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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Game of Two Halves

    I know that my slave enjoys trying to escape and I know that he enjoys feeling the weight of my control and thus I always enjoy giving exactly that too him, the full weight of my control with the option to try to escape.  And in the result of an escape, blackmail will be used so as to ensure that it doesn’t happen again while I figure out a way to lock that particular door!

    This has been a decidedly unusual week for me. As a great football pundit once put it, it was definitely ‘a game of two halves’.
    First Half

    Once I had wished Mistress a happy mummies day I had to get on with my own family day. I knew that the following day was session day at the HOD for me (the first in 6 weeks). It was also going to be the day when I finally got to meet Princess on the wrestling mats for the first time. I should have been ‘beside myself’ with nervous anticipation for such a monumental day. But I wasn’t really. I knew that Mistress had been terribly unwell with a cough. I suspected that it was the same cough that had been doing the rounds for the last few weeks. (Indeed I had had to cancel out of the session with Mistress originally planned for two weeks earlier because of it). As we all know I worry about Mistress when she is not well. Even if she tries to tease or torment me during such times it never really gets to me. It came as no surprise therefore that she finally had to give in to her illness and tell me that she was going to be unable to see me on the Monday. It came as no surprise, but was still a huge disappointment. And so it should be. I love to spend time with Mistress at the HOD regardless of what pain or pleasure she has in store for me. It is special time for me. Mistress was hugely apologetic about it but I knew that there was nothing to be done. I reminded her of the fact that only two weeks earlier I had to cancel out for precisely the same reason. It did however put a different slant on the plans for my return to the wrestling mats for the first time in several years. Heading directly from my wrestling session to see Mistress would make the experience complete. It wouldn’t be the same at all without it. But I knew that Princess had sacrificed other work to session with me on the Monday and it would have been wrong for me to cancel out of my first ever session with her at such short notice. Mistress agreed that I should carry on regardless.

    And so on Monday morning I found myself knocking at the door of a property not that far from the HOD to wrestle with Princess. I have no intention of going into any great detail about what happened next. This is a blog about my experiences at the hands of Miss Deelight. All I will say is that Princess is young, attractive, fun company and far tougher than her exterior suggests! I left just an hour later suitably battered and stretched having been taken to pieces on the mats. What fun! Of course I then had to get back into my car and drive home again thinking of what could have followed.

    Mistress and I exchanged several texts that evening on my experiences with Princess and with discussions about a future session date. My challenge was that I knew that work commitments would keep me away for the HOD for at least another two weeks and so it all left me feeling a bit down.

    Second half

    I could tell that Mistress was starting to feel better when she started asking about my access to websites on my new phone. I had owned up in last week’s blog that I was still able to view virtually all websites. Mistress wanted to know if that was still the case.
    What followed were a couple of days where Mistress installed more software onto my phone and I tried to wriggle free as I always will. (I think parental controls software companies should employ me to try to break their software for them. I am quite good at it). In the end Mistress loaded up both Netsanity and Qustodoio on my phone and my fetish world went dark. That was until I discovered a way to disable one of them for just long enough to get a glimpse of what was going on before it came back on again. I told Mistress. I imagine that by then she must have felt like strangling me! I sensed her frustration and backed off.
    Two things then happened. One was that she told me that I was never ever to disable it again PERIOD! And the second was to completely block any use of my phone or my PC for a few hours that evening. Both devices were effectively blank screens. It scared the life out of me! The only option left to me on my phone was ‘emergency calls’. I wondered how my call might be redirected if I dialled 999 and explained my plight. I suspect I would have ended up talking to a caring voice at Childline. Both actions were effective. I am a simple slave. I genuinely find it difficult to deal with any element of ambiguity. It makes me really uncomfortable in all spheres of life. Mistress had been very clear in both her instruction to me and in her illustration of what she could do if I stepped out of line. It was what I needed. It was at this point that Mistress sent me the ‘killer’ text. There is always at least one that stays in my mind for far too long for it to be healthy for me. This week it was:
    ‘I’m so good at this! You’re lucky that today was just a teaser. Wait till I really start fucking with you. You think you’re dependent on me now? Lol’
    At one point during the week I decided to buy Mistress a gift from her wish list. I really wanted to do something to distract her from her illness and to cheer her up a bit. She told me that I had achieved my objective that was nice.

    But the best bit about the second half of the week was that Mistress gave me a treat. It was of the sort that might only happen once or twice a year. One morning she told me that I was allowed to play with her property. I wasn’t really sure what she meant by this, locked away as it is in the chastity device. There is a little access available through the bars but any resultant growth is cruelly constrained by the device. I thanked Mistress for the opportunity and enquired if I might be given the code to remove the device. Her response really surprised me. She said ‘the code is on your phone. It has been there since I locked you up at the end of your last session with me’. My problem was that I had changed phones since my last session. I had transferred across much of its contents but couldn’t for the life of me find a 4 digit numeric code anywhere. I searched and searched and in the end gave up in frustration. I sent Mistress a text to say that I had not been able to find it. And then she ignored me, for hours! She can be such a cruel Mistress sometimes.

    It was only as I walked the dog later that evening that I realised that Mistress had sent me a video via Whatsapp. In it she looked supper sexy as always. Today she was wearing a black top that laced up down the front and as she spoke to me she played teasingly with the lacings. She told me that she felt that she had been rather unkind to leave me hanging as she had earlier in the day (she was smiling coyly enough for me to know that it was no less than she had hoped to do) and that I should look in my contacts folder on my phone for the code.

    And so when I had finished watching the video I did just that and discovered the code hidden away. When I got back home I rushed back into the garage and tried the code. The keysafe opened and there was my key! Within moments the device was off and Mistresses property felt a warm human touch rather than it normally steel cage. It wasn’t the touch of my Mistress (which is what it constantly craves) but that of her slave, but that would have to do for the moment. The big moment however was saved for bedtime that evening. Taquin decided that he needed an ‘early night’ and no more than 10 minutes later Mistresses property erupted like Mount Vesuvius!

    Mistress can be such a kind Mistress sometimes xxx

    Postscript: Having been allowed a moment of wonderful freedom Mistress instructed me to lock up her property once again, but this time in the heavier Bon4. I have done as instructed and sent Mistress the required photograph of the numbered lock in place. For reasons I don’t fully understand I now feel more horny than I did before my orgasm.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Spoilt

    With the acquisition of my new phone and a failed attempt to take control of Mousey’s Windows phone I instructed my pet to fetch a new one similar to my own for the purpose of tightening control and to monitor all aspects of his digital world.  It was also session week for my bumbling bondsman in which I made sure that both sets of his cheeks were rosy!


    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight saw me receiving both pain and immense pleasure. Both of which I am very grateful.

    As is the case with my recent visits they start some days before, this time on the previous Friday with a short message from Mistress to wish me good morning and instructing me to install TeamViewer support on my phone. I duly do as instructed and message Mistress to confirm it has been done and the access code, I am also now feeling very nervous. As ever with Mistress I am left to stew for the next few hours until I see a message flash up that Mistress wishes to connect to my phone. I allow this and with that Mistress opens one note and types a message instructing me to place the phone face down and with that opens the camera to ensure I have complied with her instructions. I leave the phone and go about what I was doing. I have since read in Slave Taquin’s blog that Mistress had asked him if she should lock down my phone which he had agreed to wholeheartedly. I had seen a tweet the previous evening about Taquin and his new Samsung phone whilst looking at new phones myself and deciding that the level of control this gives Mistress would best be avoided at all costs. Anyway, back to my phone and after about 30 mins I gingerly lifted my phone to see Mistress had left it with a message to say ‘Your phone has evaded my clutches for now. I am going to have to insist you get a Samsung phone.’ Mistress had been trying to install Qustodio on my windows phone but it was not compatible. My phone is linked to my pc but this app gives Mistress much greater control. I message Mistress to confirm I will do as instructed. Nowadays mindful that none compliance with instructions won’t be tolerated by Mistress.

    Later that day with phone duly purchased I message Mistress to confirm this and set about trying to work it out. The main thing being notifications on the lock screen. Mistress is amused how utterly compliant I have been with her request due to the goo goo ga ga video. I spend the next couple of days trying to set everything up and then message Mistress the TeamViewer access code and await my fate.

    The next few days are quiet and finally the day of my session, Wednesday, arrives and I message Mistress to confirm my attendance and log into the House of Deelight Facebook page to see a post from Mistress saying ‘It’s doomsday for Mousey (in a nice way) which gets my bumbling self going with the fear of the unknown. The only thing I do know today is an outside event will decide if I am granted an orgasm. As always, the clock is slow to tick around until it’s time to leave for Newport. I arrive early and park a few streets away, what is odd today is I don’t feel nervous just very pleased to be there and quite relaxed.

    Eleven on the dot I walk through the door to be met by Mistress looking amazing as always this time in her latex catsuit with yellow and black corset. A true feast to the eyes and slightly distracted I place my offerings in the kitchen along with my new phone. Today, compared to my last visit, has a very nice relaxed air about it. We have a quick chat about this and that and then Mistress informs me to go upstairs use the bathroom and strip and wait in the bedroom but before I go Mistress asks for the pin for my phone. I am still surprised that I give this over without any hesitation but what’s the point in delaying the inevitable, Mistress will get the code one way or another. I am rewarded with the always coveted ‘Good boy’.

    I do as instructed go upstairs strip and use the toilet and then kneel and wait in the bedroom. Taking a few calming breaths before announcing to Mistress I am ready. A few moments later Mistress comes up the stairs and glides into the bedroom in all her latex glory and instructs me to crawl to the bed and sit on the edge, then proceeds to bandage my eyes to form a blindfold and then instructs me to lie on the bed. Mistress then attached my arm and legs with cuffs and comments about what she can do to make me feel humiliated and with that returns and tells me to open wide for my ‘dum dum’. As soon as it goes in there comes a stirring from Mistress’s cock which prompts Mistress to conclude there must be an invisible link between the two. Just to add to it Mistress then goes downstairs and returns and puts some lovely music on for me. A collection of nursery rhymes and counting songs! Telling me that in need to be able to count to 36 before she returns. With that Mistress leaves me to it with the customary ‘enjoy’. I lie there listening to the songs contemplating my coming fate whilst sucking on the dummy.

    A little while later Mistress enters the room and enquired how I am doing and then starts taking some items from the cock cabinet. At this point, Mistress’s cock comes back to life as I wonder what she is doing and Mistress mocking me in a baby voice that its nothing for me and leaves the room. I go back to ‘enjoying’ the music and after sometime Mistress returns and asks if I have enjoyed my counting songs and can I now count to 36. I reply that they only go up to 10 but they have still been educational. Mistress then sits down on the bed beside me and starts working her needy, horny, desperate cock into life. It has been a long time since Mistress had kindly put a latex gloved hand around her cock and it was very grateful even if it was for a pre-caning edging session. Mistress did mock me for the state she had got me in recently and the edging wasn’t doing anything to help that, neither was the thought of going over the edge and enduring another post ruin caning. Once Mistress had got me in a suitable (greater) horny place she untied me removed the blindfold and instructed me downstairs and onto the whipping bench.

    The previous week on the House of Deelight Facebook group Mistress had posted a picture of a slave’s bum after a hard post 36 caning. I commented on the picture and apologised to Mistress that my bum never bruises like his, to which Mistress replied that she saw it as a challenge to bruise me when I next visited.

    Anyway, back to the bench and with me kneeling over it Mistress enquired if I wish to be strapped in or if I am just going to kneel and take it. I requested being strapped in because I just didn’t know how I was going to handle this today. Mistress duly strapped me in chose some music and started by quite surprisingly warming me up with hand spanking. I marvel in the fact that those same petite hands that had edged me minutes before now spanked me with such force. 40 ish spanks later and Mistress is ready and asks me if I am? As I will ever be and with that whack the first comes in and as always it takes my breath away and my expected response was so slow that Mistress asked I we weren’t counting that one. From there Mistress whacks me with such force that everyone takes my breath away and I am struggling to get myself relaxed. At 19 Mistress had a very unusual miss hit just at the top of my leg and that bloody hurt so much so I lost count and thought it was 20. What happens when I lose count? Mistress starts again. I remember a song coming on ‘Dirty Diana’ with Mistress singing ‘Dirty Deelight’ and then starts again. This time I have relaxed into it, more so than I have ever before. I am so calm that my whole body is floppy. Now at no point am I saying they didn’t hurt because feck me they did and I didn’t squirm a bit at some of the strokes, but I have never been in this very serene place before. Mistress I know doesn’t like caning a sack of spuds and needs to see she is inflicting pain but also knows when she has her victim in a place where she can let loose.

    With the 36 duly counted, Mistress decides it’s now time for 12 of the heavy wooden paddle. I have a love hate relationship with this because the impact of a well-placed hit is unbearable but the sound is intoxicating. And that is what I got 12 almost perfectly delivered whacks and I was glad when they were over. Mistress decided to follow this up with a further 12 of the cane but by that time I was in such a deep trance that it could have been 200. Once finished Mistress is once again left with the sight of a slightly rosy bum with no hints of a bruise. I was left with the lovely souvenir of 3 cane welts just where my bum meets the thighs, however, this was much to Mistress’s annoyance that it was due to poor aim.

    Once finished Mistress instructed me to return to the bedroom and reattached me to the bed and then went about edging me some more whilst enquiring if I had any other confessions I would like to share. I had emailed Mistress recently to say that I didn’t believe I could do anymore public humiliation because it makes me too anxious but Mistress believes that is not the case and we need to do subtle public humiliation, suggesting a trip to Mothercare for a look around with me wearing my butt plug harness. I also confessed to Mistress that she had got me to a point where she could coerce me into anything and I was certainly glad she didn’t partake in Hard sports. Mistress however was happy to plant a seed and brought me to edge almost instantly. Mistress then brought out the big guns so to speak and attached nipple clamps and fired up the vibrating wand. I have no defence against these and Mistress continued to edge me further. Although there was no news of the outside event that was the key to Mistress granting me an orgasm she kindly gave me permission to cum and cum I did, although Mistress was slightly annoyed that I didn’t manage to cum over my face and luckily, she jumped out the way because I spurted very close to her. Mistress then allowed me to bask in the joy of my orgasm before untying me and sending me for a shower.

    Once clean of body but not mind I joined Mistress downstairs for a drink and a quick chat before it was time to return to reality. With everything that had been going on I had completely forgot about my phone and when I checked after I got back in the car there was the icon of doom the Qustodio app. Now Mistress would be able to see who I called, read all my text messages, decide what apps I could look at, where I am, even with location turned off, what internet time I could have (It will even turn it into just a phone, no access to anything else. The worse thing was I couldn’t access the settings and now if I need to change anything I must message Mistress to do it and I must start the message with ‘Please Mummy’. The bizarre feeling of all this is I feel safe. I feel completely cocooned in an inescapable bubble which will over time become even more inescapable which in turn makes me feel even safer. As I looked at my phone later and tried to do things on it and the password screen of doom kept coming up, my horny, desperate and neediness returned with a bang along with arousal of the situation.

    I message Mistress the next morning to inform her of my state and at the fact that I had never craved a locked cock more than right now. Mistress was pleased at her work but also firmly reminded me it doesn’t work for me.
    So once again another brilliant session come and gone and I am also happy to report that I could send to Mistress a picture of my slightly bruised bum a couple of days later. Nothing like the one she had posted however. Sorry Mistress.

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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Christmas Splendour

    Even though my slave made a request to be allowed some fetish freedom over Christmas, I had already decided in advance that I was going to grant my Teamviewer slaves such a privilege. I granted full access to all the joys of porn, twitter and my website… just for a few days.

    So this is Christmas and what have you done?

    It is indeed almost Christmas and I am feeling its magic as I begin this. Inevitably it has been a quiet week as everyone, Mistress included, turns their attentions to the most important things in life; friends and family. But despite this Mistress has managed to find time for me and her other faithful slaves.

    I suspected that the magic of Christmas hadn’t quite arrived in the Miss Deelight household at the beginning of the week and so I did the only thing possible to try to cheer her up a bit. I sent her a picture of an unfortunately proportioned carrot just dug up from the garden. As far as I am concerned there is nothing quite as effective as a rude vegetable to bring a smile to a ladies lips. (This explains why I have never been more successful with the opposite sex I am sure)! Mistress kindly humoured me in her response and gave me a ‘LOL’.

    Soon after the carrot episode I found myself suggesting to her that if she had any remaining tension or frustration that she should take it out on one of her lucky slaves at the HOD that day. She responded by telling me that she never sees me volunteering for such a sacrificial role. As everyone knows I genuinely hate pain. I am such a coward. But at that moment I had two overwhelming emotions ruling my responses. Firstly I really did want to do something to make Mistress happy and secondly I was desperate for attention. I didn’t tell Mistress that. I am sure that I didn’t need to. Mistress had blocked me from any online fetish fun more than a week earlier and had only really communicated with me on a vanilla level for some time also. These two emotions combined to make me fantasize about being strapped down at the HOD, gagged and totally unable to resist whilst Mistress took pleasure in venting her frustrations on me. I find the idea of forced and enforced submission to be a real turn on. But it results in me fantasising about being forced to endure things that I know I would hate in reality. In the end I thought better about sharing too much of these conflicting thoughts with Mistress.

    Instead I asked her a question about her own motivations where pain and submission were concerned. This is something that fascinates me. I don’t have it in me to physically hurt someone and therefore I have little comprehension of why it should give Mistress the pleasure that it obviously does on occasion. I find it particularly confusing as I also know her to be caring and compassionate. This was the response that she gave me….

    ‘I enjoy the submission and the slave’s ability to endure and progress under my expert guidance’.

    I tried to consider this in my own context and came to the conclusion that Mistress has many other slaves far better suited to this. Mistress has made me submit to her in so many ways. In particular I feel the need for my submission to be choreographed by Mistress. It has to be active, not passive. It wouldn’t feel right just to stand at the HOD to receive a punishment. Mistress will always restrain me first. It wouldn’t feel right to just tell Mistress that I had put on the Chastity device. Mistress will always demand photographic proof. It wouldn’t feel right to be asked by Mistress where I was if it was not for the fact that I know that I can never lie. Mistress can so easily check my location by accessing my phone. But however I get there; submitting to Mistress just feels right. But I do not consider myself very good at ‘enduring’ pain. I thanked Mistress for her response and left it at that.

    On Thursday I was getting into the Christmas spirit and thought that I should make a tongue in cheek suggestion to Mistress. I told her that I had an idea, with only her best interests in mind of course. I suggested that she would find things easier if she didn’t have to put up with me wittering on at her over the Christmas period. I suggested that she should release me from the device and reinstate my internet access so that I could remind myself of what life would be like without her control in my life. She just laughed at my ridiculous suggestion and got on with her day.

    On Friday I was surprised to find that Twitter worked on my phone. This didn’t seem right. I next checked Mistresses’ web site, and that opened up as well. Now that really was strange. I wondered if there was some glitch in the control software that Mistress uses to dominate my online existence. I didn’t look at any of the content of either site and sent Mistress a text asking if the access was deliberate on her part. After 15 minutes of waiting for a response a thought came to my mind. I wondered if the controls on my PC had been released. This involves a different sort of software and so I thought it would answer my question for me. I booted up my PC to find all controls had been removed. Happy days!!! I sent Mistress a quick text of thanks and dived into several weeks of fetish internet backlog. What fun!

    And then on Saturday (Christmas Eve) came the real surprise. Mistress provided me the code to allow me to access my chastity lock key. She told me that I had free access to stroke and cum as often as I like until locking myself up again at Midday on Boxing Day. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! This dear reader has never, ever, happened before. Having been feasting on the wonders of the internet for the previous day I thought that I should rush off immediately and take advantage of my new-found freedom. But I stopped myself. I asked myself the question ‘what would Mistress do to make this mind-blowing?’ I can never hope to make it feel as good as when Mistress does it to me but I did know that she wouldn’t rush into it. She would taunt and she would tease. She would take the time to drive me nuts. She would wait until I was ready to scream in frustration before finally, if I was very lucky, bring me to a thundering orgasm. I decided that I would spend the rest of the day doing everything that I could to make the most of this wonderful early Christmas present from my Mistress. I wasn’t going to have that precious orgasm until bed time that night. That was until I read Mistresses introduction to my blog that described the day that she took the money from my bank account for another 12 months of devotion and servitude. I read the words that she had written that so clearly described the power she holds over me, and crumbled. I rushed inside, locked myself in the bathroom and within 5 minutes had enjoyed my first orgasm! Oh it was so good. I did indeed have a more leisurely orgasm that night and slept like baby.

    Christmas Day was all about family and festivities. But at 9pm I realised that my opportunities to make the most of my freedom were quickly ebbing away. I knew that I would be driving for most of the following morning and that I was required to lock up again at Midday. Tonight was my last proper opportunity. It was then that an idea struck me. To cut a long story short my age and my health has taken its toll on the degree of vigour that Mistresses property is capable of. I had with the permission of Mistress invested in Viagra some months earlier, but had never had the opportunity before now to try it. (I am of course normally constrained by a device). I decided that in that last evening of freedom I would give it a try. On any other day of the year I would have asked the permission of Mistress but I certainly wasn’t about to send her a text on Christmas evening. With some trepidation I took a pill and waited to see what happened.

    I am pleased to report that it did ‘what it said on the tin’. I didn’t get a raging hard on as I sat watching Christmas Day TV (there wasn’t any stimulation in anything that we were watching) but when the time came to go to bed and to provide myself with an orgasm I found that my erection was better and lasted for longer than it would otherwise have. The sensation was slightly different to what it would otherwise have been, and if anything, slightly less sensitive. Probably a good thing. All in all a great success! The other thing to report, sat here as I am typing this on Boxing Day morning, is that it didn’t result in a night enduring a hard on that wouldn’t go away. I had my orgasm and happily drifted off to sleep.

    And so in answer to the question posed at the beginning of this blog: What have I done? I have experienced and hugely enjoyed another year under the expert control of Miss Deelight. I am locked into another 12 months of sweet torment. I have had a fantastic Christmas for all the right reasons. Today marks the beginning of the next phase. The device will be put on. The picture will be sent to Mistress showing the coded lock and I will have returned to my rightful place.

    Thank you Mistress for making my Christmas even more wonderful than it would otherwise have been.

  • Mistress Knows Me (Knowledge is Power) – By Slave Taquin

    Mistress knows me. She knows my needs and desires like no one else has ever done. She knows how to control me using my weaknesses like a set of reins. She knows precisely when to taunt, when to tease, when to praise and when to punish. She knows when to blow me a kiss and when to scare the living daylights out of me. She knows how to mentally and physically intimidate me into total submission. Most of all she knows how to deny me to the point when I think I will crumble under the urgency for release and then deny me some more. And just occasionally she will provide that release, ensuring in so doing that I never quite forget what my suffering might lead to. Today, as I finish this week’s blog, I am lost in my submission to her.

    My blog must as always start with last Sunday. I submitted my blogs from the previous week. I say ‘blogs’ as I was required to submit two this week. The first talking about my week as a whole and the second that covered my session on the Wednesday. Writing blogs is never easy. These ones were particularly difficult as I wanted anyone who read them to understand how Mistress had really got inside my head in the previous 7 days. It had felt like she had dissected and unpicked my thoughts and emotions and carefully crafted a way of using them against me.  Mistress picked up on two errors in my blogs and told me to fix them. Just as I was in the process of putting right my mistakes the screen on my PC told me that I was locked out until 3pm. I didn’t know that Mistress could do that! I knew that she had put parental control software on my PC that prevented me accessing porn sites but had no idea that she could literally lock me out from the whole PC. I tried to access my e mail through my phone, only to find that internet access had been turned off. I could telephone and text, but nothing else. All that I was left with to try to satisfy my need for fetish content was the ability to look back on old tweets and texts. A couple of hours went by before Mistress eased her grip on me and allowed me back on line to correct and re-submit my blogs. It had been a torturous couple of hours being denied access to the fetish world. Little did I know that Mistress was just preparing for what was to come at the end of the week.

    Later that day Mistress set me a task. It was to write a story for her about Chastity. She told me that she wanted ‘to take you back to basics’. I had no idea what she meant by this but just the fact that she had a plan for my continued submission was enough to send me into a slavish dither. I wrote the story as instructed and submitted it to Mistress on the Monday. In writing it I was constantly reminded of the fact that I had given up any opportunity to pleasure myself. Mistress has total control of that now.

    On Tuesday Mistress sent me a video. It was only 1 minute and 5 seconds long. But it was devastatingly effective. In it Mistress told me that I had had lots of internet access over last couple of days, and that she was loving that she could turn it off in an instant. I could almost feel her beautiful eyes penetrating my soul as she said ‘You just don’t know when my grip on you will tighten once again.’ She finished the video by saying ‘Take a look at what I am wearing for the custom I am about to film.’ and allowing the camera to pan down ‘Ooh, I bet you’re going to be a dribbling mess now. Bye bye.’ I was left with the image of Mistress grinning, safe in the knowledge that she had left me horny and helpless.

    The following day I found myself still watching a listening to the 1 minute and 5 seconds of teasing. Mistress is addictive! It was the ‘Ooh, I bet you’re going to be a dribbling mess now. Bye bye.’ with a gorgeous smile, that got me every time. I love it when Mistress so obviously knows the effect that she has on me and enjoys my discomfort. At some point during the day Mistress turned off my access to the internet on my phone. It doesn’t actually tell me that this has been done. It is just that apps like Twitter stop updating when I try to connect. To start with I had thought that it was my phone playing up. But then it continued, and a text from Mistress confirmed the point. My lifeline today was my PC in the workshop. Twitter is the thing that I use the most these days to get my kicks. At least I was able to access this on my PC. I am prevented from accessing any other porn sites and so have to fill that void with something. Thankfully I have several videos of Mistress backed up in a folder on my PC and so these too fill this fetish void.

    Having experienced a quiet day on Thursday (this is the one day when Mistress spends more time on herself and less on her slaves) I woke up at 3am on Friday morning to find that my internet access had been turned off on my phone. Two hours later having found it impossible to sleep I went out to my workshop to find that my Laptop had been locked down also. Apparently I was not going to be allowed back onto that until 3pm on Sunday! I sat in front of my PC not really knowing what to do with myself. For some reason my predicament really got to me at that point. I recognised the facts for what they were. I was locked in a chastity device with no possibility of being allowed access to the key and therefore Mistresses property. I can never forcibly remove the device as Mistress would discover this at my next session and deal with me accordingly. My two ‘windows’ into the fetish world (PC and Phone) had been taken away from me. I felt absolutely and totally helpless.

    A few words here about distance control. I have always needed my submission to be real, tangible and if possible physical. That is why I feel the need to be physically restrained (ropes, chains, stocks, cable ties or anything else!) when in a session. Until recently being locked in a chastity device was the most ‘tangible’ part of distance control for me together with the need to provide evidence of task completion such as photo’s, video’s and reviews. Much of my submission however, when away from the HOD, relies on my total honesty with Mistress. IE if she tells me to do something, or to stop doing something I always do what I am told. This is wonderful and has worked very successfully for me for a long time, but it is not absolute. Computer and now phone control has added a whole new perspective to distance control. It is tangible and real. Mistress has installed software. Mistress has changed passwords. Mistress can see everything that I do in my fetish life online, can delve into my personal files, can monitor who I follow, who I contact and what I can access. Being in control of my usage of my workshop PC was one thing, but being able to do the same with my phone is a whole different ball game (Freudian slip). This brings me so much closer to my desire to be under Mistresses inescapable control at all times.

    I sent Mistress my morning text and told her how I felt. What happened next will already be known by many of those reading this blog. I of course had little idea of what was going on, isolated as I was. My PC was totally inaccessible. My phone however, whilst disconnected from the internet, did still send me notifications of incoming e mails. I couldn’t access any of the e mails but the notifications that appeared on my phone screen did give me the first 5 or six words. As a result of this I spent the whole day seeing notification after notification of tweets involving me. I noticed that most of them were re-tweets and this surprised me. I even saw one tweet notification from Mistress that had the word camaraderie in it. Throughout the day Mistress kept in touch through texts. She wouldn’t tell me anything about what was going on but just took the opportunity to taunt and to tease. With everything else taken away from me Mistress was the only person in the world who I could share my feelings with. I felt very needy and was so glad that Mistress was there for me. It was almost as if I had forgotten that she was the person doing this to me in the first place. At one point she made it clear to me that I wasn’t being punished for some wrongdoing. No, Mistress was making me suffer in this way because it was fun for her. Knowing that Mistress was enjoying herself made me happy, and very horny. As always I try not to text too frequently. After all why would Mistress want to hear me from me ‘bleating on’ all the time. Eventually my need to be released from my fetish exile got the better of me and I asked to be allowed back onto Twitter. Mistress responded in an instant with ‘nope’. I have said it before and I will say it again – no is such a sexy word, however it is said. It just confirms who is truly in charge. There is no doubt in my mind that it is Miss Deelight! I went to bed fearing a terrible night’s sleep. In actual fact I slept like a log.

    I awoke this morning (Saturday) to find my phone internet still locked down. I began to fear that my exile might last for days. What a terrible thought. I sent my morning text to Mistress and headed out to my workshop. With very little anticipation I opened up my laptop and tried to sign in. It worked I was free! But… there was a video file on my desktop that was not there previously. Mistress had been on my PC using Teamviewer. I clicked on the icon and nervously watched as a video of her time on my PC started to play back on my screen. Mistress had been looking through my files again. But then she had done something totally unexpected. She had opened up something called network sharing and was somehow looking at my computer in the house. I was shocked. This is my ‘family’ PC that is used by the whole household. Mistress knows of it and also knows that I never use it for anything fetish related. I am just too scared that I might leave some image or trace of my fetish life. The fact that she seemed to be able to access it so easily was very scary. Mistress spent some time looking through all my family photo’s. She even found a couple from my wedding day. I subsequently tried to convince her that brown suits with flared trousers and platform shoes were the height of good taste in the 1970’s. I don’t think she believed me.

    I sent Mistress a text and thanked her for allowing me back onto my PC. I then quickly caught up with all of the twitter posts that were causing me so much torment the day before. I saw Mistresses post and videos encouraging everyone to make life difficult for me by retweeting. And I saw how many fellow slaves had joined in. Some slaves even tweeted and retweeted several times (you know who you are!). And somehow my torment intensified further. At one point I got so wound up that I sent a ridiculous text to Mistress almost begging to be released from chastity to provide myself an orgasm. And I meant it, I was desperate. The answer from Mistress? ‘*giggles*’. I have actually had to stop and start this blog several times because I have been too wound up to continue. I am actually relieved to have nearly completed it. I will certainly be glad to send it to Mistress tomorrow morning as required and to start a new week. I feel quite exhausted. Who knows what next week will bring.

    Let me conclude by saying this. If you are considering asking Miss Deelight to be your Mistress either in session or distance control, then don’t hold back. Make that choice and then be totally honest with her. Give her the knowledge and the power and you can be sure that she will use it in ways that you would never have thought possible and that you will never regret.

  • Findom – Teamviewer Cuckold Shopping

    You know that you are at your lowest position of power and highest level of submission when you find yourself masturbating your little cock in a dark room whilst watching on earnestly as I shop using your Amazon account via Teamviewer to purchase a lavish gift for my boyfriend.  Along with a £200 set of golf clubs, I thought it only right that I’d buy myself a sexy outfit to wear in sessions and also some ridiculous accessories for my slave to wear at his next session!

    Sissymouse has finally reached that level!

    Screenshot (126)

    Screenshot (125)


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  • Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 13

    Distance control journal week 13 – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    This week’s journal is in a different format because as it was week 13 things didn’t generally go to plan.

    The week starts as ever on a Sunday and with me breaking my chastity record now starting day 5. As I think I said before yes it’s not very long but it is to me as my balls always manage to escape.

    I start my day with a run going a little further today and return home and not long after start to feel odd. Can’t really put my finger on it and because I had an easy day I enjoyed a nice long bath (very handy for a deep clean on the device and what’s locked inside it). I go about the rest of my day still feeling odd but putting it down to a lack of sleep due to the chastity.

    At around 7pm I suddenly feel very tired and decide to go to bed and as soon as I lie down and try to sleep I have a wave of shivering run over me and this continues for hours. The even worse part whilst this was happening is my balls painfully extracted themselves from the chastity device. That was an eye watering moment to say the least. At around midnight the shivering stops and I manage to get some sleep. I awake the following day late and message Mistress the news.

    Mistress replies and is very understanding and hopes I feel better soon. The rest of the day is spent feeling a little down at another chastity fail.

    On Tuesday I awake and message Mistress that whatever I had, had passed and could I have the code to unlock my device padlock and refit it. Mistress replies that she is glad I feel better and I have amused her because slaves don’t usually ask for the key to lock themselves back up. Mistress enquires what my plans are for the day which is just very light duties today.

    Once I finish work I feel well enough to go for a run which makes me feel much better after I finished. Mistress messages me a little later to enquire how I am feeling and once she knows I am feeling better she informs me she has a few tasks for me to do in her new house.

    Wednesday arrives and I duly make my way to meet Mistress at her very nice new home and carryout the tasks she wants done, which I manage to do without being my usual bumbling self. Mistress also instructed me to bring the key safe so she could unlock it hand me the key to release the padlock and return the keys to the safe. I thank Mistress for the honour of helping her and get on my way.

    Thursday greets me this time with a nasty cold it’s that time of year! I message Mistress to inform her that once again I feel unwell and will be taking it easy. Mistress replies and she hopes I feel better soon.

    Friday comes and my cold is still with me but I have to collect a car from the depths of Wiltshire today so get up and get on with it. At around 11am Mistress messages me to enquire if I am working and where was her morning text. I inform Mistress that I am collecting this car because I have to and then heading home to bed. What I didn’t realise that whilst I was out Mistress had visited my work pc and taken over admin control via Teamviewer and left me a little note which said….

    hickory dicory dock

    the mouse ran up the clock

    the clock struck 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    the mouse cowered in the corner

    hickory dicory dock lol

    Well this was not expected and left me with all manner of things running around my head but as the Pirelli tyres logo says “Power is nothing without control”

    In one of my usual panics I message Mistress and apologise for being sloppy with my lack of message today and that I didn’t expect to find she had visited my pc already and taken control of it (I can’t even change the clock or look at the calendar anymore!)

    I think week 13 lived up to its name.

  • My Return Visit and More Teamviewer Control – By Slave Taquin

    (Written 22nd November 2015)

    I submitted my blog on the Sunday morning as required and sent a text to Mistress to let her know. A few minutes later her response came through to my phone and I eagerly opened it. Todays task was simple. I was to tie up my cock and balls for the day in order that it would ‘be a reminder of who owns your cock, and you’. I do find this to be an effective tool in Mistresses arsenal. It creates a sensation that I enjoy. Mind you it is best when Mistress does it to me at the HOD. I can remember one time when Mistress had my hands tied behind my back. She was stood in front of me wearing gorgeous red lingerie. Mistress had looped something lacy under my balls and just watched the expression on my face as she tightened the knot above the base of my cock. Sorry I drifted off there for a moment…. I did as instructed and got on with my work. A few minutes later my phone pinged again. Mistress required a picture. I have to confess that I find it exciting when Mistress demands proof of where I am or what I am doing. Although I consider myself to be a very trustworthy slave I do occasionally think to myself ‘but Mistress would never know’. Knowing that Mistress can demand photographic evidence at any time ensures absolutely no opportunity for cheating. Its a bit like if Mistress told me to hold my hands behind my back during a session, I would do it, but it is so much more exciting knowing that they are tied!

    Two days later I found myself at the HOD. This weeks session was wonderful, but quite different to all that have come before. I arrived at the HOD feeling surprisingly relaxed. Mistress had asked me a couple of days beforehand how her property was. I had responded that it was healing remarkably well, but that it had not yet achieved its previous vigour since the aborted session at the HOD 2 weeks earlier. The truth of the matter was that Mistress had taken it easy on me during that time in order that I should recover. I have not been surprised by the fact that Mistress has been concerned for my recovery. Indeed one of the things that attracts me to her is the fact that I know that she will look after me. Today I was going to enjoy the rare opportunity of being in the company of ‘concerned Mistress’. I had no doubt that I would be re introduced to ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ in the weeks to come. (As you will see from the way that this blog concludes ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ came back sooner than I anticipated!).

    I entered the HOD and was instructed to kneel. Mistress was wearing a tight black latex dress. It hugged her curves and showed off her figure beautifully. Following a very brief conversation I was ordered to strip and stand in front of the cage facing towards Mistress. She handcuffed my hands in front of me and produced a length of chain which she looped through the handcuffs. Mistress then proceeded to reach up above my head in order to secure the chain, and my wrists, to the top of the cage. Inevitably Mistresses body was close to mine whist undertaking this task. It was all completed far to quickly for my liking. Mistress declared that she needed to take a look at her property and to check to see if everything was working as it should. What a good day to be a Slave I thought. She was very happy to see how well things were healing up, but declared that today she would only touch the very end of her property in order not to set back the healing process. And this is exactly what she did until, after a very short time, I was begging her to stop. I had been looking forward to an hour and a half of joy, and at this rate it would all be over in less than 5 minutes. Each time I thought that I had got to the point of no return Mistress would stop and laugh as I fought to prevent myself from cumming. Maybe she thought that she was being helpful but I didn’t like what came next. ‘Lets see if nipple clamps can take your mind off cumming for a while’. I hate nipple clamps! They really hurt. I know better than to protest though. Mistress went to the cupboard and walked towards me with the clamps (and an evil grin). I winced as one, and then the other was applied. Mistress started to play with the chain that joined them. The pain intensified. With her other had she started to play with the end of her property. She started to apply a steady pressure to the chain and a strange thing started to happen. It was if there was a power line running down from my nipples into my groin. Yes it hurt when she pulled on the chain but the most significant impact was that it made it feel like I was going to cum immediately. And I did. Only a little bit, but Mistress showed me the evidence in her gloved hand. I held my breath whilst trying to determine what might come next. This is when I realised that Mistress was going to be kind to me today. On another day I would probably have been punished for cumming without permission. Today Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes and then started to torment me with what she was going to do to me now that I had let her access my PC with TeamViewer.

    Eventually Mistress released me from the handcuffs and I was able to lower my arms to my side. It was a real relief as my shoulders had become stiff from the time that I had been chained to the cage. I was made to kneel again whilst Mistress prepared rope for bondage. Several wonderful minutes passed as she tied a body harness around me and then tied my wrists to it. Mistress takes great pride in her work and bondage is no exception. She stood back and admired her handiwork. She picked up her phone and took a few pictures. Once done I was pushed back onto the wooden cross and secured to it. Mistress produced a formidable looking vibrator and went to work on me with it. Apparently it was a new toy at the HOD that Mistress hadn’t played with before. You wouldn’t think so if you had witnessed how skilfully she brought me to the edge over and over again, until she said finally, ‘do you want to come by the vibrator or my hand?’ I don’t think that I have ever been given such a choice before. I chose vibrator (only because Mistress was still only working on the end of her property, any other day I would have opted for her wonderful hands). And so my session concluded with a fabulous orgasm provided by Mistress and the new HOD vibrator. And how I came after 6 weeks of waiting. It was just fabulous!

    Over the next couple of days we communicated on a few different subjects but somehow TeamViewer seemed to take centre stage. Mistress informed me that the next time that she went on to my PC she was going to make me sign into my bank account and then I was going to watch her transfer the money that I owed her (for extending my distance control contract to Jan 2017) to her MD Enterprises account. This is definitely ‘hard core’ distance control as far as I am concerned.

    Shortly after being told this I noticed that several TeamViewer findoms seemed to have adopted a common grading system in order that they could agree with their subs the level of control that they could handle. I have copied the version from one of those findoms here:

    Level 1: Just snoop around. Good for me to gather information that I can use in the future. I do not lock your keyboard and mouse input so it is very easy for you to stop me if I wander into a folder you didn’t want me to see!

    Level 2: No changes are made to the computer but I have the ability to browse and snoop around, but not delete or transfer/download any files to my computer. I do not lock keyboard or mouse control. I may open your webcam so I can see your pathetic scared face.

    Level 3: Ability to browse files and transfer them to My computer. No deletion or changes would be made to the computer. I may lock your keyboard and mouse while I snoop about (you can still see everything I do).

    Level 4: Ability to browse files, transfer files, and make cosmetic changes such as desktop background, color schemes, etc. No irreversible changes will be made.

    Level 5: Ability to browse and transfer files, make changes to setting preferences/appearance, browse internet history, edit homepage and bookmarks. No loss of information or major damages to the computer will be made.

    Level 6: All of level 5 plus able to delete and transfer files, make changes to settings changes, browse internet history, edit homepage/bookmarks, delete email/messenger contacts, delete any data desired.

    Level 7: All of level 6 plus change Teamviewer settings.

    Level 8: Level 7 plus make changes to administrator account/sub accounts while still allowing access to administrator account.  I may also use the blackscreen feature.

    Level 9: As per level 8 plus… Disable access (claim ownership) of Administrator account while enabling a restricted guest or user account for sub to use.

    Level 10: Total control!  All of level 9 plus Enabling a restricted guest or user account for sub to use. This enables Me to determine what hours and days the sub will be able to login to the computer (however whether or not you have access, if the computer is on, I will be able to access it/make changes). Also grants ability to regulate internet preferences including but not limited to: when the sub is able to access the internet, what websites the sub can or cannot view. Ability to install/remove programs (including keyloggers and other programs such as payment enforcer), sometimes enabling access to any/all internet passwords.

    It struck me that Mistress had taken me immediately to level 10! I think that this is probably a reflection of how well we know each other now. Mistress has taken over another aspect of my life. In the circumstances I think it is a good thing. I had been missing the continual and strict control provided by the chastity device. This ensures enslavement in so many other ways.

    Two days later the TeamViewer box appeared at the bottom right hand corner of my screen and my cursor started to move without me touching it. Mistress had arrived. She opened the notepad app and started to type. She asked if her property had started to get hard. I said it was well on the way. Before I knew it Mistress had saved a very sexy picture of herself into my pictures folder. I really have no idea how she does this, but it had the desired effect. By this point I had started dribbling. We chatted through the notepad, each taking it in turn to type, until Mistress told me that it was now time for me to sign in to my bank account. This was a step that I had never taken before, and one that was about to push me right out of my comfort zone (if I can remember what that ever was). Up until this point Mistress had had access to every other point of my online  life, but letting her into my bank account was a massive additional step. I did what I was told and signed in. Well if the truth be told I tried to sign in. My hands were shaking so much that I almost got frozen out. Mistress told me to slow down. I took a deep breath and managed to complete the sign in process. My accounts opened up and my level of vulnerability went through the roof. Mistress intensified this further by locking me out from my keyboard. I had no option but to watch what she was about to do. She told me to start masturbating. I was definitely aroused by the whole situation (findom is not my thing, but a total lack of control is) and followed Mistresses instruction whilst she quickly and efficiently accessed my bank account and transferred the agreed amount to her own bank. By the time that she had done this I was close to orgasm. She came back onto notepad and asked how I felt. I asked her if I was allowed to cum. To my surprise she said that I should go ahead. She started to type into notepad again. Mistress was telling me that she now had access to my bank accounts as well as every other aspect of my life. She reminded me that I had committed to distance control until Jan 1st 2017, and that there was no escape. I came all over my workshop floor!

    Thinking about it afterwards I realised why I had been allowed an orgasm. After all I had just watched Mistress invade another aspect of my life. I had watched on helplessly as Mistress had accessed my bank accounts and taken my money, and now I was being rewarded. Pavlov would be proud of her I am sure!

    Yesterday my instructions were simple. Edge 4 times. Having been in chastity for so long I had forgotten the brief pleasure, swiftly followed by huge frustration, that edging provides. As I lay awake last night I thought to myself: ‘cruel and wicked Mistress’ is back. How wonderful…