Chastity, Tease and Denial

The latest key to my collection of chastity keys belongs to little slave Dominic, who has been in chastity now for 7 days.  He has been repeatedly teased and denied through a number of Skype webcam sessions and is almost at breaking point.  To take his mind off his plight, or rather to make him think about it even more, I asked him to write a little about his experience to share with the rest of you who are interested in chastity, tease and denial.

Hi Mistress Deelight it’s your little chastity slave here I just thought I would tell you how much I am enjoying these sessions of tease and denial with you, I have never been so horny before in my life now I am in my 7th day of chastity for you without an orgasm I have to say how much more intense the sessions have become not just because I have been in chastity but also because of your incredible ability to tease a man to the point of almost driving them insane I have never wanted to cum so bad before in my life! But at the same time I don’t want to disappoint you I just keep thinking about how good it will feel to finally cum I have a chance tomorrow but It’s only a chance Miss Deelight says she is going to flip a coin to choose for us I am praying that the coin shows heads and I enjoy a mind blowing orgasm (If Miss Deelight doesn’t change her mid) or Miss Deelight may have me lock myself back up into chastity if it shows tails God only knows when my next chance would be then! Any slave who is into Tease and Denial I would definitely recommend contacting Miss Deelight for sessions she knows how to keep you horny and how to make you crazy about here! I am going to bed now my cock trying to bulge out of its chastity device and me dreaming of Miss Deelight and Praying for Heads!!!

So as you can see, Chastity has its struggles but it also has its rewards for those who are strong enough to take it on.  If and when I finally decide to let Dominic explode (even if the coin does land on heads) then he is going to experience the most intense orgasm of his life and all his hard work would have been well worth it.


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