Chastity Is Not For Everyone

My head girl at slut school, TV Slut Kat underwent a period of chastity and discovered why chastity isn’t for everyone.  Chastity takes a great amount of self control, emotional turbulence and dedication to get through.  Not everyone is strong enough to succeed.  Here is Kat’s diary:

Day 1: I now know how it is for every part of me to be owned. I am in chastity and I have given my key to my owner and Mistress. It was hard putting the cage on, especially in such close proximity to Mistress but it is done. I manage to sleep in the night but keep getting woken painfully by dreams of Mistress giving me to transexual dominas to use and abuse.

Day 2: it feels strange to be in a constant state of being horny yet unable to get fully aroused. I have played with my nipples to the point that I thought I wud come. Sleep is the same tonight as I keep gettin woken by pain as my cage restricts the full enjoyment of my dreams, tonight was a bukkake party whilst my Mistress laughs and watches.

Day 3: This is much harder than I though, my mind keeps telling me that everyone can see the cage and is laughing at me, I now flux between being horny and despair and have begged my Mistress to release me. She has asked me to persever but I don’t think I can. I do not sleep.

Day 4: I have phoned Mistress today begging for the keys and crying like the sissy I am. Mistress has offered me the keys so that I can remove the device during the night to sleep. I gratefully accept on the condition that I wear the device during the days. I have a great nights sleep but my dreams remain full of Mistress.

Day 5: after a full nights sleep I feel much refreshed and attack the new day. Even though I can now remove the device I obey my Mistrtess and remain in chastity thru the day, my vow of chastity will remain unbroken. I sleep well again.

Day 6: almost thru my time in chastity ( I am seeing Mistress in 2 days). I am finding it easier now I am able to remove my device at night but I now know chastity is not for me except when the call is needed to control my urge to wank when being used. I am an instrument of pleasure and deserve none unless granted so by my Mistress.

Day 7: Nearly there and I can’t wait to get out of this cage, chastity is most certainly not for meM the thought of seeing Mistress tomorrow is so exciting. Altho I must prepare myself as every slut should appear. I sleep well on my final night.

Day 8: My release day is finally here, I prepare myself for seeing Mistress. The rest of the day I hope you will hear about in the blog. Come see me soon, maybe Mistress will allow me the Bukkake party, ;-). XX.

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