CBT, Nipple Torture and Needle Play

Sissy Mouse (@sissymouse) came to visit me today for what was a fun filled session of CBT, Nipple Torture, Needle Play and Erotic Hypnosis.  We began the session by ‘catching’ his runaway bollocks so that I could clamp them in a ball/nut crusher.  Next I stretched him open with a urethral stretcher  before pausing for a cigarette whilst he took over as my bound human ashtray using the humiliating ashtray gag as I used his balls as an occasional stub.

(click images for full size)

CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (3) CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (4)

CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (5)  CBT-human-ashtray (1)

The fun continued when I inserted a rosebud sound into his cock and attached a nipple stretching device….

CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (2) CBT-and-nipple-torture (1) nipple-stretching (2)

More fun and frolics – Wiring up the CBT contraption to an electro stimulator….

electro-cbt (1) electro-cbt (2)

Needle play nipple torture….


Finally after all the pain, I took Mousey into a deep trance using erotic hypnosis, and allowed him to experience the intense rush of JOI under hypnosis.



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