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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 55

    Once again my pet’s journals have been forming an orderly queue in my inbox, with a backlog now mounting up.  I read the journals every week but I don’t always have time to post them least not with a worthy introduction.  However the time for worthy introductions has eluded me and I must begin clearing said backlog! So without further ado here is another humble entry from Slave Sissy Mouse who is, in his words “Firmly buckled into the controller coaster”


    Distance control journal week 55

    This week I thought it was appropriate to share the benefits that my walks are bringing me and whilst they are still not showing on the scales they are mentally refreshing.

    You will have read over the past few weeks that my challenging behaviour came to a head with Mistress sending me a very frank to the point message. This had proved to be a true catalyst for change and made me look deep into myself as to why I got to that stage. I realised I was overwhelmed by what I had requested from Mistress. None of this was forced on me, I had requested the route of complete control but now I was no longer in control and tried so very hard to wriggle out of it. Luckily for me Mistress didn’t give up because as soon as we started on this new journey my real life kinda imploded. I won’t go into the ins and outs but it had a massive effect and it has taken a long time to sort it all out. Mistress at our last session made a light-hearted comment about what was the point of a financial slave with no money (there are plenty of those around). Because of this I have had very few sessions this year and had to cancel a few because of lack of money, also the ones that I did have were of course great but in the back of my mind all I could think was I can’t really afford this which took the shine off of them a little. I really enjoy the escapism that my sessions with Mistress brings me and hopefully I can now get back into the rhythm of a more regular attendance.

    Another thing that has helped get me back into the grove is the realisation that the chastity hypnosis is working. Many of my past blogs were full of tales of chastity failure. I crave chastity as part of my control but traditional methods don’t work. I think looking back my unauthorised orgasm in July a week after the chastity hypnosis was me trying to break free from that as well. Now with a clearer understanding of what I should be doing the chastity hypnosis is working. I don’t really think about arousal, although there are times when things happen that make me very aroused for example almost every time my pc runs out of time or for the last 3 Wednesdays when I am locked out of my pc, completely stupid things like that. Having adult content removed means I don’t really get chance to look at any kink apart from twitter and very much rely on Mistress to get my kinky motor running as it were.

    Another thing I think I have dealt with was my addiction to Mistress be that the daily contact or our sessions. I craved her attention and this wasn’t good for me and to be honest very out of character. Mistress is a busy woman and as she pointed out to me and wrote recently she is one Mistress amongst many slaves. At the beginning of the distance control I was grateful for any attention I received and to be very fair that was quite a lot with tasks coming in almost daily. However, as Mistress got busier not only with work by her own real life stuff, things got quieter and instead of sitting back and waiting patiently my crazed addiction addled head started to get jealous of the attention that others were getting. Thus started a true cycle of addiction, get attention enjoy it then things go quiet get jealous, bratty and so forth. A terrible and to be honest very unpleasant situation to be in, all generated by me and my mind. I still knew that the deal was I message Mistress every day and I may or may not hear anything from her. I KNEW THAT but still I went through this terrible self-destruction cycle.

    Now I have calmed down and fully accepted my path (its only taken 8 months and a very decisive prod from Mistress) I understand that I am a toy for Mistress to play with when she needs amusing. She can’t play with all her toys at once so I must wait happily in my imaginary box until she has a use for me. Whilst I am there all I need to do is carry on with all my daily tasks which Mistress has been built up over the past year until I am called upon to either be useful or amuse Mistress. If she has no use for me for a day, a week, a month or longer then I must wait patiently until she does have a use for me. As an exemplary slave I should not seek out punishment but do as I am told and fully enjoy the pit of doom that I asked for and got. I am pleased to say that this week I have probably felt more submissive than I have ever felt before.

    Now for a résumé of the last week’s activities.

    I start the week as always on Sunday and my weekly weigh in is the same again 15st 10 I message Mistress this and to wish her a nice day. Mistress replies a little later that “it’s another week denied”. I then finish writing and submit my week 54 journal and then go for a walk. The torture of a walk on Sunday morning is the smell of bacon in the air. On my return I have a message from Mistress who has read my journal and states that it is very ‘insightful’ and enquired if even though I haven’t lost any weight do I feel better from my exercise and healthier eating. I confirm I do and the walks continue to help my mind de-cloud. A little later I send Mistress the daily picture of my lunch (my usual sandwich) and Mistress enquired why I am not having Sunday roast. I explain that I can’t go through ‘Roast potato gate’ every Sunday so I am only having a roast about once a month now.

    On Monday my message to Mistress is replied to later in the afternoon that she has had a trying day and enquired how mine is going and why did there seem to be an extra half sandwich in my lunch photo. I reply that there was in fact half a sandwich less because I now struggle to eat 4 pieces of bread.

    Tuesday arrives and my message to Mistress to outline my plans for the day and then my daily lunch picture is replied to later in the afternoon with Mistress enquiring why today I am having a white bap. The truth is the wholemeal bread sandwich was getting dull so I nipped to the bakers for a tuna bap but they had no wholemeal left so I had to have what was left. Mistress also informed me that our D/s relationship was seriously lacking a collar. Mistress had brought this up before a while ago and had not mentioned it since and because of my ups and downs I thought she may be having second thoughts about it so I haven’t mentioned it again. My next message from Mistress was to enquire of my plans for the following day which was just a day full of work and real life commitments. Mistress replied that I must eat my lunch off of the floor before the week is out and I confirmed that I would do it on Thursday as I knew I would be alone. Mistress informed me that she required video evidence and that I could eat my usual dull sandwich. Mistress also kindly sent me a picture of her looking fabulous as ever wearing a pair of trainers that I bought from her wish list. It has been great this week to be able once again to be able to spoil Mistress with some small gifts.

    Wednesday and I send Mistress my morning message and my early lunch picture because I have a full day. I hear back from Mistress later in the day to say she was leaving me alone today as I was busy.

    Thursday arrives and my message to Mistress to wish her a nice day and to thank her for my lunch off of the floor instructions was replied too with further instructions which were. I am to eat my sandwich off of the bathroom floor and I am to soak the sandwich in my own pee. Mistress also informed me that I would be granted a reward which was very kind of her and most unexpected. So lunchtime arrives I make the sandwich and break it up into small pieces and put them all in a sandwich bag. I go to the bathroom set up my phone to record the event and pee into the sandwich bag. Dump the contents out onto the bathroom floor and press record on my phone and start to eat. I have to say the soggy pee soaked sandwich was disgusting but the degradation of it made me incredibly aroused and I enjoyed every moment of it. Once finished I upload the video which took up most of my allocated pc time and messaged Mistress a picture to confirm I had done it and that it was disgusting. My reply was two emoji’s with face masks on and ‘Good!’ and very shortly after a message to say I could now look at filth. This amused me because the video upload had taken most of my allocated 30 mins and I only had 7 minutes left so I used the time to catch up on the blogs on Mistress’s website and once I had used up all the time moved to my phone to read the remainder. Mistress had already warned me that her introduction to my 1-year blog was quite hard hitting. I however think it was a very fair and correct piece of writing, everything that Mistress wrote was true. I also as always enjoyed the roller coaster weeks of Slave Taquin and the way Mistress really fucks with his mind. I do take my hat off to him and how he copes.

    Friday and my message to Mistress was to inform her of my plans and as always to wish her a nice day. I start the day with my usual allocation of 30 minutes and do my rush in check what I need to check and then sign out. I can now usually make 30 minutes last most of the day and squeeze my work needs into that time. I head out for my walk and when I return I find that I have unlimited pc time until 10pm. I can’t believe my luck and make plans to enjoy some more kink related websites but alas this was not to be because Mistress had once again blocked all access to such sites. So the irony was that yesterday I had the access but not the time and today I had the time but not the access. It’s almost like Mistress plans these things!! I decide that it would be a good idea to crack on with my journal as I have no idea what time I would be allocated in the coming days. I also discovered when I returned for lunch that Mistress had now denied me access to twitter on my pc but it still worked on my phone. I send Mistress my lunch picture and thank her for still allowing me to access twitter on my phone. Mistress replies that I shouldn’t be able to and will get to the bottom of it and remove such a privilege. Once twitter goes I really am in a no kink wilderness.

    Saturday arrives and my morning message is read by Mistress but no reply and why should there be. As Mistress has written many times it is her prerogative if and when a slave gets a message. It is my requirement to send a message to Mistress by 8am what happens after that is out of my hands. I go for my daily walk, do what I need to work wise and return for lunch and send my usual lunch picture. I have another full day of pc access and another busy day of work so can’t enjoy it. I can still view twitter on my phone and will continue to do so until the dreaded message comes up ‘you need to ask an adult in your family if you can visit twitter’ or any other non-adult website Mistress wants to block me from visiting.

    So to sum up I have firmly buckled myself back into the controller coaster and very much looking forward to the ride however bumpy or squirm inducing it may be.

  • Slave Chico’s Weekend of Debauchery

    Last weekend Slave Chico enjoyed 3 days of fun at my mercy via Skype.  Here is an email I received from him detailing his experience….


    Hi Miss Deelight,
    I thought your followers or would-be slaves might like to know how great our recent Skype sessions were.
    Having a once a year “window of opportunity”, I came across your web-site and saw that you offered web-cam sessions.
    I emailed you well in advance with an outline of what I was looking for with  Skype sessions on three consecutive days and we agreed on two one-hour sessions followed by half an hour on the final day.
    As I didn’t have a chastity device you “suggested” that I get one. A bit scary but I went ahead and bought a CB6000S.
    I asked for your permission to try it on in advance to get the best fit, luckily you granted this request, as for a novice, it took a few days to get it right.
    For our first session I was very nervous but when you appeared on Skype, I was blown away by your stunning appearance
    and your confidant “I’m in charge” manner. That hour flew by with me completely under your spell, having to memorise a mantra you had written for me and ending with me having to deflate a raging erection and put myself in chastity and show myself to you locked up, with a command not to remove it until our next session. The mantra had to be repeated out loud on my knees, three times before bed and again in the morning. However, during the night around 5am, I awoke with a dreadful pain – Miss Delight’s cock was trying to break out of the cage and my balls were bursting. I had to take it off and knew I’d be in trouble! Miss Deelight texted me a few hours later and I had to confess and she wasn’t pleased.
    At the start of our next session( me on my knees naked) she graciously accepted my explanation that I was really worried that I had done some damage but with severe warning that was my last chance. Miss Delight then put the session on pause and told me to go to a local Ann Summers store wearing my device and some panties, to make some lingerie and fetish purchases and  had to phone her when I was in the store to make sure I got the right things!
    Well that was slightly embarrassing (but exciting) as I exited the store with a slinky black negligee, a mask and some bondage tape!!
    Our session continued with Miss delight instructing me to remove the CB device and which items of lingerie to put on.
    I was then allowed to play a  wanking game controlled by Mistress and to edge but put back into the cage with no cumming. As punishment for removing the device the night before without permission, I had to write a hundred lines  “I’m a dirty dripping bastard”.
    Well before our final session Mistress texted me to enquire how the  night in chastity had gone and to instruct me on what to wear for the start of the final session and to be sure to have a wooden spoon handy!( I’d had to confess that so far I’d only managed to write 50 lines)
    So our final session started with me having to spank my buttocks 100 times with the wooden spoon, saying “thank you Mistress” after each stroke. Miss Deelight then allowed me to remove the CB device and when I was hard, demonstrated some of her fiendish stroking techniques. Finally, Mistress conceded that I had tried really hard to please her  and as I begged desperately, she generously allowed me a happy ending.
    Phew, what an experience!
    Slave Chico(age 68)

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 48

    Mistress has been very busy indeed of late, but just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean that I haven’t been carefully nurturing, grooming and training my slaves both in real-time and online. I know you have all been missing the entries from my distance control slaves, so here is one from Sissy Mouse.  In his week 48 we put his SissyHypnoBot initial programming to the test to make sure my suggestions had been firmly implanted in his subconscious. I am pleased to say they have though lots of intense further programming is going to be required. I have had a lot of fun with Sissy Mouse in terms of his PC access. One of the things I enjoy about having remote control of my Slave’s PC’s is the ability to limit their access as and when I feel like it and quite often at random.  It keeps my pets on their toes and ensures that they never become complacent.  And if the current circumstances should mean that I do not have time to dip in and out, they are forced to bumble along not knowing if and when things will change.  As you will read too from the following entry, it forces my slaves to consider themselves and their behaviours. It also teaches them to be more organised with their time.  Another plus side of having remote PC control along with the various passwords I have demanded, is the ability to drop by and buy what the fuck I want when I want to.  But I’m not stupid. I know my slaves limits and I know when is the right time to push them, at all other times I will respect those limits. I enjoy knowing that my slave is sat at his computer, locked out from keyboard or mouse input and made to just sit back, watch and wonder what I am going to buy and how much it is going to cost him!

    I like keeping my pets on their toes. I find it amusing. I enjoy my power.



    Distance control journal week 48

    My week as always starts on Sunday with me writing and submitting my weekly journal. As I had a busy day Mistress allowed me to write it in the evening, dressed in my new role as SHB. Mistress also instructed me to spend the rest of the evening dressed as SHB and to edge myself 3 times whilst dressed. Following on from my first SHB programming session the previous day Mistress had planted some triggers within my subconscious and was keen to see if they would work. These are that as the layers of SHB are applied I become more aroused with the final full arousal once the tie is tightened and the button on the jacket is fastened. This did work and made me incredibly aroused not only whilst I wrote my journal but also for the remaining time I was so dressed. The edges were to a degree mechanical because SHB is not permitted to orgasm without its Commander’s instructions. I also had to somewhat rush my write-up due to my PC time restriction. I was permitted 2 hours on Sunday and it usually takes me around 3 hours with checking and re writing etc. I managed to complete, check, re check several times and then send it within my allotted time. The PC time limits does get to me, not in a bad way, but in a feeling very controlled way. I still had no access to any adult websites including Mistress’s so another week of not reading any other blogs etc. I mentioned to Mistress this week that I never really thought I looked at adult stuff that much but I now realise that I looked at quite a lot.

    Monday to Wednesday was relatively quiet due to Mistress having a busy week and me not wanting to bother her. I sent my morning greeting to Mistress every day and Mistress would respond enquiring after my wellbeing etc. I did have to bother Mistress on Wednesday evening to request some extra PC time for Thursday to carry out some work related admin. Mistress was kind enough to allow me unrestricted access on Thursday and for the following few days. This felt very odd to be honest because I am so used to some days having only 30 minutes and being very careful with my allocation that I didn’t know what to do with all this time, especially not having any access to adult sites so I couldn’t go rummaging.

    Thursday morning arrived and I sent my message to Mistress and wished her well on her busy day and once again thanked her for my PC time. Mistress in her usual way reminded me to enjoy while I could. About an hour later I was looking through twitter as this is my only choice of viewing anything kinky now, when the TeamViewer box appeared on my screen. I don’t know why I do this but I just freeze like I have been caught out. Mistress firstly opens my webcam but this is lying face down in my desk tidy and then opens notepad and checks if I am there. I respond to her message and we have a quick exchange of pleasantries. Mistress then informs me that she needs some small items from her Amazon wish list and she is going to use my account to buy them. I reply that I should be able to cope with that. In the past Mistress would always ask me if I could afford it and if its ok to do it but not this time. Mistress just said I’m going to buy them and you don’t have a choice. I have the feeling that Mistress has a harder edge to her these days and you don’t question her. I also know Mistress doesn’t and wouldn’t get carried away but regardless I just sat there and watched as she added only a couple of items to her basket, checked out and said her goodbyes. I am then just left with the TeamViewer feedback window and an après shopping arousal!

    I then set about my admin duties and once completed I message Mistress to thank her for granting me the time. I also add that today’s internet shopping trip reminds me of one of the many reason why I love being one of her slaves.

    On Friday my message to Mistress to wish her a nice day and give her my work plans for the day is replied to with a task. I am to work today wearing my pink thong with the little bells on. I thank Mistress for my task to which Mistress replies that she requires proof that I am wearing them on the hour every hour. This I think confirms my belief that Mistress has a harder edge at the moment. I thank Mistress and duly put them on and send my first picture at 9am (well in fact it was 8.59am) I just look at the time and immediately worry that I have sent it 1 minute early and as such did not follow my instructions carefully. I await Mistress’s reply which luckily is a laughing emoji. I continue this throughout the day and its funny how either the phone rings or someone turns up bang on the hour so I have to either hang up the call or make my excuses for a couple of minutes. That for me is the enjoyment of Mistress’s power and control, I have no idea what would happen if I sent the picture late but I don’t want to find out. The jingling of the bells for the day was very humiliating even though nobody made any comment it still plays on your mind if anyone did hear them. After sending a picture at 2pm Mistress informed me that she had seen enough of my fat belly and panties for one day and I could stop. I thanked Mistress for my task and went about the rest of my day still jingling.

    Saturday was a quiet day apart from a message from Mistress saying she thought that whilst I was watching the F1 with my mate I should dress as SHB. Whilst I am lucky to be able to share most things with him about my adventures with Mistress, some things are just too much to share. I messaged Mistress that whilst it was very appealing I couldn’t go that far. I didn’t get a reply which makes me wonder if it went in the non-compliance file!

  • My Night with Paris – By Slave Huw

    Slave Huw is a long serving pet of mine with a penchant for all things blow-up.  After some time away from servitude he is once more back in the stable and undergoing a period of distance control before making a return to real time sessions.  Yesterday on discovering he only had an inflatable banana in his overnight bag, I instructed him to go to a sex shop and call me.  He left with a new partner…. Paris!  He enjoyed the fun so much he has written a piece for my blog.

    My dull and uneventful London life took an unexpected twist today when I was given a task by my stunningly beautiful and amazing mistress, Mistress Deelight. I will describe my challenge in my weekly diary however as a side note I wanted to detail my night with Paris.

    Having had my weekly gym session to try to repair my old and battered knee, I sat down to eat my post gym chicken and rice. When I checked what’s app I saw a video from my Mistress. I watched it immediately and got turned on by Mistress looking amazing and by the task I had been set.

    I rushed back to my hotel room and opened the box that contained my new partner Paris. I blew her up slowly and felt the pvc against my body and very erect cock. When she was inflated I sent Mistress a few pictures and then decided on an early night with Paris.

    Now this is where things get difficult as I had only been granted permission to cuddle Paris. My cock was throbbing but I wasn’t allowed to touch myself, I also had this urge to kiss and lick Paris all over however rules are rules.

    I therefore spooned Paris and went to sleep, although I must confess as my hands did grope her breasts a few times and I did also finger her pussy. I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry Paris I just hope she enjoyed it. I know I did as my cock was dribbling pre cum without even touching it.

    When I woke up in the morning I found Paris on top of me. I gave her a cuddle by squeezing her ass down against my very erect cock which felt amazing. I knew I had to get up to go to work and it was with great sadness that I had to deflate Paris.

    What happens next with Paris only Mistress knows x

  • Attention, Small Dick Losers! #SPH

    Is your cock smaller than mine? Of course it is, that’s why are you are not a man, you’re a loser. A limp dick, cockless loser! It’s time to pay your small dick tax. If your cock is smaller than mine then your tax is £25.  If your maggot is less than half the length of mine, your tax is £50. Amazon.co.uk gift voucher to missdeelight@outlook.com or bank transfer (email for details). Once you’ve paid your tax email a photo of your limp little clitty for my new small dick gallery.

    pay your small dick tax

    The first small dicker has already paid, oh yes his is fucking tiny!


    £50 small dick tax

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  • Welcome to Nail Bitch, Danny.

    Recently, Sissy Mouse became my coffee bitch; his role is to keep me well supplied with cappuccino pods for my Tassimo machine. Well now I have a new bitch in the House of Deelight;  Danny is my new nail bitch and he has committed to paying for my regular manicures in exchange for him choosing the colour and of course I’ll be teasing my new nail bitch with pictures of my freshly painted nails.  Watch this space pets!

    Screenshot (103)


    I also have a vacancy for a hot chocolate bitch. My cappuccinos are to get me moving in the mornings and my hot chocolate pods (£20 per month) are to help me wind down each evening after a day of domination, control and tease.  Apply to missdeelight@outlook.com

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  • Directcam Sessions from Monday 19th May

    Once again my busy schedule and advanced webcam bookings have been my main priority but next week, I am going to be available on direct cam via adultwork.com to give all those of you who only use this service the chance to serve me again! For those who don’t know, DirectCam is a pay as you go service available through the adultwork.com website.  Registration is free, you purchase credits and then find my profile.  When you see my status in green as available, pop in, say hello and get ready to serve me.   Catch me from Monday 2pm-6pm, then throughout Thursday and Friday too!

    I will also be available for instant message chat sessions during the evenings.






  • Diary of a Pathetic Chastity Loser

    For the past 12 months I have been talking online with a self proclaimed ‘pathetic loser bitch’ of a slave, who has been toying with the idea of Chastity and the total relinquish of control for the entire time.  Eventually through tease, encouragement and nurturing my slave added yet another lock to my collection of slaves in Chastity.  I asked him to keep a diary of his experience and he has done so for me.  Chastity is not an easy thing for a man to go through, especially for a man who thinks about sex regularly (like most men!), so to relinquish the control of his cock is a very challenging and testing experience, as I have mentioned many times before.  For those of you considering Chastity and the amazing possibility of giving yourself to me, having me own your cock and decide when you can and can’t cum….please read this slaves diary….

    Diary of a Patheticchastityloser


    It has taken me a long time to get to this stage – almost 12 months of communication with Miss Deelight, where She has lured alot (almost too much) of my personal information and desires out of me, cajoling and enticingly leading me to the point i am at right now. 

    Miss Deelight has wanted me to show some sort of commitment for Her time, teasing me that once She has me locked in to chastity that i will be Hers for the taking and Hers to destroy. These threats and promises have done nothing but bolster my obsession with Her and i finally conceded to buying a BON4M chastity cage in order to undergo my first ever enforced abstinence for a period of 1 week. It wasn’t until this point that i realised just how many times i have an erection during 24 hours. I haven’t counted, but it is a lot! I thought that 7 days without masturbation would be easy, and i still insist that that is the case; a little bit of will power is all that is required. But having a cage? Now that is an entirely different thing altogether. Those times when i get a semi will be punished by the cage. Even when i am asleep and my natural body functions take over, i will be punished by the cage. It is because of this that i have asked Mistress, if i can forgo the plastic numbered tags as a way of locking the cage on – these would be far too easy for me to break off in a moment of weakness and/or frustration – in favour of a brass combination padlock that i can reset on camera for Mistress whilst i am wearing a blindfold and then lock in place so that only She knows the combination. This will put my life well and truly in Her hands and under Her ultimate control. For once i will not be able to run away and i will have to face the music. 

    Miss Delight has already begun to tease me in anticipation of being locked up by creating a sound file and placing it on Her AW profile for me to listen to, detailing how She intends to let me come to terms with my captivity and inevitable servitude, then She is going to raise the stakes by having me at Her beck and call for torturous teasing. 

    I have to admit that i have never felt as nervous or as excited about anything as i do about this. I still have doubts about committing – once i have put it on, i will officially be a chastity slave instead of a normal guy with an interest in a few fetishes. It is a big step, but one i intend to take, embrace and relish. 

    23 Mar. 14

    In the build up to my being locked up, i have had an enforced absence from the internet (work related, noting to do with Miss Deelight) and it is amazing how my focus has altered from my impending chastity, which i was thinking of every minute of the day, back to more mundane things like work and general chores. Who knew that the internet had such an influence over human reaction? Certainly, with the temptation of online domination removed i seem to have diverted my energies back toward real life situations and given a better account of myself in those. I am sure that without any internet connection or interaction what-so-ever, i could be a very good person, useful and productive. 

    02 Apr 14

    The BON4M arrived today and first impressions – it’s heavy! You certainly know that you’ve got it on! But once in place, it is relatively comfortable (relative to what exactly, i don’t know as i have no point of reference! The point is, that it’s not Uncomfortable). I couldn’t wait to try it, even if only to see how it fits. 

    03 Apr. 14

    I wore my chastity device to work for the first time today. What an experience! Clearly i imagined everybody could tell exactly what was going on and i acted just a little on the paranoid side but it all played out ok. 3hours at work with it and no issues – but the constant reminder that i will be under someone-else’s control. One thing that did surprise me was, when i removed the stainless steel device, just how warm it was! 

    07 Apr. 14

    The big day has arrived! Except, it hasn’t really as Miss Deelight is unable to see me lock myself in to my device today and i will have to exercise control, lock myself up and hand over control to Her tomorrow. I am disappointed and relieved at the same time but still locked myself at lunch time with the intention of not releasing myself until Sunday morning at the earliest.

    6 hours in and i am confident i can make it and make Miss Deelight proud. 

    08 Apr. 14 

    My first night in the device was not too bad at all. I woke around 4am in immense pain having gained an erection during my sleep and the stainless steel device put a stop to that! Once awake, it did not take long for my penis to become flaccid again and sleep soon beckoned again. 18 hours in to my week long challenge and i am quietly confident that i will be a good chastity slave, however, i still have a modicum of control as i still have access to the keys and could remove the device if i wanted/needed to. I expect my view will change slightly once Miss Deelight takes control of the keys. She has already promised that She intends to make my life hell right from the off! That will be in around 5 ½ hours. I am excited and wary at the same time but it is too late now to back out even if i wanted to. I have taken the first step and my life will never be the same again, i am sure.

    1230; It’s happened! Mistress watched me, on cam, lock the steel chastity device, place the keys in to a small plastic tub and then put the tub in to a metal toolbox. She then had me change the combination of a lock on camera, whilst She looked on and i looked away, before using the combination lock to lock the toolbox. Now SHE knows the combination to get the key to my device and i don’t! I am effectively Hers – owned and controlled!!

    The afternoon since being locked has been a strange one. Physically i am in no different a situation than i was yesterday – the device is on and occasionally uncomfortable – but mentally it is a completely new ball game. I have lost control. 

    09 Apr. 14

    I woke at 0400 this morning in a lot of pain – if i had been able to take the device off there and then, i would have, i have no doubt. But i can’t. It stays on until Miss Deelight gives me the combination to the lock. I feel really quite helpless this morning. And i can’t seem to make myself comfortable either, the steel chastity cage either digging in or pinching every time i move. Even when i don’t! 

    10 Apr. 14

    The best day by far so far! The device has been comfortable all day – not to the extent that i ever forgot it was there, but definitely not painful in any way (except for the usual 4am “Oh my God what’s going on” moment).

     I am sure that people are starting to notice my “John Wayne” walk though, or the way i shake my legs and stamp my feet when i stand up after sitting down for a while, or even the way that i lower myself in to a sitting position now. I know i am just being paranoid, and even if they have noticed they won’t make the connection to me wearing a stainless steel chastity cage! 

    11 Apr. 14

    Here comes the weekend and i am over half way there now! Only two more nights of torment to go, but the time seems to be dragging now. The thing is, i have been adding to the torment myself by continuously watching porn on the internet. And not normal porn, but fetish porn, heavy rubber and bondage. I have been reading fetish erotica about Mistresses taking over a slaves life, PC invasion and control, leading to real life Mistress/slave activity. Certainly not conventional porn and an indication of what i am becoming?

    As the day wears on i am becoming more anxious over release – both being released and not being released. Obviously i am concerned about being released in time for things to get “back to normal” for the rest of my family, but i am also concerned about removing the device and not feeling special any more. Miss Deelight told me i would miss it and i didn’t initially believe Her, but i think She has a point. 

    12 Apr.14

    One more night to go. And i can’t wait. I’m sure that, if i needed to, i could go for longer being caged, but knowing that tomorrow is the final day has set a mental target in my head and i feel almost like it’s Christmas Eve with tomorrow not coming fast enough!! 

    13 Apr. 14

    The day of reckoning – i tried to get hold of Miss Deelight and, for once, She had had a lie in! Starting to panic in case i couldn’t be released in time, i emailed Mistress and She replied, with a laugh, saying She would meet me online after She had got a coffee. After a quick chat, She asked if i was ready to be released and gave me the combination to the lock. Except it didn’t work! The photograph that had been taken was blurred and it was very difficult to see the numbers. After a panic of trying to decipher the numbers, lock finally opened i could get to the lock for my cage. I’m not sure who was more relieved! Then it was time to remove the cage and Miss Deelight gave me a countdown to the most incredible orgasm!

    I can’t thank Miss Deelight enough for taking care of me, nurturing and encouraging me as needed and teasing and tormenting me as often as She could. It has been an unbelievable experience.

  • Chastity, Tease and Denial

    The latest key to my collection of chastity keys belongs to little slave Dominic, who has been in chastity now for 7 days.  He has been repeatedly teased and denied through a number of Skype webcam sessions and is almost at breaking point.  To take his mind off his plight, or rather to make him think about it even more, I asked him to write a little about his experience to share with the rest of you who are interested in chastity, tease and denial.

    Hi Mistress Deelight it’s your little chastity slave here I just thought I would tell you how much I am enjoying these sessions of tease and denial with you, I have never been so horny before in my life now I am in my 7th day of chastity for you without an orgasm I have to say how much more intense the sessions have become not just because I have been in chastity but also because of your incredible ability to tease a man to the point of almost driving them insane I have never wanted to cum so bad before in my life! But at the same time I don’t want to disappoint you I just keep thinking about how good it will feel to finally cum I have a chance tomorrow but It’s only a chance Miss Deelight says she is going to flip a coin to choose for us I am praying that the coin shows heads and I enjoy a mind blowing orgasm (If Miss Deelight doesn’t change her mid) or Miss Deelight may have me lock myself back up into chastity if it shows tails God only knows when my next chance would be then! Any slave who is into Tease and Denial I would definitely recommend contacting Miss Deelight for sessions she knows how to keep you horny and how to make you crazy about here! I am going to bed now my cock trying to bulge out of its chastity device and me dreaming of Miss Deelight and Praying for Heads!!!

    So as you can see, Chastity has its struggles but it also has its rewards for those who are strong enough to take it on.  If and when I finally decide to let Dominic explode (even if the coin does land on heads) then he is going to experience the most intense orgasm of his life and all his hard work would have been well worth it.


  • Mike’s Control and Denial Poem

    I have all kinds of slave’s under my command, all with a varying method of domination.  The slave who wrote me the following poem is a text message slave.  Every morning I send him a text message, to give him instruction on how many times to ‘edge’ (building up the plateau of orgasm then stopping before climax) himself and what he must fantasize about during the day.  Last time this slave was in touch with me, he only lasted a week out of a month’s target.  So this time I am trying to push him further, although judging by the poem he sent me last night, it appears that suffering is already intense!

    Beautiful wicked Mistress Deelight
    Please hear your slave and pity his plight
    Each day I sit by the phone and pray
    My mistress will let me cum today.
    I beg and plead and ask you nice
    To you that adds a bit of spice
    To the suffering that you enjoy
    To inflict upon this helpless boy
    I complete your tasks both line and verse
    And end up feeling ten times worse
    My cock it aches my balls are blue
    I know how much that pleases you
    So I continue to endeavour
    To win my Mistresses’ favour
    You’re smart and cruel,by far the best
    Thank you Mistress for my distress.
    Just one last thing ‘fore all is said
    And I drag my aching balls to bed
    You know what I need better than I
    I pray that soon the spunk will fly

    Are you man enough to take on the edging challenge?


  • Forthcoming Webcam Sessions

    My webcam availability has been very infrequent for a good couple of months for various reasons, including an increase in real-time sessions; and lots of my cam pets have been asking if I am giving it up, the answer is NO!  I am most certainly not giving up online and cyber domination as I enjoy it very much.  So for all you slaves, sissy sluts, losers, pigs, worms and all my other cam subs, I am pleased to say that I will be available this Friday 31 January from 1 pm until early evening, and this Saturday 1 Feb from 1 pm until tea time.  You can either pre-book a skype session with me or you can catch me on directcam through my adultwork.com profile.

    I’m feeling especially Deelightful and incredibly naughty, so be prepared to be seduced, teased, edged, hypnotised and abused!



     **NOT TO BE MISSED** The stunning Miss Deelight and the Gorgeous Amazonian Tgirl Sophie Luvs together for the first time on cam! Great minds that think alike, great bodies that you will adore and want to worship.  Wannabe sissies, cock suckers, faggots and slaves come and join us from 12:30 until 14:00 on Tuesday 5th November for a show like NO other. 3 credits p/m in group or 4 credits p/m in private.  Free cam2cam and phone chat in private mode.


    strap_on_seduction (6)



    Follow @Sophie_Luvs on Twitter.



  • Slave Stoffi Week in Chastity

    A few weeks ago I welcomed a new onboard the kinky train; Slave Stoffi from Germany.  That’s right Slaves, Mistress has servants everywhere, not just here in the UK.  Slave Stoffi first introduced himself to me with a Skype session, during which he showed me his chastity device.  I felt that it was only right for my new slave to really learn what being owned and locked meant, so I set him a task to remain locked into his device for an entire week.  A week in chastity is quite a tough challenge for a first timer, and even more so for someone as young as he, at the age of 25.  I instructed Slave Stoffi, to report to me daily, via email, to describe to me his experience of first time, chastity.   Here, I share his diary.  (Please note that I have not altered his words, these are exactly as he has written them, bear in mind that English is not his first language).

    First Night:

    Hello Miss Deelight,

    Attached you’ll find a small clip because my camaraderie for photo isn’t working.

    I’m locked in chastity again.

    Thanks for the fabulous session;)

    Snapshot 1 (15-07-2013 18-05)

    Day 1:

    My résumé after my almost first day in chastity is, it feels really strange to be locked! Can’t even go jogging or driving bike! But I’ll keep locked as said!

    Day 2:

    My résumé after my second day in chastity.

    Today I tried to jogging, feels really strange to have a device between the legs and it makes stupid sounds while I walk;) But feel an bit better with the device as yesterday;) I took it not off today for shower but I must doit tomorrow after my jogging otherwise is it unhygienic.

    Day 3:

    Today was my 3.day locked in chastity.

    I must say it feels really annoyed not be able to wank, but I take the challenge;) Today I had also an football match but I didn’t played because its an bit hard with the device between the legs;) Resume after my 3.day in chastity is it feels really strange;)

    Day 4:

    Today we had an reallllly hot summer day and it was wearing a short but it was really hard to secure the spot so now one could see I’m wearing a chastity —> was really hard but now one have seen it:p I’ve read yesterday again your blog post about the “wanker hospital” and a double dome session with Mistress Real, it had hurt really much if my dick get hard but can’t really:( So I was forced to go sleep with thinking off you and blue balls:(

    This was my 4. Day just 3 left;)

    Day 5:

    Today was my 5. Day in chastity.

    I can’t describe the feeling to get an hard dick while its locked in chastity, it’s just pain.

    Today was again an really nice summer day with around 33 degrees:) the right weather to go on the sea;) I had to think about what I shall wear so now one sees that I’m wearing an chastity! I found an solution, just not go into the water:(

    Now I’m laying at home in the sun with an nice drink;)

    Day 6:

    Today at my 6. Day locked in chastity I feel really naughty;) I can’t wait to get unlocked;) how are you?

    I was today inhospital after I got an big allergic shockbut now I’m home againand I feel little better, but I’ve no hairs left on my head the have cut everything down to 1 mm:( Can’t wait to get unlocked because now it’s feels also I must clean my dick, 7 days without cleaning is ugly!!!

    Day 7:

    Now today was my last day in chastityand If you want see me unlock me, tell me a time you want, I can after 9:30-9:45pm!

    Would you write a blog post about my week in chastity? If, just ask if you need anything more from me;)

    My last day was really easy, just had any meetings at work but now I’m at home and just wait to unlock me so I can jump maybe on cam but definitely under the shower;)

    Thank you Miss Deelight for the experience to be locked;)


    I’m really proud about me;)

    My first wank was so intense that I could believe it;) I came two times, uhh;) Thank you again for this experience!!!


    [Spider_Single_Video track=”4″ theme_id=”7″ priority=”1″]


    Being locked in Chastity isn’t as easy as it looks, is it slave?



  • Slave Daniel’s Fantasy – Frank

    I haven’t yet introduced Slave Daniel, one of my cyber domination slaves.  Daniel, contacted me asking me to make him into a better man for the greater good of himself, so via email, we have begun to explore and unlock his personality so that I can fine tune him into becoming the man that he craves to be, although as yet, he isn’t sure what that is, and that is what makes slave training fun;  the journey of self discovery.

    Thus far Slave Daniel, has completed various tasks including a very difficult time keeping task and has undergone a 2 week masturbation ban as a punishment for failing that particular task, which I believe was a mission in itself.

    Anyway, I enjoy asking my slaves to write for me as it allows me an insight into the workings of their minds.  So I set Daniel a creative writing task, of which the purpose was to allow him to explore the darker corners of his mind, relinquishing all guilt and offering him the freedom to express himself fully and openly.  To my amusement he failed the task in terms of the exploration I was expecting from him, but yet some how has managed to pass it by merit of what I should have anticipated from him! I guess, the darker corners of his mind, are somewhat uneducated, and prettier in comparison to the darker corners of mine.  I look forward to his writing, further down the line when he gains a better understanding of himself and what it is to be a slave.

    As with the writing of most of my slaves, and with the permission granted to them, to freely express themselves, Slave Daniel’s story does come with a massive element of wishful thinking, which is what makes this story amusing to me.  However, I am sure you slaves reading it, will fully empathise with this fantasy.

    Please note, that this story is an exact copy and paste, I can see the grammatical errors, I just don’t have the time nor requirement to correct them.  Slave Daniel, on the other hand, will be learning to do this for himself as he progresses along his journey.  I do anticipate a continuation of this story in the future, though Daniel himself, may not be aware of that until he reads this post…

    Enjoy and dream on! Ha Ha Ha!

    Sala De Demonios

    3 days frank had been driving, stopping only for fuel, food and the occasional sleep. Driving was the only escape he knew and for 3 days he had been running… running from the demons that were his life, The man he should of been, the man he became, the man he was and the man he wanted to be. He was running from everything he knew and he didn’t know exactly why.

    The engine of his car hummed a familiar tune and the road seemed to snake long into the darkness randomly choosing his path as if it were leading him on a journey… the air was warm but with a cool breeze and the desert seemed to stretch off for miles into the dark night in either direction… he was alone in his car… his island of safety from the harshness of the desert.

    Frank was tired and the only thing keeping him awake were the bumps in the road… but It was getting late, the bumps had left him and frank knew he should rest… but some outside force made him continue down his road, he hadn’t seen another car in what seemed like hours and frank was clueless as to which road he was on, but it felt safe which made him feel calm and right in his decision to carry forth.

    With his eyelids getting heavy and the soft hum of the engine starting to become a faint lullaby… Frank saw it… on the horizon like a beacon of hope it stood… the warm glow of civilisation… as he drew closer he could see that it was indeed a quaint hotel, made from stone, it had clearly been standing for some time and seemed to have not been touched by the outside world.

    It was clear that the owner must be a collector of cars, the car park was full of all sorts of different makes and models from all different years, they had obviously been there a long time as the desert had laid claim to most and the others were all covered in layers of dust and sand.

    Frank slowly parked up amongst the graveyard of cars and his faithful companion shuddered to a haunting silence as he turned the key.

    Frank strolled towards the hotel reception, the reception was a medium sized room, decorated with plants and small wooden tables and chairs, beyond the reception desk frank could see a bar, with a dimmed beer sign… hopefully his next stop.

    Frank rang the reception bell…. and from behind a shut door emerged the perfect figure, beautiful blonde hair and eyes which could bring a smile to the darkest of souls.

    So enamoured with her beauty was frank that he couldn’t spit his words out and just smiled…. you will be wanting a room then Frank… said the women.

    Frank unfazed by the fact that she knew his name, replied with a simple yes.

    How long are you planning to stay with us Frank… said the women. He hadn’t planned to stay longer then a night and wasn’t sure as to whom the we were that she referred too, but something about her made him not care… and so he smiled and replied… I don’t know. To which the women responded….. They all said that.

    She handed frank a set of room keys and explained that she would require his car keys as a deposit, he handed them over and she pointed to one of the many rooms circling the bar and reception area… If you need anything…. shout… we will be having a party later… you should join us…

    Filled with a new lease of energy Frank smiled and made his way up towards his room.

    His room was a medium sized room with a double bed, small dresser and a bedside drawer and lamp… it was a very usual hotel room and apart from clearly not being used for a while it would suit its purpose.

    Frank placed his bag on the bed and removed his shirt pondering who on earth could be going to the party, there was no civilisation for miles and  the car park was full of relics from the world’s automotive past… and none had clearly moved in years.

    By now Frank was fully awake… thanks somewhat to the desert air and so he decided to jump into the shower.

    Frank emerged from the shower a freshened man and he sat himself upon the bed and started to dry his hair.

    Suddenly aware of a presence in the room, Frank stood up and to his surprise there stood the receptionist in his room, but he had not heard her knock… nor open the door, she was completely naked bar a pair of shinny latex boots, a leather thong and a whip… Frank found himself paralyzed and transfixed by her perfect body and all he could do was stand and stare.

    She smiled at frank and in stern voice demanded… Kneel.

    Frank couldn’t bring himself to say no, and although in his head he knew that something was wrong he couldn’t fight it, it was as though an invisible force took him by the hand and guided his knees to the floor and before he knew it he was on his knees and she was towering over him in perfection.

    In the same stern tone she told frank…  bend forward and to kiss my boots… before frank could even process the thought…. his lips were pressed firmly against the cold latex of her boot. The women took a step back, smiled and whispered… good boy.

    Frank then felt a cold tickle as the women’s whip stalked its way up and down his back…. now my pet…. stand up facing the wall…. the next part is going to hurt…

    Frank stood up and walked to the wall next to the bed… the women took his arms and locked them into what frank had originally thought were strange old candle stick holders… he was wrong, they were restraints, elegant and purposeful.

    Unable to move Frank felt a coldness wrap itself around his neck and then tighten like a snake with its prey…. This is your collar… you belong to me now, whispered the women in his ear…. and with this Frank found himself in silence unable to turn and look behind him.

    He could only lay in wait for what was to come…. suddenly like a bolt of lightning, Frank felt the whip rip through the skin of his back like a ski in the snow… he felt a surge of pain roar through his body and if not for the restraints he would have surely collapsed to the floor.

    The silence returned and was broken by a sadistic giggle from the mysterious women accompanied by another lash from her whip…. Frank had been beaten before in fights but never whipped, and as each pain filled lash tore through his body like a hurricane, he found himself more and more exceptive of his cruel and unusual fate.

    The whipping continued for what felt like an eternity and as abruptly as it had begun it stopped, and the silence was once again broken, but by the sound of footsteps walking up behind him…. Have you had enough? Questioned the women. Breathless, sweaty and in pain frank could only nod…. the women accepted this and released the restraints sending Frank crashing to the floor.

    In a breathless, broken voice Frank murmured, Thank You.

    Thank you? enquired the women…. Yes thank you spluttered Frank in a now slightly less breathless voice… Does this mean my pet knows not to misbehave? Asked the women… God yes was Frank’s reply, who by now was shaking… God Yes….. What? Demanded the women.

    Frank pulled himself to his knees and looked puzzled…. momentarily confused as he didn’t know her name….  the women now standing in front of him said in an empowering voice… Mistress… as she placed her boot onto his right shoulder and pushed him back to the ground.

    He laid there on the floor, breathing heavily, in pain and the women strolled around him and took her place sitting on the bed, she leaned forward and stroked franks head…

    You know it doesn’t have to be all pain…. if you behave… you will be rewarded… but don’t get any ideas that you might leave… for you belong to me now… With that she slowly drew franks head up by pulling on his collar…. and placed it resting on her leg….. You want to fuck me don’t you my pet? Whispered the Mistress… Frank nodded and replied… yes mistress.

    With this the Mistress stood up and climbed upon the bed on all fours in a crawling position and in a surprisingly pleasant voice said…..Then you may.

    Frank still sieving from his whipping climbed upon the bed…. to him he had earned this and he was going to enjoy it… his penis standing to attention, thick and full of life, he inserted into his new mistresses warm and tight pussy, he slowly pumped back and fourth, with each thrust becoming closer to the ecstasy he craved… closer to fulfilment.

    Having always praised himself on being able to go the distance, something about the Mistress made him feel young and in experienced, before long frank could feel climax burning up through his body like a building ablaze, he wanted to slow down and pace himself, his head pleaded with his body to slow down, to impress this women of mystery but his body wouldn’t let him and in what felt like no time at all Frank felt a surge of energy explode through his body, he felt as though he had just received a thousand volts of pure electricity, and he erupted in a flex of ecstasy.

    His heart pumping and his body quivering, he slowly pulled his now flaccid penis out from within his mistress.

    The Mistress backed up slowly pushing frank from the bed, turned and then faced frank sitting on the bed, Frank gazed upon his mistress with a look much like that of a child longing for the sweets high up on the shelf.

    The mistress pulled him in close by his collar and seductively said…. all my good slaves clean up after themselves… as she said this she parted her legs, revealing to Frank her wet and juicy pussy, freshly filled with his cum.

    Frank would usually be disgusted by the thought but for some reason found himself over whelmed by a hunger… a hunger he could not explain… he felt as though he had been marooned in the desert without water for months, and that located within her pussy laid the sweet refreshment he needed to live… with no hesitation Frank found himself buried in her crotch…. his tongue lapping away like a cat drinking a saucer of milk.

    He could taste his juices mixed with hers, and with every drop he found himself craving it more and more like a drug and he kept his tongue digging until finally the mistress demand he stopped.

    She pushed his head away from her and stood up from the bed towering over him like she had before, she slowly walked to the drawer next to the bed and pulled from it a chastity device and proceeded to place the device upon Franks member and secured it so tight that it initially took his breath away.

    Now shower yourself and come join the party…. we have all been waiting so very long for you… she said in a sensual voice, before turning and slowly walking towards the door.

    Before she exited Frank’s room she slowly turned and looked at him smiling…. One day you will realise where you are…. until then…. you are mine… with a wicked smile upon her face she left and Frank was left longing a broken pain filled man with only the soft sound of the party music to keep him company.

    Copyright © missdeelight.com 2013

  • A Remorseful Loser

    I have a new devoted loser at my kennels, who I have nicknamed Slave Slobberdog.  He earned this title from slobbering everywhere whilst demonstrating his ridiculous puppy behaviour to me.  Slave Slobberdog spent a lot of time proving to me what a perfect specimen of a loser he is, but then he almost got kicked out of the pound for persistently hounding me on twitter and via email, expecting me to be available to his desperate beck and call, when the reality is that it should be the other way round.  After a telling off, and a temporary blocking, he came back with his tail between his legs, offering a gift as penalty for his crimes.  I guess every loser deserves a second chance!  Before he became a bad dog, he had asked me to post about him on my blog for his birthday, I said I would after he bought me a birthday present, for his special day! He did do that, I will find out what it is tomorrow.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Loser Slobberdog!


  • Aww What Fun!

    What fun I have had today on webcam – Some small penis humiliation, two lovely and neatly tied up packages with some CBT and edging, and a new little slut has made herself known to me.  Another fabulous day at Deelight HQ.  Tomorrow brings lots of nylon fun, foot worship and oooh, my little slave in chastity is visiting for another round of torture. *Smiles*



    Kisses x

  • To All My Devoted Low Lifes….

    Yes YOU, the ones who spend all day long chasing after and dribbling over me, desperate for me to give you some attention, even if it’s just to call you a fucking wanker, because that is what you are, a pathetic loser, sad little wanker.  Well here is a special little pic just for you, taken a short while ago whilst I was abusing another loser prick, via live webcam…..


  • Putting My Feet Up…

    …..After another hard day at the office, daydreaming about all the new things I want to buy with your money!


    What are you looking at Slave?


    Did you visit my headquarters and serve me today?  Did you come and show me how pathetic you are on my live cam?  Did you ring me up and tell me all things you can’t tell anyone else about yourself?  No?  Yet here you are sneaking free looks at my pictures?  SHAME ON YOU!  Next time I expect to see you in my office, for your punishment.

  • Goddess Barbie-Deelight Live on Cam Today!

    Good afternoon Slaves – Goddess Barbie Deelight live on webcam all day today, calling on all wannabe slave Kens to worship and adore me.  Confess your sins, describe your desires and tell me how fucking wonderful I am!

    Just click the image below to be taken to my Adultwork profile page.


    If you aren’t a member, registration is free.  Webcam chat is 2 credits per minute.

  • Live Cam All Weekend

    Well I have just finished an evening of Live Cam shows and chat.  It’s been a fun night having chatted to a very hypnotised sub and my boot worship cam slave has returned too.  Unfortunately I also had a slave who wasn’t worthy of my attention, so I just ignored him and watched a Bruce Willis film instead.  Well, he was lucky just to have me grace his computer screen!

    Here are a couple of tonight’s cam shots…. I will be back online in the morning and throughout the day (Saturday 16th February).




    Good Night from Mistress x

  • SPH – Underpants Punishment

    This week on Aunty Dee’s problem corner, a naming and shaming TV program, a viewer writes in to complain about her neighbour, Daniel, who has terrorised her on a daily basis by flashing his boxer shorts at her and more recently and alarmingly, his TINY MINUTE PENIS and INCREDIBLY UNDERSIZED TESTICLES.

    As a punishment for his despicable crime, Aunty Dee and Aunty Caroline name and shame the perpetrator on national TV before enforcing a trouser ban, the removal of his fashionable underpants and the given punishment of only being allowed to wear Y-front underpants for ever.  It is put to him that for one week he must wear only his underpants and shirt to work so that everyone around him can see that he has a tiny, pathetic penis and testicles.

    In a verbally humiliating, strict and degrading show, Daniels given punishment is described in full, embarrassing detail.

    underpants 11

    Watch the 15 movie clip now on my adultwork profile:  www.adultwork.com/missdeelight (4.50 credits).

  • The View From the Deelight Cam

    I had a very fun and interesting day on the web cam today.  So much fun that I am going to try to make this a more regular thing so that those of you who worship me from afar, can come along and worship me over cyberspace LIVE!.. After-all a thing of beauty SHOULD be shared.

    Dressed in my tight but unfortunately un-shined latex dress at a Slave’s request……


    And the view a lucky boot slave had while I went about my work on the laptop as he worshipped my boots in his own special way……


    Follow me on Twitter @Deelight_xxx for instant updates as to when I am on-line or on phone-chat.

  • New Email Slut

    So now I have my very own pet email slut!  Slut Tracey approached me yesterday and requested that I dominate her online so I set about giving her, her first task to prove her dedication.  The young slut has informed me that the only female attire she owns, is a red and black cami and panties.  I simply had to see this and now I am going to share with the rest of you!  It’s a bit of a pathetic attempt.. not impressed with the handwriting but as this is a slut in training, there is plenty of room for improvement.


    My inbox is always open to other genuine sluts and slaves who are unable to meet in person but still wish to serve a beautiful Mistress such as myself.  Please email me to offer your services at miss.deelight@yahoo.co.uk – Do NOT send photos on the first email, I will only look at your photo when you have proven your worth.


  • Webcam Day with Gimpy

    The other day, I decided to try something new with my personal slave, Gimpy.  Under my instruction, we opened up to a joint webcam show giving our viewers the opportunity to see Gimpy punished, humiliated and fucked with my strap on at their request.  I thought it would be nice to make Gimpy into a slut for the day so I chose this pathetic wig and dress for him to wear… I must say I couldn’t stop laughing at his patheticness throughout the session.  Lots of fun!  Unfortunately for Gimpy he couldn’t take the large but plug, for punishment he was denied being taken with my strap on.

    Doesn’t she just look adorable posing for the camera? LOL!  Watch this space, we will be back with more webcam action!

    Click on the images for full size!