Chaste Sissy Sarah’s 3rd Visit – Christmas at HOD

Sissy Sarah visited me at the HOD for the third time on the 3nd January which turned into an extra day of Christmas for both myself and my friend, Mistress R’eal as we were thoroughly spoiled by Sissy Santa!  Sissy Sarah had not known when she arrived through the door. trembling, that I had a special surprise for her.  After being greeted in the normal fashion with a kiss on the back of the hand and to my boots, I told Sarah to close her eyes and wait.  When my little Sissy opened them, my latex clad friend, Mistress R’eal stood before her and my Sissy trembled even more.  After composing herself, Sissy Sarah became a temporary Santa, bearing wonderful gifts of exquisite champagne, Royal Doulton champagne flutes (with extra added sparkle), a bouquet of flowers; white roses included to symbolise eternal love, pashminas’ to keep mistresses warm, a very useful and helpful photography book, a luxury cake and a luxurious Espa pamper kit – which I have already put to use and have now even softer, more radiant skin.


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What a great start to 2015 from a thoughtful sissy.  I will hand you over to Sissy Sarah with her recount of the rest of the session…


I was given a surprise present when I visited  ” House Of Deelight “ for my appointment with Mistress.
I greeted Mistress in the appropriate and correct manner, I handed my tribute over and was told to shut my eyes.
Seconds later Mistress Real entered the room, I was totally overwhelmed and couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was on my knees before two Goddess’s – I nearly had a heart attack !   I had been given advance notice, that I would be presented to Mistress Real. So I took the opportunity to purchase some Christmas gifts and the obligatory champagne. Mistress Real is absolutely amazing, a  very friendly and lovely Lady.
This was not a double dom session; I don’t think I could handle the attention of two Dominatrix at the moment
I also greeted Mistress Real in the appropriate way (kiss the back of her hand and her shoes) Once I had freshened up and calmed down. I  present my gifts to both Goddess and my offerings were perfect thankfully. Mistress Real left shortly afterwards as she had a prior engagement. I thanked her as she left – but what a fantastic gift !
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Androgyny to be or not to be

This is the overriding dilemma… quote the bard. I have been in long-term chastity since mid November and Mistress loves to tease me mercilessly for her own pleasure. I had requested that I would like to serve Mistress as a maid, I had purchased my own outfit and wig. Mistress thoroughly enjoyed the transformation, I do have a problem with make up and shoes, these were omitted.


Mistress is  absolutely incorrigible and she began stroking my balls and sissy clit; with her beautifully manicured fingers ” you are  to remain locked in chastity”  Mistress informed me. I was throbbing in sheer exquisite pleasure, though in frustrating denial. I assume this will be my fate for the foreseeable future and I am resigned to my fate. I have no option but to submit and totally obey Mistress. I am too weak and powerless to resist Mistress’s playful advances; she is very capable, skilled and adept – at dominating me so subtly in so many ways. Her gaze is as intense as her will – I always become a quivering mass of nerves in her presence.

” On your Knees Worship me sissy !” Mistress demanded, I was given the rare privilege of body worship, not intimate – but Mistress’s pert and divine bottom – this was a special treat indeed. I kissed  Mistress several times and oh I was in heaven ! What a lucky sissy I am . As I am on my knees Mistress comments ” I don’t see a male at my feet, but a true sissy – one who has learnt it’s true place – in servitude to a superior female ” The reality of my experience is that I begin to question my own sexuality – am I male / female or an asexual androgynous being ?

As a sissy maid I am given my first task, putting a sheet on a bed; simple or so I thought. I put it carefully on the bed brushing all the creases out and making sure it was tight against the mattress. I called Mistress “Finished ” I knelt by the bed awaiting inspection. Mistress was not impressed  ” I want and expect perfection, this is a poor effort” I was stunned. “The pillows are not straight and tidy and what is that ? ” Mistress was pointing at two bits of fluff.
I straighten the pillows and remove the fluff ” Sorry Mistress” .    “That will be 20 strokes of the cane for the pillows and 20 strokes of the cane for the fluff” As I look down at the floor in shame and downhearted Mistress whispered  “Now get your ass down stairs, put the music on and get over my whipping bench now sissy – it’s going to be a painful 30 minutes for you”

The background music is ” The Immaculate Collection” by Madonna. I am restrained and Mistress instructs that I have to sing along, keep count and thank her for each and every stroke. Unfortunately I lost count – not a good move ” We will begin again” Mistress informs me after 9 not 10 strokes. Mistress was really getting into the swing of things and had quite a tempo in time with the music; she is dancing and giggling – truly enjoying herself. We reach the midpoint – I start to enter sub space – an altered state of being; where pain and pleasure merge – a plateau of joy/ happiness; a place in time and space where Mistress and sissy become totally entwined and forever devoted to the other. A place that defines their dynamic and inseparable bond. I embrace, cherish and begin to lust after each and every kiss of the cane as the next one is administer with joy. As always Mistress caresses my warming and red bottom – before I know it we have completed the 80 strokes; I wanted to carry on and serve my Mistress as the high I was experiencing was so wonderful. I am sure Mistress will have me into triple figures
My progress is being kept in a ledger and when I reach the agreed figure – Mistress will consider the possibility of administering an orgasm.

I am given a sip of water and am required to worship my Mistress’s boots, I am not allowed to lick them; but I have to kiss them and thank my Mistress for the superb session, which I rated 11 out of 10.  A superb session. However I am directed to the small courtyard garden. ” As an act of devotion sissy, burn them ! ” I am handed my old underwear and set them on fire in a metal tin. I watch my masculinity go up in flames and smoke; which I find liberating and exhilarating – a baptism of fire.

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“Well done sissy, I am proud of you …… you belong to me” A new chapter in my life has just began, an uncertain and curious future – one in which Mistress will feature predominately

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