which will complete the transformation, giving me somewhere I can shut myself away in peace and quiet to plan and plot ways in which to devour your souls.  I have £230 in amazon vouchers left so I’d like for you to send me more. Whatever you can afford will contribute, the bigger the better but as always, when it comes to my devoted subs, size doesn’t matter. *laughs*

    Everyone who sends me amazon.co.uk gift vouchers towards the cost will have their name put into one of  my stiletto shoes, I’ll pick one at random to ‘christen’ the finished project with a Skype webcam sesh. 

    You’re always telling me how much you love me and my work. Now’s the time to show it. 

    Send amazon.co.uk gift cards to missdeelight@outlook.com and don’t forget to include whatever you want to be called to go into the draw. 

    Thank you in advance for contributing to my area of deviant zen. 


  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Reminiscing About The First Visit

    Its a little over 3 years ago since Slave Sissy Mouse bumbled across the threshold of the House of Deelight although he had begun showing his devotion much earlier than that by contributing massively to the now infamous bondage/torture chair that so many have encountered since.  I received this well remembered write-up from my slave earlier this week and it was nice to see he could remember it so clearly, but then again, a session with me isn’t something you forget easily!

    My first visit to the House of Deelight.

    Today January 17th 2017 marks the third anniversary of my first meeting with Mistress and session at the house of Deelight and I thought I would share my memories because as the saying goes ‘you ever forget your first time’. At the time, Mistress, didn’t require a write-up for her to read and publish on her website. I would also like to add it took me until March to finish it as things kept reappearing in my mind.

    After having to cancel my original visit back in August 2013, I finally arranged to meet Mistress in January 14. I had been feeling unwell in the days prior to my visit but luckily felt better on the day. As instructed I sent a text message to Mistress to confirm our meeting by 8.30am and duly did this. I received a very nice reply and Mistress also enquired if I was willing to allow her to film some clips with me. I was more than happy to agree on the basis of being hooded. Mistress replied that was fine and added ‘good boy’ this made me feel quite special that already I could assist Mistress. I spent the morning getting ready and very nervously made my way to Newport. I had already had a look on google street view so I had an idea where is was going. I arrived very early and parked close by and waited for the clock in the car to tick around to 1pm. My instructions were to phone Mistress to announce my arrival and she would open the door for me. I remember feeling very nervous just dialling the number and when Mistress answered almost immediately I felt myself bubble a little (nothing has changed there). Mistress confirmed the house number and I made my way down the road and knocked the door. The door opened as if by magic and in I walked. Mistress closed the door behind me and walked in. I will never forget what Mistress was wearing a pvc catsuit and corset and her very ample bosom was spilling out and looked a vision of beauty and dominance, all I could think was keep looking at the face, which was easy with Mistress’s mesmerising green eyes. Just to be in her presence made me nervous and Mistress kindly asked me how I was feeling? “very nervous Mistress” excellent was her reply! I then presented Mistress with some perfume that had been on her wish list for some time, which pleased Mistress and she caught me completely off guard by giving me a hug. Mistress then invited me into the other room and we discussed briefly my interests. Just chatting with Mistress put me at ease.

    With that I was instructed to go to the bathroom use the toilet, undress and return to the dungeon room and present myself in a suitable submissive manner. I thanked Mistress and did as instructed. As D/s was not new to me but visiting a professional dominatrix was, I wanted to make a good impression so remembered the appropriate position to present myself. Kneeling with my head bowed and my hands resting palms up on my thighs. After what seemed like an age Mistress appeared from the other room and with a very authoritative air circled me in a very menacing manner. Mistress commended me on my very appropriate position and asked me what it was called? I had no idea, my mind was blank (very much like every session since). I remember Mistress smiling and saying she couldn’t either at that point and moved on. I remember Mistress pointing at my poor excuse for a cock with her boot and asking why it wasn’t standing to attention for her? Her words did the trick but until that point I thought it would be disrespectful and did my best to keep it down. After some further ribbing about my lack of manhood, Mistress put a collar around my neck and with a sharp tug pulled me behind her into the other room.

    Mistress after pulling me around the room a few times told me I was going to be of use to her and film a foot worship clip. I was more than delighted to assist Mistress and be allowed to film her. Mistress got her video camera and instructed me on what to do and then did her piece to camera. I was utterly mesmerised (and still am) about how she did this amazing clip, completely off the cuff. Once finished Mistress had a look at my filming job and seemed pleased with the result and then instructed me to crawl behind her and up the stairs. I still remember very vividly Mistress saying “I think you are going to need to lose weight if you are going to be one of my slaves” At that time I weighed around 18st and it gave me the kick-start needed to improve myself. After crawling up the stairs Mistress instructed me to stand up in the bedroom and produced some parcel wrap and held it whilst I turned in front of her commenting that she might run out trying to wrap something this big. I remember she kept saying Turn, Turn, Turn and all I could then think of was the Travis song, (when I turned the radio on after my session to drive home it was playing!). Once Mistress had parcelled me up she instructed me to shuffle to the bed and helped me down onto it. With a bit of re-arranging I was just how she wanted me and then informed me she was going to enjoy a spot of lunch, fitted me with an open-mouthed hood and left. Iaid there in slight bemusement at what had happened so far with a certain part of me happy to be there. Mistress called up several times to ensure I was ok and not struggling.

    After a while Mistress returned and started setting something up, which turned out to be a tripod and the video camera. Mistress then commented that she had forgotten to bring an ashtray with her and at that point I thought I would try to be useful and say that I had previously been used as an ashtray and even ate the butt. This from what I remember pleased Mistress and so with a beep of the video camera starting Mistress sat beside me and did another fantastic piece to camera with me eating her ash and eventually the cigarette butt. I remember lying there almost in a trance that I was part of this clip having previously watched some of Mistress’s clips via adultwork. Once Mistress had finished she gave me some water to cleanse my mouth and congratulated me on being true to my word and going through with it.

    Now came the not so nice part of being wrapped in parcel wrap the cutting out because you don’t realise how cosy and warm you get and how cold you are when it comes off, luckily there was a nice warm heater close by, although I still remember getting warm and then Mistress instructing me to go lie in the cold bath which I promptly did and I will still never forget this part. Mistress returned naked apart from a bra, stood on the bath and covered me with her warm fresh champagne. Even now writing this I still feel slightly embarrassed because I just didn’t know where to look, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the image of Mistress standing over me so powerful, scent marking what has turned out to be her devoted property. When this was over, Mistress turned on the shower and instructing me to clean myself up and join her downstairs. The water was momentarily cold and I joked that for a moment I thought I was only getting a cold shower to calm myself down.

    Once showered and clean I return downstairs as instructed to find Mistress in the kitchen looking fabulous in a pink and black latex dress. Mistress then instructed me to shine her dress and I nervously started the task and I still remember the question as I got close to her latex enclosed fabulous breasts “and over the delights Mistress?” Yes, slave all of it was Mistress’s reply. Mistress then told me to do up her zip and I commented on how amazing she looked in her dress, still to this day I remember her looking in the mirror and saying ‘I do don’t I slave?’. Such power and confidence.

    Mistress then informed me that I was going to be the supporting actor in another clip and invited me to stand by the cross whilst she attached my wrists to each side of the top of the cross and my legs to each side of the bottom. Leaving me feeling very exposed. Mistress then placed an open-mouthed hood over me and attached some nipple clamps which really stung and left me there whilst she set up the camera. This clip involved Mistress speaking to the camera whilst tugging on the nipple clamps and flicking my balls (that was so painful) all whilst smoking and flicking the ash in my mouth some of which I missed. I can’t quiet remember how long I was attached to the cross but once Mistress released me she told me to lick the ash up off the floor that I didn’t catch in my mouth during the clip.

    I must be honest there was many little fun bits in-between which I can’t recall but they certainly cemented the fact that I really hoped I had earned myself favour with Mistress for another visit. I also remember being completely surprised that Mistress also gave me a most mind-blowing orgasm. I hadn’t come that hard for a long time and some ended up on my face which was met by a roar of laughter from Mistress.

    Another shower and I was ready to leave and 2 hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I was grateful then and still am for this amazing session, luckily I passed the newbie test and was invited back, which in turn has led to so many more amazing well documented sessions.

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – The Bloody Bathbrush Challenge

    Always expect the unexpected. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it at every given opportunity and especially after taking any of my subs by surprise.  When Slave Sissy Mouse gave me a request (something that he rarely does) to dust off his school boy outfit, I knew what he’d be expecting from the session and so I put another twist on it.  Actually I gave the session more twists than a Curly Wurly bar. I never cease to amaze myself with my ingenious creativity when it comes to roleplay sessions. I decided that this session would begin the second Mousey walked through the door, even if he didn’t realise it.

    The bloody bath brush challenge.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight was unusual because I knew what was coming and what the theme would be because I had requested it and set myself up for a hard time in the process. What I forgot was I’m not very experienced in role play whereas Mistress is very accomplished in such things and put me on the spot from the moment I walk through the door.
    For this visit I had requested that I dust off the schoolboy outfit that Mistress had instructed me to buy for a cp session back in August 14. I can’t remember the details of that session but what I do know is it was nothing like this one. On my way to the HOD Mistress messaged me to inform me to change in the small hallway and knock on the entrance door. This leaves you with just a full frosted glass door for privacy. I arrive early to calm my nerves a bit and wait by the local Tesco, usually in case Mistress has any last-minute item requests, and wait for the clock to tick around to 11am. With a couple of minutes to go I drive off and park near to the HOD get my stuff and enter the open door. Immediately I am met by Mistress’s voice asking me if I got her text message? I ask if it’s the one about changing in the hall way and it’s not. The message Mistress sent me (which I received at 7pm that evening, nothing like technology letting you down) said Buy an A4 pad and for every minute you are late will result in 1 stroke of the cane. I stand frozen in the hall waiting for Mistress to then say ‘oh don’t worry’ but the reply I got was ‘that’s one stroke already’. With that I get my bumbling self to Tesco and I hate to admit it in a piss to the point where I almost just got in my car and left! What my bumbling brain had not worked out is the session had started already. Mistress had started the roleplay by making me late and as such a valid reason to punish me. Luckily, I found a pad, paid, returned to the HOD, got changed, took a deep breath and knocked on the door as instructed.
    When (Head) Mistress opened the door, what happened next completely caught me out. I wasn’t expecting Mistress to grab me by the ear and drag me in front of the school desk tell me to pull my trousers down and bend over it. I didn’t expect Mistress to tell me I was 14 minutes late, I didn’t expect Mistress to cane me so hard that I got myself in such a state that I stopped counting at 4 and Mistress carried on until 6 with me whimpering and begging her to stop.
    This is not how we start sessions, we start sessions with me being tied somewhere to relax from the outside world and have a nice chat before being left alone.
    Mistress told me to calm down, control my breathing and because I had stopped counting, I was still getting the 14 from the beginning and every time I stopped counting she would start again. I composed myself and Mistress started again with no let-up in the severity of the strokes until I counted to 14. Mistress then told me to pull my pants and trousers up and chastised me for the pink panties I was wearing and the pink stripy tie which was clearly not school uniform. I just stood there with my head held in shame still trying to get my head around what was happening. Mistress then went on the tell me that I was just a closet sissy faggot and that I had been sent to her for touching my male peers inappropriately. I was feeling so utterly small and humiliated that I thought I might start to cry! (Head) Mistress then told me to pull the chair up to the desk, opened the pad that I had bought and instructed me to write the following “I must not touch my male peers inappropriately” and to continue to do so until I was told otherwise. With that Mistress left the room and closed the door. I sat there, wrote that line repeatedly with my mind a blur at what had already happened and I had never been more pleased to be left alone in a session.
    I think I had reached line 115 when Mistress returned and sat very provocatively on the bench in front of me and enquired while my already terrible handwriting had got worse? I replied I was feeling slightly uneasy and trying my best to concentrate. I also told Mistress that I had brought her some offerings that were in a bag in the hall and that the dog had ate the apple I had got her (this earned me an extra 10 strokes for lying). Once I had reached line 134 Mistress told me to stop and put my hands on my head. This would be the number of strokes I would be getting plus the 10 for applegate. We then had a bit of a chat about this and that whilst my hands were firmly on my head (I do smile at the bizarre nature of a day in the life of Mistress).
    As always Mistress after a while brings the chit chat to a halt and instructs me to put away the desk and chair and pull the whipping bench out into the position Mistress likes it. Mistress then instructs me to go upstairs and fetch the vibrating wand and return. On my return, Mistress invites me to place myself on the bench and straps me in. Once strapped in (Head) Mistress starts and it’s no nice warm up today,12 very hard whacks with the ‘beg for it’ strap and everyone made me wince. Once finished Mistress does something completely new she fires up the wand and starts working it into her pathetic cock until I reach edge. I try and last as long as possible to put off the inevitable hard whacks that will be coming my way once I reach edge. I have no defence against the wand and having reached edge, I then endure 24 very hard whacks with another implement which I have no idea what it was but it hurt and then back to the wand. Once at edge another 12 with another implement and then the wand again. This was a real struggle for me, I have never been whacked with this amount of force before and the stopping and edging wasn’t helping but that was what Mistress wanted.
    Today was never going to be an ‘nice’ experience it was amount testing and pushing me!
    This repeated several more times until and I was just about coping when a terrible thing happened at the next round of edging after I had begged Mistress to stop I felt the inevitable feeling of what was the worst case possible, I orgasmed. A massive gushing ruin that spelt disaster for me because now Mistress informed me I would not only have to endure post orgasm punishment but also post orgasm torture. The next 12 were difficult and there was still more to come. Once those 12 were finished it was the wand again and that on Mistress’s very sensitive cock made me squeak repeatedly but worse still it was starting to get hard again just to punish me even more.
    It was just after this where the wheels almost fell off the session, Mistress got the cane out again and we had reached number 9 when I suddenly felt sick (because I was not regulating my breathing and getting in a panic) and with all the clothes on I was overheating and sweating. Mistress stopped, released me from the bench and with the clothes removed and a short break (including the offer of water which I turned down) it was back down to accept the rest of my allocation. With a very determined ‘9 thank you Head Mistress’ it was the final 3 strokes of the cane and then the crescendo 24 of the bath brush (12 on each cheek). I have been whacked with this before but never with the same vigour and determination that Mistress had that day. Once it was over Mistress had achieved her goals, which was to get the bath brush very bloody (tick) and to put me through a very challenging session (tick).
    I was left shaking with adrenaline and I am truly grateful to Mistress for putting me through a very challenging session. After I had calmed down and felt able to stand I got dressed and cleaned up the mess I made (which luckily Mistress didn’t make me lick up as she threatened when I had the accident). We ended with a nice chat and Mistress insisting I look after myself and contact her if I have any adverse reaction to the session (which I haven’t) and then it was time to return to the real world. I must say I felt very odd for the rest of the day and a very early night beckoned. It was the next day that I could really grasp the full enjoyment of the session and marvel at Mistress’s skill in not only her craft but her incredible role play abilities and treating me to another ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ sessions.

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    I have just updated my phone number.  If you are one of my distance pets or you have visited me before you will need my new phone number.  Send me an email and providing I know you or remember you then I will let you have it! If I don’t reply then it means that I don’t remember you and therefore you have no need for it at this time!

  • New Military Trench Coat

    I just had a visit from my loyal, smart and obedient servant, Hypnobot No1.  He didn’t come for a session. His only duty today was to present me, his Commander,  with 2 new military style trench coats that he had meticulously chosen; one for myself and one for his female colleague, Hypnobot No2. For myself, a Karen Millen coat had been acquired. For Hypnobot No2, a Hobbs coat was the brand purchased.  I haven’t looked at the coat for Hypnobot No2 as I wish to pass it on to her, still sealed for her surprise.  But I was very eager to try on my own new acquisition. Already wearing the beautiful tailored suit purchased for me by HB1 previously, I set about unwrapping, dressing (assisted by HB1) and fastening those glorious buttons.  The coat is impeccable quality and gives me a sense of even greater power over my servants.

    Thank you for your gift and your care attention, Hypnobot 1.

    g84a4693 g84a4698

  • The Most Deelightful Day of the Year – (My Birthday)

    It’s my birthday at the end of this month Pets, memerise this date like your life depends on it – 31st May.  There are plenty of fun, sexy and useful things on my Amazon wishlist so click the button below and prove your devotion.

    Spoil your Mistress


    Thank you to Slaves Taquin, Sissy Mouse, Scott and Richard for your gifts and for being attentive early birds! A speedlight, a Boze sound dock, perfume and plush toy for a photographic project (who I’ve name Scott) have all made me smile this month.



    Many of you have been following my progress over the past 7 months, while I was training for this years London Marathon and I am pleased to say that I did complete it, albeit slowly! It was a very tough run.  Early on in the race I started suffering from a recent injury on my knee, which I obtained from doing the 18.5 mile training run and then my timing was messed up by queuing for the toilet for 15 minutes! Because I lost so much time my mental focus went and I struggled to get my head round my disappointment. I kept trying to keep going, but the pain and a further stop, more queuing slowed me down very much.  Fortunately I met up with my boyfriend in the crowd halfway round, who encouraged me to keep going after I told him I didn’t think I was going to make it, fearing I was going to let myself and everyone else down.  It was just the boost I needed and I found my mental focus and my legs once more and ploughed through the rest of the race. In the last 7km I even overtook nearly 700 people, passing so many was great! I completed my fastest miles during mile 19 and 20 and when I reached the final mile, I blew a kiss to Big Ben as I knew that I was going to make it.  By the time I crossed the finish line, my legs were dead and my emotions were high! The medal round my neck reduced me to tears.  It is the only time I will ever admit to crying and you know what, I don’t care! I ran that fucking race and I completed those hard 26.2 miles raising £2100 for charity!

    Thank you to all who donated and to everyone who got behind me on twitter, while my devoted slave, Taquin tweeted on tenterhooks!

    Will I do it again?  The sane side of me suggests that it probably isn’t wise considering the massive impact my training has had on my life.  But the fighter and competitor in me wants to go back and get a faster time! Watch this space!

  • Chastity Release Part 2 – Gagged Nipple Play and Cock Tease – New Movie Clip

    Part 2 of a live session recording involving my chaste slave who I have unlocked for a session of tease and psychological torment. This part of the session involves nipple play using my fingers and a mini vibrator. The stimulation to his nipples makes my slave’s cock, twitch. I then apply the mini vibe to the tip of his cock bringing him to the edge.

    Category: NIPPLE PLAY

    Buy Now

  • Session Feedback

    I always like to hear back from my clients regarding their sessions.  I got this email after a wonderful bondage, sensory deprivation, smoking tie and tease session…

    Dear Mistress Deelight,

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much again for my session of earlier today.

    I appreciate you acting on all my requests –  everything was exactly how I asked for it to be.

    I have had sessions with Mistresses over the years (the first when I was 18, I recalled on the drive home!) and I can honestly say that none have been as good as today’s with you. I’m sure you hear that a lot and may think ‘I bet you said that to all of them’, but I do truly mean it. I don’t think I could have been any more aroused than I was with you!

    I hope the filming turns out OK too.

    It is a great thing you are doing in running a marathon for a charity and I wish you all the best with your training and the run itself.

    Thanks again.

    I am pleased to say that this session was filmed throughout and I will be selling the clips via my clips4sale store soon.

  • A Very Big Thank You – iMac Sparkle Task Complete!

    Last July I set a ‘Sparkle Task’ for my pets to all get together and contribute to a new super duper top of the range iMac computer which I wanted to meet the needs of my growing business as well as my hobby in photography.  Thanks to a collection of my loyal pets who took to the challenge and a special thanks to Slave Sissy Mouse who took a dive in the deep end and finished the task off, I now have my gorgeous stunning iMac computer! It is an absolute dream, just like me!

  • Marathon Update and Thanks

    I haven’t trained for the past 10 days due to injury and sickness but I am going back to it tomorrow and I can’t wait to get my running shoes on again! I don’t think that I have given recent contributors a mention on my blog lately, only on Twitter, so I would like to say thank you to Slave Taquin (£50 second donation), Slave Sissy Mouse (£100 second donation), Slave Twitchalot (£50), my Inflatable slave (£100) and to the slave who wishes to remain anonymous (£200).  Thank you for your recent donations.  Adding those to the total already contributed alongside my vanilla fundraising the grand total now stands at:

    £1169.53 – 58% of my target!

    That is absolutely amazing! Thank you all so much for your devotion and support. For those of who would like to show your support too, please see the footnote below for details on how you can sponsor me.   Here is a video of thanks that I made a couple of weeks ago and will give a bit more insight into what I’m doing for those of you who don’t know yet…


    For those of you just picking up on this, I am training for the London Marathon in 2016. I have absolutely started from scratch. Due to personal reasons I am unable to disclose the name of the charity that I am running for, however it is a charity that has a lot of importance to me. I have pledged to raise £2000. I'm posting regular updates here on my blog in the 'Mistress's Marathon' Category down the right hand side of the page. If you would like to sponsor me here are the details for where to send your donations : MD Enterprises (HSBC) 40-46-18 22078651 If you are coming along for a session with me and wish to donate, please feel free to bring your donation along with you. All donations will be very gratefully received, not just by me but by the people who will be helped as a result. Thank you in advance for your support. Mistress xx


  • International Male Chastity Day – Be Locked Up By Miss Deelight

    Monday 15th Feb is International Male Chastity Day.  This is a great opportunity for those of you who have toyed with the idea of Chastity or for those of you want to revisit it, to experience being locked up.  And who better to lock you up than an experienced, sexy, teasing chastity expert like myself?  There is still time to order yourself a device or dust off an old one.  chastity mistress femdomFor a £50 tribute I will have you lock yourself up for me and then show you through the course of the day, just how wonderful and intense a chastity experience with me can be.  I will require you to lock up at a certain time and we will remain in contact via text message, email and or whatsapp throughout the course of the day where you will be teased and controlled by my skilled mind.

    Tribute via bank transfer or amazon.co.uk gift voucher.

    Applications via email, click here to apply.



  • Bound Gagged and Teased – Verbal Blackmail Torment and Cock Teasing Fetish Clip

    I control your orgasms. Your orgasms, just like your cock, belongs to me. Just like your computer belongs to me and just like your dirty sordid mind belongs to me. Oh! You had an inappropriate thought about me didn’t you? You dared to imagine me kissing you? LOL! God loves a Trier. Take this cock slapping. Do not have inappropriate thoughts about your mistress! Do I make myself clear? You’re sorry? I’ll tell you when you are sorry! Have some more! I will tell you when I think you are sorry. If I ever receive documentation about your inappropriate thoughts about me ever again, I will forward it to your friends and family along with your photo. Or I’ll put it on my website and you’ll have to pay for me to take it down.Oh look! It’s just too easy to get to you! LOL. “I don’t like financial blackmail Mistress” Your cock tells a different story. The thought of being exposed, the fear of being exposed gets to you. Knowing that I could expose you at any minute.. I could expose you right now. You are all tied up there is nothing you can do. Video evidence of you tied into a chair, if I take your mask off right now evidence of you being a dirty slave. That is exposure. That is leverage. Oh look at your cock twitching when I say those trigger words..

    Check out the preview of Slave Taquin’s torment video below or click HERE to buy the full uncensored and uncut clip at my clips4sale website.

  • Back on YouTube

    I’ve re-launched my YouTube channel where I will be uploading free femdom discussion content, POVs and video clip previews.  Click the image below to visit my channel and don’t forget to subscribe to it once you’re there, for all my latest video updates.

    Findom Deelight Style Original.00_12_40_00.Still002

  • SPH Custom Fetish Videos. #SPH #SmallPenisHumiliation #CustomFetishVideos

    Got a small cock? Of course you have! It’s fucking tiny, useless and pathetic just like the thing that it is attached to.   The only thing it is good for is humiliation.  Order your own personal SPH custom video then kneel, watch and listen as I verbally tear your pin dick to pieces!


    Snapshot 2 (02-01-2016 16-19)

    sph pin dick tiny dick humiliation

    To order your own custom fetish video or to find out more about this service, click here!

  • Marathon Update and a Few Words of Thanks….

    I am still making good progress with my marathon training and should be doing another long outdoor run this weekend with a view to go over 10 km.  I’ve done a few Gym sessions this week, building up performance and stamina on the treadmill.  I would like to say thank you to Slave Dribbly and to Slave Sissy Mouse who both donated £100 each to the sponsorship fund which brings my total raised now to £505.

    I would also like to say thank you to Slave Taquin for contributing another £30 to my iMac fund bringing the total to £655.  I would also like to thank him for being my Teamviewer guinea pig which has helped me to further expand my empire of domination.

    You are all very good and devoted pets for supporting Mistress in all her ventures!


    For those of you just picking up on this, I am training for the London Marathon in 2016. I have absolutely started from scratch. Due to personal reasons I am unable to disclose the name of the charity that I am running for, however it is a charity that has a lot of importance to me. I have pledged to raise £2000. I'm posting regular updates here on my blog in the 'Mistress's Marathon' Category down the right hand side of the page. If you would like to sponsor me here are the details for where to send your donations : MD Enterprises (HSBC) 40-46-18 22078651 If you are coming along for a session with me and wish to donate, please feel free to bring your donation along with you. All donations will be very gratefully received, not just by me but by the people who will be helped as a result. Thank you in advance for your support. Mistress xx
  • Saying Thanks! iMac and Marathon Sponsorship…

    Due to vanilla life I have a massive backlog of blog posts waiting to write when I have a bit of time to do so amid the mass of session bookings and customs that I’ve got ahead of me; if only there were 48 hours in the day ;) But in the mean time I would like to say thank you to Slave Taquin for a further £50 towards my iMac Task bringing the total to £625.00 so far and to my new fitness slave GetFitBitch for his £100 sponsorship money, bringing the total raised so far to £164.00.  Good work Pets!!


  • Latex Worship Sessions

    My beautiful curves and petite stature, outlined in shiny, tight, black latex – it’s the stuff dreams are made of for you rubber loving slaves.  You are invited to worship my latex covered body from the ground up…..

    latex worship mistress goddess

    Latex worship sessions are £80 for 30 minutes or £130 per hour.

    Subject to £30 advanced deposit.

    Email: Missdeelight@outlook.com 

  • Resistance is Futile

    Slowly but surely, I will render you powerless, hopeless and totally under my control and before you know it your mind, body and soul will belong to me. I will seduce you, hypnotise you and wrap you around my little finger. You will surrender all your will to me and the power over your cock, will be all mine. I don’t even need to be in the same room as you.

    Miss Deelight Dominatrix Mistress Deelight

    Webcam sessions available daily (minimum 30 minutes during the day or minimum 1 hour in the evening).  Book in advance to guarantee availability and avoid disappointment.


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  • Louboutin Sparkle Task Update

    A big thank you goes to Sissy Ivy for contributing £100 to my Louboutin sparkle task, bringing the grand total now up to £450! What good slaves you are all being, you all know how happy it would make mistress to have a beautiful, glamorous pair of designer high heels caressing my beautiful divine feet.  Picture yourself now on your hands and knees as I sit elegantly on my throne dressed in fine lingerie, sheer stockings while you come face to face with the most stunning pair of high heels you could ever see.  Not just a gift to me, but a gift back to all of you as you worship me in my high heels.  If that is a vision that fills you with desire you can help make all our dreams come true by joining in the group project and donating to this very worthy cause.  My beautiful feet deserve the most beautiful of footwear.


    sparkle task louboutin


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  • Links Fixed

    Well a big thanks to all my vigilant little devotees, who have been messaging me to tell me that the links on my site weren’t working.  I installed an age verification plug in, but it seemingly caused utter mayhem so I have now removed it and you should all find things working as normal.  Do let me know if you ever encounter any more issues with my site, the software is constantly updating itself so I am not normally aware of the problems straight away.  Good little pets :)

  • Christmas Sparkle Lens Task Update

    Even though I haven’t been as obviously available and active on twitter or my blog recently, I am Deelighted to know that my loyal slaves are still working hard and saving their pennies in order to contribute to my Christmas Sparkle Task (Click here for more info).  So A big thank you goes to Sissy Mouse, Sissy Sarah and Slave Taquin (£25 gift code)  for their recent contributions which now brings the lens fund up to £775!

    Screenshot (73)

    Screenshot (72)


    I’m almost there slaves; that wonderful, sparkly, fabulous camera lens that I have my heart set on, is within sight, oh and I’ve been looking at some beautiful scenery and wildlife in preparation for when it arrives! For those of you who are still saving hard.. here’s a little incentive:


    Picture 131

    Picture 149




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  • Monster Mistress Hits London

    Mistress has been known to let her hair down from time to time and those of you who are truly devoted will know that one of my female icon’s is Lady Gaga.  I was fortunate enough to finally get a ticket to see her after trying for 6 years and this weekend I let my hair down in true style with one of my vanilla best friends (who has given consent to share her picture).  Lady Gaga was amazing and certainly stole the show but leading up to the event, myself and my dear friend were the centre of attention throughout London in our Monster outfits. If I had not have been in Vanilla mode I would have made a fortune from the amount of photos we appeared in!

    You can have these little snippets because I know you all missed me so much and I know you would have all loved to have been there with me, worshipping me, not Gaga, of course! ….

    Red carpet treatment – of course!
    Gaga celebrating our attendance ;)
    London – are you ready?!
    Monster Mistress
    Truly an epic moment for Mistress and her friend.
    Lounging backstage :D

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  • Very Happy Mistress

    Less than 48 hours ago, I gave you devoted little pets, a sparkle task (click here if you missed it) and yesterday morning, I woke up to find that the Lens fund had already reached £450.  I am a very happy Mistress and you slaves, Sissy Mouse, Budgie The Pegasus, and Jonathan are responsible for this smile.  Good Boys!

    Happy- Findomme-Findom

    Screenshot (63) Screenshot (64)


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  • Custom Fetish Clip Back Log

    I would like to give my Thanks for those of you with custom fetish clip orders, for your patience.  Due to unforeseen recent events, and a superbly booked up diary, I do have a back log which I am working through gradually – Mistress is very busy and popular of course.  Please continue to bear with me and for those of you wishing to place an order for a custom fetish video, please anticipate a 2 week wait at this moment in time.  Once the back log is cleared I will update my blog, so do be a good boy and complete the form below to follow for updates.


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  • New Tattoo and Two Lucky Slaves

    I rarely have to pay for anything myself these days thanks to my collection of financial slaves, but today, 2 extremely lucky slaves have found themselves etched into my ongoing tattoo artwork for their obedience in following instruction by contributing to and covering the cost of today’s mammoth inking session; my sorest and most difficult to date.  Urgh, I hate having it on my ribs! LOL.

    Thank you Slave Budgie and Slave Chris for your contributions and as promised, you are now represented in my work of art.








    So now I am where I want to be in the progress of my back piece, which has taken several years; watch this space as I will be completing my arm sleeve next!

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  • Busy Day at HOD

    I made this the other day but now you can follow me on VINE for daily updates and teasers!


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  • New Free Clip Added!

    I have just added another free clip to my free fetish clips gallery.  I am now sneaking my way back onto YouTube but I have to be very selective about what I upload, whereas on Vimeo the rules are less strict.  My advice is to subscribe to my blog, and my video channels so that you never miss an update!

    Did you miss me Slaves? Don’t worry I’m back but if you ever lose me again, be sure to bookmark my website http://www.missdeelight.com for all your smoking fetish needs.
    Watch me smoke while I teach you how you can serve as my real smoke slave, over the internet.


  • YouTube Deletion!

    I am gutted to say that this morning, I received notification that my YouTube channel had been reported and instantly and permanently deleted (cheers for that), leaving me kissing good-bye to 3000 subscribers and nearly half a million views!  Worse still you, my devoted followers no longer have access to the free content on my now non existent channel.  Boo Hiss. miss-deelight-dominatrixHowever, Mistress is a tough cookie and will not be defeated by a mere obstacle.  When your Mistress gets knocked down, she gets back up and kicks ass.  I am now in the process of trying new avenues of video publishing so that you lot can all keep your cocks hard, just the way I like them!  And of course, you never want to miss a preview or a free clip do you?  Of course not! That is why I have added a new subscription function to my website (see below) so that you never miss a trick.  Don’t forget to sign up, it’s free and simple.  I know how much you love free stuff, Slaves! (pathetic wankers that you are!)

    Subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to know as and when I upload prior and new content for your wanking pleasure!

    All free clips in future will be added to this page : http://wp.me/P3eafB-MZ

    Click it, bookmark it and never be without your Mistress again!

    Below is the subscription form slaves.  Be a good boy and fill it in.  That’s an order.

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  • Thanks is on its way!

    A little note to say thank you, to all the slaves who have gifted me recently.  I’m in the process of getting photos and making a couple of YouTube clips to thank you all properly.  Your gifts are gratefully accepted as always and you will receive personal thanks any day soon!  It’s been a hectic few weeks.

    Mistress x

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  • Back in the Pink!

    We had a little flicker of a hint of summer didn’t we?  A few days of warm sunshine and clear skies.  Not to be down-beaten by the distinct lack of predicted heatwave, I decided to bring a little colour and sunshine back into the House of Deelight; in the form of pink hair and nails! Miss Deelight is back!






    Like the pics? Why not thank me with a tribute?

    Click Here to Tribute Miss Deelight
  • Directcam Sessions from Monday 19th May

    Once again my busy schedule and advanced webcam bookings have been my main priority but next week, I am going to be available on direct cam via adultwork.com to give all those of you who only use this service the chance to serve me again! For those who don’t know, DirectCam is a pay as you go service available through the adultwork.com website.  Registration is free, you purchase credits and then find my profile.  When you see my status in green as available, pop in, say hello and get ready to serve me.   Catch me from Monday 2pm-6pm, then throughout Thursday and Friday too!

    I will also be available for instant message chat sessions during the evenings.






  • Sparkle – Findom Erotic Hypnosis

    A while back I posted my first erotic hypnosis free video on YouTube and have a lot of good feedback from it and a lot of business too.  I recently received this lovely message from a devoted follower who watched and listened to the video and I thought it would be good to share it with the rest of you.  He also kindly bought me a new purse following on the from his experience.  Below is the hypnosis video that I posted on YouTube.  It is really a fantasy based experience and not designed for you to really hand over all your cash to me, though that would be nice, it isn’t the purpose.  I wanted to test the water to see how popular the erotic hypnosis would be so that I can start creating more sessions based around different fetishes.  If you have 20 minutes to spare and would like to relax yourself into a nice mind-blowing orgasm, then listen to and watch the video and let yourself go.

    Dear Miss Deelight …. i happened to find Your Enchanting FinDomme hypnosis video this morning, and, although i don’t have the money to be a slave in that way, i was laying in my bed when i started gazing into YOUR eyes and breathing quietly and i soon found myself captivated by YOUR voice and YOUR Dominance …. i have always LOVED the word “Sparkle” and to look into YOUR sparkling eyes and feel myself kneeling at the bottom of the stairs as YOU tightened a collar around my neck and pulled me up to YOUR Beautiful breasts on YOUR leash and taking control of my mind was erotically exciting … As YOU ordered me to stroke and taunted me with YOUR Perfect Body and Seductive Voice, I enJOYED an incredible orgasm and moment of pleasure as YOUR Voice whispered “ONE!” … The beginning of a PERFECT DAY …. so of course i was unable to resist going to YOUR website to find YOUR Amazon wish list and buy YOU a gift of appreciation for a moment of pleasure that i will never forget … And what could be more fitting to buy a Financial Domme, that a wallet to hold HER money that She is tributed in … Wishing YOU a beautiful day Goddess full of Daring Dominantion Dreams cumming true …. slave subtle ….

    This video contains a shorter trance induction and is only intended for financial domination fans.

    Click here for more information about my Erotic Hypnosis services.

  • Double Domme Sessions with @MistressReal

    My very sexy and sadistic friend Mistress R’eal and I will be spending the day together on Friday 11th April 2014 from Midday and are opening the office doors for Double Domme sessions.  Another opportunity for you Ashtray’s, Scrubbers, Maids, Sissies, Sluts, Slaves, Masochists, Doggies and worms to visit us for some double trouble fun! Or why not book a double Domme webcam session and have the opportunity to worship two divine Goddesses?  Deposit and Tribute apply.  To apply to serve on this day email missdeelight@outlook.com stating your preferred time, duration and whether you’d like a real time or webcam session.

    sissy slut humiliationcustom-made-smoking-clips (2) custom-made-smoking-clips (12)

    Mistress Deelight and Mistress Real double domme LATEX LOVE 13-04 (13)




  • New Free Gallery

    Here is the polka dot latex mini dress that Slave Nathan bought me in order to show just how much he wanted to be bled dry by a beautiful Goddess like myself.  I have added a free gallery of photo’s of me wearing the gorgeous new addition to my wardrobe.  You can view it here:


    The page also contains a poll for you slaves to vote on your favourite picture of Mistress, from that collection.

    Here is a little teaser:



  • Forthcoming Webcam Sessions

    My webcam availability has been very infrequent for a good couple of months for various reasons, including an increase in real-time sessions; and lots of my cam pets have been asking if I am giving it up, the answer is NO!  I am most certainly not giving up online and cyber domination as I enjoy it very much.  So for all you slaves, sissy sluts, losers, pigs, worms and all my other cam subs, I am pleased to say that I will be available this Friday 31 January from 1 pm until early evening, and this Saturday 1 Feb from 1 pm until tea time.  You can either pre-book a skype session with me or you can catch me on directcam through my adultwork.com profile.

    I’m feeling especially Deelightful and incredibly naughty, so be prepared to be seduced, teased, edged, hypnotised and abused!


  • New Latex Corset

    Here are some pictures of my new latex corset from Cathouse Clothing, I had it custom-made to match the wonderful black and yellow colour block, leather boots that Slave G kindly gifted me.


    Mistress in Latex

    Latex Mistress Deelight